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               ATHLETE HANDBOOK
                 VALID FROM 1ST JANUARY TO 31ST DECEMBER 2010
Contents                                                                                                     INSTRUCTIONS FOR ATHLETES
                                                                                                           What is in this handbook?
                                                                                                           This handbook has been designed to provide you with important
                                                                                                           information about the WADA Prohibited List, the steps you need to take
Quick Tips for Athletes ..............................................................................2    before using medications or supplements, what happens in a doping
                                                                                                           control test and advice on some of the most common medications and
Athlete Responsibility ................................................................................4   their status in sport.
2010 WADA Prohibited List .......................................................................5
                                                                                                           The handbook also provides information about all of our support
Important Changes in 2010 .......................................................................9         services like phone numbers, our mobile services and how to get help
                                                                                                           if you are travelling.
Checking Medications .............................................................................11
                                                                                                           How to use the handbook?
Sportscheck Cards ..................................................................................13     We recommend that you keep this within reach at all times. Maybe in
                                                                                                           your gym bag for instance.
Athlete Whereabouts Requirements ......................................................14
                                                                                                           Anytime you need information in a hurry – refer to it here.
Rules that Apply to Different Levels of Competition..............................16

Therapeutic Use Exemptions ..................................................................19            Stay up to date.
Asthma Medications and their Status ....................................................22                 Remember that it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to stay current with
                                                                                                           anti-doping knowledge. Our website is a good source of the latest
Supplements Guidance ...........................................................................25         information, or you can call us for assistance whenever you need it.

Common Medications – A Quick Guide ..................................................26

Advice for Athlete who Travel and International Directory ...................28
What Happens in a Doping Control Test.................................................31                   Hotline:                 0800DRUGFREE (378437)
                                                                                                           international:           +64 9 582 0388
                                                                                                           Fax:                     +64 9 580 0381

20102010 ATHLETE HANDBOOK                                                                                                                                  2010 ATHLETE HANDBOOK - 
  QUICK TIPS                                                               Who do I submit a TUE application to and how long does it take?
                                                                           If you are an International Level Athlete you must submit TUE’s using
Here are some quick tips to help you understand the information in this    the form available on your International Federation’s (IF) website. It
handbook and to answer some frequently asked questions.                    should be submitted to your IF for approval. (some IFs will accept
                                                                           applications made to DFSNZ – call us on 0800 DrUGFree for
What level do I compete at?                                                assistance if you need it).
The status of some medications is dependant on the level at which you
compete. We have prepared a page that explains this in more detail.        If you are a National Level Athlete, you must submit your TUE to DFSNZ
Always look for references to your level of competition when reading a     using forms available from
section in this handbook.

What does in-competition mean?
Unless provided otherwise in the rules of an International Federation or   DO NOT TAKE ANY PROHIBITED MEDICATION
other relevant Anti-Doping Organization, “In-Competition” means the        WITHOUT TUE APPROVAL.
period commencing twelve hours before a Competition in which you
are scheduled to participate through to the end of such Competition
and the sample collection process related to such Competition.
                                                                           What if it is an extreme emergency and I need the medication?
In some events, in-competition can commence days before you                If you are treated with a prohibited substance in an emergency situation
compete – for instance if you were competing at the Commonwealth           you must apply for a ‘retroactive’ TUE immediately following treatment.
Games, the in-competition period normally commences on from the
day that the athlete village is opened. If you play in a national team     What is a DOU?
competition such as NPC Rugby, in-competition normally applies
                                                                           DOU stands Declaration of Use. Certain medications must be declared
to a test conducted immediately after you have played in a game. A
                                                                           on the doping control form at the time of a test or online at
test conducted at training for instance, would be classed as out-of-
                                                                  prior to a test.

What is a TUE?
TUE stands for Therapeutic Use Exemption. This is a process that
provides an opportunity for athletes who require treatment with a
prohibited substance to apply for permission to use it. The process
involves completing a specific form and submitting it to a TUE
committee for approval.

