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									                                                                                        25th Anniversary
                                                                                          1983 — 2008
                             25th Anniversary Program
Delaware Housing Coalition

                                                                                 A DHC Album

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                                                                                   ● Program                               14
                                                                                   ● Sponsors                              13, 16, 28
                                                                                   ● Special Thanks                        17

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                                                          November 5, 2008
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The mission of the Delaware Housing Coalition is to advocate for safe, decent and affordable housing throughout the state.
Our goal is to affect, impact, and shape the environment relating to housing. We are committed to fostering the growth and
long-term flourishing of grassroots constituencies which develop their power; nurture their own problem-solvers and leaders;
and work together to change the conditions which prevent them from obtaining safe, decent, and affordable housing.

                 Joe Myer
             DHC Board President
                1983 - 1989

                                                         The 1986 HDF Commission Report

Since 1983
Delaware Housing Coalition (DHC) has advocated for appropriate solutions to the state’s many affordable housing needs...

The 1988 publication, “Delaware’s Downside,” was                   Sing Out for Housing!
a project of Leadership Delaware and DHC which
chronicled substandard housing in Delaware by
senatorial district.

    Page 2                                                                                   25th Anniversary Program
Housing Development Fund
...leading the research and activism which resulted in the creation of the Housing Development Fund, the state’s only flexible
source of affordable housing construction and rehabilitation support. Governor Castle's Housing Trust Fund Study Commis-
sion, at which DHC had a seat, revamped the HDF, started appropriations, found the first dedicated revenue source, and pro-
vided prominent exposure for affordable housing. DHC has continued to consistently testify, educate, and advocate resources
and greater dedicated revenue streams for the HDF...

                                                                                           Jim McGiffin
                                                                                         DHC Board President
                                    By Jim McGiffin and Joe Myer                            1989 - 1991

Statewide Housing Code
...championing Delaware’s first statewide Housing Code, which became law in 1985, an effort that grew out of initial public
county meetings, which exposed substandard conditions...

                                                  The SING OUT FOR HOUSING was
                                                  an early grassroots activity of DHC
                                                  and was held annually. People of all
               Andrea Barrow                      musical backgrounds and abilities
                                                  came together to raise awareness of
             DHC Board President
                                                  the need for affordable housing.
                1991 - 1992

     November 5, 2008                                                                                                Page 3
Community Reinvestment
...supporting the initial CRA efforts by making a $5,000 grant to pay for the research that led to the first three bank settlements
in Delaware, making over a $100 million available for first-time homebuyer mortgages and beginning the push for homeown-
ership counseling and education. DHC worked to establish the Delaware Community Reinvestment Action Council and to
help it obtain multi-million dollar bank loan commitments for targeted neighborhoods around the state...

                                                                                                                      David Hill
                                                                                                                  DHC Board President
                                                                                                                     1992 - 1994
    Jim Sills, then a member of the
    House of Representatives, who
    was the catalyst for the commu-
    nity reinvestment movement in


                                         Karen Curtis
                                      DHC Board President
                                          1994 - 1996

                                                                   April 1999 - Citizens’ Inquiry on Welfare Reform

   Page 4                                                                                               25th Anniversary Program
...coordinating state wide planning and education on homelessness, leading to the establishment of the Homeless Planning
Council, an independent entity charged with planning to meet the needs of homeless Delawareans...

                                                                                       Chris White
                                                                                    DHC Board President
                                                                                       1996 - 2000

                                                                                         Photos: The 1989 March for Housing
                                                                                         Now! reaches Rodney Square; Win-
                                                                                         nie Cooper, tenant leader, speaks at
                                                                                         the 1998 Leadership and Policy Con-
                                                                                         ference in Wilmington; and Eddie
                                                                                         participates in the 2006 Homeless
                                                                                         People’s Memorial Day in Milton.


