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									                        Public Health Policy Graduate Fellowship Program 2011

                           Sponsored by the Harvard School of Public Health

Organization Description:
The Council of Women World Leaders is an international network of 41 current and former women heads
of state and government. Currently chaired by Her Excellency Tarja Halonen, President of the Republic of
Finland, the Council strives to promote good governance and gender equality by working to increase the
number, effectiveness, and visibility of women who lead at the highest levels in their countries. The
Ministerial Initiative of the Council is chaired by the Honorable Margot Wallström, United Nations Special
Representative to the Secretary General on Sexual Violence and Conflict.

Fellowship Description:
Three Public Health Policy Fellowships are available to graduate students, or 2011 graduates of the Harvard
School of Public Health to work in ministries of health and other high level health related organizations
around the world. Some of the Fellowships will offer an opportunity to work directly with a woman leader,
and all fellowships are intended to provide unique exposure to significant women’s reproductive health,
leadership, and gender-related issues. The attached listing provides the sites, both confirmed and pending,
for the 2011 Public Health Policy Graduate Fellowship Program. Specific projects for the duration of the
Fellowship are developed between the supervisor at the site and the student Fellow. Many of the
Fellowships are located in developing countries where communications and access to technology may be
challenging on occasion. When applying for Fellowship, students are advised to be aware of this situation
and prepared for the possibility of working at a site where a full definition of the projects may not be
available until arrival at the site. It is the responsibility of the Fellow to negotiate their scope of work with
their placement site.

The Fellowships last a minimum of 10 weeks, and in many cases a longer time period is either required or
preferred. Once selected, Fellows finalize their specific dates with the site supervisor where they will be
working. The Council will connect the selected Fellows with the site supervisors and stay in contact with
both the Fellows and the site to assist with communications and planning. Fellows are responsible for travel
and housing arrangements. Sites will often be able to assist with housing arrangements, but are not
responsible and sometimes are unable to provide assistance. Fellows are required to have health insurance
and are responsible for all immunization requirements, visa requirements and their own safety. Fellows
should learn as much as possible about the country where their site is located in order to understand issues
of safety, security and culture.

Applicants should be highly motivated to work in international health with a focus on aspects of women’s
health and related topics. Applicants should have strong organizational skills and be self-motivated. Basic
computer skills are required and in some cases, language or other skills will be required. Required language
and other skills are noted on the site listing.

The costs of the Fellowships will vary. Selected Fellows will determine the expenses for travel, lodging,
meals, and other expenses. A stipend of $3,000 will be provided by the Council, which is made possible by
the Harvard School of Public Health to offset the costs of the Fellowship. The stipend will be paid to
Fellows by the Council and may be used in any way by the Fellow to offset the costs of the Fellowship.
Fellows are personally responsible for any additional costs.

Fellowship Requirements:
Upon selection and notification to the Fellowship site by the Council, selected Fellows are responsible for
contacting the site where she or he will be working to make specific arrangements about the duration of the
Fellowship and the work in which she or he will be engaged. Contact information about the site will be
provided to the selected Fellows by the Council.

During the Fellowship, weekly email reports are to be provided to the Council. Fellows must be available via
email during the Fellowship and should feel free to contact the Council during the Fellowship. The weekly
reports will provide a background for the required written report that follows the Fellowship.

A written paper, approximately 10 pages in length, is required following the Fellowship. The paper will
focus on an analysis of the experience, incorporate learning about leadership and gender-related issues and is
due one month after the completion of the Fellowship. With permission of the Fellows, some or all of the
paper may be posted on the Council’s website. Specific requirements for both the weekly reports and the
final paper are attached.

Application Requirements and Process:
Applications include the following materials and should be submitted to Patricia Deyton, Senior Adviser,
Council of Women World Leaders, via email to by February 28, 2011. No
phone calls please. Finalists will be interviewed and final decisions will be made by March 28, 2011.
Finalists will be required signed a Memorandum of Understanding, which will be provided upon acceptance
of the Fellowship.

 1. A cover letter including:
     Reasons for your interest in the fellowship program;
     Identification of the top four Fellowships in which you are interested. You may include sites from
         the pending list as well as the confirmed list. Updated lists of sites will be provided to your school;
     How the Fellowship will further your intellectual and professional development;
     Language proficiency; and
     Expected year of graduation.
 2. A writing sample 3-5 pages in length.
 3. An unofficial transcript of graduate grades to date.
 4. A current curriculum vitae.
 Note that all pages should be marked with your name, address, email, and telephone and submitted electronically.

                              Council of Women World Leaders
                                       Placement Sites
                    Public Health Policy Graduate Fellowship Program 2011
                                    (latest update 2.18.11)
                                                 Ministry of Public Health; Quito, Ecuador
Ministry of Health; Berlin, Germany              One placement
One placement                                    (Spanish language proficiency required)
(German language proficiency required)
                                                 National Institute for Health & Welfare
Minister of Health; Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia        (STAKES); Helsinki, Finland
One placement                                    One Placement

Ministry of Health & Medical Services;           Office of Margot Wallström, Special
Tarawa, Kiribati                                 Representative on Sexual Violence in
One placement                                    Conflict; New York, New York
                                                 One placement
Ministry of Health and Social Welfare;
Monrovia, Liberia
One placement

Ministry of Health and Social Services;
Windhoek, Namibia
One placement

Ministry of Health; Apia, Samoa
One placement

Ministry of Health and Prevention; Dakar,
One placement
(French language proficiency required)

Ministerial Leadership Initiative for Global
Health; Washington, DC
One placement

National Institute for Health & Welfare
(STAKES); Helsinki, Finland
One Placement

World Health Organization; Geneva,
Department of Public Health and Environment
(PHE) Gender Focal Point
Two placements


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