Desserts by aerofan34


									 Oswego Grill Homemade Desserts
                     Bob Farrell’s Banana Split
       In honor of my mentor of Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlor fame.
           ice cream, chocolate, banana’s, nuts & more!
        Served in a specially designed glass. Wow!! 5.95

                       Strawberry Shortcake
Old fashioned strawberry shortcake, with scratch made biscuits,
     fresh strawberries and house made whipped cream. 5.95

        Homemade Fresh Baked “Hot From The Oven”
                  Cookies & Ice Cream
      Old-fashioned chocolate chip & hazelnut chocolate
       chip cookies baked to order and served piping hot
        with Alpenrose french vanilla ice cream. 6.50

                       Mixed Berry Cobbler
    Strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries
   baked to perfection. Topped with homemade old fashioned
  crust. Served with Alpenrose french vanilla ice cream. 5.95

                   Molten Chocolate Lava Cake
           rich chocolate cake, warm melted center,
       scoop of Alpenrose french vanilla ice cream. 5.95

                     Chocolate Crème Brulee
      Chocolate crème brulee caramelized to perfection
         sprinkled with fresh in-season berries. 5.95

                         Wild Berry Sorbet
                  with fresh seasonal fruit. 5.95

                    Hand Scooped Milkshakes
            Chocolate & peanut butter, marionberry,
                 chocolate or vanilla. 4.25

                          DESSERT WINE
                      Bonterra 2008 Muscat
   An intense floral nose with delicate notes of honeysuckle
    and orange blossom with an unexpected brightness. 5.95

                  We proudly feature “Café Rojas” Coffee
                          100% Organic Certified
           Provided by Boyds Coffee Company ~ Portland, Oregon

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