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									Volume 5, Number 5                                                                                 May, 2005
Radiology’s Musculoskeletal division (directed by Douglas Goodwin, MD and also staffed by Dr. Yvonne Cheung) has
demonstrated the ability of MR imaging to visualize cartilage. Above is an image of a defect in cartilage.

The “Congratulations” Issue:
                             long-                                               staff.
In this issue, we thank many long-term Radiology employees, and congratulate new staff.

Retirement Reception May 26 for Monte Clinton, CRA, our departing Director
A reception honoring Monte Clinton will be held on Thursday, May 26 from 2-4 PM in the Fuller Board
Room. For over 13 years, Monte has served as the Director of the Department of Diagnostic
Radiology, and as an ambassador for DHMC through his professional affiliations nationally and
internationally. Among many achievements, Monte has been a champion of DHMC Radiology’s
successful move to PACS and digital imaging. An avid international traveler, who has often journeyed
to Asia, Monte’s first plans after retirement are to embark on a car trip across Canada, which he will
show on a website so we can track his progress. Please come and join the celebration and wish Monte
well in his retirement!

 ………………………………………Congratu at ons …………………….…………………
John Rushford’s 25th Anniversary Celebration held in April
                                    Mid-May is the time when we recognize employees who
                                    have reached their anniversary of 25 years of service to
                                    DHMC. However, this year, John Rushford, Senior
                                    Engineer in Technical Resources, will be recovering
                                    from surgery in May and not be able to attend
                                    recognition week to receive his 25 year pin. Instead,
                                    Radiology held an ice cream social for John Rushford's
                                    25th anniversary on April 27th. Ice cream was served
                                    to all, and John was presented with his 25-year pin.
                                     John Rushford has been a tremendous asset to the
                                     department - his leadership of the Technical Resources
                                     section has enabled DHMC to always have its radiology
                                     equipment performing in top condition with problems
                                     quickly corrected. He has also enabled our equipment
                                     to keep working far beyond its normal life time.
                                     Having our own service engineers, under John's
                                     leadership, has enabled DHMC to save hundreds of
                                     thousands of dollars in service contract costs over the
25 years -- a wonderful contribution to DHMC.
- Monte Clinton, Radiology Director

Radiology congratulates our nurses during National Nurses week

                                                                      Radiology nurses
                                                                      (some of them!)
                                                                      Back Row, left to
                                                                      right: Harry Leister,
                                                                      Dan Mead, Terry Hall,
                                                                      Barb Scott.
                                                                      Front Row, left to
                                                                      right: Dianne Quill,
                                                                      Lori Key, Cindy

We want to thank all of our nurses in Radiology for their great work. DHMC is
honoring nursing staff during national nurses’ week in May – see events listing on
page 6. Today, in a department with approximately 230 employees, Radiology has 11 full-
time and part-time nurses, and two per-diem nurses, including Staff Nurses, Patient Care
Technicians, a Nurse Practitioner, and a Clinical Practice Leader.

Surprise “Hiram Bear” gift given to CT/MRI Schedulers by GIM in April

Radiology Receptionists with Hiram Bear. Left to right: Leslie Mansfield (Scheduling
Supervisor) with Connie Conant, Barbara Clark, and Kati Fuller.
 (Below we reprint, with permission, a letter from GIM to Radiology written at the
presentation in April)
        The secretaries of General Internal Medicine chose to present Hiram Bear (*see
below) to the Radiology Scheduling Secretaries in CT/MRI, in recognition of the outstanding
customer service they provide. CT/ MRI is a department division that we need to call
multiple times throughout the day. Each time we may be asking for an urgent visit in an
already-overfilled schedule, or we may have limited information from the provider. Yet
each time we call, they are always polite, helpful, willing to work with us, and always
mindful of the patient's needs. They do all this while juggling phones that ring constantly,
checking in patients, and dealing with the burdens of entering all the information into two
separate systems. This is true customer service. We thank them for helping us and our
patients each day. We are proud to say we work with them.
        - General Internal Medicine Staff

*Hiram Bear, (named for Hiram Hitchcock, the founder of
Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital), is an award created by
employees to recognize fellow workers for providing good
customer service, a job well done, and/or being good team
players. The award, an actual teddy bear who wears a DHMC
badge, is passed to a new department each month. Below we
reprint the letter written by General Internal Medicine
secretaries when they passed the bear to Radiology in April.

