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									Frequently Asked Questions for Potential Delegates on SHARE's Environmental Justice

What are the dates of the delegations?
The Environmental Justice delegation will be October 8th-15th, 2011.

How many people will participate in the delegation?
We expect between 15 and 30 people for the Environmental Justice delegation.

How much does the delegation cost?
The delegation fee is $950. Need-based scholarships and group discounts are available.

What does the delegation fee cover?
The fee covers food, lodging, interpretation, set-up and facilitation of meetings, reading
and preparation materials, orientation, and on-the-ground transportation in El Salvador.
Airfare is not included in the delegation price.

How do I register for a delegation?
Complete the application form found at http://www.share- and send it to delegations@share-

When is the deadline for registration?
The Environmental Justice delegation registration will close on August 5th, 2011.

What will I do on a SHARE delegation?
The week will focus on learning about environmental and climate justice in El Salvador
and learning what we as U.S. citizens can do about it. The delegation will include
meetings with community leaders fighting for environmental justice, meetings with
government leaders and political analysts to learn about the current situation in El
Salvador, and visits to communities affected by environmental/climate issues. The trip
will also include visits to the countryside to witness the grassroots community
development projects SHARE supports.

What are the accommodations in El Salvador like?
Delegates will stay at one of the hotels or guest houses that SHARE works with.
SHARE has been using the same accommodations for years without problem. I'm not
jazzed about using the word “problem” here. That makes me wonder what kind of
problems could happen. I think we should tell people what accommodations are like—
“simple, clean, safe, but not luxurious!”

May our group visit our sister community? How many days can our visit last?
Yes! If a sistering group sends a minimum of five people, SHARE will arrange a two-
day visit as part of the delegation.

Will the delegation be personalized or accommodate specific group’s goals?
SHARE's Major Delegations are generally divided into groups of 8-12 in order to
accommodate specific goals.

Do I need to speak Spanish to participate in the delegation?
While Spanish language skills are helpful, they are not necessary for participation.
SHARE provides interpretation for all scheduled activities.

How does SHARE prepare delegates for the experience?
SHARE will send a general information packet on history, politics, itinerary and travel
tips. SHARE also encourages delegates to read publications listed in a suggested
reading list.

Who participates in SHARE delegations?
Individuals and groups with a sincere interest in learning from Salvadorans about the
struggles of El Salvador and a desire to accompany them in that process. Delegates must
possess a willingness to learn and be challenged by circumstances of poverty and share
a sensitivity towards cultures other than their own. SHARE encourages people of
diverse backgrounds to participate in delegations.

Who sets up and accompanies the delegation?
SHARE staff and volunteers facilitate the delegations. They have extensive in-country
experience and can serve as a resource for answering questions regarding logistics,
politics and culture.

Is it dangerous to travel in El Salvador?
Safety is a high priority for SHARE staff and volunteers. SHARE has facilitated
delegations in El Salvador for 30 years, and we organize 10-15 delegations every year.
This extensive in-country experience and close contacts has allowed SHARE to
coordinate delegations safely. Delegates will receive reading materials and orientation
in El Salvador on common sense safety precautions while traveling in El Salvador.
While common and organized crime are realities in El Salvador, SHARE is prepared to
host delegations and ask that delegates follow saftey guidelines at all times.

What are the recommended immunizations for travel to El Salvador?
Please ask your doctor or visit the Center for Disease Control website for complete

Do I need a passport or visa to travel to El Salvador?
A valid passport with an expiration date not less than 6 months from departure date to
El Salvador is necessary for travel to El Salvador. US citizens do not need to request a
visa in advance. To enter El Salvador on a tourist visa, you must pay $10 once you
arrive at the airport. For those holding passports from other countries, the visa
requirements vary depending on the issuing country. Please go to
for complete information.
What type of currency is used in El Salvador?
US dollars.

How will I find SHARE staff at the airport?
SHARE staff and volunteers will meet delegates at the airport after delegates pass
through customs. They will be holding signs that say “SHARE.” In any event, you can
contact the SHARE El Salvador office at 503.2260.4325.

Are there scholarships available?
Partial scholarships are available. We also have resource materials for fundraising.
Is there a minimum age requirement?
No, but dependent minors (under 18 years) will need parental authorization.
Where can I find out more about the SHARE Foundation and ways to help?
For further information on SHARE’s programming, mission and history, go to
What if I have further questions?
Write to or call our Berkeley Office at: 510-848-8487

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