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									   Fly Killer Light, Get Rid of Flies Quick With The No1. Selling
Killing flies via an electric light can be a costly method. Instead you should opt for the FliTrap, a low
maintenance non-electric outdoor fly trap. This fly killer doesn’t rely on light, but instead uses
effective fly bait that gets results.

Hang the outdoor fly trap up outside near windows and doors to lure and kill flies before they
venture into a building. Also as the fly trap doesn’t rely on electricity, it often provides the owner
with more flexibility when choosing outdoor locations to hang the fly killing product.

With over one hundred and twenty thousand fly species carrying harmful bacteria and diseases, you
need to eliminate a fly problem with an effective outdoor fly control product.

Why buying an outdoor fly trap is important:

    •   Help protect your health.
    •   Help keep outdoor areas clear of flies.
    •   Protect entrances to property.

FliTrap the popular outdoor fly trap is used worldwide, and here are some key features:

    •   Does not require electricity.
    •   Will function 24/7 for a few months depending on your fly problem until the fly bait runs
        out. Then you can buy affordable fly bait refills.
    •   Lures flies into the lantern like device from which they can’t escape.

Rather than using an electric fly product you should invest in the affordable FliTrap. The product is
used across the world by domestic and commercial users, and the fly trap is an effective fly removal

                       The FliTrap doesn’t make any nasty bug zapping sounds!

Many think of flies as solely a nuisance, but they are a serious threat to your health. So as well as
providing a more relaxing environment, an outdoor fly trap can help provide a healthier

Flies only have good eyesight until they are up close to an object, so that is why the FliTrap relies on
smell. The flies are attracted to the trap and enter the lantern like device via tiny holes, which they
can’t re-emerge from. Once inside the fly trap they drown.

It is better to kill flies rather than repel as it helps reduce the amount of flies. Flies breed very fast
and within weeks a minor fly problem, can become a fly infestation. That is why investing in a fly
trap should be part of any outdoor fly removal strategy.

So whether you are looking to protect your home, else provide a more relaxed environment for
customers and employees at a business location, you should buy the FliTrap, an outdoor fly trap that
doesn’t require electricity to get results.

                 Don’t rely on a fly killer light, instead buy online an outdoor fly trap.

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