The Already and The Not Yet by nyut545e2


									Vol. 20 No. 9
                                         Dominion                       The

                                         News of the episcopal Diocese of loNg islaND • brooklyN, QueeNs, Nassau, suffolk

                                           A diocesan publication distributed with the national Episcopal Life newspaper                          September 2009

        The Bishop, Clergy and People of                                                  The Already and
      The Episcopal Diocese of Long Island
     request the honor of your presence at the
                                                                                            The Not Yet
                                                                                                                     By Bishop-elect Larry Provenzano
                   ordination of
                                                                                                              This past month has provided me an exciting insight
        The Rev. Lawrence C. Provenzano                                                                    into the well-worn theological understanding of the
                                                                                                           Kingdom of God – already established, not yet fully
                      as                                                                                   realized.
                                                                                                              I am in the office every day, visiting parishes on
               Bishop Coadjutor                                                                            the weekends, traveling to meetings of boards, visiting
                                                                                                           our diocesan camp, spending time with our seminar-
                                                                                                           ians, deacons, and a variety of priests, both the newly
   Saturday, the Nineteenth of September, 2009                                                             ordained and the long tenured, in an effort to know the
                                                                                                           mind and heart of our diocese.
         Eleven o’clock in the morning                                                   Provenzano           I have discovered that I can actually drive around the
                                                                                                           diocese (with the occasional help of GPS) without get-
         Tilles Center for the Performing Arts                                     ting lost. It may be thirty years since I have seen some of these locations, but
                                                                                   it is all coming back very clearly. And I am loving it!
                720 Northern Boulevard                                                 In almost all circumstances people have asked, “What do we call you? How
                                                                                   do we address you?” And more importantly, “When can we meet with you?” I
                 Brookville, New York                                              have responded that my name is Larry and at least until September 19th that
                                                                                   is how I should be addressed. And you can meet with me as soon as Violet
                                                                                   DeLagarde receives a call and places your name on my office schedule.
            Reception immediately following                                                                                                       Continued on Page D

        Clergy: Cassock & Surplice/Red Stole                                          A Guide to the September 19th
                                                                                 Ordination and Consecration Service
     The Most Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori, Presiding Bishop and Primate
  of The Episcopal Church will be the Chief Consecrator at the Ordination            From the Transition Committee           to be the diocese’s next bishop, the
  and Consecration service. Co-consecrators will be the Rt. Rev. Orris G.                for Bishop Coadjutor                day for the ordination is almost here.
  Walker, Jr., Bishop of Long Island and the Rt. Rev. Gordon P. Scruton,                   By The Very Rev.                     Many in our diocese have asked
  Bishop of Western Massachusetts.                                                       Christopher D. Hofer                members of the Transition Commit-
     Other consecrators will include the Rt. Rev. Mark M. Beckwith, Bishop                                                   tee questions about who is invited
  of Newark; the Rt. Rev. George E. Councell, Bishop of New Jersey; the               For two years, the leadership of       to attend the ordination, how much
  Rt. Rev. David B. Joslin, Assisting Bishop, Diocese of Long Island; the          the Diocese of Long Island has been       space is available and what will hap-
  Rev. Robert Rimbo, Bishop of the Metro N.Y. Synod, Evangelical Lutheran          preparing for the day in which the        pen at the event. This brief guide is
  Church in America; and the Rt. Rev. Andrew F. Wissemann, Retired                 diocese will celebrate the ordination     intended to answer those questions.
  Bishop, Diocese of Western Massachusetts.                                        and consecration of a bishop who          If you have additional questions,
     Many ecumenical, interfaith, and community guests will also be                will serve as our Bishop Coadjutor.       please email consecration091909@
  participating.                                                                   Over countless hours of meetings, or check the diocesan
     The preacher will be the Rev. Mpho Tutu, Director of The Tutu Center,         visitations to and with nominees, a       website,,
  Alexandria, Va.                                                                  series of walkabouts and the election     for further information.
     Litanists will be the Rev. Barbara Briggs, Associate, Christ Church, Hart-    of the Rev. Lawrence C. Provenzano                             Continued on Page E
  ford, Ct. and the Rev. Paul Briggs, Rector, St. Mary’s Church, Manchester, Ct.
     Diocesan Choir and Music Director will be Mr. Gregory C. Eaton,
  Church of St. Ann & The Holy Trinity, Brooklyn. Choir members will be
  from parishes across the diocese. And there will be steel bands and liturgi-
  cal dancers.
                                                                                         Report from
     Ministers of Ceremony will be the the Rev. Christina van Liew, the Rev.
  Robert Picken, and the Rev. Mauricio Wilson.                                        General Convention
     All are welcome and cordially invited. No tickets are being issued or
  needed to attend this diocesan celebration. For further information, please
  write to:
                                                                                         See Page C
     See The Dominion and the latest diocesan and cathedral news on the web                                      •
                                                                                       life but the New Testament and Chris-

                   Message from the                                                    tian history tells a different story. The
                                                                                       New Testament name for this minis-
                                                                                       try is “diakonia” – service particu-
                                                                                                                                                     The Episcopal
                                                                                                                                                     Church in the
                                                                                                                                                     Diocese of
                   Assisting Bishop                                                    larly to the needy. While deacons are
                                                                                       the ordained expression of it, it is
                                                                                       also a ministry of the whole body of
                                                                                                                                                     Long Island
                                                                                                                                   A community of 55,000 members
                                                                                                                                   in 146 congregations.
                                          The Right Reverend David B. Joslin           Christ. Sometimes that is carried out
                                                                                                                                   Diocesan Bishop
                                                                                       by individual Christians in their daily     The Rt. Rev. Orris G. Walker, Jr.
                                                                                       life and work. Recently a banker told
                       A Dynamic Place                                                 me how he looked at people not just
                                                                                                                                   assisting Bishop
                                                                                                                                   The Rt. Rev. David B. Joslin
                                                                                       as customers but as people he could         Bishop coaDjuter-elect
    What a dynamic place the Diocese        episcopates, and continue as part of       help. Sometimes diaconal ministry is        The Rev. Lawrence C. Provenzano
of Long Island is! As I work with           the fabric of faith in this church. All    an organized parish effort. And our         36 Cathedral Ave.
you week after week I become more           this blend of continuity and change        parishes abound with such activities.       Garden City, NY 11530
and more impressed by the Episcopal         are celebrated in the ordination of        Corporate diakonia through hospi- 
Church in this diocese.                     this new bishop. The collect for ordi-     tals, counseling services, schools, and     The Cathedral of the Incarnation
    At the top of this dynamism now         nations puts it this way, “…things         institutions that help people in vari-
is the sense of hope and excitement         which had grown old are being made         ous kinds of needs is really part of
surrounding the beginning of a new          new…”                                      the whole diaconal ministry our Lord                          The Episcopal
episcopate. The joy and enthusiasm             One part of the continuing fabric       has given to Christians.                                      Church, USA
anticipating the ordination and con-        of faith in the Diocese of Long Island         People in the Diocese of Long                             A community of 2.2
secration of the Rev. Lawrence C.           is a very keen sense of the ministry       Island should be very proud of this                           million members in
Provenzano is palpable. In my more          of caring for the needy. A great deal      heritage of service in all its dimen-       110 dioceses in the Americas and abroad.
reflective moments I have to con-           of such service is carried out in and      sions. It is one of the special graces
fess my belief that that excitement         by our congregations. There is also a      – part of the DNA – of this diocesan        presiDing Bishop
is connected to the descent of the          most impressive corporate ministry to      community of faith. The future will         The Most Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori
Holy Spirit upon him ordaining him          the needy carried out through dioc-        bring new challenges and opportuni-
                                                                                                                                   Episcopal Church Center
                                                                                                                                   815 Second Avenue
as the Bishop of Long Island. The           esan related agencies. St. John’s Epis-    ties for such diaconal ministry – often     New York, NY 10017
Holy Spirit who dwells throughout           copal Hospital, the ministry in which      challenges we cannot now envision.          Washington National Cathedral
the body of Christ, is now focused          we take part through the Interfaith        Responding to those will be part of         Mt. St. Alban
upon this coming event. And joined          Medical Center, the Bishop Charles         the next episcopate (and all that fol-      Washington, DC 20016
with the Spirit from on high it is pin-     Waldo MacLean Episcopal Nursing            low it). But now as we bask in the
pointed on this very talented but           Home, the Bishop Henry B. Hucles           light of a new sense of the Holy Spir-
human person who is to be made              Episcopal Nursing Home, Episcopal          it’s presence let us take heart in the                        The Episcopal
one with the apostles. As such he           Community Services, and all the min-       joy of following Jesus who came to                            Church in
will be one of the links that, across       istries supported by Episcopal Chari-      serve all who came to him.                                    The Anglican
time and space, bonds us in com-            ties are on this list. If you look these
munity and service to Christians of         up on the internet you will be most          Faithfully yours,
every time and place. His apostolic         impressed by the loving help you and                                                   A partner in a worldwide community of
                                                                                         +David Joslin                             68 million Episcopalians and Anglicans in
ministry will both speak to Long            your fellow church members render           _______________________________            38 regional provinces.
Island and also be an expression of         to all kinds of people.                                 +DBJ Blog                      archBishop of canterBury
the particular ministries and witness          Some may not think of this service             The Most Rev. and Rt. Hon.
that have developed here in past            as being of the essence of Christian        _______________________________             Dr. Rowan Williams
                                                                                                                                   Lambeth Palace
                                                                                                                                   London, England SE1 7JU

Canon’s Corner                                              Canon Diane M. Porter
                                                            Deputy for Episcopal Administration

                     What’s What, So What, Now What???                                                                             Dominion

