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					                                                      First edition

      Quarterly Newsletter of the AIC Rainbow Children‘s Home and School Tinderet - Volume 1 - May 2005

The scene of our Weekend Challenge last       Margaret a teenager girl from Home 7
Month in the Children’s Home, was filled      gave a life transforming testimony that
with a lot of beauty and charm however        Sunday morning. In the eyes of faith
underneath was an agenda of child crying      and juvenile justice, she stood boldly
in pain! But who will break the chain and     and told how God saved her from sexual
heal the pain of this children whose lives    exploitation and child labour before she
once in a while was characterized by          came into Rainbow. For Margaret loving
disruption, conflict, divorce and general     humility remains a beautiful Rose to hold.
emotional chaos, some abused and              She fought herself out by prayer; she
others regularly beaten. Thanks to our        believes God has good plans for her to
mission’s evangelistic tools that highlight   prosper but not to harm. Jesus our Lord
                                              and Saviour helps us stand like lilies                        Home 5 girls
an urgent need for teaching of Christian
moral values in the neighbourhood that        among thorns. Maggi left the audience          to the wider world and we all appreciate
see many ministered to faithfully and the     refreshed. (Read Philemon 20b)                 it. (Read Isaiah 56:6-7) We are all
government that fights the widespread of      May we now join forces across oceans to        challenged to encourage our youngsters,
illegitimacy spreading goodwill, hope and     bring smiles in the faces of these children    teenagers and young adults by explaining
education for a boy and girl child.           through specific prayer and steps of faith     to them how God gives hope and
                                              in our departmental devotions for a child      forgiveness through practical, educational
                                              is tomorrow if he sees through the chain       and emotional support.
                                              of poverty. Our Christian community is         Jeremiah Doll
   ■ Sponsor Visit                            a world which can serve as an example
   Nine of our Sponsors will visit us
   from 29.05. - 4.06.2006

   ■ Summer Party
   On 3.06.06 we will have our anual
   Summerparty together with our Vi-          Welcome to our first official puplication of   will speak to you, through this edition. On
   sitors and the whole DIGUNA Team           The Rainbow . This is a quaterly update of     behalf of the Editorial Board I thank the
   Tinderet.                                  what is happening in our Children Home.        parents fellowship and our entire readers
                                              April was here with echoes of another          for your support to make the publishing of
   ■ Second term started                      festive season to Remember the dying           this little Magazine possible.
   About 20 of our youths went back to        and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.     Jeremiah Dol
   their Secondary Schools and Poly-          In this months issue we are addressing         (Assistent to Home 1)
   technics. Rainbow Primary opened           the challenge a foster parent encounters
   again on 24.4.06.                            in bringing up children in a Christian       THE RAINBOW
                                                                                             Editor: Jeremiah Dol
                                                      home. We also have other stories       Correspondences: Anne Melly, Wilson Mosbei
   ■ Watchman house build                              and teachings that will give you      Library Assistance: Hellen Yego
   Soon there will be a Watchman at                     a little insight in our home and     Creative Direction: Carolyne Bartenge
   the Home gate, to welcome and                         might encourage you in your         DTP: Johannes Käser
   direkt visitors and avoid the inter-                       Christian walk. We hope
   viering of uninvited guests.                                                              AIC Rainbow Children’s Home
                                                                   G o d                        and School Tinderet
                                                                                                C/O Jeremiah Dol
   ■ Fam. Wüthrich left                                                                        P.O.Box 163
   On 3.05 our long Term Staff                                                                 40110 Songhor
   Members Kuno and Rebekka                                                                  Kenya
   Wüthrich with Robin left us.                                                              E-Mail:
   We say thanks and God bless                                                               Internet:
   you in Switzerland!
THE RAINBOW - Quarterly Newsletter of the AIC Rainbow Children‘s Home and School Tinderet - Volume 1 - May 2005