 - 2010 ATHLETE HANDBOOK                                                                                                  2010 ATHLETE HANDBOOK - 
00 WADA PROHIBITED LIST                                                  SUBSTANCES WHICH ARE PROHIBITED AT ALL TIMES
                                                                         Here is a summary of the classes on the 2010 WADA Prohibited List
Under the World Anti-Doping Code strict liability policy you are         and comment on points which most frequently cause confusion. For the
responsible for any substance found in your body regardless of how       official and definitive version refer to the web site:
it got there.                                                  

                                                                         S ANABOLIC ANDROGENIC STEROIDS (AAS).
You should always check the status of any substance or method before
using it by calling 0800 DrUGFree (378437) or texting the drug name      Endogenous (substance which is capable of being produced by the body
or ingredient to 4365 (texts cost 20 cents).                             naturally e.g. Testosterone, Androstenedione). Exogenous (a substance
                                                                         which is not ordinarily capable of being produced by the body naturally
Remember to tell your doctor that you are an athlete who is subject to   e.g. Stanozolol, Boldenone). Other anabolic agents such as clenbuterol.
doping control.                                                          S PEPTIDE HORMONES, GROWTH FACTORS AND RELATED
                                                                         Human Growth Hormone, EPO, Luteinizing Hormone, Insulins,

                                                                         note: Platelet-derived preparations (blood spinning) when administered
                                                                         by intra-muscular route are prohibited.

                                                                         S BETA--AGONISTS.
                                                                         Formoterol (e.g. Foradil, Symbicort, Oxis) , Bambuterol (e.g. Bambec)
                                                                         and Terbutaline (Bricanyl) are prohibited in sport at all times.

                                                                         Salbutamol (e.g. Ventolin, Respigen) and Salmeterol (e.g. Serevent)
                                                                         should be declared on the doping control form at the time of a test or at

                                                                         S4 HORMONE ANTAGONISTS AND MODULATORS.
                                                                         These are substances that an athlete might use to attempt to mask
                                                                         steroid use or avoid side effects of their use. (e.g. Tamoxifen).

                                                                         S5 DIURETICS AND OTHER MASKING AGENTS.
                                                                         Probenecid, plasma expanders and Diuretics such as Diamox are
                                                                         examples of prohibited substances.

4 - 2010 ATHLETE HANDBOOK                                                                                                 2010 ATHLETE HANDBOOK - 5
M ENHANCEMENT OF OXYGEN TRANSFER.                                         S6 STIMULANTS.
Blood doping, including use of any red blood cell products or enhancing
oxygen uptake with blood based substitutes is prohibited.                  imPortant CHanGe: Pseudoephedrine is prohibited in competition.
                                                                           There are over 30 products available over the counter in New Zealand
M CHEMICAL OR PHYSICAL MANIPULATION.                                      which contain this ingredient. Please read Pseudoephedrine guidelines
Tampering or attempting to tamper in order to alter the integrity or       on page 9 for more information.
validity a sample through substitution or catheterisation is prohibited.
                                                                           BZP (Benzylpiperizine), the active ingredient in some party pills is
M GENE DOPING.                                                            prohibited. Ephedrine is prohibited in competition and has occasionally
Transfer of cells or genetic elements with the potential to enhance        appeared in supplements as a result of cross-contamination.
athletic performance is prohibited.
                                                                           S7 NARCOTICS.
                                                                           Morphine, Fentanyl and Fortral are examples of prohibited narcotics.

                                                                           Codeine, Tramadol, Nurofen and Voltaren are examples of permitted
                                                                           pain treatment medications.

                                                                           S8 CANNABINOIDS.
                                                                           imPortant reminDer: Cannabis is stored in the body for long
                                                                           amounts of time. An athlete can fail a test months after using
                                                                           marijuana. Passive inhalation of cannabis is very unlikely to result in a
                                                                           failed test – but we do advise athletes to avoid situations where smoke
                                                                           could be inhaled involuntarily.

                                                                           S9 GLUCOCORTICOSTEROIDS. (GCS)
                                                                           Systemic administration of GCS is prohibited. This includes injections into
                                                                           veins or muscles, oral use (e.g. Prednisone) and suppositories.

                                                                           Non-systemic administration of GCS requires a Declaration of Use.
                                                                           This includes intra-articular injections (e.g. Kenacort), inhaled
                                                                           corticosteroids (e.g. Flixotide).

                                                                           Topical administration of GCS is permitted. This includes eye drops
                                                                           (e.g. Maxidex, Tobradex), ear drops (e.g. Sofradex), ointments, nasal
                                                                           sprays (e.g. Flixonase, Alanase, Beconase).