                                                                                                                                   Vol. 20 No. 9 September 2009
   We came, we met, we debated,             will help to stop the hodge-podge of       with the then apartheid government
debated, debated, legislated and now        coverage for qualified church work-        and for resolutions in support of the       the episcopal Diocese of long island
we’re home. Let me admit up front,          ers and it may actually help us in         liberation struggle of the South Afri-      The Rt. Rev. Orris G. Walker, Jr, Bishop
                                                                                                                                   The Rt. Rev. David B. Joslin,
we also had some fun and saw sev-           the Diocese of Long Island to save         can people. So the passage of resolu-        Assisting Bishop
eral friends along the way but that         money and apply it toward mission.         tions in support of persons in Hon-         The Rev. Lawrence C. Provenzano,
was the sideshow. Now that the tri-         The passage of the mandatory lay           duras, Palestine, Cuba, Haiti, South-        The Bishop Coadjuter-Elect
ennial convention of The Episcopal          pension legislation made me over-          ern Sudan, and the Philippines is a         The Rev. Canon Clement W.K. Lee,
Church is over, what does it mean to        joyed because of the protection it         part of the rich and historic tradition       Canon for Communication
                                                                                                                                   Linda Brooks, Art Director
the saints sitting in the pew?              will afford to future generations of       of the Episcopal Church to stand
                                            lay employees. The inclusion onto          with beleaguered brothers and sis-          Episcopal Life ISSN 1050-0057
   What’s What? The secular press           the liturgical calendar of many who        ters in strife-torn parts of the world.     USPS# 177-940 is published
would have one believe that the             have been overlooked because they          Christians and non-Christians alike         monthly by the Domestic and Foreign
entire Convention was devoted to            did not look like the saints of old        in these troubled parts and beyond          Missionary Society, Inc.
                                                                                                                                   815 Second Ave, New York, NY 10017.
discussions stemming off the root           was another blessing as was the            are encouraged by our witness and           Periodical postage paid in New York, NY
topic of sexual orientation. So much        development of additional liturgical       believe that the voice of the Epis-         and additional mailing offices.
more happened that has relevance            rites. Had I not come to love Mother       copal Church is an important one            POSTMASTER: Send changes of address
to the future of our diocese. For           Garde’s companion, Asa, I, too,            when it speaks. We at home do not           to Episcopal Life, PO Box 2050,
example the broadening of ecumeni-          might have been among the skepti-          always appreciate the value of our          Voorhees NJ 08043-8000.
cal discussions with the historic           cal when a resolution was offered for      words but I know what they have              Articles and photos or inquiries for The
African-American Churches like the          the development of a rite for the loss     meant to others.                             Dominion must be submitted by email.
AME, AME-Zion and CME and the               of a companion animal. That’s a bit           The legislation that was passed in        
Swedish Church show the breadth             of what’s what.                            support of the alleviation of domestic          All articles are subject to editing.
of our diversity. A very comprehen-                                                    poverty gives the team of the Wash-                 Deadline for submissions:
sive and well-thought out report on            So What? Over the years, I have         ington Office of The Episcopal Church                   7th day of the month
evangelism to the Hispanic-Latino           heard Archbishop-emeritus Desmond          the raison d’être to approach Con-                  prior to the month published.
community was adopted. The report           Mpilo Tutu thank the General Con-          gress and the Administration to press
                                                                                                                                     Dominion subscription change of address
can give some real signposts to the         vention for the passage of resolu-         for more work to be done at home.
                                                                                                                                         requests should be emailed to:
Hispanic Commission. The adoption           tions in support of the divestment            You may think, “so what and how         
of the denominational health plan           of money from firms doing business                    Continued on Page D

Page B                                                                        The Dominion                                                                     September 2009
                                       A General Convention Report
                         By John Andren                  be eliminated as there will be no staff to support       resolutions D025 and C065.
                         General Convention              them.                                                       It was obvious that none of the decisions made
                         Deputy from the                    Pre-convention speculation centered on                at this conference were ill-considered or precipi-
                         Diocese of Long Island          whether the convention would reverse Resolu-             tous, as momentous and far-reaching as they may
                                                         tion B033 passed at the 2006 convention. That            have been. No one who participated in the delib-
     I have written this from the standpoint of a        resolution placed a moratorium on the ordina-            erations, who attended the hearings and who
 first-time deputy.                                      tion of gay bishops. This                                                           read the reports of com-
     The 76th General Convention of The Episco-          convention passed resolu-                                                           mittees could say other-
 pal Church met in Anaheim, California from July         tion D025, a carefully-crafted                                                      wise, even if unhappy or
 5th through July 18th. I was blessed to be able to      statement of where we are as                                                        distressed by the outcomes.
 attend. As weary as I was from sitting day after        a Church, and emphasized                                                            It’s worth remembering
 day in meetings and hearings, I was exhilarated         that the existing canons of                                                         that in the 2,000 plus years
 by the experience. The new friendships begun,           the Church are silent on the                                                        of Christianity, we are but a
 the old friendships renewed and strengthened,           issue. While some commen-                                                           blip in time, as important to
 and the joy of the shared daily Eucharist will stay     tators saw this resolution as                                                       us as that time may be. Our
 with me for a long time.                                a repeal of B033, that reso-                                                        responsibility is maintain-
     Now that I’m home, my Parish and the diocese        lution still stands. Resolu-                                                        ing as best we can the vital-
 are entitled to know how I exercised my respon-         tion D025 reiterates the role                                                       ity of the Church so that it
                                                                                                                          Lynn Collins Photo
 sibility as a deputy. In due time the other depu-       of the discernment process                                                          may continue its responsi-
                                                                                              Father Provenzano and Bishop Walker
 ties and I will prepare a full report to the diocese    in determining the fitness of                                                       bility for proclaiming the
                                                                                                  at General Convention in the
 and through the diocese to the parishes and dioc-       anyone who seeks to pursue                                                          Gospel.
                                                                                                        House of Bishops.
 esan bodies. During the convention I maintained         holy orders at any level.                                                               Our responsibilities as
 a blog, with the intent of giving readers a sense          Some commentators also viewed Resolu-                 deputies do not end with the Convention, but
 of what it’s like to attend such an event. You can      tion C056 as giving the go-ahead for the bless-          continue through the triennium. Many of us will
 access the blog at:           ing of same-sex unions. The resolution, however,         serve on committees (there are 18 Standing Com-
     110 dioceses were represented. The conven-          “….authorizes the House of Bishops, in conjunc-          mittees) and task forces that address the issues
 tion consists of two houses: the House of Depu-         tion with the Standing Commission on Liturgy             before the Church. I look forward to working
 ties (850 of them) and the House of Bishops (over       and Music, to devise an open process that will           with the other deputies and with all the mem-
 100). An event with major import for the Dio-           invite church-wide participation in collecting and       bers of the diocese to do all that we can to revi-
 cese of Long Island was the unanimous vote, in          developing theological resources and liturgies.          talize and strengthen God’s Church here on Long
 both houses, to consent to the election of Father       They are to report their efforts to the next Gen-        Island. With a new leader in Bishop Provenzano
 Provenzano as coadjutor.                                eral Convention in 2012.”                                a wonderful opportunity is before us. Let us pray
     All legislation had to be approved by both             For the record, I voted for the budget, and for       that, with God’s help, we make the most of it.
 houses. As a result, some
 pieces of legislation went
 back and forth as each
 house could make amend-
 ments. Nonetheless the
 convention passed well
 over 300 pieces of legisla-
 tion, far too many to com-
 ment on in this report. In
 due course a journal of the
 convention will be pub-
 lished. It will contain all
 the resolutions adopted.
 Those proposals that didn’t
 make it through will be
 referred to the Executive
 Council (an elected body)
 for consideration.
     The major issues that
 the convention dealt with
 were the budget, the ordi-
 nation of gay bishops and
 the blessing of same-sex
 unions. These, by the way,
 were the only actions that
 made the national press,
 and not always accurately.
 The budget vividly reflects
 the economic pain we are
 all experiencing. The bud-
 get for the triennium (the
 next three years) was $23
 million less than the cur-
 rent budget, and will result
 in a staff reduction of 30
 people (out of 110) at the                                                                                                                            Earle King Photo
 Episcopal Center and other Long Island Deputies in the General Convention House of Deputies following its vote consenting to Father Lawrence Provenzano’s
 organizations. Many, if         election as Diocese of Long Island Bishop Coadjutor. The vote was acknowledged by sustained applause as the deputation pre-
 not most, programs will         sented Father Provenzano to the house. L to R, Ms. Valarie Crosdale, Deacon Elizabeth Belasco, Fr. Christopher Hofer, Fr. Lawrence
 be funded at lower levels.      Provenzano, Fr. Richard Brewer, Canon Lynn Collins, Mr. John Andren, Mrs. June Gerbracht.
 In some cases they will         (Additional convention news and photos are on the diocesan website:

September 2009                                                              The Dominion                                                                           Page C
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                                          Office Hours: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM Tuesday through Saturday • The Rt. Rev. Dr. Johncy Itty, Interim Director (ext. 37) • Charles Egleston, Librarian/Archivist (ext. 39)

      georgeISMercer,OJr. school of theology
              HR T
                                 NA                                          number of offerings primarily for lay persons including: Intro to          • Wardens and Vestry workshops
                   I NOSTRA C
                                                                             Old Testament, Christian Worship, Practical Ministry, Christian

       announces course offerings for the
                                                                                                                                                        • The Safe Church programs including SHE/CAP at various
                                                                             Doctrine, Christian Ethics, and a course on
               2009-2010 academic year                                                                                                                                    regional sites, and offerings of these topics
                                                                             the Lutheran tradition. These short courses                                                  in Spanish.
                                                                             are approximately five weeks long, over two
Welcome to the George Mercer Jr. School of Theology of the
                                                                             semesters. ELCA students must enroll in all                                                         classes begin in early september.
Episcopal Diocese of Long Island! The Mercer School of Theology
                                                                             of the course offerings; our students and
has been an important education resource to train persons for                                                                                                                    Registration starts September 1st and can
                                                                             others are welcome to register as may best
various ministries needed for the mission of the church. In addition                                                                                                             be done on-line, by mail or by FAX.
                                                                             meet their needs.
to having provided preliminary training for those pursuing holy
                                                                           • A number of clergy continuing education                                                             Registration forms are available in the
orders, the Mercer School has increasingly offered a number of
                                                                             courses related to church finances, topics                                                          course catalog or from the office of the
programs which are designed to prepare women and men for the
                                                                             related to congregational revitalization and                                                        Mercer School.
church’s lay ministries.
                                                                             specialized subjects such as the Emergent                                                           Look for the Mercer Course Catalog sent
This year’s class and course offerings offer a rich program for              Church.                                                                                             by mail to every church, or on-line at
spiritual formation and theological education for all people.              • A variety of outreach workshops in concert                                                
Anyone is welcome to attend these course offerings.                          with Episcopal Community Services in
                                                                             the areas of congregational outreach,                                          for more information, contact:
highlights include:                                                          immigration, parenting, and clergy wellness.                                   Administrator,
                                                                                                                                                            Mercer School of Theology
• Three academic, year-long, intensive courses in Old Testament,           • The Eucharistic Minister and Eucharistic                                       65 Fourth Street, Garden City, NY 11530
  History of Global Christianity, and Christian Education.                   Workshops at various regional sites including Stained glass window in the Cha- (516) 248-4800 Ext 40
                                                                             offerings of the same in Spanish.             pel of the Good Shepherd, Mercer
• A pilot program with the ELCA in which we will be having a                                                               School of Theology               Email:

    Deacon Vivian Lam Attended                                                                                           Already / Not Yet
                                                                                                                               Continued from Page A
                                                                                                                                                                            ness that is spoken of bishops in our

    Preaching Excellence Program
                                                                                                                                                                                This will be another experience
                                                                                                                      Since returning from the General                      of “already and not yet.” A mitre,
                                                                                                                  Convention of the Church I have                           ring, pectoral cross and crosier do
  By Stephen W. Carson                                                                                            been meeting with clergy, lay leaders                     not a bishop make – our relation-
                                                                                                                  of parishes and diocesan staff in an                      ship grounded in Word and Sacra-
     Earlier this sum-                                                                                            effort to begin forming a framework
  mer the Episcopal                                                                                                                                                         ment will make me your bishop. The
                                                                                                                  for how we will move ahead in                             humility to admit that at times we
  Preaching Founda-                                                                                               mission.
  tion sponsored its                                                                                                                                                        were in error or that we may have
                                                                                                                      There are lots of opportunities for                   failed even in the face of our best
  annual Preaching                                                                                                us to be used by God for the build-
  Excellence Program                                                                                                                                                        efforts will make me your bishop.
                                                                                                                  ing up of the Kingdom and further-                        Our ability to jointly turn hope and
  on the campus of                                                                                                ing the work of the Church – but in
  Villanova Univer-                                                                                                                                                         vision into reality will make me your
                                                                                                                  the spirit of this “in-between period”                    bishop.
  sity. Among the                                                                                                 I find myself having to wait. Wait
  60 Episcopal semi-                                                                                                                                                            In the times to come when we
                                                                                                                  until the ordination in September.                        stand together in tears or in laugh-
  narians and recent                                                                                              Wait until Diocesan Convention in
  seminary graduates                                                                                                                                                        ter, when we face difficult situations
                                                                                                                  November. Wait until I have talked                        or celebrate with great joy, when we
  in attendance was the Rev. Deacon Vivian Lam, shown in the photo with                                           to as many of you as possible. Wait
  Bishop James Ottley on the day of her ordination to the diaconate in June.                                                                                                encounter together the things we
                                                                                                                  until I have discovered the stories                       could not imagine or even under-
     The theme of this year’s PEP conference was “Preaching the Beatitudes.”                                      behind the stories, and most impor-
  Thomas Troeger, professor of preaching at Yale/Berkeley Divinity School,                                                                                                  stand, it is then in the depth of our
                                                                                                                  tantly until I have earned your trust.                    being that the “already and not yet”
  was keynote speaker. Sculptures by the Rev. Charles McCollough brought                                              Although I will be ordained and
  the Beatitudes to lively, artful expression. In worship, fellowship, and                                                                                                  will give way to God’s abiding grace
                                                                                                                  consecrated a bishop on September                         at work in us and I will then be your
  preaching groups – at which each participant shared two sermons during                                          19th I know that I will only truly
  the week for comment and critique – the theme, and the homiletical task                                                                                                   bishop and we together will build
                                                                                                                  become your bishop when you dis-                          upon the good and faithful work of
  more broadly, were explored in depth.                                                                           cover in me some level of the trust,
                           For more information about EPF                                                                                                                   those who came before us.
                                                                                                                  humility, leadership and prayerful-
                   visit the Foundation web site at:

                                                       a decision with major implications at                     to work with surrounding dioceses                         evangelism, women’s ministry, lay
         Canon’s Corner                                the local level. We will need to pub-                     to accomplish the task.                                   and ordained ministry and worship
              Continued from Page B
                                                       lish a stand alone newspaper and                             At a time when all are concerned                       and spirituality offices at the Church
does this get more people in our                       for those in this diocese and oth-                        about our diminishing numbers,                            Center is a bitter pill and we dare not
pews?” One part of the “so what” is                    ers as well who are not computer                          the Evangelism Office was elimi-                          let it become a poison pill.
that these resolutions are a continu-                  users, we must seek to find a way to                      nated. We will need to create our                            Saints, as we review all of these
ing reaffirmation of our Baptismal                     include some national news in our                         own resources and again work in                           actions and their implications for
Covenant.                                              print copy in order that we can keep                      cooperation with surrounding dio-                         our life as a diocesan family, the real
                                                       bringing all that is relevant to the                      ceses to borrow best practices as we                      “now what” is that we wholeheart-
   Now What? The real work now                         local saints.                                             seek to create at the local level what                    edly accept the challenge of our new
begins with enfleshing and living                         The revision to the disciplin-                         once was developed at the national                        Bishop Coadjutor to Move Forward in
out the resolutions with most of the                   ary canon will cause us to have                           level. On the one hand, I worry about                     Mission. That’s the what’s what, so
work being done at the diocesan and                    to rewrite our diocesan canons,                           110 different approaches but, on the                      what and now what that will see us
congregational level. That’s the big                   undergo training and create new                           other, I have always heard “the wis-                      through this triennium and future tri-
“now what!” Example. The decision                      entities to support the revised pro-                      dom is in the room” and we are being                      ennia to come.
to eliminate the national newspaper                    cess. This is no small amount of                          asked to prove it so. The closing of
and publish a quarterly magazine is                    work and thankfully we will be able                       the anti-racism, diocesan services,                           Canon Diane M. Porter

