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What a feeling

                                                                                                         Ashok K Songra
As Director of Belfast Fashion week, Cathy          ageing process and the few injections he             Consultant in head, neck and facial
Martin knows how important it is to look good.      gave me should prevent those wrinkles that           surgery at the regional Plastic and
She knows that no matter how chic your              are so aging."                                       Maxillofacial Unit, Ulster Hospital
clothes are or how expensive your make-up                                                                and an Honorary Surgeon at the
and hair styling are, looking great is impossible   Lena who assists Dr. Songra in his cosmetic          Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast.
without feeling really good too.                    work at Cosmetech, said: “Cathy has great skin
                                                    and a good bone structure but early years of
Cathy says at 34: “I wasn’t that anxious about      sunbathing in baby oil and smoking will have         Cosmetech's Consultant Surgeon is
getting older or looking older. I know people       created damage to her skin leaving it at risk of     the anti wrinkle injections and dermal
might expect me to be vain because I'm              ageing earlier.                                      filler trainer for the UK. Dr. Songra
involved in the fashion industry, but to be                                                              pioneers new training standards and
honest I’m not. So as far as I was concerned        “Dr. Songra gave her injections on her               injection techniques for world leading
anti wrinkle injections were for other people. It   forehead, a chemical brow lift with anti wrinkle     aesthetic companies. He is also on
wasn’t something I’d really contemplated and I      injections to reduce and prevent those little
                                                                                                         the anti wrinkle injections validator
just assumed that I’d mature with as much           lines we call crows feet. He also gave her
                                                                                                         panel of experts for the UK that
grace as possible.”                                 Juvederm dermal filler in the nasolabial fold. In
                                                                                                         assesses safety standards and the
                                                    fact Cathy’s treatment was minimal but the
But while Cathy knew her fine lines would           results have been fantastic.”                        ability of practitioners in
eventually graduate into deep wrinkles                                                                   administering anti wrinkle injections
despite her careful skin routine, she knew          Cathy said: “I noticed a difference within a few     for cosmetic purposes.
some of her friends had no lines or furrows         days. I realised lines I’d had were gone, my eyes
for they used anti wrinkle injections to keep       appeared more opened and I look like I’ve just
them looking fresh.                                 come home from holiday.                              Anti wrinkle injections are an
                                                                                                         effective treatment to relax muscles
Cathy added: “Dr. Songra explained that the         "I'd definitely have anti wrinkle injections again   in specific areas of the face to
best use of anti wrinkle injections in              because it is just a little process to help me       prevent lines from developing.
cosmetic surgery is in the prevention of the        continue to feel as good as I should.”

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