6 - 2010 ATHLETE HANDBOOK                                                                                                    2010 ATHLETE HANDBOOK - 7
  PROHIBITED IN PARTICULAR SPORTS                                             IMPORTANT CHANGES IN 00
The following substances are prohibited in particular sports – for a full
list of sports please refer to and download        PSEUDOEPHEDRINE IS PROHIBITED IN COMPETITION.
the full 2010 WADA Prohibited List.
                                                                            Pseudoephedrine may be used to treat colds, flu or hayfever. It is
P ALCOHOL.                                                                 only prohibited in competition. If you are tested in competition, and
Alcohol is prohibited in competition in automobile (FAI) sports, karate,    your sample contains high levels of pseudoephedrine (more than 150
archery, powerboating and others.                                           micrograms per millilitre) it is a positive test.

P BETA BLOCKERS.                                                           in accordance with WaDa Guidelines we advise the following:
Beta Blockers are prohibited in competition in golf, automobile (FAI)       • Do not use medications that contain pseudoephedrine within 24
sports, archery (out of competition also), shooting (out of competition       hours of competing;
also), powerboating and others.
                                                                            • Always follow the manufacturers guidelines;
                                                                            • Consider using an alternative medication – there are many
                                                                              alternatives which contain permitted substances such as

                                                                            IMPORTANT REMINDER:
                                                                            Pseudoephedrine is found in over 30 products which are
                                                                            available over the counter at pharmacies in New Zealand.
                                                                            These are usually cold and flu tablets. A current list of
                                                                            medications which contain pseudoephedrine is available at

8 - 2010 ATHLETE HANDBOOK                                                                                                  2010 ATHLETE HANDBOOK - 9
                                                                                  CHECKING MEDICATIONS
Many athletes are treated with GCS for injuries, allergic                       Under the World Anti-Doping Code strict liability policy you are
reactions, respiratory issues and sometimes before or after                     responsible for any substance found in your body regardless of how
surgery. These medications can be administered in various                       it got there.
ways, please read the following for clarification of their status.
                                                                                DFSNZ provides the following support for athletes who wish to stay
                                                                                up to date or to check the status of medications that are available in
Systemic administration of GCS is prohibited in competition.                    New Zealand.
This includes parenteral (into veins - dexamethasone) and
                                                                                note: If you are travelling overseas or wish to check medications
intra-muscular injections (into muscle) – often for treatment of
                                                                                that have been purchased overseas we recommend that you use
extreme allergic reactions or acute respiratory issues.
                                                                                the services that have been listed in the travel advice section of this
                                                                                booklet. Our landline number is +64 9 582 0388.
Oral use (pills such as prednisone) – often used for treatment for
asthma, acute respiratory issues and sometimes before/after surgery
                                                                                TEXT SERVICE.
procedures are also prohibited in-competition.
                                                                                You can check the status of any medications available in New Zealand
Non-systemic administration of GCS requires a Declaration of Use.               by texting the medication name to 4365. You can check individual
                                                                                ingredients also by texting the ingredient name to 4365. (Texts cost 20
This includes intra-articular injections into joints (e.g. Kenacort) and
inhaled corticosteroids for treatment of respiratory issues (e.g. Flixotide).
                                                                                This service is not suitable for checking supplements – call
An athlete is required to make a Declaration of Use (DOU) if they use
                                                                                0800 DrUGFree if you wish to receive advice about supplements.
these medications. A declaration must be made on the doping control
form at the time of a test. You may also make a DOU online at
                                                                                Subscribe to text updates. prior to being tested if you choose to do so.
                                                                                DFSNZ sends out regular updates to athletes who want to stay ahead
Topical administration of GCS is permitted.                                     of the game. We send out information on medications that come onto
                                                                                the market during the year and also reminders about our services.
This includes eye drops (e.g. Maxidex, Tobradex), ear drops (e.g.
Sofradex), ointments, Nasal Sprays (e.g. Flixonase, Alanase,
                                                                                To subscribe today text the word ‘sport’ to 4365 and you will receive
                                                                                confirmation of your subscription. Subscription costs 20 cents, but
                                                                                there are no charges for messages that we send to you.

