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                 Faith-based programs in Christian Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers

       By William Horton
       Dated: Sep 29, 2009

       With Christian methods for rehabilitation available throughout the US, many addicts are beginning to find
       out more about the advantages of reforming spiritually in contrast to other methods – regardless of where
       they live in America.

       Staying in an addiction can be devastating, with an addict’s health slowly deteriorating and ruining their life
       as their addiction begins to damage the things that mean something to them, like their jobs and their
       families. Christian drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinics have been trying to help many people overcome
       their addictions by using a unique method which is a focused faith-based treatment program. A form of
       spiritual healing, addicts in this treatment are motivated to follow the path of Jesus Christ and this
       faith-based program gives addicts the confidence to overcome their addiction quickly. Those who have
       been involved in serious cases of alcohol and drug abuse can benefit from this treatment program because
       the emphasis here is on healing the body, mind and spirit.

        Addicts in faith-based programs are also helped to cope with their problems by also using modern
       medicinal techniques, increasing the chances of sobriety. Churches also play an important part in the
       recovery of addicts as many are directly associated with local rehabilitation organizations, with churches
       supporting reformed addicts who have left a faith-based program and reducing the chances of a relapse.

        All of the Christian drug and alcohol treatment centers work on the principles of faith-based treatment,
       which is considered by some to be one of the best ways to become sober. Various kinds of treatment
       programs are offered by these Christian rehabs, with all of the treatments being seen to be highly effective.
       Professional addiction counselors are some of the specialists that support addicts in Christian rehabilitation
       organizations in the fight to become sober, with support from pastors for reforming addicts to learn more
       about God in a serene and peaceful environment which is removed from the difficulties posed in modern

        This steady support system helps to provide solutions for all kinds of drug and alcohol addiction, with
       some of the initiatives used including counseling on an individual and a group scale. Also, some centers
       additionally offer counseling programs to family members of addicts so an understanding can be achieved
       concerning the addict’s condition. From there, support is given on an emotional scale to all who are
       affected by a dependency on drugs or alcohol, with the faith of an addict and their family members being
       renewed with the help of the Christian drug and alcohol treatment centers.

        Sometimes, overcoming an addiction can be a difficult and a near impossible feat. This is why religious
       rehabilitation centers try to place emphasis on key values like families and faith in order for recovering
       addicts to have the best chance possible to overcome their addiction and to continue with their lives without
       suffering a relapse.

       More helpful information can be found online at http://


       Transformations is a drug treatment center, alcohol treatment center and Christian drug treatment center
       located in Delray Beach, Florida. Transformation's website address is http://

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PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

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