     November 5, 2008                                                                                                    Page 5
                                                                                                 Work with and
...providing technical assistance to public and assisted housing residents in Delaware and services to tenants including support
of existing resident councils, guidance to newly developing resident councils, advice on landlord-tenant issues, fair housing,
and assistance locating affordable housing...

                             Helen Drayton
                           DHC Board President
                              2001 - 2004

Photos: Delaware public housing residents on the steps of Legislative
Hall at the March for Good Housing in March 1997 and panel on advo-
cacy and organizing at the April 1998 DHC Conference in Lewes.

   Page 6                                                                                      25th Anniversary Program
for Delaware Tenants

                                                                     Dorothy Medeiros
                                                                    DHC Board President
                                                                      2004 - Present

Photos: Greenfield Manor residents rallying against the threat of
losing their homes because expiring Section 8 contracts and Tina
Riley leading cheers at Day for Housing 2006.

     November 5, 2008                                                                     Page 7
Community Development
...technical assistance to communities in need, including the community of West Rehoboth in the creation of the state’s first
neighborhood-based community land trust (CLT); the New Horizons Cooperative to create a model manufactured housing
subdivision on land held in trust, as part of a broader project which will include a cooperative agricultural enterprise; and the
Greenfield Manor Resident Association, in their work to save the project-based Section 8 homes in Bear, Delaware...

Photos: New Horizons Cooperative meeting, their predecessors from the Mor-
ris Mill Pond Cooperative, and John Davis of Burlington Associates meeting
with the board of the West Rehoboth CLT.

   Page 8                                                                                        25th Anniversary Program
Sussex Advocacy
...facilitating the Sussex Housing Group, a collaborative of individuals and organizations coming together to develop solutions
to Sussex County’s unique housing challenges, particularly the dire housing needs of the area’s large immigrant and migrant

  Photos: Roxie Sturgis, Gina
  Miserendino, and Helen Drayton
  at the opening of Acorn Acres in
  Georgetown; morning panel at
  the October 2002 Fair Housing
  Conference of the Sussex Hous-
  ing Group held in Georgetown;
  and Representative Dan Short
  and Senator Robert Venables at
  the Sussex Housing Group forum
  on affordable housing in October
  2007 in Georgetown.

    November 5, 2008                                                                                                Page 9
Housing Industry Policy Initiatives
...organizing an industry-wide advisory group, the Delaware Housing Policy Round Table, which has brought housing devel-
opers (both nonprofit and for profit) together with financial institutions, business representatives, and charitable and civic or-
ganizations to emphasize the need for increased funding and a comprehensive approach to affordable housing in Delaware...

 Photos: Representative Dennis Williams at Day for
 Housing 2005 in Dover, Lorraine deMeurisse of the
 DHC Board and Dr. William Latham at the public re-
 lease of the economic impact study in November 2004,
 and Maryanne Mason of the Brookview Tenants and
 Anita Auten in front of Legislative Hall at Day for
 Housing 2006.

                                                                                      ...preparing and distributing

                                                                                  •    The Housing Needs of Extremely Low
                                                                                       Income Delawareans, a report on hous-
                                                                                       ing cost burdens among very poor
                                                                                       Delawareans (November 2007);
                                                                                  •    Who Can Afford to Live in Delaware?,
                                                                                       an annual report on housing afforda-
                                                                                       bility in Delaware;
                                                                                  •    The Realities of Poverty in Delaware
                                                                                       (published bi-annually);
                                                                                  •    The Housing Journal (our quarterly

   Page 10                                                                                       25th Anniversary Program
Nonprofit Legislative Advocacy
...establishment of the Nonprofit Housing Agenda, a collaboration of nonprofit agencies who work with a government affairs
expert to heighten the awareness of, and advance measures related to, affordable housing in our state General Assembly...

       publications such as...

