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*updated as of April, 2008
                     Title                             Editors/Authors            Book Copyright
ABAP                                           Winkler, Thomas                                2005
The ABCs of Gene Cloning                       Wong, Dominic W.S.                             2006
Abductive Reasoning                            Aliseda, Atocha                                2006
Abels Beweis                                   Pesic, Peter                                   2005
Abeta Peptide and Alzheimer's Disease          Barrow, Colin J; Small, David H.               2007

Abgabe und Übernahme einer Arztpraxis          Klapp, Eckhard                                2006

Die abgekürzten Verfahren im                   Fischerlehner, Johanna                        2008
Abiotic Stress Tolerance in Plants             Rai, Ashwani K.; Takabe,                      2006
Abnormal Skeletal Phenotypes                   Castriota-Scanderbeg,                         2005
                                               Alessandro; Dallapiccola, Bruno

Abord clinique des malades de l'alcool         Huas, Dominique; Rueff,                       2005
Abord clinique des urgences traumatiques au    Carolet, Carole; Pire, Jean-                  2005
cabinet du généraliste                         Claude

Abord clinique du malade âgé                   Moulias, Robert                               2007

Abord clinique en urologie                     Cortesse, Alain; LeDuc, Alain                 2006

About Life                                     Agutter, Paul S.; Wheatley,                   2007
                                               Denys N.
Abschlussprüfung und Geschäftsrisiko           Link, Robert                                  2006

Abseits der Vorhersehbarkeit                   Schmidbauer, Manfred                          2006

Absicherung von Katastrophen-Risiko über       Ritter, Mischa                                2006

Absolventen von Waldorfschulen                 Barz, Heiner; Randoll, Dirk                   2007

Abstract Algebra                               Grillet, Pierre Antoine                       2007
Abstract Computing Machines                    Kluge, W.                                     2005

Abstract Harmonic Analysis of Continuous       Führ, Hartmut                                 2005
Wavelet Transforms

Abstraction Refinement for Large Scale Model   Hachtel, Gary D.; Somenzi,                    2006
Checking                                       Fabio; Wang, Chao

Abstraction, Refinement and Proof for          McIver, Annabelle; Morgan,                    2005
Probabilistic Systems                          Charles C.
Abstraction, Reformulation and Approximation    Saitta, Lorenza; Zucker, Jean-   2005

Abstraction, Reformulation, and Approximation   Miguel, Ian; Tuml, Wheeler       2007

Abwechslungsbedürfnis und Werbewirkung          Dechêne, Christian Frédéric      2006

Academic Medicine:A Guide for Clinicians        Taylor, Robert B.                2006

Academic Scientists at Work                     Boss, Jeremy M.; Eckert,         2006
                                                Susan H.
Accelerated C# 2008                             Nash, Trey                       2008
Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation          Arthur, Douglas W.; Vicini,      2006
                                                Frank A.; Wazer, David E.
Accelerated VB 2005                             Fouche, Guy; Nash, Trey          2007
Acceleration and Improvement of Protein         Bienvenut, Willy Vincent         2005
Identification by Mass Spectrometry

Acceptance- and Mindfulness-Based               Orsillo, Susan M.; Roemer,       2005
Approaches to Anxiety                           Lizabeth

Access Control Systems                          Benantar, Messaoud               2006
Accessible Access 2003                          Marklyn, Bill; Whitehorn, Mark   2005

Accessing and Sharing the Benefits of the       Phillips, Peter W.B.;            2007
Genomics Revolution                             Onwuekwe, Chika B.

Accessing Multilingual Information Repositories Peters, Carol; Gey, Fredric;     2006
                                                Gonzalo, Julio; Mueller,
                                                Henning; Jones, Gareh; Kluck,
                                                Michael; Magnini, Bernardo; de
                                                Rijke, Maarten
Accountability for International Humanitarian   Othman, Mohamed Chande           2005
Law Violations: The Case of Rwanda and East

Accounting and Financial System Reform in a     McGee, Robert W.;                2005
Transition Economy: A Case Study of Russia      Preobragenskaya, Galina G.

Accounting and Financial System Reform in       McGee, Robert W.;                2006
Eastern Europe and Asia                         Preobragenskaya, Galina G.

Accreditation and Evaluation in the European    Schwarz, Stefanie;               2005
Higher Education Area                           Westerheijden, Don F.
Achievements in European Research on Grid         Gorlatch, Sergei; Priol, Thierry;   2008
Systems                                           Bubak, Marian

Achieving Excellence in Medical Education         Gunderman, Richard B.               2006

Achieving Excellence in Medical Education         Gunderman, Richard B.               2006

The Achilles of Rationalist Psychology                                                2008

The Achilles Tendon                               Maffulli, Nicola; Almekinders,      2007
Achtsamkeit des Psychotherapeuten                                                     2008

Acid in the Environment                           Visgilio, Gerald R.; Whitelaw,      2007
                                                  Diana M.
Acid Rain - Deposition to Recovery                Brimblecombe, Peter; Hara,          2007
                                                  Hiroshi; Houle, Daniel; Novak,
Acidity and Basicity                                                                  2008
Ackerlandschaften                                 Hampicke, Ulrich; Litterski,        2005
                                                  Birgit ; Wichtmann, Wendelin
Acoustic MIMO Signal Processing                   Huang, Yiteng; Benesty, Jacob;      2006
                                                  Chen, Jingdong
Acoustic Sensing Techniques for the Shallow       Caiti, Andrea; Chapman, N.          2006
Water Environment                                 Ross; Hermand, Jean-Pierre;
                                                  Jesus, Sérgio M.

Acoustical Imaging Volume 28                      André, Michael P.                   2007
Acoustics of Wood                                 Bucur, Voichita                     2006
Acquired Brain Injury                             Elbaum, Jean; Benson,               2007
Acquired Cystic Disease of the Kidney and         Ishikawa, Isao                      2007
Renal Cell Carcinoma

The Acquisition of Verbs and their Grammar:       Gagarina, Natalia; Gülzow, Insa     2006
The Effect of Particular Languages

Actin-Binding Proteins and Disease                                                    2008

Action and Responsibility                         Sneddon, Andrew                     2006

Active Conceptual Modeling of Learning            Chen, Peter P; Wong, Leah Y         2008

Active Directory Field Guide                      Hunter, Laura E.                    2005

The Active Female                                 McComb, Jacalyn J.; Norman,         2008
                                                  Reid; Zumwalt, Mimi
Active Flow Control                               King, Rudibert                      2007
Active Infective Aortic Valve Endocarditis with   Siniawski, Henryk                   2006
Infection Extension
Active Labor Market Policies in Europe           Kluve, Jochen                       2007

Active Mining                                    Motoda, Hiroshi; Numao,             2005
                                                 Masayuki; Tsumoto, Shusaku;
                                                 Yamaguchi, Takahira

Active Networks                               Minden, Gary J.                        2007
Active Processes and Otoacoustic Emissions in Manley, Geoffrey Allen; Fay,           2007
Hearing                                       Richard R.; Popper, Arthur N.

Active Sensor Planning for Multiview Vision                                          2008

Activist Business Ethics                         Cory, Jacques                       2005
Activity and Sign                                Hoffmann, Michael H.G.;             2005
                                                 Lenhard, Johannes; Seeger,
Acute Ischemic Stroke                            Gonzalez, R.G.; Hirsch, J.A.;       2006
                                                 Koroshetz, W.J.; Lev, M.H.;
                                                 Schaefer, P.
Acute Leukemias                                  Estey, E H; Faderl, S H;            2008
                                                 Kantarjian, H M
Acute Promyelitic Leukemia                       Pandolfi, Pier Paolo; Vogt,         2007
                                                 Peter K.
Ad Hoc Networks                                  Krishnamurthy, Srikanth;            2005
                                                 Mohapatra, Prasant
Ad hoc-Publizität und                            Griewel, Eva                        2006
Zwischenberichterstattung im deutschen
Corporate Governance-System

Ada 2005 Reference Manual. Language and          Taft, S. Tucker; Duff, Robert A.;   2006
Standard Libraries                               Brukardt, Randall L.;
                                                 Ploedereder, Erhard; Leroy,
The ADAM Family of Proteases                     Hooper, Nigel M.; Lendeckel,        2005
Adaptation to Life at High Salt Concentrations   Gunde-Cimerman, Nina; Oren,         2005
in Archaea, Bacteria, and Eukarya                Aharon; Plemenitaš, Ana

Adapting Proofs-as-Programs                      Crossley, John Newsome;             2005
                                                 Poernomo, Iman Hafiz;
                                                 Wirsing, Martin
Adaptive Agents and Multi-Agent Systems II       Alonso, Eduardo; Kazakov,           2005
                                                 Dimitar; Kudenko, Daniel
Adaptive Agents and Multi-Agent Systems III.                                         2008
Adaptation and Multi-Agent Learning

Adaptive and Integrated Water Management         Pahl-Wostl, Claudia; Möltgen,       2008
                                                 Jörn; Kabat, Pavel
Adaptive and Natural Computing Algorithms     Beliczynski, Bartlomiej;           2007
                                              Dzielinski, Andrzej; Iwanowski,
                                              Marcin; Ribeiro, Bernadete

Adaptive and Natural Computing Algorithms     Beliczynski, Bartlomiej;           2007
                                              Dzielinski, Andrzej; Iwanowski,
                                              Marcin; Ribeiro, Bernadete

Adaptive and Natural Computing Algorithms     Albrecht, Rudolf F.; Dobnikar,     2005
                                              Andrej; Pearson, David W.;
                                              Ribeiro, Bernadete; Steele,
                                              Nigel C.
Adaptive and Personalized Semantic Web        Sirmakessis, Spiros                2006

Adaptive Atmospheric Modeling                 Behrens, Jörn                      2006

Adaptive Backstepping Control of Uncertain                                       2008

Adaptive Bidding in Single-Sided Auctions     van Dinther, Clemens               2007
under Uncertainty

Adaptive Business Intelligence                Michalewicz, Zbigniew;             2006
                                              Schmidt, Martin; Michalewicz,
                                              Matthew; Chiriac, Constantin
Adaptive Cooperation between Driver and       Holzmann, Frédéric                 2008
Assistant System

Adaptive Hypermedia and Adaptive Web-         Ashman, Helen; Smyth, Barry;       2006
Based Systems                                 Wade, Vincent

Adaptive Hypermedia and Adaptive Web-                                            2006
Based Systems

Adaptive Information Systems and Modelling in Taudes, Alfred                     2005
Economics and Management Science

Adaptive Learning of Polynomial Networks      Iba, Hitoshi; Nikolaev, Nikolay    2006

Adaptive Low-Power Circuits for Wireless      Tasic, Aleksandar; Serdijn,        2006
Communications                                Wouter A.; Long, John R.

Adaptive Mesh Refinement - Theory and         Linde, Timur; Plewa, Tomasz;       2005
Applications                                  Weirs, V. Gregory

Adaptive Motion of Animals and Machines       Ishiguro, Akio; Kimura, Hiroshi;   2006
                                              Tsuchiya, Kazuo; Witt, Hartmut
Adaptive Multimedia Retrieval:User, Context,    Marchand-Maillet, Stéphane;       2007
and Feedback                                    Bruno, Eric; Nürnberger,
                                                Andreas; Detyniecki, Marcin
Adaptive Multimedia Retrieval: User, Context,   Detyniecki, Marcin; Jose,         2006
and Feedback                                    Joemon M.; Nürnberger,
                                                Andreas; van Rijsbergen, C. J.
Adaptive Multi-Standard RF Front-Ends           Vidojkovic, Vojkan; van der       2008
                                                Tang, Johan; Leeuwenburgh,
                                                Arjan; van Roermund, Arthur
Adaptive Nonlinear System Identification        Ogunfunmi, Tokunbo                2007

Adaptive Optics for Industry and Medicine       Wittrock, Ulrich                  2005

Adaptive Techniques for Mixed Signal System     Fayed, Ayman; Ismail,             2006
on Chip                                         Mohammed

Adaptive Voltage Control in Power Systems       Fusco, Giuseppe; Russo, Mario     2007

The Adaptive Web                                Brusilovsky, Peter; Kobsa,        2007
                                                Alfred; Nejdl, Wolfgang
Adaptronics and Smart Structures                Janocha, H.                       2007

Adequacy, Accountability, and the Future of     Leyden, Dennis P.                 2005
Public Education Funding

Adhesion Molecules: Function and Inhibition     Ley, Klaus                        2007

Ad-Hoc Networking                               Al Agha, Khaldoun                 2006
Ad-Hoc Networking Towards Seamless              Gavrilovska, Liljana; Prasad,     2006
Communications                                  Ramjee

Ad-hoc Networks: Fundamental Properties and Hekmat, Ramin                         2006
Network Topologies

Ad-Hoc, Mobile, and Wireless Networks           Kranakis, Evangelos; Opatrny,     2007
Ad-Hoc, Mobile, and Wireless Networks (vol. #   Chávez, Edgar; Syrotiuk, Violet   2005
3738)                                           R.
Ad-Hoc, Mobile, and Wireless Networks (vol. #   Kunz, Thomas; Ravi, S.S.          2006
Adipose Tissue and Adipokines in Health and     Fantuzzi, Giamila; Mazzone,       2007
Disease                                         Theodore

Adipositas bei Kindern und Jugendlichen         Hebebrand, Johannes; Kiess,       2005
                                                Wieland; Wabitsch, Martin;
                                                Zwiauer, Karl
Adobe® Acrobat® and PDF for Architecture,       Baker, Donna L.; Carson, Tom      2006
Engineering, and Construction
Adolescents and risk                          Bonino, Silvia; Cattelino, Elena;   2005
                                              Ciairano, Silvia
Adoleszenz - Migration - Bildung              King, Vera; Koller, Hans-           2006
Adrenal Glands                                Linos, Dimitrios; van Heerden,      2005
                                              Jon A.
Adrenomedullin in Cardiovascular Disease      Nishikimi, Toshio                   2005

The Adria Microplate: GPS Geodesy, Tectonics Grenerczy, Gyula; Medak,             2006
and Hazards                                  Damir; Pinter, Nicholas; Stein,
                                             Seth; Weber, John
Advanced .NET Remoting                       Rammer, Ingo; Szpuszta, Mario        2005

AdvancED ActionScript Components              De Donatis, Antonio                 2006

Advanced Air and Noise Pollution Control      Wang, Lawrence K; Hung,             2005
                                              Yung-Tse; Pereira, Norman C
Advanced Algebra                              Knapp, Anthony W.                   2007
Advanced Autonomic Networking and                                                 2008

Advanced BDD Optimization                     Drechsler, Rolf; Ebendt,            2005
                                              Rüdiger; Fey, Görschwin
Advanced Bioimaging Technologies in           Qin, Ling; Genant, Harry K.;        2007
Assessment of the Quality of Bone and         Griffith, James; Leung, Kwok-
Scaffold Materials                            Sui

Advanced Combustion and Aerothermal           Syred, Nick; Khalatov, Artem        2007

Advanced Computational Intelligence           Vaidya, S.; Jain, L.C.; Yoshida,    2007
Paradigms in Healthcare - 2                   H.

Advanced Computational Intelligence           Yoshida, Hiro; Jain, Ashlesha;      2007
Paradigms in Healthcare                       Ichalkaranje, Ajita; Jain,
                                              Lakhmi C.; Ichalkaranje, Nikhil

Advanced Computer Simulation Approaches for Holm, Christian; Kremer, Kurt         2005
Soft Matter Sciences I

Advanced Computer Simulation Approaches for Holm, Christian; Kremer, Kurt         2005
Soft Matter Sciences II

Advanced Concepts for Intelligent Vision      Blanc-Talon, Jacques; Philips,      2005
Systems (vol. # 3708)                         Wilfried; Popescu, Dan;
                                              Scheunders, Paul
Advanced Concepts for Intelligent Vision      Blanc-Talon, Jacques; Philips,      2007
Systems                                       Wilfried; Popescu, Dan;
                                              Scheunders, Paul
Advanced Concepts for Intelligent Vision        Blanc-Talon, Jacques; Philips,   2006
Systems (vol. # 4179)                           Wilfried; Popescu, Dan;
                                                Scheunders, Paul
Advanced Control of Industrial Processes        Tatjewski, Piotr                 2007

Advanced Dairy Chemistry Volume 2: Lipids       Fox, P.F.; McSweeney, P.L.H.     2006

Advanced Data Mining and Applications (vol. #   Dong, Zhao Yang; Li, Xue;        2005
3584)                                           Wang, Shuliang
Advanced Data Mining and Applications           Alhajj, Reda; Gao, Hong; Li,     2007
                                                Xue; Li, Jianzhong; Zaiane,
                                                Osmar R.
Advanced Data Mining and Applications (vol. #   Li, Xue; Li, Zhanhuai; Zaiane,   2006
4093)                                           Osmar R.
Advanced Data Mining Techniques                 Olson, David L; Delen, Dursun    2008

Advanced Data Warehouse Design                                                   2008

Advanced Design Techniques for RF Power         Krizhanovski, Vladimir;          2006
Amplifiers                                      Rudiakova, Anna

Advanced Distributed Systems                    Lrios Rosillo, Victor; Ramos,    2005
                                                Felix F.; Unger, Herwig
AdvancED DOM Scripting                          Sambells, Jeffrey; Gustafson,    2007
Advanced Earthquake Engineering Analysis        Pecker, Alain                    2007

Advanced Encryption Standard - AES              Dobbertin, Hans; Rijmen,         2005
                                                Vincent; Sowa, Aleksandra
Advanced Endourology                            Nakada, Stephen Y.; Pearle,      2006
                                                Margaret S.
Advanced Environmental Monitoring               Kim, Young J.; Platt, Ulrich     2008

Advanced Environments, Tools, and                                                2006
Applications for Cluster Computing

Advanced Experimental Methods For Noise         Levinshtein, Michael; Sikula,    2005
Research in Nanoscale Electronic Devices        Josef

AdvancED Flash Interface Design                 Kemper, Michael; Monnone,        2006
                                                Brian; Rosso, Guido
Advanced Functional Programming                 Uustalu, Tarmo; Vene, Varmo      2005

Advanced Fuzzy Logic Technologies in            Bai, Ying; Zhuang, Hanqi;        2006
Industrial Applications                         Wang, Dali

Advanced Gate Stacks for High-Mobility          Dimoulas, Athanasios; Gusev,     2007
Semiconductors                                  Evgeni; McIntyre, Paul C;
                                                Heyns, Marc
Advanced Imaging of the Abdomen                 Skucas, Jovitas                  2006
Advanced Information Systems Engineering        Krogstie, John; Opdahl,         2007
                                                Andreas L.; Sindre, Guttorm
Advanced Information Systems Engineering                                        2006

Advanced Information Systems Engineering        Falcão e Cunha, João; Pastor,   2005
Advanced Information Systems Engineering,       Dubois, Eric; Pohl, Klaus       2006

Advanced Intelligent Computing Theories and     Huang, De-Shuang; Heutte,       2007
Applications. With Aspects of Artificial        Laurent; Loog, Marco

Advanced Intelligent Computing Theories and     Huang, De-Shuang; Heutte,       2007
Applications. With Aspects of Contemporary      Laurent; Loog, Marco
Intelligent Computing Techniques

Advanced Intelligent Computing Theories and     Huang, De-Shuang; Heutte,       2007
Applications. With Aspects of Theoretical and   Laurent; Loog, Marco
Methodological Issues

Advanced Intelligent Paradigms in Computer      Baba, Norio; Jain, Lakhmi C.;   2007
Games                                           Handa, Hisashi

Advanced Linear Algebra                         Roman, Steven                   2005
Advanced Linear Algebra                         Roman, Steven                   2008
Advanced Magnetic Nanostructures                Sellmyer, David; Skomski,       2006
Advanced Man-Machine Interaction                Kraiss, Karl-Friedrich          2006

Advanced Materials and Structures for Extreme Skrzypek, Jacek J.;               2008
Operating Conditions                          Ganczarski, Artur W.;
                                              Rustichelli, Franco; Egner,
Advanced Memory Optimization Techniques for Verma, Manish; Marwedel,            2007
Low-Power Embedded Processors                 Peter

Advanced Methods for Inconsistent Knowledge Nguyen, Ngoc Thanh                  2008

Advanced Methods for Knowledge Discovery        Bandyopadhyay, Sanghamitra;     2005
from Complex Data                               Cook, Diane J.; Holder, Larry
                                                B.; Maulik, Ujjwal

Advanced Methods in Material Forming            Banabic, Dorel                  2007
Advanced Microsystems for Automotive             Gessner, Wolfgang; Valldorf,     2005
Applications 2005                                Jürgen

Advanced Microsystems for Automotive             Gessner, Wolfgang; Valldorf,     2006
Applications 2006                                Jürgen

Advanced Microsystems for Automotive             Valldorf, Jürgen; Gessner,       2007
Applications 2007                                Wolfgang

Advanced Motion Control and Sensing for          Li, Li; Wang, Fei-Yue            2007
Intelligent Vehicles

Advanced Multivariate Statistics with Matrices   Kollo, Tonu; Rosen, D. von       2005

Advanced Numerical Methods to Optimize           Makhanov, Stanislav S.;          2007
Cutting Operations of Five-Axis Milling          Anotaipaiboon, Weerachai

Advanced Organic Chemistry                       Carey, Francis A.; Sundberg,     2007
                                                 Richard J.
Advanced Organic Chemistry                       Carey, Francis A.; Sundberg,     2007
                                                 Richard J.
Advanced Parallel Processing Technologies        Xu, Ming; Cao, Jiannong; Liu,    2007
                                                 Yijun; Zhan, Yinwei

Advanced Parallel Processing Technologies        Cao, Jiannong; Nejdl,            2005
                                                 Wolfgang; Xu, Ming

Advanced Peripheral Nerve Surgery and            Alexandre, Alberto; Bricolo,     2005
Minimal Invasive Spinal Surgery                  Albino; Millesi, Hanno

Advanced Physicochemical Treatment               Wang, Lawrence K.; Hung,         2006
Processes                                        Yung-Tse; Shammas, Nazih K.

Advanced Physicochemical Treatment               Wang, Lawrence K. ; Hung,        2007
Technologies                                     Yung-Tse; Shammas, Nazih K.

Advanced Planning in Fresh Food Industries       Lütke Entrup, Matthias           2005

Advanced Quantum Mechanics                       Schwabl, Franz                   2005

Advanced Radiation Sources and Applications      Wiedemann, Helmut                2006

Advanced Robust and Nonparametric Methods        Daraio, Cinzia; Simar, Leopold   2007
in Efficiency Analysis
Advanced Science and Technology for             Marmiroli, Nelson; Samotokin,     2007
Biological Decontamination of Sites Affected by Borys; Marmiroli, Marta
Chemical and Radiological Nuclear Agents

Advanced SharePoint Services Solutions         Hillier, Scot P.                   2005

Advanced Software Engineering: Expanding       Ochoa, Sergio F.; Roman,           2006
the Frontiers of Software Technology           Gruia-Catalin

Advanced Strategies in Control Systems with    Tarbouriech, Sophie; Garcia,       2007
Input and Output Constraints                   Germain; Glattfelder, Adolf H.

Advanced Stress and Stability Analysis         Feodosiev, V.I.                    2005

Advanced Studies in Biometrics             Bigun, Josef; Grosso, Enrico;          2005
                                           Tistarelli, Massimo
Advanced Techniques in Diagnostic          Stratton, Charles W.; Tang, Yi-        2006
Microbiology                               Wei
Advanced Techniques in Biophysics          Alonso, Alicia; Arrondo, José          2006
Advanced Techniques in Knowledge Discovery Jain, Lakhmi C.; Pal, Nikhil           2005
and Data Mining

Advanced Techniques in Soil Microbiology       Varma, Ajit; Oelmüller, Ralf       2007

Advanced Time-Correlated Single Photon         Becker, Wolfgang                   2005
Counting Techniques

Advanced Topics in Control Systems Theory      Lamnabhi-Lagarrigue,               2005
(vol. # 311)                                   Françoise; Loría, Antonio;
                                               Panteley, Elena
Advanced Topics in Control Systems Theory      Lamnabhi-Lagarrigue,               2006
(vol. # 328)                                   Françoise; Loría, Antonio;
                                               Panteley, Elena
Advanced Topics in Exception Handling          Dony, Christophe; Knudsen,         2006
Techniques                                     Jorgen Lindskov; Romanovsky,
                                               Alexander; Tripathi, Anand

Advanced Visual Quantum Mechanics              Thaller, Bernd                     2005

Advanced Web and Network Technologies,         Li, Jinbao; Li, Minglu; Ni, Jun;   2006
and Applications                               Shen, Heng Tao; Wang, Wei

Advanced Wired and Wireless Networks           Dadej, Arek; Wysocki, Tadeusz      2005
                                               A.; Wysocki, Beata J.
Advances and Innovations in Systems,        Elleithy, Khaled                    2007
Computing Sciences and Software Engineering

ADVANCES AND TECHNICAL STANDARDS              Pickard, J.-D.                    2007

Advances and Technical Standards in           Pickard, J D; Lobo Antunes, J;    2005
Neurosurgery                                  Fahlbusch, R; Dolenc, VV;
                                              Akalan, N; Sindou, M; Tulleken,
                                              C A F; Rocco, C; Tribolet, N

ADVANCES AND TECHNICAL STANDARDS              Pickard, J D; Fahlbusch, R;       2006
IN NEUROSURGERY, Vol. 31                      Dolenc, V V; Akalan, N; Rocco,
                                              C; Sindou, M; Tribolet, N;
                                              Tulleken, C A F; Lobo Antunes,
Advances in Artificial Intelligence           Kobti, Ziad; Wu, Dan              2007

Advances in Artificial Intelligence                                             2006

Advances in Case-Based Reasoning                                                2006

Advances in Computer, Information, and        Elleithy, Khaled; Sobh, Tarek;    2006
Systems Sciences, and Engineering             Mahmood, Ausif; Iskander,
                                              Magued; Karim, Mohammad

Advances in Control Theory and Applications   Bonivento, Claudio; Isidori,      2007
                                              Alberto; Marconi, Lorenzo;
                                              Rossi, Carlo
Advances in Cryptology - CRYPTO -87                                             2006

Advances in Cryptology - EUROCRYPT 2007       Naor, Moni                        2007

Advances in Data and Web Management           Dong, Guozhu; Lin, Xuemin;        2007
                                              Wang, Wei; Yang, Yun; Yu,
                                              Jeffrey Xu
Advances in Data Mining                                                         2006
Advances in Fracture Research                 Carpinteri, Alberto; Mai, Yiu-    2006
                                              Wing; Ritchie, Robert O.
Advances in Grid and Pervasive Computing      Cérin, Christophe; Li, Kuan-      2007
Advances in Air Pollution Modeling for        Faragó, István; Georgiev,         2005
Environmental Security                        Krassimir; Havasi, Ágnes

Advances in Algal Biology: A Commemoration    Kingston, John C.; Kociolek, J.   2006
of the Work of Rex Lowe                       Patrick; Pan, Yangdon;
                                              Stevenson, R. Jan

Advances in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s       Fisher, Abraham; Hanin, Israel;   2008
Disease                                       Stocchi, Fabrizio; Memo,
Advances in Applied Artificial Intelligence         Ali, Moonis; Dapoigny, Richard     2006

Advances in Applied Self-organizing Systems         Prokopenko, Mikhail                2008

Advances in Artificial Economics                    Bruun, Charlotte                   2006

Advances in Artificial Intelligence (vol. # 3501)   Kégl, Balázs; Lapalme, Guy         2005

Advances in Artificial Intelligence (vol. # 4013)   Lamontagne, Luc; Marchand,         2006
Advances in Artificial Intelligence (vol. # 3955)   Antoniou, Grigoris;                2006
                                                    Plexousakis, Dimitris;
                                                    Potamias, George;
                                                    Spyropoulos, Costas
Advances in Artificial Intelligence - IBERAMIA-     Sichman, Jaime Simao;              2006
SBIA 2006                                           Coelho, Helder; Rezende,
                                                    Solange Oliveira
Advances in Artificial Life                         Almeida e Costa, Francesco         2007

Advances in Artificial Life                         Bentley, Peter J.; Capcarrere,     2005
                                                    Mathieu; Freitas, Alex A.;
                                                    Johnson, Colin G.; Timmis, Jon

Advances in Artificial Reality and Tele-Existence Liang, Ronghua; Pan, Zhigeng;        2006
                                                  Cheok, Adrian; Haller, Michael;
                                                  Lau, Rynson W.H.; Saito, Hideo

Advances in Bioinformatics and Computational        Setubal, Joao Carlos; Verjovski-   2005
Biology                                             Almeida, Sergio

Advances in Bioinformatics and Computational        Sagot, Marie-France; Walter,       2007
Biology                                             Maria Emilia M.T.

Advances in Biologically Inspired Information       Dressler, Falko; Carreras,         2007
Systems                                             Iacopo

Advances in Biometric Person Authentication         Feng, Guocan; Lai, Jianhuang;      2005
                                                    Li, Stan Z.; Tan, Tieniu; Wang,
Advances in Biometric Person Authentication         Chollet, Gérard; Li, Stan Z.;      2005
(vol. # 3781)                                       Pankanti, Sharath; Sun,
                                                    Zhenan; Tan, Tieniu; Zhang,
Advances in Biometrics                              Lee, Seong-Whan; Li, Stan Z.       2007
Advances in Biometrics                              Ratha, Nalini K.; Govindaraju,     2008
Advances in Biometrics                              Jain, Anil K.; Zhang, David        2005
Advances in Brain, Vision, and Artificial           Mele, Francesco; Ramella,          2007
Intelligence                                        Giuliana; Santillo, Silvia;
                                                    Ventriglia, Francesco
Advances in Breast Cancer Management,         Gradishar, William J; Wood,       2008
Second Edition                                William C

Advances in Cardiac Signal Processing         Acharya, U Rajendra; Suri,        2007
                                              Jasjit; Spaan, J.A.E; Krishnan,
                                              Shankar M.
Advances in Case-Based Reasoning              Roth-Berghofer, Thomas;           2006
                                              Göker, Mehmet H.; Güvenir, H.
Advances in Communication Control Networks    Abdallah, C.T.; Chiasson, J.;     2005
                                              Tarbouriech, S.

Advances in Communication Systems and                                           2008
Electrical Engineering

Advances in Computation and Intelligence      Kang, Lishan; Liu, Yong; Zeng,    2007

Advances in Computational Multibody Systems   Ambrósio, Jorge A.C.              2005

Advances in Computer Games                    Herik, H. Jaap van den; Hsu,      2006
                                              Shun-Chin; Hsu, Tsan-sheng;
                                              Donkers, H.H.L.M.
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Languages for Embedded Systems

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Risk Reduction                               Tanvir

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in sub-Saharan Africa: Challenges and             Kihara, Job; Kimetu, Joseph

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Processing, and Pattern Analysis                Lan, Xuguang

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Images in Medicine, Biotechnology and

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and Drought Tolerance                          Jain, S.M.

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Comparisons, and Reliability                     Nagaraja, H.N.

Pertubation Compensator based Robust             Chung, W.K.; Kwon, S.J.           2005
Tracking Control and State Estimation of
Mechanical Systems
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Advances in Solid State Physics                                                    2008

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Advances in Spatial and Temporal Databases                                         2006

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Sensing                                          Ottavio

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Sciences                                         Balakrishnan, N.; Mesbah,
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Dioxide                                        Lombardi, S.

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Advances in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles           Valavanis, Kimon P.                2007

Advances in Urban Ecology                      Alberti, Marina                    2008

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Mode Control                                   Fridman, L.

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Timed Automata                                  Agata

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Management (vol. # 4016)                     Hong Va; Yu, Jeffrey Xu
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Management (vol. # 3739)                     Yang, Jun
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Advances in Knowledge Discovery and Data                                             2006

Advances in Knowledge Discovery and Data          Zhou, Zhi-Hua; Li, Hang; Yang,     2007
Mining                                            Qiang

Advances in Learning Classifier Systems                                              2006

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Advances in Modern Tourism Research               Matias, Álvaro; Neto, Paulo;       2007
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Advances in Plant and Animal Boron Nutrition      Xu, Fangsen                        2007

Advances in Probabilistic Graphical Models        Lucas, Peter; Gámez, José A.;      2007
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Advances in Smaltalk                              De Meuter, Wolfgang                2007
Advances in Web-Age Information Management                                           2006

Advances in Functional and Reparative             Chang, Jin Woo; Katayama,          2006
Neurosurgery                                      Yoichi; Yamamoto, Takamitsu

Advancing Quality of Life in a Turbulent World    Estes, Richard J.                  2007

Advancing Social Simulation: The First World      Takahashi, Shingo; Sallach,        2007
Congress                                          David; Rouchier, Juliette

The Advisory Function of the International        Aljaghoub, Mahasen M.              2006
Court of Justice 1946 - 2005

Aeronomy of the Middle Atmosphere                 Brasseur, Guy P.; Solomon,         2005
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Aesthetic Surgery of the Facial Mosaic            Panfilov, Dimitrije E.             2007

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The Aetiology of Deep Venous Thrombosis           Malone, P Colm; Agutter, Paul S    2008

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Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction   Picard, Rosalind W.; Tan,          2005
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Affine Density in Wavelet Analysis                Kutyniok, Gitta                    2007

African Biodiversity                              Huber, Bernhard A.; Sinclair,      2005
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African Cultural Astronomy                    Holbrook, Jarita; Thebe             2008
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Io After Galileo                              Lopes, Rosaly; Spencer, John        2007
AGB-Kontrolle bei stationärer                 Kutlu, Aygün                        2006

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Social Complex Systems                        H.; Kijima, K.

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Methodologies to Real-World Applications      Kaneda, Toshiyuki; Kita,
                                              Hajime; Terano, Takao

Agent-based Supply Network Event              Zimmermann, Roland                  2006

Agentenbasierte Produktionssteuerung          Mönch, Lars                         2006
komplexer Produktionssysteme
Agentenorientierte Softwareentwicklung          Jakob, Ralf; Weiß, Gerhard           2005

Agent-Mediated Electronic Commerce VI           Faratin, Peyman; Rodríguez-          2005
                                                Aguilar, Juan A.
Agent-Mediated Electronic Commerce.             Fasli, Maria; Shehory, Onn           2007
Automated Negotiation and Strategy Design for
Electronic Markets

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Designing Trading Agents and Mechanisms         Norman; Janson, Sverker

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Agent-Oriented Information Systems III          Kolp, Manuel; Bresciani, Paolo;      2006
                                                Henderson-Sellers, Brian;
                                                Winikoff, Michael
Agent-Oriented Information Systems IV                                                2008

Agent-Oriented Software Engineering V           Giorgini, Paolo; Müller, Jörg, P.;   2005
                                                Odell, James
Agent-Oriented Software Engineering VI          Müller, Jörg P.; Zambonelli,         2006
Agent-Oriented Software Engineering VII         Padgham, Lin; Zambonelli,            2007
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                                                Claudio; Singh, Munindar P.
Agents and Peer-to-Peer Computing (vol. #       Aberer, Karl; Bergamaschi,           2005
3601)                                           Sonia; Moro, Gianluca
Agents and Peer-to-Peer Computing (vol. #       Despotovic, Zoran; Joseph,           2006
4118)                                           Sam; Sartori, Claudio
Ages, Generations and the Social Contract       Véron, Jacques; Pennec,              2007
                                                Sophie; Légaré, Jacques
AGG im Arbeitsrecht                             Boemke, Burkhard; Danko,             2007
Aggregation Functions: A Guide for              Beliakov, Gleb; Pradera, Ana;        2007
Practitioners                                   Calvo, Tomasa
Agile Development with the ICONIX Process       Collins-Cope, Mark;                  2005
                                                Rosenberg, Doug; Stephens,
The Agile Enterprise                            Pal, Nirmal; Pantaleo, Daniel        2005
Agile Modellierung mit UML                      Rumpe, Bernhard                      2005

Agile Processes in Software Engineering and     Concas, Giulio; Damiani,             2007
Extreme Programming                             Ernesto; Scotto, Marco; Succi,

Agile Software Construction                     Hunt, John                           2006
Agile Unternehmen durch Business Rules      Grässle, Patrick; Schacher,               2006
Agilität durch ARIS                         Jost, Wolfram; Kindermann,                2006
Geschäftsprozessmanagement                  Herbert; Kruppke, Helmut;
                                            Scheer, August-Wilhelm
Agility by ARIS Business Process Management Jost, Wolfram; Kindermann,                2006
                                            Herbert; Kruppke, Helmut;
                                            Scheer, August-Wilhelm
Aging and Chronic Disorders                 Morewitz, Stephen J.;                     2007
                                            Goldstein, Mark
Aging and the Heart                         Marín-García, José; Moe,                  2008
                                            Gordon W; Goldenthal, Michael
The Aging Kidney in Health and Disease      MachasNúñez, Juan F;                      2008
                                            Oreopoulos, Dimitrios G;
                                            Cameron, J Stewart
The Aging Spine                             Aebi, Max; Gunzburg, Robert;              2005
                                            Szpalski, Marek
Ageing: The Paradox of Life                 Holliday, Robin                           2007

Agricultural Biodiversity and Biotechnology in    Cooper, Joseph; Lipper, Leslie      2005
Economic Development                              Marie; Zilberman, David

Agricultural Biotechnology in China               Karplus, Valerie J; Deng, Xing      2008
Agricultural Medicine                             Lessenger, James E.                 2006
Agricultural Research Management                  Loebenstein, G.; Thottappilly, G.   2007

Agricultural Standards                            Bingen, Jim; Busch, Lawrence        2006

Agriculture and Climate Beyond 2015               Brouwer, Floor; McCarl, Bruce       2006
Agrobacterium: From Biology to Biotechnology      Tzfira, Tzvi; Citovsky, Vitaly      2008

The Agulhas Current                               Lutjeharms, J.R.E.                  2006
AI 2004: Advances in Artificial Intelligence      Webb, Geoffrey; Yu, Xinghuo         2005

AI 2005: Advances in Artificial Intelligence      Jarvis, Ray; Zhang, Shichao         2005

AI 2006: Advances in Artificial Intelligence      Sattar, Abdul; Kang, Byeong Ho      2006

AI 2007: Advances in Artificial Intelligence      Orgun, Mehmet A; Thornton,          2007
AI*IA 2005: Advances in Artificial Intelligence   Bandini, Stefania; Manzoni,         2005
AI*IA 2007: Artificial Intelligence and Human-    Basili, Roberto; Pazienza,          2007
Oriented Computing                                Maria Teresa

Aids-Associated Viral Oncogenesis                 Meyers, Craig                       2007

Air Pollution Modeling and its Application XVII   Borrego, Carlos; Norman, Ann-       2007
Air Quality in Airplane Cabins and Similar       Hocking, Martin B.; Hocking,       2005
Enclosed Spaces                                  Diana

The Air Spora                                    Lacey, Maureen E.; West,           2006
                                                 Jonathan S.
Air, Water and Soil Quality Modelling for Risk   Ebel, Adolf; Davitashvili,         2007
and Impact Assessment                            Teimuraz

AJAX                                             El Moussaoui, Hassan;              2008
                                                 Zeppenfeld, Klaus
AJAX in der Praxis                               Jäger, Kai                         2008
Ajax Patterns and Best Practices                 Gross, Christian                   2006

AJCC Cancer Staging Atlas                        Compton, Carolyn C. ; Fritz,       2006
                                                 April G. ; Greene, Frederick L.;
                                                 Shah, Jatin; Winchester, David
Akteur Gehirn — oder das vermeintliche Ende      Reichertz, Jo; Zaboura, Nadia      2006
des handelnden Subjekts

Aktienrückkäufe in Deutschland                   Seifert, Udo                       2006

AktionΣrsorientierte Unternehmensfⁿhrung         Pölert, Arnd                       2007

Aktiv leben und genießen                         Edel, Klaus                        2006

Aktiv verkaufen am Telefon                                                          2008

Aktive elektronische Dokumente in                                                   2008

Aktive Filter und Oszillatoren                   Wangenheim, Lutz                   2008

Aktives Investmentportfolio-Management           Ohlms, Christian                   2006

Aktivierende Sozialpädagogik                     Dollinger, Bernd; Raithel,         2006
Aktuelle Aspekte der Pathogenese und             Möller, Hans-Jürgen; Müller,       2006
Therapie der Schizophrenie                       Norbert

Aktuelle Theoriediskurse Sozialer Arbeit                                            2008

Akupuntur                                        Stux, Gabriel                      2007
Die Akute Entzündung                             Egger, Gerd                        2005
Akute und therapieresistente Depressionen       Adli, Mazda; Bauer, Michael;     2005
                                                Berghöfer, Anne

Die Akzeptanz kartenbasierter                                                    2008
Kundenbindungsprogramme aus

Albert Einstein                                 Steiner, Frank                   2005
Albert Oeckl - sein Leben und Wirken für die    Mattke, Christian                2006
deutsche Öffentlichkeitsarbeit

Algae and Cyanobacteria in Extreme              Seckbach, Joseph                 2007

Algal Chemical Ecology                          Amsler, Charles D                2008
Algebra                                         Lorenz, Falko                    2008
Algebra                                         Jantzen, Jens Carsten;           2006
                                                Schwermer, Joachim
Algebra                                         Bosch, Siegfried                 2006
Algebra                                         Lorenz, Falko                    2006
Algebra and Coalgebra in Computer Science       Fiadeiro, José Luis; Harman,     2005
                                                Neil; Roggenbach, Markus;
                                                Rutten, Jan
Algebra and Coalgebra in Computer Science       Mossakowski, Till; Montanari,    2007
                                                Ugo; Haveraaen, Magne

Algebra für Einsteiger                          Bewersdorff, Jörg                2007
The Algebra of Secondary Cohomology             Baues, Hans-Joachim              2006
Algebra, Meaning, and Computation               Futatsugi, Kokichi; Jouannaud,   2006
                                                Jean-Pierre; Meseguer, José

Algebraic and Proof-theoretic Aspects of Non-   Aguzzoli, Stefano; Marra,        2007
classical Logics                                Vincenzo; Ciabattoni, Agata;
                                                Gerla, Brunella; Manara,
Algebraic Aspects of the Advanced Encryption    Cid, Carlos; Murphy, Sean;       2006
Standard                                        Robshaw, Matthew

Algebraic Biology                               Anai, Hirokazu; Horimoto,        2007
                                                Katsuhisa; Kutsia, Temur
Algebraic Cobordism                             Levine, Marc; Morel, Fabien      2007
Algebraic Combinatorics                         Orlik, Peter; Welker, Volkmar    2007
Algebraic Geometry                              Perrin, Daniel                   2008
Algebraic Geometry and Geometric Modeling       Elkadi, Mohamed; Mourrain,       2006
                                                Bernard; Piene, Ragni
Algebraic Geometry and Number Theory            Ginzburg, Victor                 2006

Algebraic Informatics                           Bozapalidis, Symeon; Rahonis,    2007
Algebraic Methodology and Software                Johnson, Michael; Vene, Varmo    2006
Algebraic Methods for Nonlinear Control           Conte, Giuseppe; Moog,           2007
Systems                                           Claude; Perdon, Anna Maria

Algebraic Multiplicity of Eigenvalues of Linear   López-Gómez, Julián; Mora-       2007
Operators                                         Corral, Carlos

Algebraic Theory of Locally Nilpotent             Freudenburg, Gene                2006

Algebraische Zahlentheorie                        Neukirch, Jürgen                 2006

Algebras, Rings and Modules                       Hazewinkel, Michiel; Gubareni,   2007
                                                  Nadiya; Kirichenko, V.V.

Algebras, Rings and Modules                       Gubareni, Nadiya; Hazewinkel,    2005
                                                  Michiel; Kirichenko, V.V.

Algèbre/Chapitre 9                                Bourbaki, N.                     2007
Eléments de Mathématique. Algèbre                 Bourbaki, N.                     2007
Algèbre/Chapitre 10. Algèbre homologique          Bourbaki, N.                     2006
Algèbre/Chapitre 4 à 7                            Bourbaki, N.                     2007
Algèbre commutative/Chapitre 10                   Bourbaki, N.                     2007
Algèbre commutative/Chapitres 1à 4                Bourbaki, N.                     2006
Algèbre commutative/Chapitres 5 à 7               Bourbaki, N.                     2006
Algèbre commutative/Chapitres 8 et 9              Bourbaki, N.                     2006
Algebra lineare                                   Robbiano, Lorenzo                2007
Algebra und Diskrete Mathematik 1                 Lau, Dietlinde                   2007

Algorithm Collections for Digital Signal          Gopi, E.S.                       2007
Processing Applications Using Matlab

Algorithm Theory - SWAT 2006                      Arge, Lars; Freivalds, Rusins    2006

Algorithmen und Problemlösungen mit C++           Logofătu, Doina                  2006

Algorithmes d'approximation                       Vazirani, VijayV .               2006

Algorithmic Applications in Management            Alonstioti, Nancy; Megiddo,      2005
                                                  Nimrod; Xu, Yinfeng; Zhu,
Algorithmic Aspects in Information and            Cheng, Siu-Wing; Poon, Chung     2006
Management                                        Keung

Algorithmic Aspects in Information and            Kao, Ming-Yang; Li, Xiang-Yang   2007

Algorithmic Aspects of Bioinformatics             Böckenhauer, Hans-Joachim;       2007
                                                  Bongartz, Dirk
Algorithmic Aspects of Wireless Sensor                                             2008

Algorithmic Aspects of Wireless Sensor          Nikoletseas, Sotiris; Rolim,       2006
Networks                                        José D.P.