“You Will seek me and find me when                child is tomorrow if he sees through the chain     and Compassionate God (Read Exodus 34)
you seek me with all your heart”                  of poverty… If you do it to the children, you      From the Bishops sermon; a child has a clear
Jeremiah 29:13.                                   did it to me. So Jesus told his followers and is   presentation of the Gospel and the kingdom.
We left Rainbow Children Home in the              telling YOU and ME.”                               Children Homes and orphanages are
morning of 21st February 2006 to attend the       Reuben has no sight but is such a wonderful        important avenues to exercise faith through
opening ceremony of the AIC Royal Totos           vessel as he witnesses Christ through his          love.
Children’s Home in Ngechek.                       spiritual nourished lyrics, portraying a simple    Among the leaders present were Victor
The representatives consisted of Home             yet deep theology. He has a life so precious       Paul Digunas founder, A.I.C Bishop Silas
parents, teachers and Team Members. On            and he protects it.                                Yego, Government officials, Church leaders,
Board of the truck “Lamech” we travelled          Next on presentation were the host Children        representatives from Germany, friends and
the more beautiful scenery outside while          the Royal Totos. We saw lots of hope in their      the neighbouring community were challenged
clouds touched the vastness of the Nandi Hills    faces glowing with courage and determination       to maximise the use of their resources to
covered with the beauty of Kenyan highland        for life, they sang softly their own song “        support the children . Ngechek nurse Anne
tea. As we drove descending the hills towards     Mercy is falling ... behind on the wall was        Kathrin Gerhold delivered a comprehensive
Lessos, valleys of yellow and green greeted       an inscription              of Mark 10:14-16       lecture on AIDS. There has been a growing
us in a fascinating magical landscape mixture     made                            of     Rainbow     number of children vulnerable to HIV AIDS
of depth and volume... we could only imagine      Colours.                         The       Lord    PANDEMIC with a difficulty choice for them
a little paradise on earth where heavenly tales   we        serve                 is a Gracious      living with their aged poor grand parents or
were told! Indeed it was fun of family friendly                                                      living in the streets. Our country has lost to
spectacle hardly to be forgotten.                                                                    AIDS the parent’s generation aged 40-50,
          At the ´kingdom Palace´ Reuben                                                             there are about 2 million children in Kenya
Kigame participated in the early morning                                                             who are so called AIDS orphans. But we
congregation worship in the children’s Dining                                                        thank God also for medical services through
Hall. In a cross section of his song I quote:                                                        missions that has helped in the establishment
“who will break the chain? Who will heal the                                                         of special Homes.
pain? New arrives when a child is born… A                                                            Team RNG reports
                                                                Reuben Kigame

                        A Child’s Eye             but eventually released an bond. Her                                        The Government
                        in the Palms of           foster parents Lucy and Daniel chirchir                                     intervention
                        juvinal justice. It       strongly feel that a piece of heart has                                     has helped to
                        apparently came           been taken away from them. Peninah                                          rescue a brilliant
                        as a surprise when        they say was genuinely part of their                                        promising young
                        Peninah       from        family who trusted them through her hard                                    girl, her name is
                        Home 3 finally            work and obedience, both at home and                                        Wilter     Jesang
                        reunited with her         school. She was outgoing, sociable and                                      from a village
                        biological parents        friendly but there is very little we could                                  in the vast Nandi
                        last December. It         do. „We wish her the best in life“ added                                    South catchment
 Peninah Chemutai       was a long sequel         Lucy who is mother to 22 teenage girls.                 Wilter Jesang       area, who was
of events that took Rainbow Children’s            Rose Chepngeno the assistant of home               secretly getting married at the age of 16
Home legal matters file under the scruting        3 was also affected by the dismissal of            years. The Girl was academically very
of Child Probationary office, trough Nandi        the children following the court ruling.           clever and that made her case become
District Supreme Courts for medical DNA           She found it a challenge to cope with the          public. Newspapers were reporting about
test and endorsment of court committal            gap created but still believes there is a          her and so the government intervened.
orders. For almost half a decade of               lot to desire in the children inner world,         Today she studies at one of the best
seperation, from her parent, Peninah has          which we can never abandon. For Home               Schools in the country the Bahadi Girls
been protected by constitutional acts to          3, prayer and devotion has been the best           High School Nakuru and is under the
access education, good health and foster          way, beside the normal upbringing and              foster care of the Rainbow Home, where
care in the Rainbow Children’s Home.              education, to help the adolescent girl age         she comes during her holidays. <
Her single mother among others were               to grow and to protect and prevent child           RNG Reports
cought up in a saga of child trafficking          abuse. <
THE RAINBOW - Quarterly Newsletter of the AIC Rainbow Children‘s Home and School Tinderet - Volume 1 - May 2005

