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					                     avocado milk-shake
                     You can create restaurant-style dishes at home, such as this recipe by Felix Halter of
                     the V-ZUG Gourmet Academy.

AVocAdo milk-sHAke                              Preparation                                     Preparation time 5 minutes
4 portions                                      Cut avocado half and remove seed.               Recipe by Felix Halter
1 ripe avocado                                  Using a spoon scoop avocado “flesh” into
500 ml skim milk                                blender.
2 tsp brown sugar                               Put all other ingredients in blender.
6 ice cubes
                                                Mix until smooth consistency.
1 small pinch of nutmeg
                                                You might like to add more milk to get
                                                the right consistency, as result can vary,
                                                depending on size of avocado.
                                                The refreshing and healthy drink for in-

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Description: Europeans invented the milkshake beverage produced simple, delicious taste, the milk, ice cream, ice cubes into a blender mix is ??a simple milkshake; can also use fruit, milk production, has been popular. If you want to lose weight like drinking a chocolate milkshake? Now it has no problem, as long as the milk shake adding seaweed extract, can be reduced to one-third of hunger, to achieve the curb the role of body fat.