0 - 2010 ATHLETE HANDBOOK                                                                                                       2010 ATHLETE HANDBOOK - 
                                                                          remember tHat it is YoUr resPonsibilitY to inForm all
                                                                          meDiCal ProFessionals WHo treat YoU tHat YoU are
0800 DRUGFREE (7847)                                                    sUbJeCt to DrUG testinG in sPort.
Call our 0800 number anytime you need to from within New Zealand.
We provide a reference number and a record of your query if you
require it. After hours you will be diverted to a staff member who can    To help remind you and anyone who treats you of your status as an
assist you.                                                               athlete, we have created sportsCheck cards. These cards should
                                                                          be carried at all times and presented every time you are purchasing
MIMS RESOURCES.                                                           medications or being treated by a medical professional.
Most medical professionals use MIMS resources. They are integrated
into the software that is used when preparing prescriptions and also      The cards have important contact details and instructions that will help
available in printed form. MIMS tells medical people the status of all    you avoid taking prohibited substances inadvertently.
medications and also provides guidance for TUE applications. Ask
your doctor, dentist or surgeon to refer to these resources before they   How do I get a card?
prescribe or administer any medication.                                   We have provided these to
                                                                          most athletes already. If you
                                                                          are an International or National
                                                                          Level Athlete, contact us on
                                                                          0800DrUGFree or complete
                                                                          a form online at
                                                                          to order one.

                                                                          How do I use it?
                                                                          Carry it in your wallet or bag at
                                                                          all times and show it to everyone
                                                                          who treats you.

                                                                          More information?
                                                                          Go to

 - 2010 ATHLETE HANDBOOK                                                                                               2010 ATHLETE HANDBOOK - 
  ATHLETE WHEREABOUTS REQUIREMENTS                                           Athletes who are part of a Testing Pool need to let Drug Free Sport NZ
                                                                             know where they are going to be, so that we can perform no-notice
How do you know if these requirements apply to you?                          testing.

WADA standards determine who should have to comply with                      Athletes in the Registered Testing Pool (RTP) and the National Testing
whereabouts requirements. Drug Free Sport NZ contacts every                  Pool (NTP) need to provide whereabouts information four times a year
athlete before they become part of a Testing Pool. If you have not been      (due dates listed below) and update it as necessary.
contacted by us and informed of these requirements they do not apply
to you.                                                                                     Period                       submission Due Date

How does an athlete complete whereabouts requirements?                        3rd Quarter   1 Jan to 30 March 2010       Tuesday, 15 Dec 2009
                                                                              4th Quarter   1 April to 30 June 2010      Monday, 15 March 2010
DFSNZ provides the following methods for submission of whereabouts
                                                                              1st Quarter   1 July to 30 Sept 2010       Tuesday, 15 June 2010
                                                                              2nd Quarter   1 Oct to 31 Dec 2010         Wednesday, 15 Sept 2010
Website: and click on:                        3rd Quarter   1 Jan to 30 March 2011       Wednesday, 15 Dec 2010
                ‘Athlete Whereabouts Login’

                                                                             If athletes in a Testing Pool do not provide current and accurate
Change of plan can be completed as follows:                                  whereabouts information, they may commit an Anti-Doping Rule
                                                                             Violation and be sanctioned.
Website: and click on
                ‘Athlete Whereabouts Login’ and complete.

mobile:         Txt the word whereabouts to 4365 and follow the link
                in the text that is sent to you. (texts cost 20 cents plus
                any data charges on your mobile account).

Freephone:      0800 DRUGFREE (378437)

international: +64 9 582 0388

4 - 2010 ATHLETE HANDBOOK                                                                                                 2010 ATHLETE HANDBOOK - 5
  WHAT LEVEL ARE YOU COMPETING AT?                                          This list of events and categories is current as of January 1 2010. The
                                                                            list may be updated during 2010.
There are important changes related to who must apply for Therapeutic
Use Exemptions in advance. It is important that you ascertain what          note: You are deemed a national level athlete if you are competing in
level of athlete you are and/or what level of event you are competing at.   the ‘elite open age’ category of any of the events listed below.

                                                                            Please refer to for a current list.
note: All International and National Level Athletes must apply for
TUE’s in advance.                                                           SPORT              DESIGNATED NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS

                                                                            ATHLETICS          National Track and Field Championships
ARE YOU IN A REGISTERED TESTING POOL WITH YOUR                              BASKETBALL         National League
                                                                            BOXING             National Championships
You must apply in advance for an exemption to use any prohibited
medication using a Therapeutic Use Exemption Form available from            CANOEING           National Championships (Sprint)
your International Federation’s website. The process for applying for a     CRICKET            National First Class Competitions (Men and Women)
TUE is explained on page 20-21 of this handbook.
                                                                            CYCLING            National Track Champs, National Road Champs
ARE YOU COMPETING AT INTERNATIONAL EVENTS?                                  FOOTBALL           National League Men and Women
Your International Federation or the Event Organisers may require
that you submit a TUE to them directly. DFSNZ recommends that               HOCKEY             National League Men and Women
you contact either your National Sports Organisation, the Organising        NETBALL            ANZ Championships
Committee or the relevant International Federation to find out the
                                                                            ROWING             National Championships
status of the international event you plan to compete at.
                                                                            RUGBY UNION        Super 14 and NPC Division 1
                                                                            SWIMMING           National Championships (March)
To qualify as a National Level Athlete you must be in at least one of the
following categories:                                                       TRIATHLON          Olympic Distance, Ultra Distance (Ironman)
• You are in the DFSNZ Registered Testing Pool (DFSNZ will inform           WEIGHTLIFTING      National Championships
  you if you are in this pool) and you are not an International Level
• You are in the DFSNZ National Testing Pool (DFSNZ will inform you
  if you are in this pool) and not an International Level athlete;
• If you ‘compete’ in the ‘National Championships’ of sports set out on
  page 17.

6 - 2010 ATHLETE HANDBOOK                                                                                                   2010 ATHLETE HANDBOOK - 7
Athletes in this category do not need to gain TUE’s in advance
for prohibited medications. If an athlete who is not classed as          If the medication you are required to take to treat an illness or condition
“International” or “National” returns an adverse analytical finding      is on the Prohibited List, a Therapeutic Use Exemption may give you the
(positive test) they will be notified and must seek a retro-active TUE   authorisation to take it.
providing sufficient documentation to show clearly that the prohibited
substance identified was administered / prescribed by a registered       WHAT ARE THE CRITERIA FOR GRANTING A TUE?
medical practitioner to treat a recognised medical condition, and that   • You would experience significant health problems without taking
the dosage was not such that it could have improved the performance        the prohibited substance or method;
of the athlete beyond a return to normal.                                • The therapeutic use of the substance would not produce significant
                                                                           enhancement of performance, and;
                                                                         • There is no reasonable therapeutic alternative to the use of the
                                                                           otherwise prohibited substance or method.

                                                                         HOW DO I APPLY FOR A TUE?
                                                                         TUE forms are available from the Drug Free Sport NZ website:
                                                                         If you are competing at International Level you must obtain TUE forms
                                                                         from your International Federation’s website.

                                                                         ENSURE ALL INFORMATION IS COMPREHENSIVE.
                                                                         When applying it is important that your medical professional attaches
                                                                         a complete medical file and, in most cases, supporting documentation
                                                                         from a specialist is necessary.

                                                                         FAILURE TO SUBMIT A COMPREHENSIVE APPLICATION WILL DELAY
                                                                         YOUR APPLICATION.

8 - 2010 ATHLETE HANDBOOK                                                                                               2010 ATHLETE HANDBOOK - 9
                                                                            Non-National/International Level athletes do not need to apply for a
asthmatics are commonly prescribed beta-2 agonists or                       TUE in advance to use asthma medications. If an athlete who is not
Glucocorticosteroids. this section explains the status of these             classed as “International” or “National” returns an adverse analytical
medications and the steps you need to take in order to gain permission      finding (positive test) they will be notified and must:
for their use.
                                                                            • Seek a retro-active TUE providing sufficient documentation to show
BETA- AGONISTS                                                               clearly that the prohibited substance identified was administered/
New conditions for Salbutamol and Salmeterol.                                 prescribed by a registered medical practitioner to treat a recognised
                                                                              medical condition, and that the dosage was not such that it could
Salbutamol (e.g. Ventolin, Respigen) and Salmeterol (e.g. Serevent,
                                                                              have improved the performance of the athlete beyond a return to
Seretide) no longer require a TUE. They now require a DOU which must
be made on the doping control form at the time of a test or online at

All other Beta- Agonists including Formoterol, Bambuterol,
Clenbuterol and Terbutaline are Prohibited at all times.
(e)Formoterol (e.g. Oxis, Foradil, Symbicort), Bambuterol (e.g. Bambec)
Clenbuterol and Terbutaline (e.g. Bricanyl) require a TUE for all
International and National Level athletes.

Oral Prednisone is prohibited in competition. Systemic injections (into
the vein or muscle) are also prohibited in competition. Athletes who
are administered either of the above must obtain a relevant TUE before
competing if there is any chance that traces of use may be present.