Algorithmic Foundations of Robotics VI          Erdmann, Michael; Hsu, David;      2005
                                                Overmars, Mark; Stappen, A.
                                                Frank van der
Algorithmic Information Theory                  Seibt, Peter                       2006

Algorithmic Learning in a Random World          Gammerman, Alex; Shafer,           2005
                                                Glenn; Vovk, Vladimir
Algorithmic Learning Theory                     Hutter, Markus; Servedio,          2007
                                                Rocco A.; Takimoto, Eiji
Algorithmic Learning Theory (vol. # 3734)       Jain, Sanjay; Simon, Hans          2005
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Algorithmic Learning Theory (vol. # 4264)       Balcázar, José L.; Long, Philip    2006
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Algorithmic Methods for Railway Optimization    Geraets, Frank; Kroon, Leo;        2007
                                                Schoebel, Anita; Wagner,
                                                Dorothea; Zaroliagiis, Christos
Algorithmic Number Theory                       Hess, Florian; Pauli, Sebastian;   2006
                                                Pohst, Michael
Algorithmic Topology and Classification of 3-   Matveev, Sergei                    2007

Algorithmik                                     Feldman, Y,.; Harel, David         2006
Algorithmische Geometrie                        Klein, Rolf                        2005

Algorithms – ESA 2007                           Arge, Lars; Hoffmann, Michael;     2007
                                                Welzl, Emo
Algorithms – ESA 2005                           Brodal, Gerth S.; Leonardi,        2005
Algorithms - ESA 2006                           Azar, Yossi; Erlebach, Thomas      2006

Algorithms and Architectures for Parallel       Jin, Haj; Rana, Omer F.; Pan,      2007
Processing                                      Yi; Prasanna, Victor K.

Algorithms and Complexity                       Calamoneri, Tiziana; Finocchi,     2006
                                                Irene; Italiano, Guiseppe F.

Algorithms and Computation                      Tokuyama, Takeshi                  2007

Algorithms and Computation                      Fleischer, Rudolf; Trippen,        2005
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Algorithms and Computation (vol. # 4288)        Asano, Tetsuo                      2006

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Algorithms and Data Structures                     Dehne, Frank; Sack, Jörg-         2007
                                                   Rüdiger; Zeh, Norbert
Algorithms and Models for the Web-Graph            Bonato, Anthony; Chung, Fan       2007
Algorithms for Approximation                       Iske, Armin; Levesley, Jeremy     2007

Algorithms for Sensor and Ad Hoc Networks          Wagner, Dorothea;                 2007
                                                   Wattenhofer, Roger
Algorithms in Bioinformatics (vol. # 3692)         Casadio, Rita; Myers, Gene        2005

Algorithms in Bioinformatics                       Giancarlo, Raffaele;              2007
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Algorithms in Bioinformatics (vol. # 4175)         Bücher, Philipp; Moret, Bernard   2006
Algorithms in Real Algebraic Geometry              Basu, Saugata; Pollack,           2006
                                                   Richard; Roy, Marie-Françoise

Thermophilic Acidophilic Bacilli: Alicyclobacillus Yokota, A.; Fujii, T.; Goto, K.   2007

Alkaliphiles                                       Horikoshi, Koki                   2006
Alkohol und Alkoholfolgekrankheiten                Singer, Manfred V.; Teyssen,      2005
A High-Performance Logical Framework -- All        Clavel, Manuel; Durán,            2007
About Maude                                        Francisco; Eker, Steven;
                                                   Lincoln, Patrick; Martí-Oliet,
                                                   Narciso; Meseguer, José;
                                                   Talcott, Carolyn
All of Nonparametric Statistics                    Wasserman, Larry                  2006

Alla ricerca della via più breve                   Ruggerini, Stefano                2005

Alle, nicht jeder                                  Noelle-Neumann, Elisabeth;        2005
                                                   Petersen, Thomas
Alleinerziehende mit volljährigen Kindern          Brand, Dagmar                     2006

Allelochemicals: Biological Control of Plant       Inderjit, ; Mukerji, K.G.         2006
Pathogens and Diseases

Allelopathy                                        González, Luís; Pedrol, Nuria;    2006
                                                   Reigosa, Manuel J.
Allergic Diseases                                  Lieberman, Phil; Anderson,        2007
                                                   John A
Allergy in Practice                                Ring, Johannes                    2005
Allgemeine Bankbetriebswirtschaft                                                    2006

Allgemeine BWL                                     Tiedtke, Jürgen R                 2007
Allgemeine Geobotanik                              Pott, Richard                     2005
Das allgemeine Verwaltungsrecht als                Schmidt-Aßmann, Eberhard          2006
Allgemeinmedizin und Praxis                    Mader, Frank H; Weißgerber,        2007
Allgemeinmedizin und Praxis                    Mader, Frank H.; Weißgerber,       2005
Allianzfähigkeit                               Schilke, Oliver                    2007
Allocating Public and Private Resources across Gauthier, Anne H.; Chu, C.Y.       2006
Generations                                    Cyrus; Tuljapurkar, Shripad

Allokation der Eigentumsrechte an              Schröder, Katrin                   2006

Allosteric Regulatory Enzymes                  Traut, Thomas                      2008

Alltagstheorien über Schülergewalt             Klewin, Gabriele                   2006

Als die Welt still stand                       Naess, Atle                        2006
Alter(n) in der alternden Gesellschaft                                            2008

Alter, ist das herrlich!                       Hauser, Jürgen                     2007
Altern in der Stadt                            Rüßler, Harald                     2007
Altern in Gesellschaft                         Pasero, Ursula; Schroeter,         2007
                                               Klaus R; Backes, Gertrud M
Altern und bürgerschaftliches Engagement       Schroeter, Klaus R; Zängl,         2006

Alternative Antriebe für Automobile            Stan, Cornel                       2005

Alternative Breast Imaging                     Gilman, Larry; Meaney, Paul        2005
                                               M.; Paulsen, Keith D.
Alternative Education                          Nagata, Yoshiyuki                  2007
Alternative Splicing and Disease               Jeanteur, Philippe                 2006

Alternative Unternehmensfinanzierung für den   Fischl, Bernd                      2006
deutschen Mittelstand

Alzheimer: 100 Years and Beyond                Jucker, Mathias; Beyreuther,       2006
                                               Konrad; Haass, Christian;
                                               Nitsch, Roger M.; Christen,
Alzheimer's Disease                            Lau, Lit-Fui; Brodney, Michael A   2008

Alzheimer's Disease                            Sisodia, Sangram S.; Tanzi,        2007
                                               Rudolph E.
Alzheimer's Disease: Cellular and Molecular    Fahrenholz, Falk; Harris, Robin    2005
Aspects of Amyloid beta

Amartya Sen's Capability Approach              Kuklys, Wiebke                     2005

The Amateur Astronomer                         Moore, Patrick                     2006
Amazing Numbers in Biology                      Flindt, Rainer                     2006

Ambient Intelligence                            Schiele, Bernt; Aarts, Emile;      2007
                                                Gellersen, Hans; Wichert,
                                                Reiner; Dey, Anind K; Tscheligi,
                                                Manfred; Buchmann, Alejandro;
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Ambient Intelligence                            Ellis, Tim; Foresti, Gian Luca;    2005
                                                Remagnino, Paolo
Ambient Intelligence                            Aarts, E.; Rabaey, J.M.; Weber,    2005
Ambient Intelligence for Scientific Discovery   Cai, Yang                          2005

Ambient Intelligence in Everyday Life           Cai, Yang; Abascal, Julio          2006

Ambient Networks                                Schönwälder, Jürgen; Serrat,       2005
Ambiguities in Decision-oriented Life Cycle     Werner, Frank                      2005

Ambivalenzen des Konsums und der                Jäckel, Michael                    2007
werblichen Kommunikation

Die ambulante Arztpraxis in der Rechtsform der Attermeyer, Elke                    2005

Ambulantes Operieren                            Busse, Jörg; Brams, H.; Standl,    2007
Americanization of the European Economy         Schröter, Harm G.                  2005

Amino Acid Biosynthesis – Pathways,             Wendisch, Volker F.                2007
Regulation and Metabolic Engineering

AmIware                                         Aarts, Emile; Mukherjee,           2006
                                                Satyen; Ouwerkerk, Martin;
                                                Roovers, Raf; Widdershoven,
Amongst Mathematicians                          Nardi, Elena                       2008

An American Scientist on the Research Frontier Hamerla, Ralph R.                   2006

An Annotated Timeline of Operations Research Assad, Arjang A.; Gass, Saul I.       2005

An Annotated Timeline of Operations             Assad, Arjang A.; Gass, Saul I.    2005
Research: An Informal History

An Archaeological Evolution                     South, Stanley                     2005
An Archaeology of Colonial Identity              Lucas, Gavin                     2006

An Ecological and Societal Approach to           Eilenberg, J.; Hokkanen, H.M.T   2006
Biological Control

An Energy Analysis of Household Consumption Pachauri, S.                          2007

An Integrated Approach to Software               Jalote, Pankaj                   2005
An Introduction to Difference Equations          Elaydi, Saber                    2005

An Introduction to Differential Geometry with    Ciarlet, Philippe G.             2005
Applications to Elasticity

An Introduction to Efficiency and Productivity   Battese, George E.; Coelli,      2005
Analysis                                         Timothy J.; O'Donnell,
                                                 Christopher J.; Rao, D.S.
An Introduction to Global Spectral Modeling      Bedi, H.S.; Hardiker, V.;        2006
                                                 Krishnamurti, T.N. ;
                                                 Ramaswamy, L.
An Introduction to Infinite-Dimensional Analysis Da Prato, Giuseppe               2006

An Introduction to Language Processing with      Nugues, Pierre M.                2006
Perl and Prolog

An Introduction to Markov Processes              Stroock, Daniel W.               2005

An Introduction to Meshfree Methods and Their Gu, Y.T.; Liu, G.R.                 2005

An Introduction to Navier-Stokes Equation and    Tartar, Luc                      2006

An Introduction to Network Programming with      Graba, Jan                       2007

An Introduction to Number Theory                 Everest, G.; Ward, Thomas        2005

An Introduction to Operators on the Hardy-       Martinez-Avendano, Ruben A.;     2007
Hilbert Space                                    Rosenthal, Peter

An Introduction to Programming and Numerical Denier, James P.; Otto,              2005
Methods in MATLAB                            Stephen R.

An Introduction to Queueing Theory               Baum, Dieter; Breuer, L.         2005
An Introduction to the Heisenberg Group and      Capogna, Luca; Danielli,            2007
the Sub-Riemannian Isoperimetric Problem         Donatella; Pauls, Scott D.;
                                                 Tyson, Jeremy T.

An Introduction to the Theory of Piezoelectricity Yang, Jiashi                       2005

An Invitation to Morse Theory                    Nicolaescu, Liviu I.                2007

An R and S-Plus® Companion to Multivariate       Everitt, Brian S.                   2005

Anaerobtechnik                                   Bischofsberger, Wolfgang;           2005
                                                 Böhnke, Botho; Dichtl, Norbert;
                                                 Rosenwinkel, Karl-Heinz;
                                                 Seyfried, Carl Franz
Anaesthesia, Pain, Intensive Care and            Gullo, A.                           2007
Emergency Medicine A.P.I.C.E.

Anaesthesia, Pain, Intensive Care and            Gullo, A.                           2006
Emergency Medicine - A.P.I.C.E.

Anaesthesia, Pain, Intensive Care and                                                2008
Emergency A.P.I.C.E.

Anaesthesia, Pain, Intensive Care and            Gullo, A.                           2005
Emergency Medicine - A.P.I.C.E.

Anafilassi in pediatria                          Calvani, Mauro; Cardinale,          2007
                                                 Fabio; Martelli, Alberto; Muraro,
                                                 Maria A.; Pucci, Neri; Savino,
Analgesia                                        Stein, Christoph                    2007
Analisi dei sistemi dinamici                     Giua, A.; Seatzu, C.                2006

Analisi Matematica I                             Canuto, C.; Tabacco, A.             2005
Analog Circuit Design                            Huijsing, Johan H.; Roermund,       2006
                                                 Arthur H.M. van; Steyaert,
Analog Circuit Design                            van Roermund, Arthur H.M.;          2006
                                                 Casier, Herman; Steyaert,
Analog Design Centering and Sizing               Graeb, Helmut E.                    2007

Analog Design Essentials                         Sansen, Willy M.C.                  2006

Analog Integrated Circuits for Communication     Pederson, Donald O; Mayaram,        2008
Analog-Baseband Architectures And Circuits       Mak, Pui-In; U, Seng-Pan;           2007
For Multistandard And Lowvoltage Wireless        Martins, Rui Paulo

Analogy in Indian and Western Philosophical      Cohen, Robert S.; Gourko,           2006
Thought                                          Helena

Analyse asymptotique et couche limite            Cousteix, Jean; Mauss,              2006
Analysing Ecological Data                        Zuur, Alain F.; Ieno, Elena N.;     2007
                                                 Smith, Graham M.
Analysis 1                                       Hildebrandt, Stefan                 2006
Analysis 1                                       Zorich, V. A.                       2006
Analysis and Algorithms for Service Parts        Muckstadt, John A.                  2005
Supply Chains

Analysis and Control of Ultrafast Photoinduced   Kühn, O.; Wöste, L.                 2007

Analysis and Design of Advanced Multiservice     Akar, Nail; Beben, Andrzej;         2006
Networks Supporting Mobility, Multimedia, and    Brazio, Jose; Burakowski,
Internetworking                                  Wojciech; Fiedler, Markus;
                                                 Karasan, Ezhan; Menth,
                                                 Michael; Olivier, Philippe; Tran-
                                                 Gia, Phuoc; Tutschku, Kurt;
                                                 Wittevrongel, Sabine
Analysis and Design of Information Systems       Langer, Arthur M.                   2008

Analysis and Design of Intelligent Systems       Melin, Patricia; Castillo, Oscar;   2007
Using Soft Computing Techniques                  Ramírez, Eduardo Gomez;
                                                 Kacprzyk, Janusz; Pedrycz,
Analysis and Design of Nonlinear Control         Astolfi, Alessandro; Marconi,       2008
Systems                                          Lorenzo

Analysis and Modeling of Faces and Gestures      Zhou, S Kevin; Zhao, Wenyi;         2007
                                                 Gong, Shaogang; Tang, Xiaoou

Analysis and Modelling of Faces and Gestures     Gong, Shaogang; Tang, Xiaou;        2005
                                                 Zhao, Wenyi
Analysis and Numerics for Conservation Laws      Warnecke, Gerald                    2005

Analysis and Probability                         Jorgensen, Palle E.T.               2006

Analysis and Simulation of Contact Problems      Nackenhorst, Udo; Wriggers,         2006
Analysis and Simulation of Fluid Dynamics        Calgaro, Caterina; Coulombel,       2007
                                                 Jean-François; Goudon, Thierry
Analysis and Synthesis of Logics                                                   2008

Analysis Band 1                                  Behrends, Ehrhard                 2007
Analysis Band 2                                  Behrends, Ehrhard                 2007
Analysis für Informatiker                        Oberguggenberger, Michael;        2005
                                                 Ostermann, Alexander
Analysis für technische Oberschulen              Pfeffer, Karl-Heinz               2007

Analysis I                                       Amann, Herbert; Escher,           2005
Analysis I                                       Amann, Herbert; Escher,           2006
Analysis II                                      Amann, Herbert; Escher,           2006
Analysis II                                      Godement, Roger                   2005
The Analysis of Cross-Classified Categorical     Fienberg, Stephen                 2007

Analysis of Low-Speed Unsteady Airfoil Flows     Cebeci, Tuncer; Chang, Kuo-       2005
                                                 cheng; Chen, Hsun; Platzer,
                                                 Max; Shao, Jian P.
Analysis of Microdata                            Boes, Stefan; Winkelmann,         2006
Analysis of Phylogenetics and Evolution with R   Paradis, Emmanuel                 2006

Analysis of Seawater                             Crompton, T.R.                    2006
Analysis of Toeplitz Operators                   Böttcher, Albrecht; Silbermann,   2006
Analysis of Variance for Random Models,          Ojeda, Mario M.; Sahai, Hardeo    2005
Volume 2: Unbalanced Data
Analysis of Waiting-Time Data in Health          Sobolev, Boris; Kuramoto, Lisa    2008
Services Research

Analysis, Control and Optimization of Complex    Boukas, El Kébir; Malhamé,        2005
Dynamic Systems                                  Roland P.

Analysis, Modeling and Simulation of Multiscale Mielke, Alexander                  2006

Analysis, Synthesis, and Perception of Musical   Beauchamp, James                  2007

Analytic Methods for Design Practice             Park, Gyung-Jin                   2007

Analytic Number Theory                           Friedlander, John B.; Heath-      2006
                                                 Brown, David Rodney; Iwaniec,
                                                 Henryk; Kaczorowski, Jerzy
Analytical and Numerical Approaches to           Frauendiener, Jörg; Giulini,      2006
Mathematical Relativity                          Domenico J.W.; Perlick, Volker

Analytical Chemistry                             Danzer, K.                        2007
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und Arbeitsbuch

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Angestellte in eigener Sache

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steuertheoretische Beurteilung

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Armut von Erwerbstätigen in europäischen                                            2008

Armutsbekämpfung durch Umweltpolitik                                                2005

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Engineering Applications: A Bioinspired

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and Applications

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and Forging New Frontiers

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States of Environment
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Fishing in the Southern Ocean

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Assessing Climate Change                                                           2008

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Education Institutions

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Model Predictive Control                      Frank; Biegler, Lorenz

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Assessment Center                                Obermann, Christof                2006
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Sea Basin

Assessment of Hydrogen Energy for                Sheffield, John W.; Sheffield,    2007
Sustainable Development                          Çigdem

Assessment of the Fate and Effects of Toxic      Gonenc, I. Ethem; Koutitonsky,    2007
Agents on Water Resources                        Vladimir; Wolflin, John P.
Assessment Reform in Science                      Yung, Benny H.W                    2006

Assessment Center                                 Eck, Claus D.; Jöri, Hans; Vogt,   2007
Asset Backed Securities                                                              2008
Asset Backed Securities-Transaktionen und         Struffert, Ralf                    2006
Kreditderivate nach IFRS und HGB

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                                                  H.A.; Gardiner, Susan E.; de
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the Brain

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Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance                Francesc

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European Flora                                   Agáta

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Pancreato-Biliary Surgery                        M.G.; Fong, Yuman

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Optical Microscopy and Nanoscratching

Atomic Spectroscopy                              Andreev, Anatoli V.                  2006
Atomic Structure Theory                          Johnson, Walter R.                   2007
Atomistic Approaches in Modern Biology           Reiher, Markus                       2007

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Vision                                           Lucas; Rome, Erich; Tsotsos,
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Attention in Cognitive Systems. Theories and     Paletta, Lucas; Rome, Erich          2007
Systems from an Interdisciplinary Viewpoint

Attitudes and Changing Contexts                  van Rooij, Robert                    2006

Attractivity and Bifurcation for Nonautonomous   Rasmussen, Martin                    2007
Dynamical Systems

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                                                 Lionel; McAdams, Stephen ;
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Auditory Trauma, Protection, and Repair                                               2008

Auf Crashkurs                                    Becker, Helmut                       2005
Auf dem Weg zur Integration Factory              Schelp, Joachim; Winter,             2005
Auf dem Weg zur Macht?                           Kinzig, Silke                        2007

Auf dem Weg zur sozialen Stadt                   Lenz, Martin                         2007

Auf den Anfang kommt es an                       Hinz, Renate; Schumacher,            2006
Auf Wachstumskurs                                Bötzel, Stefan; Schwenker,           2006
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Aufgabensammlung Fertigungstechnik                                               2008

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Werkstoffprüfung                              Wolfgang

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Augenheilkunde                                Grehn, Franz                       2006
Augenmotilitätsstörungen                      Buchberger, Michael ;              2005
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The Augmented Spherical Wave Method           Eyert, Volker                      2007

Acoustic Virtual Reality                      Vorländer, Michael                 2008
Auriculothérapie                              Rouxeville, Yves; Meas,            2007
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Aurora                                        Bone, Neil                         2007
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institutionelle Lösungsansätze                Lars; Sichelschmidt, Henning;
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Ausbildung in der Logistik                    Engelhardt-Nowitzki, Corinna       2006

Ausbildungsfähigkeit im Spannungsfeld                                            2008
zwischen Wissenschaft, Politik und Praxis

Ausländische Umwandlungen und                 Rödel, Sabine                      2006
Auslegung der International Financial Reporting Schneider, Stefan                 2006
Standards am Bilanzierungsobjekt

Auslieferung und Europäischer Haftbefehl       Murschetz, Verena                  2007

Der Ausschluss von Minderheitsaktionären       Schilling, Dirk                    2006

Außenhandel                                    Büter, Clemens                     2007
Außenhandel und Technologie                                                       2008

Die Außenpolitik der Bundesrepublik            Bredow, Wilfried                   2006

Außenwirtschaft                                Heiduk, Günter S.                  2005
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                                               Schwarz, Ulrich
The Austin Protocol Compiler                   Gouda, Mohamed G.; McGuire,        2005
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Australia's Arc of Instability                 Forbes, Vivian Louis; Griffin,     2006
                                               Christopher; Rumley, Dennis
Die Ausweitung der Bekenntniskultur — neue     Burkart, Günter                    2006
Formen der Selbstthematisierung?

Auswirkungen des Strukturwandels auf die       Nolte, Bernd                       2006
Personalentwicklung in Sparkassen

Auswirkungen und Erfolgsfaktoren von Disease Kranzer, Andrea                      2008

Auswuchttechnik                                Schneider, Hatto                   2007
Authoritative Communities                      Kline, Kathleen Kovner             2008

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Autoimmune Diseases in Endocrinology           Weetman, Anthony P.                2008

Autoimmune Diseases of the Skin                Hertl, Michael                     2005

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3580)                                       F.; Monteiro, Luis; Palamidessi,
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4051)                                       Bart; Sassone, Vladimiro;
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Automata, Languages and Programming (vol. # Bugliesi, Michele; Preneel,            2006
4052)                                       Bart; Sassone, Vladimiro;
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Automated Deduction – CADE-20               Nieuwenhuis, Robert                    2005

Automated Deduction – CADE-21                      Pfenning, Frank                 2007

Automated Deduction in Geometry                    Botana, Francisco; Recio,       2007
Automated Deduction in Geometry                    Hong, Hoon; Wang, Dongming      2006

Automated Nanohandling by Microrobots              Fatikow, Sergej                 2008

Automated Reasoning                                Furbach, Ulrich; Shankar,       2006
Automated Reasoning with Analytic Tableaux         Olivetti, Nicola                2007
and Related Methods

Automated Reasoning with Analytic Tableaux         Beckert, Bernhard               2005
and Related Methods

Automated Technology for Verification and          Namjoshi, Kedar; Yoneda,        2007
Analysis                                           Tomohiro; Higashino, Teruo;
                                                   Okamura, Yoshio
Automated Technology for Verification and          Peled, Doron A.; Tsay, Yih-     2005
Analysis                                           Kuen

Automated Technology for Vertification and         Graf, Susanne; Zhang, Wenhui    2006

Automatic Autocorrelation and Spectral Analysis Broersen, Piet M.T.                2006

Automatic Differentiation: Applications, Theory,   Bücker, Martin; Corliss,        2006
and Implementations                                George; Hovland, Paul ;
                                                   Naumann, Uwe ; Norris, Boyana

Automatic Program Development                                                      2008

Automatic Quantum Computer Programming             Spector, Lee                    2007

Automating Business Modelling                      Chen-Burger, Yun-Heh;           2005
                                                   Robertson, Dave
Automatisieren mit SPS Übersichten und             Wellenreuther, Günter;          2007
Übungsaufgaben                                     Zastrow, Dieter

Automobildesign und Technik                        Braess, Hans-Hermann;           2007
                                                   Seiffert, Ulrich
Automobilelektronik                                Reif, Konrad                    2007
Die Automobilindustrie auf dem Weg zur       Garcia Sanz, Francisco J.;         2007
globalen Netzwerkkompetenz                   Semmler, Klaus; Walther,
Automorphic Forms and Lie Superalgebras      Ray, Urmie                         2006

Automotive Control Systems                   Kiencke, Uwe; Nielsen, Lars        2005

The Automotive Development Process           Sörensen, Daniel                   2006

Automotive Embedded Systeme                  Tran, Man Tien; Wietzke,           2005
Automotive Lighting and Human Vision         Wördenweber, Burkard;              2007
                                             Wallaschek, Jörg; Boyce,
                                             Peter; Hoffman, Donald
Automotive Production Systems and            Clarke, Constanze                  2005

Automotive Software- Connected Services in   Broy, Manfred; Krüger, Ingolf;     2006
Mobile Networks                              Meisinger, Michael

Automotive Software Engineering              Schäuffele, Jörg; Zurawka,         2006
Autonome Mobile Systeme 2005                 Avrutin, Viktor; Lafrenz,          2006
                                             Reinhard; Levi, Paul; Schanz,
Autonome Mobile Systeme 2007                 Berns, Karsten; Luksch, Tobias     2008

Autonome Produktionszellen                   Pfeifer, Tilo; Schmitt, Robert     2006

Autonomes Laufen                             Cruse, Holk; Pfeiffer, Friedrich   2005
Autonomic and Trusted Computing              Xiao, Bin; Yang, Laurence T.;      2007
                                             Ma, Jianhua; Muller-Schloer,
                                             Christian; Hua, Yu
Autonomic and Trusted Computing              Yang, Laurence T.; Jin, Hai;       2006
                                             Ma, Jianhua; Ungerer, Theo
Autonomic Communication (vol. # 3457)        Smirnov, Michael                   2005

Autonomic Communication (vol. # 3854)        Smirnov, Michael; Stavrakakis,     2006
Autonomic Management of Mobile Multimedia    Helmy, Ahmed; Jennings,            2006
Services                                     Brendan; Murphy, LIam;
                                             Pfeifer, Tom
Autonomic Networking                         Gaiti, Dominique; Pujolle, Guy;    2006
                                             Al-Shaer, Ehab; Calvert, Ken;
                                             Dobson, Simon; Leduc, Guy;
Autonomic Principles of IP Operations and    Parr, Gerald; Malone, David; Ó     2006
Management                                   Foghlú, Mícheál

Autonomous Intelligent Systems: Agents and   Gorodetsky, Vladimir; Liu,         2005
Data Mining                                  Jiming; Skormin, Victor A.
Autonomous Intelligent Systems: Multi-Agents      Gorodetsky, Vladimir; Zhang,        2007
and Data Mining                                   Chengqi; Skormin, Victor; Cao,
Autonomous Navigation in Dynamic                  Laugier, Christian; Chatila, Raja   2007

Autonomous Robots and Agents                      Mukhopadhyay, Subhas; Sen           2007
                                                  Gupta, Gourab
Autonomy                                                                              2008
Autonomy and Human Rights in Health Care          Weisstub, David N.; Diaz            2008
                                                  Pintos, Guillermo
Autonomy in the Law                               Sellers, Mortimer                   2007
Autonomy Oriented Computing                       Jin, XiaoLong; Liu, Jiming;         2005
                                                  Tsui, Kwok Ching
Autorität und Schule                                                                  2007
Autotuning of PID Controllers                     Yu, Cheng-Ching                     2006

Avalanche Dynamics                                Pudasaini, Shiva P.; Hutter,        2007
Avatars at Work and Play                          Axelsson, Ann-Sofie;                2006
                                                  Schroeder, Ralph
Average-Cost Control of Stochastic                Sethi, Suresh P.; Zhang, Han-       2005
Manufacturing Systems                             Qin; Zhang, Qing

Averaging Methods in Nonlinear Dynamical          Sanders, Jan A.; Verhulst,          2007
Systems                                           Ferdinand; Murdock, James

Avian Navigation: Pigeon Homing as a              Wallraff, Hans G.                   2005

Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Brushless             Gieras, Jacek F. ; Kamper,          2005
Machines                                          Maarten J. ; Wang, Rong-Jie

Axiom of Choice                                  Herrlich, Horst                      2006
Axions                                           Kuster, Markus; Raffelt, Georg;      2008
                                                 Beltrán, Berta
Axonal Branching and Recovery of Coordinated Angelov, D.N.; Guntinas-                 2005
Muscle Activity after Transsection of the Facial Lichius, O.; Neiss, W.F.;
Nerve in Adult Rats                              Streppel, M.; Wewetzer, K.

B 2007: Formal Specification and Development Julliand, Jacques;                       2006
in B                                         Kouchnarenko, Olga

B2B Brand Management                              Kotler, Philip; Pfoertsch,          2006
The Bacteria: Their Origin, Structure, Function   Koch, Arthur L                      2006
and Antibiosis
The Bacteria: Their Origin, Structure, Function   Koch, Arthur L.                    2006
and Antibiosis

Bacterial and Bacteriophage Genetics              Birge, Edward A.                   2006

Bacterial Biofilms                                                                   2008
Bacterial Fish Pathogens                          Austin, B.; Austin, D.A.           2007

Bacterial Genomes and Infectious Diseases         Chan, V. L. (Ricky); Sherman,      2006
                                                  Philip M.; Bourke, Billy

Bacterial Physiology                              El-Sharoud, Walid                  2008
Bacterial Virulence Factors and Rho GTPases       Boquet, P.; Lemichez, E.           2005

Bacteriocins                                      Riley, Margaret A.; Chavan,        2007
                                                  Milind A.
Bahnbau                                           Matthews, Volker                   2007
Die Balance im Management                                                            2008
Balanced Website Design                           Lawrence, Dave; Tavakol,           2007
Balance-orientiertes Vertriebscoaching            Bierl, Josef                       2006

Balkan Sprachbund Morpho-Syntactic Features Tomic, Olga Miseska                      2006

Ballistic Trauma                                  Brooks, Adam J.; Mahoney,          2005
                                                  Peter F.; Ryan, James M.;
                                                  Schwab, C. William
Ballonkyphoplastie                                Becker, Stephan; Ogon,             2006
Bank Capital and Risk-Taking                      Stolz, Stéphanie M.                2007

Banken auf der Suche nach strategischem           Tietmeyer, Hans; Rolfes, Bernd     2006

Banken und Erlebnisorientierung                   Klaus, Kerstin                     2007

Bankenzusammenschlⁿsse in Europa                  Weese, Andreas                     2007

Das Bankgeheimnis im gerichtlichen                Flora, Margarethe                  2007

Banking for Family Business                       Caselli, Stefano; Gatti, Stefano   2005

Banking Sector Liberalization in India            Roland, Christian                  2008

Bankrecht - schnell erfasst                       Tobias, Stanislav                  2006

Banks and Shareholder Value                       Gross, Stephanie                   2006
Bankstrategien für Unternehmenssanierungen         Lützenrath, Christian;         2006
                                                   Schuppener, Jörg; Peppmeier,
Bargaining Power Effects in Financial              Rudolph, Kai                   2006

The Barrier Zones in the Ocean                     Emelyanov, Emelyan M.          2005

Barriers and Biases in Computer-Mediated           Bromme, Rainer; Hesse,         2005
Knowledge Communication                            Friedrich W.; Spada, Hans

Barthélémy-Griño architectes                                                      2005

The Basal Ganglia VIII                        Bolam, J.Paul; Ingham, Cali A.;     2005
                                              Magill, Peter J.
Baseband Analog Circuits for Software Defined Giannini, Vito; Craninckx, Jan;     2008
Radio                                         Baschirotto, Andrea

The Basel II Risk Parameters                       Engelmann, Bernd; Rauhmeier,   2006
Basic Algebra                                      Knapp, Anthony W.              2006
Basic Bundle Theory and K-Cohomology               Husemöller, D; Jurčo, B;       2008
Invariants                                         Joachim, M; Schottenloher, M

Basic Coastal Engineering                          Sorensen, Robert M.            2006

A Basic Course on Probability Theory               Bhattacharya, Rabi; Waymire,   2007
                                                   Edward C.
Basic Electromagnetism and Materials               Moliton, André                 2007

Basic Methods for the Biochemical Lab              Holtzhauer, Martin             2006

Basic Notions of Algebra                           Kostrikin, Aleksej I.;         2005
                                                   Shafarevich, Igor R.
Basic Principles and Applications of Probability   Prokhorov, Yu.V.               2005

The Basic Problems of Phenomenology                Husserl, Edmund                2006

Basic Real Analysis                                Knapp, Anthony W.              2005
Basic Theoretical Physics                          Krey, Uwe; Owen, Anthony       2007

Basics of Aerothermodynamics                       Hirschel, Ernst H.             2005

Basics of Fluid Mechanics and Introduction to      Petrila, Titus; Trif, Damian   2005
Computational Fluid Dynamics

Basics of PET Imaging                              Saha, Gopal B.                 2005
The Basics of S-PLUS                          Krause, Andreas; Olson, Melvin    2005

Basis and Treatment of Cardiac Arrhythmias    Clancy, Colleen E.; Kass,         2006
Basiswissen Biochemie                         Löffler, Georg                    2005
Kurzlehrbuch Chirurgie                        Siewert, Rüdiger                  2007
Basiswissen der Elektro-, Digital- und        Schneider-Obermann, Herbert;      2006
Informationstechnik                           Mildenberger, Otto

Basiswissen Finanzierung                                                        2006

Basiswissen Gleich- und Wechselstromtechnik   Marinescu, Marlene; Winter,       2008

Basiswissen Medizinische Statistik            Weiß, Christel; Rzany, Berthold   2008

Basiswissen Medizinische Statistik            Weiß, Christel                    2005

Basiswissen Neurologie                                                          2007
Basiswissen Physik, Chemie und Biochemie      Bannwarth, Horst; Kremer,         2007
                                              Bruno P.; Schulz, Andreas
Basiswissen Physiologie                       Lang, Florian; Lang, Philipp      2007
Basiswissen Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie                                      2007

Basiswissen Public Relations                  Deg, Robert                       2006

Basiswissen Rechtsmedizin                     Madea, Burkhard; Dettmeyer,       2007
Basiswissen Statistik                         Steland, Ansgar                   2007
Basiswissen Urologie                          Gasser, Thomas; Rutishauser,      2006
Basiswissen Zahlentheorie                     Reiss, Kristina; Schmieder,       2007
Basiswissen Zahlentheorie                     Reiss, Kristina; Schmieder,       2005
Bauablaufplanung und Logistik im Baubetrieb   Hofstadler, Christian             2007

Baubetrieb                                    Bauer, Hermann                    2007
Baubetriebslehre — Grundlagen                 Stark, Karlhans                   2006

Baukalkulation und Projektcontrolling         Leimböck, Egon; Hölkermann,       2007
                                              Oliver; Klaus, Ulf Rüdiger

Baukosten bei Neu- und Umbauten               Siemon, Klaus D                   2007

Baumanagement und Bauökonomie                 Liebchen, Jens H; Zanner,         2007
                                              Christian; Viering, Markus G
Bauobjekt-überwachung                         Würfele, Falk; Gralla, Mike;      2007
                                              Bielefeld, Bert
Bauphysik                                     Pech, A.; Bednar, T.; Pöhn, C.    2007
Bau-Projekt-Management                         Kochendörfer, Bernd;              2006
                                               Liebchen, Jens H; Viering,
                                               Markrs G
Baurecht - Schnell erfasst                     Gas, Tonio                        2006

Baustatik                                                                        2006
Baustatik in Beispielen                        Butenweg, Christoph; Hake,        2005
                                               Erwin; Holler, Stefan;
                                               Meskouris, Konstantin
Bausteine der Politik                                                            2007
Baustelle Stadt                                Naßmacher, Hiltrud                2006
Bauwerke und Erdbeben                          Meskouris, Konstantin; Mistler,   2007
                                               Michael; Hinzen, Klaus-G;
                                               Butenweg, Christoph
Bauwerksabdichtung in der Altbausanierung      Weber, Jürgen; Hafkesbrink,       2006
bAV erfolgreich verkaufen                      Hauser, Jürgen                    2007

The Bayesian Choice                            Robert, Christian P.              2007
Bayesian Computation with R                    Albert, Jim                       2007

Bayesian Core: A Practical Approach to         Marin, Jean-Michel; Robert,       2007
Computational Bayesian Statistics              Christian P.

Bayesian Networks and Influence Diagrams       Kjærulff, Uffe B; Madsen,         2008
                                               Anders L
Beam Instrumentation and Diagnostics           Strehl, Peter                     2006

Beauty’s Appeal                                Tymieniecka, Anna-teresa          2008
The Becher Wetlands - A Ramsar Site            Semeniuk, Christine               2007

Becoming an Urban Physics and Math Teacher Wassell, Beth A.; Stith, Ian          2007

Becoming Virtual                               Jackson, Paul D; Klobas, Jane     2008
Bedingt abwehrbereit                           Schulze, Tillmann                 2006
Bedingungen beruflicher Moralentwicklung und   Gonon, Philipp; Nickolaus,        2006
beruflichen Lernens                            Reinhold; Klauser, Fritz

Beetle Conservation                            New, T.R.                         2007
Beginning Ajax with PHP                        Babin, Lee                        2007
Beginning Apache Struts                        Doray, Arnold                     2006
Beginning ASP .NET 2.0 E-Commerce in C#        Darie, Christian; Watson, Karli   2006

Beginning ASP.NET 2.0 Databases                Foggon, Damien                    2006

Beginning ASP.NET 2.0 in C# 2005               MacDonald, Matthew                2006
Beginning ASP.NET 2.0 in VB 2005               MacDonald, Matthew              2006

Beginning ASP.NET 3.5 in C# 2008               MacDonald, Matthew              2008

Beginning C                                    Horton, Ivor                    2007
Beginning C# 2008                              Gross, Christian                2008
Beginning CSS Web Development                  Collison, Simon                 2006

Beginning Database Design                      Churcher, Clare                 2007

Beginning Databases with PostgreSQL            Matthews, Neil; Stones, Rick    2005

Beginning DotNetNuke 4.0 Website Creation in Symmonds, Nick                    2006
C# 2005 with Visual Web Developer 2005

Beginning Excel What-If Data Analysis Tools    Cornell, Paul                   2006

Beginning Fedora                           Sharma, Shashank; Thomas,           2007
Beginning Game Development with Python and McGugan, Will                       2007

Beginning GIMP                                 Peck, Akkana                    2006
Beginning Google Maps Applications with PHP    Purvis, Michael; Sambells,      2006
and Ajax                                       Jeffrey; Turner, Cameron

Beginning Google Maps Applications with Rails Lewis, Andre; Purvis, Michael;   2007
and Ajax                                      Sambells, Jeffrey; Turner,
Beginning HTML with CSS and XHTML             Schultz, David                   2007

Beginning Information Cards and Cardspace      Mercuri, Marc                   2007

Beginning J2ME                                 Knudsen, Jonathan; Li, Sing     2005
Beginning Java EE 5                            Mukhar, Kevin; Zelenak, Chris   2006
Beginning Java Objects                         Barker, Jacquie                 2005
Beginning Java™ SE 6 Platform                  Friesen, Jeff                   2007

Beginning JavaScript with DOM Scripting and    Heilmann, Christian             2006

Beginning JBoss Seam                           Nusairat, Joseph Faisal         2007

Beginning MapServer                            Kropla, Bil                     2005
Beginning Object-Oriented ASP.NET 2.0 with     Myers, Brian                    2005

Beginning Object-Oriented Programming with     Clark, Dan                      2006
VB 2005
Beginning Perl Web Development                Suehring, Steve                   2006

Beginning PHP and MySQL 5                     Gilmore, W. Jason                 2006

Beginning PHP and Oracle                      Gilmore, W. Jason; Bryla, Bob     2007

Beginning PHP and PostgreSQL 8             Gilmore, W. Jason; Treat,            2006
                                           Robert H.
Beginning PL/SQL                           Bales, J. Donald                     2007
Beginning POJOs                            Sam-Bodden, Brian                    2006
Beginning Python                           Hetland, Magnus Lie                  2005
Beginning REALbasic                        Ford, Jerry Lee Jr.                  2006
Beginning Ruby                             Cooper, Peter                        2007
Beginning Ruby on Rails E-Commerce         Hellsten, Christian; Laine,          2007
Beginning SQL Server 2005 Express Database Dobson, Rick                         2006
Applications with Visual Basic Express and
Visual Web Developer Express

Beginning SQL Server 2005 Express for         Dewson, Robin                     2007

Beginning SQL Server 2005 for Developers      Dewson, Robin                     2006

Beginning SUSE Linux                          Thomas, Keir                      2005
Beginning Ubuntu Linux                        Thomas, Keir                      2007
Beginning Ubuntu Linux                        Thomas, Keir                      2006
Beginning VB .NET Databases                   Maharry, Dan                      2005

Beginning VB 2005 Databases                   Huddleston, James;                2007
                                              Raghuram, Ranga; Allen, Scott;
                                              Gilani, Syed Fahad; Pedersen,
                                              Jacob Hammer; Reid, Jon

Beginning Visual C# 2005 Express Edition      Wright, Peter                     2006

Beginning Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Delorme, Richard; Sarknas,          2006
Beginning Visual Web Programming in VB .NET Bowes, Craig; Cazzulino,            2005
                                            Daniel; Clark, Mike; Hart, Chris;
                                            Raybould, Neil; Titus, Tobin

Beginning XML with DOM and Ajax               Jacobs, Sas                       2006

Beginning XSLT 2.0                            Tennison, Jeni                    2005
Begnadigung und Gegenzeichnung                Winkler, Günther                  2005

Begutachtung psychischer Störungen            Frister, Helmut; Olzen, Dirk;     2006
                                              Schneider, Frank
Behandlungsleitlinie Psychosoziale Therapien   Becker, T.; Reker, T.; Weig, W.    2005

Behandlungsleitlinie Schizophrenie             Deutsche Gesellschaft für          2006
                                               Psychiatrie, Psychotherapie
                                               und Nervenheilkunde,
Behandlungsleitlinie Störungen der sexuellen   Deutsche Gesellschaft für          2007
Präferenz                                      Psychiatrie, Psychotherapie
                                               und Nervenheilkunde
                                               (DGPPN), ; Deutsche
                                               Gesellschaft für
                                               Sexualforschung (DGfS),
Behavioral Consultation and Primary Care       Robinson, Patricia; Reiter, Jeff   2007

Behavioral Interventions for Prevention and    Aral, M.M.; Douglas, John M.       2007
Control of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Behindertenpolitik in der Europäischen Union                                      2008

Behindertenrecht - Schnell erfasst             Eissing, Thomas                    2007

Behinderung im Fernsehen                       Bosse, Ingo                        2006

Beifahrersitzbuch - Ambulante Pflege           Becker, U.; Döbele, M.; Glück,     2006
Being Apart from Reasons                       Michelon, Cláudio Jr.              2006

Beispiele für die Baubetriebspraxis            Hoffmann, Manfred                  2006

Beiträge zu einer Theorie der Logistik                                            2008

Beiträge zur Geldtheorie                       Hayek, Friedrich A.                2007
Die Bekämpfung des Internationalen             Urban, Johannes                    2006
Islamistischen Terrorismus

Bemessung im konstruktiven Betonbau          Zehetmaier, Gerhard; Zilch,          2006
A Benchmark Approach to Quantitative Finance Platen, Eckhard; Heath, David        2006

Benchmarking, Temporal Distribution, and       Cholette, Pierre A.; Dagum,        2006
Reconciliation Methods for Time Series         Estela Bee

Benign Anorectal Diseases                      Di Falco, Giuseppe; Santoro,       2006
                                               Giulio Aniello
Beobachtungen des Erziehungssystems            Ehrenspeck, Yvonne; Lenzen,        2006
Beratungsproblem Haut                          Mader, Frank H.; Smolle, Josef     2005
Berechenbares Chaos in dynamischen               Steeb, Willi-Hans; Stoop, Ruedi    2006

Bereicherungsrecht                               Wieling, Hans Josef                2007
Bergey's Manual® of Systematic Bacteriology      Brenner, Don J.; Krieg, Noel R.;   2005
                                                 Staley, James R.
Bergey's Manual® of Systematic Bacteriology      Brenner, Don J; Krieg, Noel R;     2005
                                                 Garrity, George M; Staley,
                                                 James T
Bergey's Manual® of Systematic Bacteriology      Brenner, Don J.; Krieg, Noel R.;   2005
                                                 Staley, James T.
Berichte zur Lebensmittelsicherheit 2006                                            2008

The Berkeley DB Book                             Yadava, Himanshu                   2008
Bernhard von Gudden                              Hippius, Hanns; Steinberg,         2007
Bernoulli Potential in Superconductors           Lipavský, P; Brandt, Ernst         2008
                                                 Helmut; Yang, Tzong-Jer;
                                                 Kolá?ek, Jan; Morawetz, Klaus

Berufliche Bildung und                           Grabowski, Ute                     2007

Berufliche Selbständigkeit                       Abraham, Martin                    2006

Berufliche Weiterbildung                         Schiersmann, Christiane            2007
Berufs- und Karriere-Planer Technik 2007 ?       Gabler; Wettlaufer, Ralf; Ernst-   2007
2008                                             Auch, Ursula; Pohl, Elke;
                                                 Schrader, Hans Christian;
                                                 Hesse, Jürgen; Faber,
                                                 Manfred; Siems, Silke; Wilken,
                                                 Lilli; Reulein, Dunja; Brink,
Berufserfahrung älterer Führungskräfte als       Fischer, Petra M                   2007

BeschΣftigung in jungen Unternehmen              Grieshuber, Eva                    2006

Beschreibende Statistik und Wirtschaftsstatistik Mosler, Karl; Schmid, Friedrich    2006

Beschreibende Statistik und Wirtschaftsstatistik Mosler, Karl; Schmid, Friedrich    2005

Beschreibung und Analyse unscharfer              Hareter, Dietmar; Viertl,          2006
Information                                      Reinhard

Beschwerdeverhalten und Kundenwert               Wünschmann, Stefan                 2007

Besonderes Verwaltungsrecht                      Bachmann, Susanne;                 2007
                                                 Baumgartner, Gerhard; Feik,
                                                 Rudolf; Giese, Karim; Jahnel,
                                                 Dietmar; Lienbacher, Georg
Besser lernen                                   Schuster, Martin; Dumpert,        2007
The Best of Verity Stob                         Stob, Verity                      2005
Best Practices in Software Measurement          Bundschuh, Manfred; Dumke,        2005
                                                Reiner; Ebert, Christof;
                                                Schmietendorf, Andreas

The Best Software Writing I                     Spolsky, Joel                     2005
Besteuerung der betrieblichen                   Scholz, Stephan                   2006
Altersversorgung in Europa

Besteuerung der GmbH                            Stache, Ulrich                    2007
Besteuerung der GmbH & Co. KG                   Fehrenbacher, Oliver; Tavakoli,   2007
Besteuerung der Unternehmen                                                       2008

Besteuerung der Unternehmen                     Schreiber, Ulrich                 2005

Besteuerung europäischer Konzerne               Sauerland, Carsten                2007

Besteuerung unternehmerischer Tätigkeit         Kaminski, Bert; Strunk, Günther   2007

Besteuerung von Kapitalanlagen                  Ashauer, Ellen; Bonenberger,      2007
Beteiligung - ein Programm für Politik,         Meister, Hans-Peter; Fischer,     2008
Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft                     Andrea; Oldenburg, Felix

Betriebliche Bündnisse                          Schwarzbach, Marcus               2006
Betriebliche Gesundheitsförderung erfolgreich   Spicker, Ingrid; Schopf, Anna     2007

Betriebliche Mitbestimmung in Kirche und        Ensinger, Roland                  2006

Betriebsfestigkeit                              Haibach, Erwin                    2006
Die Betriebsleitung insbesondere der            Taylor, Frederick W.; Wallichs,   2007
Werkstätten                                     Adolf

Betriebsrenten im Altersversicherungssystem     Hubrich, Stefan; Tivig,           2006
Deutschlands                                    Thusnelda

Betriebswirtschaft und Sekretariat              Gätjens-Reuter, Margit            2008

Betriebswirtschaftslehre                        Töpfer, Armin                     2007
Betriebswirtschaftslehre                        Töpfer, Armin                     2005
Betriebswirtschaftslehre des Handels            Barth, Klaus; Schröder,           2007
                                                Hendrik; Hartmann, Michaela
betrifft: TEAM                                  Heintel, Peter                    2006
Between Dirt and Discussion                      Archer, Steven N.; Bartoy,        2006
                                                 Kevin M.
Between Necessity and Probability: Searching     Popa, Radu                        2005
for t

Bevande analcoliche                                                                2008
Bevölkerung, Ungleichheit, Auslese               Gutberger, Hansjörg               2006

Bevölkerungs-wissenschaft im Werden              Henßler, Patrick; Schmid, Josef   2007

Beweglich?                                                                         2008
Bewegung als Therapie                            Zwick, Hartmut                    2007
Bewegung und Gesundheit                          Muster, M.; Zielinski, R.         2006

Bewertung öffentlich-rechtlicher Sparkassen      Lütke-Uhlenbrock, Christian       2007

Bewertung unternehmensübergreifender IT-         Hirnle, Christoph                 2006

Bewertung von Kreditrisiko bei unvollständiger                                     2007

Bewertung von öffentlich-rechtlichen             Witt, Cirsten                     2006
Sparkassen im Rahmen einer

Bewertung von Optionen unter der Coherent        Veith, Jochen                     2006
Market Hypothesis

Bewertung von Unternehmen der New Economy Baldeweg, Dirk K                         2006

Beyond the Apparent Banality of the              Laborde, Colette; Perrin-         2005
Mathematics Classroom                            Glorian, Marie-Jeanne;
                                                 Sierpinska, Anna
Beyond Cartesian Dualism                         Alsop, Steve                      2005

Beyond Kyoto - A New Global Climate              Wicke, Lutz                       2005
Certificate System

Beyond Partial Differential Equations            Beyer, Horst R.                   2007

Bézier and Splines in Image Processing and       Biswas, Sambhunath; Lovell,       2008
Machine Vision                                   Brian C

Biased Technical Change and Economic             Sato, Ryuzo                       2006
Conservation Laws

The Bifurcation of the Self                      Rieber, Robert W.                 2006
Bifurcations, Instabilities, Degradation in      Exadaktylos, George E.;         2007
Geomechanics                                     Vardoulakis, Ioannis G.

