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 Self-concept: Picture or perception of
 ourselves/ a person's mental model of
 his or her abilities and attributes

 Self Esteem: Feelings we have about
 Self Efficacy: The set of beliefs that
 one can perform adequately in a
 particular situation.
 Self-ideal: The way we would like to be
 Self-actualization A concept in personality
 psychology referring to a person's constant
 striving to realize his or her potential and to
 develop inherent talents and capabilities.
 Self-awareness The top level of
 consciousness; cognizance of the
 autobiographical character of personally
 experienced events.
What is Self Esteem?

 Self + Esteem
 The total, essential, or particular
 being of a person; the individual:
 +Worth, Value, Opinion ,judgment
Self-esteem refers to th
way we see and think
about ourselves
Self esteem is your
opinion of yourself.
High self esteem is a good
opinion of yourself and
low self esteem is a bad
opinion of yourself.
What Self Esteem is Not

 Self Esteem is NOT dependant upon
 what other people think of you
 Self Esteem is not egotism,
 arrogance, narcissism/selfishness, or
 a desire to feel superior to others
 Self Esteem is not temporary
How should we measure self-esteem?
Factors affecting on high and low
           self esteem
Your self esteem depends on many questions:
Is your job worthwhile? Do others respect what you do? Do

Do you believe you are successful?

How do you see yourself (your self image)?
- Improve your self esteem
- Boost your self confidence
How do you feel about your strengths and weaknesses?

What do you think of your social status?

How do you relate to others?

Can you make your own decisions? A lack of choices leads to
low self esteem.
Development of Self Esteem

 A person develops his/her self
 esteem throughout the life through
 In this regard childhood experiences
 play an important role in shaping self
Factors that develop High and Low
           Self Esteem
High Self Esteem           Low Self Esteem
  If you are being          Experiencing
  praised                    Continuous Failure
  If you are listened to    Being expected to
  If you are being           perfect all the time
  spoken to respectfully    Being Ignored or
  If you are getting         made fun of
  attention                 Having physical or
  Experiencing success       emotional punishment
  Having trust worthy       Being criticized
Why Self Esteem is important?
 Building esteem is a first step towards your
 happiness and a better life. If you have low
 confidence or low self esteem you will find it
 impossible to be the person you could be and your
 happiness will be limited.

 Self esteem increases your confidence. If you
 have confidence you will respect yourself and then
 you can respect others, improve your relationships
 and become happier....this is not a selfish goal as
 you will contribute more and share yourself with
 the world and those around you.
Low esteem causes depression,
unhappiness, insecurity and low
Other's desires may take preference
over yours.
Inner criticism, that nagging voice of
disapproval inside you, causes you to
stumble at every challenge and
challenges seem impossible
     Change     others    Accept
     the bad              failure

               Good        Doesn’t submit
                Self            to
               Esteem      peer pressure

     Willing                Is not
      to try              a threat
    new things Believes   to others
Who has contributed
to your self esteem?
No one can
Make you feel
inferior Without
your Consent.
     Eleanor Roosevelt
Tips for building Self Esteem
  Learn to be more assertive and not
   feel guilty about saying no
  Think positively
  Believe on your self
  Make plans for the future .Set and
   achieve goals
  Do something challenging each day
  Look your best
  Eat correctly
  Do something for someone else
  Learn a new skill
 Handle things one at a time
 Use criticism constructively
 Ask for help – take advantage of learning
 Allow personal growth time each day
 Do not say negative things about yourself
 Reward yourself often
 List your accomplishments each evening
 Volunteer to share your skills with others
Accept yourself: Stop worrying about the
things you can’t change. Be more
accepting of others and the things they
can’t change.

Try not to compare with others. It’s unfair.
You may compare their strengths with your
weaknesses. Judge yourself in terms of
your own growth
Have Realistic Expectations – We expect
too much from ourselves. Perfection is not
possible but bettering our-self should be a
lifetime goal.
Emphasize your strengths.

Change what can be changed. Some
things fast, others gradual, and others
never. There are things we inherit but
we can change our attitude about it.
Try new experiences.
Best Friends
 Would you take better care of yourself?
 Would you be kinder to yourself?
 Would you be more forgiving of your human
 If you realized your best friend was yourself?

 Who is always with you everywhere?
 Who is on your side when others are unfair?
 And tell me, who will never let you down in any situation?
 Who will always see you get your share?

 And that’s why I’m a best friend to myself.
 And I take me out whenever I feel low.
 And I make my life as happy as a best friend would
 I’m as nice to me as anyone I know!
There are two different people in the
world. One that says “I wish I had”
and the one that says “I’m glad I did”.
Remember you can have anything in
this world if you just believe in
“Commercial of Me”
Emphasizing the positive characteristics and
      capabilities of you, develop an
     advertisement or commercial to
              “sell oneself”.

 It may be a radio or television ad, billboard,
               sweepstakes, etc.

            Due next class period.

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