•   Investing to Meet Delaware's Affordable
     Housing Needs: An Economic Impact
    Analysis (November 2004), outlining
    the economic benefits to Delaware of
    investment in affordable housing;
•   Housing in a Hurry, which lists emer-
    gency, transitional and affordable
    housing resources by county;
•   ¡Tenemos   derechos!, a  Spanish-
    language summary of the Landlord-
    Tenant Code
•   a Resident Council Election Manual to
    guide grassroots groups through the
    development of a duly elected tenant         Photos: Debbie Hamilton, DHC Government Affairs Representative at Day for
    council.                                     Housing 2007, Senator Margaert Rose Henry at release of Realities of Poverty in
                                                 Delaware 2003-2004 at Legislative Hall, and Senator Nancy Cook receiving the DHC
                                                 Legislative Award at the DHC Annual Meeting in Dover in November 2007.

    November 5, 2008                                                                                                  Page 11
Community Land Trusts
...partnership with and technical assistance to the Diamond State CLT, a state wide community land trust creating an inven-
tory of perpetually affordable housing in Delaware...

                                                                Photos: Van Temple of the Diamond State CLT discussing the site
                                                                design for the New Horizons Community with members of the coop-
                                                                erative, Gardenia White of Hilton Head, SC, with Mable Granke of
                                                                West Rehoboth CLT, and participants at the May 2004 DHC Confer-
                                                                ence, “Housing for the Long Haul,” listening to Paul Bradley of the
                                                                New Hampshire Community Loan Fund.

   Page 12                                                                                      25th Anniversary Program
Delaware Housing Coalition
  for 25 Years of Service!

    We are proud to be
  a sponsor of your work
         and your
  anniversary celebration.
                                                      Delaware Housing Coalition

               2 5 th A
                    1983 —

                                     DHC 25th Anniversary Dinner

                                     Welcome & Announcements
                                     Lorraine deMeurisse

                                     Special Remarks
Thanks to our sponsors!
                                     Celeste O. Cox, Rector
  DISCOVER BANK                      Christ Episcopal Church, Dover


                                     A Look Back at Our First 25 Years
                                     Joe L. Myer, Founding Board President

                                        •   First DHC Board
                                        •   HDF Advocacy
                                        •   Community Reinvestment Work
                                        •   Homelessness
                                        •   Tenant Organizing
                                        •   Community Land Trusts

  Page 14                                                             25th Anniversary Program
25th Anniversary Celebration

Legislative Award
Presented by Van Temple, DHC Board

   To Councilman Penrose Hollins
                                                    Thanks to our sponsors!

Kind Policy Award
                                                         NEW CASTLE
   To Michael Skipper, WSFS Bank                            COUNTY
   Presented by Patricia Kelleher, DHC Board

   To Marian Harris, The House of P.R.I.D.E.                “Shelter”
   Presented by Ray Paylor, DHC Board


Special Recognition                                        RESEARCH
Deborah Gottschalk, DHC Board                               “Shelter”

A Look Ahead
Karen Curtis, DHC Board

   •   Legislative and Policy Advocacy
   •   Education and Research
   •   Fair Share Measure & the Good Neighborhood

  November 5, 2008                                                      Page 15
Thank you to the DHC
25th Anniversary Planning

Amy Walls, Chair
Lorraine deMeurisse
Leslie Holland
Patricia Kelleher
Dorothy Medeiros
Gina Miserendino
Joe Myer
Tina Riley
Ken Smith
Sandy Spence
Van Temple

Special Thanks
                     Photos: Connie Louder, volunteer financial coordinator for
                     DHC, shown here with DHC member Lisa Spellman of
                     NCALL; Carolyn Figueroa; Joan Edwards, clerical and accounts
                     receivable volunteer; Jeanine Kleimo, principal researcher for
                     Who Can Afford to Live in Delaware?; Khalil Bendib, artist and
                     sculptor; Ted Keller, graphic artist and community reinvest-
                     ment activist (not shown); Stanley Horn, tenant and community
                     organizer; Tina Riley, tenant organizer, artist, and small busi-
                     nesswoman; Gina Miserendino, DHC Staff, and Marlena Gib-
                     son, former DHC Staff member, shown here with Van Temple
                     of DHC Board.