Bilanzanalyse und Kennzahlen                                                     2008

Die bilanzielle Behandlung von Handy-            Coenenberg, Alexandra           2007
Subventionen bei Mobilfunkunternehmen

Bilanzielle Risikovorsorge und außerbianzielle   Müßbig, Anke                    2006

Bilanzierung und Besteuerung von                 Lühn, Michael                   2006

Bilanzierung von Pensionsverpflichtungen         Planert, Susanne                2006

Bilaterale Unternehmenskooperationen im          Scherle, Nicolai                2006

Bildatlas der Lungen- und Pleurasonographie      Mathis, Gebhard                 2007

Bildgebende Verfahren in der Rheumatologie       Deutsche Gesellschaft für       2007
Bildinterpretation und Bildverstehen             Marotzki, Winfried; Niesyto,    2006
Bildsampling                                     Scholz, Martin; Helmbold, Ute   2006
Bildsprache und Medienbilder                     Wolf, Claudia Maria             2006

Bildung als Privileg                                                             2007
Bildung im Horizont der Wissensgesellschaft                                      2007

Bildung über die Lebenszeit                      Fatke, Reinhard; Merkens,       2006
Bildung und anderes Wissen                       Sevsay-Tegethoff, Nese          2007

Bildung und Anerkennung                          Stojanov, Krassimir             2006

Bildung und Wissensgesellschaft                  Kempter, Klaus; Meusburger,     2006
Bildung: Angebot oder Zumutung?                                                  2008

Die Bildunggsausgaben der USA im                 Busemeyer, Marius R             2006
internationalen Vergleich

Bildungscontrolling im E-Learning                Ehlers, Ulf-Daniel; Schenkel,   2005
Bildungseinrichtungen als älernende              Dollhausen, Karin; Rein,        2007
Organisationenô?                                 Ekkehard Nuissl
Bildungserträge in der Erwerbsgesellschaft       Schiener, Jürgen                 2006

Bildungsort Familie                              Büchner, Peter; Brake, Anna      2006
Bildungsund- und Berufserfolge junger                                             2008

Bildverarbeitung für die Medizin 2005            Handels, Heinz; Horsch,          2005
                                                 Alexander; Meinzer, Hans-
                                                 Peter; Tolxdoff, Thomas
Bildverarbeitung für die Medizin 2006            Ehrhardt, Jan; Handels, Heinz;   2006
                                                 Horsch, Alexander; Meinzer,
                                                 Hans-Peter; Tolxdoff, Thomas

Bildverarbeitung für die Medizin 2007            Horsch, Alexander; Deserno,      2007
                                                 Thomas M. ; Handels, Heinz;
                                                 Meinzer, Hans-Peter; Tolxdoff,
Bildverarbeitung für Einsteiger                  Neumann, Burkhard                2005

Bilinear Integrable Systems: From Classical to   Faddeev, Ludwig; Lambert,        2006
Quantum, Continuous to Discrete                  Franklin; Van Moerbeke, Pierre

Thinking, Feeling and Speaking in Two            Javier, Rafael Art               2007
Bill Ricker: An Appreciation                     Noakes, David L.G.               2006

Binary Quadratic Forms                           Buchmann, Johannes; Vollmer,     2007
Binary Rare Earth Oxides                         Adachi, G.; Imanaka, Nobuhito;   2005
                                                 Kang, Z.C.
Binocular Astronomy                              Tonkin, Stephen                  2007
Binomial Models in Finance                       Elliott, Robert J.; Hoek, John   2006
                                                 van der
Bioactive Components of Milk                     Bösze, Zsuzsanna                 2008

Bioactive Conformation I                         Peters, Thomas                   2007
Bioactive Egg Compounds                          Huopalathi, Rainer; López-       2007
                                                 Fandino, Rosina; Anton, Marc;
                                                 Schade, Rüdiger
Bioactive Heterocycles II                        Eguchi, Shoji                    2007
Bioactive Heterocycles III                       Khan, M.T.H.                     2007

Bioactive Heterocycles IV                        Khan, M.T.H.                     2007

Bioactive Heterocycles V                         Khan, M.T.H.                     2007
Bioactive Heterocyles I                          Eguchi, Shoji                    2006
Bioactive Marine Natural Products                Bhakuni, D.S.; Rawat, D.S.       2005

Bioarrays                                        Appasani, Krishnarao             2007
Bioceramics and Alternative Bearings in Joint   Chang, Jun-Dong; Billau, Karl      2007

Bioceramics and Alternative Bearings in Joint   D'Antonio, James A.; Dietrich,     2005
Arthroplasty                                    Martin

Bioceramics and Alternative Bearings in Joint   Benazzo, Francesco; Dietrich,      2006
Arthroplasty                                    Martin; Falez, Francesco

Biochemical Mechanisms of Detoxification in     Khatisashvili, Gia; Kvesitadze,    2006
Higher Plants                                   George; Ramsden, Jeremy J.;
                                                Sadunishvili, Tinatin

Biochemie                                       Christen, Philipp; Jaussi, Rolf    2005
Das Erste - kompakt                             Krantz, Sven; Tümmers, D.          2007
Biochemie für Mediziner                         Kühl, Michael; Linnemann,          2005
Biochemie und Pathobiochemie                    Löffler, Georg; Petrides, Petro    2007
                                                E.; Heinrich, Peter C.
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of           Franklin, Trevor J.; Snow, G.A.    2005
Antimicrobial Drug Action

Biochemistry of Atherosclerosis                 Kaur, Sukhinder C.                 2006

Biocombinatorial Approaches for Drug Finding    Müller-Tiemann, B.; Spellig, T.;   2005
                                                Wohlleben, W.

Biodiesel                                       Demirbas, Ayhan                    2008
Biodiversity and Conservation in Europe         Hawksworth, David L; Bull,         2008
                                                Alan T
Biodiversity and Ecophysiology of Yeasts        Péter, Gábor; Rosa, Carlos         2006

Biodiversity in Enclosed Seas and Artificial    Relini, G.; Ryland, J.             2007
Marine Habitats

Bioeconomic Modelling and Valuation of          Bergh, J.C.J.M. van den; Blaeij,   2006
Exploited Marine Ecosystems                     A.T. de; Hoekstra, J.; Imeson,
                                                R.; Nunes, P.A.L.D.

Bioelectricity                                  Barr, Roger C.; Plonsey, Robert    2007

Bioelectromagnetics Current Concepts            Ayrapetyan, Sinerik N.; Markov,    2006
                                                Marko S.
Bioethics in a Small World                      Ashcroft, R.E.; Thiele, Felix      2005

Bioethics in Cultural Contexts                  Düwell, Marcus; Mieth,             2006
                                                Dietmar; Rehmann-Sutter,
Bioethics in Law                                Spielman, Bethany                  2007
Biofeedback in der Praxis                       Pirker-Binder, Ingrid              2006
The Biofilm Primer                              Costerton, J. William             2007
Biofuels                                        Olsson, Lisbeth                   2007
The Biogenesis of Cellular Organelles           Mullins, Chris                    2005

Biogeochemistry of Trace Elements in Arid       Han, Fengxiang X.                 2007

Biogeography and Ecology of Bulgaria            Fet, Victor; Popov, Alexi         2007

Biogeography, Time, and Place: Distributions,   Renema, Willem                    2007
Barriers, and Islands

The Biographical Encyclopedia of Astronomers    Hockey, Thomas; Trimble,          2007
                                                Virginia ; Williams, Thomas R.;
                                                Bracher, Katherine; Jarrell,
                                                Richard A.; Marché, Jordan D.;
                                                Ragep, F. Jamil; Palmeri,
                                                JoAnn; Bolt, Marvin
Biographieforschung im Diskurs                  Völter, Bettina; Lutz, Helma;     2007
                                                Rosenthal, Gabriele; Dausien,
Biographische Fallarbeit                                                          2007
Biographische Konstruktionen im                 Bukow, Wolf-Dietrich; Yildiz,     2006
multikulturellen Bildungsprozess                Erol; Ottersbach, Markus;
                                                Tuider, Elisabeth

Biographische Sicherheit im Wandel?             Pelizäus-Hoffmeister, Helga       2006

Bioimaging in Neurodegeneration                 Broderick, Patricia A; Rahni,     2005
                                                David N; Kolodny, Edwin H
Bioinformatics                                  Polanski, Andrzej; Kimmel,        2007
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology        Carey, Vincent; Dudoit,           2005
Solutions Using R and Bioconductor              Sandrine; Gentleman, Robert;
                                                Huber, Wolfgang; Irizarry,
Bioinformatics and the Cell                     Xia, Xuhua                        2007

Bioinformatics of Genome Regulation and         Hofestaedt, Ralf; Kolchanov,      2006
Structure II                                    Nikolay; Milanesi, Luciano

Bioinformatics Research and Applications        Mandoiu, Ion; Zelikovsky,         2007

Bioinformatics Research and Development         Hochreiter, Sepp; Wagner,         2007

Bioinformatics Technologies                     Chen, Yi-Ping Phoebe              2005
Bioinformatics Using Computational                Jain, L.C.; Schweizer, P.;          2005
Intelligence Paradigms                            Seiffert, U.

Bio-informatique moléculaire                      Pevzner, Pavel A.                   2006

Bioinorganic Electrochemistry                     Hammerich, Ole; Ulstrup, Jens       2008

Bio-Inspired Computational Intelligence and       Li, Kang; Fei, Minrui; Irwin,       2007
Applications                                      George W.; Ma, Shiwei

Bio-inspired Modeling of Cognitive Tasks          Mira, José; Álvarez, José R.        2007

Biological Adhesives                              Callow, James A.; Smith,            2006
                                                  Andrew M.
Biological and Artificial Intelligence            Apolloni, Bruno; Marinaro,          2005
Environments                                      Maria; Tagliaferri, Roberto

Biological and Medical Data Analysis (vol. #      Maojo, Víctor; Martin-Sanchez,      2005
3745)                                             Fernando; Oliveira, José Luis;
                                                  Sousa Pereira, António

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4345)                                             Ioanna; Koutkias, Vassilis;
                                                  Brause, Rüdiger
Biological Basis of Geriatric Oncology            Balducci, Lodovico; Extermann,      2005
Biological Calcification                          Bonucci, Ermanno                    2007
Biological invaders in inland waters: Profiles,   Gherardi, Francesca                 2007
distribution, and threats

Biological Invasions                              Nentwig, Wolfgang                   2007
Biological Invasions in New Zealand               Allen, Robert B.; Lee, William G.   2006

Biological Low-Voltage Scanning Electron          Schatten, Heide; Pawley,            2008
Microscopy                                        James B

Biological Membrane Ion Channels                  Chung, Shin-Ho; Andersen,           2007
                                                  Olaf S.; Krishnamurthy, Vikram

Biological Nitrogen Fixation, Sustainable         Elmerich, Claudine; Lin, Min;       2005
Agriculture and the Environment                   Newton, William E.; Tian, Zhe-
                                                  Xian; Wang, Yi-Ping

Biological Processes Associated with Impact       Cockell, Charles; Gilmour, Iain;    2006
Events                                            Koeberl, Christian

Biological, Chemical, and Radiological            Melnick, Alan                       2007
Biologically Inspired Algorithms for Financial   Brabazon, Anthony; O'Neill,       2006
Modelling                                        Michael

Biologically Inspired Approaches to Advanced     Ijspeert, Auke Jan; Kusumoto,     2006
Information Technology                           Shinji; Masuzawa, Toshimitsu

Biologically Inspired Cooperative Computing      Pan, Yi; Rammig, Franz;           2006
                                                 Schmeck, Hartmut; Solar,
Biologics in General Medicine                    Boehncke, Wolf-Henning;           2007
                                                 Radeke, Heinfried
Biologie von Parasiten                           Lucius, R.; Frank, Brigitte       2008
Biologie für Mediziner                           Buselmaier, Werner                2007
Biologische Meereskunde                          Sommer, Ulrich                    2005

Biologische Psychologie                        Birbaumer, Niels; Schmidt,          2006
                                               Robert F.
Biologische Spurenkunde                        Herrmann, Bernd; Saternus,          2007
Biologisches Design                            Nachtigall, Werner                  2005
Biology and Control Theory: Current Challenges Queinnec, Isabelle;                 2007
                                               Tarbouriech, Sophie; Garcia,
                                               Germain; Niculescu, Silviu-
Biology and Ecology of Norway Spruce           Tjoelker, Mark G.; Boratynski,      2007
                                               Adam; Bugala, Wladyslaw

Biology and Mechanics of Blood Flows             Thiriet, Marc                     2008

Biology and Mechanics of Blood Flows             Thiriet, Marc                     2008

The Biology of Dendritic Cells and HIV Infection Gessani, Sandra; Belardelli,      2007
Biology of Inositols and Phosphoinositides       Biswas, B. B.; Lahiri Majumder,   2006
Biology of the Fungal Cell                       Howard, R.J.; Gow, N.A.R.         2007

Biologie und Epidemiologie der                Dietel, M.; Lewis, M. A.; Raff,      2006
Hormonersatztherapie - Biology and            W.K.; Scriba, P.
Epidemiology of Hormone Replacement
A Biomass Future for the North American Great Rosenberg, Norman J.                 2007

Biomaterials                                     Park, Joon; R. S., Lakes          2007
Bio-Materials & Prototyping Applications in      Bidanda, Bopaya; Bartolo, Paulo   2008

Bio-mechanisms of Swimming and Flying                                              2008
Biomedical EPR - Part A: Free Radicals,         Berliner, Lawrence J.; Eaton,       2005
Metals, Medicine and Physiology                 Sandra S.; Eaton, Gareth R.

Biomedical EPR - Part B: Methodology,           Berliner, Lawrence J.; Eaton,       2005
Instrumentation, and Dynamics                   Sandra S.; Eaton, Gareth R.

Biomedical Image Registration                   Gerritsen, Frans A.; Likar,         2006
                                                Boštjan; Pluim, Josien P.W.
Biomedical Informatics                          Shortliffe, Edward H.               2006
Biomedical Simulation                           Harders, Matthias; Székely,         2006
BioMEMS                                         Urban, Gerald A.                    2006
BioMEMS and Biomedical Nanotechnology           Lee, Abraham P.; Lee, James;        2006
                                                Ferrari, Mauro

BioMEMS and Biomedical Nanotechnology           Desai, Tejal; Bhatia, Sangeeta;     2007
                                                Ferrari, Mauro

BioMEMS and Biomedical Nanotechnology           Ozkan, Mihrimah; Heller,            2007
                                                Michael; Ferrari, Mauro

BioMEMS and Biomedical Nanotechnology           Bashir, Rashid; Wereley,            2007
                                                Steve; Ferrari, Mauro

Biometric Authentication                                                            2006
Biometric Systems                               Jain, Anil; Maio, Dario; Maltoni,   2005
                                                Davide; Wayman, James

Biometric User Authentication for IT Security   Vielhauer, Claus                    2006

Biometrics, Computer Security Systems and       Saeed, Khalid; Pejas, Jerzy;        2006
Artificial Intelligence Applications            Mosdorf, Romuald

Biomimetic Neural Learning for Intelligent      Elshaw, Mark; Palm, Günther;        2005
Robots                                          Wermter, Stefan

Biomimicry for Optimization, Control, and       Passino, Kevin M.                   2005

Biomineralization I                             Naka, Kensuke                       2007
Biomineralization II                            Naka, Kensuke                       2007
Biomining                                       Rawlings, Douglas E.; Johnson,      2007
                                                D. Barrie
BioNanoFluidic MEMS                             Hesketh, Peter J.                   2008
Bionanotechnology                               Lewis, Randy V.;                    2006
                                                Renugopalakrishnan, V.
The Bionic Human                                Johnson, Frank E.; Virgo,           2006
                                                Katherine S.
Bionik                                            Rossmann, Torsten; Tropea,         2005
Bioorganometallic Chemistry                       Simonneaux, Gerard                 2006

BioPaceMaking                                     Spaan, Jos A.E; Coronel,           2007
                                                  Ruben; Bakker, Jacques M. T.
                                                  de; Zaza, Antonio
Biopharmaceutics Applications in Drug             Krishna, Rajesh; Yu, Lawrence      2008

Biophotonics                                      Shen, Xun; Van Wijk, Roeland       2005
Biophotonics and Coherent Systems in Biology      Beloussov, L.V.; Voeikov, V.L.;    2007
                                                  Martynyuk, V.S.

Biophysical Aspects of Transmembrane              Damjanovich, Sándor                2005

Biophysical Techniques in Photosynthesis                                             2008

Biophysik                                         Schünemann, Volker                 2005
Bioproducts From Canada's Forests                 Wetzel, Suzanne; Duchesne,         2006
                                                  Luc C.; Laporte, Michael F.
Bioreactors for Tissue Engineering                Al-Rubeai, Mohamed;                2005
                                                  Chaudhuri, Julian
Bioremediation of Soils Contaminated with         Heipieper, Hermann J.              2007
Aromatic Compounds

Biorthogonal Systems in Banach Spaces             Hajek, Petr; Montesinos            2007
                                                  Santalucia, Vicente;
                                                  Vanderwerff, Jon; Zizler, Vaclav

Biosaline Agriculture and Salinity Tolerance in   Görk, Güven; Khan, M. Ajmal;       2006
Plants                                            Öztürk, Münir; Waisel, Yoav

Biosensing                                        Bhatia, Sangeeta N.; Brady,        2006
                                                  David J.; Mrksich, Milan; Ricco,
                                                  Antionio J.; Schultz, Jerome;
                                                  Walt, David R.; Wilkins,
                                                  Charles L.
Biosensing for the 21st Century                   Renneberg, Reinhard; Lisdat,       2008
Biosolids Treatment Processes                     Wang, Lawrence K; Shammas,         2007
                                                  Nazih K; Hung, Yung-Tse

Biosphere Origin and Evolution                    Dobretsov, Nikolay; Kolchanov,     2008
                                                  Nikolay; Rozanov, Alexey;
                                                  Zavarzin, Georgy
Biostatistik                                                                         2007
Biosystematik                                     Le Guyader, Hervé; Lecointre,      2006
Biotechnological Applications of Photosynthetic Giardi, Maria Teresa; Piletska,    2006
Proteins                                        Elena

Biotechnology and Sustainable Agriculture       Xu, Zhihong; Li, Jiayang; Xue,     2008
2006 and Beyond                                 Yongbiao; Yang, Weicai

Biotechnology for Odor and Air Pollution Control Shareefdeen, Zarook; Singh,       2005
Biotechnology for the Future                     Nielsen, Jens                     2005

Bioterrorism and Infectious Agents              Alibek, Kenneth; Fong, I.W.        2005

Biowissenschaftlich recherchieren               Gaedeke, Nicola                    2007

Bisphosphonates in Medical Practice             Bartl, Reiner; Frisch, Bertha;     2007
                                                Tresckow, Emmo von; Bartl,
Bisphosphonat-Manual                            Bartl, Reiner; Bartl, Christoph;   2006
                                                Tresckow, Emmo von

The Black Sea Environment                       Kostianoy, Andrey G; Kosarev,      2008
                                                Aleksey N
The Black Sea Flood Question                    Yanko-Hombach, Valentina;          2007
                                                Gilbert, Allan S.; Panin,
                                                Nicolae; Dolukhanov, Pavel M.
Blameworthy Belief                              Nottelmann, Nikolaj                2007
Blasenkarzinom                                  Lehmann, Jan; Retz, Margitta;      2005
                                                Stöckle, M.
Blast Cleaning Technology                       Momber, Andreas                    2008

Das Blaue Buch 2007                             Berger, Dietmar; Engelhardt,       2007
                                                Monika; Mertelsmann, Roland
Blended Learning zur Verbesserung der           Bosch, Thorsten                    2006
Gesprächsführung im Verkauf

Blind Equalization and System Identification    Chen, Chii-Horng; Chen, Ching-     2006
                                                Yung; Chi, Chong-Yung; Feng,
Blind Speech Separation                         Makino, Shoji; Lee, Te-Won;        2007
                                                Sawada, Hiroshi
Block Copolymers I                              Abetz, Volker                      2005
Block Copolymers II                             Abetz, Volker                      2005
Die Blockmodellanalyse                          Heidler, Richard                   2006
Blog Design Solutions                           Budd, Andy; Collison, Simon;       2006
                                                Davis, Chris J.; Heilemann,
                                                Michael; Oxton, John; Powers,
                                                David; Rutter, Richard; Sherry,
Blood Pressure Monitoring in Cardiovascular         White, William B.                  2007
Medicine and Therapeutics

Bodendynamik                                        Studer, Jost A.; Koller, Martin    2008
                                                    G.; Laue, Jan
Bodenmechanik und Grundbau                          Lang, Hans-Jürgen; Huder,          2007
                                                    Jachen; Amann, Peter; Puzrin,
                                                    Alexander M.
Bodily Integrity and the Politics of Circumcision   Denniston, George C.;              2006
                                                    Grassivaro Gallo, Pia; Hodges,
                                                    Frederick M.; Milos, Marilyn
                                                    Fayre; Viviani, Franco
Body and Practice in Kant                           Svare, Helge                       2006

Body Sensor Networks                                Yang, Guang-Zhong                  2006
Der Bologna-Prozess                                 Walter, Thomas                     2006
Der Bologna-Prozess als Politiknetzwerk             Nagel, Alexander-Kenneth           2006

Bond Portfolio Optimization                                                            2008

Bonding in Microsystem Technology                   Dziuban, Jan A.                    2006

Bone and Cartilage Engineering                      Meyer, Ulrich; Wiesmann,           2006
                                                    Hans Peter
Osteoarthritis                                      Bronner, Felix; Farach-Carson,     2008
                                                    Mary C.
Bone Densitometry for Technologists                 Bonnick, Sydney Lou                2006

Bone Densitometry in Growing Patients               Sawyer, Aenor J.                   2007

Bone Marrow Derived Progenitors                     Kauser, Katalin; Zeiher,           2007
                                                    Andreas Michael
Bone Resorption                                     Bronner, Felix; Farach-Carson,     2005
                                                    Mary C.; Rubin, Janet
The Bonobos                                         Furuichi, Takeshi; Thompson,       2008
Borders, Mobility and Technologies of Control       Pickering, Sharon; Weber,          2006
Boreal Peatland Ecosystems                          Vitt, Dale H.; Wieder, R. Kelman   2006

Börsenrückzüge in Deutschland                       Kemper, Oliver                     2007

Bosnian Refugees in America                         Coughlan, Reed; Owens-             2006
                                                    Manley, Judith
Botany Illustrated                                  Glimn-Lacy, Janice; Kaufman,       2006
                                                    Peter B.
Bothe Richter Teherani                              Weiss, Klaus-Dieter                2005
Bothe Richter Teherani                              Weiss, Klaus-Dieter                2005
Botnet Detection                                    Lee, Wenke; Wang, Cliff;           2008
                                                    Dagon, David
Botulinum Toxin in Aesthetic Medicine         De Maio, Mauricio; Rzany,           2007
Boundary Element Analysis                     Schanz, Martin; Steinbach, Olaf     2007

Boundary Representation Modelling Techniques Stroud, I.                           2006

Bounded Analytic Functions                    Garnett, John                       2007

The Brain and Its Self                        Knoll, Joseph                       2005
Brain Control of Wakefulness and Sleep        McCarley, Robert; Steriade,         2005
                                              Mircea M.
Brain Death                                   Machado, C.                         2007
Brain Dynamics                                Haken, Hermann                      2008
Brain Dynamics                                Haken, Hermann                      2007
Brain Edema XIII                              Hoff, J.,T.; Hua, Y.; Keep, R.F.;   2006
                                              Xi, G.
Brain Metastases                              Raizer, Jeffrey J.; Abrey,          2008
                                              Lauren E.
Brain Repair                                  Bähr, Mathias                       2006
Brain Research in Language                    Breznitz, Zvia                      2008

Brain Tumor Pathology: Current Diagnostic     Schiffer, Davide                    2006
Hotspots and Pitfalls

Brain, Mind and Medicine                      Whitaker, Harry; Smith, C.U.M.;     2007
                                              Finger, Stanley

Brain, Vision, and Artificial Intelligence    De Gregorio, Massimo; Di            2005
                                              Maio, Vito; Frucci, Maria;
                                              Musio, Carlo
The Brain: Fuzzy Arithmetic to Quantum        Massad, Eduardo; Pereira Jr.,       2005
Computing                                     Alfredo; Rocha, Armando
Branch-and-Bound Applications in              Brusco, Michael; Stahl,             2005
Combinatorial Data Analysis                   Stephanie

Branchenimages als Determinanten der          Schaefer, Katharina                 2006

Branching Morphogenesis                       Davies, Jamie                       2006

The Brauer-Hasse-Noether Theorem in           Roquette, Peter                     2005
Historical Perspective

BRCA - Erblicher Brust- und Eierstockkrebs    Gerhardus, Ansgar;                  2005
                                              Schleberger, Henriette;
                                              Schlegelberger, Brigitte;
                                              Schwartz, Friedrich W.
The Breadth of Symplectic and Poisson           Marsden, Jerrold E.; Ratiu,       2005
Geometry                                        Tudor S.
Breaking Ocean Waves                            Sharkov, Eugene                   2007
Breast Cancer                                   Bombardieri, Emilio;              2008
                                                Bonadonna, Gianni; Gianni,
Breast Cancer, 2nd edition                      Hunt, Kelly K.; Robb, Geoffrey    2008
                                                L.; Strom, Eric A.; Ueno, Naoto
Breast Cancer Management and Molecular          Piccart, Martine J.; Wood,        2006
Medicine: Towards Tailored Approaches           M.D., William C.; Hung, Mien-
                                                Chie; Solin, Lawrence J.;
                                                Cardoso, Fatima
Breast MRI                                      Hendrick, R Edward                2008
Breast MRI                                      Liberman, Laura; Morris,          2005
Breathing, Feeding, and Neuroprotection         Homma, I.; Shioda, S.             2006

Bridging Divides                                Gollasch, Stephan; Galil, Bella   2006
                                                S.; Cohen, Andrew N.
Bridging laboratory and field research for      Knols, B.G.J.; Louis, C.          2006
genetic control of disease vectors
A Brief History of Computing                                                      2008

Brilliant Light in Life and Material Sciences   Tsakanov, Vasili; Wiedemann,      2007
Bringing Pain Relief to Children                Finley, G. Allen                  2006

Broadband Fixed Wireless Access                 Engels, Marc; Petre, Frederik     2006

Broadband in Europe                             Maldoom, Dan; Marsden,            2005
                                                Richard; Sidak, J. Gregory;
                                                Singer, Hal J.
Broadband Opto-Electrical Receivers in          Hermans, Carolien; Steyaert,      2007
Standard CMOS                                   Michiel

Broadband Satellite Communication Systems       Fernandes, Fernando P.;           2005
and the Challenges of Mobility                  Gayraud, Thierry; Mazella,
                                                Michel; Monteiro, Edmundo;
                                                Orvalho, Joao G. de Matos
Broadcast-Mediendienste im Spannungsfeld        Eberspächer, Jörg; Tillmann,      2005
zwischen Märkten und Politik                    Herbert

Brodmann's                                      Brodmann, K.                      2006

Brouwer meets Husserl                           van Atten, Mark                   2007
Browning Agents and Active Particles            Schweitzer, Frank                 2007

Bruchmechanik                                                                     2007
Brücken zwischen dir und mir                     Illetschko, Christine                2007

Brückenkurs Mathematik                                                                2008

Brute Force                                      Curtin, Matt                         2005
Buchführung                                      Schenk, Gerald                       2007
Buchführung                                      Littkemann, Jörn; Holtrup,           2007
                                                 Michael; Schulte, Klaus
Buchführung - schnell erfasst                    Schenk, Gerald                       2005

Buchführung und Jahresabschluss                  Bähr, Gottfried; Fischer-            2006
                                                 Winkelmann, Wolf F; List,
Buchi neri nel mio bagno di schiuma              Vishveshwara, C V                    2008

Buchungsfristigkeit bei Pauschalreisen           Körber, Bastian                      2006

Budgetregeln und die QualitΣt der ÷ffentlichen   Pasterniak, Angelika                 2006

Bulding a Future with BRICs                      Kobayashi-Hillary, Mark              2008

Building an Enterprise Architecture Practice     Berg, Martin van den;                2006
                                                 Steenbergen, Marlies van
Building ASIPs: The Mescal Methodology           Gries, Matthias; Keutzer, Kurt       2005

Building Online Communities with Drupal,         Douglass, Robert T.; Little,         2006
phpBB, and WordPress                             Mike; Smith, Jared W.

Building Spring 2 Enterprise Applications        Interface21, ; Smeets, Bram;         2007
                                                 Ladd, Seth
Building Supply Chain Excellence in Emerging     Lee, Hau L.; Lee, Chung-Yee          2007

Building with Earth                              Minke, Gernot                        2006
Bulk Metallic Glasses                            Liaw, Peter; Miller, Michael         2008
Das Bundesverfassungsgericht im politischen      Ooyen, Robert Chr; Möllers,          2006
System                                           Martin H W
Bürgerliches Recht                               Apathy, Peter; Kerschner,            2008
                                                 Ferdinand; Dullinger, Silvia; Iro,
                                                 Gert; Riedler, Andreas; Posch,
                                                 Willibald; Bydlinski, Peter;
                                                 Eccher, Bernhard
Bürgerliches Recht                               Zerres, Thomas                       2005
Bürgerliches Recht - Schnell erfasst             Katko, Peter                         2006

Bürgerliches Recht Band I Allgemeiner Teil                                            2007

Bürgerliches Recht Band II Schuldrecht           Dullinger, Silvia                    2008
Allgemeiner Teil
Bürgerliches Recht Band VI Erbrecht                                                 2008

Bürgerliches Recht I                             Bydlinski, Peter                   2005
Bürgerschaftlichkeit und Professionalität                                           2007

Buried Waste in the Seabed – Acoustic            Blondel, Philippe; Caiti, Andrea   2007
Imaging and Bio-Toxicity

Das Burnout-Syndrom                              Burisch, Matthias                  2006
Business Agility and Information Technology      Baskerville, Richard; DeGross,     2005
Diffusion                                        Janice I.; Mathiassen, Lars;
                                                 Pries-Heje, Jan

Business Campaigning                             Metzinger, Peter                   2006
Business Combinations im Konzernabschluss        Smigic, Milovan                    2006

Business Cycle Dynamics                          Puu, Tönu; Sushko, Iryna           2006

Business Development in Emerging Markets         Waldhauser, Timo                   2007

Business Education and Emerging Market           Alon, Ilan; McIntyre, John R.      2005

Business Engineering in der Praxis               Baumöl, Ulrike; Österle,           2005
                                                 Hubert; Winter, Robert
Business Ethics                                  Cory, Jacques                      2005
Business Ethics of Innovation                    Hanekamp, G.                       2007

Business Excellence in technologieorientierten   Hacklin, Fredrik; Marxt,           2008
Unternehmen                                      Christian

The Business Idea                                Hougaard, Søren                    2005
Business Information Systems                     Abramowicz, Witold                 2007

Business Information Warehouse                   Chamoni, Peter; Gluchowski,        2005
                                                 Peter; Hahne, Michael
Business Integration mit SAP-Lösungen            Bätz, Christian; Brosch, Gerald;   2005
                                                 Hecht, Heiko; Hennermann,
                                                 Frank; Hufgard, Andreas;
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Business Intelligence — Grundlagen und           Kemper, Hans-Georg;                2006
praktische Anwendungen                           Mehanna, Walid; Unger,
Business Intelligence for the Real-Time          Bussler, Christoph;                2007
Enterprises                                      Castellanos, Malu; Dayal,
                                                 Umesh; Navathe, Sham
The Business Plan                                Schwetje, Gerald; Vaseghi,         2007
                                                 Sam; Gentilozzi, Jodi
Business Process Management                      Weske, Mathias                     2007
Business Process Management                   Alonso, Gustavo; Dadam,            2007
                                              Peter; Rosemann, Michael
Business Process Management (vol. # 3649)     Benatallah, Boualem; Casati,       2005
                                              Fabio; Curbera, Francisco; van
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Business Process Management (vol. # 4102)     Dustdar, Schahram; Fiadeiro,       2006
                                              José Luiz; Sheth, Amit
Business Process Management Workshops                                            2008

Business Process Management Workshops         Bussler, Christoph; Haller,        2006
(vol. # 3812)                                 Armin
Business Process Management Workshops         Eder, Johann; Dustdar,             2006
(vol. # 4103)                                 Schahram
Business Process Outsourcing                  Gross, Jürgen; Bordt, Jürg;        2006
                                              Musmacher, Matias
Business Processes                            Menne-Haritz, Angelika             2005
Business Success in China                     Hofer, Markus B. ; Ebel,           2007
Business-Etikette in Europa                   Uhl, Gerhard; Uhl-Vetter, Elke     2007

Der Businessplan                              Nagl, Anna                         2006
Der Businessplan                              Schwetje, Gerald; Vaseghi,         2005
Businessplan und Markterfolg eines            Willer, Philipp                    2007

A Buyer's and User's Guide to Astronomical    Mullaney, James                    2007
Telescopes & Binoculars

Buying Center-Analyse auf der Basis von       Brinkmann, Jörg                    2006

BWL für IT-Berufe                             Wünsche, Manfred                   2007
BWL für Juristen                              Daum, Andreas; Pletke,             2007
                                              Matthias; Petzold, Jürgen
By Its Cover                                  Drew, Ned; Sternberger, Paul       2005
By-catch Reduction in the World's Fisheries   Kennelly, Steven J.                2007

C*-algebras and Elliptic Theory               Bojarski, Bogdan; Mishchenko,      2006
                                              Alexander; Troitsky, Evgenij;
                                              Weber, Andrzej

Das C++ Kompendium                            Brands, Gilbert                    2005
C++ mit dem Borland C++Builder 2006           Kaiser, Richard                    2008

C++                                           Hogenson, Gordon; Heege,           2007
                                              Marcus; Lippman, Stan
Die C++-Standardbibliothek                    Kuhlins, Stefan; Schader, Martin   2005

Cálculo Científico con MATLAB y Octave        Quarteroni, A.; Saleri, F.         2006
Cachexia and Wasting                           Mantovani, Giovanni                  2006

CAE-Methoden in der Fahrzeugtechnik            Meywerk, Martin                      2007

Calcium in Human Health                        Weaver, Connie M.; Heaney,           2006
                                               Robert P.
Calcium Signalling and Disease                 Carafoli, Ernesto; Brini, Marisa     2008

Calcium and Phosphate Metabolism               Hsu, Chen H.                         2006
Management in Chronic Renal Disease

Calcolo stocastico per la finanza              Pascucci, Andrea                     2008

Cálculo Científico                             Saleri, F.; Quarteroni, A.           2007
Calculus and Mechanics on Two-Point            Shchepetilov, Alexey V.              2006
Homogenous Riemannian Spaces

The Calculus of Computation                    Bradley, Aaron R.; Manna,            2007
Calculus of One Variable                       Hirst, Keith E.                      2006
Calculus of Variations and Nonlinear Partial   Ambrosio, Luigi; Marcellini,         2008
Differential Equations                         Paolo; Caffarelli, Luis; Crandall,
                                               Michael G; Dacorogna,
                                               Bernard; Fusco, Nicola; Evans,
                                               Lawrence C
Calibrating the Cosmos                         Levin, Frank                         2007
Calibration Techniques in Nyquist A            Nauta, Bram; Ploeg, Hendrik          2006
                                               van der
Calixarenes in the Nanoworld                   Vicens, Jacques; Harrowfield,        2007
Call Center Controlling                                                             2006
Call-Center-Management und                     Scupin, Yvonne                       2006

Calvinism's First Battleground                 Bruening, Michael W.                 2005

Cambridge and Vienna                           Galavotti, Maria C.                  2006
Canadian Semantic Web                          Koné, Mamadou Tadiou;                2006
                                               Lemire, Daniel
Cancer                                         Bradbury, Rob                        2007
Cancer and Pregnancy                           Surbone, Antonella; Peccatori,       2008
                                               Fedro; Pavlidis, Nicholas

Cancer Chemotherapy in Clinical Practice       Priestman, Terry                     2008

Cancer Clinical Trials: Proactive Strategies   Leong, Stanley P.L.                  2007

Cancer Drug Resistance                         Teicher, Beverly A.                  2006
Cancer du sein                                 Namer, Moïse; Héry, Michel;         2007
                                               Serin, Daniel; Spielmann, Marc;
                                               Gligorov, Joseph
Cancer du sein                                 Héry, Michel; Namer, Moise;         2006
                                               Serin, Daniel; Spielmann, Marc

Cancer du sein avancé                                                              2008
Le cancer du sujet âgé                         Morère, Jean-Francois;              2007
                                               Rainfray, Muriel
Cancer du testicule                            Houlgatte, Alain                    2006
Cancer Gene Therapy                            Curiel, David T; Douglas,           2005
                                               Joanne T
Cancer Grading Manual                          Damjanov, Ivan; Fan, Fang           2007
Cancer in Adolescents and Young Adults         Bleyer, Archie W.; Barr, Ronald     2007
Cancer Informatics in the Post Genomic Era     Jurisica, Igor; Wigle, Dennis A.;   2007
                                               Wong, Bill
Cancer Metastasis and the Lymphovascular       Leong, Stanley P.L.                 2007

Cancer Prevention                              Senn, Hans-Jörg                     2007
Cancer Proteomics                              Daoud, Sayed S                      2008
Cancer Stem Cells                              Wiestler, Otmar D.; Haendler,       2007
                                               Bernhard; Mumberg, Dominik

Cancer Survivorship                            Ganz, Patricia A.                   2007
Cancer: Cell Structures, Carcinogens and       Bignold, Leon P.                    2006
Genomic Instability

Cannabinoids                                   Pertwee, Roger G.                   2005
Cannabinoids and the Brain                     Köfalvi, Attila                     2008

Cannabinoids as Therapeutics                   Mechoulam, Raphael                  2005

Canonical Perturbation Theories, Degenerate    Ferraz-Mello, Sylvio                2007
Systems, and Resonance
Capacity Options for Revenue Management        Hellermann, Rolf                    2006

Capillary Forces in Microassembly              Lambert, Pierre                     2008

Capital Markets, Globalization, and Economic   Gup, Benton E.                      2005

Carbon                                         Messina, Giacomo;                   2006
                                               Santangelo, Saveria
Carbon and Its Domestication                   Mannion, A.M.                       2006

Carbon in the Geobiosphere                     Mackenzie, Fred T.; Lerman,         2006
Carbon Inventory Methods Handbook for            Ravindranath, N.H.; Ostwald,      2007
Greenhouse Gas Inventory, Carbon Mitigation      Madelene
and Roundwood Production Projects

Carbon Nanotubes                                 Jorio, Ado; Dresselhaus, Gene;    2008
                                                 Dresselhaus, Mildred S
Carbon Nanotubes: From Basic Research to         Lambin, Philippe; Popov,          2006
Nanotechnology                                   Valentin N.

