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					Panic attack or panic disorder is a specific type of anxiety disorder where a person may feel
a sudden surge of extreme fear and vulnerability.

There have been instances where a person has been hit by a panic attack without any
warning, and without any apparent reason. A typical panic attack will involve physical
symptoms like excessive sweating, choking, nausea, laboured breath, trembling, dizziness
and chest pain. Panic disorder may be accompanied by social phobia, depression or even
madness. It is very important to cure panic attacks before they take on a more serious

Panic attacks and panic disorders are curable. Panic and anxiety treatment involves
continuous therapy. The most effective anxiety panic attack treatments are:

      Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: in this therapy, the focus is on the possible causes
       that trigger the panic attacks. The therapist tries to identify the situations and the
       behavioural patterns that trigger the attacks and thus reduce the fear of the panic

      Exposure Therapy: In this therapy, the therapist exposes the patient to the causes of
       the panic attacks in a safe environment. As the patient is repeatedly faced with his
       fears, he slowly learns to cope with them and handle them better. Ultimately, this
       therapy will help to cure panic attacks on a longer term.

Both these panic and anxiety treatments will help to restrict the causes and symptoms of
panic disorder.

Anxiety treatment, Los Angeles is concerned with many effective self-help techniques to
combat panic and anxiety, instead of opting for medication and therapy. Here, the anxiety
panic attacks treatment involves breathing exercises, relaxation, stretching exercises,
reducing stress and promoting a state of calm. Avoiding caffeine and smoking, and reducing
the use of drugs also go a long way to control panic.

Anxiety treatment, Los Angeles does not encourage the over use of antidepressant drugs to
combat panic disorder.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder:

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a type of anxiety disorder where you feel forced to
perform certain actions repeatedly. Those suffering from OCD are obsessed with certain
behaviors, thoughts and actions. Sometimes, they realise these to be completely irrational,
yet they feel compelled to do it. This behaviour becomes so uncontrolled, that it interferes
with the person’s normal life.

OCD therapy is the same Cognitive behavioural therapy also used for anxiety and panic
disorders. The OCD therapy involves two steps:

          Exposure and response prevention: the patient is first repeatedly exposed to the
           conditions which trigger his compulsive behaviour. Then he is restricted from

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           reverting to his behavioural patterns. Gradually, the patient learns to control his
           thoughts and actions.

          Cognitive therapy: the therapist now tries to focus on the thoughts of the
           patient: why they feel in that compulsive manner and what could go wrong if
           they do not respond to their compulsion. OCD therapy can actually cure
           Obsessive Compulsive Disorder with long lasting effects.

OCD often causes problems in the family life and in relationships. It is therefore
recommended to go for family therapy, which will make the family more understanding of
the problem and reduce family conflicts.

Often therapy is required to save a dying relationship. This kind of counselling is known as
Couples Counselling Therapy. Couples Counselling Therapy involves the couple to discuss
their problems openly in a relaxed environment in front of their therapist. Couples
counselling can be either relationship counselling or marriage counselling.

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Description: Panic attack or panic disorder is a specific type of anxiety disorder where a person may feel a sudden surge of extreme fear and vulnerability.