Page D                                                                                               The Dominion                                                                                           September 2009
“Healing to Wholeness: Lives Revealed”
                                                                                               Lloyd Anthony Named
 A Retreat for Women and Gay Men
Information from                           wounded world, there are many who
                                                                                                  Honorary Canon
The Rev. Deacon Debra Bennett              live their lives in the shadows even
                                           while out in the open. They are
   While at Bexley Hall Seminary           forced into the shadows because of
three students who recently partici-       various oppressive elements that in
pated in a Feminist Biblical Inter-        one sense or another have been vis-
pretation project “to give voice to        ited upon them. Among this popula-
the voiceless through life-affirming       tion are women and gay men.”
texts as opposed to texts of terror,”         “This retreat is an attempt to
decided to form a ministries coali-        empower women and gay men who
tion and one of its first efforts is the   suffer under the yoke of patriarchy
presentation of a retreat for women        or have been victims of abuse at the
and gay men.                               hands of scripture.” And, it will be a
   The coalition, Bennett, Black &         time to confront “some texts of ter-
Gerlach Ministries, named for the          ror and lift up some texts of hope ...
three seminarians, Debra Bennett,          and embrace an identity as beloved
Diocese of Long Island, Vincent            of God”
Black, Diocese of Ohio, and Aaron             Retreat sessions are: October
Gerlach, Diocese of Chicago, has           16-18, women. October 23-25, gay
received support for the retreat from      men. October 30 to November 1,
the Evangelical Education Society of       co-ed. The registration fee is $175.00
the Episcopal Church and the Diocese       (with checks payable to Bexley Hall
of Long Island.                            Seminary), which includes lodging,
   The “Healing to Wholeness: Lives        meals, and retreat sessions. For more
Revealed” retreat will be conducted in     information contact: bbgministries@
three sessions in October at Little Por- or see retreat information
tion Friary in Mt. Sinai, N.Y. Registra-   and a registration form in the “Dioc-
tion deadlines are in September.           esan News and Announcements”
   A BB&G publicity letter about           section of the diocesan website:
the retreat says, “In our broken and
                                                                                                                                                 Garfield DaCosta Photo
                                                                                      The Cultural, Stewardship, and Hospitality Committees of St. Joseph’s
        Service Guide                      Consecrator. Highlights will include       Church, Queens Village, announced and congratulated its rector, the Rev.
          Continued from Page A            a large procession of diocesan clergy      Lloyd Anthony, upon his installation as Honorary Canon in the Diocese of
                                           and lay leadership, visiting clergy,       Wiawso, Ghana. The service was at the Cathedral Church of the Ascension,
SITe INfoRMATIoN                           and honored guests; participation of       Sefu, Wiawso, and the honor was bestowed by the Rt. Rev. Abraham K. Ackah,
   The location for the ordination         resident bishops and bishops from          Bishop of the Diocese of Wiawso, in association with the Rt. Rev. Orris G.
and consecration of Fr. Provenz-           throughout the Church; a diocesan          Walker, Jr., Diocesan Bishop of Long Island. The parish committees offered
ano will be at the Tilles Center on        choir under the direction of Gregory       the following prayer: “May God richly bless Canon Lloyd Anthony, His humble
the C. W. Post Campus, 720 North-          Eaton; a homily by the Rev. Mpho           servant. To God be the glory!”
ern Boulevard, Brookville, New             Tuto; liturgical dancing; offering of
York. The Tilles Center is a beauti-       gifts from our Long Island Native
ful performing arts center and hosts       American community; steel drum-
many world-renowned artists as             mers from throughout the diocese
well as local graduations and wor-         and much, much more.
ship services. There is ample park-           In order to make the liturgy truly
ing available, including handicap          representative of the diocese, Fr.
parking. If parishes are planning on       Provenzano, the Transition Commit-
bringing busses, that information          tee and the Ordination/Consecration       Gail Madden, ERD Diocesan Coordinator
must be emailed to us at consecra-         Sub-Committee have been including
                                                                                         Welcome back! I hope you had a      Relief and Development. With your ASAP.                 as many individuals from through-
                                                                                     wonderful summer! We look forward       gifts, “You Are There,” as Walter
                                           out the diocesan family as possible
                                                                                     to an exciting time in the Diocese      Cronkite used to say on that wonder-
SeATING                                    in positions ranging from ushers to
                                                                                     of Long Island with the presence of     ful radio program.
   The Tilles Center seats 2,200, a        Eucharistic ministers to acolytes to
                                                                                     our new Bishop Coadjutor, Lawrence          Please take note that there is a
portion of which is being reserved         choir members. Participants will rep-
                                                                                     Provenzano. And, our best wishes        new Gifts for Life catalog available.
for individuals participating in the       resent the melting pot of our diocese
                                                                                     and prayers go with Bishop and Mrs.     Just go to and follow
service along with family and guests       from Brooklyn to Suffolk, and Nas-
                                                                                     Walker as they prepare for the next     the links. I’m sure you will find sug-
of the Provenzano family. There are        sau to Queens.
                                                                                     phase of life.                          gestions and possibilities that will
no tickets for the event and the
                                                                                         Episcopal Relief and Development    fire your imagination. You may, also,
doors will open at 10:00 a.m. All          SPeCIAL offeRING
                                                                                     continues its work around the globe,    follow the links to all the news of
“saved” seats must be released at             There will be a collection of non-
                                                                                     summer, fall, winter and spring.        Episcopal Relief and Development
10:45 a.m. Due to rules of the Tilles      perishable food items during the
                                                                                     Right now, as you read this, Epis-      currently on its website. The news
Center, there is no “standing room”        ordination. Attendees are encouraged
                                                                                     copal Relief and Development is at      is updated on a regular basis, so put
and when the seats are filled, the         to bring items with them and place
                                                                                     work in Angola, Ghana, Honduras,        the web address in your Bookmark
doors will be closed. of course, all       them in designated bins at the Tilles
                                                                                     India, Kenya, Nicaragua, Pakistan,      folder, and visit frequently.
who are interested in attending            Center. The gifts will be blessed and
                                                                                     Peru, and the United States. That           Peace,
the ordination are encouraged to           distributed to the hungry in coopera-
                                                                                     means you are in these places too.          Gail Madden
attend.                                    tion with Episcopal Community Ser-
                                                                                     I’ll bet you didn’t know you were so
                                                                                     busy this summer. You, through Epis-    Questions or comments may be
                                                                                     copal Relief and Development, are       addressed to me:
   The ordination service, beginning       ReCePTIoN
                                                                                     hard at work, applying the Millen-        Gail Madden
at 11:00 a.m., will follow the liturgy        Following the liturgy, there will be
                                                                                     nium Development Goals in all these       ERD Diocesan Coordinator
in The Book of Common Prayer for           light refreshments at C. W. Post and
                                                                                     places.                                   Box 398
such services. The Presiding Bishop        participants will have an opportunity
                                                                                         As we move into autumn, please        Laurel, NY 11948-0398
and Primate, the Most Rev. Katha-          to to meet Bishop Provenzano and
                                                                                     remember the work of Episcopal            (631) 298-8831
rine Jefferts Schori, will be the Chief    his family.

September 2009                                                               The Dominion                                                                      Page E
   2009 Annual Appeal
         God’s Work: See it. Trust it. Support it.

  S                                                                    T
          ee God’s work in programs that develop our youth                  rust God’s work for its financial responsibility. 100%
          into leaders with spiritual foundations. See it especially        of gifts to the Annual Appeal are used in ministry; no
          in the camping experience of Camp DeWolfe. For               part of your gift is used for administrative, marketing, or
  over 60 years, Camp DeWolfe has helped to foster spiritual,          any other expense. In 2008, over $636,000 was distributed
  emotional, and physical growth, especially among our youth.          through a wide range of agency and program grants, including
  See God’s work through pastoral care and pastoral education.         $140,000 for Episcopal Community Services and $75,000
  Episcopal Health Service touches over 25,000 hospital                for Camp DeWolfe operating expenses.
  patients, hospital staff, and nursing home residents yearly. And
  see God’s work in grass roots local parish programs including
  programs focused on feeding the hungry, and caring for our
  seniors and children.

                                                                       S   upport God’s work through Episcopal Charities of Long
                                                                           Island. Learn more about how ECLI changes lives, and
                                                                       ways to contribute at:, 516-
                                                                       248-4800 ext 19, and PO Box 510, Garden City, NY 11530.
                                                                       ECLI is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. Your gift is
                                                                       tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Page F                                                         The Dominion                                              September 2009
      St. John’s, Lattingtown, Institutes
     New Rector, Mobilizes for Ministry,
         Celebrates 150th Annivesary
By Victoria Crosby                                    versary year at this lively parish church is Mobi-
                                                      lization for Ministry. Every parishioner will
   On June 7, 250 people packed into St John’s        receive a bookmark with a special prayer on it
of Lattingtown for the institution of the new rec-    with extracts from the Catechism and Baptismal
tor, Father Simon Foster. Music and singing were      Covenant about who the ministers of the church
lively, including a special request from Fr. Simon    are; namely, “lay persons, bishops, priests, and
for a joint organ and violin piece by Eric Milnes,    deacons.” The parish is mobilizing for the next
Director of Music, and Jason Crosby, based on         150 years, rooted in prayer and spirituality, daily
the Abba song Thank You for the Music.                Morning Prayer and Eucharist, and with a full
   The choir led Anglican chant for the psalm-        Continuing Education Program.
ody. Guest preacher was Nina Frost, Head of              One new program, called Wizards and Won-
Adult Education at Marble Collegiate Church,          ders, will involve costuming and a drama-
Manhattan. Community leaders and parishio-            tized tour through the nooks and crannies of
ners presented gifts including a liberty rainbow      a “haunted house.” The fall program will also
flag with the words “Simon, continue to work          include a special outreach to every shop and
for justice and an end to prejudice of any kind.”     office in the community with open evenings and
Bishop Johncy Itty presided and Canon Porter          receptions. There is a new program for “athe-
read the Letter of Institution. Fr. Michael Sniffen   ists, agnostics and those who are not quite sure”
was Bishop’s Chaplain and Master of Ceremo-           called “Spirituality on Tap” which will meet at a
nies. A festive reception and “cook out” fol-         local bar.                                                          Photo design by Duncan Naylor / Fr. Foster photo by Peter Budraitis
lowed in honor of the parish’s 150 year history.         The church’s website has video clips from the        The Rev. Simon Foster, (center) instituted rector of St.
During the reception a rainbow appeared over          service of institution for Fr. Foster at this web       John’s, 2009. (left from top down) The Rev. Rush R. Sloane
the church which was much photographed and            address:            1943-1954; The Rev. Frank DuMoulin 1931-1942; The Rev.
smiled at.                                               For more information about parish programs           Charles W. Hinton 1915-1931; (right from top down) The
   The theme of the fall program in this anni-        contact the church office: (516) 671-3226.              Rev. Howard Lowell 1954-1974; The Rev. Charles G. Newbery
                                                                                                              1974-1994; The Rev. Paul Gilbert 1996-2003.

