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                  U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command

Mr. John Miller

                          Army RDT&E Performing Organizations

                                      Infrastructure/                  Strategic Missile     Test &
        Personnel        Medical      Environmental       Materiel         Defense         Evaluation

          G-1         MEDCOM            USACE             AMC             SMDC             ATEC

                     TRADOC                             RDECOM

AMSAA    AMRDEC        ARDEC       CERDEC          ECBC              NSRDEC        STTC        TARDEC

   ARL provides underpinning Science, Technology,
              and Analysis to the Army

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                                                                     ARL’s Research Continuum



  New State of Matter for
Revolutionary Sensors and                                                       Hot Stage Micrograph
                                                 Tilt Rotor                     DEMN – Insensitive Munitions                 Ballistic Survivability              IED Countermeasures

 Computation for
Impact Dynamics
                                                                                                                                                       Persistent Surveillance
                                                                                             EM Armor

                       Laser Pulse Control                    ANS Robotics
                       For CBD Detection                        LADAR

Single Electron Spin
       MRFM                                                                                                                                               Language Translation
                                   C-QWIP FPAs                               Flexible Displays                 Advanced RF

           Basic Science                                                               Evolving Technologies                                                  Current Ops
                                                                        Technology Maturity

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                                              ARL Major Laboratory Programs

Protection                                                                      Network
•   Materials and Manufacturing Science for                                     •  Advanced Computing and Computational
    Protection                                                                    Sciences
•   Vehicle Protection                                                          • Battlefield Environment
•   Individual Warfighter Protection                                            • Information Sciences
                                                                                • Network Sciences
•   Energetic Materials & Propulsion                                                  Sensors
•   Projectiles, Warheads & Scalable Effects                                          •   RF Technology
•                                                                                     •   EO/IR Technology
    Materials and Manufacturing Science for
                                                                                      •   Non-Imaging Technologies
                                                                                      •   Electronics Technologies
    Precision Munitions                                                               •   Sensor processing
•   Advanced Weapons Concepts
                                                                                      Power and Energy
Human Dimension                                                                       • Power Generation/Conversion
•   Soldier Performance
                                                                                      • Energy Storage
•   Human Robotic Interaction
                                                                                      • Power control and Distribution
•   Human Systems Integration
                                                                                      • Thermal Management
•   Decision Making in Networked Environments
                                                                                      • Energy Science
•   Neuroscience/Neuroergonomics

Survivability/Lethality Analysis                                                      Mobility
•   Brigade Combat Team Modernization                                                 • Autonomous Intelligence and Mission
•   Methodologies for Future Force   Extramural Basic Research                        • Vehicle Propulsion
    and Current Operations
                                     • Chemistry              • Materials Sciences    • Platform Mechanics
•   Combat Systems
                                     • Physics                • Mechanical Sciences
•   Air/Missile Defense Systems
                                     • Life Sciences          • Mathematics
•   C4ISR
                                     • Network Science        • Computing Science
                                     • Environmental Sciences • Electronics

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                                                   Technical Personnel Profile

                                                                             1571 Technical Staff
                 1315 S&E Workforce
                                                                             282    Electrical/Electronics Engineers
                        402              471                                 205    Physicists/Physical Scientists
                     Bachelors        Doctorates
                                                                             186    Mechanical Engineers
                                 442                                          92    General/Industrial Engineers
                                Masters                                       36    Aerospace Engineers
                                                                              69    Materials Engrs./Metallurgists
                                                                              56    Engineering Psychologists
             Average Age S&E Workforce = 46                                   89    Chemical Engineers/Chemists
             Average Age Civilian Workforce = 47
                                                                              11    Biologists
                                                                                7   Neuroscientists
                                                                              54    Operations Research Analysts
                                                                             154    Computer Scientists/Engineers
                                                                              41    Mathematicians/Statisticians
                                                                              18    Meteorologists
                                                                                5   Ceramic Engineers
                                                                               10   Other E&S
                                                                             256    E&S Technicians

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                                            Personnel – Refresh Intellectual Capital

