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                                                                2011   HUMAN RIGHTS
                                                                FILM FESTIVAL

                         Project funded by the European Union
2011   HUMAN
Cinema Metropolis Empire Sofil,
Starting at 6pm, Free entrance, Info: 01/240023

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               For more information on the Festval, please check
            WOMEN’S RIGHTS                                                   REFUGEES’ RIGHTS
            Thursday 27th January                                             Friday 28th January

 TIME                                                             TIME
18.00 hrs    OPENING                                             18.30 hrs     I Come from a Beautiful Place by Carol Mansour
             Lawyer Ziad Baroud - Minister of Interior                         (34 min - 2010)
             and Municipalities / Mrs. Angelina Eichhorst,
             Ambassador Head of the Delegation of the            19.10 hrs     Testimonies from representatives of the Iraqi
             European Union to Lebanon / Mr. Fateh Azzam-                      and Sudanese communities
             OHCHR Regional Representative for the Middle
             East / Representative of COSV                       19.35 hrs     Improvisational music performance by Ashraf
                                                                               el-Chouli and Tarek Bashasha
18.40 hrs    My Nationality is a Right for me and My Family
             by CRTD.A (14 min – 2007)                           20.00 hrs     Speaker presentation on Refugees' rights in
                                                                               Lebanon and open discussion with Mr. Wadih
19.00 hrs    About Latifa and Others... by Farah Sami Fayed,                   Asmar – Secretary General of C.L.D.H. / Lawyer
             Kafa (Enough)Violence & Exploitation(54:20 min                    Nizar Saghieh / Ms. Ninette Kelly - Representative
             - 2010)                                                           UNHCR

19.55 hrs    Survivor by Kafa (Enough) Violence & Exploitation   20.40 hrs     Break
             (06:25 min - 2008)
                                                                 21.00 hrs     Ghaza Hospital by Marco Pasquini (84 min - 2009)
20.05 hrs    For you by Multimedia Virtual Space for Human
             Rights (6 min - 2010)                               22.25 hrs     Till when by Multimedia Virtual Space for Human
                                                                               Rights (08:50 min - 2010)
20.10 hrs    Poetry "I got flowers today" by Carmen Lebbos
                                                                 22.35 hrs     Life from the BBC (Bourj al Barajneh Camp) by
20.20 hrs    Speaker presentation on Women's rights in                         Jackson Allers (16:21min - 2010)
             Lebanon and open discussion with Ms. Zoya
             Rouhana – Director of Kafa (Enough) Violence        22.50 hrs     60 Units of Time - 3ounef - Welcome to Shatila
             & Exploitation / Ms. Mona Oufeich - Minister                      - Leaflets by Studio Camps (12 min - 2006)
             of State
                                                                 23.05 hrs     Dream of Return by Multimedia Virtual Space
21.00 hrs    Buffet                                                            for Human Rights (10 min - 2010)

21.45 hrs    The Adventures of Salwa by Nasawiya (01:30          23.15 hrs     The Kingdom of Women by Dahna Abou Rahme
             min - 2010)                                                       (54 min - 2010)

21.50 hrs    CEDAW by Multimedia Virtual Space for Human                       Photo exibition "MA BAAD AL LAHZA"
             Rights (8 min - 2010)                                             photographs from the workshops in Beirut,
                                                                               Baalbak, Tripoli, Saida, Tyre by Zakira
22.00 hrs    A House Among Many Houses by Sana Atrissi
             (15 min - 2010)

22.20 hrs    Empty talk by Amanda Abou Abdallah (11min
             - 2009)

             Photo exibition "Behind the Doors" by Dalia
             Khamissy, Kafa (Enough) Violence & Exploitation
            MIGRANTS’ RIGHTS                                    DETAINEES’ RIGHTSand
            and DISCRIMINATION
                                                              ENFORCED DISAPPEARANCE
             Saturday 29th January                                        Sunday 30th January
 TIME                                                          TIME
18.00 hrs     Sayda by Michael Abi Khalil (18 min - 2010)     18.00 hrs   Waiting for justice by Multimedia Virtual Space
                                                                          for Human Rights (5:13 min - 2010)
18.20 hrs     Les Femmes Bonnes by Corine Shawi (62 min
              - 2006)                                         18.05 hrs   Prisoner=Human by Multimedia Virtual Space
                                                                          for Human Rights (3:11 min - 2010)
19.25 hrs     Jadayel by Multimedia Virtual Space for Human
              Rights (5 min - 2010)                           18.10 hrs   12 Angry Lebanese - the Documentary by
                                                                          Zeina Daccache, presented by Catharsis-LCDT
19.30 hrs     Being a Domestic Worker: Sri Lankiete                       (78 min - 2010)
              Libnanieh by Wissam Saliby (4 min - 2010)
                                                              19.30 hrs   Music performance from the soundtrack of "12
19.35 hrs     Merci Madame Najem by Shankaboot / Bassem                   Angry Lebanese" by Hussein Nouri, presented
              Breish – Christian Bitsch (4:50 min - 2010)                 by Catharsis-LCDT

19.45 hrs     Forum Theatre about Migrant Workers by "Live    19.45 hrs   Launching the DVD of the documentary “12
              Lactic Culture – Laban"                                     Angry Lebanese” in presence of some of the
                                                                          inmates actors, presented by Catharsis-LCDT
20.15 hrs     Speaker presentation on Migrant domestic
              workers in Lebanon and open discussion with     20.20 hrs   Testimony of Mr. Youssef Chaabane
              Dr. Ray Jureidini – Professor at the LAU and
              human rights activist / Mr. Nadim Houry –       20.35 hrs   Speaker presentation on Detainees’ rights in
              Director of Human Rights Watch / Dr. Boutros                Lebanon and open discussion with Mr Wadih
              Harb - Minister of Labour                                   al-Asmar – Secretary General of C.L.D.H. / Dr
                                                                          Omar Nashabi - Specialist in criminal justice
21.00 hrs     Break                                                       and researcher on prison conditions

21.20 hrs     Zourouni koulli sana marra (Visit me once       21.15 hrs   Khiam by Joana Hadjitomas and Khalil Joreige
              a year) by Siska (21 min - 2010)                            (52 min - 2000)

21.40 hrs     How Bitter My Sweet by Mohamed Soueid (90       22.10 hrs   Women Beyond Borders by Jean Chamoun and
              min - 2009)                                                 Mai Masri (60min -2004)

23.10 hrs     Fabraka by Siska (18 min - 2008)                23.10 hrs   Ya Waladi: My Son by Lina Ghaibeh (5 min-
              Photo exibition "Unseen lives: Migrant
              Domestic Workers in Lebanon" by Matthew         23.15 hrs   Here and Perhaps Elsewhere by Lamia Joreige
              Cassel, Kafa (Enough) Violence & Exploitation               (54 min - 2003)

                                                                          Photo exibition from Catharsis theatre work in
                                                                          Roumieh Prison (Lebanon) by Dalia Khamissy

                                                                          Photo exibition from Compagnia della
                                                                          Fortezza theatre work in Volterra Prison
                                                                          (Italy) by Stefano Vaja

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