  November 5, 2008                                                        Page 17
The Kind Policy Award
The Kind Policy Award was given for the first time in 1997. It takes its name from the "Kind
Hearted Woman" symbol of the Great Depression which became a way for one transient person to
communicate to the next that the house outside which the sign was scratched or drawn was a home
where a meal might be obtained and human kindness was present.
So the Kind Policy Award is not just a recognition of housing achievements, but also a means of
taking note of Delawareans who have helped to make our state a more hospitable place for our fel-
low citizens who are ill-housed, precariously housed, and homeless. Its essence is the treatment of
fellow human beings in a way which conveys respect and equality, while attempting to help.

              Administrative Commission on the Speer Trust for their under-        Sadie Nance for her patient and visionary leadership in the founding of the
Previous      standing and nurturing of the work of tenant organizing              first statewide organization for poor renters
Kind          Diane Berry for her leadership to Section 8 residents of             The League of Women Voters of Greater Dover, New Castle County, and Sus-
Policy        Greenfield Manor and in the entire state                             sex County for their stalwart support of grassroots democracy and tenants'
                                                                                   participation in the fate of their communities
Makers        Jack B. Blumenfeld, Esq. for helping Greenfield Manor tenants
              save their homes                                                     Betty Obst for her contributions to nonprofit housing development and to
                                                                                   meeting the needs of the homeless
Alice Brandreth for her work on the Public Assistance Task Force and in mak-
ing the realities of poverty in Delaware an issue of public importance             Benjamin Orye, Esq. for helping Greenfield Manor tenants save their homes
Kim Brockenbrough for the spirit of mutual respect which she has brought to        Steve Peuquet for dedication to engaged research, documentation of homeless
all of her years of working with the homeless and the housed                       issues,and the expansion of affordable housing
Senator George Bunting for his concern for affordable housing issues in Sussex     Lori Phillips, Esq. (May 7, 1956 - April 18, 2004) for her zealous advocacy for
County and his promotion of more security of tenure for manufactured home          decent housing in Delaware
                                                                                   Roger Pryor for his vigorous and wholehearted support of community groups
Representative Michael N. Castle for his attention to rural housing develop-       and affordable housing
ment needs and the right of tenants to organize
                                                                                   Olga Ramirez for her work over many years helping to form and guide the
The Catholic Campaign for Human Development (Wilmington Diocese) for               Public Assistance Task Force and in making the realities of poverty in Dela-
their understanding and nurturing of the work of tenant organizing in Dela-        ware an issue of public importance
                                                                                   Roland Ridgeway for lifelong commitment to the success of nonprofits and for
Dr. Karen Curtis for her encouragement of many grassroots community initia-        creative and insightful community reinvestment policies
tives and her dedication to research which makes a difference in the lives of
ordinary Delawareans                                                               Rodger D. Smith, III, Esq. for helping Greenfield Manor tenants save their
Del Failing for his lifelong dedication to providing housing with effective sup-
                                                                                   Karen Speakman for her dedication to providing of housing to the ill-housed
portive services
First State R. C. & D. for its unique and effective housing rehabilitation pro-    Roxie Sturgis for innovative housing counseling and educationand successful
gram                                                                               placement work with the homeless
                                                                                   William H. Sudell, Jr., Esq. for helping Greenfield Manor tenants save their
Bishop Major Foster for his work for the poor and homeless of Sussex County
Jim Gilliam, Sr. for his lifetime of advocacy for affordable housing in New
Castle County                                                                      Erika Y. Tross, Esq. for helping Greenfield Manor tenants save their homes
Terri Hasson for her extraordinary championing of manufactured housing             Harold Truxon for his lifelong work to improve the life and community of
communities                                                                        Ellendale
Marian Hinson for lifelong work among the homeless and displaced of New            David J. Weidman, Esq. for his wise and effective counsel to the Morris Mill
Castle County                                                                      Pond Cooperative
Richard Kirschner for his initiative in meeting the needs of the homeless men      Catherine Wheat for her work with the residents of Oak Orchard West Manu-
                                                                                                            factured Home Park
Annie McKenzie for her faith-based ministry to
the homeless and neglected of Wilmington                                                                    Chris White for his advocacy on the behalf of the
                                                                                                            tenants and the homeless of Delaware
Joe Myer for his dedication to meeting rural hous-
ing needs and fostering the growth of community-
based housing groups