Inhaled GCS (e.g. Flixotide, Pulmicort) require a Declaration of Use
(DOU). They do not require a TUE. A DOU must be made on the doping
control form during a test or online at

If you are not an International or National Level Athlete then you do not
need to apply for a TUE in advance to use these medications.

 - 2010 ATHLETE HANDBOOK                                                                                                 2010 ATHLETE HANDBOOK - 
                                                 national leVel*
                                                                        non national/         SUPPLEMENTS
                               leVel                                    international

      salbutamol                                                                            Many athletes use supplements to assist with their training and
                             **Declaration          **Declaration         **Declaration
     (e.g. Ventolin,
                                of Use                 of Use                of Use         sports preparation. DFSNZ advises all athletes to consult with a
                                                                                            sports nutritionist before using supplements and to be cautious when
       salmeterol            **Declaration          **Declaration         **Declaration     considering taking supplements due for the following reasons:
     (e.g. Serevent)            of Use                 of Use                of Use

                                                  TUE from DFSNZ                            • Supplements are not manufactured under the same rigorous
     (e) Formoterol          TUE from IF                                TUE if tested and
   (e.g. Oxis, Foradil,   Download from IF’s
                                                    download at
                                                                        Adverse Finding       standards as pharmaceuticals;
       Symbicort)              website                                       occurs
                                                                                            • Some supplements have been contaminated with prohibited
                                                  TUE from DFSNZ                              substances;
                              TUE from IF                               TUE if tested and
      terbutaline                                   download at
                           download from IF’s                           Adverse Finding
     (e.g. Bricanyl)                             www.drugfreesport.
                                website                                      occurs
                                                                            • Labelling laws are not the same in all countries. This could mean
                                                  TUE from DFSNZ                              some ingredients are not listed on the bottle;
                              TUE from IF                               TUE if tested and
      bambuterol                                    download at
                           download from IF’s                           Adverse Finding
     (e.g. Bambec)
                                                                             occurs         • Manufacturing standards vary greatly around the world. Some
                                                                                              supplement manufacturers use phrases such as “pharmaceutical
                             **Declaration          **Declaration         **Declaration       standards” or “approved by XXX sports league”. This does not
    (e.g. Beclazone,
  Flixotide, Pulmicort)
                                of Use                 of Use                of Use           indicate that they are safe for use within sports.

 otHer meDiCations                                                                          Drug Free Sport NZ cannot guarantee the status of any supplement
        systemic                                                                            product in sport. This includes all nutritional, dietary and sports
                                                                        TUE if tested and   supplements.
    (e.g. Prednisone,
                              TUE from IF         TUE from DFSNZ        Adverse Finding
                                                                             occurs         CAN YOU CHECK THE STATUS OF A SUPPLEMENT?
    Oral or systemic
                                                                                            Call 0800 DrUGFree and we will do our best to provide guidance as to
* national level includes DFSNZ RTP and NTP athletes and others who compete in national     the risk that could be associated with the brand or product that you are
  competitions defined on page 17.                                                          checking.
** Declaration of Use can be made on Doping Control Forms during a test or online at www. If you are using ADAMS Whereabouts you can make a declaration
   there.                                                                                   PLEASE NOTE THAT SUPPLEMENTS ARE TAKEN AT YOUR OWN RISK.

4 - 2010 ATHLETE HANDBOOK                                                                                                                 2010 ATHLETE HANDBOOK - 5
  COMMON MEDICATIONS                                                                    HEADACHES / PAIN / INFLAMMATION

                                                                                        Permitted                                         Prohibited
This information is intended to be a quick guide to assist you in treating
non-serious conditions. always advise your medical professional that                    Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatories (NSAID)         in-ComPetition
                                                                                        Ibuprofen. (e.g. Brufen, Nurofen, Panafen)        all medications that contain morphine
you are an athlete subject to sports drug testing and ask that they                     Diclofenac (e.g. Diclax, Voltaren, Cataflam)      (e.g. Sevredol, Kapanol, m-Eslon)
refer to the MIMS resources or ask them to call 0800 DrUGFree to
clarify status of substances.                                                           Pain Tablets:                                     Fentanyl
                                                                                        (e.g. Aspirin, Codeine, Tramal, Tramadol,         (e.g. Durogesic, Rapifen)
                                                                                        Paracetamol, Panadeine)

 Permitted                                      Prohibited                                                                                Oral/Systemic GCS (e.g. Prednisone,
 Phenylephrine (e.g. Lemsip and Maxiclear       in-ComPetition
 products)                                      all medications that contain
                                                pseudoephedrine are prohibited          CONTRACEPTION
 Paracetamol. (e.g. Panadol)                    (Guidelines can be found on page 9).
 All Antibiotics                                Morphine (e.g. Gees Linctus)
                                                                                        All oral contraceptives available in NZ are permitted in sport.

