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Fitness for Women - DOC



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									Fitness for Women Today, more than ever, women are getting involved in fitness. Decades ago, if you were a woman and enjoyed working out, you were looked down upon. Nowadays, most women think that it is an obligation to be in shape and look their best. Today there are more options than ever for getting in shape, here are a few. One of the major innovations of the fitness industry are gyms targeted directly to woman and only accept women as members. There are plenty of these women fitness centers around America these days and they deal with fitness issues for women such as building a tone body, different types of exercise classes geared towards women and workout machines that fit women better. Besides fitness centers for women another great innovation of fitness for women are work out videos. Can’t make it to the gym, not a problem, there are dozens of great work out videos for women. You can learn Tai Bo, Pilates, yoga or great ways to work out your stomach or gluteus muscles. No matter if you are in great shape or just beginning an exercise routine there are plenty of options for women. If you are looking to live a healthy lifestyle and get your body in shape, take a look at the above fitness for women options.

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