    Page 18                                                                                                              25th Anniversary Program
Marian L. Harris

Ms. Harris is the founder and volunteer executive di-
rector of a drug recovery program named the House of
P.R.I.D.E. Unlike treatment, drug recovery programs
are a holistic approach to recovery where great empha-     The House of P.R.I.D.E.
sis is placed on the addict giving back to their commu-
nity. The first of its kind in Delaware, Ms. Harris            People’s
worked hard to convince public officials and other
doubters that such a concept works.                            Rehabilitation and
For nearly 15 years, Ms. Harris operated the program           Individual
from the basement of her home. She networked with              Development
other recovery programs throughout the United States,
and often used her own resources to carry individuals
through her program.
The impact of the work of the House of P.R.I.D.E. is
demonstrated best by the successful former residents
who have returned to gainful employment, reunited
with family, and begun helping others in similar situa-
tions regain their lives.
Other community involvement included serving as
president of the Central Delaware Branch of NAACP
and forming a task force for the elimination of drugs in
the community. The task force is credited with closing
down a notorious drug trafficking operation and re-
turning a dangerous area to a peaceful neighborhood.
Ms. Harris united the community behind these efforts
but it was her boldness, courage and perseverance that
led to success of the project.
As one of the founders of the Progressive Black
Women’s Organizations, she helped motivate women
to become more self-reliant and to seek out educational
opportunities. Ms. Harris was also one of the organiz-
ers of the Kent County Black Coalition. She is the re-
cipient of the Points of Light Award (former President
George Bush), the Volunteerism Award (Governor
Thomas R. Carper) the Liberty Bell Award (DE State
Bar Association) and Citizen of the Year Award (Sears
Roebuck Co.). In 2001 Ms. Harris was inducted into
The Women’s Hall Of Fame; she also received recogni-
tion at the visitors center exhibition for Women in
Leadership Award in 2008.

    November 5, 2008                                                                 Page 19
Michael Skipper
Michael D. Skipper is Community Development Man-           development of affordable housing.
ager for Wilmington Savings Fund Society. He has
                                                           Mike currently serves on the board of the Delaware
been actively involved in community development and
                                                           Community Investment Corporation, is chairman of
community reinvestment activities, primarily in Dela-
                                                           the Delaware Housing Policy Round Table, and serves
ware, since 1987. Prior to that time he worked in vari-
                                                           on the Education Committee of the Delaware Bankers
ous areas of banking, including internal audit, informa-
                                                           Association. He is a graduate of Texas Tech University
tion technology and deposit services.
                                                           and earned a Masters in Business Administration from
In 1987 Mike was named one of the first full-time Com-     Widener University. Mike is married and has four chil-
munity Reinvestment Act Officers in Delaware. With         dren.
the assistance of Delaware Community Reinvestment
                                                           Mike has come to be a key figure in affordable housing
Action Council and other community organizations,
                                                           advocacy in Delaware, bringing a quiet and thoughtful
Delaware Trust Company, a predecessor to Wachovia
                                                           approach to the issue, as well as a deep understanding
Bank, met its 5-year community reinvestment goals in
                                                           of the critical relationship between public policy, on the
three years. Mike also worked with representatives
                                                           one hand, and housing finance and development, on
from both full-service and limited purpose banks to
                                                           the other. He is relied upon among nonprofit and for
formally establish Delaware Community Investment
                                                           profit developers for his flexible and creative approach
Corporation, a multi-bank community development
                                                           to their particular needs.
corporation providing permanent financing and equity
investments for multifamily rental and commercial
projects in Delaware.
Mike joined Wilmington Savings Fund Society in Au-
gust, 2004 and continues to focus on community devel-
opment with an emphasis on lending for community
development and small business projects and on hous-
ing policy. During the past two years he was been
working closely with the Housing Policy Round Table
of the Delaware Housing Coalition and representatives
from a cross section of affordable housing related enti-
ties to advocate for more State funding for housing de-
velopment, a coordinated statewide affordable housing
strategy and local housing policies which facilitate the

