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					Career Mentors If you have your eye on a specific career, look for people already in the industry that can help you understand and give you important insight to the career as well as provide mentorship for you. Career mentors are an extremely valuable resource for many people entering the job market today. Not only knowing what skills and resources are important to excel at a career is important, just networking alone can be extremely beneficial. There are many people that have become successful in a career that would love to help out and mentor an individual. You can usually find mentoring groups by contacting community organizations, colleges and professional organizations. There are even web sites online that can help you find mentors which you can causally communicate with via email and phone. Having someone to talk to from time to time that understand the intricacies of a specific career can make your rise within a company more efficient. Many professionals forgo reinventing the wheel and talk to mentors that are more than happy to give them advice on specific issues and career goals. Mentorship’s are an invaluable part of anyone’s career objectives. If you are entering a career, make sure you take advantage of the endless possibilities that a career mentor can share with you.

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