Carbonate Reservoir Characterization             Lucia, F. Jerry                   2007

Cardiac Arrhythmias 2005                         Raviele, Antonio                  2006

Cardiac CT Imaging                               Budoff, Matthew M.J.;             2006
                                                 Shinbane, Jerold S.
Cardiac Drug Therapy                             Khan, M. Gabriel                  2007
Cardiac Mechanotransduction                      Weckström, Matti; Tavi, Pasi      2007

Cardiac Pacing for the Clinician                 Kusumoto, Fred M;                 2008
                                                 Goldschlager, Nora F
Cardiac PET and PET                              Di Carli, Marcelo F.; Lipton,     2007
                                                 Martin J.
Cardiac Reconstructions with Allograft Tissues   Hopkins, Richard A.               2005

Cardiac Rehabilitation                           Kraus, William; Keteyian,         2007
Cardiac Safety of Noncardiac Drugs               Morganroth, Joel; Gussak, Ihor    2005

Cardiopatie congenite dell'adulto: una guida     Gatzoulis, Michael A.; Swan,      2007
pratica                                          Lorna; Therrien, Judith;
                                                 Pantely, George A.
Cardiovascular Disease in AIDS                   Barbaro, Giuseppe; Boccara,       2005
Cardiovascular English                                                             2008
Cardiovascular Medicine                          Willerson, James T.; Cohn, Jay    2007
                                                 N.; Wellens, Hein J.J.; Holmes,
                                                 David R.
Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation     Perk, Joep; Mathes, Peter;        2007
                                                 Gohlke, Helmut; Monpère,
                                                 Catherine; Hellemans, Irene;
                                                 McGee, Hannah; Sellier,
                                                 Phillippe; Saner, Hugo
Cardiovascular Regeneration Therapies Using      Matsuda, Hikaru; Mori, Hidezo     2005
Tissue Engineering Approaches

Cardiovascular Research                          de Kleijn, Dominique P.V.;        2006
                                                 Pasterkamp, Gerard
Care of Astronomical Telescopes and            Pepin, M. Barlow                  2005

The Career Programmer                          Duncan, Christopher               2006
Careers of University Graduates                Teichler, Ulrich                  2007

Care-Related Quality of Life in Old Age:       Vaarama, Marja; Pieper,           2008
                                               Richard; Sixsmith, Andrew
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome                         Luchetti, Riccardo; Amadio,       2007
The Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Sea         Güner-Özbek, Meltem Deniz         2008

Cartilage Repair                               Williams, Riley J.                2007

Cartographies of the Mind                  Marraffa, Massimo; De Caro,           2007
                                           Mario; Ferretti, Francesco
Case and Linking in Language Comprehension Bader, Markus; Bayer, Josef           2006

Case Based Design                              Avramenko, Yuri; Kraslawski,      2008
Case Management                                Brinkmann, Volker                 2006
Case Studies in Environmental Archaeology      Reitz, Elizabeth J; Scarry, C     2008
                                               Margaret; Scudder, Sylvia J

Case Studies in Ethics and HIV Research        Loue, Sana; Pike, Earl C.         2007

Case Studies in Food Safety and                Cortez Vieira, Maria Margarida;   2007
Environmental Health                           Ho, Peter

Case Studies in Spatial Point Process Modeling Baddeley, Adrian ; Gregori,       2006
                                               Pablo; Mateu, Jorge; Stoica,
                                               Radu; Stoyan, Dietrich
Case-Based Approximate Reasoning               Hüllermeier, Eyke                 2007

Case-Based Reasoning Research and              Munoz-Avila, Hector; Ricci,       2005
Development                                    Francesco

Case-Based Reasoning Research and              Weber, Rosina O.; Richter,        2007
Development                                    Michael M.

Casebook of Orthopedic Rehabilitation          Ip, David                         2008

The Caspian Sea Environment                    Kosarev, Aleksey N.;              2005
                                               Kostianoy, Andrey G.
Cassini at Saturn- Huygens Results             Harland, David M.                 2007
Casting: An Analytical Approach                Reikher, Alexandre;               2007
                                               Barkhudarov, Michael R.
Catalyst Separation, Recovery and Recycling    Cole-Hamilton, David J.;          2006
                                               Tooze, Robert P.
Catalytic Carbonylation Reactions             Beller, Matthias                  2006

Cataract and Refractive Surgery              Koch, Douglas D.; Kohnen,          2005
Cataract and Refractive Surgery              Koch, Douglas D.; Kohnen,          2006
Catastrophe Modeling                         Grossi, Patricia; Kunreuther,      2005
Catastrophic Events Caused by Cosmic Objects Adushkin, V.V; Nemchinov, I.V.     2008

Categories and Sheaves                        Kashiwara, Masaki; Schapira,      2006
Categories for Software Engineering           Fiadeiro, José L.                 2005

Category Management                           Steiner, Stephanie                2007
Catheter Ablation of Cardiac Arrhythmias      Deisenhofer, I.; Schmitt, C.;     2006
                                              Zrenner, B.
CATIA V5 — Grundkurs für Maschinenbauer       List, Ronald                      2007

Causality of Psychological Injury             Young, Gerald; Kane, Andrew       2007
                                              W.; Nicholson, Keith
CCD Astrophotography:High-Quality Imaging     Stuart, Adam                      2006
from the Suburbs

CCD Image Sensors in Deep-Ultraviolet         Li, F.M.; Nathan, A.              2005

CD137 Pathway                                 Chen, Lieping                     2007

CD4+CD25+ Regulatory T Cells: Origin,         Kyewski, B.; Suri-Payer,          2005
Function and Therapeutic Potential            Elisabeth

Repeaters in the CDMA Cellular Network        Shapira, Joseph; Miller, Shmuel   2007

Le cefalee: manuale teorico-pratico           Bussone, Gennaro; Casucci,        2008
                                              Gerardo; Frediani, Fabio;
                                              Manzoni, Gian Camillo;
                                              Bonavita, Vincenzo
Celestial Mechanics                           Celletti, Alessandra; Perozzi,    2007
Cell Adhesion and Cytoskeletal Molecules in   Cress, Anne E.; Nagle,            2006
Metastasis                                    Raymond B.

Cell and Molecular Biology of Plastids        Bock, Ralph                       2007

Cell Communication in Nervous and Immune      Gundelfinger, Eckart D.;          2006
System                                        Seidenbecher, Constanze;
                                              Schraven, Burkhart
Cell Culture Engineering                      Hu, Wei-Shu                       2006
The Cell Cycle in the Central Nervous System      Janigro, Damir                    2006

Cell Cycle Regulation                             Kaldis, Philipp                   2006
Cell Division Control in Plants                   Verma, Desh Pal S; Hong,          2008
Cell Engineering                                  Al-Rubeai, Mohamed;               2005
                                                  Fussenegger, Martin
Cell Motility                                     Lenz, Peter                       2008
Cell Motility in Cancer Invasion and Metastasis   Wells, Alan                       2006

Cell Separation                                   Kumar, Ashok; Galaev, Igor Yu;    2007
                                                  Mattiasson, Bo
Cell Signaling in Vascular Inflammation           Bhattacharya, Jahar               2005

Cell Surface Receptors                            Limbird, Lee E.                   2005
Cell Technology for Cell Products                 Smith, Rodney                     2007

Cell Therapy, Stem Cells and Brain Repair         Davis, Cyndy D.; Sanberg, Paul    2007
Cell Volume and Signaling                         Adragna, Norma; Lauf, Peter       2005

Cell-Cell Channels                                Baluska, Frantisek                2006
Cell-Cycle Mechanisms and Neuronal Cell           Copani, Agata; Nicoletti,         2005
Death                                             Ferdinando
Cells and Robots                                  Milutinovic, Dejan; Lima, Pedro   2007

Cellular Automata                                 El Yacoubi, Samira; Chopard,      2006
                                                  Bastien; Bandini, Stafania

Cellular Automaton Modeling of Biological         Deutsch, Andreas; Dormann,        2005
Pattern Formation                                 Sabine

Cellulose: Molecular and Structural Biology       Brown, R.M.; Saxena, I.M.         2007

Central European Functional Programming           Horváth, Zoltán                   2006

Central Nervous System Diseases and               Lane, Thomas E; Carson,           2008
Inflammation                                      Monica; Bergmann, Conni;
                                                  Wyss-Coray, Tony
Centrifugal Pumps                                 Gülich, Johann Friedrich          2008
Cephalopods Present and Past: New Insights        Landman, Neil H.; Davis,          2007
and Fresh Perspectives                            Richard A.; Mapes, Royal H.

Ceramic Materials                                 Carter, C. Barry; Norton, M.      2007
Cereal Genomics                                   Gupta, P.K.; Varshney, R.K.       2005
Cereals and Millets                               Kole, Chittaranjan                2006
Cerebral Monitoring in the OR and ICU             Freye, Enno                       2005

Cerebral Palsy                                    Miller, Freeman                   2005
Certification and Security in Inter-           Nardelli, Enrico; Talamo,         2005
Organizational E-Services                      Maurizio

CFN Lectures on Functional Nanostructures      Busch, K.; Powell, A.; Röthig,    2005
                                               C.; Schön, G.; Weissmüller, J.

CGE Models and Capital Income Tax Reforms      Radulescu, Doina Maria            2007

Chalcogenocarboxylic Acid Derivatives          Kato, Shinzi                      2005

The Challenge of Developing Statistical        Ben-Zvi, Dani; Garfield, Joan     2005
Literacy, Reasoning and Thinking
Challenges and Negotiations for Women in       Cotterill, Pamela; Jackson,       2007
Higher Education                               Sue; Letherby, Gayle

Challenges at the Bank for International       Koch, Elmar B.                    2007

Challenges for Central Banks in an Enlarged    Breuss, Fritz; Hochreiter,        2005
EMU                                            Eduard H.

Challenges for Computational Intelligence      Duch, Wlodzislaw; Mandziuk,       2007

Challenges in Ad Hoc Networking               Agha, K. Al; Guérin Lassous, I.;   2006
                                              Pujolle, G.
The Challenges of Educating People to Lead in McCuddy, Michael K.; van den       2007
a Challenging World                           Bosch, Herman; Martz, Jr.,
                                              Wm. Benjamin; Matveev,
                                              Alexie V.; Morse, Kenneth O.
Challenges of Expanding Internet: E-          Funabashi, Matohisa; Grzech,       2005
Commerce, E-Business, and E-Government        Adam

Challenges to The Second Law of                Cápek, Vladislav; Sheehan,        2005
Thermodynamics                                 Daniel P.

Challenging American Leadership                Frankel, E.G.                     2006

Chance                                                                           2008
Chance Discoveries in Real World Decision      Ohsawa, Yukio; Tsumoto,           2006
Making                                         Shusaku

Chancen mit Geschlossenen Fonds                Pelikan, Edmund                   2007

Chancengleichheit durch Personalpolitik        Krell, Gertraude                  2008

Chancengleichheit in akademischen Berufen      Könekamp, Bärbel                  2007
Change 2.0                                                                          2008
Change Management                                Heberle, Krischan; Stolzenberg,    2006
Change Management - Prozesse                     Schuh, Günther                     2006
strategiekonform gestalten

Change Management ù WiderstΣnde gegen            Cacaci, Arnaldo                    2006

Changing Education                               Mason, Mark; Hershock, Peter       2008
                                                 D; Hawkins, John N
Changing Land Use Patterns in the Coastal        DeVoe, M. Richard; Kleppel,        2006
Zone                                             G.S.; Rawson, Mac V.
A Changing World                                 Kienast, Felix; Ghosh,             2007
                                                 Sucharita; Wildi, Otto
Chaos                                            Korsch, Hans Jürgen;               2008
                                                 Hartmann, Timo; Jodl, Hans-
Chaos and Stability in Planetary Systems         Dvorak, R.; Freistetter, F.;       2005
                                                 Kurths, J.
Chaos, Nonlinearity, Complexity                  Sengupta, Ashok                    2006

Chaotic Dynamics and Transport in Classical      Collet, P.; Courbage, M.;          2005
and Quantum Systems                              Métens, S.; Neishtadt, A.;
                                                 Zaslavsky, G.
Chaotic Worlds: from Order to Disorder in        Steves, B.A.; Maciejewski, A.J.;   2006
Gravitational N-Body Dynamical Systems           Hendry, M.

Chaperones                                       Braakman, Ineke; Makarow,          2006
Character Evidence                               Walton, Douglas                    2006
Characterisation in Federations: Six Countries   Taylor, Gregory                    2006

Characteristic Based Planning with mySAP         Dickersbach, Jörg Thomas           2005

Characteristics Finite Element Methods in        Iannelli, Joe                      2006
Computational Fluid Dynamics

Characterization II                              Karge, Hellmut G.; Weitkamp,       2007
Characterization of Corrosion Products on        Waseda, Y.; Suzuki, S.             2006
Steel Surfaces

Characterization of Polymer Surfaces and Thin    Adler, H.-J.; Grundke, K.;         2006
Films                                            Stamm, M.
Charakterisierung, Analyse und Beeinflussung   Dempfle, Urs; Herzig, Norbert      2006
der Konzernsteuerquote

Charge Migration in DNA                        Chakraborty, Tapash                2007
Charged Particle Traps                         Gheorghe, V.N.; Major, F.G.;       2005
                                               Werth, G.
Chargenverfolgung                              Engelhardt-Nowitzki, Corinna;      2006
                                               Lackner, Elsabeth
Charging the Internal Combustion Engine        Hiereth, Hermann; Prenninger,      2007
Charting a New Course: Natural Language        Tait, John I.                      2005
Processing and Information Retrieval.

Charting the Topic Maps Research and           Maicher, Lutz; Park, Jack          2006
Applications Landscape

Chassin's Operative Strategy in Esophageal     Scott-Conner, Carol E.H.           2006

Check Book für GmbH-Geschäftsführer            Jehle, Thomas Fr. ; Láng,          2005
                                               Csaba; Meier-Rudolph,
Check-up Anästhesiologie                       Kox, Wolfgang J.; Spies,           2005
                                               Claudia D.
Chemical Abundances and Mixing in Stars in     Pasquini, L.; Randich, S.          2006
the Milky Way and its Satellites

The Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry in    Festel, G.; Kreimeyer, A.; Oels,   2005
China                                          U.; Zedtwitz, M. von

Chemical Ecology                               Dicke, Marcel; Takken, Willem      2006

Chemical Genomics (vol. # 58)                  Jaroch, Stefan; Weinmann,          2006
Chemical Kinetics and Reaction Dynamics        Upadhyay, Santosh K.               2006

Chemical Leasing Goes Global                                                      2008

Chemical Sensors                               Gründler, Peter                    2007
Chemical Signals in Vertebrates 10             LeMaster, Michael P.; Mason,       2005
                                               R.T.; Müller-Schwarze, Dietland

Chemical Signals in Vertebrates 11             Hurst, Jane L; Wyatt, Tristram     2008
                                               D; Roberts, S Craig; Beynon,
                                               Robert J
Chemicals as Intentional and Accidental Global Simeonov, Lubomir; Chirila,        2006
Environmental Threats                          Elisabeta
Chemie                                          Blumenthal, Gert; Vieth,           2006
                                                Siegfried; Linke, Dietmar
Chemie der Werkstoffe                                                              2008
Chemie für Biologen                             Kazmaier, Uli; Klein, Helmut A.;   2005
                                                Latscha, Hans P.
Chemiedidaktik                                  Barke, Hans-Dieter                 2006
Chemikalienregulierung und Innovationen zum     Hansjürgens, Bernd; Nordbeck,      2005
nachhaltigen Wirtschaften                       Ralf

Chemische Evolution und der Ursprung des        Rauchfuss, Horst                   2005

Chemische Reaktionstechnik                      Müller-Erlwein, Erwin              2007

Chemisches Praktikum fⁿr Mediziner              Hilt, Gerhard; Rinze, Peter        2007

Chemistry and Safety of Acrylamide in Food      Friedman, Mendel ; Mottram,        2005
Chemistry for the Protection of the Environment Barich, John; Black, Robin K.;     2005
4                                               Dudzinska, Marzenna R.;
                                                Gonzalez, Marjorie A.;
                                                Mournighan, Robert
The Chemistry of Pheromones and Other           Schulz, Stefan                     2005
Semiochemicals II

The Chemistry of the Actinide and               Edelstein, Norman M.; Fuger,       2006
Transactinide Elements                          Jean; Morss, Lester R.

Chemoinformatics                                Bunin, Barry A.; Bajorath,         2007
                                                Jürgen; Siesel, Brian; Morales,
Chemokine Biology - Basic Research and          Letts, Gordon L.; Moser,           2006
Clinical Application                            Bernhard; Neote, Kuldeep

Chemokine Biology: Basic Research and           Neote, Kuldeep; Letts, Gordon      2007
Clinical Application                            L.; Moser, Bernhard

The Chemokine Receptors                         Harrison, Jeffrey K.; Lukacs,      2007
                                                Nicholas W.
Chemokines and Viral Infection                  Lane, T.E.                         2006

Chernobyl                                       Beresford, Nicholas A.; Smith,     2005
Chernobyl - What Have We Learned?               Onishi, Yasuo; Voitsekhovich,      2007
                                                Oleg V.; Zheleznyak, Mark J.

Chest Sonography                                Mathis, Gebhard                    2008
Child Neuropsychology                           Teeter Ellison, Anne; Semrud-      2007
                                                Clikeman, Margaret
Children in Tort Law Part I: Children as           Martín-Casals, Miquel              2006

Children in Tort Law Part II: Children as Victims Martín-Casals, Miquel               2007

China Business                                     Zinzius, Birgit                    2006
China.de                                           Vermeer, Manuel                    2007
China Management                                   Zinzius, Birgit                    2007

Chinese Spoken Language, Processing                Huo, Qiang; Ma, Bin; Chng,         2006
                                                   Eng-Siong; Li, Haizhou
Chiral Diazaligands for Asymmetric Synthesis       Lemaire, Marc; Mangeney,           2005
Chiral Soliton Models for Baryons                  Weigel, Herbert                    2008

Chirurgia addominale dÆurgenza: il buon            Schein, Moshe; Rogers, Paul N.     2007
senso di Schein

Chirurgia toracica videoassistita                  Lavini, Corrado; Ruggiero, Ciro;   2006
                                                   Morandi, Uliano
Chirurgie                                          Siewert, J.-Rüdiger                2006
Chirurgie esthétique et fonctionnelle de la face   Gola, Raymond                      2005

Chirurgie oncoplastique et reconstruction dans                                        2008
le cancer du sein

Chirurgische Intensivmedizin                       Aloy, Alexander                    2007

Chirurgische Proktologie                           Girona, Josef; Lange, Joachim;     2006
                                                   Mölle, Bernward
Chirurgisches Forum 2005 für experimentelle        Bauer, Hartwig; Jauch, K.-W.;      2005
und klinische Forschung                            Rothmund, Matthias

Chirurgisches Forum 2006 für experimentelle        Bauer, H.; Jauch, K.-W.;           2006
und klinische Forschung                            Saeger, H.-D.

Chirurgisches Forum 2007                           Steinau, H.-U.; Schackert, H.K.;   2007
                                                   Bauer, H.
Chlamydia pneumoniae Infection and Disease         Bendinelli, Mauro; Friedman,       2005
                                                   Herman; Yamamoto,
Chlorophylls and Bacteriochlorophylls              Grimm, Bernhard; Porra,            2006
                                                   Robert J.; Rüdiger, Wolfhart;
                                                   Scheer, Hugo
Choices in Palliative Care                         Blank, Arthur E.; O'Mahony,        2007
Chondral Disease of the Knee                       Cole, Brian J.; Malek, M. Mike     2006

The Christian Religion and Biotechnology           Smith, II, George P.               2005
Chromatin and Disease                          Kundu, Tapas K.; Dasgupta,        2007
Chromatin Dynamics in Cellular Function        Laurent, Brehon C.                2006

Chromosomal Alterations                        Obe, Günter; Vijayalaxmi,         2007

Chronic Diseases and Health Care               Morewitz, Stephen J.              2006

Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia                                                     2005

Chronic Pain and Family                       Roy, Ranjan                        2006
Chronic Viral and Inflammatory Cardiomyopathy Grötzbach, G.; Kapp, J.-F.;        2006
                                              Schultheiss, H.-P.

Churn-Management im B2B-Kontext                                                  2008

Cigarette Smoke and Oxidative Stress           Halliwell, Barry B.; Poulsen,     2006
                                               Henrik E.
Circuiti                                       De Magistris, Massimiliano;       2008
                                               Miano, Giovanni
Circuits and Systems Based on Delta            Zrilic, Djuro G.                  2005

Citation Analysis in Research Evaluation       Moed, Henk F.                     2005

Citation Classics from Social Indicators       Michalos, Alex C.                 2005

Cities in Transition                           Schneider-Sliwa, Rita             2006
City of Collision                              Misselwitz, Philipp; Rieniets,    2006
Civil Juries and Civil Justice                 Bornstein, Brian H.; Wiener,      2008
                                               Richard L.; Schopp, Robert;
                                               Willborn, Steven
Class 1 Oxidoreductases X                      Schomburg, Dietmar;               2006
                                               Schomburg, Ida
Class 2 Transferases IX                        Schomburg, Dietmar;               2007
                                               Schomburg, Ida
Class 2 Transferases I                         Schomburg, Dietmar;               2006
                                               Schomburg, Ida
Class 2 Transferases VI                        Schomburg, Dietmar;               2007
                                               Schomburg, Ida
Class 2 Transferases VI                        Schomburg, Dietmar;               2007
                                               Schomburg, Ida
Class 2 Transferases VIII                      Schomburg, Dietmar;               2007
                                               Schomburg, Ida
Classes of Finite Groups                       Ballester-Bolinches, Adolfo;      2006
                                               Ezquerro, Luis M.
Classic Papers in Coronary Angioplasty         Cleman, Michael; Handler, Clive   2006
Classic Papers in Modern Diagnostic Radiology Banerjee, Arpan K.; Busch,            2005
                                              Uwe; Thomas, Adrian M. K.

Classic Works on the Dempster-Shafer Theory Dempster, Arthur P.; Yager,             2008
of Belief Functions                         Ronald; Liu, Liping

Classical Electromagnetic Theory                 VanderLinde, Jack                  2005

Classical Geometries in Modern Contexts          Benz, Walter                       2007

Classical Geometries in Modern Contexts          Benz, Walter                       2005

A Classical Introduction to Cryptography         Vaudenay, Serge                    2006

A Classical Introduction to Cryptography         Baigneres, Thomas; Junod,          2006
Exercise Book                                    Pascal; Lu, Yi; Monnerat, Jean;
                                                 Vaudenay, Serge
Classical Methods of Statistics                  Kardaun, Otto J.W.F.               2005

Classical Nucleation Theory in Multicomponent    Vehkamäki, Hanna                   2006

Classification - the Ubiquitous Challenge        Gaul, Wolfgang; Weihs, Claus       2005

Classification Algorithms for Codes and Designs Kaski, Petteri; Östergård, Patric   2006

Classification and Clustering for Knowledge      Halgamuge, Saman K.; Wang,         2005
Discovery                                        Lipo

Classification and Learning Using Genetic        Bandyopadhyay, Sanghamitra;        2007
Algorithms                                       Pal, Sankar K.

Classification and Modeling with Linguistic      Ishibuchi, Hisao; Nakashima,       2005
Information Granules                             Tomoharu; Nii, Manabu

Classification des Groupes Algébriques Semi-     Cartier, Pierre                    2005

Classifications and Scores of the Shoulder       Habermeyer, Peter;                 2006
                                                 Lichtenberg, Sven; Magosch,
Classifications et scores en chirurgie                                              2008
orthopédique et traumatologique

Classifying Madness                              Cooper, Rachel                     2005
Clays                                            Meunier, Alain                     2005
Clear Blogging                                   Walsh, Bob                         2007
Cleft Lip and Palate                             Berkowitz, Samuel                  2006
Climate and Land Degradation                      Sivakumar, Mannava V.K.;           2007
                                                  Ndiang'ui, Ndegwa
Climate Change - Environment and History of       Issar, Arie S.; Zohar, Mattanyah   2007
the Near East

Climate Change and Energy Pathways for the        Moniz, E. J.                       2008

Climate Change Impacts for the Conterminous       Edmonds, James A.;                 2005
USA                                               Rosenberg, Norman J.

Climate Prediction and Agriculture                Sivakumar, Mannava V.K.;           2007
                                                  Meinke, Holger
Climate Variability and Extremes during the       Brönnimann, Stefan; Ewen,          2007
Past 100 Years                                    Tracy; Luterbacher, Jürg; Diaz,
                                                  Henry F; Stolarski, Richard S;
                                                  Neu, Urs
Climate Variability, Predictability and Climate   Wanner, Heinz; Grosjean,           2006
Risks                                             Martin; Röthlisberger, Regine;
                                                  Xoplaki, Elena
Climatic Change and its Impacts                   Beniston, M.                       2005

Climbing and Walking Robots                       Armada, Manuel; González de        2005
                                                  Santos, Pablo
Clinical Anesthesia                                                                  2008
Clinical Atlas of Interstitial Lung Disease     Peros-Golubicic, Tatjana;            2006
                                                Sharma, Om P.
Clinical Bioethics                              Viafora, Corrado                     2005
Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology in the Young Dick II, Macdonald                   2006

Clinical Cardiac MRI                              Bogaert, J.; Dymarkowski, S.;      2005
                                                  Taylor, A.M.
Clinical Decision Support Systems                 Berner, Eta S.                     2007

Clinical Decisions in Pediatric Nephrology        Assadi, Farahnak                   2008

Clinical Evaluation of Medical Devices            Becker, Karen M.; Whyte, John      2006
Clinical Facial Analysis                          Meneghini, Fabio                   2005
Clinical Functional MRI                           Stippich, Christoph                2007
Clinical MR Imaging                               Parizel, P.M.; Reimer, P.;         2006
                                                  Stichnoth, F.-A.
Clinical Neuroanatomy                             Mendoza, John; Foundas,            2008
                                                  Anne L.

Clinical Neuroembryology                          Donkelaar, Hans J. ten; Hori,      2006
                                                  Akira; Lammens, Martin
Clinical Neuro-Ophthalmology                      Schiefer, Ulrich; Wilhelm,         2007
                                                  Helmut; Hart, William
Essentials of Clinical Neurophysiology            Blum, Andrew S.; Rutkove,          2007
                                                  Seward B.
Nuclear Medicine Concise                       Biersack, Hans-Jürgen;             2007
                                               Freeman, Leonard
Clinical PET and PET                           Jadvar, H.; Parker, J.A.           2005
Clinical Pharmacology of Sleep                 Monti, J.M.; Pandi-Perumal,        2006
Clinical Research Methods for Surgeons         Penson, David F.                   2007

Clinical Trial Registries                      Foote, Mary A.                     2006
Clinical Trials in Osteoporosis                Pearson, Derek; Miller, Colin G.   2007

Clinical Ultrasound in Benign Proctology       Bartram, C.I.; Pescatori, M.;      2006
                                               Zbar, A.P.
Clinician's Guide to Medical Writing           Taylor, Robert B.                  2005

Clock Generators for SOC Processors            Fahim, Amr M.                      2005

Close Binaries in the 21st Century: New        Giménez, Alvaro; Guinan,           2006
Opportunities and Challenges                   Edward; Niarchos, Panagiotis;
                                               Rucinski, Slavek

Closed-Loop Control of Blood Glucose           Chee, Frederick; Fernando,         2007
Closing the POWER Gap between ASIC &           Chinnery, David; Keutzer, Kurt     2007

Cloud Optics                                   Kokhanovsky, Alexander A.          2006
Clusia                                         Lüttge, Ulrich E.                  2007
Cluster Analysis for Data Mining and System    Abonyi, Janos; Feil, Balazs        2007

Cluster Computing                              Bauke, Heiko; Mertens,             2006
BioCMOS Technologies                           Ham, Donhee; Lee, Hakho;           2007
                                               Westervelt, Robert M.
CMOS Cascade Sigma-Delta Modulators for        de la Rosa, J.M.; Medeiro, F.;     2006
Sensors and Telecom                            Pérez-Verdú, B.; Río, R. del;
                                               Rodríguez-Vázquez, Á.
CMOS Current-Mode Circuits for Data            Yuan, Fei                          2007

CMOS Hotplate Chemical Microsensors          Graf, M.; Barrettino, D.; Baltes,    2007
                                             H.P.; Hierlemann, A.
CMOS Multi-Channel Single-Chip Receivers for Muller, Paul; Leblebici, Yusuf       2008
Multi-Gigabit Optical Data Communications

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CMOS Single Chip Fast Frequency Hopping       Bourdi, Taoufik; Kale, Izzet       2007
Synthesizers For Wireless Multi-Gigahertz

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                                              Heiner; Osterhold, Gisela
Coal Combustion Byproducts and                Alva, Ashok K.; Punshon,           2006
Environmental Issues                          Tracy; Sajwan, Kenneth S.;
                                              Twardowska, Irena
Coastal Dunes                                 Martínez, M Luisa; Psuty,          2008
                                              Norbert P
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                                              Martin D.A.; Lindeboom, Han
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COBIT kompakt und verständlich                Goltsche, Wolfgang                 2006

¡Cocinando!                                   Yglesias, Pablo E.                 2005
Ein Cockpit für den Aufsichtsrat              Mäder, Olaf B                      2006

Codes et turbocodes                           Berrou, Claude                     2007
The Codes of Life                             Barbieri, Marcello; Hoffmeyer,     2008
Co-design for System Acceleration             Nedjah, Nadia; de Macedo           2007
                                              Mourelle, Luiza
Code-switching in Bilingual Children          Cantone, Katja F.                  2007

Codici cifrati                                Beckman, Bengt                     2005
Codici correttori                             Giuzzi, Luca                       2006
Coding and Cryptography                       Ytrehus, Øyvind                    2006
Coding for Data and Computer Communications   Salomon, David                     2005

Coding for Wireless Channels                  Biglieri, Ezio                     2005

Cognition, Communication and Interaction      Gill, Satinder P.                  2008

Cognitive Aspects of Bilingualism             Kecskes, Istvan; Albertazzi,       2007
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Chronic      Taylor, Renee R.                   2006
Illness and Disability

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                                              Michael L.; Posner, Donn;
                                              Smith, Michael T.
Cognitive Development in Chimpanzees          Matsuzawa, T.; Tanaka, M.;         2006
                                              Tomonaga, M.
Cognitive Economics                           Walliser, Bernard                  2008
Cognitive Engineering                         Jain, Lakhmi C.; Konar, Amit       2005
Cognitive Radio, Software Defined Radio, and   Arslan, Huseyin                    2007
Adaptive Wireless Systems

Cognitive Systems                              Lu, Ruqian; Siekmann, Jörg;        2007
                                               Ullrich, Carsten
Cognitive Vision Systems                       Christensen, Henrik I.; Nagel,     2006
Cognitive Wireless Communication Networks      Hossain, Ekram; Bhargava,          2007
                                               Vijay K.

Cognitive Wireless Networks                    Fitzek, Frank H.P.; Katz,          2007
                                               Marcos D.
The Coherence of Kant's Transcendental         Senderowicz, Yaron M.              2005
Coherence, Truth and Testimony                 Gähde, Ulrich; Hartmann,           2005
Coherent Dynamics of Complex Quantum           Akulin, Vladimir M.                2006

Coherent Semiconductor Optics                  Meier, Torsten; Thomas, Peter;     2007
                                               Koch, Stephan W.
Coherent Sources of XUV Radiation              Jaeglé, Pierre                     2006

Cold Aqueous Planetary Geochemistry with       Marion, Giles M; Kargel, Jeffrey   2008
FREZCHEM                                       S

Cold Region Atmospheric and Hydrologic         Woo, Ming-ko                       2008
Studies. The Mackenzie GEWEX Experience

Cold Region Atmospheric and Hydrologic                                            2008
Studies. The Mackenzie GEWEX Experience

Cold-Water Corals and Ecosystems               Freiwald, Andre; Roberts, J.       2005
Collaborative Networks and Their Breeding      Afsarmanesh, Hamideh;              2005
Environments                                   Camarinha-Matos, Luis M.;
                                               Ortiz, Angel
Collaborative Product Design and               Li, W. D.; Ong, S. K.; Nee,        2007
Manufacturing Methodologies and Applications   Andrew Y. C.; McMahon, Chris

Collaborative Research and Development         Harris, Tom                        2007

Collagen                                       Brinckmann, Jürgen; Müller,        2005
                                               P.K.; Notbohm, Holger
Collecting Spatial Data                          Müller, Werner G.                 2007
Collective Action in the Formation of Pre-       Blanton, Richard; Fargher, Lane   2008
Modern States

Collective Bargaining and Wage Formation         Piekkola, Hannu; Snellman,        2005
Collective Beings                                Minati, Gianfranco; Pessa,        2007
Collective Consciousness and its Discontents     Wallace, Rodrick; Fullilove,      2008
                                                 Mindy T

Collective Dynamics of Nonlinear and             Häussler, P.; Just, W.; Radons,   2005
Disordered Systems                               G.

Collective Improvisation in a Teacher Education Farr Darling, Linda; Erickson,     2007
Community                                       Gaalen; Clarke, Anthony

Collective Phenomena in Synchrotron              Khan, Shaukat                     2006
Radiation Sources

Colloidal Transport in Porous Media              Frimmel, Fritz H.; Kammer,        2007
                                                 Frank von der; Flemming,
Colour - Communication in Space                  Meerwein, Gerhard; Rodeck,        2007
                                                 Bettina; Mahnke, Frank H.
Color Atlas of Chemical Peels                    De Padova, Maria Pia; Grimes,     2006
                                                 Pearl E.; Tosti, Antonella

Color Atlas of Congenital Heart Surgery          Litwin, S. Bert                   2007

Color Atlas of Gross Placental Pathology         Kaplan, Cynthia G.                2007

Color Atlas of Histopathology of the Cervix Uteri Dallenbach-Hellweg, Gisela;      2006
                                                  Knebel Doeberitz, Magnus von;
                                                  Trunk, Marcus J.
Color Atlas of Immunocytochemistry in             Ganjei-Azar, Parvin; Nadji,      2007
Diagnostic Cytology                               Mehrdad

Color Atlas of Infective Endocarditis            Ramsdale, David R.                2005

Color Atlas of Melanocytic Lesions of the Skin   Soyer, Hans Peter; Argenziano,    2007
                                                 Guiseppe; Hofmann-Wellenhof,
                                                 Rainer; Johr, Robert H.

Color Atlas of Strabismus Surgery                Wright, Kenneth W.;               2007
                                                 Thompson, Lisa
Color Doppler US of the Penis                    Bertolotto, Michele               2008

Colorectal Cancer                                Saltz, Leonard B.                 2007
Colorectal Surgery                               Killingback, Mark                 2006
Columbia                                         Chien, Philip                     2006
Column Generation                              Desaulniers, Guy; Desrosiers,     2005
                                               Jacques; Solomon, Marius M.

Combinatorial Algebraic Topology               Kozlov, Dmitry                    2008

Combinatorial and Algorithmic Aspects of       Janssen, Jeannette; Prałat,       2007
Networking                                     Paweł

Combinatorial and Algorithmic Aspects of       Hamel, Angèle; López-Ortiz,       2005
Networking (vol. # 3405)                       Alejandro

Combinatorial and Algorithmic Aspects of       Erlebach, Thomas                  2006
Networking (vol. # 4235)

Combinatorial Chemistry on Solid Supports      Braese, Stefan                    2007

Combinatorial Commutative Algebra              Miller, Ezra; Sturmfels, Bernd    2005

Combinatorial Geometry and Graph Theory        Akiyama, Jin; Baskoro, Edy Tri;   2005
                                               Kano, Mikio
Combinatorial Image Analysis                   Klette, Reinhard; Zunic, Jovisa   2005

Combinatorial Image Analysis (vol. # 4040)     Eckardt, Ulrich; Flach, Boris;    2006
                                               Knauer, Uwe; Polthier, Konrad;
                                               Reulke, Ralf
Combinatorial Optimization                     Korte, Bernhard; Vygen, Jens      2008

Combinatorial Optimization                     Korte, Bernhard; Vygen, Jens      2006

Combinatorial Optimization and Applications    Dress, Andreas; Xu, Yinfeng;      2007
                                               Zhu, Binhai

Combinatorial Optimization in Communication    Cheng, Maggie Xiaoyan; Du,        2006
Networks                                       Ding-Zhu; Li, Yingshu

Combinatorial Pattern Matching                                                   2006

Combinatorial Pattern Matching (vol. # 3537)   Apostolico, Alberto;              2005
                                               Crochemore, Maxime; Park,
Combinatorial Pattern Matching                 Ma, Bin; Zhang, Kaizhong          2007

Combinatorial Pattern Matching (vol. # 4009)   Lewenstein, Moshe; Valiente,      2006
Combinatorial Stochastic Processes             Picard, Jean                      2006

Combinatorics of Coxeter Groups                Björner, Anders; Brenti,          2005
Combinatorics, Algorithms, Probabilistic and     Chen, Bo; Paterson, Mike;            2007
Experimental Methodologies                       Zhang, Guochuan

Combined and Hybrid Adsorbents                   Loureiro, José Miguel; Kartel,       2006
                                                 Mykola T.
Combined Scintigraphic and Radiographic                                               2007
Diagnosis of Bone and Joint Diseases

Combustion                                       Warnatz, J.; Maas, U.; Dibble,       2006
Comet                                            Bobrowsky, Peter T. ; Rickman,       2007
Comets                                           Fernández, Julio Angel               2005
Comets and the Origin and Evolution of Life      Chyba, Christopher F.; Hicks,        2006
                                                 Roland D.; McKay, Christopher
                                                 P.; Thomas, Paul J.

Commitment in Geschäftsbeziehungen               Saab, Samy                           2007

Common Eye Diseases and their Management         Amoaku, Winfried M. K.;              2006
                                                 Browning, Andrew C; Galloway,
                                                 Nicholas R.; Galloway, Peter H.

The Communicating Company                        Hübner, Hartmut                      2007

Communicating European Research 2005             Claessens, Michel                    2007

Communicating Science                            Laszlo, Pierre                       2006
Communicating Sequential Processes. The          Abdallah, Ali E.; Jones, Cliff B.;   2005
First 25 Years                                   Sanders, Jeff W.

Communication Acoustics                          Blauert, Jens                        2005

Communication in Cancer Care                     Stiefel, F.                          2006

Communication in Plants                          Baluška, František; Mancuso,         2006
                                                 Stefano; Volkmann, Dieter

Communication System Design Using DSP                                                 2008
Algorithms with Laboratory Experiments for the
TMS320C6713¿ DSK

Communication Systems                            Alencar, Marcelo S.; Rocha Jr.,      2005
                                                 Valdemar C. da
Communications and Multimedia Security (vol.     Chadwick, David; Preneel, Bart       2005
# 175)
Communications and Multimedia Security (vol.   Dittmann, Jana; Katzenbeisser,    2005
# 3677)                                        Stefan; Uhl, Andreas

Communications and Multimedia Security (vol.   Leitold, Herbert; Markatos,       2006
# 4237)                                        Evangelos
Communications and Networking: An              Cowley, John                      2007

Communities and Technologies 2005              Besselaar, Peter van den;         2005
                                               Michelis, Giorgio de; Preece,
                                               Jenny; Simone, Carla
Communities of Practice to Actively Manage     Borzillo, Stefano                 2007
Best Practices

Community Care und Menschen mit geistiger                                        2008

Community Quality-of-Life Indicators           Sirgy, M.J.; Rahtz, Don; Swain,   2006
Community Schools in Africa                    Save the Children,                2007

Community-Acquired Pneumonia                   Suttorp, Norbert; Welte,          2007
                                               Tobias; Marre, Reinhard
Compact Lie Groups                             Sepanski, Mark R                  2007
Compact Objects in Astrophysics                Camenzind, Max                    2007

Compact Riemann Surfaces                       Jost, Jürgen                      2006

Compactifications of Symmetric and Locally     Borel, Armand; Ji, Lizhen         2006
Symmetric Spaces

A Companion to Astronomy and Astrophysics      Lang, Kenneth R.                  2006

Company Tax Reform in the European Union       Martens-Weiner, Joann             2006

Comparative Corporate Governance               Mäntysaari, Petri                 2005

Comparative Education Research                 Bray, Mark; Adamson, Bob;         2007
                                               Mason, Mark
Comparative Environmental Politics             McBeath, Jerry; Rosenberg,        2006
Comparative Evaluation of XML Information      Fuhr, Norbert; Lalmas, Mounia;    2007
Retrieval Systems                              Trotman, Andrew

Comparative Genomics                           Tesler, Glenn; Durand, Dannie     2007
Comparative Genomics (vol. # 3678)             Huson, Daniel H.; McLysaght,      2005
Comparative Genomics (vol. # 3388)             Lagergren, Jens                   2005
Comparative Genomics (vol. # 15)               Piskur, Jure; Sunnerhagen, Per    2006
Comparative Genomics (vol. # 4205)            Bourque, Guillaume; El'          2006
                                              Mabrouk, Nadja
Comparative Risk Assessment and               Linkov, Igor; Ramadan, Abou      2005
Environmental Decision Making                 Bakr

The Comparative Roles of Suspension-          Dame, Richard F.; Olenin,        2005
Feeders in Ecosystems                         Sergej

Comparative Third Sector Governance in Asia   Hasan, Samiul; Onyx, Jenny       2008

A Comparison of the Dynamical Evolution of    Dvorak, Rudolf; Ferraz-Mello,    2005
Planetary Systems                             Sylvio

Compatible Spatial Discretizations            Arnold, Douglas N.; Bochev,      2006
                                              Pavel B.; Lehoucq, Richard B.;
                                              Nicolaides, Roy A. ; Shashkov,
Compendium of Chemical Warfare Agents         Hoenig, Steven L.                2007

Compendium of Theoretical Physics             Hoeber, Henning; Wachter,        2006
Competence Assessment in Dementia             European Dementia                2008
                                              Consensus Network,

Competence of Top Management Teams and                                         2008
Success of New Technology-Based Firms

Competence-Building und                       Lierow, Michael A                2006

Competencies, Higher Education and Career in Allen, Jim; Inenaga, Yuki; van    2007
Japan and the Netherlands                    der Velden, Rolf; Yoshimoto,
Competition in Marketing                     Magin, Vera                       2006
Competition, Innovation, and Antitrust       Etro, Federico                    2007

Competitive Intelligence                      Michaeli, Rainer                 2006
Competitive Manufacturing Intelligence        Freibichler, Wolfgang            2006

Compiler Construction                         Krishnamurthi, Shriram;          2007
                                              Odersky, Martin
Compiler Construction (vol. # 3443)           Bodik, Rastislav                 2005
Compiler Construction (vol. # 3923)           Mycroft, Alan; Zeller, Andreas   2006
Compiling ESTEREL                             Potop-Butucaru, Dumitru;         2007
                                              Edwards, Stephen A.; Berry,
Complement and Kidney Disease                   Zipfel, Peter F.                  2006

Complementary and Alternative Medicine          Snyder, Lois                      2007

Complete CD Atlas of the Universe               Harshaw, Richard                  2007

The Complete IS-IS Routing Protocol             Goralski, Walter; Gredler,        2005
Complex Analysis                                Gilman, Jane P; Kra, Irwin;       2008
                                                Rodríguez, Rubí E
Complex Analysis                                Busam, Rolf; Freitag, Eberhard    2005

Complex and Adaptive Dynamical Systems          Gros, Claudius                    2008

Complex Anorectal Disorders                     Pescatori, Mario; Wexner,         2005
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Complex Artificial Environments                 Portugali, J.                     2006

Complex Computing-Networks                      Göknar, I.C.; Sevgi, L.           2006

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Complex Dynamics                           Ivancevic, Vladimir G.;                2007
                                           Ivancevic, Tijana T.
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                                                Carlos; Iaccarino, Gianluca;
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Complex Engineered Systems                      Bar-Yam, Y.; Braha, D.; Minai,    2006
Complex Geometry                                Huybrechts, Daniel                2005
Complex Inorganic Solids                        Gonis, Antonios; Meike,           2005
                                                Annemarie; Rajan, Krishna;
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Complex Intracellular Structures in Prokaryotes Shively, Jessup M.                2006

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Complex Motion                                  Jähne, Bernd; Mester, Rudolf;     2007
                                                Barth, Erhardt; Scharr, Hanno

The Complex Networks of Economic                Aruka, Yuuji; Kaizouji, Taisei;   2006
Interactions                                    Namatame, Akira
Complex Numbers from A to ...Z                  Andreescu, Titu; Andrica, Dorin   2005
Complex Orthogonal Space-Time Processing        Mertins, Alfred; Seberry,          2006
in Wireless Communications                      Jennifer ; Tran, Le Chung;
                                                Wysocki, Tadeusz A.

Complex Scheduling                              Brucker, Peter; Knust, Sigrid      2006
Complex Systems Approach to Economic            Chian, Abraham C.-L.               2007

Complex Systems Concurrent Engineering          Loureiro, Geilson; Curran,         2007
Complex Systems in Biomedicine                  Formaggia, Luca; Quarteroni,       2006
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                                                J. Yasha
Complex Variables with Applications             Ponnusamy, S.; Silverman,          2006
Complex, Contact and Symmetric Manifolds        Kowalski, Oldrich; Musso,          2005
                                                Emilio; Perrone, Domenico
Complexity Explained                            Érdi, Péter                        2008
Complexity Hints for Economic Policy            Salzano, Massimo; Colander,        2007
Complexity in Chemistry, Biology, and Ecology   Bonchev, Danail; Rouvray,          2005
                                                Dennis H.