  Page 20                                                                             25th Anniversary Program
Penrose Hollins
New Castle County Councilman, Penrose Hollins is a              set-asides for Wilmington residents and minorities.
graduate of Delaware Technical & Community College,             As a member of New Castle County Council, he repre-
where he is inducted into the college's Hall of Fame. He        sents the Fourth District. On Council, he serves as
served 5 years, 10 months and 26 days in the United             Chair of the Community Services Committee and Vice-
States Army with two hardship tours in Southeast                Chair of the Executive Committee.
                                                                He established the New Castle County Council Hous-
 He is a core church planter and founding member of             ing Committee. Mr. Hollins manages all legislation,
Canaan Baptist Church in Wilmington, Delaware                   which allocates Federal dollars to meet the County's
where he continues to serve as a goodwill ambassador            housing needs and community service programs. He is
for Canaan.                                                     the prime sponsor of the legislation, which created the
While serving on Wilmington City Council, he became             County's Down Payment and Settlement Help Program
the second elected official in the Continental United           for first time homebuyers. This program has allocated
States of America to sponsor legislation requiring a            more than $8 million in assistance to over 2,000 first
political jurisdiction to divest from companies doing           time homebuyers. He also solicited, and received, pri-
business in South Africa. His legislation helped to pio-        vate sector grants for first time homebuyers. As Chair
neer an economic boycott of South Africa as part of a           of the County's Community Services Committee,
National protest of South Africa's apartheid system of          Councilman Hollins manages all legislation that allo-
segregation. He also sponsored legislation creating job         cates funding for home safety repairs and senior home
                                                                repairs, rehabilitation of homes for single and multi-
                                                                family housing, as well as, community housing com-
                                                                plexes. He helped to establish a Section 8 home owner-
                                                                ship program that moves Section 8 participants from
                                                                the rental market to homeownership. Striving to diver-
                                                                sify the New Castle County Government workforce, he
                                                                sponsored legislation to increase the job certification
                                                                pool that would allow greater opportunities for women
                                                                and minorities to obtain employment in County Gov-
                                                                ernment. He serves as New Castle County's advocate
                                                                for diversity.

Previous Legislative Awards
As part of the process of reaching the advocacy goals of our three-year strategic plan, DHC has begun to recognize the contri-
butions of individual legislators which support affordable housing in Delaware. Previously, DHC has presented legislative
recognition awards to three lawmakers whose work in 2007 helped to increase the State's commitment to affordable housing
in the FY08 budget, making it the largest combined allocation of state funds for housing: Senator Nancy Cook, Representative
Helene Keeley, and Senator Robert Venables.

     November 5, 2008                                                                                               Page 21
                                                                   Delaware Housing Coalition
DHC is a membership organization which empowers a 15-person board of directors to govern it. The board consists of 4 peo-
ple from each of the state’s three counties and three people serving in “at large” seats.

   Page 22                                                                                 25th Anniversary Program
Board of Directors
The board has been the key to the success of the Delaware Housing Coalition, providing it with continuity, foresight, creativ-
ity, and experience.