Radiology will soon have the honor of choosing the next
department we wish to pass Hiram on to!

The Stars of Radiology
The following are letters sent to Radiology and DHMC staff, to
thank the hospital and Radiology department for the kindness of
its staff. Any patient names are withheld for privacy reasons.

To: Monte Clinton, Director          To: Thomas Colacchio, MD,
Regarding Gale Nadeau                President
                                     (forwarded to Radiology and
                                     other departments)
Gale is the best – (I have) never
been checked in by a more friendly   Dear Dr. Colacchio:
                                     I recently spent six weeks at
Patient Name withheld                DHMC’s Hematology/Oncology unit
                                     and wanted to say thank you to
To: Monte Clinton, Director
                                     everyone who cared for me.
Regarding Barbara Van Houten
                                     The care I received was superb.
She was so pleasant! How lucky we    From the doctors, nurses. LNAs and
are to have her here! Thank You,     student nurses, ENT, ID,
                                     Dermatology, X-ray, CT scan, MRI,
Patient Name withheld                computer support, transportation,
                                     the chaplains, dietary, and
To: Monte Clinton, Director          maintenance
                                     maintenance – all performed with
And Jim Roberts, Clinical
                                     professional skill and a caring
Operations Manager

Gentlemen;                                                                  Image Credit for “Star”
                                     I hope you can relay my grateful
                                                                            image above: Star image
                                     thanks to all of your staff who were   courtesy of NASA/JPL-
I just wanted you to know that
                                     there for me when I needed them.       Caltech (Raghvendra
Dawn Mead did another wonderful                                             Sahai). This image of the
                                     They not only saved my life but
presentation for the seniors on                                             Red Rectangle was
                                     gave me a greater appreciation for
DEXA yesterday. She is a natural                                            produced with data in
                                     all they do to serve those in need.    the Hubble Space
born teacher. The talk went well
                                                                            Telescope (HST) archive,
and she was very comfortable with
                                     Patient Name withheld                  taken with the Wide
her subject and the students.                                               Field Planetary Camera 2
Thanks for letting me have her.                                             onboard the Hubble
                                                                            Space Telescope.

Nancy Zekos
Lebanon College

            X-                              “Pediatric–friendliness”
Radiology’s X-ray and Fluoro rooms continue “Pediatric–friendliness
As part of an overall Radiology goal to
maintain “child friendly” waiting areas,
the X-ray (DX) staff made recent
changes to help make the X-ray waiting
rooms as welcoming, comforting and
pleasant as possible for the kids (and
parents, too). Heather Lancor, RT, has
volunteered to be responsible for
providing for the entertainment and emotional needs of the diagnostic section's pediatric
patients and visitors. Heather will oversee the development, inventory and distribution of
appropriate items (coloring books, stuffed toys, etc.) used to occupy the time or calm the
emotions of the young patients who visit X-ray.
                                                       The diagnostic section has created an
                                                       x-ray-specific coloring book (see
                                                       example at left) for its pediatric
                                                       patients and visitors. The
                                                       receptionists give each visiting child
                                                       this coloring book along with a box of
                                                       crayons to keep. If you have any
                                                       suggestions or wish to help, please let
                                                       Heather know.