 “Friendship Fair” Oct. 16 -17 in
  Rockville Centre Continues a                                                           meet our
  Tradition with a Special Quilt                                                         new bishop
By Robert Heim and Judith Berglund       made baked goods, various auctions,             and welcome
   One thing for sure, the scope of
                                         activities for kids….are just a few of
                                         the things that vie for attention at this       him back home
what has become one of the larg-
est events of its kind on Long Island
– The Church of the Ascension’s
                                         free-to-the-public event that will be
                                         held Oct. 16 and 17 from 10 a.m. to 9
                                         p.m. at the landmark church.
                                                                                         to brooklyn
“Friendship Fair” – draws thousands         As for hand-crafted items, count             The Rt. Rev. Lawrence Provenzano
over a two-day period. Antiques,         on a one-of-a-kind quilt – tradition-           Episcopal Diocese of Long Island
bargain-priced collectibles, one-of-     ally offered at the long-running fair
a-kind jewelry, books, toys, mixed       – to be a big attention getter as well.         CHURCH OF ST. LUKE and ST. MATTHEW
                                                                                         The Rev. Richard Brewer
media, farm stand produce, home-         This year’s quilt will reflect the col-         520 Clinton Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238
                                                     laborative efforts of Ascen-
                                                     sion parishioner Lydia              Saturday October 3, 2009
                                                     Paulsen, responsible for            Pre Service Activities & Entertainment
                                                                                         11:30am - 5:30pm
                                                     the special design and piec-
                                                     ing process, along with the         Festival Holy Eucharist
                                                                                         at 12:30pm
                                                     quilting contributions of
                                                                                         Reception to Follow
                                                     longtime church member
                                                     essie Drake, who has been
                                                     involved with the project
                                                     since the Fair’s inception.
                                                         This will be the 18th
                                                     “Friendship Fair” for which
                                                     Drake has supplied her
                                                     stitching and other quilt-
                                                     making expertise. Talented
                                                     church members closely
                                                     associated with the quilt
                                                     project through the years
                                                     have included Claudia
                                                     Challice who is cred-
                                                     ited with introducing and
                                                     implementing the idea and
                                                     Nancy Riley, who pro-
                                                     duced the quilt for many
                                                     years. This year’s colorful
                                                     82x100 inch quilt will be           For more information please log onto
                                                     raffled off on October 17.          or call 718-638-0686 / 718-629-0930 / 718-789-6036
                                                         A dozen circles make            The Venerable Canon Howard K. Williams
Quilters Lydia Paulsen and Essie Drake (seated)      this quilt unusual – all of         Archdeacon for Brooklyn

with Father Thomas Jean-Pierre Pellaton.                   Continued on Page H

September 2009                                                               The Dominion                                                                                        Page G
  NY City Council Grants $800,000 to St. John’s Hospital
By Penny Chin                               the increased number of patient cases       all waiting time to see the Emergency         St. John’s episcopal Hospital is
                                            we have experienced since the clos-         Department doctor should decrease.         the only full service community
   At a press conference Wednesday,         ing of Mary Immaculate and St. John’s       Residents of the Rockaways should          hospital serving the entire Rocka-
July 1, 2009, at St. John’s Episcopal       Queens Hospitals earlier this year.         be very pleased to know that their         way community providing gen-
Hospital in Far Rockaway, N.Y., it was         “With these funds we will further        daily lives will be directly improved,     eral adult medical surgical services,
announced that the hospital received        develop our ‘fast track’ area. While we     thanks to efforts of the City Council      pediatrics, obstetrics and psychiatric
$800,000.00 from the New York City          initiated a pilot program of ‘fast track’   and Councilman James Sanders.”             services. The Hospital’s overarching
Council.                                    in 2008, the City Council funding will         The Emergency Department at St.         goal has been to combine accessible,
   John Gupta, Chief Executive Offi-        enable us to fully expand the program.      John’s Episcopal Hospital treats approx-   medical excellence with the compas-
cer, St. John’s Episcopal Hospital, said,   Less urgent patients will be attended       imately 30,000 patients annually. The      sionate, caring environment expected
“We are very thankful to the New York       to in ‘fast track,’ allowing more criti-    area where the department is cur-          from a faith based community hospi-
City Council for granting St. John’s        cal cases to be seen and treated much       rently housed was originally designed      tal. St. John’s has 257 beds. In 2008
Episcopal Hospital funds for the reno-      more quickly and affording them             to accommodate 12,000 patients a           St. John’s had 10,900 discharges and
vation of our Emergency Department.         greater privacy and comfort.                year and has not been expanded or          79,045 patient days.
This means a great deal to the people          “The renovation will also include        renovated in the last 25 years.
of the Rockaways and Queens who             moving pediatric patients to a more
rely on the emergency care we pro-          discrete and sheltered area.
vide. The renovation will help ease            “With an increase in efficiency, over-

 Hundreds Served at St. John’s Hospital
  Far Rockaway Summer Health Fair
                                By Penny Chin

                                Hundreds flocked to the annual health fair
                             in Far Rockaway held by St. John’s Episcopal
                             Hospital on a Sunday in June. Many came to be
                             screened by doctors and nurses for high blood
                             pressure and cholesterol, diabetes, blood flow,
                             eye and foot problems, as well as for consulta-
                             tions with nutritionists and pharmacists and for
                             other health education information.
                                The fair included such fun activities as inflat-
                             able bounces and mazes, face painting, animal              At the news conference announcing a major grant for St. John’s Hospital Emer-
 Nilediz Rodriguez after her balloons and a magic show. Also offering services          gency Department renovation, (L to R) New York City Councilman James Sanders
 “face painting” at the St. and attractions were the Visiting Nurse Service             Jr., Margaret Carpenter, Vice President of Episcopal Health Services Board of
 John’s Health Fair.         of New York, Metrocard, and Rockaway Walks.                Managers; John Gupta, Chief Executive Officer, St. John’s Episcopal Hospital; and
                                                                                        Eric Ulrich, New York City Councilman.

                                                                                                                                     Friendship Fair Quilt
          Summer Blessing of ‘Bikes and Boards’                                                                                             Continued from Page G

 By The Rev. Dr. Christopher King                                 sage, special intercessions,                                     them pieced together from men’s
                                                                  and the rite of blessing                                         neckties. After selecting just 25 ties
    St. James of Jerusalem Church, Long Beach, cele-              with holy water.                                                 from donated neckwear in 2007,
 brated its first “Blessing of Bikes and Boards” on a Satur-         “My favorite part was                                         Paulsen’s favorite part of the process
 day morning in June.                                             the silent remembrance for                                       began, cutting the ties open and plac-
    During the busy summer months, Long Beach wel-                all those who had died on                                        ing elements together to maximize
 comes an enthusiastic recreational community of cyclists,        the road or in the water                                         appealing appearance. That was fol-
 surfers, swimmers and others. Safety, as well as fun, is         during the last year,” said                                      lowed by meticulous sewing and addi-
 always a top priority.                                           St. James member Bob                                             tional detailing – a “labor of love” by
    Nearly 50 residents, parishioners and passers-by gath-        Cottrell, “That was a very                                       Paulsen who has sewn since a little
 ered on the city’s popular boardwalk to ask God’s bless-         powerful moment”.                                                girl and who readily admits to having
 ing on the fun and to pray for a safe and carefree season.          Parishioner Maria Mili-                                       hundreds of magazines and books on
    Worshipers were grateful for clear skies and mild             llo, of the Long Island Bicy-                                    quilting as well as reading eight quilt-
 weather. Father Christopher King, bishop’s vicar at St.          cle Club (C Group), orga-                                        ing publications on a regular basis.
 James, officiated at the service, which included a gospel        nized a ride from Lynbrook                                          The large appliquéd quilt mounted
 reading (“The wind blows where it chooses... so it is with       to Long Beach for the ser-                                       on muslin with cotton batting inside
 everyone who is born of the Spirit,” John 3:8), a brief mes-     vice. The dedicated group                                        and a backing of 100% cotton goes
                                                                         pushed through, in        Jesse, a Long Beach resident,   to a lucky winner (not necessary to
                                                                                                   participated while on his
                                                                         spite of three flat tires unique 6-foot high tall bike.   be present) on the Fair’s final night.
                                                                         en route.                                                 Raffles sell at $1 per chance or $5
                                                                             “Jesse,” a Long Beach resident known for his          per book of 6. In the 2007 Fair, quilt
                                                                         unique 6-foot high “tall bike,” stopped for the ser-      sales brought in close to $1,500 to
                                                                         vice and invited Father Chris to take the custom-         the church for its outreach programs.
                                                                         built bicycle for a short spin on the boardwalk.          Advanced sales on this year’s quilt
                                                                             At the end, everyone was invited to St. James         have already eclipsed that figure.
                                                                         for grilled hot dogs and a time of fellowship on the         “We are proud to say that the spe-
                                                                         church lawn.                                              cial quilts at our event have proved to
                                                                             “The Word of God tells us again and again that        be huge attention getters and greatly
                                                                         ‘we live and move and have our being’ in a God who        coveted thanks to excellence in both
                                                                         is real, alive, and always on the move,” Father King      quality and design,” observed Susan
                                                                         explained. “Celebrations like this help us express our    Panzarella, this year’s Fair chairman.
                                                                         thanks to God for letting us share in the energy of       “We look forward to showing it off
                                                                         life. As Christian believers who belong to the surfing    and announcing our winner for 2009.”
                                                                         community would say, “Mahalo nui loa, Akua Nui!              For more information call (516)
 Father Christopher King blessing “Bikes and Boards.”                    Thank you very much, great and living God!”               766-0693. Or visit the church’s web-
                                                                                                                                   site at:

Page H                                                                         The Dominion                                                                September 2009
 A Baptism and Membership Boom at St. John’s, Park Slope
By Susan McHenry                          be there for his goddaughter’s bap-      weekend visits with her mother              in Brooklyn and at St. John’s in the
                                          tism because he was in the Army sta-     upstate near Albany. But her fam-           not-so-distant future.
    A record breaking 10 baptisms in      tioned in Kansas and preparing to be     ily’s recent bereavement made her              Lately local Brooklyn newspapers
one service – nine babies (includ-        sent overseas in November. Barely        especially receptive to the joy of her      and web sites have made much of
ing a set of fraternal twins), plus       five months old, Don Browne’s god-       daughter’s baptism. “It was a little        a recent baby boom in Park Slope
the 12-year-old brother of one of         daughter, Saman-                                                                             and other Brooklyn neighbor-
the infants – were performed by the       tha Rodrique, is                                                                             hoods. But while demograph-
Rev. Clark Powers, rector of historic     one of the great-                                                                            ics might present St. John’s
St. John’s Episcopal Church in Park       grandchildren of                                                                             with a growth opportunity,
Slope, Brooklyn, June 14 at its 10        longtime parish                                                                              it doesn’t explain how the
a.m. summer service.                      members Fred and                                                                             parish reaped such a bounty
    This bumper crop of baptisms was      Beulah Jacob, the                                                                            on June 14. Father Powers
witnessed by a record-breaking crowd      daughter of their                                                                            believes it has something to
of 270 – unprecedented attendance         granddaughter                                                                                do with the work the vestry
for a summer Sunday when some in          Sharon Nichol-                                                                               and parish leadership has
the parish are at country homes or on     son and Simeon                                                                               been doing on evangelism
vacation. And these ten baptisms fol-     Rodrique. “The                                                                               over the last six months.
lowed four baptisms two months ear-       baptism was beau-                                                                               In December, in time for
lier on Holy Saturday, plus four others   tiful and brought                                                                            Christmas celebrations, sev-
in May (including the granddaughter of    back so many                                                                                 eral pews were removed from
the Bishop of Harare, Zimbabwe) for a     good memories of                                                                             the back of the church and
total of 18 baptisms in about 8 weeks!    when I was part                                                                              the area was converted into
    Furthermore, the parish, which        of the Anglican                                                                              a “Toddler Zone” with rock-
was also observing Membership Sun-        Church,” recalled                                                                            ing chairs, toys and small
day on June 14, received 20 adults as     Ms. Browne. “I felt                                                                          tables and chairs. The usual
new parish members – among them,          at home, and I said Father Clark Powers during one of 10 record breaking baptisms.           Midnight Mass on Christmas
quite a number of parents of the          to myself, at last,                                                                          Eve was moved to a more
newly baptized – in a short ceremony      this is going to be my own church!”      overwhelming to have so many of             family-friendly time of 9 pm, and
following Holy Baptism.                       Perhaps more typical of the new      us,” she admitted, “but the service         the “Zone” was well used during
    Presented by the Vestry, the new      members sworn in on June 14 is           went wonderfully.” She especially           the service. In the new year, several
members of St. John’s vowed to “faith-    Diane Friedman who until a fairly        appreciated having her membership           families with young children began
fully support the worship, fellowship     recent move to Sunset Park, Brook-       acknowledged at the same service.           attending the parish as word seems
and outreach ministries of Saint John’s   lyn, had lived in Park Slope. She had    “It’s about sharing this faith and my       to have spread that St. John’s is
Church and to seek to lead others to      been raised a Methodist; her husband     religious instruction with my daugh-        “child friendly.”
Christ and the Church.” The congrega-     had been Catholic, “and the Episcopal    ter eventually,” she says, looking for-        In May, a Vestry Retreat was
tion then welcomed the new members        church is somewhere in between.” So      ward to her confirmation at Cathedral       devoted to discussing Fireweed Evan-
by saying together, “We welcome you       she and her husband frequently vis-      of the Incarnation in Garden City. “It      gelism: Hospitality in a Multi-Faith
into the Body of Christ known as Saint    ited St. John’s when they lived in the   was a real family affair,” she added        World by Elizabeth R. Geitz, a book
John’s Episcopal Church. Share with us    neighborhood.                            about St. John’s Membership Sun-            that the rector and wardens learned
the Sacraments of the Church, the fel-        The birth of daughter, Helena, a     day, pointing out that her own fam-         about at Diocesan Convention. The
lowship of our Parish Family and the      little over a year ago motivated their   ily party included “my cousin, her          parish leadership is determined to
Service of Outreach we offer to those     making a new spiritual commitment.       husband and children; my husband’s          build upon the opportunities provided
in need around us.”                       “We actually did a lot of church hop-    sister, Helena’s godmother; my hus-         by the boom in young families in
    It was Ethel Browne’s very first      ping in our new neighborhood, but        band, my daughter and me.” Unfor-           Park Slope. If the June 14 Holy Bap-
time ever attending St. John’s            our thoughts kept drifting back to St.   tunately, Diane’s bereaved mother           tism and Membership Sunday are any
Church, but the Crown Heights,            John’s ... The people are nice and       wasn’t up to coming downstate for           evidence, the St. John’s vestry and
Brooklyn, resident found herself so       we felt comfortable. St. John’s mem-     the weekend, but Diane looks for-           parishioners have been quick studies
deeply moved by the baptism and           bers are accepting and open yet they     ward to her mom visiting the family         indeed.
the warmth of the congregation that       don’t interfere in your personal space.
she stepped forward on the spot to
be welcomed as a member. Born on
                                          My husband sometimes gets nervous
                                          around people who hug; he prefers to
                                                                                    ConvEnTIon Corner                                              By Nancy Signore
the Caribbean island of St. Vincent’s     shake hands,” she concluded with a
where she was baptized in an Angli-       hearty laugh. Earlier this spring Diane  Dates: Friday-Saturday, November            current with its reporting.
can church, raised in Trinidad, and       filled out a baptism application for     13-14, 2009                                 Pre-Convention Archdeaconry Meet-
then emigrating to Montreal, Canada,      Helena and enrolled herself in confir-   Place: The Melville Marriott Long           ings are scheduled as follows:
where her son was born in 1972 (and       mation classes at St. John’s.            Island Hotel (Melville)                     • Brooklyn – Thursday, November
also baptized at an Anglican church),         Diane says that so far she hasn’t                                                  5th, 7 pm at St. Augustine’s Church.
                                                                                   Room Rate: $124 per night (cut-off
Ms. Browne had been without a true        been able to worship at St. John’s                                                     For more details call (718) 629-0930
                                                                                   date for this rate is October 23rd).
church home since she relocated to        more regularly than once a month                                                     • Queens – Saturday, November 7th,
                                                                                   Reservations can be made by calling
New York City in 1988. She had come       because of her stepfather’s months-                                                    at Church of St. Alban the Martyr, St.
                                                                                   (800) 228-9290 or online at www.
to Saint John’s on June 14 to stand       long battle with lung cancer and his                                                   Albans. For details call (718) 528-1891
                                                                          Use group
in for her son, Don, who could not        death on June 3 that meant many                                                      • Nassau – Wednesday, Novem-
                                                                                   code CNDCNDA.
                                                                                                                                 ber 4th, 7:00 pm in the Cathe-
              Try A Cursillo Weekend                                               Delegate Certificates were due March
                                                                                   14, 2009. Please check the Diocesan
                                                                                                                                 dral House, Garden City. For more
                                                                                                                                 details call (516) 746-2955
 By Barbara Taylor                           The next weekend will take place      Convention page of the website to           • Suffolk – Thursday, October 29th at
                                          at Montfort Retreat Center in Bay-       ensure that your congregation’s cer-          Church of St. Mary, Hampton Bays
    Are you ready for a very special      shore November 19 to 22. If you          tificate is filed and your delegates          & Sunday, November 8th, 2 pm at
 spiritual experience? Try a Cursillo     are interested in being a part of this   receive all convention material which         St. James Church, St. James. For
 weekend. It’s a weekend full of love,    weekend, applications are available      will be sent out on or about Septem-          more details call (631) 727-3900
 music, prayers, talks, food and fel-     on the Long Island Cursillo website,     ber 14, 2009. Convention mailings
                                                                                   are sent electronically to all delegates    Pre-Convention Journal will be
 lowship. I promise that it will be an                                                                  posted on diocesan website on or
 event you will never forget. From the       If you have attended a weekend        with email addresses on file.
                                                                                                                               about November 5th.
 moment you arrive on a Thursday          and would like to serve on a team,       Reporting requirements: Parochial              Please visit the diocesan website
 until you leave on Sunday you will       team applications are also available     and Audit Reports must be received          regularly for current convention infor-
 feel love and closeness to God that      online.                                  before Convention. Check the website        mation: www.dioceselongisland.
 you have never felt before.                                                       to ensure that your congregation is         org/convention

September 2009                                                              The Dominion                                                                        Page I
    St. Stephen’s Contributes                                                            Michele Schmitt named Tiny Tots
    $7,000 to Episcopal Relief                                                           Play School Director in Northport
                                                                                        By Lisa Martin
      and Development for                                                                  Trinity Church, Northport, has named Michele Schmitt as director of Tiny