 Permitted                                      Prohibited
 antihistamines                                 in-ComPetition
                                                                                        All antibiotics available in NZ are permitted in sport.
 (e.g. Loratab, Loraclear, Claratyne,           all medications that contain
 Claramax, Phenergan, Polaramine, Razene,       pseudoephedrine are prohibited
                                                                                        imPortant: Probenecid is a prohibited masking agent. Occasionally a medical
 Telfast, Zadine, Zyrtec)                       (Guidelines can be found on page 9).
                                                                                        professional may recommend it’s use with antibiotics. Probenecid is prohibited at all times.
 nasal sprays.                                  oral/systemic GCs (e.g. Prednisone)
 (e.g. Flixonase, Alanase, Beconase, Drixine,
 Otrivin)                                                                               SKIN CONDITIONS

                                                                                        Permitted                                         Prohibited

 NAUSEA / VOMITING                                                                      topical GCs                                       in-ComPetition
                                                                                        (e.g. Beta Cream/ointment, DP Lotion/
 Permitted                                                                              Cream, Derm-Aid, Egocort, Hydrocortisone          oral/systemic GCs (e.g. Prednisone,
                                                                                        Cream, Locoid, Skincalm)                          Medrol)
 e.g. Antinaus, Buccastem, Maxolon, Nausicalm, Sea-Legs, Stemetil, Serecid, Gaviscon,
 Quik-eze, Gastro-lyte, Mylanta

6 - 2010 ATHLETE HANDBOOK                                                                                                                             2010 ATHLETE HANDBOOK - 7
OVERSEAS MEDICATIONS.                                                    You can contact the following organizations when travelling to check on
Some medications obtained overseas have the same brand name              the status of medications or for general enquiries.
as medications sold in New Zealand, but they may contain different
ingredients. Although the name and logo may be identical to that in      aUstralia
                                                                         Australian Sports Anti Doping Authority    FinlanD
New Zealand, overseas products may contain substances that are           Hotline: 13 000 ASADA (13 000 27232)       Finnish Antidoping Agency
prohibited in sport. The status of products and brand names in this      T: +61 (0)2 6222 4200                      T: +358 (0) 9 3481 2020 – International
resource apply only to products purchased in New Zealand.                F: +61 (0)2 6222 4201                      F: +358 (0) 9 148 5195
                                                                         E:                      E:
                                                                         W:                        W:
Be extremely careful when using an overseas product.
                                                                         aUstria                                    FranCe
We advise that if you are travelling and you require medication for an                                              Agence Francais de Lutte Contre le
                                                                         National Anti-Doping Agency
ongoing health issue that you should plan ahead and take enough          T: +43 1 505 80 35                         Dopage
medication to cover you while you travel.                                F: +43 1 505 80 35 35                      T: +33 (0)1 40 62 76 76
                                                                         E:                          F: +33 (0)1 40 62 77 39
                                                                         W:                          E:
If you are travelling with medical support, ask them to review any                                                  W:
medication you purchase overseas before you use it.                      CanaDa
                                                                         Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport        GermanY
                                                                         T: +1 613 521-3340                         Nationale Anti Doping
                                                                         F: +1 613 521-3134                         Agentur Deutschland
remember: Under the World Anti-Doping Code strict liability policy       CCES Info Line: +1 800-672-7775            T: +49 (228) 812 92 -0
                                                                         E:                            F: +49 (228) 812 92 – 219
you are responsible for any substance found in your body regardless of                                              E:
how it got there.                                                        Go to athlete zone then go to Global DRO   W:
                                                                         or click on the icon or it is at:
                                                                                         HonG konG
                                                                                                                    Hong Kong Anti-Doping Committee
Drug Free Sport NZ can be contacted on +64 9 5820388 from overseas.      CHina                                      T: +852 2890 3644
                                                                         China Anti-Doping Agency                   F: +852 2890 3677
                                                                         E:                         E:
ONLINE DRUG INFORMATION FOR TRAVELLING ATHLETES.                                                                    W:
You can check the status of medications in some countries using
online systems. Here are some services that will enable you to check     Denmark                                    inDia
                                                                         Anti-Doping Denmark                        National Anti-Doping Agency
medications purchased or prescribed the countries listed.                T: +45 4326 2550                           T: +91 24368248
                                                                         F: +45 4326 2546                           F: +91 24368274
• Canada, United Kingdom, United States –              E:                      W:
• Australia –

