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					                                 INDIANA BOARD OF PHARMACY

                                        Will meet on
                                   Monday, February 12, 2007
                                         at 9:00 a.m.

                               Indiana Professional Licensing Agency
                                      Conference Room W064
                                 Indiana Government Center-South
                                    402 West Washington Street
                                     Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

I.     PROBATIONARY APPEARANCES                                        7:30 a.m.

       A.   Shelley Brown
       B.   Bruce Burch
       C.   Gregory Claretto
       D.   Ronald Maze
       E.   Elaine Niese
       F.   Brian Overholser
       G.   Kevin Querry
       H.   Michael Roehm
       I.   Robert Waite

II.    CALL TO ORDER AND ESTABLISHMENT OF QUORUM                       9:00 a.m.





       A. Omnicare, Inc
       B. IntegriChain
       C. Inspector Reports


       A. New Pharmacy Stores

       B. Change of Location/Remodel

       C. Change of Ownership

       D. Closed Stores

       E. Pharmacist Intern Applications

       F. Renewal Applications
          a.) Kenneth Hewitt—Expired 06/30/2002

       G. License Transfer Applications
          a.) Saundra Luedecke               (IN)
          b.) Anna Ly                        (CA)
          c.) Cynthia Burns                  (TX)
          d.) Susanne Lee                    (PA)
          e.) Kristia Matthews               (IL)
          f.) Rupal Patel                    (MO)
          g.) Jamie Wong                     (WI)
     h.) Colleen Lougheed              (MI)
     i.) Robert Bronner, Jr.           (KY)
     j.) Jeffery Bolotte               (LA)
     k.) David Martinson               (KY)
     l.) Daniel Deem                   (OH)
     m.) John Richards                 (MI)
     n.) Jonathan Caupp                (OH)
     o.) Karen Jackson                 (IL)
     p.) Jennifer Minas                (AZ)
     q.) Venu Pothana                  (VA)

H. Pharmacy Technician Training Programs
     a.) New Horizons Computer Learning Center

I.   Continuing Education (hours sought)
     a.) Bloomington Hospital                   (2-1hr)
     b.) Karl Minor                             (12.5)
     c.) Parkview Hospital                      (4)
     d.) Elkhart County Pharmaceutical Assoc.   (1)
     e.) NEIPA                                  (5-1hr)
     f.) Candace Schladenhauffen                (5)

J. Pharmacy Technician Applications
   a.) Jordan Simonton—Request for Waiver
   b.) Kurtis Atkins—Request for Waiver
   c.) Nicole Haddix—Request for Extension
   d.) Tabitha Barbree—Positive Response

K. Non-Resident Pharmacy Applications
   a.) HNP Pharmaceuticals
   b.) Medi-Physics, Inc

L. Wholesale Drug Distributors
   a.) B. Braun Medical Inc-California
   b.) B. Braun Medical Inc-Pennsylvania
   c.) B. Braun Medical Inc-Georgia
   d.) InterMune, Inc
   e.) PDL BioPharma, Inc
   f.) Physician Prescription Services
   g.) Life Science Logistics, LLC
   h.) Nextwave Pharmaceuticals, Inc
   i.) EKR Therapeutics, Inc

M. Home Medical Equipment Service Providers
   a.) Cain Durable Medical Equipment Inc
   b.) Quest Home Care Inc-Change of Location
   c.) Gould’s Discount Medical
   d.) Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
   e.) AmeriMed, Inc
   f.) Fayette Memorial Home Medical Equipment-Change of Location
   g.) Apex Medical Supply and Equipment Inc-Change of Location
   h.) Byram Healthcare Centers
   i.) Parkmor Drug Inc
   j.) St. Margaret Mercy Healthcare Centers
   k.) EBI LP
   l.) A-1 Medical Equipment Inc
   m.) Scott-Gross Company Inc
   n.) Advacare Systems-Change of Location
   o.) Cooley Medical Equipment Inc
   p.) McKane Medical & Hospital Supplies Inc
   q.) Rite Aid Medical Inc
            r.)   Smith’s Medical MD Inc
            s.)   Midwest Orthotic Services LLC
            t.)   C&D Services of Indiana, Inc
            u.)   The Scooter Store-Louisville, LLC
            v.)   The Scooter Store-Indianapolis, LLC
            w.)   Therapeutic Innovations, Inc
            x.)   Deaconess Hospital, Inc-Change of Location

        N. Electronic Data Intermediary Applications


        A. Board Director’s Report
        B. Nora Apothecary, Charles Lindstrom, and Deborah DeRolf Hearing Dates


        A. Crowder’s Express Scripts-Request to Change Permit Type


        A. State of Indiana vs. Daria Crawford , R.Ph.
           License No. 26016032A
           Administrative Cause No. 2006 IBP 0004


        The following hearings are scheduled to begin at 10:00 a.m.

