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									                                             the national online resource for
                                                      obituary news, offers a variety of options to
                                                      funeral home partners that allow them to easily
                                                      manage their obituary information. If you
                                                      currently have a website without an obituary ry
                                                      section, or are looking for a more robust obituary
Obituary                                              platform, Tributes can provide you with simple
                                                      tools that allow you to create and manage your

Hosting Solution                                      obituaries and then display them on both your
                                                      website and on And with a host of
                                                      integrated, multi-media tribute upgrade options
Powered by                               you can help your families tell the stories of their
                                                      loved one’s lives without limitation and at the
                                                      same time create a significant new revenue                              Users can access your hosted
                                                      stream for your business.                                               obituaries via a link you add
                                                                                                                              onto your home page.

 Obituary Hosting
 Let make obituary management simple for you.
 Our Obituary Hosting Solution allows you to take advantage of our
 robust obituary tools and technology while improving the overall quality
 of your website and obituary offerings for your families.

                                                                                          Funeral Home Integration
                                                                                          EASY… With some basic information about your funeral home
                                         Your funeral home is promoted                    website and your logo, we can create an obituary section with the
                                         on all of your obituaries.                       branded look of your site that you can link to directly from your
                                                                                          website navigation or home page. Your families will feel as though
                                                                                          they never left your site. Your obituaries will ALSO appear on
                                                                                 giving them and your funeral home national exposure.
Obituary Hosting Solution                                                      For more information,

Getting Set Up is Quick and Easy                                               John Heald
                                                                               VP, Business Development
All you will need to do is create a Funeral Home Profile on
This will provide us with the necessary foundation to create the obituary      617.337.9442
area for your website and will ensure that all of your obituaries and
tributes properly promote your funeral home to families within and
beyond your market.

That’s it. We’ll do the rest for you!
Once we have created your obituary area you will add your obituaries using the online
tools and your notices will immediately post to your website and

Take Advantage of Tribute Upgrade options
to Build a New Revenue Stream
All obituaries you create can be easily upgraded to, multi-media Eternal Tributes right on your
website. By offering your families tribute products, that you purchase at wholesale rates, you can help
them cost-effectively tell their loved one’s stories without limitation, while creating a new revenue
stream for your business. Tribute products provide your families with a beautiful, permanent memorial
on your site and on for their family and friends to enjoy forever.

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