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									The Decline in Home Building The US housing market consists of the construction, sale and resale of residential properties all across the country. In the second quarter of this year, reports have shown that there has been a decline in home building as well as the sale and resale because of the collapse in the subprime lending industry last year which was one of the factors that contributed to the current financial crisis. This means that a lot of people have to foreclose their homes if they can’t pay the amortization. Those who have not yet lost their homes are trying to find a way to keep theirs. Individuals who are well of have to think twice before considering building a home so they don’t fall in the same situation as others are also experiencing. Companies involved in the construction industry have to layoff some workers rather than keeping them on the payroll because they are just wasting money keeping them around when there is no work to be done. But it is not as bad as you think. There are advantages when there is a decline in home building. The price of materials and cost of labor are much cheaper so you can do a lot with your hard earned money. Since contractors need projects to survive, you will be able to find one very easily and also get a good price. When you hire a contractor, you should know that your home at a slower pace. This is not to stiff more money from you sure that it is done right. Surely, you don’t want to stay home and experience some problems less than 6 months after right? will be built but to make in your new moving in

One way to make sure it is done just the way you want it is that the contractor of your choice will be able to hire only the best to work on your home. The only catch to build your dream home is that you must have money stored somewhere since you will have a hard time lending this money right now from the bank. If you don’t have that much cash on hand to build a house, another option will be to buy one because there are a lot of foreclosed homes right now and banks would rather sell it than just keep it with them. Just how bad is the decline in home building? A report released by the US Commerce Department reveals that in August, there was 6.2% decline so that existing built units could be sold. This is their way to restore stability between supply and demand but it is going to take more than that to change the current situation. Some stronger remedy is needed and perhaps the $700 billion bailout plan could be the answer. Will it work? Only time will tell but a lot of people hope that it does so the economy will be in good shape and we can see a construction boom in the foreseeable future.

So what should we do until that happens? Pray and just hope for the best. If things work out like what most analysts predict, we will see a recovery by the 2nd half of 2009 which means thee will be no longer a decline in home building.

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