        A. State of Indiana vs. C. Ross Cannon, R.Ph.
           License No. 26016181A
           Administrative Cause No. 96 IBP 003
           Re: Petition to Reinstate

        B. State of Indiana vs. Freeborn Esigbone, R.Ph.
           License No. 26016811A
           Administrative Cause No. 2001 IBP 0008
           Re: Petition to Reinstate

        C. State of Indiana vs. Joel Spaulding, R.Ph.
           License No. 26020745A
           Administrative Cause No. 2005 IBP 0005
           Re: Final Hearing

        D. State of Indiana vs. Gerry Bowman, R.Ph.
           License No. 26017440A
           Administrative Cause No. 2006 IBP 0040
           Re: Extension of Summary Suspension

        E. State of Indiana vs. Jason Ashcraft, R.Ph.
           License No. 26018912A
           Administrative Cause No. 2007 IBP 0002
           Re: Petition for Summary Suspension

        F. State of Indiana vs. Robert Waite, R.Ph.
           License No. 26013430A
           Administrative Cause No. 2004 IBP 0019
           Re: Petition for Summary Suspension

        The following hearings are scheduled to begin at 1:00 p.m.

        G. State of Indiana vs. Melanie Johnson, Pharmacy Technician
            Certification No. 67002765A
            Administrative Cause No. 2006 IBP 0043
            Re: Final Hearing

       H. State of Indiana vs. Kurt Henke, Pharmacy Intern
          Permit No. 45014498A
          Administrative Cause No. 2006 IBP 0043
          Re: Petition to Withdraw Probation

       I.   State of Indiana vs. Danielle Boddie, Pharmacy Technician
            Certification No. 67008794A
            Administrative Cause No. 2006 IBP 0010
            Re: Extension of Summary Suspension

       J. State of Indiana vs. Anne Idlewine, Pharmacy Technician
          Certification No. 67000170A
          Administrative Cause No. 2007 IBP 0003
          Re: Petition for Summary Suspension

       K. State of Indiana vs. Katie Voltz, Technician in Training
          Permit No. 99022819A
          Administrative Cause No. 2007 IBP 0004
          Re: Petition for Summary Suspension

       L. State of Indiana vs. Angela Kruer, R.Ph.
          License No. 26019970A
          Administrative Cause No. 2007 IBP 0005
          Re: Petition for Summary Suspension


                                       Next Scheduled Meeting:

                                        Monday, March 12, 2007
                                 Indiana Professional Licensing Agency
                                        Conference Room W064
                                     NEW STORE APPLICATIONS
    Store                            Type                 Opening                     Received
Precision Rx Specialty Solutions     IV                   February 22, 2007       January 29, 2007
2825 W Perimeter Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46241
Hook-SupeRx, Inc                     VI                   January 28, 2007        December 5, 2006
CVS/pharmacy #6323
13821 Leo Road
Leo, IN 46765
Hook-SupeRx, Inc                     VI                   March 25, 2007          January 30, 2007
CVS/pharmacy #6479
1703 Carroll Rd
Fort Wayne, IN 46845
Walgreen Co.                         I                    March 5, 2007           January 30, 2007
Walgreens #09793
10105 E Dupont Rd
Fort Wayne, IN 46825
Genoa Healthcare of Indiana          III                  March 1, 2007           February 2, 2007
720 N Marr Rd
Columbus, IN 47201
Radiopharmacy of Indianapolis        V                    March 19, 2007          January 12, 2007
6538 Corporate Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46278

                              CHANGE OF LOCATION / REMODEL APPLICATION
              New                                   Old                            Received
Walgreen Co                        Walgreens #02722                             January 12, 2007
Walgreens #10878                   805 S Lake Street
825 S Lake Street                  Gary, IN 46403
Gary, IN 46403
Hook-SupeRx, Inc                   201 E Pickwick Rd                            January 19, 2007
Dba CVS/pharmacy #6499             Syracuse, IN 46567
308 S Huntington St
Syracuse, IN 46567
Hook-SupeRx, Inc                   Remodel                                      January 25, 2007
Dba CVS/pharmacy #6537
850 N Plymouth Rd
Winamac, IN 46996
Wal-Mart Pharmacy 10-1263          Remodel                                      January 26, 2007
401 N Burkhardt Rd
Evansville, IN 47715
Kroger Pharmacy J-993              Remodel                                      February 6, 2007
1330 W Southport Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46217
Walgreen Co                        Walgreens #02731                             January 31, 2007
Walgreens #11219                   52482 US Hwy 31-33
52578 US 933 N                     South Bend, IN 46637
South Bend, IN 46637

                                             CLOSED STORES
    Store                                    Type                             Date closed
Wood Pharmacy                                  VI                             December 28, 2006
326 N Market
Monon, IN 47959
Nordyke & Company           I    December 28, 2006
104 S Range Box 335
Wolcott, IN 47995
St. Joseph’s Hospital       II   January 26, 2007
1900 Medical Arts Dr
Huntingburg, IN 47542
Arnett Pharmacy & Special   II   January 12, 2007
Services PC
2600 Ferry St
Lafayette, IN 47904
Hook SupeRx Inc             VI   November 28, 2006
601 Sagamore Pkwy W
West Lafayette, IN 47906

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