                                                                                     Photos: Helen Drayton, Sandra Hobby, Leslie
                                                                                     Holland, Lorraine deMeurisse, Amy Walls,
                                                                                     Juana Fuentes-Bowles, Roz Kotz, Ray Paylor,
                                                                                     Dan Kuennan, Felipe Garcia-Carrion, Dorothy
                                                                                     Medeiros, Sadie Nance, Betty Obst, Fernando
                                                                                     Guajardo, Norma Zumsteg, Trish Kelleher,
                                                                                     Saundra Ross Johnson, Sandy Spence, Starlene
                                                                                     Taylor, Don Blair, Veronica Oliver, Shay Lip-
                                                                                     shitz, Debbie Gottschalk

     November 5, 2008                                                                                                   Page 23
                More Photos

Page 24   25th Anniversary Program
of DHC

  November 5, 2008   Page 25
                                                            Delaware Housing Coalition
               DHC Board of Directors

KENT COUNTY                                             “Good Neighborhood” is the title of the book by Morris Mil-
Don Blair (2008)                                        gram in which he recounts his efforts to build integrated
Milford Housing Development Corporation                 communities in the 1950s. Fifty years ago, one of the inten-
                                                        tionally integrated communities he established was Runny-
Joe Myer (2010)                                         mede in Hockessin, Delaware. The Delaware Housing Coali-
Executive Director, NCALL Research, Inc.                tion takes “Good Neighborhood” as the name for the multi-
                                                        year project in which the we are engaging in order to address
Ray Paylor (2008)                                       the need for affordable, accessible, inclusive communities in
Investigator, Division of Human Relations               Delaware.
Van Temple (2010)                                       It is a direct response to the need to make progress on one of
Executive Director, Diamond State CLT                   the state’s most critical problems: to address the housing and
                                                        life opportunities of those most in need, creating geographic
                                                        distribution of low-income families, allowing them the choice
NEW CASTLE COUNTY                                       of living in higher-opportunity neighborhoods, and reducing
                                                        their isolation and exclusion. The project touches upon and is
Dr. Karen A. Curtis (2008)                              implicated in many other of the most vexing issues of per-
Associate Professor, University of Delaware             sonal and social responsibility: relations of race and class, the
                                                        NIMBY reflex, the need for regionalism and equitable
Roz Kotz (2008)                                         growth.
Doctoral student, University of Delaware
                                                        In order to advance this project, DHC will work on a three-
Dorothy Medeiros (2009), DHC BOARD PRESIDENT            fold strategy of (1) research and development of a Fair Share
Director, Saint Helena's Parish Social Ministry         measure and application of it to Delaware communities, (2)
                                                        policy development, based on the Fair Share Measure, includ-
Veronica Oliver (2010), DHC BOARD SECRETARY             ing both voluntary and mandatory programs, and (3) a cam-
Director of Programs & Housing, Neighborhood House      paign of advocacy for inclusion, building a network dedi-
                                                        cated to inclusion and creating a public awareness campaign.
                                                        Ending geographic segregation, social isolation, and eco-
                                                        nomic exclusion of the poor, people of color, the disabled,
Helen Drayton (2009)                                    and others is the goal of the Good Neighborhood Project. It is
Weatherization Director, First State Community Action   a call to change our mind-sets, practices, and laws which pre-
                                                        vent the Good Neighborhood, a place that is affordable, ac-
Leslie Holland (2010), DHC BOARD TREASURER              cessible, and inclusive.
CRA Officer, County Bank
                                                        Affordable housing advocacy traditionally focuses on the
Sandy Spence (2009)                                     scarcity of resources as the major impediment to helping
Advocate                                                those with the fewest housing and life opportunities. This
                                                        includes, on the level of community, the lack of public re-
Amy Walls (2009)                                        sources committed to housing our fellow citizens decently, as
CRA Officer, Discover Bank                              well as, on the personal level, the lack of adequate household
                                                        resources needed to buy housing in the market.
                                                        But a major impediment to housing and life opportunity is
AT LARGE Members                                        directly related not to lack of resources alone but to lack of
Lorraine deMeurisse (2008), DHC BOARD VICE PRESIDENT    inclusion. This requires the development of a systematic
Vice President, Deutsche Bank Trust Company DE          practice which enhances choice, mobility, and opportunity;
                                                        while optimizing open, inclusive neighborhoods. So, DHC
Deborah Gottschalk (2009)                               has recognized the need for a major new emphasis on the
Deputy Director, Community Legal Aid Society            creation of a public atmosphere and the resultant actions nec-
                                                        essary to achieve Good Neighborhood (affordable, accessible,
Trish Kelleher (2010)                                   inclusive) and to respond creatively to personal and institu-
Director of Housing, The ARC of Delaware

