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Allan Greenberg


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									Allan Greenberg, Ph.D.
2630 Cropsey Avenue # 5D
Brooklyn NY 11214
718.714.5858 (Voice),718.714.0660 (Fax) , 917.626.2103 (Cell)

    Skilled computer and networking professional with teaching experience in Local Area Networks, Microsoft
    Office Suite, E-commerce and CompTia certification courses (A+, N+). Experienced adjunct faculty.

         Doctor of Philosophy –                                                                               July. 2009
         Union Institute and University, Cincinnati, OH
         Course of Study: Educational Leadership/Systems
         Specialization: Adult Online Education
         Dissertation Title: An Analysis of Preferred Learning Styles, Learner Characteristics
         and Strategies as They Affect Adult Learners in the Synchronous Online Environment
         Master of Science - Instructional Design                                                              May 2007
         New York University, New York City NY
         Course of Study: Development of Online instructional models, including the various stages of
         development and diverse pedagogical theories.
         Master of Science – Management and Systems                                                                 2003
         New York University, New York City NY
         Course of study: Centered on Systems Management, and Network Administration and information
         Thesis topic: An Investigation of Online Education and Training Methods in Academia and the Technical
         Bachelor of Arts – Gallatin School of Individualized Study                                                 2001
         New York University, New York City NY
         Concentration: Computer Science
         Associate Applied Science – Electrical and Electronic Technology                                           1966
         New York City Technical College
         Course to study: Detailed study and investigation of all electrical and electronic circuitry, development
         of printed circuit design which included the building of AM and FM radio systems.

         Greenberg, A. (2009) An Analysis of Preferred Learning Styles, as They Affect Adult Learners in the Synchronous
         Online Environment, Unpublished Doctoral Dissertation, Union Institute & University
         Greenberg, A, (2007) Online Course Development, Local Area Networks, Welcome to the Unreal World
         of Networks, Unpublished Master Thesis Presentati on, New York University
         Greenberg, A, (2003) An Investigation Of Online Education and Training Methods in Academia and The
         Technical Community Unpublished Master Thesis, New York University
    Adjunct Faculty                                                                      September 2005-present
     Brooklyn College, City University of New York, Computer Information Sciences Department, Brooklyn, NY
           Instructed undergraduates in the following courses, All classes delivered face -to-face and in the
            asynchronous learning environment (BlackBoard 6 and 8 environment.
                 o   Introduction to Computer Science, Introduction to Business Computing (Microsoft Office
                 o   E-Commerce, Multimedia, New Media and Business.
                 o   Developed class materials, lec tures and final exams.
   Adjunct Faculty Virtual Learning Environment                                         September 2005- present
     New York University, SCPS ,McGhee Division New York, NY
      Instructed returning adults as undergraduate students in “Introduction to Business Computing”
      Curriculum developed "Introduction to Business Computing and Local Area Networks for the NYU
        Online virtual college.
      Facilitated Introduction to Business Computing (Microsoft Office Suite), Local Area Networks, and
        Database Design.
      NYU virtual learning environment
                   o    2005-2007 – “Centra” delivery system
                   o    2007-Present – “Epsilen” delivery system

 Adjunct Faculty                                                                          January 2001- present
  New York University ,SCPS ,McGhee Division New York, NY
  Instructed undergraduate students in Local Area Network Technologies .
       Advanced course from two credits to four credit value.
       Developed syllabus for both courses .
       Additional courses:
       Network Technologies and Internet Protocols , Network Architecture, Network Administration –
        Windows Server 2008, Networking Interconnectivity (TCP/IP), Introduction to Business Computing
        (Microsoft Office Suite), and Database Design.
       Evaluator for Prior Learning Experience (Life Experience) portfolios for students petitioning for
        experiential Leaning Experience credit.
  Developed Black Board content all courses.

 LAN Services Specialist                                                                 January 1994 - present
  New York University ITS Department New York, NY.
        Perform network administration of Windows, Novell and Linux servers for all administrative
        Instructed junior members of LAN Services in the installation, setup and maintenance of all
         Windows, Novell and Linux Servers. Developed a system for support of Windows desktops covering
         Windows98, through and including Windows XP Professional. Developed curriculum for an ongoing
         two day training session for ITS Client Services personnel in the “Instruction of Network Client
         Installations for phone support personnel”
 Instructor                                                                       September 1996 - present
 Diversified Business Services (DBS,) Brooklyn NY
       Diversified Business Services is a computer sales and service organization in Brooklyn, New York.
         They specialize in Financial, Legal, and Real Estate portions of the business community, providing
         computer systems and training to their clients. Training provided at either client’s facility or at the
         main office of DBS.
        Instructed clientele of DBS in the proper use of computers and applications. Network log in,
         security and data handling.
        Developed instructional programs clientele and provided training and support.
        Developed course materials, syllabus, exercises and training manual for in house use.

 Instructor                                                                              September 1999 – 2001
 Digital Express Inc. Brooklyn New York
       Developed curriculum for Comp-TIA A+, N+, Server+ training which would enable students to ta ke
        the Comp-TIA certifications. Developed a computer course for novice users which would allow them
        to learn basic computer applications needed for entry level employment, or entry level computer
        maintenance positions. Problem solving learning techniques were used rather than traditional results
        based learning. Using this technique, the students were able to learn at their own speed rather than
        having to master the course within a specific time.
       Instructed students in the repair and maintenance of computers , thus enabling them to obtain
        employment once, they complete their course.
       Business closed October 2001.
    Association for Educational Communications and Technology , (AECT)

    American Educational Research Association, (AERA)
    American Society for Training & Development , (ASTD)
    International Society for Technology in Education, (ISTE)
    The National Institute of Adult Continuing Education , (NIACE)

       Community Board 13, Brooklyn NY. Computer Consultant
       Friends of Kaiser Park, Brooklyn NY. Board Member
       Knights of Pythias, Genesis Lodge, Brooklyn NY. Member, Past Vice Chancellor.
       Mapleton Kiwanis, Brooklyn NY. Vice President.


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