8 - 2010 ATHLETE HANDBOOK                                                                                                      2010 ATHLETE HANDBOOK - 9
                                                                                       Doping Control
irelanD                                    sWitzerlanD
Irish Sports Council                       Anti-Doping Switzerland
T: + 353-1-8608800                         T: +41 359 74 44
F: + 353-1-8608880                         F: +41 359 74 49

E:              E:
W:   W:

italY                                      UniteD kinGDom
Italian Anti-Doping Department             UK Anti-Doping
Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano       Drug Information Line (free-phone):
T: +39 0636857917                          T: +44 0800 528 0004
F. +39 063685727                           E:
E:                      W:
                                           UniteD states oF ameriCa
JaPan                                      US Anti-Doping Agency
Japan Anti-Doping Agency                   T: +1 719 785 2000
T: +81 5963 8030                           F: +1 719 785 2001
F: +81 5963 8031                           Toll Free: +1 866 601 2632
W:                   Drug Reference Line:
                                           T: +1 800 233 0393- within USA
netHerlanDs                                T: +1 719 785 2020 – outside USA
Anti Doping Authority of The Netherlands   W:
Hotline: 09002001000
T: +31 010-2170150                         oraDo
F: +31 010-2010159                         Oceania Regional Anti-Doping Organization
E:                T: +679 3302 140
W:                 F: +679 3302 082
                                           E:                                                                                     CHOOSE
                                                                                           NOTIFICATION                 REPORTING                    COLLECTION VESSEL
norWaY                                     W:
Anti-Doping Norway
T: +47 915 09765                           samoa                                        An anti-doping official       You must remain in              Keeping your sample
F: +47 21 02 92 19                         Samoa Anti-Doping Agency                     will notify you that you       direct sight of the             in view, you can now
E:                      T: +685 66653
                                                                                       have been selected for a    official and report to the        choose from a range of
W:                       Email:
                                                                                       doping control test. The     doping control station            beakers. You will then
Qatar                                                                                   official will be wearing     to sign in as soon as           be taken to a separate
Qatar National Anti-doping Commission                                                      identification and       possible. You may ask            private area to provide
W: /                                                                will ask you to sign a     for a representative to             your urine sample.
                                                                                           notification form.           accompany you.
soUtH aFriCa
South African Institute for
Drug-Free Sport
T: +27 21 761 8034

                                                                                                1                            2                                3
F: +27 21 761 8148

0 - 2010 ATHLETE HANDBOOK                                                                                                                      2010 ATHLETE HANDBOOK - 
       PROVIDING                   CHOOSING A                  PROVIDING                                             COMPLETING
       A SAMPLE                 TAMPER PROOF KIT              THE SAMPLE               SEALING THE KITS             THE PROCEDURE

    You are required to          Keeping your sample         You are responsible      You will be instructed to       Lastly, you will be
  provide a urine sample         in view, you can now       for pouring your own      seal the sample bottles.        asked to disclose
 in direct view of the anti-   choose a tamper evident     sample. First pour the     The anti-doping official       any medications or
       doping official.         sample kit. You will be   correct amount into the     will also check they are        supplements you
    You must provide a          instructed to open the     B bottle, and then into     sealed. You then place        have recently taken.
    minimum of 90mls            kit and ensure that the    the A as requested by        them back into the          You can also write any
          of urine.            numbers on the A and B     the anti-doping official.          sample kit.           comments on the form.
                                 bottles are identical.                                                           You then sign out and the
                                                                                                                    procedure is finished.

          4                            5                           6                           7                           8

 - 2010 ATHLETE HANDBOOK                                                                                                   2010 ATHLETE HANDBOOK - 
HOTLINE: 0800 DRUGFREE (378437)
 INTERNATIONAL: +64 9 582 0388
      FAX: +64 9 580 0381

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