   Page 26                                                                             25th Anniversary Program
A Look Ahead

Neighborhood                                                       DHC Strategic Planning Goals 2007 ~ 2009

tional resistance to achieving Good Neighborhood.
                                                                 1. Promote the development, implementation,
To us, “Good Neighborhood” means “viable communities in
which decent housing, a suitable living environment, and         and funding of a comprehensive, coordinated
economic opportunities are available to all…” and where          and strategic statewide housing plan that
there exist “truly integrated and open residential living pat-   meets the affordable housing needs of Dela-
terns…” (Daye, One America Act).                                 ware's residents
The project has three main areas of emphasis: promoting
                                                                 2. Elevate affordable housing to a priority posi-
mixed-income communities, strengthening inclusionary pro-
grams, and encouraging opportunity for all.                      tion within state policy and budget
1. Promote Mixed Income Communities: For a more equitable        3. Identify and encourage integrated state and
and less costly society, we need to mix incomes in "both di-     local land use policies which balance provision
rections." Along with new mixed-income communities within        for affordable housing sufficient to meet the
predominantly poor, urban, neighborhoods of color, we work
for well-designed communities that mix incomes within more       needs of Delaware's residents with concerns
advantaged neighborhoods and seek ways to make programs          for open space, land conservation and smart
like the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) affirma-          growth
tively further fair housing and situate more low-income
housing in higher-opportunity areas.                             4. Ensure that Delaware's affordable housing
                                                                 system focuses on creating housing opportuni-
2. Strengthen Inclusionary Programs: There are voluntary and
mandatory efforts which we must explore and then initiate to     ties for households with very low incomes
promote inclusion, as defined by a “fair share” measure.         (<50% of median income) and extremely low
3. Encourage Opportunity for All: Most importantly, as a basis   incomes (<30%)
for building policy, we need to examine what is referred to as   5. Foster development of grassroots leaders
the “geography of opportunity” in Delaware. This would
mean, first of all, designing a "fair share" measurement to      and groups working to address their housing
assess the inclusiveness of Delaware census                      problems
tracts/communities. The measure will provide the core infor-
                                                                 6. Strengthen our Board of Directors
mation for the Good Neighborhood Project. It will also (1)
provide the basis for the development of new policy elements     7. Assure that we have the financial re-
appropriate to Delaware, (2) aid in making informed com-         sources to meet these goals
ments on state and local consolidated and comprehensive
(and other) plans, (3) be of great value in countering un-
founded “Not in My Back Yard” (NIMBY) reactions, (4) serve
as a legislative lobbying and public advocacy tool, and (5)
assist in identifying feasible model programs.
When Morris Milgram and others began their work in the
1950s, they were going upstream against housing patterns
and practices that were codified by law and supported by the
underwriting procedures of the FHA. The Fair Housing Act
of 1968 was over a decade away. Resistance to open housing
came from every quarter. Yet today the vast majority of the
things that Milgram and his colleagues stood for are consid-
ered commonplace. With a similar conviction and right effort,
we can refashion our communities in ways that reflect what
we know, in our moments of insight, to be of critical impor-

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    25 Years of
DHC Board Presidents
   1983— 2008

      Dorothy Medeiros (2004 to present)
      Helen Drayton (2001 to 2004)
      Joe Myer (2000 to 2001)
      Chris White (1996 to 2000)
      Karen Curtis (1994 to 1996)
      David Hill (1992 to 1994)
      Andrea Barrow (1991 to 1992)
      James McGiffin, Jr. (1989 to 1991)
      Joe Myer, Founding President (1982 - 1989)

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