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					                                                                                     The company president of a
                                                                                     premium shade manufacturer
                                                                                     incorporated a bit of business with
                                                                                     pleasure at his recent fall nuptials.

 In October 2006, Bryan Kule and Tara Diamond shared a shade-themed wedding.

           W    When Bryan Kule of Silk-O-Lite
                married Tara Diamond, wedding
                guests couldn’t help thinking this
                couple has life made in the shade
                                                              dences and times when
                                                              we could have met, but
                                                                                          Decorative drum shades distinguished each reception table.

                                                              didn’t. We even worked in the
                                                              same mall years apart and went to
                                                                                                              Now they have plenty of
                                                                                                         together time. “Tara joined the
                – and with good reason. The two               the same places, but never actually        company in 2006, a few months
                work side by side at the shade                connected for years.”                      after we got engaged,” Bryan
                manufacturer’s Garfield, N.J. fac-                 Once they finally did meet,             notes. “She helps in many aspects
                tory, where a battalion of seam-              the attraction was immediate.              of the business with design, sales,
                stresses make the products on-site            “While we didn’t know exactly              and just spreading her awesome
                from start to finish.                          what was starting, we knew it was          energy around our factory.”
                     “Bryan and I were from neigh-            something important. We had a                   Before she met Bryan, Tara
                boring towns, but didn’t know                 courtship/friendship like some-            – a spa industry veteran – had
                each other growing up,” Tara                  thing out of high school, complete         zero experience in lighting, but
                explains. “We discovered later that           with lots of drives to nowhere,            she was game to learn. “We just
                he knew my father when Bryan                  ’80s music, and trips to the diner.        like working together, so I’ve
                was a freshman in high school.                We couldn’t get enough of each             made lampshades fun in the best
                There were just a lot of coinci-              other,” she adds.                          way I could – by putting funky

            colors together! No plain drums!”
                  It was therefore fitting that
            their October 2006 nuptials reflect
            their enthusiasm for Bryan’s fam-
            ily business. “For the 14 reception
            tables, we made glass vases that
            resembled lamp bases and filled
            them with water and floating flow-
            ers. We then created custom drum
            lampshades which we wrapped in
            burgundy silk,” Bryan remarks. “We
            put candles on top of the vases
            to give some mood lighting and
            make it look as if the ‘lamps’ were
            lit. And yes, the fabric was flame-
            retardant, just in case!”
                  In another area of the gather-
            ing, the newlyweds shaded 16 crys-
            tal lamps with the factory’s Bor-      Unusual shades of Pumpkin- and Bordeaux-hued fabrics highlighted the crystal table lamps
            deaux and Pumpkin fabrics. “At         that set the scene during the cocktail hour.
            the time, we already had the
            Bordeaux in our line. After we saw     customers who ‘dare to be differ-               stock shapes – Retro Drum and
            how great the Pumpkin shades           ent.’ In fact, we currently have                Retro Square Drum – in different
            looked at our wedding, we have         them in our home! To make                       sizes. We then put beads on the
            since added that color for those       these shades we took two of our                 top and bottom,” Bryan notes.
                                                                                                   “The large shade that we got mar-
                                                                                                   ried under had a six-foot diameter
                                                                                                   on the bottom and was close to
                                                                                                   five feet high. In Jewish tradition,
                                                                                                   we got married under a Chup-
                                                                                                   pah. One of the significances of
                                                                                                   the Chuppah is that it represents
                                                                                                   the couple’s home. Well, since we
                                                                                                   work together and our new home
                                                                                                   was built on the lampshade busi-
                                                                                                   ness, what better symbol was there
                                                                                                   to use?”
                                                                                                        Actually Bryan designed the
                                                                                                   Chuppah himself. “I used a flat
                                                                                                   bottom tulip shape along with
                                                                                                   our Bordeaux fabric, and our #80
                                                                                                   and #56 trim. I finished it off with
                                                                                                   some long beads that are not in
                                                                                                   our line. Then it was put up on
                                                                                                   the four poles traditionally used in
                                                                                                   a Chuppah. We draped the poles
                                                                                                   and the floor with more of the
                                                                                                   Bordeaux fabric. The entire room
                                                                                                   was dark, lit only by small candles
                                                                                                   on the floor around the Chup-
                                                                                                   pah,” he explains. “The shine of
                                                                                                   the beads and our Bordeaux fabric
                                                                                                   just glistened from the candle-
                                                                                                   light. It was a cool, funky, and ro-
                                                                                                   mantic setting...or, as I like to refer
                                                                                                   to it, a ‘Shady Affair.’” 


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