Complexity in Landscape Ecology                 Green, David G.; Klomp,            2006
                                                Nicholas; Rimmington, Glyn;
                                                Sadedin, Suzanne
Complexity Management                           Marti, Michael                     2007
Complexity Management in Fuzzy Systems          Gegov, Alexander                   2007

Complexity Theory                               Wegener, Ingo                      2005
Complexity Theory and Cryptology                Rothe, Jörg                        2005

Complex-Valued Neural Networks                  Hirose, Akira                      2006

Complications of Regional Anesthesia            Finucane, Brendan                  2007

Component Deployment                            Dearle, Alan; Eisenbach, Susan     2005

Component Models and Systems for Grid           Getov, Vladimir; Kielmann, Thilo   2005

Component-Based Software Development for        Atkinson, Colin; Bunse,            2005
Embedded Systems                                Christian; Gross, Hans-
                                                Gerhard; Peper, Christian
Component-Based Software Engineering (vol.      Crnkovic, Ivica; Heineman,         2005
# 3489)                                         George; Schmidt, Heinz W.;
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# 4063)                                        Heinemann, George T.;
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Component-Based Software Testing with UML      Gross, Hans-Gerhard               2005

Composite Materials                            Nielsen, Lauge F.                 2005
Composite Systems Decisions                    Levin, Mark Sh.                   2006

Composition of Embedded Systems. Scientific    Kordon, Fabrice; Sokolsky, Oleg   2007
and Industrial Issues

The Composition of Matter                      von Steiger, R.; Gloeckler, G.;   2008
                                               Mason, G. M.
A Comprehensive Guide to Child Custody         Rohrbaugh, Joanna Bunker          2008
Evaluations: Mental Health and Legal

Comprehensive Mathematics for Computer         Mazzola, Guerino; Milmeister,     2006
Scientists 1                                   Gérard; Weissmann, Jody

Comprehensive Mathematics for Computer         Mazzola, Guerino; Milmeister,     2005
Scientists 2                                   Gérard; Weissmann, Jody

Compressor Instability                         Ng, Eddie Y.K.; Liu, Ningyu Y.    2007

COMPSTAT 2006 - Proceedings in                 Rizzi, Alfredo; Vichi, Maurizio   2006
Computational Statistics

Compulsory Insurance and Compensation for      Zhu, Ling                         2007
Bunker Oil Pollution Damage

Computation and Logic in the Real World        Cooper, S. Barry; Löwe,           2007
                                               Benedikt; Sorbi, Andrea
Computation Engineering                        Gopalakrishnan, Ganesh            2006
Computational Acoustics of Noise Propagation                                     2008
in Fluids - Finite and Boundary Element

Computational and Ambient Intelligence         Sandoval, Francisco; Prieto,      2007
                                               Alberto; Cabestany, Joan;
                                               Graña, Manuel
Computational and Information Science          Fu, Yuxi; He, Ji-Huan; Zhang,    2005
Computational and Instrumental Methods in      Bender, Christopher J.;          2007
EPR                                            Berliner, Lawrence

Computational and Statistical Approaches to    Shmulevich, Ilya; Zhang, Wei     2006

Computational Aspects of General Equilibrium                                    2008

Computational Commutative Algebra 2            Kreuzer, Martin; Robbiano,       2005
Computational Contact Mechanics                Wriggers, Peter                  2006

A Computational Differential Geometry          Liseikin, Vladimir D.            2007
Approach to Grid Generation

Computational Discovery of Scientific          Dţeroski, Sašo; Todorovski,      2007
Knowledge                                      Ljupco

Computational Earthquake Physics, Part I       Yin, Xiang-chu; Mora, Peter;     2006
                                               Donnellan, Andrea; Matsu'ura,

Computational Earthquake Physics, Part II      Yin, Xiang-chu; Mora, Peter;     2007
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Computational Electromagnetics                 Bondeson, Anders; Ingelström,    2005
                                               Par; Rylander, Thomas

Computational Engineering - Introduction to    Schäfer, Michael                 2006
Numerical Methods

Computational Ergodic Theory                   Choe, Geon H.                    2005

Computational Fluid Dynamics 2004              Groth, C.; Zingg, D.W.           2006

Computational Fluid Dynamics for Engineers     Cebeci, Tuncer; Kafyeke,         2005
                                               Fassi; Laurendeau, Eric; Shao,
                                               Jian P.
Computational Genetics and Genomics            Peltz, Gary                      2005

Computational Genome Analysis                  Deonier, Richard C.; Tavaré,     2005
                                               Simon; Waterman, Michael S.
Computational Granular Dynamics                Pöschel, Thorsten; Schwager,     2005
Computational Intelligence                        Andina, Diego; Pham, Duc           2007
Computational Intelligence                        Konar, Amit                        2005

Computational Intelligence (vol. # 174)           Neagu, Daniel; Negoita,            2005
                                                  Mircea; Palade, Vasile
Computational Intelligence (vol. # 4114)          Huang, De-Shuang; Irwin,           2006
                                                  George William; Li, Kang
Computational Intelligence and Bioinformatics     Huang, De-Shuang; Irwin,           2006
                                                  George William; Li, Kang

Computational Intelligence and Bioinspired        Cabestany, Joan; Prieto,           2005
Systems                                           Alberto; Sandoval, Francisco

Computational Intelligence and Security           Wang, Yunping; Cheung, Yiu-        2007
                                                  ming; Liu, Hailin
Computational Intelligence and Security (vol. #   Cheung, Yiu-ming; Hao, Yue;        2005
3801)                                             Jiao, Licheng; Jiao, Yong-
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Computational Intelligence and Security (vol. #   Cheung, Yiu-ming; Hao, Yue;        2005
3802)                                             Jiao, Licheng; Jiao, Yong-
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                                                  Jianfeng; Wang, Yuping; Yin,
Computational Intelligence Based on Lattice       Kaburlasos, Vassilis G.; Ritter,   2007
Theory                                            Gerhard X.

Computational Intelligence for Agent-based        Lee, Raymond S.T.; Loia,           2007
Systems                                           Vincenzo

Computational Intelligence for Modelling and      Halgamuge, Saman K.; Wang,         2005
Prediction                                        Lipo

Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics      Kelemen, Arpad; Abraham,           2008
                                                  Ajith; Chen, Yuehui

Computational Intelligence in Economics and       Chen, Shu-Heng; Wang, Paul         2007
Finance                                           P.; Kuo, Tzu-Wen

Computational Intelligence in Fault Diagnosis     Bocaniala, Cosmin Danut; Jain,     2006
                                                  Lakhmi C.; Palade, Vasile

Computational Intelligence in Information         Nedjah, Nadia; Abraham, Ajith;     2007
Assurance and Security                            Mourelle, Luiza de M.

Computational Intelligence in Medical                                                2008
Computational Intelligence in Reliability        Levitin, Gregory                  2007

Computational Intelligence in Time Series        Palit, Ajoy K.; Popovic,          2005
Forecasting                                      Dobrivoje

Computational Intelligence in Reliability        Levitin, Gregory                  2007

Computational Intelligence, Theory and           Reusch, Bernd                     2005

Computational Intelligence, Theory and           Reusch, Bernd                     2006

Computational Life Sciences (vol. # 3695)        Berthold, Michael R.;             2005
                                                 Diederichs, Kay; Fischer,
                                                 Ingrid; Glen, Robert;
                                                 Kohlbacher, Oliver
Computational Life Sciences (vol. # 4216)        Berthold, Michael R.; Glen,       2006
                                                 Robert; Fischer, Ingrid
Computational Linguistics and Intelligent Text                                     2008

Computational Linguistics and Intelligent Text   Gelbukh, Alexander                2007

Computational Linguistics and Intelligent Text   Gelbukh, Alexander                2005
Processing (vol. # 3406)

Computational Linguistics and Intelligent Text   Gelbukh, Alexander                2006
Processing (vol. # 3878)

Computational Logic in Multi-Agent Systems       Dix, Jürgen; Leite, João          2005

Computational Logic in Multi-Agent Systems       Inoue, Katsumi; Satoh, Ken;       2007
                                                 Toni, Francesca
Computational Logic in Multi-Agent Systems       Leite, João; Torroni, Paolo       2005
(vol. # 3487)
Computational Logic in Multi-Agent Systems       Toni, Francesca; Torroni, Paolo   2006
(vol. # 3900)
Computational Many-Particle Physics              Fehske, H; Weiße, A;              2008
                                                 Schneider, R
Computational Maps in the Visual Cortex          Bednar, James A.; Choe,           2005
                                                 Yoonsuck; Miikkulainen, Risto;
                                                 Sirosh, Joseph
Computational Materials Chemistry                Curtiss, L.A.; Gordon, M.S.       2005
Computational Mechanics of Composite          Kaminski, M.M.                    2005

Computational Mechanics of the Classical      Bader, Rolf                       2005

Computational Methods                         Liu, G.R.; Tan, V.B.C.; Han, X.   2006

Computational Methods for Algebraic Spline    Dokken, Tor; Jüttler, Bert        2005

Computational Methods for Nanoscale           Tsukerman, Igor                   2008

Computational Methods for Protein Structure   Xu, Ying; Xu, Dong; Liang, Jie    2007
Prediction and Modeling 1

Computational Methods in Engineering and      Yao, Zhenhan; Yuan, Mingwu        2007

Computational Methods in Financial                                              2008
Computational Methods in Systems Biology      Calder, Muffy; Gilmore, Stephen   2007

Computational Methods in Systems Biology      Danos, Vincent; Schachter,        2005
(vol. # 3082)                                 Vincent
Computational Methods in Systems Biology      Priami, Corrado                   2006
(vol. # 4210)
Computational Methods in Transport            Graziani, Frank                   2006

Computational Mind: A Complex Dynamics        Ivancevic, Vladimir G.;           2007
Perspective                                   Ivancevic, Tijana T.

A Computational Model of Natural Language     Hausser, Roland R.                2006

Computational Multiscale Modeling of Fluids   Steinhauser, Martin Oliver        2008
and Solids

Computational Noncommutative Algebra and      Byrnes, Jim; Ostheimer, Gerald    2005

Computational Probability                                                       2008

Computational Processing of the Portuguese    Dias, Maria Carmelita;            2006
Language                                      Mamede, Nuno J.; Nunes,
                                              Maria das Graças Volpe;
                                              Oliveira, Cláudia; Quaresma,
                                              Paulo; Vieira, Renata
Computational Quantum Mechanics for           Vitos, Levente                    2007
Materials Engineers
Computational Science -- ICCS 2005 (vol. #     Dongarra, J. J.; Sloot, Peter     2005
3514)                                          M.A.; Sunderam, V.S.; van
                                               Albada, G. Dick
Computational Science -- ICCS 2005 (vol. #     Dongarra, Jack; Sloot, Peter      2005
3516)                                          M.A.; Sunderam, V.S.; van
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Computational Science -- ICCS 2005 (vol. #     Albada, G. Dick van; Dongarra,    2005
3515)                                          Jack; Sloot, Peter M.A.;
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Computational Science - ICCS 2006 (vol. #      Alexandrov, Vassil N.;            2006
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Computational Techniques for Voltage Stability   Ajjarapu, Venkataramana           2007
Assessment and Control

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Agriculture, Volume I

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Management                                      M.

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Electromagnetism                                S.

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Computer Graphics and Geometric Modelling       Agoston, Max K.                   2005

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Beyond the Orient: The Research Challenges      Richard; Wong, Kam-Fai;
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Polymers                                           Claudio; Ţumer, Slobodan
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Design I                                        Tangqiu; Lin, Zongkai; Shen,
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Design II                                       Kuo-Ming; James, Anne; Lin,
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Computer Supported Cooperative Work in          Shen, Weiming; Luo, Junzhou;       2007
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Computer Vision - ECCV 2002                                                        2006

Computer Vision - ECCV 2002                                                        2006

Computer Vision - ECCV 2002                                                        2006

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Analysis                                    Milan
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Applications                                  Zhang, Changshui

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Interaction (vol. # 3766)                     Michael S.; Sebe, Nicu

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Graphics                                      Wilfried

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(CAADFutures) 2007                            Andrew; Gero, John S.

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Computeralgebra                               Koepf, Wolfram                     2006
Computer-based Design and Manufacturing       Nasr, Emad Abouel; Kamrani,        2007
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Computers and Productivity                       Hempell, Thomas                  2006

Computers Helping People with Special Needs      Karshmer, Arthur; Klaus,         2006
                                                 Joachim; Miesenberger, Klaus;
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Computing and Combinatorics (vol. # 3595)        Wang, Lusheng                    2005

Computing and Combinatorics                      Lin, Guohui                      2007

Computing and Combinatorics (vol. # 4112)        Chen, Danny Z.; Lee, D.T.        2006

Computing Attitude and Affect in Text: Theory    Qu, Yan; Shanahan, James G.;     2006
and Applications                                 Wiebe, Janyce

Computing in Algebraic Geometry                  Decker, Wolfram; Lossen,         2006
Computing Meaning III                            Bunt, Harry; Muskens, Reinhard   2007

Computing the Continuous Discretely              Beck, Matthias; Robins, Sinai    2007

Computing the Electrical Activity in the Heart Cai, Xing; Lines, Glenn Terje;     2006
                                               Mardal, Kent-Andre; Nielsen,
                                               Bjørn Fredrik; Sundnes, Joakim
                                               ; Tveito, Aslak
Concentration Inequalities and Model Selection Massart, Pascal                    2007

Concentrator Location in Telecommunications      Yaman, Hande                     2005

Concentrator Photovoltaics                       Luque, Antonio L.; Andreev,      2007
                                                 Viacheslav M.
The Concept of Rights                            Rainbolt, George W.              2006
Conception optimale de structures                Allaire, Grégoire                2007

Conceptions of the Desirable                     Asset One                        2007
                                                 Immobilienentwicklungs AG,
Concepts and Controversies in Obsessive-         Abramowitz, Jonathan S.;         2005
Compulsive Disorder                              Houts, Arthur C.

Concepts and Practice of Humanitarian            Gunn, S William A; Masellis,     2008
Medicine                                         Michele

Concepts and Results in Chaotic Dynamics: A      Collet, Pierre; Eckmann, Jean    2006
Short Course                                     Pierre

Plant Metabolomics                               Nikolau, B.J.                    2007
Conceptual Ecology and Invasion Biology:       Cadotte, Marc W.; Fukami,        2006
Reciprocal Approaches to Nature                Tadashi; McMahon, Sean M.

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                                               Christian; Mayr, Heinrich C.;
                                               Mylopoulos, John; Pastor,
Conceptual Modeling - ER 2006                  Embley, David W.; Olivé,         2006
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Conceptual Modeling - ER 2007                  Parent, Christine; Schewe,       2008
                                               Klaus-Dieter; Storey, Veda C.;
                                               Thalheim, Bernhard
Conceptual Modeling for New Information                                         2006
Systems Technologies

Conceptual Modeling for Traditional and Spatio- Parent, Christine;              2006
Temporal Applications                           Spaccapietra, Stefano;
                                                Zimányi, Esteban
Conceptual Modeling of Information Systems      Olivé, Antoni                   2007

Conceptual Modelling in Information Systems    Krogstie, John; Opdahl,          2007
Engineering                                    Andreas Lothe; Brinkkemper,
Conceptual Structures: Inspiration and         Hitzler, Pascal; Ohrstrom,       2006
Application                                    Peter; Schärfe, Henrik

Conceptual Structures: Knowledge               Priss, Uta                       2007
Architectures for Smart Applications

A Concise Course on Stochastic Partial         Prévôt, Claudia; Röckner,        2007
Differential Equations                         Michael

The Concise Encyclopedia of Statistics         Dodge, Yadolah                   2008

A Concise Introduction to Data Compression     Salomon, David                   2008

A Concise Introduction to Mathematical Logic   Rautenberg, Wolfgang             2006

CONCUR 2005 - Concurrency Theory               Abadi, Martín; de Alfaro, Luca   2005

CONCUR 2006 - Concurrency Theory               Baier, Christel; Hermanns,       2006
CONCUR 2007 – Concurrency Theory               Caires, Luís; Vasconcelos,       2007
                                               Vasco T.
Concurrency Theory                             Bowman, Howard; Gomez,           2006
Concurrent Zero-Knowledge                      Rosen, Alon                      2006
Condition Monitoring and Control for Intelligent   Gao, Robert X.; Wang, Lihui     2006

Conditional Mutagenesis: An Approach to            Feil, Robert; Metzger, Daniel   2007
Disease Models

Conditionals, Information, and Inference           Kern-Isberner, Gabriele;        2005
                                                   Kulmann, Friedhelm; Rödder,
Condorcet's Paradox                                Gehrlein, William V.            2006
Conflicts Between Generalization, Rigor, and       Schubring, Gert                 2005

Conformal and Potential Analysis in Hele-Shaw Gustafsson, Björn; Vasil'ev,         2006
Cells                                         Alexander

Conformal Groups in Geometry and Spin              Angles, Pierre                  2008

Conformation-Dependent Design of Sequences Khokhlov, Alexei R.                     2006
in Copolymers I

Conformation-Dependent Design of Sequences Khokhlov, Alexei R.                     2006
in Copolymers II

Confronting Scale in Archaeology                   Lock, Gary; Molyneaux, Brian    2006
Congenital Diseases and the Environment            Nicolopoulou-Stamati, P.;       2007
                                                   Hens, L.; Howard, C.V.
The Congruences of a Finite Lattice                Grätzer, George                 2006

Conics and Cubics                                  Bix, Robert                     2006
Conjoint Behavioral Consultation                   Sheridan, Susan M.;             2007
                                                   Kratochwill, Thomas R.
Conjoint Measurement                               Gustafsson, Anders;             2007
                                                   Herrmann, Andreas; Huber,
Conscious in a Vegetative State? A Critique of     McCullagh, Peter                2005
the PVS Concept

Consciousness                                      Heinämaa, Sara; Lähteenmäki,    2007
                                                   Vili; Remes, Pauliina

Consciousness                                      Wallace, Rodrick                2005
Conservation Biology                                                               2008
Constantin Boym - America                          Boym, Constantin                2005

Constipation                                       Wexner, Steven D.; Duthie,      2006
                                                   Graeme S.
Constituents of Modern System-safety Thinking Anderson, Tom; Redmill, Felix        2005

Constitutionalism and Legal Reasoning           La Torre, Massimo                  2007

Constrained Control and Estimation              De Doná, José A.; Goodwin,         2005
                                                Graham C.; Seron, María M
Constrained Optimization and Image Space        Giannessi, Franco                  2005

Constraint Satisfaction Techniques for Agent-   Neagu, Nicoleta                    2005
Based Reasoning

Constraint Solving and Language Processing      Christiansen, Henning;             2005
                                                Skadhauge, Peter Rossen;
                                                Villadsen, Jørgen
Constraint Theory                               Friedman, George                   2005
Constraint-Based Mining and Inductive           Boulicaut, Jean-François; De       2006
Databases                                       Raedt, Luc; Mannila, Heikki
Constraint-Based Verification                   Aziz, Adnan; Pixley, Carl; Yuan,   2006
Constructal Theory of Social Dynamics           Bejan, Adrian; Merkx, Gil          2007

Constructing Correct Software                   Cooke, John                        2005

Construction and Analysis of Safe, Secure, and Barthe, Gilles; Burdy, Lilian;      2005
Interoperable Smart Devices (vol. # 3362)      Huisman, Marieke; Lanet, Jean-
                                               Louis; Muntean, Traian

Construction and Analysis of Safe, Secure, and Barthe, Gilles; Gregoire,           2006
Interoperable Smart Devices (vol. # 3956)      Benjamin; Huisman, Marieke;
                                               Lanet, Jean-Luis

Construction of Global Lyapunov Functions       Giesl, Peter                       2007
Using Radial Basis Functions

Construction of Mappings for Hamiltonian        Abdullaev, Sadrilla S.             2006
Systems and Their Applications

The Construction of New Mathematical            Steinbring, Heinz                  2005
Knowledge in Classroom Interaction

Consulting Research                             Nissen, Volker                     2007
Consumer Driven Electronic Transformation       Doukidis, Georgios J.;             2005
                                                Vrechopoulos, Adam P.
Consumer Health Informatics                   Eysenbach, Gunther; Jimison,         2005
                                              Holly; Kukafka, Rita; Lewis,
                                              Deborah; Stavri, P. Zoe
Consumer Insight                              Föll, Kerstin                        2007
Consumers, Policy and the Environment         Grunert, Klaus G.; Thogersen,        2005
Consuming Music Together                      Brown, Barry; O'Hara, Kenton         2006

Consumption Structure and Macroeconomics      Foellmi, Reto                        2005

Contact Dermatitis                            Frosch, P. J.; Lepoittevin, J.-P.;   2006
                                              Menne, T.
Container Terminals and Automated Transport   Günther, Hans-Otto; Kim, Kap         2005
Systems                                       Hwan

Container Terminals and Cargo Systems         Kim, Kap Hwan; Günther, Hans-        2007
Contaminated Rivers                           Miller, Jerry R.; Orbock Miller,     2007
                                              Suzanne M.
Contaminated Soils, Sediments and Water       Calabrese, Edward J.; Dragun,        2006
Volume 10                                     James; Kostecki, Paul T.

Contaminated Soils, Sediments and Water:      Calabrese, Edward J.; Dragun,        2005
                                              James; Kostecki, Paul T.

Contemporary Cryptology                       Catalano, Dario; Cramer,             2005
                                              Ronald; Damgard, Ivan; Di
                                              Crescenzo, Giovanni;
                                              Pointcheval, David; Takagi,
Qualitative Research in Postmodern Times      Taylor, Peter Charles; Wallace,      2007
Contemporary Reflections on Business Ethics   Duska, Ronald F.                     2007

Content Infrastructure Management             Benlian, Alexander                   2006

Content Management mit Plone                  Friedrich, Hans Jörg                 2006

Die Contergankatastrophe - Eine Bilanz nach   Rauschmann, M.A.; Thomann,           2005
40 Jahren                                     K.-D.; Zichner, L.

The Context of Constitution                   Ginev, Dimitri                       2006
Contextualisms in Epistemology                Brendel, Elke; Jäger, Christoph      2005

Continental Scientific Drilling               Harms, Ulrich; Koeberl,              2007
                                              Christian; Zoback, Mark D.
A Contingency-Based View of Chief Executive                                        2008
Officers¿ Early Warning Behavior
Continuous Optimization                         Jeyakumar, Vaithilingam;          2005
                                                Rubinov, Alexander M.
Continuous System Simulation                    Cellier, Francois E.; Kofman,     2006
Continuous-Time Sigma-Delta A                   Gerfers, F.; Ortmanns, M.         2006

Continuous-Time Signals                         Shmaliy, Yuriy                    2006
Continuous-Time Systems                         Shmaliy, Y.S.                     2007

Continuum Mechanics                                                               2008
Continuum Mechanics using Mathematica®          Lancellotta, Renato; Marasco,     2006
                                                Addolorata; Romano, Antonio

Continuum Thermomechanics                       Bermúdez de Castro, Alfredo       2005

Contrast Agents III                             Krause, Werner                    2005
Contrast Media                                  Thomsen, H.S.                     2006
Contrast Media in Ultrasonography               Quaia, Emilio                     2005

Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound in Clinical        Albrecht, Thomas; Cova, Luca;     2005
Practice                                        Frauscher, Ferdinand; Solbiati,
                                                Luigi; Thorelius, Lars
Contributions of Research to Enhancing          Pinto, Roser; Couso, Digna        2007
Student's Interest in Learning Science

Contributions to Nonlinear Analysis             Cazenave, Thierry; Costa,         2006
                                                David; Lopes, Orlando;
                                                Manásevich, Raúl; Rabinowitz,
                                                Paul; Ruf, Bernhard; Tomei,
Contributions to the Science of Text and        Grzybek, Peter                    2006

Contributions to Ubiquitous Computing           Krämer, Bernd J.; Halang,         2007
                                                Wolfgang A.
Control and Estimation of Systems with          Zhang, Huanshui; Xie, Lihua       2007
Input/Output Delays

Control and Observer Design for Nonlinear       Gilles, Ernst Dieter; Graichen,   2005
Finite and Infinite Dimensional Systems         Knut; Meurer, Thomas

Control Design Techniques in Power              Silva-Ortigoza, Ramón; Sira-      2006
Electronics Devices                             Ramirez, Hebertt J.

Control of Biofilm Infections by Signal         Balaban, Naomi                    2008

Control of Coupled Partial Differential Equations Leugering, Günter               2007
Control of Dead-time Processes                  Normey-Rico, J.E.; Camacho,         2007
Control of Interactive Robotic Interfaces       Secchi, Cristian; Stramigioli,      2007
                                                Stefano; Fantuzzi, Cesare
Control of Nonlinear and Hybrid Process         Christofides, P.D.; El-Farra,       2005
Systems                                         Nael
Control of Redundant Robot Manipulators         Patel, R.V.; Shadpey, F.            2005

Control of Robot Manipulators in Joint Space    Kelly, R.; Loría, A.; Santibáñez,   2005

Control of Sandwich Nonlinear Systems Authors                                       2006

Control of Single Wheel Robots                  Ou, Yongsheng; Xu, Yangsheng        2005

Control of Singular Systems with Abrupt                                             2008

Control of Spatially Structured Random        Chornei, Ruslan K.; Daduna,           2006
Processes and Random Fields with Applications Hans; Knopov, Pavel S.

Control of Traffic Systems in Buildings      Bartz-Beielstein, Thomas; Kise,        2006
                                             Hiroshi; Kita, Hajime; Markon,
                                             Sandor A.
Control of Turbulent and Magnetohydrodynamic Vazquez, Rafael; Krstic,               2008
Channel Flows                                Miroslav

Control of Uncertain Systems: Modelling,        Francis, Bruce A.; Smith,           2006
Approximation, and Design                       Malcolm C.; Willems, Jan C.

Control Reconfiguration of Dynamical Systems    Steffen, Thomas                     2005

Control Systems Design                          Zakian, Vladimir                    2005
Control Systems Theory and Applications for     Rogers, Eric T.A.; Galkowski,       2007
Linear Repetitive Processes                     Krzysztof; Owens, David H.

Control Theory in Physics and other Fields of   Schulz, Michael                     2006

Control Theory of Multi-fingered Hands                                              2008

Das Controllability-Prinzip im Spannungsfeld    Pelster, Clemens                    2007
von Theorie und Praxis

Controlled Markov Processes and Viscosity       Fleming, Wendell H.; Soner,         2006
Solutions                                       H.M.
Controlled Nanoscale Motion                    Linke, Heiner; Mansson, Alf       2007

Controlled Nucleosynthesis                     Adamenko, Stanislav; Selleri,     2007
                                               Franco; Merwe, Alwyn van der
Controlled Synthesis of Nanoparticles in       Turco Liveri, Vincenzo            2006
Microheterogeneous Systems

Controlling für Industrieunternehmen           Bauer, Jürgen; Hayessen,          2006
Controlling in jungen Unternehmen              Wittenberg, Verena                2006

Controlling von Projekten                                                        2008
Controlling zwischen Wissenschaft und Praxis   Schäffer, Utz                     2007

Controversies in Laparoscopic Surgery          Assalia, Ahmad; Gagner,           2006
                                               Michel; Schein, Moshe
Controversies in Treating Diabetes             LeRoith, Derek; Vinik, Aaron I.   2008

Convection in Porous Media                     Bejan, A.; Nield, D.A.            2006

Convergence or Divergence in Europe?           Bandt, Olivier de; Herrmann,      2006
                                               Heinz; Parigi, Giuseppe
The Conversion of Liquid Rocket Fuels          Spyra, Wolfgang; Winkelmann,      2005
Convex and Discrete Geometry                   Gruber, Peter M.                  2007

Convex Functional Analysis                     Kurdila, Andrew J.; Zabarankin,   2005
Convex Functions and their Applications        Niculescu, Constantin;            2006
                                               Persson, Lars-Erik
Convex Polyhedra                               Alexandrov, A.D.                  2005
Convexity and Well-Posed Problems              Lucchetti, Roberto                2006

Cooperation in Primates and Humans             Kappeler, Peter M.; van Schaik,   2006
                                               Carel P.
Cooperation in Wireless Networks: Principles   Fitzek, Frank H.P.; Katz,         2006
and Applications                               Marcos

Cooperative Bug Isolation                      Liblit, Ben                       2007

Cooperative Control                            Kumar, V.; Leonard, N.; Morse,    2005
                                               A. S.
Cooperative Design, Visualization, and         Luo, Yuhua                        2007

Cooperative Design, Visualization, and         Luo, Yuhua                        2005
Engineering (vol. # 3675)

Cooperative Design, Visualization, and         Luo, Yuhua                        2006
Engineering (vol. # 4101)
Cooperative Information Agents X                 Klusch, Matthias; Rovatsos,        2006
                                                 Michael; Payne, Terry R.
Cooperative Information Agents XI                Klusch, Matthias; Hindriks,        2007
                                                 Koen; Papazoglou, Mike P.;
                                                 Sterling, Leon
Cooperative Stochastic Differential Games        Petrosyan, Leon A.; Yeung,         2006
                                                 David W.K.
Cooperative Systems                              Grundel, Don; Murphey,             2007
                                                 Robert; Pardalos, Panos;
                                                 Prokopyev, Oleg
Coordinated Multiuser Communications             Grant, Alex; Schlegel, Christian   2006

Coordination Models and Languages                Murphy, Amy L.; Vitek, Jan         2007

Coordination Models and Languages (vol. #        Jacquet, Jean-Marie; Picco,        2005
3454)                                            Gian Pietro
Coordination Models and Languages (vol. #        Ciancarini, Paolo; Wiklicky,       2006
4038)                                            Herbert
Coordination of Large-Scale Multiagent Systems   Mailler, Roger; Scerri, Paul;      2006
                                                 Vincent, Régis

Coordination, Organizations, Institutions, and   Noriega, Pablo; Vázquez-           2007
Norms in Agent Systems II                        Salceda, Javier; Boella, Guido;
                                                 Boissier, Olivier; Dignum,
                                                 Virginia; Fornara, Nicoletta;
                                                 Matson, Eric
Coordination, Organizations, Institutions, and   Boissier, Olivier; Dignum,         2006
Norms in Multi-Agent Systems                     Virginia; Lindemann, Gabriela;
                                                 Matson, Eric; Ossowski,
                                                 Sascha; Padget, Julian;
                                                 Sichman, Jaime; Vázquez-
                                                 Salceda, Javier
Coordination: Neural, Behavioral and Social      Fuchs, Armin; Jirsa, Viktor K      2008

Coping with Chronic Illness and Disability       Martz, Erin; Livneh, Hanoch        2007

Coping With Institutional Order Flow             Byrne, John Aidan; Colaninno,      2005
                                                 Antoinette; Schwartz, Robert A.

Coping with Overloaded Criminal Justice          Jehle, Jörg-Martin; Wade,          2006
Systems                                          Marianne

Coping with Uncertainty                          Marti, Kurt; Ermoliev, Yuri;       2006
                                                 Makowski, Marek; Pflug, Georg

Coping with Water Deficiency                     Koundouri, Phoebe                  2008

Copular Sentences in Russian                     Pereltsvaig, Asya                  2007

The Core Test Wrapper Handbook                   McLaurin, Teresa; Silva,           2006
                                                 Francisco da; Waayers, Tom
Cornea and External Eye Disease                 Reinhard, Thomas; Larkin,        2008
Cornea and External Eye Disease                 Larkin, Frank; Reinhard, T.      2006

Coronal Mass Ejections                          Kunow, H.; Crooker, N.U.;        2006
                                                Linker, J.A.; Schwenn, R.; Von
                                                Steiger, R.
Coronary Heart Disease in Clinical Practice     Mittal, Satish                   2005

Coronavirus Replication and Reverse Genetics    Enjuanes, Luis                   2005

Coronaviruses with Special Emphasis on First    Schmidt, Axel; Weber, Olaf;      2005
Insights Concerning SARS                        Wolff, Manfred H.

Corporate Brand Management                      Esch, Franz-Rudolf; Langner,     2006
                                                Tobias; Tomczak, Torsten;
                                                Kernstock, Joachim
Corporate Control and Enterprise Reform in                                       2008

Corporate Entrepreneurship and Venturing        Elfring, Tom                     2005

Corporate Ethics and Corporate Governance       Zimmerli, Walther C.; Richter,   2007
                                                Klaus; Holzinger, Markus

Corporate Evaluation in the German Banking      Reuse, Svend                     2007

Corporate Governance in Japan               Demise, Nobuyuki; Miwa,              2006
                                            Yumiko; Nabayashi, Mariko
Corporate Governance und Gehaltstransparenz Passardi-Allmendinger, Silvia        2006

Corporate Performance Management                Heß, Helge; Jost, Wolfram;       2005
                                                Kronz, Andreas; Scheer,
Corporate Performance Management                Heß, Helge; Jost, Wolfram;       2006
                                                Kronz, Andreas; Scheer,
Corporate Restructuring                         Blatz, Michael; Haghani,         2006
                                                Sascha; Kraus, Karl-J.
Corporate Social Responsibility Across Europe   Habisch, André; Jonker, Jan;     2005
                                                Schmidpeter, René; Wegner,
Corporate Taxation in a Dynamic World           Panteghini, Paolo M.             2007

Corporate-Venture-Capital-Einheiten als         Freese, Behrend; Keil, Thomas    2006
Correct Hardware Design and Verification        Borrione, Dominique; Paul,        2005
Methods                                         Wolfgang

Cortical Deficits In Schizophrenia              O'Donnell, Patricio               2008

Corticofugal Modulation of Sensory Information Nunez, Angel; Malmierca,           2007
Coryphantha                                    Dicht, Reto F.; Lüthy, Adrian D.   2005

Cosmetic Dermatology                            Burgess, Cheryl M.                2005
Cosmic Explosions                               Marcaide, J.M.; Weiler, Kurt W.   2005

Cosmic Magnetic Fields                          Beck, Rainer; Wielebinski,        2005
Cosmic Ray Interactions, Propagation, and       Dorman, Lev                       2006
Acceleration in Space Plasmas

Cosmological Crossroads                                                           2006

Cosmology                                       Liebscher, Dierck-Ekkehard        2005
Cost-Based Oracle Fundamentals                  Lewis, Jonathan                   2006

Cost-Benefit Analysis of Environmental Goods    Ahmed, Uddin Sarwar; Gotoh,       2006
by Applying Contingent Valuation Method         Keinosuke

Cost-Efficient Design                           Ehrlenspiel, Klaus; Kiewert,      2007
                                                Alfons; Lindemann, Udo
Costi sociali e aspetti farmacoeconomici        Amato, M.P.; Portaccio, E.        2005

Costs and Benefits of Collective Pension        Steenbeek, Onno W.; Lecq,         2007
Systems                                         S.G. van

Costs of Air Pollution Control                  Reis, Stefan                      2005

Cost-sharing and Accessibility in Higher        Johnstone, D. Bruce; Rosa,        2006
Education: A Fairer Deal?                       Maria J.; Teixeira, Pedro N.;
                                                Vossensteyn, Hans

COTS-Based Software Systems                     Franch, Xavier; Port, Dan         2005

The Council of Europe                         Winkler, Günther                    2006
Countering Nuclear and Radiological Terrorism Apikyan, Samuel; Diamond,           2006
Counter-Terrorism Policing                    Pickering, Sharon; Wright-          2008
                                              Neville, David; McCulloch, Jude

Country-Compatible Incentive Design             Gunkel, Marjaana                  2006
Coupled Models for the Hydrological Cycle     Bronstert, Axel; Carrera, Jesus;   2005
                                              Kabat, Pavel; Lütkemeier,
The Coupled Theory of Mixtures in             Song, Chung R.; Voyiadjis,         2006
Geomechanics with Applications                George Z.

The Coupling of Climate and Economic          Haurie, Alain; Viguier, Laurent    2005
Courbes algébriques planes                    Chenciner, Alain                   2008

Cours d'optique                               Möller, Karl D.; Bélorgeot,        2007
A Course in Enumeration                       Aigner, Martin                     2007
A Course in Calculus and Real Analysis        Ghorpade, Sudhir R.; Limaye,       2006
                                              Balmohan V.
A Course in Credibility Theory and its        Bühlmann, Hans; Gisler, Alois      2005

A Course in Derivative Securities             Back, Kerry                        2005

A Course on Mathematical Logic                                                   2008

CP Violation in Particle, Nuclear and                                            2006

CPFR und Elektronische Marktplätze            Georg, Björn                       2006

CPU Design                                    Thimmannagari, Chandra             2005
Auf Crashkurs                                 Becker, Helmut                     2007
Crashkurs Marketingleiter                     Hoffmann, Marcus                   2006

Crashkurs Mathematik                          Jukna, Stasys                      2008
Creatine and Creatine Kinase in Health and    Salomons, Gajja S.; Wyss,          2008
Disease                                       Markus

Creating and Enhancing Digital Astro Images   Privett, Grant                     2007

Creating Assertion-Based Verification IP      Foster, Harry D.                   2008

Creating Client Extranets with SharePoint 2003 Gerow, Mark E.                    2006

Creating Mobile Games                         Hamer, Carol                       2007
Creating New Learning Experiences on a        Duval, Erik; Klamma, Ralf;         2007
Global Scale                                  Wolpers, Martin

Creating the European Area of Higher          Tomusk, Voldemar                   2006
Creating Web-based Laboratories               Chen, Ben M.; Chen, Jianping;      2005
                                              Ko, C.C.
Creative Chemical Sensor Systems                  Schrader, Thomas                  2007

Creative Environments                             Wierzbicki, Andrzej P.;           2007
                                                  Nakamori, Yoshiteru
Creative Space                                    Nakamori, Yoshiteru;              2006
                                                  Wierzbicki, Andrzej P.
Creativity and Innovation in the Music Industry   Tschmuck, Peter                   2006

Creativity, Psychology and the History of         Bödeker, Katja; Gruber, H.E.      2005

Creep Mechanics                                   Betten, Josef                     2005
Crib Death                                        Ottaviani, Giulia                 2007
Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever                   Ergonul, Onder; Whitehouse,       2007
                                                  Chris A.
Criminal Dilemmas                                 Sieberg, Katri K.                 2005
Criminal Poisoning                                Trestrail, John H. III            2007
Criminal Profiling                                Kocsis, Richard N.                2006
Criminalising Harmful Conduct                     Persak, Nina                      2007

Crisis and Reflection                             Dodd, J.                          2005
Crisis Management in Acute Care Settings          St Pierre, Michael;               2008
                                                  Buerschaper, Cornelius;
                                                  Hofinger, Gesine
Crisis Management in the Food and Drinks          Doeg, Colin                       2005
Industry: A Practical Approach

Critical Graphicacy                               Han, Jae Young; Pozzer-           2005
                                                  Ardenghi, Lilian; Roth, W.-M.
Critical Information Infrastructures              Hyslop, Maitland                  2007

Critical Information Infrastructured Security     Lopez, Javier                     2006

Critical Infrastructure                           Murray, Alan T.; Grubesic, Tony   2007

Critical Infrastructure Protection                Goetz, Eric; Shenoi, Sujeet       2007

Critical Infrastructures at Risk                  De Vries, L.J.; Gheorghe, A.V.;   2006
                                                  Masera, M.; Weijnen, M.

Critical Phenomena in Natural Sciences            Sornette, Didier                  2006

Critical Point Theory and Its Applications        Schechter, Martin; Zou,           2006
Critical Success Factors of Offshore Software     Wiener, Martin                    2006
Develpment Project

Critique de la valeur fondamentale                Brian, Eric; Walter, Christian    2007

The Critique of Psychology                        Teo, Thomas                       2005
Cross-Cultural Assessment of Psychological      Wilson, John P.; So-Kum Tang,    2007
Trauma and PTSD                                 Catherine C.

Cross-linguistic Variation in Sentence          Papadopoulou, Despoina           2006

Crosslinking in Materials Science                                                2005

Crossmedia-Management                           Schneider, Martin                2008

Crossroads between Innate and Adaptive          Katsikis, Peter D.; Pulendran,   2007
Immunity                                        Bali; Schoenberger, Steven P.

Crossroads of Entrepreneurship                  Corbetta, Guido; Huse, Morton;   2005
                                                Ravasi, Davide
Crowd Simulation                                Thalmann, Daniel; Musse,         2008
                                                Soraia Raupp
Cryocoolers 13                                  Ross, Ronald G. Jr.              2005
Cryogenic Engineering                           Timmerhaus, Klaus D.; Reed,      2007
Cryogenic Particle Detection                    Enss, Christian                  2005

Cryptanalytic Attacks on RSA                    Yan, Song Y.                     2008

Cryptographic Algorithms on Reconfigurable      Rodriguez-Henriquez,             2007
Hardware                                        Francisco; Saqib, N.A.; Díaz
                                                Pérez, Arturo; Koc, Cetin Kaya

Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded             Rao, Josyula R.; Sunar, Berk     2005
Systems - CHES 2005

Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded             Goubin, Louis; Matsui, Mitsuru   2006
Systems - CHES 2006

Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded             Paillier, Pascal; Verbauwhede,   2007
Systems - CHES 2007                             Ingrid

CryptoGraphics                                  Cook, Debra; Keromytis,          2006
Cryptography and Coding                         Galbraith, Steven D              2007
Cryptography and Coding                         Smart, Nigel                     2005
Cryptography in C and C++                       Welschenbach, Michael            2005

Cryptology and Network Security                 Bao, Feng; Okamoto, Tatsuaki;    2007
                                                Wang, Huaxiong; Ling, San;
                                                Xing, Chaoping
Cryptology and Network Security (vol. # 3810)   Desmedt, Yvo G.; Li, Yongqing;   2005
                                                Mu, Yi; Wang, Huaxiong

Cryptology and Network Security (vol. # 4301)   Pointcheval, David; Mu, Yi;      2006
                                                Chen, Kefei
Crystalline Cellulose and Derivatives                                            2008

CSS Mastery                                   Budd, Andy; Collison, Simon;       2006
                                              Moll, Cameron
CT of the Airways                                                                2008
Cultural Competence in Health Care            Streltzer, Jon Mark; Tseng,        2007
Cultural Heritage and Human Rights            Silverman, Helaine; Ruggles,       2007
                                              D. Fairchild
Cultural Perspectives on Higher Education                                        2008

Current Concepts in Autoimmunity and Chronic Lipsky, P.E.; Radbruch, A.          2006

Current Debates in Global Justice             Brock, Gillian; Moellendorf,       2005
Current News in Cardiology                    Gulizia, Michele M.                2007

The Current Role of Geological Mapping in     Ostaficzuk, Stanislaw R.           2005

Current Themes in Theoretical Biology         Hemerik, Lia; Reydon, Thomas       2005
Current Topics in Complement                  Lambris, John D.                   2006

Current Topics in Artificial Intelligence     Borrajo, Daniel; Castillo, Luis;   2007
                                              Corchado, Juan Manuel
Current Topics in Artificial Intelligence     Marín, Roque; Onaindía, Eva;       2006
                                              Bugarín, Alberto; Santos, José

Current Topics in Innate Immunity             Lambris, J.D.                      2007

Current Trends in Database Technology -       Lindner, Wolfgang; Mesiti,         2005
EDBT 2004 Workshops                           Marco; Türker, Can; Tzitzikas,
                                              Yannis; Vakali, Athena

Current Trends in Database Technology -       Grust, Torsten; Höpfner,           2006
EDBT 2006                                     Hagen; Illarramendi, Arantza;
                                              Jablonski, Stefan; Mesiti,
                                              Marco; Müller, Sascha;
                                              Patranjan, Paula-Lavinia;
                                              Sattler, Kai-Uwe; Spiliopoulou,
                                              Myra; Wijsen, Jef

Current Trends in High Performance            Chen, Zhangxin; Glowinski,         2005
Computing and Its Applications                Roland; Tong, Weiqin ; Zhang,
Current Trends in Nonlinear Systems and       Abdallah, Chaouki T.; Menini,      2006
Control                                       Laura; Zaccarian, Luca

Curtain Walls                                 Crosbie, Michael J.                2005
Curve e superfici                                Abate, Marco; Tovena,             2006
Curves and Surfaces for Computer Graphics        Salomon, David                    2006

Customer Energy                                  Sonnenschein, Martin;             2006
                                                 Freyberg, Axel; Zapp, Harald;
                                                 Hastenteufel, Hagen Götz;
                                                 Weiß, Michael; Fabel, Martin
Customer Loyalty in Third Party Logistics        Cahill, David L.                  2007

Customer Processes in Business-to-Business       Frauendorf, Janine                2006
Service Transactions

Customising Stakeholder Management               Huber, Margit; Pallas, Martina    2006

Cutaneous Lupus Erythematosus                    Kuhn, Annegret; Lehmann,          2005
                                                 Percy; Ruzicka, Thomas
Cutaneous Lymphomas                              Burg, G.; Kempf, W.               2006
Cybernetical Physics                             Fradkov, A.                       2007
Cyberspace Security and Defense: Research        Gorski, Janusz; Kowalik,          2005
Issues                                           Janusz S.; Sachenko, Anatoly

The Cycle of Deviant Behavior                    Kaplan, Howard B; Tolle, Glen     2006
The Cycle of Deviant Behavior                    Kaplan, Howard B.; Tolle Jr.,     2006
                                                 Glen C.
Cycle Representations of Markov Processes        Kalpazidou, Sophia L.             2006

Cycle Spaces of Flag Domains                     Fels, Gregor; Huckleberry,        2006
                                                 Alan; Wolf, Joseph A.
Cyclotomic Fields and Zeta Values                Coates, John; Sujatha, R.         2006

Cytochrome P450                                  Ortiz de Montellano, Paul R.      2005
Cytokines and Cancer                             Platanias, Leonidas C.            2005
Cytokines as Potential Therapeutic Targets for   Asadullah, K.; Dinarello, C.A.;   2006
Inflammatory Skin Diseases                       Numerof, R.

