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									Talk With Your Parents About an Estate Plan

If you are trying to take care of young children, while at the same time
caring for aging parents, you know exactly how difficult it can be.

Although this might be hard to do, talking with your parents about estate
planning will make life easier on you, as well as on the rest of your family.
This isn’t the easiest conversation to have with your parents, but it is a
necessary one. Not only will this help your family during the difficult time
after your parents have passed, but it will also be a relief to them to have
their affairs in order.

When you decide that it is time to talk to your parents about their estate plan,
what should you say?

    Ask them if they are okay with their financial situation. If they seem
       unsure you might ask them if they would like the assistance of a
       financial planner.

    Find out if they have any type of estate plan in place.

    Find out who it is they want to handle their financial affairs if they
       cannot do it themselves. You will also want to ask your parents what
       type of medical intervention they want if they become ill and unable
       to convey their wishes.
    Ask your parents how much coverage they have under their current
      health insurance plan. It may be necessary to increase that coverage
      with a second policy.

    Depending on the age of your parents, ask if they need any
      modifications to their home so that they can continue living
      independently. Your parent might not want to worry you with
      increasing mobility problems they are having, so ask directly.
    Some of the more difficult questions will include asking them about
      any special funeral arrangements that they might want, as well as
      encouraging them to get their legal documents in order.

Death is a difficult subject for most people, so be prepared for this. Try not
to approach the subject in a way that might hurt or offend your parents.
Bring it up in casual conversation. One method of doing this is to start by
talking to them about your own estate plan and other arrangements you are
making for yourself.
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