Bringing up and graduating teenagers           get both parties to understand. Sometimes       After long time service, Rebekka
can be difficult because the average           when we are unsure, we take a step back         and Kuno Wüthrich left us for
teen suffers from insecurity, lack of          and let things ride for a while and let God     their home in Switzerland. Mama
confidence, unfamiliar body sensations,        speak to us.                                    Robin humbly worked as a Nurse
budding sexuality and undeveloped                                                              in the Mission Station while her
adult identity.                                5. Show trust                                   husband Kuno played a major role
Limo’s a couple foster parents family          Deep down our Kids know that their              in the construction of the Rainbow
share the lesson they have learned             parents love them and want the best for         Polytechnic School, where he was
and the principles they have set down          them. But they also want to know if their       the manager. The couple had a special
in bringing up their children at the           parents trust them to do the right things.      desire to share with the children a
Rainbow Home.                                  If our child is home late, we want to know      meal to bid farewell.
                                               what happened, but once they give us an         When they told as that they want to
1. Start Young                                 explanation we accept that and trust them       celebrate with us our hearts were
We have experienced teenage life getting       and that makes them also to say the truth.      overjoyed and we had to make early
out of control and sometimes we have                                                           preperation in the Dining Hall to
made sacrifices. We believe that brining       6. Be firm on important issues                  acomondate the children and invited
up teens begins when they are babies.          One thing we make clear to our children;        guests for the evening supper.
Five years and below is an important           never lie. Some issues may not be moral         Rebekka did the food planning,
time of bonding with the parents and of        but a matter of parental discretion. We ask     steaming and frying the minced beef
grounding in the things of God.                questions like; do you really need this?        with julliene vegetables mixed with
                                               Do you need this now?                           tomato paste, alongside the recipe of
2. Be in Church                                                                                the menu, Kuno assorted for her the
Persuading the children to get to the          7. Give room for personality                    spices, while their little boy Robin
Church was a struggle, but we made it a           differences                                  watched and the kitchen drama,
point to be there rather than to be at home.   Some of our            children        are      dominating the whole home with
We send the younger ones to Sunday             pessimistic            and others are           organoleptic appeal of colour, taste
School and it is a blessing to see some        optimistic. We must give room for               and aroma. We had a friendly happy
of them responding to the good news and        that. But it does not mean we do not            atmosphere when the two boldly
accepting Jesus as their Lord.                 communicate, that would be wrong. We            served the more than 200 Kids and
                                               never cut of communication and if we            Visitors with Spaghetti Bolognese
3. Adjust expectations                         sense that something is wrong, the parent       and soft drinks. We had very little to
I always feel, it is important to do things    who is able to get through better talks to      give in return to the Wüthrich Family
together as a family. That means to talk,      the childs. We must never close the door        but only to say “Well done good
go out, go to church, do all activities        on our children.                                and faithful servant! You have been
together, but when my children became                                                          faithful with a few things; I will put
teens, they had their own schedules and        8. Trust God                                    you in charge of many things. Come
mindsets which did not fit to ours. I          We have faith and confidence that God           and share your masters happiness!”
don’t know about other Home parents,           will help in our relationships with our         Anne Melly
but when our children hit 13 or 14 they        children. It is God who desires godly
just changed. They want to assert their        Children. It is god who desires godly
opinions, their independence. Suddenly         offspring and he will help us in our
we don’t get along, so I adjusted. I have      weakness.
learned what is not negotiable and I keep
communication open.                                                    Philemon and
                                                                       Patroba Limo
                                                                       are Foster Parents to
4. Pray a lot                                                          23 Boys in
In sensitive matters, we pray hard before                              Home 1
we talk. We pray when there are problems
in our relationships with them. It hurts us
to hurt them. We need wisdom from the
Lord as to how to communicate with
them. We know there are sometimes we
have to deny them something or contradict
their desires and we find that we pray, no
matter if we may not altogether. See it,
somehow God will work in our lives and
THE RAINBOW - Quarterly Newsletter of the AIC Rainbow Children‘s Home and School Tinderet - Volume 1 - May 2005