Cytokines in the Genesis and Treatment of        Caligiuri, Michael A.; Lotze,     2007
Cancer                                           Michael T.

Cytologic Detection of Urothelial Lesions        Raab, Stephen S.; Rosenthal,      2006
                                                 Dorothy L.
3D Imaging for Safety and Security               Koschan, Andreas; Pollefeys,      2007
                                                 Marc; Abidi, Mongi
3D Manufacturing Innovation                                                        2008

3-D Shape Estimation and Image Restoration       Favaro, Paolo; Soatto, Stefano    2007
Dachstühle                                      Hollinsky, Karlheinz; Pech,       2005
Dangerous Pollutants (Xenobiotics) in Urban     Hlavinek, Petr; Bonacci,          2008
Water Cycle                                     Ongjen; Marsalek, Jiri;
                                                Mahrikova, Ivana
Danno Vascolare E Tromboemostasi                Sica, Vincenzo; Napoli, Claudio   2007

Darboux Transformations in Integrable Systems Gu, Chaohao; Hu, Hesheng;           2005
                                              Zhou, Zixiang

Dark Matter in Astro- and Particle Physics      Arnowitt, Richard; Klapdor-       2006
                                                Kleingrothaus, Hans-Volker
DARPA Grand Challenge                           Buehler, Martin; Iagnemma,        2007
                                                Karl; Singh, Sanjiv
Data Analysis and Decision Support              Baier, Daniel; Decker,            2005
                                                Reinhold; Schmidt-Thieme, Lars

Data Analysis Using the Method of Least         Wolberg, John                     2006
Data Analysis, Classification and the Forward   Zani, Sergio; Cerioli, Andrea;    2006
Search                                          Riani, Marco; Vichi, Maurizio

Data and Applications Security XIX              Jajodia, Sushil; Wijesekera,      2005
Data and Applications Security XX               Damiani, Ernesto; Liu, Peng       2006

Data and Applications Security XXI              Barker, Steve; Ahn, Gail-Joon     2007

Data Assimilation                               Evensen, Geir                     2007
Data Complexity in Pattern Recognition          Basu, Mitra; Ho, Tin Kam          2006

Data Converters                                 Maloberti, Franco                 2007
Data Engineering Issues in E-Commerce and       Bussler, Christoph; Lee,          2006
Services                                        Juhnyoung; Lee, Sang-goo;
                                                Shim, Junho; Shim, Simon
Data Envelopment Analysis                       Cooper, William W.; Seiford,      2007
                                                Lawrence M.; Tone, Kaoru
Data Integration in the Life Sciences (vol. #   Ludäscher, Bertram; Raschid,      2005
3615)                                           Louiqa
Data Integration in the Life Sciences           Cohen-Boulakia, Sarah;            2007
                                                Tannen, Val
Data Integration in the Life Sciences (vol. #   Eckman, Barbara; Leser, Ulf;      2006
4075)                                           Naumann, Felix
Data Management in a Connected World            Härder, Theo; Lehner,             2005
Data Management in Grids                        Pierson, Jean-Marc                2006

Data Management. Data, Data Everywhere          Cooper, Richard; Kennedy,         2007
Data Mining                                     Cios, Krzysztof J.; Pedrycz,      2007
                                                Witold; Swiniarski, Roman W.;
                                                Kurgan, Lukasz Andrzej
Data Mining                                   Simoff, Simeon J.; Williams,        2006
                                              Graham J.
Data Mining and Bioinformatics                Dalkilic, Mehmet M; Kim, Sun;       2006
                                              Yang, Jiong
Data Mining and Diagnosing IC Fails           Huisman, Leendert M.                2005

Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery           Felici, Giovanni; Triantaphyllou,   2006
Approaches Based on Rule Induction            Evangelos

Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery           Maimon, Oded; Rokach, Lior          2005

Data Mining and Knowledge Management          Chen, Zhengxin; Shi, Yong; Xu,      2005
Data Mining for Biomedical Applications       Li, Jinyan; Tan, Ah-Hwee;           2006
                                              Yang, Qiang
Data Mining in Bioinformatics                 Shasha, Dennis E.; Toivonen,        2005
                                              Hannu T.T.; Wang, Jason T. L.;
                                              Zaki, Mohammed J.
Data Mining with Computational Intelligence   Fu, Xiuju; Wang, Lipo               2005

Data Modeling for Everyone                    Allen, Sharon                       2005

Data Monitoring in Clinical Trials            DeMets, David L.; Friedman,         2006
                                              Lawrence M.; Furberg, Curt D.
Data Processing in Precise Time and           Desaintfuscien, Michel              2007
Frequency Applications

Data Quality                                  Batini, Carlo; Scannapieco,         2006
Data Quality and Record Linkage Techniques    Herzog, Thomas N. ; Scheuren,       2007
                                              Fritz J.; Winkler, William E.

Data Science and Classification               Batagelj, Vladimir; Bock, Hans-     2006
                                              Hermann; Ferligoj, Anuška;
                                              Ţiberna, Aleš
Data Streams                                  Aggarwal, Charu C.                  2007
Data Warehousing and Data Mining              Singhal, Anoop                      2007
Techniques for Cyber Security

Data Warehousing and Knowledge Discovery                                          2006

Data Warehousing and Knowledge Discovery      Tjoa, A Min; Trujillo, Juan         2005
(vol. # 3589)
Data Warehousing and Knowledge Discovery      Song, Il Yeal; Eder, Johann;        2007
                                              Nguyen, Tho Manh
Data Warehousing and Knowledge Discovery      Min Tjoa, A; Trujillo, Juan         2006
(vol. # 4081)
Database and Expert Systems and Applications Bressan, Stephane; Küng,           2006
                                             Josef; Wagner, Roland

Database and Expert Systems Applications       Andersen, Kim V.; Debenham,      2005
                                               John; Wagner, Roland

Database and Expert Systems Applications       Wagner, Roland; Revell,          2007
                                               Norman; Pernul, Günther
Database and XML Technologies (vol. # 3671)    Bellahsène, Zohra; Bressan,      2005
                                               Stéphane; Ceri, Stefano; Hunt,
                                               Ela; Ives, Zachary G.; Rys,
                                               Michael; Unland, Rainer
Database and XML Technologies (vol. # 4156)    Amer-Yahia, Sihem;               2006
                                               Bellahsène, Zohra; Hunt, Ela;
                                               Unland, Rainer; Yu, Jeffrey Xu
Database and XMLTechnologies                   Barbosa, Denilson; Bonifati,     2007
                                               Angela; Bellahsène, Zohra;
                                               Hunt, Ela; Unland, Rainer
Database Programming Languages                 Arenas, Marcelo;                 2007
                                               Schwartzbach, Michael I
Database Programming Languages                                                  2006

Database Programming Languages                 Bierman, Gavin; Koch,            2005
Database Schema Evolution and Meta-Modeling                                     2006

Database Systems for Advanced Applications     Meng, Xiaofeng; Ooi, Beng        2005
(vol. # 3453)                                  Chin; Zhou, Lizhu
Database Systems for Advanced Applications     Lee, Mong Li; Tan, Kian Lee;     2006
(vol. # 3882)                                  Wuwongse, Vilas
Database Theory - ICDT 2005                    Eiter, Thomas; Libkin, Leonid    2005

Database Theory – ICDT 2007                    Schwentick, Thomas; Suciu,       2006
Database: Enterprise, Skills and Innovation    Jackson, Mike; Nelson, David;    2005
                                               Stirk, Sue
Databases in Networked Information Systems     Bhalla, Subhash                  2007

Databases in Networked Information Systems     Bhalla, Subhash                  2005

Databases, Information Systems, and Peer-to-   Moro, Gianluca; Bergamaschi,     2007
Peer Computing                                 Sonia; Joseph, Sam; Morin,
                                               Jean-Henry; Ouksel, Aris M.

Databases, Information Systems, and Peer-to-   Ng, Wee Siong; Ooi, Beng         2005
Peer Computing                                 Chin; Ouksel, Aris; Sartori,
Data-Driven 3D Facial Animation                Deng, Zhigang; Neumann,          2007
Datatype-Generic Programming                 Backhouse, Roland; Hinze,          2007
                                             Ralf; Gibbons, Jeremy; Jeuring,
Data Compression                             Salomon, David                     2007
Daten- und Wissensmanagement                 Bodendorf, Freimut                 2006

Datenanalyse mit SAS                         Krämer, Walter; Schoffer, Olaf;    2005
                                             Tschiersch, Lars
Datenbanken                                  Schubert, Matthias                 2007
Datenbankentwicklung in IT-Berufen                                              2008

Datenmanagement mit SPSS                     Schendera, Christian F.G.          2005

Datenmodellierung und Datenbankentwurf       Staud, Josef L.                    2005

Datenqualität und individualisierte          Treiblmaier, Horst; Hansen,        2006
Kommunikation                                Hans Robert

Datenreport Erziehungswissenschaft 2006      Kraul, Margret; Tippelt, Rudolf;   2006
                                             Merkens, Hans

Datenschutz kompakt und verständlich                                            2008

Datenschutz und Universalsukzession bei      Schröcker, Stefan                  2006
Verschmelzungen nach dem

Datenschutzfragen mobiler kontextbezogener   Jandt, Silke; Roßnagel,            2006
Systeme                                      Alexander; Heesen, Jessica;
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David Paul von Hansemann: Contributions to   Bignold, Leon P.; Coghlan,         2007
Oncology                                     Brian ; Jersmann, Hubertus

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DDR-Nostalgie                                Neller, Katja                      2006
Deadly Dermatologic Diseases                 Morgan, Michael ; Smoller,         2007
                                             Bruce R.; Somach, Stephen C.

Dealing with Uncertainties                   Drosg, Manfred                     2007

The Death of Fashion                         Gründl, Harald; EOOS,              2007
The Death of Metaphysics; The Death of            Cherry, Mark J.                   2006
Debian GNU                                        Alex, Wulf; Ganten, Peter H.      2005
Debian GNU/Linux                                  Ganten, Peter H.; Alex, Wulf      2007
Debian GNU                                        Alex, Wulf                        2006

Debris-flow Hazards and Related Phenomena         Hungr, Oldrich; Jakob, Matthias   2005

Decentralisation and Privatisation in Education   Zajda, Joseph                     2006

Decentralised Government in an Integrating        Stegarescu, Dan                   2006

Deciphering Growth                                Carel, J.-C.; Christen, Yves;     2005
                                                  Kelly, Paul A.
Decision Making for Complex Socio-Technical       Flüeler, Thomas                   2006

Decision Making in the Manufacturing              Rao, R. Venkata                   2007

Decision Making with the Analytic Network         Saaty, Thomas L.; Vargas, Luis    2006
Process                                           G.

Decision Support for Global Enterprises           Kulkarni, Uday; Power, Daniel     2007
                                                  J.; Sharda, Ramesh
Decision-Making in Engineering Design             Hatamura, Yotaro                  2006

Decken                                            Pech, Anton; Kolbitsch,           2006
                                                  Andreas; Zach, Franz
Declarative Agent Languages and                   Leite, João; Omicini, Andrea;     2005
Technologies II                                   Torroni, Paolo; Yolum, Pinar

Declarative Agent Languages and                   Baldoni, Matteo; Endriss, Ulle;   2006
Technologies III                                  Omicini, Andrea; Torroni, Paolo

Declarative Agent Languages and                   Baldoni, Matteo; Endriss, Ulle    2006
Technologies IV

Declarative Agent Languages and                                                     2008
Technologies V

Declarative Programming for Knowledge             Umeda, Masanobu; Wolf,            2006
Management                                        Armin; Bartenstein, Oskar;
                                                  Geske, Ulrich; Seipel, Dietmar;
                                                  Takata, Osamu
Decoherence and the Quantum-To-Classical          Schlosshauer, Maximilian A.       2007
Decoherence, Entanglement and Information      Akulin, V. M.; Kurizki, G.;        2005
Protection in Complex Quantum Systems          Pellegrin, S.; Sarfati, A.

Decomposition Techniques in Mathematical       Castillo, Enrique; Conejo,         2006
Programming                                    Antonio .J.; Garcia-Bertrand,
                                               Raquel; Minguez, Roberto

Deconstructing Olduvai                         Domínguez-Rodrigo, Manuel;         2007
                                               Barba, Rebeca; Egeland,
                                               Charles P.
Decoupling Control                                                                2006
Decrypted Secrets                              Bauer, Friedrich L.                2007
Deep Impact Mission: Looking Beneath the       Russell, C.T.                      2005
Surface of a Cometary Nucleus

Deep Space Probes                              Matloff, Gregory L.                2005
Deep Structure, Singularities, and Computer    Florack, Luc; Kuijper, Arjan;      2005
Vision                                         Olsen, Ole Fogh

Defect-Oriented Testing for Nano-Metric CMOS Sachdev, Manoj; Pineda de            2007
VLSI Circuits                                Gyvez, José

Defects in High-k Gate Dielectric Stacks       Gusev, Evgeni                      2006

Defects of Secretion in Cystic Fibrosis        Schultz, Carsten                   2005

Defence Applications of Multi-Agent Systems    Ghanea-Hercock, Robert;            2006
                                               Thompson, Simon G.
Defending Life                                 Ulvestad, Elling                   2007
Defense against Bioterror: Detection           Austin, Thomas R.; Ivnitski,       2005
Technologies, Implementation Strategies and    Dmitri; Milanovich, Fred;
Commercial Opportunities                       Morrison, Dennis

The Definitive Guide to Apache mod_rewrite     Bowen, Rich                        2006

The Definitive Guide to Building Java Robots   Preston, Scott                     2006

The Definitive Guide to db4o                   Edlich, Stefan; Hörning, Reidar;   2006
                                               Hörning, Henrik; Paterson, Jim

The Definitive Guide to ImageMagick            Still, Michael                     2006

The Definitive Guide to JasperReports™         Danciu, Teodor; Chirita, Lucian    2007

The Definitive Guide to Java Swing             Zukowski, John                     2005
The Definitive Guide to MySQL 5                   Kofler, Michael                   2005

The Definitive Guide to SOA: BEA AquaLogic® Davies, Jeff; Krishna, Ashish;          2007
Service Bus                                 Schorow, David

The Definitive Guide to SQLite                    Owens, Michael                    2006

The Definitive Guide to Stellent Content Server   Huff, Brian                       2006

Deformable Models                                 Suri, Jasjit S.; Farag, Aly       2007
Deformable Models                                 Suri, Jasjit S.; Farag, Aly       2007
Deformation and Gravity Change: Indicators of     Wolf, Detlef; Fernández, José     2007
Isostasy, Tectonics, Volcanism, and Climate

Deformations of Algebraic Schemes                 Sernesi, Edoardo                  2006

Deformed Spacetime                                Cardone, Fabio; Mignani,          2007
Delay Differential Equations and Applications     Arino, O.; Hbid, M.L.; Dads, E.   2006

Delft Pneumatic Bipeds                            Wisse, Martjin; Linde, Richard    2007
                                                  Q. van der
Deliktsrecht                                      Fuchs, Maximilian                 2006
The Demand for Money                              Serletis, Apostolos               2007
Democracy in an Age of Globalisation              Höffe, Otfried                    2007

Democratization of Expertise?                     Maasen, Sabine; Weingart,         2005
Demografischer Wandel in Unternehmen              Holz, Melanie; Da-Cruz, Patrick   2007

Demografischer Wandel und                         Prezewowsky, Michel               2007

Demographic Change in Germany                     Hamm, Ingrid; Seitz, Helmut;      2008
                                                  Werding, Martin
Demographic Transition Theory                     Caldwell, John C.                 2006

Demographischer Wandel und internationale         Baade, Daniel                     2007
Wettbewerbsfähigkeit Deutschlands

Demographisierung des Gesellschaftlichen          Barlösius, Eva; Schiek, Daniela   2007

Demokratie in der Mediengesellschaft              Imhof, Kurt; Bonfadelli, Heinz;   2006
                                                  Jarren, Otfried; Blum, Roger
Demokratiefähigkeit und Bürgerkompetenzen        May, Michael                      2007

Demokratien im Vergleich                         Abromeit, Heidrun; Stoiber,       2006
Demokratische politische Identität               Schwan, Gesine; Holzer, Jerzy;    2006
                                                 Lavabre, Marie-Claire;
                                                 Schwelling, Birgit
Demokratisierung der EU                          Huget, Holger                     2007

Demokratisierung im internationalen Vergleich    Pickel, Gert; Pickel, Susanne     2006

Dendrimer Catalysis                              Gade, Lutz H.                     2006
Dendritic Neurotransmitter Release               Ludwig, Mike                      2005

Dendritische Moleküle                        Vögtle, Fritz; Werner, Nicole;        2007
                                             Richardt, Gabriele
Denken                                       Blickenstorfer, Jürg                  2007
Dense Molecular Gas around Protostars and in Baan, Willem A.; Hagiwara,            2005
Galactic Nuclei                              Yoshiaki; Langevelde, Huib J.
Dental Hard Tissues and Bonding              Eliades, George; Eliades,             2005
                                             Theodore; Watts, David C.
Dental Pathology                             Slootweg, Pieter J.                   2007
Dental Perspectives on Human Evolution       Bailey, Shara E.; Hublin, Jean-       2007

Deontic Logic and Artificial Normative Systems   Goble, Lou; Meyer, John-Jules     2006

Deoxynucleoside Analogs in Cancer Therapy        Peters, Godefridus J              2007

Dependable and Adaptable Networks and            Pras, Aiko; Sinderen, Marten      2007
Services                                         van

Dependable Computing                             Bondavalli, Andrea; Brasileiro,   2007
                                                 Francisco; Rajsbaum, Sergio

Dependable Computing                             Andrade, Aline Maria Santos;      2005
                                                 Assis Silva, Flávio Morais de;
                                                 Maziero, Carlos Alberto; Silva,
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Dependable Systems: Software, Computing,         Kohlas, Jürg; Meyer, Bertrand;    2006
Networks                                         Schiper, André
Dependence in Probability and Statistics         Bertail, Patrice; Doukhan, Paul;   2006
                                                 Soulier, Philippe

Le dépistage du cancer du sein:                  Séradour, Brigitte                 2007

Deploying .NET Applications                      Hashimi, Sayed Y.; Hashimi,        2006
                                                 Sayed Ibrahim
Depression and Globalization                     Walker, Carl                       2008

Depression und Manie                             Simhandl, Christian;               2007
                                                 Mitterwachauer, Klaudia
Der Fuß des Läufers                              Hohmann, Erik; Imhoff,             2007
                                                 Andreas B.
Der GmbH-Geschäftsführer                         Jula, Rocco                        2007

Handbuch zur Nassgewinnung und                                                      2008
Aufbereitung von Kies und Sand
Derivative Finanzmarktinstrumente                Rudolph, Bernd; Schäfer, Klaus     2005

Dermatologie und medizinische Kosmetik           Herrmann, Konrad; Trinkkeller,     2007
Dermatologie und Venerologie                     Braun-Falco, Otto; Burgdorf,       2005
                                                 Walter H.C.; Landthaler,
                                                 Michael; Plewig, Gerd; Wolff,
                                                 Helmut Heinrich
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                                                 Dickel, H.; Stücker, M.;
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                                                 Gambichler, T.
Dermatopathologie                                Kempf, W.; Hantschke, M.;          2007
                                                 Kutzner, H.; Burgdorf, W.
Dermatopathology                                 Brehmer-Andersson, Eva             2006
The Descent of Human Sex Ratio at Birth          Brian, Éric; Jaisson, Marie        2007

Desert Dust in the Global System                 Goudie, A.S.; Middleton, N.J.      2006

                                             Kepner, William G.; Mouat,
Desertification in the Mediterranean Region. A                                      2006
Security Issue                               David A.; Pedrazzini, Fausto;
                                             Rubio, Jose L.
Design                                       Bürdek, Bernhard E.                    2005
Design - eine Einführung                     Schneider, Beat                        2005
Design and Analysis of Randomized Algorithms Hromkovic, J.                          2005

Design and Analysis of Simulation Experiments Kleijnen, Jack PC                     2008

Design and Construction of Tunnels               Lunardi, Pietro                    2008

Design and Optimization of Passive UHF RFID      Curty, Jari-Pascal; Declercq,      2007
Systems                                          Michel; Dehollain, Catherine;
                                                 Joehl, Norbert
Design and Performance of 3G Wireless           Chuah, Mooi Choo; Zhang,            2006
Networks and Wireless LANs                      Qinqing

Design Automation Methods and Tools for         Chakrabarty, Krishnendu;            2006
Microfluidics-Based Biochips                    Zeng, Jun

Design Computing and Cognition '06              Gero, John S.                       2006

Design for Manufacturability and Statistical    Orshansky, Michael; Nassif,         2008
Design                                          Sani; Boning, Duane

Design for Manufacturability and Yield for Nano- Chiang, Charles; Kawa, Jamil       2007
Scale CMOS

Design für Six Sigma+Lean Toolset               Lunau, Stephan                      2007

Design                                          Bürdek, Bernhard E.                 2005

Design Practice                                 Armstrong, James                    2008
Design of Adaptive Finite Element Software      Schmidt, Alfred; Siebert,           2005
                                                Kunibert G.
Design of Advanced Manufacturing Systems        Matta, Andrea; Semeraro,            2005
Design of Embedded Control Systems              Adamski, Marian Andrzej;            2005
                                                Karatkevich, Andrei; Wegrzyn,
Design of High Voltage xDSL Line Drivers in     Serneels, Bert; Steyaert, Michiel   2008
Standard CMOS

Design of Systems on a Chip                     Reis, Ricardo; Lubaszewski,         2007
                                                Marcelo ; Jess, Jochen A.G.
The Design of the Eurosystem’s Monetary         Neyer, Ulrike                       2007
Policy Instruments

Design of Very High-Frequency Multirate         Epifânio da Franca, José;           2006
Switched-Capacitor Circuits                     Martins, Rui Paulo; Seng-Pan,

Design of Wireless Autonomous Datalogger        Claes, Wim; Puers, Robert;          2005
IC's                                            Sansen, Willy

Design Patterns for eScience                    Gardner, Henry ; Manduchi,          2007
Design Performance                              Duffy, Alexander H.B.;              2005
                                                O'Donnell, Francis J.
Design technischer Produkte,                   Seeger, Hartmut                  2005
Produktprogramme und -systeme

Design, Automation, and Test in Europe         Lauwereins, Rudy; Madsen, Jan    2008

Designerly Ways of Knowing                     Cross, Nigel                     2006

The Designer's Guide to High-Purity Oscillators Abidi, Asad; Hegazi, Emad;      2005
                                                Rael, Jacob
Designing Accessible Technology                 Clarkson, John; Langdon,        2006
                                                Patrick; Robinson, Peter
Designing an All-Inclusive Democracy            Emerson, Peter J.               2007

Designing and Evaluating E-Management          Beroggi, Giampiero E.G.          2005
Decision Tools

Designing and Evaluating Value Added           Bruccoleri, Manfredi; Perrone,   2005
Services in Manufacturing E-Market Places      Giovanni; Renna, Paulo

Designing Democracy                            Gersbach, Hans                   2005
Designing Embedded Processors                  Henkel, Jörg; Parameswaran,      2007
Designing Green Landscapes                                                      2008

Designing Human Interface in Speech            Chen, Fang                       2006

Designing Smart Homes                          Augusto, Juan Carlos; Nugent,    2006
                                               Chris D.
Designing Ubiquitous Information               DeGross, Janice I.; Lyytinen,    2005
Environments: Socio-Technical Issues and       Kalle; Sørensen, Carsten; Yoo,
Challenges                                     Youngjin

Designing Virtual Reality Systems              Kim, G.                          2005

Designing with video                           Ylirisku, Salu; Buur, Jacob      2007
Deskriptive Statistik                          Benninghaus, Hans                2007
Deskriptive Statistik                          Toutenburg, Helge; Heumann,      2006
Destandardisierung, Differenzierung,                                            2007

Detection and Disposal of Improvised           Kuznetsov, Andrey; Schubert,     2006
Explosives                                     Hiltmar
Detection and Signal Processing                Witteman, Wilhelmus Jacobus      2006
Detection of Intrusions and Malware, and        Hämmerli, Bernhard; Sommer,     2007
Vulnerability Assessment                        Robin

Detection of Intrusions and Malware, and        Büschkes, Roland; Laskov,       2006
Vulnerability Assessment                        Pavel

Determinantal Ideals                            Miró-Roig, Rosa M               2008
Determinanten der Sportrezeption                Beyer, Thomas                   2006

Determining Spectra in Quantum Theory           Demuth, Michael; Krishna,       2005
Deterministic and Statistical Methods in        Lawrence, Neil; Niranjan,       2005
Machine Learning                                Mahesan; Winkler, Joab

Deutsche Außenpolitik                           Jäger, Thomas; Oppermann,       2007
                                                Kai; Höse, Alexander
Deutsche Außenpolitik                           Hellmann, Gunther               2006
Deutsche Hochschulen im Ausland                 Krauß, Jochen                   2006

Das Deutsche IVF - Register 1996 - 2006: 10     Felberbaum, Ricardo             2007
Jahre Reproduktionsmedizin in Deutschland

Deutsches Verfassungsrecht 1806 - 1918 Eine     Kotulla, Michael                2006
Dokumentensammlung nebst Einführungen

Deutsches Verfassungsrecht 1806 - 1918 Eine     Kotulla, Michael                2007
Dokumentensammlung nebst Einführungen

Deutungskämpfe                                  Jäger, Margarete; Jäger,        2007
Die Deutungsmacht der                                                           2006

Developing Ambient Intelligence                 Mana, A.; Lotz, V.              2006

Developing Prosocial Communities Across         Tyler, Forrest B.               2007

Developing Services for the Wireless Internet   Morisio, Maurizio; Torchiano,   2006
Developing Statistical Software in Fortran 95   Lemmon, David R. ; Schafer,     2005
                                                Joseph L.
Developing Tsunami-Resilient Communities        Bernard, E.N.                   2005

Development and Plasticity in Sensory           Erzurumlu, Reha; Guido,         2006
Thalamus and Cortex                             William; Molnar, Zoltan
Development of Emotions and Emotion            Friedlmeier, Wolfgang;               2006
Regulation                                     Holodynski, Manfred

Development of the Inner Ear                   Fay, Richard R.; Kelley,             2005
                                               Matthew W.; Popper, Arthur N.;
                                               Wu, Doris K.
The Development of the Perineum in the         Putte, S.C.J. van der                2005
Developmental Biology of Neoplastic Growth     Macieira-Coelho, Alvaro              2005

Developmental Neurobiology                    Jacobson, Marcus; Rao,                2005
                                              Mahendra S.
Developments in Fish Telemetry                Almeida, Pedro R.; Quintella,         2007
                                              Bernardo R.; Costa, Maria J.;
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Developments in Language Theory               Harju, Tero; Karhumäki,               2007
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Developments in Language Theory (vol. # 4036) Dang, Zhe; Ibarra, Oscar H.           2006

Developments in Risk-based Approaches to       Anderson, Tom; Redmill, Felix        2006

Developments in Spatial Data Handling          Fisher, Peter F.                     2005

Developments on Experimental Economics         Oda, Sobei Hidenori                  2007

Device Applications of Nonlinear Dynamics      Baglio, Salvatore; Bulsara, Adi      2006

Devices for Cardiac Resynchronization          Barold, S. Serge; Ritter, Philippe   2008

Dezentralisierung im Konzern                   Käfer, Timo M                        2007

Diabetes bei Kindern und Jugendlichen          Danne, Thomas; Hürter, Peter         2005

Diabetes und Herz                              Meinertz, T.; Rösen, P.;             2005
                                               Schömig, A.; Tschöpe, D.;
                                               Ziegler, D.
Diabetes und Schwangerschaft                   Böhm, Bernhard O.; Claudi-           2007
                                               Böhm, Simone
Diabetes-Handbuch                                                                   2007
Diabetes-Handbuch                              Böhm, Bernhard O.; Hien, Peter       2005

The Diabetic Foot                              Veves, Aristidis                     2006
The Diabetic Kidney                            Cortes, Pedro                        2006
Diabetic Neuropathy                            Veves, Aristides; Malik, Rayaz       2007
Der diabetische Fuß                            Eckardt, Anke; Lobmann, R.           2005
Diagnose Rheuma                             Loisl, Daniela; Puchner, Rudolf   2005

Diagnose- und Therapiekonzepte in der       Hinkelthein, Edgar; Zalpour,      2006
Osteopathie                                 Christoff

Diagnosis and Fault-Tolerant Control        Blanke, Mogens; Kinnaert,         2006
                                            Michel; Lunze, Jan;
                                            Staroswiecki, Marcel
Diagnosis and Treatment of Human Mycoses    Hospenthal, Duane R.; Rinaldi,    2008
                                            Michael G.

Diagnosis of Endometrial Biopsies and       Kurman, Robert J.; Mazur,         2005
Curettings                                  Michael

Diagnostic Criteria in Neurology            Lerner, Alan J.                   2006

Diagnostic Nuclear Medicine                 Schiepers, Christiaan             2006

Die Intensivtherapie bei Sepsis und         Engelmann, L.; Schuster, H.-P.    2006

Diagrammatic Representation and Inference   Barker-Plummer, Dave; Cox,        2006
                                            Richard; Swoboda, Nik

Diagrammatology                             Stjernfelt, Frederik              2007
Dialog-Center-Lösungen für Banken           Effert, Detlef; Wunder, Markus    2006

Dialogic Education and Technology           Wegerif, Rupert                   2008

Dialogue as a Collective Means of Design    Jenlink, Patrick M; Banathy,      2008
Conversation                                Bela H

Dialogue as a Means of Collective           Banathy, Bela H.; Jenlink,        2005
Communication                               Patrick M.

Diapause in Aquatic Invertebrates           Alekseev, Victor R.; De Stasio,   2007
                                            Bart; Gilbert, John J.

Dictionary of Contact Allergens             Lepoittevin, Jean-Pierre; Coz,    2007
                                            Christophe J
Dictionary of Gems and Gemology             Manutchehr-Danai, Mohsen          2005

Dictionary of Minor Planet Names            Schmadel, Lutz D                  2007

Dictionary of Minor Planet Names            Schmadel, Lutz D.                 2006

A Dictionary of Neurological Signs          Larner, A.J.                      2006

The Didactical Challenge of Symbolic        Guin, Dominique; Ruthven,         2005
Calculators                                 Kenneth; Trouche, Luc
Didaktik der Informatik                        Humbert, Ludger                   2006
Didaktik der Informatik                        Hubwieser, Peter                  2007
Die Anfängeroperation                          Mehringer, Rolf                   2007
Die Informatisierung des Alltags               Mattern, Friedemann               2007

Die Kunst der Höchstleistung                   Kogler, Alois                     2006

Die Kunst gemeinsam zu handeln                 Hölscher, Stefan; Reiber,         2006
                                               Wolfgang; Pape, Karin;
                                               Loehnert-Baldermann, Elizabeth

Dienstleistungscontrolling                     Bruhn, Manfred; Stauss, Bernd     2006

Dienstleistungsmarketing                       Meffert, Heribert; Bruhn,         2006
Difference Equations                           Cull, Paul; Flahive, Mary;        2005
                                               Robson, Robby
Differential Analysis on Complex Manifolds     Wells, Raymond O                  2008

Differential Equations Driven by Rough Paths   Lyons, Terry J.; Caruana,         2007
                                               Michael; Lévy, Thierry
Differential Equations with Symbolic           Wang, Dongming; Zheng,            2005
Computation                                    Zhiming

Differential Evolution (vol. # 5)              Feoktistov, Vitaliy               2006
Differential Evolution                         Lampinen, Jouni A.; Price,        2005
                                               Kenneth V.; Storn, Rainer M.
Differential Geometry and Analysis on CR       Dragomir, Sorin; Tomassini,       2006
Manifolds                                      Giuseppe

Differential Geometry of Curves and Surfaces   Toponogov, Victor A.              2006

Differential Information Economies             Glycopantis, Dionysius;           2005
                                               Yannelis, Nicholas C.
Differential Models                            Ochkov, Valery; Solodov,          2005
Differential Subject Marking                   Hoop, Helen; Swart, Peter         2008

Differentialgeometrie                                                            2008
Differentialgeometrie und Minimalflächen       Jost, Jürgen; Eschenburg, J.-H.   2007

Differentialgleichungen mit MATHCAD und        Benker, Hans                      2005

Difficoltà in matematica                       Zan, Rosetta                      2007
Difficult Decisions in Thoracic Surgery        Ferguson, Mark K.                 2007

Diffuse Lung Diseases                          Dalpiaz, Giorgia; Maffessanti,    2006
Diffuse Matter from Star Forming Regions to    Hartquist, T.W.; Pittard, J.M.;   2007
Active Galaxies                                Falle, S.A.E.G.
Diffusion in Condensed Matter                      Heitjans, Paul; Kärger, Jörg      2005

Diffusion in Solids                                Mehrer, Helmut                    2007
Diffusion-Weighted MR Imaging of the Brain         Ekholm, S.; Moritani, T.;         2005
                                                   Westesson, P.-L.
Digging it up Down Under                           Smith, Claire; Burke, Heather     2007

Digital Astrophotography: The State of the Art     Ratledge, David                   2005

Digital Cities III. Information Technologies for   Koizumi, Satoshi; van den         2005
Social Capital: Cross-cultural Perspectives        Besselaar, Peter

Digital Communications Using Chaos and             Larson, Lawrence E; Liu, Jia-     2006
Nonlinear Dynamics                                 Ming; Tsimring, Lev S.

Digital Control of Electrical Drives               Vukosavic, Slobodan N.            2007

Digital Control Systems                            Landau, Ioan D.; Zito, Gianluca   2006

Digital Convergence - Libraries of the Future      Earnshaw, Rae A.; Vince, John     2008
Digital Decision Making                            Corrigan, R.                      2007
Digital Design and Implementation with Field       Navabi, Zainalabedin              2005
Programmable Devices

Digital Design of Nature                           Deussen, Oliver; Lintermann,      2005
Digital Document Processing                        Chaudhuri, B.B.                   2007

Digital Economic Dynamics                          Welfens, Paul J.J.; Weske,        2007
Digital Economy and Social Design                  Sudoh, Osamu                      2005

Digital Enterprise Technology                      Cunha, Pedro Filipe;              2007
                                                   Maropoulos, Paul G.
Digital Government                                 Chen, Hsinchun; Gregg,            2008
                                                   Valerie; Brandt, Lawrence;
                                                   Traunmüller, Roland; Hovy,
                                                   Eduard; Dawes, Sharon;
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                                                   Catherine A
Digital Holography                                 Jueptner, Werner; Schnars, Ulf    2005

Digital Holography and Three-Dimensional           Poon, Ting-Chung                  2006

Digital Human Modeling                             Duffy, Vincent D.                 2007
Digital Image Processing                           Jähne, Bernd                      2005
Digital Integration, Growth and Rational         Welfens, Paul J J                   2008

Digital Libraries: Achievements, Challenges      Sugimoto, Shigeo; Hunter,           2006
and Opportunities                                Jane; Rauber, Andreas;
                                                 Morishima, Atsuyuki

Digital Libraries: Implementing Strategies and     Fox, Edward A.; Neuhold,          2005
Sharing Experiences                                Erich; Premsmit, Pimrumpai;
                                                   Wuwongse, Vilas
Digital Libraries: International Collaboration and Chen, Zhaoneng; Chen,             2005
Cross-Fertilization                                Hsinchun; Fox, Edward; Fu,
                                                   Yuxi; Lim, Ee-peng; Miao, Qihao

Digital Libraries: Research and Development      Thanos, Costantino; Borri,          2007
                                                 Francesca; Candela, Leonardo

Digital Mammography                              Astley, Susan M.; Brady,            2006
                                                 Michael; Rose, Chris;
                                                 Zwiggelaar, Reyer
Digital Media & Intellectual Property            Lucchi, Nicola                      2006

Digital Noise Monitoring of Defect Origin        Aliev, Telman                       2007

Digital Phase Lock Loops                         Al-Araji, Saleh R.; Hussain,        2007
                                                 Zahir M.; Al-Qutayri, Mahmoud
Digital Photogrammetry                           Linder, Wilfried                    2006
Digital Rights Management                        Safavi-Naini, Reihaneh; Yung,       2006
Digital Satellite Communications                 Corazza, Giovanni E.                2007

Digital Self-tuning Controllers                  Bobál, Vladimír; Böhm, Joseph;      2005
                                                 Fessl, Jaromír; Machácek, Jirí

Digital Signal Processing                        Engelberg, Shlomo                   2008
Digital Signal Processing for Measurement        D'Antona, Gabriele; Ferrero,        2006
Systems                                          Alessandro

Digital Signal Processing with Field             Meyer-Baese, Uwe                    2007
Programmable Gate Arrays

Digital Simulation in Electrochemistry           Britz, Dieter                       2005

Digital Synthesizers and Transmitters for        Vankka, Jouko                       2005
Software Radio

Digital Terrain Modelling                        Peckham, Robert J.; Gyozo,          2007
Digital Timing Measurements                      Maichen, Wolfgang                   2006
Digital Video and Audio Broadcasting                                               2008

Digital VLSI Systems Design                        Ramachandran, Seetharaman       2007

Digital Watermarking (vol. # 3304)                 Cox, Ingemar J.; Kalker, Ton;   2005
                                                   Lee, Heung-Kyu
Digital Watermarking (vol. # 3710)                 Barni, Mauro; Cox, Ingemar;     2005
                                                   Kalker, Ton; Kim, Hyoung
Digital Watermarking (vol. # 4283)                 Shi, Yun Qing; Jeon,            2006
Digitale Bildbearbeitung für Fotografen            Pfaffe, Wolfgang                2005

Digitale Bildverarbeitung                          Burge, Mark James; Burger,      2005
Digitale Bildverarbeitung                          Jähne, Bernd                    2005
Digitale Bildverarbeitung                          Burge, Mark James; Burger,      2006
Digitale Fernsehtechnik in Theorie und Praxis      Fischer, Walter                 2006

Digitale Hardware                                  Teich, Jürgen; Haubelt,         2007

Die digitale Herausforderung                       Kimpeler, Simone; Mangold,      2007
                                                   Michael; Schweiger, Wolfgang
Digitale Signalverarbeitung mit MATLAB             Werner, Martin                  2006

Digitale Signalverarbeitung mit MATLAB-            Werner, Martin                  2008

Digitale Ungleichheit                              Zillien, Nicole                 2006
Digitales Colormanagement                          Homann, Jan-Peter               2007

Digitally Archiving Cultural Objects                                               2008

Digitaltechnik                                     Woitowitz, Roland; Urbanski,    2007
Digitaltechnik                                     Fricke, Klaus                   2007
Digitaltechnik - Eine praxisnahe Einführung                                        2008

Dilute III-V Nitride Semiconductors and Material                                   2008

Dimension Reduction of Large-Scale Systems         Benner, Peter; Mehrmann,        2005
                                                   Volker; Sorensen, Danny C.
Dipeptidyl Aminopeptidases                         Bank, Ute; Lendeckel, Uwe;      2006
                                                   Reinhold, Dirk
Diplomacy and International Law in Globalized      Bolewski, Wilfried              2007
Diplomacy Games                                     Avenhaus, Rudolf; Zartman, I.      2007
Dirac Operators in Representation Theory            Huang, Jing-Song; Pandzic,         2006
Direct and Large-Eddy Simulation VI                 Lamballais, Eric; Friedrich,       2006
                                                    Rainer; Geurts, Bernard J.;
                                                    Métais, Olivier
Direct Democracy in Europe                          Pállinger, Zoltán Tibor;           2007
                                                    Kaufmann, Bruno; Marxer,
                                                    Wilfried; Schiller, Theo
Quasiconvex Analysis and the Calculus of            Dacorogna, Bernard                 2007
Direct Transistor-level Layout for Digital Blocks   Gopalakrishnan, Prakash;           2005
                                                    Rutenbar, Rob A.
Directed Metallation                                Chatani, Naoto                     2008
Directions in Strong Motion Instrumentation         Anderson, John G.; Gulkan,         2005
Directory of Microbicides for the Protection of     Paulus, Wilfried                   2005

Direktzusage und Pensionsfonds                      Thaut, Michael                     2007

Disability in Islamic Law                           Rispler-Chaim, Vardit              2007
The Disappearing Computer                           Streitz, Norbert; Kameas,          2007
                                                    Achilles; Mavrommati, Irene
Disciplines and Doctorates                          Parry, Sharon                      2007

Discontinuous Finite Elements in Fluid              Li, Ben Q.                         2006
Dynamics and Heat Transfer

Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Viscous                                             2008
Incompressible Flow

Discoveries in Photosynthesis                       Allen, J.F.; Beatty, J.T.; Gest,   2005
                                                    H.; Govindjee,
Discovering Biomolecular Mechanisms with            Eisenhaber, Frank                  2006
Computational Biology

Discovering Mathematics with Magma                  Bosma, Wieb; Cannon, John          2006

The Discovery of Historicity in German Idealism Koslowski, Peter                       2005
and Historism

Discovery Science                                   Corruble, Vincent; Takeda,         2007
                                                    Masayuki; Suzuki, Einoshin
Discovery Science (vol. # 3735)                     Hoffmann, Achim; Motoda,           2005
                                                    Hiroshi; Scheffer, Tobias
Discovery Science (vol. # 4265)                     Lavrac, Nada; Todorovski,          2006
                                                    Ljupco; Jantke, Klaus P.
Discrete and Computational Geometry              Akiyama, Jin; Kano, Mikio; Tan,    2005
Discrete Dynamical Systems                       Galor, Oded                        2007

Discrete Element Analysis Methods of Generic     Chen, Chang-New                    2006
Differential Quadratures

Discrete Geometry for Computer Imagery (vol.     Andres, Eric; Damiand,             2005
# 3429)                                          Guillaume; Lienhardt, Pascal
Discrete Geometry for Computer Imagery (vol.     Kuba, Attila; Nyúl, László G.;     2006
# 4245)                                          Palágyi, Kálmán
Discrete Geometry, Combinatorics and Graph       Akiyama, Jin; Chen, William        2007
Theory                                           Y.C.; Kano, Mikio; Li, Xueliang;
                                                 Yu, Qinglin
Discrete Mathematics Using a Computer            Hall, Cordelia; O'Donnell, John;   2006
                                                 Page, Rex
Discrete Multivariate Analysis Theory and        Bishop, Yvonne M.; Fienberg,       2007
Practice                                         Stephen; Holland, Paul W.

Discrete Spectral Synthesis and Its Applications Székelyhidi, László                2006

Discrete, Continuous, and Hybrid Petri Nets      Alla, Hassane; David, René         2005

Discrete-Time Markov Chains                      Yin, G.George; Zhang, Qing         2005

Discrete-Time Markov Jump Linear Systems         Costa, O.L.V.; Fragoso, M.D.;      2005
                                                 Marques, R.P.
Discrete-time Sliding Mode Control               Bandyopadhyay, B.;                 2006
                                                 Janardhanan, S.
Investigation and Management of Disease in       Wobeser, Gary A.                   2007
Wild Animals
Diseases of the abdomen and Pelvis               Hodler, J.; Schulthess, G.K.       2006
                                                 von; Zollikofer, C.L.
Diseases of the Heart, Chest & Breast            Hodler, J.; Schulthess, G.K.       2007
                                                 von; Zollikofer, C.L.
Diseases of the Pancreas                         Beger, Hans Günther;               2008
                                                 Matsuno, Seiki; Cameron, John
Diskrete Mathematik                              Matousek, Jiri; Nesetril,          2007
Diskrete Mathematik                              Aigner, Martin                     2006
Diskrete Mathematik                              Lovász, László; Pelikán,           2005
                                                 József; Vesztergombi, Katalin
Diskrete Strukturen 1                            Steger, Angelika                   2007
Diskriminierung in der                                                              2007

Diskursforschung                                 Keller, Reiner                     2007
Diskursstrategien im Rechtspopulismus            Geden, Oliver                      2006
Die diskursstrategische Bedeutung des          Vinckel, Hélène                   2006
Nachfelds im Deutschen

Dislocation and Degradation of Proteins from   Kikkert, M.; Wiertz, E.J.H.J.     2005
the Endoplasmic Reticulum

Disorders of the Respiratory Tract             Mintz, Matthew L.                 2006

Dispensation von Humanressourcen               Ebert, Daniel                     2006

Dispositionsparameter in der                   Dittrich, Jörg; Hufgard,          2006
Produktionsplanung mit SAP                     Andreas; Mertens, Peter; Hau,

Dissecting the Molecular Anatomy of Tissue    Chuaqui, Rodrigo F.; Emmert-       2005
                                              Buck, Michael R.; Gillespie,
                                              John W.
Dissemination of Information in Communication Hromkovic, J.; Klasing, R.;        2005
Networks                                      Pelc, A.; Ruzicka, P.; Unger, W.