                                                       - Jerry Bergen, DX Team Leader

………….…Wellcome to Radiiollogy’’s newest emplloyees……………
………….…We come to Rad o ogy s newest emp oyees……………
Mary Ann Sidlin, RDMS, begins work as our new Ultrasonographer on Monday 5/23.
Mary comes to us from St. Joseph Hospital in Kokomo, IN. Please help us welcome Mary!
- Dennis Seguin, RDMS, Ultrasound Team Leader

Jacki Weed has accepted a per-diem position in CT. She is currently a full-time CT Tech. at
Fletcher Allen in Burlington.
Ray Beaulieu, a NHTI, has accepted the part-time weekend position as an extern (An
extern is an x-ray student who functions as a technologist in a paid position with
Carolyn Palazzolo, a former student in Radiology, has accepted the full-time weekend
position. She is an R.T. working 12 hour shifts Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Carolyn
comes to us from Gifford Hospital in Randolph, VT.
- Dan Pluta, RT, BS, CT Scan Team Leader

The reception/ scheduling staff welcomes Miranda Brown, a “familiar face in a new role”.
Miranda transferred from the film library to the "front lines" of Radiology. Miranda will be
attending scheduling class the first week in May, after which she'll be ready to schedule in
all modalities of Radiology. We're very excited to welcome Miranda to our team.

- Leslie Mansfield, Scheduling Supervisor

                        National NURSES WEEK Activities at DHMC
Although we recognize the hard work of DHMC nurses every day, Nurses Week is set aside to formally
recognize the contributions that nurses make to the care of our patients and families. We hope you
will try to participate in some of these events.

DAY OF NURTURING – 5/9/05, 0800 – 1900 AUD A-D
This is the third annual Day of Nurturing. This event is an opportunity for DHMC nurses to care for
themselves in a small way. During this time the following will be offered: massage, health screening,
Holistic Health Fair, Blessing of the Hands, music and yoga. See details of the event outside the

The Certification Tea is a relaxed, informal event that allows nurses with specialty certification to enjoy
tea, cookies and conversation with colleagues. “Certified RN” lanyards will be distributed.

This reception is the highlight of National Nurses Week recognitions. During this reception, several
prominent awards are given including the Sam Levine Scholarship, the Auxiliary Awards and the Arête
Awards for Nursing Excellence. This is an excellent opportunity for the Medical Center to celebrate the
accomplishments of nurses.

The Nursing Annual Report for 2005 will be distributed during this week. This report highlights the
unique contributions that nurses make to patients and the Medical Center. It also spotlights nurses
that have received special awards and achievements.

The Nursing Practice Council has purchased RN and LPN pins for distribution to nursing staff.

Hitchcock Service Club Reception: Wednesday, May 11

A reception honoring all Service Club Members (long term DHMC employees) will be held in
DHMC Auditorium A-D on Weds, May 11 from 2:30pm to 4pm. All Service Club Members are
invited to attend this reception. Service Club attendees from Radiology will be profiled in our
June E-news.

 For information about this newsletter or to submit ideas for publication, blitz the newsletter

Sponsored by DHMC After Hours -“Doing Activities. Having Fun. Making Connections”
             “Singles First” Celebrations May 5 and May 6 at DHMC
 Come meet DHMC Employees, Dartmouth College Employees and Dartmouth
         Medical Students who all have one thing in common…..
                          ……we’re all Single!
               Pastries and Coffee compliments of Au Bon Pain will be provided

                       Thursday, May 05, 2005
                      5pm to 6pm, Auditorium B
                                Friday, May 06, 2005
                     9am to 10am, Auditorium D
                  For questions e-mail

  DHMC Mission                Diagnostic Radiology Mission Statement
To provide high           The Department of Diagnostic Radiology at Dartmouth-
quality health care       Hitchcock Medical Center is dedicated to serving the
and comfort to the        needs of regional physicians and patients in the delivery
ill,                      of superior, cost-effective radiologic services and
                          consultation at all levels of care.
To prevent illness
among the well, and       The Department is committed to perpetuating an
                          environment in which medical students, residents and
To advance health
                          fellows can acquire a superior educational experience,
care through
                          and where students and faculty at all levels can enhance
education, research,
                          their professional development through patient care,
and the improvement
                          teaching, research and other scholarly pursuits.
of clinical practice.
                          The Department is dedicated to building a solid research
                          program in selected disciplines of Radiology
                          complementing the strengths of other Dartmouth Medical
                          School Departments and Dartmouth College faculties.


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