Why are we creative? If music sounds in         therefore have the possibility to reproduce    ides of creativity. In the family Christian
the room God is the Answer if a song I          something beautiful and enjoying it and it     living, to be artistically creative and to
aments about this dark world, God is still      is amazing to see our creative abilities to    enter into the creativity of others is to
the answer. Art is an effective way to          make things.                                   exercise the image of God with in oneself.
initiate a conversation about the Gospel.       We need to be using the talents we are         This answer is found in Genesis. One of
                                                                          given and we         the most powerful artistic tool used in
                                                                          need to use          the Home is music and dance. It presents
                                                                          them to glorify      Christ so well seeing opportunities open
                                                                          God, that’s how      up for child evangelism and the Gospel.
                                                                          people can see       Judith O’hare an Education Consultant
                                                                          hope when we         puppeteers of America says: “We cannot
                                                                          are working as       teach Children the facts they need to
                                                                          we are designed      know to go through life. At best we can
                                                                          to. I would like     teach children how to learn, how to be
                                                                          to be hopeful        open to learn from their environment,
                                                                          and to have          from people around them and from living
                                                                          integrity with       life to the fullest.” May we always reach
                                                                          my work. The         a cross the oceans, join forces and bring
                                                                          conditions for       smiles to the faces of these children.
                                                                          our Children in
                                                                          the Home are
                                                                          both aesthetic
                                                                          and functional,                          Carolyne Bartenge
                                                                          it is the largest                        Is a Kindergarten Teacher
In a world of sounds, forms, shapes and         source of beauty        in their life. There                       at the Rainbow Home
beautiful coulours, poetic ideas can have       is a lot of desire      from God’s image                           and Student in Early
                                                                                                                   Childhood Education
no source other than God. (Isaiah 64,8) We      (Genesis 1:26,27) more obvious is the                              at Vatage College Nairobi

It’s getting dark over the Rainbow Home.                                                       In many institutions like orphanages or
Its rainy season, the winter of Kenya                                                          day care centres, singles are raising the
has arrived, yet warmth and drama fills                                                        children. We think they can’t replace the
the evening devotion of the 24 children                                                        role of foster parents, but they can be big
in Home 5. The stone built kiln sets a                                                         sisters and brothers to them. They might
comfortable fireplace that keeps the eye                                                       not have so much experience in raising
of a family together for prayer.                                                               children, but their own teenage was not
Hellen Chemutai a single Lady assists                                                          long ago, so they still know what’s up in
Willys and Everlyne Bor at Home 5. She                                                         this age. They can be closer to the kids
likes to share her gifts and talents to serve                                                  and they can show them the next step
in the Rainbow Home. She believes for                                                          through there own example.
example that through dancing to gospel
music, the Kids will be moulded in
God-fearing children. (1 Cor. 12:12-18)
The girls dance almost every evening
together. Hellen sees her pursuit primarily
in leading these kids to Jesus. “You can
witness to them on one to one basis and I
would like my work to be more reflective
of my father in heaven.” The dancing
performance has a meaning and expresses                                                        Hellen Chemutai Yego
                                                                                               Was an Assistant to Home 5
what the words of the songs are saying.                                                        Now she Studies at Tambach.
Often they show the dances on Friday                                                           to become a teacher
evening Devotions to the other Kids.

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