          Ministry in Haiti                                                             Tots Community Play School after a successful year as interim director.
                                                                                           “Michele nurtured an atmosphere of warmth and trust at Tiny Tots,” Bar-
                                                                                        bara Wasilausky, Trinity’s senior warden, said. “She organized several suc-
 By Dolores Kazanjian o’Brien              ger, achieving universal primary educa-      cessful fundraisers this year, including the popular Taste of Northport. We are
                                           tion, promoting gender equality, reduc-      pleased to name her director of Tiny Tots.”
    St. Stephen’s Church, Port Wash-       ing child mortality, improving maternal         Schmitt began as an assistant teacher at Tiny Tots when the school opened
 ington, recently presented to Gail Mad-   health, combating HIv/AIDS and other         in September 2001. She later spent four years as a lead teacher and then two
 den, Diocesan Funds Coordinator for       diseases, ensuring environmental sta-        years as the school’s administrative assistant, replacing the previous admin-
 Episcopal Relief and Development          bility, and developing a global partner-     istrative assistant who had retired. She became the school’s interim director
 (ERD), a check for $7,000 to further      ship for development. She said, “We          upon the retirement of the founding director, Ely Roll, in June 2008.
 ERD’s work in Haiti. The donation,        go on site to see what is needed. The           Schmitt has an associate’s degree in early childhood education from Suffolk
 from funds raised for purposes of work    community is always involved; we use         County Community College; an associate’s degree in accounting, also from
 among people in poverty-stricken          local talent, goods and resources.”          Suffolk County Community College; and a bachelor’s degree in accounting
 nations, was in recognition of the            Madden expressed great apprecia-         from Long Island University.
 extreme devastation experienced by the    tion to St. Stephen’s for its gift, assur-      Tiny Tots, housed in Trinity’s Weaver Church School Building, is a non-
 people of Haiti. That country is by far   ing the congregation, “When you give         sectarian play school for children ages 14 to 33 months. 45 children attended
 the poorest in the Western Hemisphere     to ERD, the money all goes where it is       Tiny Tots – which offers educational activities, including music and French
 and one of the poorest in the world.      designated. nothing goes for advertis-       instruction – during the past school year. The school also offers a six-week
    In an address at St. Stephen’s, Ms.    ing or extraneous costs.”                    summer camp program for children ages 24 to 43 months.
 Madden described ERD’s work and               The Rev. Kurt von Roeschlaub,
 specifically talked about programs        Rector of St. Stephen’s, in present-
 related to the Episcopal Church’s com-
 mitment to the United nations’ Mil-
                                           ing the gift, praised ERD’s work, and
                                           announced that the clergy and the vestry
                                                                                         DIoCESAn Intercessions
 lennium Development goals, namely,        are discussing the possibility of the par-                                 SepTeMBer 2009
 eradicating extreme poverty and hun-      ish undertaking ongoing work in Haiti.         1 The Retired Clergy of the Diocese       16 Zion Church, Douglaston
                                                                                          2 St.Philip’s, MacDonough Street,         17 Church of the Resurrection,
                                                                                            Brooklyn                                   East Elmhurst
                                                                                          3 St. Stephen & St. Martin, Brooklyn      18 St. James’, Elmhurst
                                                                                          4 St.Thomas’, Brooklyn                    19 St. John’s Episcopal Hospital,
                                                                                          5 Staff & Board of Directors of              Far Rockaway
                                                                                            Episcopal Charities of Long Island      20 St. George’s, Flushing
                                                                                          6 Church of the Redeemer, Astoria         21 St. John’s, Flushing
                                                                                          7 St. Andrew’s, Astoria                   22 St. Luke’s, Forest Hills
                                                                                          8 St. George’s, Astoria                   23 Companion Diocese Committee
                                                                                          9 Canons of the Cathedral                 24 Deacons of the Diocese
                                                                                         10 The Staff of the Diocese of Long        25 Trinity-St. Joseph, Flushing
                                                                                            Island                                  26 St. Gabriel’s, Hollis
                                                                                         11 All Saints’, Bayside                    27 Retired Bishop & Retired Suffragan
                                                                                         12 St. David’s, Cambria Heights               Bishop of Long Island
                                                                                         13 St. Paul’s, College Point               28 St. Mark’s, Jackson Heights
                                                                                         14 Grace Church, Corona                    29 Grace Church, Jamaica
                                                                                         15 The Racial Justice Committee            30 Committee on Dispatch of Business

 The Rev. W. Kurt von Roeschlaub, S.T.M., Rector, and Frederic Miller, Senior War-       Voices of Women                 Episcopal ChurchWomen
 den (left) of St. Stephen’s Episcopal in Port Washington present Gail Madden,                                                Barbara Taylor, VP, ECW Diocesan Board
 Diocesan Funds Coordinator, with a check for $7,000 for work in Haiti. At the far
 right is Vestry Outreach Chair Dolores Kazanjian O’Brien.                                   Fall ECW Archdeaconry Meetings
                                                                                          Brooklyn Archdeaconry

     Diocesan Altar Guild News
                                                                                          Sept. 12 - Annual General Membership Meeting, St. Philip’s Church,
                                                                                          McDonough Street.
By Joan Derle                                                                             Nassau Archdeaconry
                                                                                          Sept. 3 – Board Meeting
   Congratulations to Jane Ames, a former DAG President, who was elected                  oct. 7 - General Meeting – Elections to be held
President of the National Altar Guild.                                                    Parish presidents, please contact Pres. Joan Caballero for meeting location
   The National Altar Guild Association Convention ran concurrently with the
                                                                                          Queens Archdeaconry
General Convention of the Episcopal Church held in Anaheim, Calif. this past
                                                                                          Sept. 26 – Annual General Membership Meeting, St. James the Less Episco-
July. Jane was installed as President at St. John’s ProCathedral in Los Angeles
                                                                                          pal Church, 107-61 166 St., Jamaica. Holy Eucharist, 10 am, Fr. Dennison
by the Rt. Rev. Rayford High, Bishop Suffragan of Texas. Joan Derle who was
                                                                                          Richards celebrating, lunch and meeting to follow.
also attending as a member of the NAGA Board and, with Jane, represented the
                                                                                             The program will recognize Mrs. Barbara Taylor, ECW Honored Woman of
DAG of Long Island.
                                                                                          the Diocese of Long Island. New school supplies for Episcopal Community
   At the DAG Annual Meeting last spring, held at St. Mark’s Church, Islip, the
                                                                                          Services will be collected.
Very Rev. Richard E. Simpson, Rector, Annie Walkes, President, and Margaret
Ripton, Recording Secretary, were re-elected for a second term and Barbara                Suffolk Archdeaconry
Taylor, was elected Treasurer.                                                            Sept. 24 – Annual General Membership Meeting, St. Mark’s Church, West Hamp-
   During the service, hand-made linens for the Oratory at Diocesan House were            ton Beach. Fr. Christopher David will be the homilist. Elections will take place.
blessed and presented to the Rev. E. Clare Nesmith, ECA Executive Director.                  For details, call Pres. Evadney Weeks at (631) 751-5669 or
   Please watch the next issues of The Seedling, the DAG newsletter, and The              email
Dominion for upcoming DAG events.

Page J                                                                           The Dominion                                                                September 2009
                                                                                       St. Andrew’s/Nativity Churches Will Hold
Around the DIoCESE                                                                     Community Workshops
                                                                                       By The Rev. Christina van Liew
Fall Fair at St. John’s, Lattingtown                                                       The first of three community workshops especially for seniors and their fami-
By Victoria Crosby                                                                     lies conducted by Sarisohn Law Partners is being hosted by St. Andrew’s/Nativ-
                                                                                       ity, Williston Park.
   St. John’s of Lattingtown’s 57th annual Fall Fair will be on Saturday, Septem-          “Smart Medicaid Planning” will be held Saturday, September 26, 11:00 am
ber 19 from 10 am to 4 pm, with a special preview at 9:30 am. The fair takes           to 12:30 pm and repeated on Tuesday, September 29, 7:00 to 8:30 pm. Light
place each year rain or shine, and part of the proceeds benefit local and far          refreshments will be served.
reaching charities.                                                                        Please call the church office at (516) 746-5527 to let us know what session
   There will be rides, games, a drum circle, face painting and a magic show at        you will be attending.
noon; antiques and collectibles at the Silent Auction and Cream of The Crop.               And, save the date: Pet Blessing and Benefit for “Loving Touch,” Saturday,
Other booths are children’s clothes and toys, furniture, sporting goods, hand          October 3rd, 4:00 p.m.
made items, jewelry, books, peddler’s market, and plants. There will also be               St. Andrew’s/Nativity is located at 147 Campbell Ave. at Center St., Williston
music, food and fun for the whole family.                                              Park, three blocks north of Hillside Ave. and two blocks west of Willis Ave.
   Admission is $4.00 for adults; children under 12 are free; and the preview is
   St. John’s is located at the intersection of Overlook, Lattingtown and Old Tappan
Roads in Locust Valley. For further information call the church, (516) 671-3226.
                                                                                       Country Flea Market, Plainview, Oct. 3
                                                                                       By Lois Bisca

                                                                                          St. Margaret’s Church, Plainview, hosts its 12th Annual Country Flea Market,
Grace Church, Massapequa, Harvest Fair, Sept. 26                                       Saturday, Oct. 3 from 9 am to 5 pm (Rain date, October 4) Vendors wanted: $45
Proceeds for Grace Church and Habitat for Humanity                                     single space; $70 double space. No admission fee. 1000 Washington Ave., Plain-
                                                                                       view. Details: (516) 921-6867
By Ken Cynar