Dissemination of Information in Optical        Bandyopadhyay, Subir              2008

Dissipative Solitons                           Akhmediev, Nail; Ankiewicz,       2005
Dissipative Systems Analysis and Control       Brogliato, Bernard; Lozano,       2007
                                               Rogelio; Maschke, Bernhard;
                                               Egeland, Olav
Distance Leadership                            Eichenberg, Timm                  2007
Distanzierte Nähe                              Albrecht, Peter-Georg             2006
Distinguished Figures in Mechanism and         Ceccarelli, Marco                 2007
Machine Science

Distributed and Parallel Computing             Goscinski, Andrzej; Hobbs,        2005
                                               Michael; Zhou, Wanlei
Distributed and Parallel Systems               Kacsuk, Peter; Fahringer,         2007
                                               Thomas; Nemeth, Zsolt
Distributed and Parallel Systems               Juhasz, Zoltan; Kacsuk, Peter;    2005
                                               Kranzlmuller, Dieter
Distributed Applications and Interoperable     Indulska, Jadwiga; Raymond,       2007
Systems                                        Kerry

Distributed Applications and Interoperable     Kutvonen, Lea                     2005
Systems (vol. # 3543)

Distributed Applications and Interoperable     Eliassen, Frank; Montresor,       2006
Systems (vol. # 4025)                          Alberto

Distributed Autonomous Robotic System 6        Alami, Richard; Chatila, Raja;    2007
                                               Asama, Hajime
Distributed Autonomous Robotic Systems 7        Gini, Maria; Voyles, Richard    2006

Distributed Computing                         Pelc, Andrzej                     2007
Distributed Computing (vol. # 3724)           Fraigniaud, Pierre                2005
Distributed Computing (vol. # 4167)           Dolev, Shlomi                     2006
Distributed Computing -- IWDC 2004            Das, Nabanita; Das, Sajal K.;     2005
                                              Sen, Arunabha; Sinha, Bhabani
Distributed Computing – IWDC 2005             Gupta, Arobinda;                  2005
                                              Kshemkalyani, Ajay D.; Kumar,
                                              Rajeev; Pal, Ajit
Distributed Computing and Internet Technology Ghosh, R.K.; Mohanty,             2005
Distributed Computing and Internet Technology Janowski, Tomasz; Mohanty,        2007
Distributed Computing and Internet Technology Chakraborty, Goutam               2005
(vol. # 3816)
Distributed Computing and Internet Technology Madria, Sanjay K.; Claypool,      2006
(vol. # 4317)                                 Kajal; Kannan, Rajgopal;
                                              Uppuluri, Prem; Gore, Manoj
Distributed Computing and Networking          Rao, Shrisha; Jayanti, Prasad;    2008
                                              Chatterjee, Mainak; Murthy, C
                                              Siva Ram; Saha, Sanjoy Kumar

Distributed Computing in Sensor Systems (vol.   Iyengar, Sitharama; Prasanna,   2005
# 3560)                                         Viktor K.; Spirakis, Paul;
                                                Welsh, Matt
Distributed Computing in Sensor Systems         Aspnes, James; Scheideler,      2007
                                                Christian; Arora, Anish;
                                                Madden, Samuel
Distributed Computing in Sensor Systems (vol.   Abdelzaher, Tarek; Aspnes,      2006
# 4026)                                         James; Gibbons, Phil; Rao,
Distributed Computing and Networking            Chaudhuri, Soma; Das, Samir     2006
                                                R.; Paul, Himadri S.;
                                                Tirthapura, Srikanta
Distributed Consensus in Multi-vehicle          Ren, Wei; Beard, Randal W       2008
Cooperative Control

Distributed Cooperative Laboratories:           Davoli, Franco; Palazzo,        2006
Networking, Instrumentation, and                Sergio; Zappatore, Sandro

A Distributed Coordination Approach to          Chokshi, Nirav N; McFarlane,    2008
Reconfigurable Process Control                  Duncan C

Distributed Embedded Control Systems            Colnari?, Matjaţ; Halang,       2008
                                                Wolfgang A; Verber, Domen
Distributed Event-Based Systems                   Fiege, Ludger; Mühl, Gero;        2006
                                                  Pietzuch, Peter
Distributed Multimedia Retrieval Strategies for   Barlas, Gerassimos; Veeravalli,   2006
Large Scale Networked Systems                     Bharadwaj

Distributed Network Systems                       Jia, Weijia; Zhou, Wanlei         2005

Distributed Search by Constrained Agents          Meisels, Amnon                    2008

Distributed Services with OpenAFS                 Gehrke, Wolfgang A.; Milicchio,   2007
Distributed, High-Performance and Grid            Dubitzky, Werner; Schuster,       2007
Computing in Computational Biology                Assaf; Sloot, Peter; Schroeder,
                                                  Michael; Romberg, Mathilde

Distribution and Phenotype of Proliferating       Tonchev, Anton B.;                2007
Cells in the Forebrain of Adult Macaque           Yamashima, Tetsumori;
Monkeys after Transient Global Cerebral           Chaldakov, George N.

Distribution und Schutz digitaler Medien durch    Picot, Arnold; Thielmann, Heinz   2005
Digital Rights Management

I disturbi della consapevolezza nelle malattie    Orfei, Maria Donata;              2007
neuropsichiatriche                                Caltagirone, Carlo; Spalletta,

Der Diversification Discount am deutschen         Beckmann, Philip                  2006

Diversifikationserfolg                            Wulf, Torsten                     2007
The Diversity of Gastric Carcinoma                Kaminishi, M.; Mafune, K.;        2005
                                                  Takubo, K.
Diversity Training for Classroom Teaching         Clauss-Ehlers, Caroline S.        2006

Diversity-Management als Leitbild von             Wagner, Dieter; Voigt, Bernd-     2007
Personalpolitik                                   Friedrich

Divinity Compromised                              Balserak, Jon                     2006
D-Modules, Perverse Sheaves, and                  Hotta, Ryoshi; Takeuchi,          2008
Representation Theory                             Kiyoshi; Tanisaki, Toshiyuki

DNA Binders and Related Subjects                  Chaires, Jonathan B.; Waring,     2005
                                                  Michael J.
DNA Computing                                                                       2008
DNA Computing                                                                       2006
DNA Computing (vol. # 3384)                       Ferretti, Claudio; Mauri,         2005
                                                  Giancarlo; Zandron, Claudio
DNA Computing (vol. # 3892)                    Carbone, Alessandra; Pierce,     2006
                                               Niles A.
DNA Computing (vol. # 4287)                    Mao, Chengde; Yokomori,          2006
DNA Methylation and Cancer Therapy             Szyf, Moshe                      2005

DNA Methylation, Epigenetics and Metastasis    Esteller, Manel                  2005

DNA Methylation: Basic Mechanisms              Böhm, Petra; Doerfler, Walter    2006

DNA Methylation: Development, Genetic          Böhm, P.; Doerfler, Walter       2006
Disease and Cancer

DNA Conformation and Transcription             Ohyama, Takashi                  2005

DNA Repair and Human Disease                   Balajee, Adayabalam              2006

Do Smart Adaptive Systems Exist?               Gabrys, Bogdan; Leiviskä,        2005
                                               Kauko; Strackeljan, Jens
Do-All Computing in Distributed Systems        Georgiou, Chryssis;              2008
                                               Shvartsman, Alex A.
Document Analysis Systems VII                  Bunke, Horst; Spitz, A.          2006
Doing News — Die Fabrikation von               Wintsch, Dani                    2006

Doktorandlnnen in den USA                      Kupfer, Antonia                  2007

Die Doktorarbeit - Vom Start zum Ziel          Messing, Barbara; Huber,         2007
Die dokumentarische Methode und ihre                                            2007

Dokumentation und Leitlinienkonkurrenz - die   Arbeitsgem. Rechtsanwälte,       2007
Verschriftlichung der Medizin

Dokumentations- und Ordnungslehre              Gaus, Wilhelm                    2005

DOM Scripting                                  Keith, Jeremy                    2005
Domain Decomposition Methods - Algorithms      Toselli, Andrea; Widlund, Olof   2005
and Theory

Domain Decomposition Methods in Science        Hoppe, Ronald; Kornhuber,        2005
and Engineering                                Ralf; Périaux, Jaques;
                                               Pironneau, Olivier; Widlund,
                                               Olof; Xu, Jinchao
Domain Decomposition Methods in Science        Widlund, Olof; Keyes, David      2007
and Engineering XVI
Domain Decomposition Methods in Science       Langer, Ulrich; Keyes, David E;    2008
and Engineering XVII                          Widlund, Olof B; Zulehner,
                                              Walter; Discacciati, Marco
Domain Modeling and the Duration Calculus     George, Chris; Liu, Zhiming;       2007
                                              Woodcock, Jim
Don’t Panic with Mechanics!                   Romberg, Oliver; Hinrichs,         2006
Doppelte Buchführung                          Quick, Reiner; Wurl, Hans-         2006
Doppik in der öffentlichen Verwaltung         Raupach, Björn; Stangenberg,       2006
Doppler Ultrasound in Obstetrics and          Maulik, Dev                        2005

Dopplersonographie in Geburtshilfe und        Steiner, Horst; Schneider, Karl-   2008
Gynäkologie                                   Theo M

Dose Finding in Drug Development              Ting, Naitee                       2006

Double & Multiple Stars, and How to Observe   Mullaney, James                    2005

Double Balloon Endoscopy                      Sugano, Kentaro; Yamamoto,         2006
                                              Hironori; Kita, Hiroto

Double Fertilization                          Raghavan, Val                      2006
Downsizing bei Verbrennungsmotoren            Golloch, Rainer                    2005

Drachenflug                                   Becker, Helmut; Straub, Niels      2007
Draughtsmen, Botanists and Nature:            Nickelsen, Kärin                   2006

Drawing from Life                             New, Jennifer                      2005

A Dressing Method in Mathematical Physics     Doktorov, Evgeny V.; Leble,        2007
                                              Sergey B.
The Drift of Sea Ice                          Leppäranta, Matti                  2005
Drive Solutions                                                                  2008
Die Droge Populismus                          Holtmann, Everhard; Krappidel,     2006
                                              Adrienne; Rehse, Sebastian

Drug Absorption Studies                       Ehrhardt, Carsten; Kim, Kwang-     2008
Drug and Alcohol Abuse                        Schuckit, Marc A.                  2006
Drug and Biological Development               Evens, Ronald                      2007

Drug Discovery and Evaluation                 Vogel, Hans Gerhard                2008

Drug Discovery and Evaluation. Safety and     Hock, Franz G.; Maas, Jochen;      2006
Pharmacokinetic Assays                        Mayer, Dieter; Vogel, Hans G.

Drug Metabolism                               Caira, Mino R.; Ionescu, Corina    2005
Drugs-of-Abuse Testing                                                           2008

Drugs Affecting Growth of Tumours              Pinedo, Herbert M.;               2006
                                               Smorenburg, Carolien H.
Drugs and Poisons in Humans                    Suzuki, Osamu; Watanabe,          2005
Drugs Compromising Male Sexual Health          Krause, Walter                    2008

Drugs for Relapse Prevention of Alcoholism     Mann, Karl F.; Spanagel, Rainer   2005

Drugs in Ophthalmology                         Fong, Donald S.; Law, Simon       2006
                                               K; Schmidt-Erfurth, Ursula M.
Drugs of Abuse                                 Wong, Raphael C; Tse, Harley      2005
Drying of Porous Materials                     Kowalski, Stefan Jan              2007

Dryland Ecohydrology                           D'Odorico, Paolo; Porporato,      2006
DSP for In-Vehicle and Mobile Systems          Abut, Hüseyin; Hansen, John       2005
                                               H.L.; Takeda, Kazuya
Dualisability                                  Davey, Brian; Pitkethly, Jane     2005
Dualismus der Einkunftsarten                   Sava, Olga                        2008

Duality for Nonconvex Approximation and        Singer, Ivan                      2006

Dubbel                                         Grote, Karl-Heinrich;             2007
                                               Feldhusen, Jörg
Dubbel                                         Feldhusen, J.; Grote, K.-H.       2005
Dueck's Panopticon                             Dueck, Gunter                     2007
Duplexsonographie der oberflächlichen          Mendoza, E.                       2007

DVB - Digitale Fernsehtechnik                                                    2008

DVD-Produktionen gestalten, erstellen und      Stapelkamp, Torsten               2007

Dynamic Analysis of Petri Net-Based Discrete   Karatkevich, Andrei               2007

Dynamic and Robust Streaming in and between Stok, Peter van der                  2005
Connected Consumer-Electronic Devices

Dynamic Asset Allocation with Forwards and     Lioui, Abraham; Poncet, Patrice   2005
Dynamic Characterisation of Analogue-to-       Dallet, Dominique; Machado da       2005
Digital Converters                             Silva, José

Dynamic Cognitive Processes                    MacLeod, Colin M.; Ohta,            2005
                                               Nobuo; Uttl, Bob
Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Magnetic             Buckley, D.L.; Jackson, A.;         2005
Resonance Imaging in Oncology                  Parker, G.J.M.

Dynamic Epistemic Logic                        Ditmarsch, Hans van; Hoek,          2007
                                               Wiebe van der; Kooi, Barteld
Dynamic Fleet Management                       Zeimpekis, Vasileios; Tarantilis,   2007
                                               Christos D.; Giaglis, George
                                               M.; Minis, Ioannis

Dynamic Games: Theory and Applications         Haurie, Alain; Zaccour, Georges     2005

Dynamic General Equilibrium Modelling          Heer, Burkhard; Maußner,            2005
Dynamic Inventory Management in Reverse        Kleber, Rainer                      2006

Dynamic Modeling of Monetary and Fiscal        Plasmans, Joseph; Engwerda,         2006
Cooperation Among Nations                      Jacob; van Aarle, Bas; di
                                               Bartolomeo, Giovanni;
                                               Michalak, Tomasz
Dynamic Planet                                 Clark, Pamela                       2007
Dynamic Planet - Monitoring and                Tregoning, Paul; Rizos, Chris       2007
Understanding a Dynamic Planet with
Geodetic and Oceanographic Tools
Dynamic Population Models                      Schoen, Robert                      2006

Dynamic Pricing and Automated Resource         Schwind, Michael                    2007
Allocation for Complex Information Services

Dynamic Programming                            Lew, Art; Mauch, Holger             2007
Dynamic Radiology of the Abdomen               Meyers, Morton A                    2005

Dynamic Regression Models for Survival Data    Martinussen, Torben; Scheike,       2006
                                               Thomas H.
Dynamic Trip Modelling                         Baker, Robert G.V.                  2006
Dynamic Vision for Perception and Control of   Dickmanns, Ernst D.                 2007

Dynamical Contact Problems with Friction       Sextro, Walter                      2007

Dynamical Entropy in Operator Algebras         Neshveyev, Sergey; Størmer,         2006
Dynamical Oceanography                                                             2008
Dynamical Systems                              Jost, Jürgen                      2005
Dynamical Systems with Applications Using      Lynch, Stephen                    2007

Dynamical Systems, Graphs, and Algorithms      Osipenko, George                  2007

Dynamical Vision                               Vidal, Rene; Heyden, Anders;      2007
                                               Ma, Yi
Dynamics and Thermodynamics with Nuclear       Chomaz, Philippe; Gulminelli,     2006
Degrees of Freedom                             Francesca; Trautmann,
                                               Wolfgang ; Yennello, Sherry

Dynamics AX                                    Mourão, Luis; Weiner, David       2006
Dynamics Beyond Uniform Hyperbolicity          Bonatti, Christian; Díaz,         2005
                                               Lorenzo J. ; Viana, Marcelo
Dynamics of Combustion Systems                 Oppenheim, A. K.                  2006

Dynamics of Complex Interconnected Systems: Skjeltorp, Arne T.; Belushkin,       2006
Networks and Bioprocesses                   Alexander V.

The Dynamics of Complex Urban Systems          Albeverio, Sergio; Vancheri,      2008
                                               Alberto; Andrey, Denise;
                                               Giordano, Paolo
Dynamics of Coupled Map Lattices and of        Chazottes, Jean-René;             2005
Related Spatially Extended Systems             Fernandez, Bastien

Dynamics of Dissipation                        Garbaczewski, Piotr; Olkiewicz,   2006
Dynamics of Extended Celestial Bodies And      Souchay, Jean                     2006

Dynamics of Fibre Formation and Processing     Beyreuther, Roland; Brünig,       2007

Dynamics of Flexible Multibody Systems        Adamiec-Wójcik, Iwona;             2006
                                              Wittbrodt, Edmund; Wojciech,
Dynamics of Mercury Pollution on Regional and Mahaffey, Kathryn R.; Pirrone,     2005
Global Scales                                 Nicola

Dynamics of Multibody Systems                  Wittenburg, Jens                  2008

Dynamics of Rods                               Svetlitsky, Valery A.             2005
Dynamics of Rotating Systems                   Genta, Giancarlo                  2005

The Dynamics of Thought                        Gärdenfors, Peter                 2005
Die Dynamik Europas                                                              2007
Dynamik schwingungsfähiger Systeme             Vöth, Stefan                      2006

Dynamik sozialer Rollen beim                   Jahnke, Isa; Metz-Göckel,         2006
Wissensmanagement                              Sigrid; Herrmann, Thomas

Dynamische Disposition                         Gudehus, Timm                     2006
Dynamische Märkte                              Gudehus, Timm                     2007
Dynamische Steuerung von Portfoliorisiken      Reinschmidt, Timo                 2006

Dynamische Strategien                          Proff, Heike                      2007
Dynamisches Benchmarking                       Wilken, Robert                    2007

Dynaxity                                       Hamilton, Patrick                 2007
EAES Guidelines for Endoscopic Surgery         Neugebauer, Edmund A.M. ;         2006
                                               Sauerland, Stefan; Fingerhut,
                                               Abe; Millat, Bertrand; Buess,
Earnings Management in the 21st Century        Ronen, Joshua; Yaari, Varda       2008
Early Aspects: Current Challenges and Future   Moreira, Ana; Grundy, John        2007

Early Development of the Human Pelvic          Koch, Wijnand F.R.M.; Marani,     2007
Diaphragm                                      Enrico

Early Life Origins of Health and Disease       Owens, Julie; Wintour-Coghlan,    2006
Early Modern Humans at the Moravian Gate       Teschler-Nicola, Maria            2006

Early Nutrition and its Later Consequences:    Akerblom, Hans; Ashwell,          2005
New Opportunities                              Margaret; Dodds, Peter;
                                               Koletzko, Berthold
Earth Observation of Global Change             Chuvieco, Emilio                  2008

Earth Observation with CHAMP                   Lühr, Hermann; Reigber,           2005
                                               Christoph; Schwintzer, Peter;
                                               Wickert, Jens
Earth Science Satellite Remote Sensing         Qu, John J.; Gao, Wei;            2006
                                               Kafatos, M.; Murphy, Robert E.;
                                               Salomonson, Vincent V.
Earth Science Satellite Remote Sensing         Qu, John J.; Gao, Wei;            2006
                                               Kafatos, M.; Murphy, Robert E.;
                                               Salomonson, Vincent V.
Earth System Science in the Anthropocene       Ehlers, Eckart; Krafft, Thomas    2006

Earthquake Early Warning System                Gasparini, Paolo; Manfredi,       2007
                                               Gaetano; Zschau, Jochen
Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering            Pitilakis, Kyriazis D.            2007
Earthquake Source Asymmetry, Structural         Majewski, Eugeniusz; Takeo,        2006
Media and Rotation Effects                      Minoru; Teisseyre, Roman

The Earth's Magnetism                           Lanza, Roberto; Meloni, Antonio    2006

East Asian Economic Regionalism                 Ahn, Choong Yong; Baldwin,         2005
                                                Richard E.; Cheong, Inkyo
The Eastern Enlargement of the Eurozone         Dabrowski, Marek; Rostowski,       2006
Ebene Geometrie                                 Koecher, Max; Krieg, Aloys         2007
eBusiness & eCommerce                           Meier, Andreas; Stormer, Henrik    2005

E-business and Telecommunication Networks       Filipe, Joaquim; Coelhas,          2008
                                                Helder; Saramago, Monica

e-Business and Telecommunication Networks       Ascenso, João; Belo, Carlos;       2006
                                                Saramago, Mónica; Vasiu,
e-Business in Healthcare                        Hübner, Ursula; Elmhorst, Marc     2008
E-Business@Print                                König, Anne                        2005
EC2ND 2005                                      Blyth, Andrew                      2006
Echinodermata                                   Matranga, Valeria                  2005
Echographie de contraste                        Tranquart, Francois; Correas,      2007
                                                Jean-Michel; Bouakaz, Ayache

Die Echokardiographie im perioperativen und     Seeberger, M.; Zerkowski, H.-R.    2007
intensivmedizinischen Bereich

Echtzeitaspekte bei der Koordinierung           Holleczek, Peter; Vogel-           2005
Autonomer Systeme                               Heuser, Birgit

Echtzeitsysteme                                                                    2008
Echtzeitsysteme                                 Brinkschulte, Uwe; Wörn, Heinz     2005

Echtzeitsysteme im Alltag                          Holleczek, Peter; Vogel-        2006
                                                   Heuser, Birgit
Bio and Eco-Engineering: Methods, tools and        Stokes, A.; Spanos, Ioannis;    2007
guidelines for improving slope stability on slopes Norris, Joanne E.; Cammeraat,

Ecocardiografia clinica                         Picano, Eugenio                    2006
EcoDesign                                       Abele, Eberhard; Birkhofer,        2008
                                                Herbert; Anderl, Reiner;
                                                Rüttinger, Bruno
Ecografia dell'apparato osteoarticolare         Garlaschi, Giacomo; Grassi,        2006
                                                Walter; Martino, Fabio;
                                                Silvestri, Enzo
Ecological and Genetic Implications of         Bert, Theresa M.                  2007
Aquaculture Activities

Ecological Informatics                         Recknagel, Friedrich              2006
Ecological Responses to the 1980 Eruption of   Crisafulli, Charles M.; Dale,     2005
Mount St. Helens                               Virginia H.; Swanson, Frederick
Ecological Risks Associated with the           Kolodkin, Vladimir M.; Ruck,      2006
Destruction of Chemical Weapons                Wolfgang

Ecology and Behaviour of Mesozoic Reptiles     Cloudsley-Thompson, John L.       2005

Ecology and Conservation of Neotropical        Kappelle, M.                      2006
Montane Oak Forests

Ecology of Baltic Coastal Waters                                                 2008

The Ecology of Browsing and Grazing            Gordon, Iain J.; Prins, Herbert   2008
Ecology of Harmful Algae                       Granéli, E.; Turner, J.T.         2006

Ecology of Social Evolution                                                      2008

Ecology of Tidal Freshwater Swamps of the      Conner, William H.; Doyle,        2007
Southeastern United States                     Thomas W.; Krauss, Kenneth

The Ecology of Transportation: Managing        Davenport, John; Davenport,       2006
Mobility for the Environment                   Julia L.

Ecology, Planning, and Management of Urban     Carreiro, Margaret M; Wu,         2008
Forests                                        Jianguo; Song, Yong-Chang

E-Commerce and Web Technologies (vol. #        Bauknecht, Kurt; Pröll, Birgit;   2005
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4082)                                          Werthner, Hannes
Econometrics                                   Baltagi, Badi H                   2008
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Economic Analysis of Information System        Takemura, Toshihiko               2005
Investment in Banking Industry
Economic Dynamics and Information              Zajac, Jaroslav                   2006

Economic Evaluations in Exploration             Wellmer, Friedrich-Wilhelm;      2008
                                                Dalheimer, Manfred; Wagner,
Economic Evolution and Equilibrium              Lehmann-Waffenschmidt,           2007
Economic Geology of Natural Gas Hydrate         Dillon, William P.; Johnson,     2006
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Economic Impact of the Container Traffic at the Coronado, Daniel; Acosta,        2006
Port of Algeciras Bay                           Manuel; Cerbán, María del Mar;
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Economic Sociodynamics                          Grinberg, Ruslan; Rubinstein,    2005
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Policy Coordination in the Euro Area            Klaus

Economics and Management of Networks           Cliquet, Gérard; Hendrikse,       2007
                                               Georg; Tuunanen, Mika;
                                               Windsperger, Josef
The Economics and Regulation of Financial      Jentzsch, Nicola                  2006

Economics of Accounting                        Christensen, Peter Ove;           2005
                                               Feltham, Gerald
The Economics of Casino Gambling               Walker, Douglas M.                2007

The Economics of Demutualization               Treptow, Felix                    2006

The Economics of Education and Training                                          2008

The Economics of Foreign Exchange and          Wang, Peijie                      2005
Global Finance

Economics of Identity Theft                    Camp, L. Jean                     2007

The Economics of Online Markets and ICT        Cooper, Russel; Lloyd, Ashley;    2006
Networks                                       Madden, Gary; Schipp, Michael

Economics Of Poverty, Environment And                                            2008
Natural-Resource Use

Economics of the Environment                   Siebert, Horst                    2008

Economics of the Environment                   Siebert, Horst                    2005
Economics, Sustainability, and Natural           Berry, R. Albert; Kant, Shashi   2005

Economics: Complex Windows                  Kirman, Alan; Salzano,                2005
Economists' Mathematical Manual             Berck, Peter; Strøm, Arne;            2005
                                            Sydsæter, Knut
Econophysics of Trade and Business Networks Chatterjee, Arnab; Chakrabarti,       2007
                                            Bikas K.

Econophysics of Stock and other Markets          Chakrabarti, Bikas K.;           2006
                                                 Chatterjee, Arnab
Econophysics of Wealth Distributions             Chakrabarti, Bikas K.;           2005
                                                 Chatterjee, Arnab; Yarlagadda,
E-Content                                        Bruck, Peter A.; Buchholz,       2005
                                                 Andrea; Karssen, Zeger;
                                                 Zerfass, Ansgar
ECOOP 2002 - Object-Oriented Programming                                          2006

ECOOP 2005 - Object-Oriented Programming         Black, Andrew                    2005

ECOOP 2006 - Object-Oriented Programming         Thomas, Dave                     2006

ECOOP 2007 – Object-Oriented Programming         Ernst, Erik                      2007

ECOOP’ 87 European Conference on Object-         Bézivin, Jean; Lieberman,        2006
Oriented Programming                             Henry; Hullot, Jean-Marie;
                                                 Cointe, Pierre

Ecophysiology of High Salinity Tolerant Plants   Khan, M. Ajmal; Weber, Darrell   2006
Ecosystem Function in Heterogeneous              Jones, Clive G. ; Lovett, Gary   2005
Landscapes                                       M.; Turner, Monica G.;
                                                 Weathers, Kathleen C.
Ecotoxicology, Ecological Risk Assessment        Arapis, Gerassimos; Baveye,      2006
and Multiple Stressors                           Philippe; Goncharova,

The Ecozones of the World                        Schultz, Jürgen                  2005
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Education and Labour Market Outcomes             Lauer, Charlotte                 2005
Education and Postponement of Maternity          Gustafsson, Siv; Kalwij, Adriaan   2006

Education and Social Justice                     Zajda, Joseph                      2006

Education and Society in Hong Kong and           Bray, M.; Koo, Ramsey              2005
Education and the Knowledge Society              van Weert, Tom J.                  2005

Education and the Public Interest                St. John, Edward P.                2006

Education for All and Multigrade Teaching        Little, Angela W.                  2006

Education for the 21st Century - Impact of ICT   Kumar, Deepak; Turner, Joe         2006
and Digital Resources

Education In Human Creative Existential          Tymieniecka, Anna-Teresa           2008

Education in the Era of Globalization            Roth, Klas; Gur-Ze'ev, Ilan        2007

The Education Systems of Europe                  Hörner, Wolfgang; Döbert,          2007
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Educational Decentralization                     Bjork, Christopher                 2006

Educational Research: Networks and               Smeyers, Paul; Depaepe, Marc       2008

Educational Research: Why 'What works'           Smeyers, Paul; Depaepe, Marc       2006
doesn't work

The Effect of Managerial Experiences on                                             2008
Strategic Sensemaking

The Effect of Team Composition on Strategic      Waldeck, Tanja Prinzessin          2007

Effective and Efficient Organisations?           Hauswirth, Iris A.                 2006

Effective Computational Geometry for Curves      Boissonnat, Jean-Daniel;           2006
and Surfaces                                     Teillaud, Monique

Effective Functional Verification                Vasudevan, Srivatsa                2006

Effective IT Service Management                  Addy, Rob                          2007
Effective Resource Management in                       Caramia, Massimiliano;           2006
Manufacturing Systems                                  Dell'Olmo, Paolo

The Effective Tax Burden of Companies in               Lammersen, Lothar; Schwager,     2005
European Regions                                       Robert

The Effective Tax Burden on Highly Qualified           Elschner, Christina; Schwager,   2005
Employees                                              Robert

Effectiveness of University Education in Italy         Fabbris, Luigi                   2007

Effects of Space Weather on Technology                 Daglis, Ioannis A.               2005

Effektivität der Ergotherapie im psychiatrischen Reuster, Thomas                        2006

Die Effektivität der                                                                    2008
Telekommunikationsregulierung in Europa

Effektivität von Ausgestaltungsformen des              Schumacher, Pascal               2007
Product Placement

Effetti, potenzialitα e limiti della globalizzazione   Della Posta, P.; Rossi, A.M.     2007

Efficiency, Justice and Care                           Denier, Yvonne                   2007

Efficient Approximation and Online Algorithms          Bampis, Evripidis; Jansen,       2006
                                                       Klaus; Kenyon, Claire
Efficient Management of Wastewater                                                      2008

Efficient Methods for WCDMA Radio Network              Türke, Ulrich                    2008
Planning and Optimization

Efficient Numerical Methods and Information-           Hinkelmann, Reinhard             2005
Processing Techniques for Modeling Hydro-
and Environmental Systems

Effiziente Gestaltung bankspezifischer CRM-            Mengue Nkoa, ClΘment U           2006

Effiziente Softwareentwicklung mit                     Becker, Jörg; Delfmann,          2007
Referenzmodellen                                       Patrick; Rieke, Tobias

Effiziente Vielfalt                                    Hüttenrauch, Mathias; Baum,      2008
Effizienzanalyse im Marketing                    Hammerschmidt, Maik            2006

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eHealth Solutions for Healthcare Disparities Gibbons, Michael Christopher       2008

eHealth: Innovations- und Wachstumsmotor für Braun, Günter; Eberspächer,        2006
Europa                                       Jörg; Picot, Arnold

Ehegattensplitting und Familienpolitik                                          2008

Eigenkapitalkosten ausgewählter Unternehmen Webel, Gabriel; Moog, Martin        2006
auf Basis der modernen Kapitalmarkttheorie

Eigentum                                         Depenheuer, Otto               2005
Eigentumsschutz und Sozialversicherung           Sonnevend, Pál                 2008

Eigenvalues, Inequalities, and Ergodic Theory    Chen, Mu-Fa                    2005

Einführung in die algebraische Zahlentheorie     Schmidt, Alexander             2007

Einführung in die Constraint-Programmierung      Hofstedt, Petra; Wolf, Armin   2007

Einfluss der Besteuerung auf die Wahl der        Petersen, Sven Alexander       2006

Der Einfluss des Internets auf Intermediäre im   Tietz, Dirk                    2007

Der Einfluss des Marktklimas auf das                                            2008
Beschwerdeverhalten von Konsumenten

Der Einfluss von Dividenden auf Aktienrenditen Schulz, Anja                     2006

Der Einfluss von Emotionen auf                   Plassmann, Hilke               2006
Einflüsse internationaler Standards auf die   Pottgießer, Gaby                 2006
handelsrechtliche Rechnungslegung und die
steuerrechtliche Gewinnermittlung

Einflussfaktoren des                          Jakopin, Nejc Martin; Gerpott,   2006
Internationalisierungserfolgs von             Torsten J

Einführung in die Genetische Epidemiologie    Bickeböller, Heike; Fischer,     2007

Einführung in das Betreuungsrecht             Seichter, Jürgen                 2006

Einführung in das betriebliche Rechnungswesen Schüler, Mirja                   2006

Einführung in das Internationale Management   Söllner, Albrecht                2008

Einführung in das Kultur- und                 Bendixen, Peter                  2006
Einführung in den Gutachtenstil               Valerius, Brian                  2005

Einführung in den Gutachtenstil               Valerius, Brian                  2007

Einführung in die Allgemeine                  Paul, Joachim                    2006

Einführung in die Analysis dynamischer        Denker, Manfred                  2005

Einführung in die angewandte                  Tietze, Jürgen                   2006

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Einführung in die Betriebswirtschaftslehre    Becker, Fred G.                  2006

Einführung in die computergestützte Analyse   Kuckartz, Udo                    2007
qualitativer Daten

Einführung in die Diskrete Finanzmathematik   Kremer, Jürgen                   2006

Einführung in die elektrische Messtechnik     Mühl, Thomas                     2006
Einführung in die Extragalaktische Astronomie   Schneider, Peter                 2006
und Kosmologie

Einführung in die Finanzmathematik              Tietze, Jürgen                   2006

Einführung in die Freizeitwissenschaft          Opaschowski, Horst W             2006

Einführung in die Getriebelehre                 Kerle, Hanfried; Pittschellis,   2007
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Einführung in die höhere Analysis               Werner, Dirk                     2006

Einführung in die Informatik                    Küchlin, Wolfgang; Weber,        2005
Einführung in die Interpretationstechnik der    Wernet, Andreas                  2006
Objektiven Hermeneutik

Einführung in die Krankenhaus-Kostenrechnung Keun, Friedrich; Prott, Roswitha    2006

Einführung in die Mechatronik                   Roddeck, Werner                  2006

Einführung in die Medienpädagogik               Moser, Heinz                     2006

Einführung in die Medizinische Statistik        Hilgers, Ralf-Dieter; Bauer,     2007
                                                Peter; Scheiber, Viktor
Einführung in die Mikroökonomik                 Woeckener, Bernd                 2006

Einführung in die Moderne Matrix-Algebra        Schmidt, Karsten; Trenkler,      2006
Einführung in die neue Strafprozessordnung      Bertel, Christian; Venier,       2005
Einführung in die neue Strafprozessordnung      Bertel, Christian; Venier,       2006
Einführung in die Organisation der Produktion   Westkämper, Engelbert            2006

Einführung in die Phänomenologie der            Schuhmann, Elisabeth             2005
Erkenntnis. Vorlesung 1909

Einführung in die Programmierung                Braun, Robert; Esswein,          2006
                                                Werner; Greiffenberg, Steffen
Einführung in die Soziologie                    Abels, Heinz                     2007

Einführung in die Soziologie                    Abels, Heinz                     2007

Einführung in die Spieltheorie                  Holler, Manfred J. ; Illing,     2006
Einführung in die Statistik                                                      2006
Einführung in die Statistik mit EXCEL und SPSS Duller, Christine                  2007

Einführung in die Statistik mit EXCEL und SPSS Duller, Christine                  2006

Einführung in die Technische Informatik         Kahn, Daniela; Kruegel,           2005
                                                Christopher; Moerz, Christian;
                                                Schildt, Gerhardt Helge

Einführung in die Technische Mechanik           Balke, Herbert                    2005

Einführung in die Technische Mechanik           Balke, Herbert                    2006

Einführung in die Technische Mechanik           Balke, Herbert                    2007

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                                                Friedrich L.
Einführung in die Wirtschaftsmathematik         Gamerith, Wolf; Hülsmann,         2005
                                                Jochen; Leopold-Wildburger,
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Einführung in die Zahlentheorie                                                   2008

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Einführung in Operations Research               Domschke, Wolfgang; Drexl,        2005
Einführung in SAP Business Information          Cissek, Peter; Grahlher, Björn;   2006
Warehouse                                       Marx Gómez, Jorge;
                                                Rautenstrauch, Claus
Einführung in soziologische Theorien der        Treibel, Annette                  2006

Einführung Pädagogik                            Raithel, Jürgen; Hörmann,         2007
                                                Georg; Dollinger, Bernd
Einführung in statistische Analysen             Wermuth, Nanny; Streit,           2007
Eingebettete Systeme                            Marwedel, Peter                   2007
Einkaufskosten senken im Mittelstand            Meyer, Matthias; Schneider,       2007
The Einstein Dossiers                           Grundmann, Siegfried              2005
Einstein, 1905-2005                             Damour, Thibault; Darrigol,       2006
                                                Olivier; Duplantier, Bertrand;
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Einstein's Enigma or Black Holes in My Bubble   Vishveshwara, C.V.                2006

Einstein's General Theory of Relativity         Gron, Oyvind; Hervik, Sigbjorn    2007

Einstein's Spacetime                            Ferraro, Rafael                   2007
Einstieg in die Physikalische Chemie für          Bechmann, Wolfgang; Schmidt,       2006
Nebenfächler                                      Joachim

Einzelinteressen und kollektives Handeln in       Bandelow, Nils C; Bleek,           2007
modernen Demokratien                              Wilhelm

Eisenstein Series and Applications                Gan, Wee Teck; Kudla,              2008
                                                  Stephen S.; Tschinkel, Yuri
Eisenwerkstoffe - Stahl und Gusseisen             Berns, Hans; Theisen, Werner       2006

Das EKG                                           Gertsch, Marc                      2007
EKG-Information                                   Olshausen, Klaus von               2005
Elaborazione dei dati sperimentali                Dapor, M.; Ropele, M.              2005

Elasticity and Plasticity of Large Deformations   Bertram, Albrecht                  2005

Elasticity of Transversely Isotropic Materials    Chen, Weiqiu; Ding, Haojiang;      2006
                                                  Zhang, L.

Eldercare Technology                              Alwan, Majd; Felder, Robin A       2008

e-Learning                                        Selvaggi, Silvia; Sicignano,       2007
                                                  Gennaro; Vollono, Enrico
E-Learning                                        Breitner, Michael H.; Hoppe,       2005
eLearning and Digital Publishing                  Ching, Hsianghoo Steve; Mc         2006
                                                  Naught, Carmel; Poon, Paul
Electrical Resistivity of Thin Metal Films        Wissmann, Peter; Finzel, Hans-     2007
Electroactive Polymers for Robotic Application    Kim, Kwang J.; Tadokoro,           2007
Electroceramic-Based MEMS                         Setter, N.                         2005

Electrochemistry of Immobilized Particles and     Gulaboski, Rubin; Scholz, Fritz;   2005
Droplets                                          Schröder, Uwe

Electrodiagnosis of Retinal Disease               Miyake, Yozo                       2006

Electromagnetic and Optical Pulse Propagation Oughstun, Kurt E.                      2007

Electromagnetic Aquametry                         Kupfer, Klaus                      2005

Electromagnetic Compatibility of Integrated       Ben Dhia, Sonia; Ramdani,          2006
Circuits                                          Mohamed; Sicard, Etienne

Electromagnetic Field Matter Interactions in      Hutter, Kolumban; Ven, Alfons      2006
Thermoelasic Solids and Viscous Fluids            A.F. van de; Ursescu, Ana
Electromagnetic Radiation: Variational          Milton, Kimball A.; Schwinger, J.   2006
Methods, Waveguides and Accelerators

The Electromagnetic Spectrum of Neutron Stars Baykal, Altan; Grebenev,              2005
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                                              Sinan K.
Electromagnetic Theory for Microwaves and     Zhang, Keqian; Li, Dejie              2008

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Electron Correlation in New Materials and       Scharnberg, Kurt; Kruchinin,        2007
Nanosystems                                     Sergei

Electron Crystallography                        Lábár, János L.; Weirich,           2006
                                                Thomas E.; Zou, Xiaodong
Electron Scattering                             Mason, Nigel J.; Whelan, Colm       2005
Electron Scattering in Solid Matter             Hammerling, Robert;                 2005
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                                                Peter; Zabloudil, Jan

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                                                Ake; Traunmüller, Roland;
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Electronic Government                                                               2006
Electronic Government                           Wimmer, Maria A.; Scholl,           2007
                                                Jochen; Grönlund, Anke
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                                                Hans Jochen; Grönlund, Ake;
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Electronic Irradiation of Foods                 Miller, R. B.                       2005

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Electronic Postage Systems                      Bleumer, Gerrit                     2007

Electronic States in Crystals of Finite Size    Ren, Shang Yuan                     2006

Electronic vs. Floor Based Trading              Byrne, John Aidan; Colaninno,       2006
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                                              Richard R.; Hopkins, Carl D.;
                                              Popper, Arthur N.
Electrostatic Accelerators                    Hellborg, Ragnar                 2005

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Elektrische Antriebe in der Fahrzeugtechnik   Babiel, Gerhard                  2007

Elektrische Bahnen                            Filipovic, Ţarko                 2005
Elektrische Energieversorgung                 Heuck, Klaus; Dettmann, Klaus-   2007
                                              Dieter; Schulz, Detlef
Elektrische Energieversorgung 1               Crastan, Valentin                2007

Elektrische Maschinen                         Spring, Eckhard                  2006
Elektrische Messtechnik                       Lerch, Reinhard                  2007
Elektrische Messtechnik                       Kaltenbacher, Manfred; Lerch,    2005
                                              Reinhard; Lindinger, Franz;
                                              Sutor, Alexander
Elektrische Messtechnik                       Lerch, Reinhard                  2005
Elektrische Messtechnik                       Lerch, Reinhard                  2006
Elektro- und Regeltechnik                     Pech, Anton; Jens, Klaus         2007

Elektrodynamik                                Brandt, S.; Dahmen, H.D.         2005
Elektroenergiesysteme                         Schwab, Adolf J.                 2006
Elektromagnetische Felder                     Henke, Heino                     2007

Elektromagnetische Feldtheorie                Lehner, Günther                  2006

Elektromagnetische Verträglichkeit                                             2007

Elektronik für Entscheider                                                     2008

Elektronische Bauelemente                     Reisch, Michael                  2007

Einkaufssysteme der Zukunft                   Brenner, Walter; Wenger,         2007
Elektronische Partizipation                   Kuhn, Frank                      2006

Elektronische Signaturen in modernen          Gruhn, Volker; Wolff-Marting,    2007
Geschäftsprozessen                            Vincent; Köhler, André; Haase,
                                              Christian; Kresse, Torsten

Elektrotechnik                                Steffen, Horst; Bausch,          2007
Elektrotechnik für Ingenieure 1               Weißgerber, Wilfried             2007

Elektrotechnik für Ingenieure 2               Weißgerber, Wilfried             2007

Elektrotechnik für Ingenieure 3               Weißgerber, Wilfried             2007
Elektrotechnik für Ingenieure Klausurenrechnen Weißgerber, Wilfried               2007

Elektrotechnik und Elektronik                  Busch, Rudolf                      2006

Elementare Algebra und Zahlentheorie           Schulze-Pillot, Rainer             2007

Elementare Einführung in die                   Bosch, Karl                        2006

Elementare Stochastik                          Büchter, Andreas; Henn, Hans-      2007
Elementare Stochastik                          Büchter, Andreas; Henn, Hans-      2005
Elementare und algebraische Zahlentheorie      Müller-Stach, Stefan;              2007
                                               Piontkowski, Jens

Elementarteilchenphysik                       Berger, Christoph                   2006
Elementary Dirichlet Series and Modular Forms Shimura, Goro                       2007

Elementary Functions                           Muller, Jean-Michel                2006
Elementary Physics of Complex Plasmas          Tsytovich, V.N.; Morfill, Gregor   2008
                                               E.; Thomas, Hubertus
Elemente der angewandten Elektronik            Böhmer, Erwin; Oberschelp,         2007
                                               Wolfgang; Ehrhardt, Dietmar
Elementi di Fisica Teorica                     Cini, Michele                      2006

Elementi di fluidodinamica                     Durante, D; Riccardi, G            2006

Elementi di Probabilità e Statistica           Biagini, F.; Campanino, M.         2006

Groupes et algèbres de Lie                     Bourbaki, N.                       2006

Groupes et algèbres de Lie                     Bourbaki, N.                       2006

Eléments de Mathématique. Intégration          Bourbaki, N.                       2006

Eléments d'histoire des mathématiques          Bourbaki, N.                       2007

Elements for Physics                           Tarantola, Albert                  2006
Elements of Mathematics                        Bourbaki, Nicolas                  2005

Elements of Mathematics for Economics and      Mavron, Vassilis C.; Phillips,     2007
Finance                                        Timothy N.

