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Handmade Transparent Soaps,Skin,Body and Hair
 Care Products, Spa and Aromatherapy Products

                          Dev Blenders
                         New Delhi, India

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Handmade Transparent Soaps with Essential Oils
       and no chemicals or synthetics
    More about Dev Handmade Transparent Soaps
   Sandal Soap: Calms & relaxes mind due to exotic aroma of Sandal Wood oil. Coconut Oil, Glycerin
    & skin conditioners prevent dryness & make skin soft & supple

   Rose Soap: A unique recipe using rose-petal water & Glycerin. Imparts mild antiseptic properties
    while keeping skin smooth & velvety.

   Jasmine Cheese Soap: Specially formulated for dry skin as Jasmine Oil & Vitamin E with Milk
    casein makes dry or rough skin soft like silk.

   Herbal Soap: An excellent bath soap for all types of skins with goodness of Honey & Glycerin along
    with extracts of Lemon, Tulsi, Turmeric & Musk oil

   Neem Aloe Vera Honey Scrub Soap: A classic recipe in soap with mild yet powerful scrubbing
    quality of Walnut shell powder & all the antiseptic properties of Herbs. When used, removes dead
    skin cells & dirt from flexion areas of the body. Also improves blood circulation. Very effective for
    pedicure & manicure

   Lavender Basil Soap: Soothing & relaxing properties of Lavender & Basil help in uplifting the spirit
    & restoring balance to the system. Enjoy a refreshing bath with Dev Lavender Basil soap in the
    morning & evening.

   Lemon Fresh Soap: Experience a refreshing bath with Dev Lemon Fresh soap that carries
    invigorating qualities of Lemon, Lime, Bergamot & Rosemary thus relieving depression & relaxing

   Mint Soap: Powerful yet skin friendly Herbal antiseptic peppermint incorporated in mild excessive
    Dev Soap base takes heat out from the skin, keeping it cool after a refreshing shower.

   Strawberry Baby Soap: Dev Baby soap is a combination of carefully chosen mild soap base (
    almond oil based) along with extracts & oils for providing cleanliness & protection to gentle baby
Dev Invigorating Body Massage Oil

                  • A complete skin tonic
                  • Helps rejuvenate dry
                  decaying skin
                  • Strengthens the
                  • Improves blood
                  circulation after vigorous
                  • Effective for all age
Dev Honey Vanilla Moisturising Body Lotion

                       • With Olive Oil
                       and Vitamin E
                       • Helps rejuvenate
                       skin with excellent
                       moisturising and
                       skin softening
Dev Bath Oil

           • A versatile aromatic
           bath oil that
           invigorates mind &
           body for a day’s work
           • Works through
           inhalation & is
           absorbed by the skin
           • Stimulates nerve
           functions, relaxes
           muscles & relieves
Dev Rose Face Wash

             • A cocktail of natural
             deep skin conditioners
             • Honey, Glycerin,
             Rosewater & skin
             cleansers, Lime, Lemon
             juice & mild soapy
             • Effectively cleanses
             greasy pollutants to help
             skin breathe fresh air
             without causing any
             • An excellent baby
Dev Lemon Fresh Herbal Shampoo

                    • Effectively cleans
                    dirt, grease &
                    microbes from the
                    • Leaves the scalp
                    moisturised & hair
                    soft, smooth,
                    healthy & easily
                    • With anti-dandruff
Dev Aloe Vera Hair Cleanser

                  • A Cleanser with real
                  Aloe Vera juice &
                  liquid proteins
                  • Effectively cleans
                  hair, imparts sheen,
                  luster, body & bounce
                  to the hair
                  • Does not cause any
                  dryness or dandruff
                  • Also improves hair
                  growth & strengthens
                  hair roots
Dev Herbal Anti-Dandruff Hair Oil

                  • Specially formulated for
                  eradicating dandruff right
                  from the root
                  • Its anti-fungal, anti-septic,
                  anti-p-ovale and anti-itching
                  properties helps remove
                  dandruff within a few weeks
                  of its use
                  • The formulation provides
                  good emollience & improves
                  softness & shine of the hair
Dev Cream Face Pack

         •Rejuvenates the skin, provides pimple-
         free & anti-blemishes effect
         •Helps easy removal of black & white
         heads & dead cells as it is enriched with
         the extracts of Neem, Aloe Vera,
         Sandalwood & Tulsi.
         •Chamomilla Q, Honey, Clove &
         Wheatgerm Oil are blended in minerals
         like calamine, zinc oxide etc
         • The pack is made up of pure rosewater
         • For radiant glow of all types of skin,
         even sensitive skin, use daily or on
         alternate days
         •May cause mild burning sensation due
         to effective ingedrients
Dev Fruit Gel Scrub

          • Gently exfoliates,
          cleanses & moistens the
          • Made up of finely mashed
          dates, apricot & peaches
          • The scrub is enriched
          with Vitamins A, C & E for
          nourishing & restructuring
          the skin
          • Use on alternate days for
          all types of skins
Dev Jasmine Cream

       • Jasmine ( Jasminium
       grandiflorum) is the King of
       • Known for its heady, exotic
       scent, it makes one of the
       world’s most expensive
       essential Oils
       • The aroma of Jasmine flower
       is truly uplifting, energising,
       anti-septic and has aphrodisiac
       • It is excellent for all skin types,
       particularly dry & sensitive
Dev Nourishing Cream

          • Enriched with Saffron extract,
          Walnut Oil, Honey, Almond Oil,
          Pistachio Oil, Wheat Germ Oil &
          Neroli extract
          • Nourishes, protects, rejuvenates
          the skin & provides firmness &
          elasticity to the skin
          • Non-greasy characteristics of the
          cream helps quick absorption of
          effective ingedrients & aids the skin
          to breathe & remain fresh the
          whole day
          • Suitable for all types of skins in all
          weather conditions
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Make Dev Natural Skin, Body and Hair
Care a part of your daily routine and re-
discover your real beauty… so

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