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									Do-It-Yourself Wills Not Advised

These days you can find information about "how to" do just about anything on the
Internet, and the ability that we now have to rapidly exchange information is certainly a
good thing. However, it is important to be discerning about the types of things you can
and can't effectively do for yourself with some instructions that you get online.
Obtaining a recipe for apple pie is probably going to be okay, but when it come to
important legal matters like drawing up your own will, you may want to take pause.

There is a number of reasons why it is not advisable to write up your own will using a
kit or software program. When you just "fill in the blanks" on a generic template you are
bound by the choices on the form, and they are extremely limited. When you work with
an estate planning attorney to draft your will, you are in control; when you take a chance
with a generic document you have no choice but to let the form guide you. Another
disadvantage is that these do-it-yourself will kits are not specific to the jurisdiction that
you live in, and probate laws vary from state to state.

Your last will and testament is a very important legal document that is going to have to
go through probate, where its validity will be determined. Estate planning attorneys
work with the local probate court every day, and they know exactly how to prepare a
will properly from vast experience. After your passing, do you want your loved ones to
be in possession of a do-it-yourself generic will that may or may not be legally binding,
or do you think the matter is worthy of a visit to an experienced probate l

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