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									                 Application form

                         for the
   English Heritage Angel Awards 2011

New annual English Heritage awards to celebrate the efforts of local people in saving
their heritage, supported by the Daily Telegraph, were announced on Saturday 11
June, 2011. Apply before 12 August to be in with a chance of winning an award.

Based on English Heritage’s Heritage at Risk Register, there will be four annual
awards for:

    -   the best rescue or repair of a place of worship

    -   the best rescue of an industrial building or site

    -   the best craftsmanship employed on a heritage rescue

    -   the best rescue of any other entry on the Heritage at Risk Register.

Entries must be for a rescue completed since 2008 or well underway. They must be
of a grade I or II* listed building (or grade II in London), a grade I, II* or II listed place
of worship, a scheduled monument, a registered park, garden, landscape or
battlefield, a protected wreck or a conservation area.
Check here for eligibility criteria and terms and conditions.

The rescue site must have been, must still be, or must be eligible for adding to the
Heritage at Risk Register.
To check the Register, visit

Four applicants will be short-listed for each of the award categories and all short-
listed applicants will be invited to meet Andrew Lloyd Webber and the other judges at
the prize-giving at the Palace Theatre in the Autumn.

Before completing and submitting this application form, please read the
eligibility criteria.

1. Name of person completing the form:

2. Your contact number/s:
3. Your postal address:
   building name or number (where relevant)

   street name




4. Your email address:

5. Name of group (e.g. Friends of …) you are representing (if applicable):

6. Do you have a website about your project? If so, please provide the address:

7. Name of the rescue site:

8. Address of the rescue site:
   building name or number (where relevant)

   street name

   locality (if known)

   civil parish (if known)



   postcode (where relevant)
9. Entries must relate to rescue sites that are on the National Heritage List for
   England. Is your site on the list?

10. If Yes, is it a:
                   listed building
                  scheduled monument
                  registered park and garden
                  registered battlefield
                  conservation area
                  protected wreck site
                  don’t know

11. Has the rescue site been included on, or is eligible for inclusion on the English
    Heritage at Risk Register?

12. If Yes, which year was the site on the Register?

13. Tell us about your heritage rescue and why you deserve to win in no more than
    750 words. Any text submitted should be written by you and may be widely
    published by English Heritage, the Daily Telegraph or other media. (Please see
    terms and conditions).

Please attach up to 4 photos (at least 1 should be of the building or site and 1 of the
individual or group applying for the award). These should be in JPEG format and
each should be no more than 5MB in size. Any photos submitted may be widely
published by English Heritage, the Daily Telegraph or other media. (Please see
terms and conditions).

Please send the completed application form and photos to: Angels@english- by Friday 12 August 2011.

   I have read and agree to the terms and condition of this competition
   I agree to participate in any reasonable publicity in relation to these awards

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