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									                            CHaD Pain Free Sedation Service

      Contact person: Jenny O’Flaherty, M.D., MPH                                Pager #2614

1. Mon and Thurs arrive by 7:00 AM; Tues and Fri arrive 8:00 AM; Weds arrive 9:00 AM
   - unless post-call or cannot be excused from morning report
2. Attend your pediatric Noon Conference daily unless there is a great learning
   opportunity in Pain Free during that time period.
3. Attend your weekly continuity clinic.

4. Receive a copy of:
    Rotation Goals and Objectives
    Pediatric Procedural Sedation and Analgesia by Baruch and Brustowicz, eds.
    American Academy of Pediatrics, American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry,
      Cote CJ, Wilson S, and the Work Group on Sedation. Guidelines for monitoring
      and management of pediatric patients during and after sedation for
      diagnostic and therapeutic procedures: an update. Pediatrics. 118(6):2587-
      2602, 2006.
    Problem Based Examination

5. Access www.dhmcsedation.com, read the Pediatric Sedation handbook and take the
   quiz at the end of each section.
   To register to take the quiz, go to “quiz scores” (bottom of left-hand column) and
   click on “sign up now”. The General Access Password is “lebanon” (no capitals).
   Create a user name and password for yourself and sign up.
       usernames: only letters (a-z), numbers (1-9) and underscores (_) are allowed
           with no spaces.
       passwords: everything is allowed except quotes (" or ') and spaces.
       Also note that every username must be unique. As more users join the system, the
           most common usernames (e.g. 'bob') will already be used. It may take a few
           tries to find one that is not used. Users will be more successful with less
           common choices (e.g. 'bob238'). Passwords do not have this limitation.

6. At the end of the rotation you must return the following to the box in Pain Free:
    Pediatric Procedural Sedation and Analgesia by Baruch and Brustowicz, eds.
    Your completed Problem Based Examination
    A printout of your quiz scores from the sedation website, which will look like this:

              jeo8m12: OFlaherty, Jennifer, MD: Anesthesia

              1: Overview                                    2/2 = 100% (3), 8/28/06
              2a: Pre-Sedation > Levels                      4/4 = 100% (1), 8/28/06
              2b: Pre-Sedation > Procedure Factors           3/3 = 100% (1), 8/28/06
              2c: Pre-Sedation > Patient Factors             5/5 = 100% (2), 8/28/06
              2d: Pre-Sedation > Provider Factors            2/2 = 100% (1), 8/28/06
              3a: Intra-Sedation > Informed Consent          2/2 = 100% (1), 8/28/06

                   ↓                    ↓                           ↓        ↓         etc…….

7. At the end of the rotation, you must set up a 10 minute meeting with Jenny
   O’Flaherty for an end of the rotation evaluation (contact info above). Bring a
   copy of your IV Competency Form (found on your Department’s intranet).

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