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									                                                                  Professional SCUBA Diving Academy

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 PADI Rescue Diver
 The Rescue Diver Course is a lot of fun mixed in with some hard work. It will increase
 your awareness of diver safety and prepare you to be able to manage diver emergency
 situations. It is also a stepping stone and prerequisite for the PADI Dive Master certification.

 Pre Requisites

 •         Aged 15 years or older
 •         Certified as an Advanced Open Water Diver
 •         Have a current and recognised CPR & Basic First Aid certification (within 2 years)

 Course Details
 •         Upon booking in for the Rescue Diver Course you will be given a PADI Rescue Diver Manual to
           read and complete the knowledge reviews. Also a DVD for you watch prior to the Friday night
           theory session.

 •         Friday night is spent recapping the theory and knowledge reviews and discussing rescue scenarios
           for the practical sessions.

 •         2 days of shore based diving are conducted. Over the duration of the course you will partake in
           many different rescue scenarios in the open water which include:

 Self rescue and diver stress
 Diving first aid
 Emergency management and equipment
 Equipment considerations
 Rescuing tired/panicked divers
 Response from shore/boat
 Swimming and non swimming rescue techniques
 Missing diver procedures
 In water rescue breathing protocols
 Surfacing an unconscious diver
 Exiting water with an unconscious diver
 First Aid procedures for pressure related injuries
 Accident management
 Emergency oxygen delivery systems and AED use
                                                                  Professional SCUBA Diving Academy

Diveline Pty Ltd | 6 Young Street Frankston 3199 | P. (03) 9783 7166 | F. (03) 9770 2144 | E. |

Upon satisfactory completion of the course requirements you will be certified
as a PADI Rescue Diver.

Cost $395.00 per student and includes:

•         PADI Rescue Manual for you to keep
•         Rescue Slate (for recording information)
•         2 days of shore diving
•         PADI Rescue Diver certification

Please Note: Ask about our special equipment hire charge. See our Friendly staff for more details.

Please Note: This is a physical course so a certain level of fitness is required

Where to from here?

Once the Rescue Diver Course is completed you can apply for the Master Scuba Diver qualification and
or enrol in the Dive Master Course.

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