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									                       Certificate Program
                       Summer 2011

                       Marketing and Public Relations
                          Gain the skills you need to meet today’s challenges
                          and tomorrow’s opportunities . . .
                            Build     a greater public awareness of your organization
Continuing Education

                          	Design       effective PR marketing and sales presentations
                          	Discover        trends in advertising and branding that deliver superior results
                          	Create       professional publications and use the internet as a marketing tool
                          	Improve  communications with the public, other agencies and corporations,
                             and the media
                          	Earn      a Certificate in Marketing and Public Relations (see back)

                       Public Relations Writing
                       Clear, concise, persuasive writing is key to effective public relations. This course introduces hands-on writing
                       styles used for the media, involves writing assignments, and includes professional evaluation of your work.
                       Learn and practice news writing skills, tailor messages for varied audiences and media, and produce public
                       relations documents common to media kits.
                       123XPUB111001	 Fri/Sat	          7/29-7/30	      9am-4pm	           2	mtgs	     Heagney	     TPA	       $220/$245*	        [$3]	

                       Creative Advertising
                       In this dynamic, hands-on course you will explore proven techniques that help you deliver your advertising
                       message in a memorable and effective way. Discover the motivations that make people interested in your
                       products or services. You will examine case studies of breakthrough creative campaigns and analyze them
                       to pinpoint why they worked. The active process will culminate in team development of creative themes
                       and ideas for your business. Topics to be discussed include: the ability to look at things from entirely new
                       perspectives; reproductive (conventional) creativity versus productive (unconventional) creativity; how hooks,
                       messages, calls to action, and markers are skillfully combined to create effective and, most importantly,
                       memorable advertising; the components of effective ads; what you want your ad to do; leveraging your
                       marketing assets; and how to create a great campaign for your product of service.
                       123XPUB111301	 Fri/Sat	          8/12-8/13	      9am-4pm	           2	mtgs	     Griffin	     TPA	       $220/$245*	        [$3]	

                       Media Relations
                       If you are a small business owner looking to carve out a niche in a fiercely competitive market, the executive
                       director of a nonprofit organization trying to raise funds, or the sales manager of a major corporation trying
                       to market a new product line — your relationship with the press can make the difference. Learn effective
                       ways to cultivate a positive relationship with the media. Learn to use a press conference, an interview with
                       a newspaper reporter, or a talk show to get your message across. Your instructor has many years of public
                       relations experience dealing with a wide variety of media, from small-town weeklies to major metropolitan daily
                       newspapers, radio and television. This course will also help you to develop an effective crisis communications
                       123XPUB110801	 Fri/Sat	          8/26-8/27	      9am-4pm	           2	mtgs	     Heagney	     TPA	       $220/$245*	        [$3]	

                       *A late fee is effective five days prior to course start date. Parking fee is in brackets. Courses are held at USF Tampa (TPA).
                       Course schedules are current at press time. Check our web site for updated information. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover
                       Card, American Express, and company-approved purchase orders.

                 Register online at www.conted.usf.edu/PR or call 813-974-2403, option 1
                     Professional and Workforce Development
                                                                                                                                                   Nonprofit Org.
                     Corporate College/Continuing Education                                                                                         U.S. Postage
                     University of South Florida                                                                                                        PAID
                     4202 East Fowler Avenue, NEC116                                                                                                 Tampa, FL
                     Tampa, FL 33620-6758                                                                                                          Permit No. 257

Marketing and Public Relations
Gain the skills you need
to meet today’s challenges
and tomorrow’s opportunities!

  Professional and Workforce Development

  Marketing and Public Relations
  Discover how to integrate public relations, advertising and marketing strategies for maximum
  impact. You will learn how to successfully present and manage your organization’s identity,
  products and services in today’s fast-paced environment. To earn the certificate, you must
  complete four core courses and two electives within a two-year period. Non-certificate	
  students	may	enroll	in	individual	courses.	

  Core Courses                                              Electives
   Creative	Advertising
  	                                                         Branding	for	Customer	Loyalty
   Integrated	Marketing
  	                                                         Dynamic	Presentations
   Public	Relations	Theory	and	Practice
  	                                                         Interactive	Media	Tools	and	Strategies
   Public	Relations	Writing
  	                                                         Media	Relations

                                             Summer Instructors
                                             Michael	J.	Griffin, BA, Indiana University School of Journalism, president of Griffin
                                             Marketing Services, is an award-winning journalist, writer, advertising executive, consultant
                                             and director
                                             John	Heagney, BA, is president and founder of John Heagney Public Relations, one of the
                                             Tampa Bay area’s largest public relations agencies. He has also worked as a reporter for the
                                             St. Petersburg Times.

                                 For	more	information,	call	813-974-5526	or	email	lisaorr@admin.usf.edu		
                                    See	details	and	register	on	our	web	site:	www.conted.usf.edu/PR
   Course withdrawal/transfer/refund requests must be in writing; no refunds or transfers after course start date. When registering with USF Continuing
   Education, you agree to our registration policies for withdrawals, refunds, transfers, and fees. For complete registration information and policies, visit
   www.conted.usf.edu/register. USF is an Equal Opportunity/Equal Access Institution.

                                                                                                                                                          Code 2339

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