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Increase your Self awareness for Sales Success


									       Increase your Self awareness for Sales Success
                           Date – 9am, Friday February 19th 2010
                          Location - Thomas International
                                Sussex House,143 Long Acre
                                     London, WC2E 9AD

The Sales Process is an interesting subject. What makes a successful sales person?
How self aware are your sales people? What do they do to build great relationships
with some clients and not so well with others?

Identify yourself the style of each of your sales people what it is that prevents them
from being successful with certain types of client.

Learn more about how to use yourself more effectively in a seminar geared for Sales
professionals. After all, you are your best asset.

9.00am           Registration and breakfast
9.30am           Tom Harvey Senior Sales Consultant
10.00am          Paul Chequer & Matthew Burgess
10.20am          Wrap up and finish


Paul Chequer & Matthew Burgess from Presentability
Paul and Matthew are working actors with experience of delivering presentations in a corporate
environment. Challenging, energised and enlightening their courses are focused on every individual
communicating with the highest skill set and to achieving their full potential.' They are both passionate
about sharing the skills that empower individuals to improve business performance through the way they
communicate through , body language and voice dexterity.

Tom Harvey

Tom is the Senior Sales Consultant at Thomas International. He has many years experience with
objective management systems and business assessment testing tools that help organizations recruit,
retain, develop and train their people. Tom has a background as a widely regarded expert on Thomas
Tools, incorporating his military experience into the process of teaching.

This is a very popular series of complementary seminars that offers solutions to improve personal
performance. We also have a SPECIAL OFFER available only to the seminar attendees with a 50%
discount for a full one day workshop for Modifying to Sell including our Thomas trainer Tom Harvey and
our experiential trainers from Presentability, It takes place on March 5th 2010.

To book and for more details please phone Louise Whitehead on 0207257 2810/07957224084 or email:

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