New Hires PhDs Awarded by:
 Alabama A&M Univ             New York Univ                             Univ of Michigan (4)           Univ of Texas – Austin (4)
 Arizona State Univ (7)       North Carolina A&T                        Univ of Minnesota (6)          Univ of Texas – El Paso (2)
 Auborn Univ (2)              North Carolina State Univ (7)             Univ of Missippi (2)           Univ of Tulsa
 Banaras Hindu Univ           Northwestern Univ (4)                     Univ of Moscow                 Univ of Utah (2)
 Bhadrak College, India       Northwestern Missouri St Univ             Univ of New Mexico (2)         Univ of Vermont
 Boston College (2)           Ohio State Univ (3)                       Univ of New Orleans            Univ of Virginia (5)
 Boston University            Oklahoma State Univ                       Univ of North Carolina (5)     Univ of Washington (2)
 Brigham Young University     Oregon State Univ                         Univ of Pennsylvania (3)       Univ of Wisconsin(2)
 Broome Community College     Polytechnic Univ of NY                    Univ of Pittsburgh             Vanderbilt Univ (2)
 Brown Univ                   Penn State Univ (6)                       Univ of Rhode Island           Virginia Commonwealth Univ
 CA Univ of PA                Purdue Univ (2)                           Univ of S. California (2)      Virginia Polytech Univ (10)
 Canada College               Rensselaer Polytech (3)                   Univ of South Carolina         Virginia State Univ
 Carnegie Mellon Univ (2)     Rice Univ                                 Univ of South Florida          Washington Univ of St Louis
 Case Western Reserve Univ    Russian Academy of Sciences(2)            Univ of S. Miss.               Wayne State Univ (2)
 Catholic Univ                Rutgers Univ (4)                          Univ of S.W. Louisiana         Univ of Science and Tech – Beijing
 Chalmers Univ of Tech        St. Bonaven University                    Univ of Tennessee (2)          Yale Univ
 ChangChung Inst              Stanford Univ (3)
 Chicago Univ                 Stevens Inst of Tech
 Clarkson, Univ, NY           State Univ of NY – Syracuse
 Clemson Univ (2)
 Cornell Univ (2)
                              State Univ of NY – Albany
                              State Univ of NY – Buffalo (4)
                                                                    77 E&S New Hires                   720 E&S New Hires
 CUNY Graduate School, NY     Texas Tech Univ (3)                                     FY09
 Duke Univ (4)                Texas A&M (3)                                                                      FY99 thru FY09
 Drexel Univ (3)              Tulane Univ
 East Carolina Univ(2)        Univ of Arizona (2)
 East China Normal Univ       Univ of Buffalo (2)                                  BS 33
 Eastern Nazarene College     Univ of Cincinnati                                               MS 15
 Emory Univ                   Univ of CA – Berkley (3)                            PhD 29
 Florida State Univ           Univ of CA - Davis
 George Mason Univ            Univ of CA – LA (5)                                                                   MS 183
 G. Washington Univ (5)       Univ of CA – San Diego
 Georgetown Univ (4)          Univ of Central Florida                                                                                 BS 245
 Georgia Tech (5)             Univ of Chicago
 Harvard University (2)       Univ of Connecticut (5)
 Inst of Tech – Virginia      Univ of Dayton                                                                           PhD 291
 Iowa State Univ              Univ of Delaware (15)
 Johns Hopkins Univ (4)       Univ of Georgia
 Lehigh Univ                  Univ of Florida (3)
 Marquette Univ               Univ of Houston (2)                              As of 12/03/2009
 MIT (2)                      Univ of Illinois (12)
 Michigan State Univ (2)      Univ of Kansas
 Mississippi State Univ (2)   Univ of Massachusetts
 New Mexico State Univ (5)    Univ of MD -- CP (15)
                              Univ of MD – BC(2)
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                                               World Class Research Facilities

                                                       Assessment Facility

                          Novel Energetics                                             DSRC & Scientific
                          Research Facility                                           Visualization Facility
  Vertical Impulse                                                                                             Shooting Simulator

                                    Laser Optics Testbed                                                         Shooter Performance
                                                                               Zahl Physical Sciences
   Airbase Experimental                                                              Laboratory                        Facility
        Facility # 6
                                                                                       BRAC - Vehicle
                                                                                      Technology @ APG

                                                                                                                  Environment for
                                                Rodman Materials                                                 Auditory Research
                                               Research Laboratory
  Robotics Research Facility

                                                 Access to Partner Facilities

                                                                                                               Cognitive Assessment,
   Transonic Experimental           Academia                        Industry
                                                                                                 Pulse Power     Engineering and
          Facility                                                                                 Facility    Simulation Laboratory

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                                                         University Basic Research

Single Investigator (SI)                               HBCU/MI ARO Core Grants                    Small Business Innovation Research
                                                                                                  (SBIR) and Small Business Technology
     ~$110K/yr for 3 yr periods                          Topics from ARO BAA
     Continually open BAA Solicitation                   ~$110K/yr for 3 year periods
                                                                                                  Transfer (STTR)
     ~120 new grants / year                                                                         Small Business Research
     All States, >240 Universities                                                                  Phase I and Phase II efforts
                                                                                                     for more       information
 Multidisciplinary University
 Research Initiative (MURI)                                                                          University Affiliated Research
                                                                                                     Centers (UARCs)
         ~$1.25M per year
         3 year period                                                                                   4 centers
         10 new initiatives annually                               Engaging the                          5 year efforts
         Annual BAA Solicitation                                    University                           ~$5 – 10M per year
                                                                     Research                             No new UARCs anticipated
Collaborative Technology Alliances                                 Community to
                                                                     Focus on
(CTAs)                                                             Army Problems
                                                                                                      Defense Experimental Program to
  $5 – 8M range                                                                                      Stimulate Competitive Research
  8 – 10 years in duration
  Consortia of academic and industrial
   concerns                                                                                                 For states receiving least amt of federal
  Potential New Areas: Robotics, Cognition                                                                  funds
   and Neuroergonomics, and Network                                                                         3 year support
   Science                                                                                                  Annual BAA Solicitation

                         Centers of Excellence (COEs)                        Short Term Innovative Research (STIR)
                            $1 - 2M per year                                   $50K Limit
                            3-5 years in duration                              Short-term, proof-of-principle research
                            No new centers planned at this time                Part of SI Continual BAA Solicitation

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               America’s Laboratory for the Army

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