   A Farmers’ Market featuring Long Island produce; homemade breads, pies,
jams and relishes and plenty of other food; crafts, pony rides and a giant yard        Vendors Wanted by St. Mark’s, North Bellmore
sale are some of the highlights being offered at Massapequa’s Grace Episcopal
Church’s Annual Harvest Fair on Saturday, Sept. 26, according to fair coordina-        By Nancy Antonius
tors Debi Csajko and Kathy Roll.
                                                                                          Vendors are wanted for the Saturday, October 3, Fall Bazaar & White
   “More than 1,500 people visited the fair last year and we are looking forward
                                                                                       Elephant Sale at St. Mark’s, North Bellmore, 10 am to 4 pm in the church parish
to a similar attendance this September,” stated Mrs. Csajko. “It’s an old-fash-
                                                                                       hall. Tables are available for $30. Sales can be of new or old items, holiday
ioned Harvest Fair featuring locally grown produce, homemade baked goods,
                                                                                       gifts, crafts or services. For further information or to reserve a table, call Betty
crafts and games and activities for the kids. The Harvest Fair is an event the
                                                                                       at (516) 592-0441, after 1 pm St. Mark’s is at 1692 Bellmore Avenue, North
entire family can enjoy, and we encourage our friends and neighbors from the
                                                                                       Bellmore, near the Southern State Parkway.
Pequas and surrounding communities to join us rain or shine - and of course
admission is free.
   The fair will be held on Saturday, Sept. 26, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm at
Grace Episcopal Church located on the corner of Merrick Road and Cedar Shore           Pumpkin Fair in October at All Saints’, Sunnyside
Drive in Massapequa.
                                                                                       By Marilyn fagan
   The TOBAY sound stage will provide the focus of our newest attraction a
“Root Beer Garden.” Headlining the entertainment will be local rock n’ roll with          All Saints’ Church, Sunnyside, will have its annual Pumpkin Fair on Satur-
Generations. The children’s pony rides are from 1 to 3 p.m.                            day, October 3, 12 to 6 pm. We will have vendors with food and fun things to
   Fair proceeds are going to Grace Church and to Habitat for Humanity to help         buy and have. There will be hamburgers, hot dogs, and desserts. And we will
build affordable housing on Long Island. For more information call the Grace           also feature foods from countries around the world.
Church Office, (516) 798-1122.                                                            All Saints’ is at 46th Street and 43rd Avenue in Sunnyside. All are invited and
                                                                                       welcome. For more information call: (718) 784-8031 Come and have a piece of
                                                                                       pumpkin pie with us. See you there.
West Indies Night at All Saints’, Baldwin
By Dr. Terri M. Mangum
                                                                                       Little Angels at St. John’s, Springfield Gardens
   After a terrific summer, All Saints’ Baldwin will continue the fun with our
                                                                                       By Barbara Taylor, Vestry Member
annual West Indies Night celebration on Saturday, September 26, starting with
Cocktail Hour at 6:30 pm. Please note that this event will be at the Church of            St. John’s Little Angels are 6 young girls who praise the Lord in dance. The
the Transfiguration Parish Hall, 60 South Long Beach Avenue, Freeport.                 Angels meet at the church every Thursday at 5:30 pm for rehearsals under the
   This is always a fun-filled evening of fabulous Caribbean food, dancing to          tutelage of Ms. Sharon Blair. The program encourages the girls to use the talents
“The Tone Experience,” winning raffles and door prizes, and socializing.               God has given them
   Tickets may be purchased at All Saints’ or by contacting Ms. Courtney, (516)        and teaches discipline
485-1954, or the Parish Office, (516) 223-3731. $35.00 for adults; $15.00 for chil-    and perseverance.
dren 12 and under. A group plan is available for large families. We look for-             The Angels have
ward to seeing you and we thank you for your support.                                  danced for special
                                                                                       occasions such as
                                                                                       Easter, Father’s Day,
Ken Gunn and Bob Seaman                                                                and Family Day. And
                                                                                       they were invita-
Receive Bishop’s Medal                                                                 tional participants in
By Jocklyn Carter                                                                      the Brotherhood of
                                                                                       St. Andrew’s Queens
   Congratulations were in order recently at Christ Church, Garden City, when          Assembly talent pro-
Ken Gunn and Bob Seaman each received the Bishop’s Medal for extraordinary             gram.
service to the parish. Both men and their families have been members of the               New participants are welcome and encouraged to join. If you are interested,
church for decades. Each has served on the Vestry; Ken has been senior warden          let us know by email:
on no less than four occasions. Bob Seaman, now treasurer, is always on hand              And please visit our website for pictures and details about this and other St.
with sensible financial advice. He also sings in the choir and has served as head      John’s programs: The church is located
chef at harvest fairs and annual dinners.                                              at 137-67 Belknap Street, Springfield Gardens, N.Y.

September 2009                                                                 The Dominion                                                                        Page K
      Provenzanos                                        was called to St. Andrew’s Church, Longmeadow,
                                                         Massachusetts. It was from St. Andrew’s that he
                                                                                                                  graduating from Merrimack College in North Ando-
                                                                                                                  ver, Massachusetts with a degree in psychology, Kate

                                                         was called to be your next bishop.                       worked in the financial industry in Boston for several
                                                            Jeanne was born and brought up in Waterford,          years. During last year’s economic downturn, she was
                                                         Connecticut. Jeanne’s parents are Arthur and Edna        laid off from her job. She has since taken and passed
                                                         Ross, who now live in Niantic, CT. Jeanne is the         the Massachusetts teacher’s exam and is endeavoring
                                                         fourth of five children. She has four brothers, Art,     to find a position in teaching.
By Jeanne Provenzano                                     Mike, Pete and Bill, all of whom live in different          Our second daughter is Mary Provenzano. Mary
                                                         communities in Connecticut with their respective         is 24 years old and lives and works in Burlington,
    The Provenzanos have arrived in the Diocese of       families. Jeanne was educated in the public schools      VT. Mary earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology/
Long Island and, as of the end of June, are living in    in Waterford and then earned a bachelor’s degree         anthropology from St. Michael’s College in Win-
Garden City. As we have begun to get to know you         from St. Michael’s College in Winooski, VT in Eng-       ooski, VT. She interned for a non-profit organiza-
little by little, you may be wondering a bit about us.   lish Literature.                                         tion, NESEI, the New Sudan Education Initiative,
Let us tell you about ourselves.                                                                                        whose mission is building schools in Southern
    Larry, your new Bishop Coadjutor Elect, was                                                                         Sudan.
born and brought up in Brooklyn, N.Y. His par-                                                                              The culmination of her internship was trav-
ents, who both passed away in 2002, were Larry                                                                          eling to Southern Sudan in May, 2008 to partic-
and Marie Provenzano. Larry has one older                                                                               ipate in the opening of the first NESEI school
brother, Richard. Larry was educated in Roman                                                                           in Sudan. Mary has spent the last year focus-
Catholic Schools through high school. Upon                                                                              ing on the development of her art and music.
graduation from St. Paschal Baylon School in St.                                                                        She may be transitioning from the cold winters
Albans, Queens, Larry enrolled as a student at                                                                          of Vermont to a different – and warmer – envi-
St. John’s University in New York as a pharmacy                                                                         ronment this year!
student. It was during his time at St. John’s that                                                                          Our youngest child is Christopher. Chris is
he began to feel a call to the priesthood. He then                                                                      20 years old and will be starting his sophomore
entered a college seminary. After graduation, he                                                                        year at St. Michael’s College in Vermont in a
traveled to Italy and became a monk at a Fran-                                                                          few weeks. Chris is an English major. After his
ciscan monastery in Sicily. After two years there,                                                                      freshman year, Chris traveled to India for three
he felt called to a different kind of ministry. He                                                                      weeks for a brief study abroad program.
returned to the United States and began seminary                                                                            He has spent the rest of his summer endur-
at Christ the King Seminary in East Aurora, New                                                                         ing the rigors of moving from Longmeadow to
                                                                        The Provenzanos. L to R,
York. After completing seminary, he was ordained                                                                        Garden City. Chris has spent many past sum-
                                                              Christopher, Larry, Kathryn, Jeanne, and Mary.
a deacon and then a priest.                                                                                             mers as a camper and then counselor at Bement
    He left the Catholic church late in 1982, and            After graduation, Jeanne worked in publishing.       Camp and Conference Center, the diocesan camp in
began the transition to the Episcopal Church through     It was at that time, that Jeanne and Larry met and       Western Massachusetts. Chris loves to play the guitar
the Episcopal Diocese of Rhode Island. During that       were married. After doing freelance editorial work for   and assisted the music program at the camp. He also
time, Larry and I were married. Larry was an intern      many years, Jeanne earned a juris doctor degree from     worked there as a lifeguard and sailing instructor.
at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Wickford, RI. He then    Western New England College School of Law. After            The last, but certainly not the least member of
became curate at Christ Church in Westerly, R.I.         being admitted to both the Massachusetts and Con-        our family is our cat, Tigger.
    After three years at Christ Church, Westerly,        necticut bars, she practiced law with a firm and then       We hope this gives you a small window into who
he was called to be Rector of St. John’s Episcopal       with the Hampden County District Attorney’s Office.      we are as a family. And, now, we eagerly look forward
Church in North Adams, Massachusetts, a parish               Our oldest daughter is Kathryn Provenzano. Kate      to learning more about you in the ensuing months.
located in the diocese of Western Massachusetts.         is 26 years old and just recently moved from the North            Larry, Jeanne, Kate, Mary and Chris
After seven and a half years as rector there, Larry      End of Boston to Newburyport, Massachusetts. After                     Provenzano (and Tigger!)

                                                                                              Supporting a great organization and one of its primary charities
                                                                                              is not all work. ere’s plenty of play involved, and that’s why we
                                                                                              invite you to join us on September 28th for a full day of
                                                                                              spectacular golf, warm conversation, and a fun-filled dinner. e
                                                                                              Town of Oyster Bay golf course in Woodbury, Long Island, is
                                                                                              one of the area’s finest courses. And the Woodland’s Restaurant,
                                                                                              right on the course, serves up fine dining with the same elegance
                                                                                              as its sur

                                                                                              Experience God’s work at play. Support Episcopal Charities and
                                                                                              Camp DeWolfe by being part of our Golfing Fun Day or by
                                                                                              making your special contribution. Enjoy the day and the good
                                                                                              will that come from doing a very good thing.

                                                                                              Make your Reservation Today
   Join us for Episcopal Charities’ Golfing Fun Day Welcoming
        Bishop Provenzano to e Diocese of Long Island.                                       For ticket information, sponsorship packages, and details go to
                                                                                     or call 516-248-4800 ext. 19.

                                                                                                Registration and Refreshments: 10:00 am
                                                                                                Shotgun Start: 12:00 pm
                                                                                                Cocktail Reception: 5:00 pm
                                                                                                Dinner at e Woodlands on the golf course: 6:00 pm

                                                                                              Additional contacts: Camp DeWolfe (
                                                                                              and Episcopal Charities (

Page L                                                                      The Dominion                                                                September 2009

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