Elements of Multinational Strategy             Head, Keith                        2007
Elements of Numerical Relativity                Bona, Carles; Palenzuela-            2005
                                                Luque, Carlos
Elements of Quantum Optics                      Meystre, Pierre; Sargent,            2007
Eliminating Healthcare Disparities in America   Williams, Richard Allen              2007

Elisha Bartlett's Philosophy of Medicine        Stempsey, S.J., William E.           2005

Ellipsis and Nonsentential Speech               Elugardo, Reinaldo; Stainton,        2005
                                                Robert J.
Elliptic and Parabolic Problems                 Bandle, Catherine; Berestycki,       2005
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Elwyn Simons: A Search for Origins        Fleagle, John G; Gilbert,                  2008
                                          Christopher C
EM Modeling of Antennas and RF Components Gustrau, Frank; Manteuffel, Dirk           2006
for Wireless Communication Systems

Emanzipation der lokalen Ebene?                 Müunch, Claudia                      2006

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                                                Shao, Zili; Sha, Edwin; Yang,
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2005                                            Liu, Zhen; Rammig, Franz J.;
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2005 Workshops                                  Tomoya; Kim, Daeyoung; Xiao,
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Modeling, and Simulation (vol. # 4017)          Vassiliadis, Stamatis; Wong,
Embedded Image Processing on the              Qureshi, Shehrzad                2005
TMS320C6000™ DSP

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                                            Mohamed; Talhi,
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and Applications                              Sheng

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                                              Sifakis, Joseph
Embodiment and Education                      O'Loughlin, Marjorie             2006

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Embryonenschutz und Stammzellgesetz           Brewe, Manuela                   2006

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The Emergence of Culture                      Chase, Philip G.                 2006
Emergencies in Urology                        Hohenfellner, Markus;            2007
                                              Santucci, Richard A.
Emergency Design                              Blechinger, Gerhard              2008
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Emergency Radiology                           Marincek, Borut; Dondelinger,    2007
                                              Robert F.
Emergency Vascular Surgery                    Wahlberg, Eric; Olofsson, Pär;   2007
                                              Goldstone, Jerry
Emergent Computation                            Simon, Matthew                     2005
Emergent Intelligence of Networked Agents       Namatame, Akira; Kurihara,         2007
                                                Satoshi; Nakashima, Hideyuki
Emergent Nonlinear Phenomena in Bose-           Kevrekidis, Panayotis G;           2008
Einstein Condensates                            Carretero-González, Ricardo;
                                                Frantzeskakis, Dimitri J
Emergent Properties in Natural and Artificial   Aziz-Alaoui, M.A.; Bertelle, C.    2006
Dynamical Systems

The Emerging Digital Economy                    Johansson, Börje; Karlsson,        2006
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Emerging Directions in Embedded and             Denko, Mieso K; Tsao, Shiao-       2007
Ubiquitous Computing                            Li; Shih, Chi-sheng; Li, Kuan-
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Ubiquitous Computing                            Sun; Kim, Daeyoung; Lee,
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Emerging Location Aware Broadband Wireless      Agustí, Ramón; Ganesh,             2005
Ad Hoc Networks                                 Rajamani; Kota, Sastri L.;
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Emerging Nanotechnologies                       Tehranipoor, Mohammad              2008

Emerging Optical Network Technologies           Sivalingam, Krishna M.;            2005
                                                Subramaniam, Suresh
Emerging Organic Pollutants in Waste Waters     Barceló, Damià                     2005
and Sludge

Emerging Pathologies in Cardiology              Gulizia, M.M.                      2005

The Emerging Physics of Consciousness           Tuszynski, Jack A.                 2006

Emerging Solutions for Future Manufacturing     Camarinha-Matos, Luis M.           2005

Emerging Technologies in Knowledge              Washio, Takashi; Hu, Xiaohua;      2007
Discovery and Data Mining                       Xie, Chao; He, Jieyue; Li, Kuan-
                                                Ching; Freire, Mário M; Zhou,
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Surgery in Transition                            Satava, Richard M.; Gaspari,       2007
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Emerging Threats to Energy Security and          McPherson, Hugo; Robinson,         2005
Stability                                        Derek M.; Wood, W.Duncan

Emerging Trends in Information and               Müller, Günter                     2006
Communication Security

Emerging Web Services Technology                 Pautasso, Cesare; Bussler,         2007
Emissions Trading and Business                   Antes, Ralf; Hansjürgens,          2006
                                                 Bernd; Letmathe, Peter
Emissionshandel                                  Lucht, Michael; Spangardt,         2005
Emissionshandelsrecht                            Frenz, Walter                      2005
Emissive Materials - Nanomaterials                                                  2006

Emotion Regulation                               Denollet, Johan; Nyklicek, Ivan;   2008
                                                 Vingerhoets, Adrianus
Emotionalisierung von Marken                     Freundt, Tjark Christian           2006

Emotionen                                        Rost, Wolfgang                     2005
Emotionen - Entwicklung und Regulation           Holodynski, Manfred                2006

Empathy in Patient Care                          Hojat, Mohammadreza                2007
Empfehlungen zum Einsatz und zur                 Feindt, P.; Harig, F.; Weyand,     2006
Verwendung der Herz-Lungen-Maschine              M.

Empfehlungen zur Patienteninformation            Dill-Müller, D.; Koch, P.;         2005
Dermatologie                                     Reinhold, U.; Tilgen, W.

Empirical Analysis of Entrepreneurship and       Stel, André van                    2006
Economic Growth

Empirical Software Engineering Issues Critical   Basili, Victor; Rombach, Dieter;   2007
Assessment and Future Directions                 Schneider, Kurt; Kitchenham,
                                                 Barbara; Pfahl, Dietmar; Selby,
Empirical Techniques in Finance                  Bhar, Ramaprasad; Hamori,          2005
Empirische Sozialforschung                       Häder, Michael                     2006

Empirische Wirtschaftsforschung und              Winker, Peter                      2007

Employability                                    Völker, Rainer; Rump, Jutta        2007

Employability Management                         Rump, Jutta; Fischer, Heinz;       2006
                                                 Sattelberger, Thomas
Employment Deconcentration in European       Razin, Eran; Dijst, Martin;       2007
Metropolitan Areas                           Vázquez, Carmen

The Employment Effects of Technological      Rubart, Jens                      2007
Emulsion Science                             Bibette, Jerome; Schmitt,         2007
                                             Véronique; Leal-Calderon,
EMV für Geräteentwickler und                 Gonschorek, Karl-Heinz            2005

Enabling Semantic Web Services               Fensel, Dieter; Lausen, Holger;   2007
                                             Polleres, Axel; de Bruijn, Jos;
                                             Stollberg, Michael; Roman,
                                             Dumitru; Domingue, John

Enabling Social Europe                       Borchardt, K.; Henke, K.-D.;      2006
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Encyclopedia of Soil Science                 Chesworth, Ward                   2008

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Encyclopedia of Diagnostic Imaging                                             2008

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Encyclopedia of Entomology                   Capinera, John L.                 2005

Encyclopedia of Finance                      Lee, Alice C.; Lee, Cheng-Few     2006

Encyclopedia of Geomagnetism and             Gubbins, David; Herrero-          2007
Paleomagnetism                               Bervera, Emilio
Encyclopedia of Geographical Information     Shekhar, Shashi; Xiong, Hui        2008
Systems, Science and Services
Encyclopedia of Language and Education       Hornberger, Nancy H.               2008

Encyclopedia of Multimedia                   Furht, Borko                       2006

Encyclopedia of Pain                         Schmidt, Robert F.; Willis, W.D.   2007

Encyclopedia of South American Aquatic       Heckman, Charles W.                2006
Insects: Odonata - Anisoptera

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Encyclopedic Reference of Genomics and       Ganten, Detlev; Ruckpaul,          2006
Proteomics in Molecular Medicine             Klaus

Encyclopedic Reference of Immunotoxicology   Vohr, Hans-Werner                  2005

Encyclopedia of Parasitology                 Mehlhorn, Heinz                    2008

End-User Development                         Lieberman, Henry; Paternò,         2006
                                             Fabio; Wulf, Volker
End User Development                         Lieberman, Henry; Paternò,         2006
                                             Fabio; Wulf, Volker
Ende des rot-grünen Projektes                Egle, Christoph; Zohlnhöfer,       2007
Endliche Körper                              Kurzweil, Hans                     2007
EndNote 1 - 2 - 3 Easy!                      Agrawal, Abha                      2006
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The Handbook of Endocrine Disrupting         Gore, Andrea C.                    2007
Endocrinology                                Melmed, Shlomo; Conn, P            2005
End-of-Life Communication in the ICU         Crippen, David W                   2008

Endogenous Public Policy and Contests        Epstein, Gil S.; Nitzan, Shmuel    2007

Endoprothetik des Sprunggelenks              Hintermann, Beat                   2005

Endoscopic Anatomy of the Third Ventricle    Seeger, Wolfgang                   2006

Endoscopic Extraperitoneal Radical           Stolzenburg, Jens-Uwe              2007

Endoscopic Oncology                          Faigel, Douglas O.                 2006
Endoscopic Surgery in Infants and Children     Bax, N.M.A.; Georgeson, K.E.;       2008
                                               Rothenberg, S.S.; Valla, J.S.;
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Endoscopic Surgery of the Potential Anatomical Farinon, Attilio M.                 2005

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Endosperm                                      Olsen, Odd-Arne                     2007
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Endourooncology                                Baba, S.; Kumon, H.; Murai, M.      2005

Endovascular Aneurysm Repair                   Marty, Bettina                      2005

Endspiel des Kooperativen Kapitalismus?        Brinkmann, Ulrich; Krenn,           2006
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Energieausweis — Das große Kompendium          Gramlich, Thomas; Weglage,          2007
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Energieeinsparende Gebäude und                 Usemann, Klaus W.                   2005

Energiemanagement-Tools                        Schieferdecker, Bernd               2006

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Energiya—Buran                               Hendrickx, Bart; Vis, Bert            2007
Energy and American Society – Thirteen Myths Sovacool, Benjamin K.; Brown,         2007
                                             Marilyn A.
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Vision and Pattern Recognition                 Baba; Yuille, Alan L.

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Vision and Pattern Recognition                 Chun; Cremers, Daniel; Wang,

Energy Resources in East Africa             Awange, Joseph L.; Otieno,             2006
                                            Herick O.
Engaged Learning with Emerging Technologies Hung, D.; Khine, M.S.                  2006
The Engineer and the Scandal                      Boer, Reint de                    2005

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Engineering Asset Management                                                        2006

Engineering Damage Mechanics                      Desmorat, Rodrigue; Lemaitre,     2005
Engineering Design                                Pahl, Gerhard; Beitz, Wolfgang;   2007
                                                  Feldhusen, Jörg ; Grote, Karl-
Engineering Evolutionary Intelligent Systems      Abraham, Ajith; Pedrycz,          2008
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Engineering Fluid Mechanics                                                         2008

Engineering Geology for Underground Rocks         Peng, Suping; Zhang, Jincai       2007

Engineering Human Computer Interaction and        Bastide, Rémi; Palanque,          2005
Interactive Systems                               Philippe; Roth, Jörg

Engineering Knowledge in the Age of the           Staab, Steffen; Svatek, Vojtech   2006
Semantic Web

Engineering Mechanics                             Hartsuijker, C.; Welleman, J.W.   2007

Engineering Mechanics                             Hartsuijker, C.; Welleman, J.W.   2006

Engineering of Crystalline Materials Properties   Novoa, Juan J; Braga, Dario;      2008
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Engineering of Functional Skeletal Tissues        Bronner, Felix; Farach-Carson,    2007
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Engineering Self-Organising Systems (vol. #       Brueckner, Sven A.; Di Marzo      2005
3464)                                             Serugendo, Giovanna;
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Engineering Self-Organising Systems (vol. #       Brueckner, Sven A.; Di Marzo      2006
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Engineering Societies in the Agents World VII   O’Hare, Gregory; Ricci,               2007
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Engineering Stochastic Local Search             Stützle, Thomas; Birattari,           2007
Algorithms. Designing, Implementing and         Mauro; Hoos, Holger H.
Analyzing Effective Heuristics

Engineering Theories of Software Intensive      Broy, Manfred; Gruenbauer,            2005
Systems                                         Johannes; Harel, David; Hoare,
Engineering Thermofluids                        Massoud, Mahmoud                      2005

Englisch für Maschinenbauer                     Jayendran, Ariacutty                  2007

English for Personal Assistants                 Broadhead, Annie; Light, Ginni        2007

English Prosodic Morphology                     Lappe, Sabine                         2008

Enhanced Methods in Computer Security,          Pejas, Jerzy; Piegat, Andrzej         2005
Biometric and Artificial Intelligence Systems

CDMA Technologies for Next Generation           Park, Yongwan; Adachi,                2007
Mobile Communication                            Fumiyuki

Enhancing Police Integrity                      Klockars, Carl B.; Kutnjak            2007
                                                Ivkovic, Sanja; Haberfeld,
                                                Maria R.
Enhancing Teaching and Learning through         Frankland, Steve                      2008

Enhancing the Role of Ultrasound with Contrast Lencioni, Riccardo                     2006

Enhancing Urban Environment by                  Giulianelli, Mario; Marsalek, Jiri;   2005
Environmental Upgrading and Restoration         Sztruhar, Daniel; Urbonas, Ben

The Enigma of Good and Evil: The Moral          Tymieniecka, A-T.                     2005
Sentiment in Literature

Ennio De Giorgi: Selected Papers                Ambrosio, Luigi; Dal Maso,            2006
                                                Gianni; Forti, Marco; Miranda,
                                                Mario; Spagnolo, Sergio
Ensembles ordonnés finis : concepts, résultats   Caspard, Nathalie; Monjardet,      2007
et usages                                        Bernard; Leclerc, Bruno

Entering Emerging Markets                        Schoenborn, Guenter                2006

Enterprise Architecture at Work                  Lankhorst, Marc                    2005

Enterprise Collaboration                         Hsu, Cheng; Levermore, David       2006
Enterprise Information Systems                                                      2008

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                                                 Hammoudi, Slimane; Piattini,
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Enterprise Information Systems VII               Chen, Chin-Sheng; Filipe,          2006
                                                 Joaquim; Seruca, Isabel;
                                                 Cordeiro, José
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                                                 Morel, Gérard; Vallespir, Bruno

Enterprise Interoperability II                   Gonçalves, Ricardo J.; Müller,     2007
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Enterprise Knowledge Infrastructures             Hädrich, Thomas; Maier,            2005
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Enterprise Management with SAP SEM™              Meier, Marco; Mertens, Peter;      2005
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Enterprise Ontology                              Dietz, Jan L.G.                    2006
Enterprise Service Oriented Architectures        Jain, Ashish; Little, Mark;        2006
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Enterprising Worlds                              Gatrell, Jay D.; Reid, Neil        2006
Entertainment Cities                             Baldauf, Anette                    2008
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Entertainment Computing - ICEC 2006              Harper, Richard; Rauterberg,       2006
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Entertainment Computing – ICEC 2007              Ma, Lizhuang; Rauterberg,          2007
                                                 Matthias; Nakatsu, Ryohei
Entkoppelung von Arbeit und Einkommen            Vobruba, Georg                     2007

Entomology                                       Gillott, Cedric                    2005
Die entprivatisierte Religion                    Dellwing, Michael                  2007
Entrepreneurial Finance                          Börner, Christoph J.; Grichnik,    2005
Entrepreneurial Leadership                       Raich, Margit; Pechlaner,          2008
                                                 Harald; Hinterhuber, Hans H
Entrepreneurship                               Cuervo, Álvaro; Ribeiro,        2007
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Entrepreneurship in Emerging Domestic          Yago, Glenn; Barth, James R;    2008
Markets                                        Zeidman, Betsy

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Entrepreneurship in the U.S.                   Reynolds, Paul                  2007

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Entrepreneurship, Growth, and Innovation       Santarelli, Enrico              2006

Entrepreneurship, the New Economy and          Cantner, Uwe; Dinopoulos,       2005
Public Policy                                  Elias; Lanzillotti, Robert F.

Entropy and Energy                             Müller, Ingo; Weiss, Wolf       2005
Entropy Methods for the Boltzmann Equation     Rezakhanlou, Fraydoun; Olla,    2008
                                               Stefano; Golse, François;
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Entropy, Search, Complexity                    Katona, Gyula O.H.              2007

Entry Inhibitors in HIV Therapy                Derdeyn, Cynthia A.; Reeves,    2007
                                               Jacqueline D.
Entscheidung zum Outsourcing von               Gebhardt, Andreas               2006

Entscheidungstheorie                         Laux, Helmut                      2005
Entscheidungsverfahren für komplexe Probleme Grünig, Rudolf; Kühn, Richard     2006

Entscheidungszufriedenheit                     Heitmann, Mark                  2006

Entwickeln Konstruieren Berechnen              Theumert, Hans; Fleischer,      2007
Entwickiung räumlicher Cluster                 Krafft, Lutz                    2006

Die Entwicklung des Controllings als           Binder, Christoph               2006
Teildisziplin der Betriebswirtschaftslehre

Entwicklung eines Kennzahlensystems zur        Becher, Manuel                  2008
Vermarktung touristischer Destinationen

Entwicklung IT-basierter Dienstleistungen      Fähnrich, Klaus-Peter; Husen,   2008
Entwicklung prozesstechnologischer Systeme     Zotter, Karl-Andreas            2007
in Unternehmungen
Entwicklung und Erprobung innovativer         Bertsche, Bernd; Bullinger,         2007
Produkte - Rapid Prototyping                  Hans-Jörg

Entwicklung und Implementierung von                                               2008
Performance Measurement Systemen

Entwicklung von Data-Warehouse-Systemen       Goeken, Matthias                    2006

Entwicklungen der Psychiatrie                 Schneider, Frank                    2006

Entwicklungen in der Bodenmechanik,           Rackwitz, Frank                     2006
Bodendynamik und Geotechnik

Entwicklungsbiologie                          Hassel, Monika; Müller, Werner      2006
Entwicklungsmanagement                        Holzbaur, Ulrich                    2007

Entwicklungsmanagement                        Ophey, Lothar                       2005

Entwicklungsperspektiven der                  Banzhaf, Jürgen; Wiedmann,          2006
Unternehmensführung und ihrer                 Stefan

Entwurf eines neuen österreichischen          Griss, Irmgard; Kathrein,           2006
Schadenersatzrechts                           Georg; Koziol, Helmut

The Environment in Asia Pacific Harbours      Wolanski, Eric                      2006

Environment Learning for Indoor Mobile Robots Andrade-Cetto, Juan; Sanfeliu,      2006
Environmental and Health Risk Assessment      Ricci, Paolo F.                     2006
and Management

Environmental and Microbial Relationships     Kubicek, Christian P.;              2007
                                              Druzhinina, Irina S.
Environmental and Resource Valuation with     Bockstael, Nancy E.;                2007
Revealed Preferences                          McConnell, Kenneth E.

Environmental Bioremediation Technologies     Singh, S.N.; Tripathi, R. D.        2007

Environmental Chemistry                       Lichtfouse, Eric; Robert, Didier;   2005
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Environmental Crises                          Storch, Hans; Tol, Richard S J;     2008
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Western Europe                                   Hansen, Karin

Environmental Effects of Marine Finfish          Hargrave, Barry T.               2005

Environmental Geology                         Knödel, Klaus; Voigt, Hans-         2008
                                              Jürgen; Lange, Gerhard
Environmental Health Impacts of Transport and Hens, L.; Howard, C.V.;             2005
Mobility                                      Nicolopoulou-Stamati, P.

Environmental Health in Central and Eastern      Donnelly, K.C.; Cizmas, Leslie   2006
Europe                                           H.

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Wastes on Surface and Ground Waters (vol. #

Environmental Impact Assessment of Recycled Kassim, Tarek A.                      2005
Wastes on Surface and Ground Waters (vol. #

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Wastes on Surface and Ground Waters (vol. # Kenneth J.

Environmental Issues in Latin America and the    Romero, Aldemaro; West,          2005
Caribbean                                        Sarah E.

Environmental Modeling                           Holzbecher, E.                   2007
The Environmental Movement in Ireland            Leonard, Liam                    2008

Environmental Photochemistry Part II             Bahnemann, Detlef; Boule,        2005
                                                 Pierre; Robertson, Peter
Environmental Policy Analyses                    Knoepfel, Peter                  2007

Environmental Risk Assessment                    Glaesser, Walter; Lerche, Ian    2006

Environmental Role of Wetlands in Headwaters Haigh, Martin; Krecek, Josef         2006

Environmental Security and Environmental         Linkov, Igor; Morel, Benoit      2006
Management: The Role of Risk Assessment

Environmental Security and Public Safety         Spyra, Wolfgang; Katzsch,        2007
Environmental Security and Sustainable Land     Dobretsov, Nikolai; Vogtmann,      2006
Use - with special reference to Central Asia    Hartmut

Environmental Security in Harbors and Coastal   Linkov, Igor; Kiker, Gregory A.;   2007
Areas                                           Wenning, Richard J.

Environmental Simulation Chambers:            Barnes, Ian; Rudzinski,              2006
Application to Atmospheric Chemical Processes Krzysztof J.

Environmental Technology in the Oil Industry    Orszulik, Stefan T.                2008

Environmental UV Radiation: Impact on           Bornman, Janet F.; Checcucci,      2006
Ecosystems and Human Health and Predictive      Giovanni; Ghetti, Francesco

Environmental Value Transfer: Issues and        Navrud, Ståle; Ready, Richard      2007

Environmentally Friendly Coastal Protection  Dean, Robert G.; Penchev,             2005
                                             Valeri; Verhagen, Henk Jan;
                                             Zimmermann, Claus
Environmentally-Friendly Product Development Abele, Eberhard; Anderl,              2005
                                             Reiner; Birkhofer, Herbert
Environments for Multi-Agent Systems         Michel, Fabien; Van Dyke              2005
                                             Parunak, H.; Weyns, Danny
Environments for Multi-Agent Systems II      Michel, Fabien; Parunak, H.           2006
                                             Van Dyke; Weyns, Danny
Environments for Multi-Agent Systems III     Weyns, Danny; Parunak, H.             2007
                                             Van Dyke; Michel, Fabien
Enzyklopädie der Schlafmedizin               Peter, Helga; Penzel, Thomas;         2007
                                             Peter, Jörg-Hermann
Enzyme-Catalyzed Synthesis of Polymers       Kaplan, David; Kobayashi,             2006
                                             Shiro; Ritter, Helmut
The Epidemiology of Alimentary Diseases      Duggan, John M.; Duggan,              2006
                                             Anne E.
Epidemiology of Drug Abuse                   Sloboda, Zili                         2005

The Epidemiology of Plant Diseases              Cooke, B.M.; Jones, D. Gareth;     2006
                                                Kaye, B.
Epigenetics and Chromatin                       Jeanteur, Philippe                 2005

Epilepsie, Schwangerschaft und Fertilität       Bauer, Jürgen                      2005

Epiphyseal Growth Plate Fractures               Peterson, Hamlet A.                2007

E-Procurement                                   Stoll, Patrick P                   2007
Das EPU-Labor                                    Schneider, Christine            2005
EQ-5D concepts and methods:                      Brooks, Richard; Kind, Paul;    2005
                                                 Rabin, Rosalind
EQ-5D value sets                                 Szende, Agota; Oppe, Mark;      2007
                                                 Devlin, Nancy
Equazioni a derivate parziali                    Salsa, S.; Verzini, G.          2005

Equidistribution in Number Theory, An            Granville, Andrew; Rudnick,     2007
Introduction                                     Zeév

Equidosimetry                                    Bréchignac, F.; Desmet, G.      2005
Equilibrium Between Phases of Matter             Oonk, HAJ; Calvet, MT           2008

Equilibrium Statistical Physics                  Baus, Marc; Tejero, Carlos F    2008

Equity and Efficiency Considerations of Public   Barbaro, Salvatore              2005
Higher Education

Equity Financing and Covenants in Venture        Jung-Senssfelder, Karoline      2006

Equity Ownership and Performance                 Groß, Kerstin                   2007

Erbschaftsteuerrecht                             Djanani, Christiana; Brune,     2006
                                                 Philipp; Lösel, Christian;
                                                 Brähler, Gernot
Erde 2.0 - Technologische Innovationen als       Ministerium für Umwelt,         2005
Chance für eine nachhaltige Entwicklung?

Erfahrung und Ausdruck                           Tengelyi, László                2007
Erfolg durch Desinvestitionen                                                    2008

Der Erfolg eines Systemhauses                    Linke, Markus; Voigt, Bernd     2005

Erfolg in der massenmedialen Sportpräsentation Stahl, Christian                  2006

Erfolg strategischer F&E-Kooperationen                                           2008

Erfolg trotz Führung                             Gölzner, Herbert                2006
Erfolg von Wirtschaftsverbänden                  Graf, Alexander                 2007

Erfolgreich IGeLn                                Jordt, Melanie; Girr, Thomas;   2006
                                                 Weiland, Ines-Karina
Erfolgreich in China                             Kalmbach, Ralf; Kasperk,        2006
                                                 Garnet; Woywode, Michael
Erfolgreich kooperieren                          Dreher, Carsten; Engelbrecht,   2005
                                                 Arne; Wiendahl, Hans-Peter
Erfolgreich Kunden akquirieren                 Arndt, Peter; Braun, Gerold        2006

Erfolgreich mit After Sales Services           Baader, Andreas; Barkawi,          2006
                                               Karim; Montanus, Sven
Erfolgreich verkaufen im B2B                   Sieck, Hartmut; Goldmann,          2007
Erfolgreich wissenschaftlich arbeiten in der   Müllner, Marcus                    2005

Die erfolgreiche Arztpraxis                    Dumont, Monika; Schüller,          2006
                                               Anne M.
Erfolgreiche Karriereplanung                   Mell, Heiko                        2006

Erfolgreiche M&A-Transaktionen in der          Mußhoff, Jörg                      2008
europäischen Bankenindustrie

Erfolgreiche Seminargestaltung                 Quilling, Eike; Nicolini, Hans J   2007

Erfolgreiche Strategien zur Kontrolle          Hansch, Matthias                   2007
ausländischer Tochtergesellschaften in
multinationalen Unternehmen

Erfolgreiche Supply-Chain-Kooperation          Magnus, Karl-Hendrik               2007
zwischen Einzelhandel und

Erfolgreiche Teamarbeit in deutsch-                                               2006
chinesischen Projekten

Erfolgreiche Umsetzung von Work-Life Balance Esslinger, Adelheid Susanne;         2007
in Organisationen                            Schobert, Deniz B

Erfolgreiche Verhandlungsführung in Einkauf    Wannenwetsch, Helmut               2006
und Logistik

Erfolgreiches Changemanagement im              Albrecht, Michael; Töpfer, Armin   2006

Erfolgreiches Innovationsmanagement            Stern, Thomas; Jaberg, Helmut      2007

Erfolgreiches Intergrationsmanagement bei      Bartoszewski, Piotr                2006
Fusionen und Akquisitionen

Erfolgreiches Produktmanagement                Aumayr, Klaus J                    2006
Erfolgreiches Suchmaschinen-Marketing         Greifeneder, Horst               2006

Erfolgsfaktor Design Management               Brauer, Gernot                   2007

Erfolgsfaktor Innovation                      Berndt, Ralph                    2005
Erfolgsfaktor Unternehmenssteuerung           Walter, Wolfgang                 2006

Erfolgsfaktor Verantwortung                  Gazdar, Kaevan; Habisch,          2006
                                             André; Kirchhoff, Klaus Rainer;
                                             Vaseghi, Sam
Erfolgsfaktoren bei der Unternehmensgründung Jacobsen, Liv Kirsten             2006

Erfolgsfaktoren der Mitarbeiterführung        Wiedmann, Stefan                 2006

Erfolgsfaktoren einer wertorientierten        Ebeling, Cordula                 2007

Erfolgsfaktoren im Innovationsmanagement      Matz, Stefanie                   2007
von Industriebetrieben

Erfolgsfaktoren im Stiftungsmanagement        Fritsch, Nina                    2007

Erfolgsfaktoren von Customer-Relationship-    Greve, Goetz                     2006

Erfolgsfaktoren von Markenerweiterungen       Mahnik, Nina; Mayerhofer,        2006
Erfolgsprinzip Persönlichkeit                 Hansch, Dietmar                  2006

Die Erfolgswahrscheinlichkeit von Standards   Stemmann, Bernd                  2007
für Geschäftsdaten

Erfolsfaktoren von Banken im                  Strauß, Marc-R                   2006

Ergativity                                    Johns, Alana; Massam, Diane;     2006
                                              Ndayiragije, Juvenal
Ergonomics and Health Aspects of Work with    Dainoff, Marvin J.               2007

Eric Sink on the Business of Software         Sink, Erik                       2006

Erinnerung - Reflexion - Geschichte                                            2008

Erkenntniskritische Sozialisationstheorie     Beer, Raphael                    2007

Erlebnishandel im Automobilvertrieb           Zöller, Sven                     2006

Ermüdungsfestigkeit                           Radaj, Dieter; Vormwald,         2007
Ernährung im Fernsehen                        Lücke, Stephanie                 2007
Ernährung und Bewegung für Jung und Alt       Haber, Paul                        2007

Ernährungsalltag im Wandel                    Brunner, Karl-Michael; Geyer,      2007
                                              Sonja; Jelenko, Marie; Weiss,
                                              Walpurga; Astleithner,
Ernährungsmedizinische Praxis                 Müller, Manfred James              2007

Erneuerbare Energien                          Kaltschmitt, Martin; Streicher,    2006
                                              Wolfgang; Wiese, Andreas

Ernst Equation and Riemann Surfaces           Klein, Christian; Richter, Olaf    2005

Ernst Zermelo                                 Ebbinghaus, Heinz-Dieter           2007
Error-Correcting Linear Codes                 Betten, Anton; Braun, Michael ;    2006
                                              Fripertinger, Harald ; Kerber,
                                              Adalbert; Kohnert, Axel;
                                              Wassermann, Alfred
Das Erste - kompakt                           Ernst, Jürgen; Krantz, Sven;       2007
                                              Witt, Martin
Das Erste - kompakt                           Witt, Martin; Tümmers, D.          2007
Das Erste - kompakt                           Schön, Melanie; Tümmers, D.        2007
Naturwissenschaftliche Grundlagen für         Schatz, Jürgen; Tammer,            2007
Mediziner                                     Robert

Erythropoietin and the Nervous System         Hoke, Ahmet                        2006

Erythropoietins and Erythropoiesis            Elliott, Steven; Foote, Mary A.;   2006
                                              Molineux, Graham
Erziehung der Geschlechter                    Kunert-Zier, Margitta              2005

Erziehung zur Armut?                         Kessl, Fabian; Reutlinger,          2007
                                             Christian; Ziegler, Holger
Erziehungswissenschaft und Bildungsforschung Merkens, Hans                       2006

Erziehungsziel „Selbstständigkeit―            Drieschner, Elmar                  2007

Esercizi di finanza matematica                Rosazza Gianin, Emanuela;          2007
                                              Sgarra, Carlo
Esercizi di Fisica: Meccanica e Termodinamica Dalba, G.; Fornasini, P.           2006

E-Service Intelligence                        Lu, Jie; Ruan, Da; Zhang,          2007
E-Services                                    Evanschitzky, Heiner; Iyer,        2007
                                              Gopalkrishnan R
Espaces vectoriels topologiques               Bourbaki, N.                       2007

ESR Spectroscopy in Membrane Biophysics       Hemminga, Marcus A.;               2007
                                              Berliner, Lawrence
Essays and Surveys in Global Optimization     Audet, Charles; Hansen,             2005
                                              Pierre; Savard, Gilles
Essays on Accounting Theory in Honour of Joel Antle, Rick; Liang, Pierre          2007
S. Demski                                     Jinghong; Gjesdal, Frøystein

Essays in Brewing Science                        Lewis, Michael J.; Bamforth,     2007
                                                 Charles W.
Essays in Constructive Mathematics               Edwards, Harold M.               2005

Essays in Dynamic General Equilibrium Theory Citanna, Alessandro;                 2005
                                             Donaldson, John;
                                             Polemarchakis, Herakles;
                                             Siconolfi, Paolo; Spear,
                                             Stephen E.
Essays in Honor of Edwin Mansfield           Link, Albert N.; Scherer, F.M.       2005

Essays on Transport Economics                    Coto-Millán, Pablo; Inglada,     2007
Essential Cardiology                             Rosendorff, Clive                2006
Essential Cases on Natural Causation             Winiger, Bénédict; Koziol,       2007
                                                 Helmut; Zimmermann,
                                                 Reinhard; Koch, Bernhard A.
Essential Echocardiography                       Solomon, Scott D.                2007

The Essential Guide to Dreamweaver CS3 with Powers, David                         2007
CSS, Ajax, and PHP

The Complete Guide to Flex 2 with ActionScript Brown, Charles E.                  2007
Essential Issues in SOC Design                 Lin, Youn-Long Steve               2006

Essential NMR                                    Blümich, Bernhard                2005
Essential Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation   Cooper, Grant                    2006

Essential Practice Guidelines in Primary Care    Skolnik, Neil S.                 2007

Essential Renderman                              Stephenson, Ian                  2007
Essential Software Architecture                  Gorton, Ian                      2006

Essential Topology                               Crossley, Martin D.              2005
Essentials of Autopsy Practice                   Rutty, Guy N                     2008

Essentials of Autopsy Practice                   Rutty, Guy N.                    2006

Essentials of Diagnostic Breast Pathology        Moinfar, Farid                   2007

Essentials in Food Science                       Vaclavik, Vickie A; Christian,   2008
                                                 Elizabeth W
Essentials of Mathematica                        Boccara, Nino                    2007
Essentials of Orthopedic Surgery                 Wiesel, Sam W.; Delahay,          2007
                                                 John N.
Essentials of Restenosis                         Duckers, Henricus J.; Serruys,    2007
                                                 Patrick W.; Nabel, Elizabeth G.

Essentials of Thyroid Cancer Management          Amdur, Robert J.; Mazzaferri,     2005
                                                 Ernest L.
Essenzielle Spurenelemente                       Ekmekcioglu, Cem; Marktl,         2006
Establishing Medical Reality                     Kincaid, Harold; McKitrick,       2007
Establishing The Foundation Of Collaborative     Camarinha-Matos, Luis;            2007
Networks                                         Afsarmanesh, Hamideh;
                                                 Novais, Paulo; Analide, Cesar
Esterification of Polysaccharides                Heinze, Thomas; Koschella,        2006
                                                 Andreas; Liebert, Tim
Estimation in Conditionally Heteroscedastic      Straumann, Daniel                 2005
Time Series Models

Estimation of Dependences Based on Empirical Vapnik, Vladimir                      2006

Estimation of Willingness-to-Pay                 Breidert, Christoph               2006

Estrogen Effects in Psychiatric Disorders        Bergemann, Niels; Riecher-        2005
                                                 Rössler, Anita
Estuaries                                        Wangersky, Peter J.               2006
Etablierung von Netzwerken in der                Meister, Florian                  2007

Etanercept - Therapeutische Anwendungen in       Burmester, Gerd-Rüdiger           2005
Klinik und Praxis

Ethical and Social Issues in the Information Age Kizza, Joseph Migga               2007

Ethical Issues in Cancer Patient Care Second     Angelos, Peter                    2008

Ethics and Intersex                              Sytsma, Sharon E.                 2006
Ethics Expertise                                 Rasmussen, Lisa                   2005
Ethics in Agriculture - An African Perspective   Niekerk, Alvin van                2005

Ethics of Belief: Essays in Tribute to D.Z.                                        2008
Ethics, Hunger and Globalization                 Pinstrup-Andersen, Per;           2007
                                                 Sandøe, Peter
Ethikbasiertes Strategisches Management          Knüfermann, Markus                2005
De L’Éthique À La Justice                       Wolff, Ernst                         2007
Ethnische Kolonien                              Ceylan, Rauf                         2006
Ethnocultural Perspectives on Disaster and      Marsella, Anthony J;                 2008
Trauma                                          Gryczynski, Jan; Watson,
                                                Patricia; Johnson, Jeannette L
Ethnopharmacology of Medicinal Plants           Wiart, Christophe                    2007

Ethylene Action in Plants                       Khan, Nafees A.                      2006

E-Training Practices for Professional           Multisilta, Jari; Nicholson, Paul;   2005
Organizations                                   Ruohonen, Mikko; Thompson,
                                                J. Barrie
Ettore Majorana: Scientific Papers              Italian Physical Society,            2006

Etymological Dictionary of Grasses              Clifford, H. Trevor; Bostock,        2007
                                                Peter D.
EU Accession - Financial Sector Opportunities   Matthäus-Maier, Ingrid;              2005
and Challenges for Southeast Europe             Pischke, J. D. von

EU Digital Copyright Law and the End-User                                            2008

EUNICE 2005: Networks and Applications          Delgado Kloos, Carlos;               2006
Towards a Ubiquitously Connected World          Larrabeiti, David; Marín, Andrés

Europafähigkeit der Kommunen                   Alemann, Ulrich; Münch,               2006
Die Europäische Aktiengesellschaft (SE)        Binder, Ulrike; Jünemann,             2007
                                               Michael; Merz, Friedrich;
                                               Sinewe, Patrick
Europäische Öffentlichkeit und medialer Wandel Langenbucher, Wolfgang R;             2006
                                               Latzer, Michael

Der europäische Raum                            Deger, Petra; Hettlage, Robert       2007
Die Europäische Sicherheits- und                Blanck, Kathrin                      2005
Verteidigungspolitik im Rahmen der
europäischen Sicherheitsarchitektur

Die Europäische Union und Russland              Bastian, Katrin                      2006

Europäische Wirtschafts- und Sozialpolitik      Ribhegge, Hermann                    2007

Die europäische Wirtschaftsverfassung de lege Griller, Stefan                        2007
lata et ferenda
Europäische Wohlfahrtssysteme                                                      2008

Europäisches Strafrecht                        Hecker, Bernd                       2005
Europäisches und öffentliches Wirtschaftsrecht Grabenwarter, Christoph;            2008
I                                              Holoubek, Michael; Griller,
Europäisches und öffentliches Wirtschaftsrecht Griller, Stefan; Holoubek,          2006
I                                              Michael

Europäisches und öffentliches Wirtschaftsrecht Griller, Stefan; Holoubek,          2006
II                                             Michael

Europäisierung der Interessen-vermittlung       Quittkat, Christine                2006

Euro-Par 2005 Parallel Processing               Cunha, José C.; Medeiros,          2005
                                                Pedro D.
Euro-Par 2006 Parallel Processing               Nagel, Wolfgang E.; Walter,        2006
                                                Wolfgang V.; Lehner, Wolfgang

Euro-Par 2006 Parallel Processing               Lehner, Wolfgang; Meyer,           2007
                                                Norbert; Streit, Achim; Stewart,
Euro-Par 2007 Parallel Processing               Kermarrec, Anne-Marie;             2007
                                                Bougé, Luc; Priol, Thierry
Der Europarat und die Verfassungsautonomie      Winkler, Günther                   2005
seiner Mitgliedstaaten

Europarecht - Schnell erfasst                   Lorenzmeier, Stefan; Rohde,        2005
Europas symbolische Verfassung                  Scholl, Bruno                      2006

Europa-Studien                                  Beichelt, Timm; Chołuj,            2006
                                                Bożena; Rowe, Gerard;
                                                Wagener, Hans-Jürgen
European Aeronautics                            Alfonso-Gil, Javier                2007
European Banking M&A                            Lorenz, Johannes-Tobias            2006
European Energy Futures 2030                    Wehnert, Timon; López              2007
                                                Araguás, Juan Pedro;
                                                Bernardini, Oliviero; Jaworski,
                                                Lukasz; Holst Jørgensen, Birte;
                                                Jörß, Wolfram; Nielsen, Oliver;
                                                Ninni, Augusto; Oniszk-
                                                Poplawska, Anna; Velte,
The European Enterprise                         Schröter, Harm G                   2008
Geographic Information Science and Systems      Fabrikant, Sara Irina;             2007
in Europe                                       Wachowicz, Monica
The European Labour Market                      Caroleo, Floro Ernesto;            2006
                                                Destefanis, Sergio
The European Mayor                              Bäck, Henry; Heinelt, Hubert;      2006
                                                Magnier, Annick
European Metropolitan Housing Markets            Andersson, Ake E.; Pettersson,    2007
                                                 Lars; Strömquist, Ulf

European Oncology Leaders                        European School of Oncology,      2005

European Research Reloaded: Cooperation          Holzhacker, Ronald; Haverland,    2006
and Integration among Europeanized States        Markus

European Robotics Symposium 2006                                                   2006

European Robotics Symposium 2008                                                   2008

European Tort Law 2004                           Koziol, Helmut; Steininger,       2005
                                                 Barbara C.
European Tort Law 2005                           Koziol, Helmut; Steininger,       2006
                                                 Barbara C.
European Tort Law 2006                                                             2008
The European Union's Eco-Management and          Wenk, Michael S.                  2005
Audit Scheme (EMAS)

Europe's Automotive Industry on the Move         Heneric, Oliver; Licht, Georg;    2005
                                                 Sofka, Wolfgang
The Euroschool Lectures on Physics With          Al-Khalili, J.S.; Roeckl, Ernst   2006
Exotic Beams, Vol. II

Eutrophication Management and Ecotoxicology Dokkum, H.P. Van; Foekema,             2005
                                            E.M.; Jak, R.G.; Kaag,
                                            N.H.B.M.; Scholten, M.C.T.

Eutrophication of Shallow Lakes with Special     Qin, B.; Liu, Z.; Havens, K.      2007
Reference to Lake Taihu

evaluating clinical research                     Furberg, Bengt D.; Furberg,       2007
                                                 Curt D.
Evaluating Competencies                          Grisso, Thomas; Moye,             2005
                                                 Jennifer; Otto, Randy K;
                                                 Borum, Randy; Edens, John F
Evaluating Feynman Integrals                     Smirnov, Vladimir A.              2005

Evaluating Multiple Narratives                   Habu, Junko ; Fawcett, Clare;     2008
                                                 Matsunaga, John M.
Evaluating the Employment Effects of Job         Thomsen, Stephan L.               2007
Creation Schemes in Germany

Evaluating the Organizational Impact of Health   Anderson, James G.; Aydin,        2005
Care Information Systems                         Carolyn E.
Evaluation                                                                        2008
Behandlung unter besonderer Berücksichtigung
des Behandlungsendes

Evaluation and Decision Models with Multiple   Bouyssou, Denis; Marchant,         2006
Criteria                                       Thierry; Pirlot, Marc; Tsoukiàs,
                                               Alexis; Vincke, Philippe

Evaluation des Justizvollzugs                  Entorf, Horst; Meyer, Susanne;     2008
                                               Möbert, Jochen
Évaluation des troubles neuropsychologiques    Pradat-Diehl, Pascale              2006
en vie quotidienne

Evaluation Methods in Biomedical Informatics   Friedman, Charles P.; Wyatt,       2006
                                               Jeremy C.
Evaluation of Cooperative Planning in Supply   Martín Díaz, Luis                  2006

Evaluation of Multilingual and Multi-modal     Peters, Carol; Clough, Paul;       2007
Information Retrieval                          Gey, Fredric C.; Karlgren,
                                               Jussi; Magnini, Bernardo; Oard,
                                               Douglas W.; de Rijke, Maarten;
                                               Stempfhuber, Maximilian

The Evaluation of Surrogate Endpoints          Burzykowski, Tomasz; Buyse,        2005
                                               Marc; Molenberghs, Geert

Evaluation of Text and Speech Systems          Dybkjaer, Laila; Hemsen,           2007
                                               Holmer; Minker, Wolfgang
Evaluation, Wissen und Nichtwissen                                                2008

Evaporites:Sediments, Resources and            Warren, John K.                    2006

Event Structure and the Left Periphery         Kiss, Katalin É.                   2006

Event-Based Programming                        Faison, Ted                        2006

Event-Driven Mobile Financial Information      Muntermann, Jan                    2008

Eventmanagement                                Holzbaur, Ulrich; Jettinger,       2005
                                               Edwin; Knauß, Bernhard;
                                               Moser, Ralf; Zeller, Markus
Event-Marken-fit und Kommunikationswirkung     Nitschke, Axel                     2006

Event-Triggered and Time-Triggered Control     Obermaisser, Roman                 2005
Everyday Innovators                             Fortunati, Leopoldina; Haddon,      2005
                                                Leslie; Kant, Annevi;
                                                Kommonen, Kari-Hans; Mante,
                                                Enid; Sapio, Bartolomeo

Evidence-Based Endocrinology                    Montori, Victor M.                  2006

Evidence-Based Imaging                          Blackmore, C. Craig; Medina,        2006
                                                L. Santiago
Evidence-Based Management of Patients with      Anzueto, Antonio; Cook,             2005
Respiratory Failure                             Deborah J.; Esteban, Andres

Evidence-based Practice in Medicine and         Biller-Andorno, N.; Lenk,           2005
Health Care                                     Christian; Lie, Reidar; Meulen,
                                                Ruud ter
Evidenzbasierte Medizin in Anästhesie und       Kuhlen, R.; Rossaint, R.            2007

Evidenzbasierte Medizin in Anästhesie und       Kuhlen, R.; Rossaint, R.            2005

100% Evil                                                                           2005
Evoked Spinal Cord Potentials                   Shimoji, Koki; Willis, William D.   2006
Evolution Algebras and their Applications       Tian, Jianjun Paul                  2008

The Evolution and History of Human              Petraglia, Michael D.; Allchin,     2007
Populations in South Asia                       Bridget

The Evolution of Biotechnology:                 Newell-McGloughlin, Martina;        2006
                                                Re, Edward
The Evolution of Civil-Military Relations in    Fluri, Philipp H.; Gustenau,        2005
South East Europe                               Gustav E. ; Pantev, Plamen I.

The Evolution of Competitive Strategies in      Lamberg, Juha-Antti; Näsi,          2006
Global Forestry Industries                      Juha; Ojala, Jari; Sajasalo, Pasi

Evolution of Italian Enterprises in the 20th    Giannetti, Renato; Vasta,           2006
Century                                         Michelangelo

Evolution of Non-Expected Utility Preferences                                       2008

Evolution of Teaching and Learning Paradigms    Jain, Lakhmi C.; Tedman,            2007
in Intelligent Environment                      Raymond A.; Tedman, Debra K.

The Evolution of the US Airline Industry        Ben-Yosef, Eldad                    2005

Evolution of Thin Film Morphology                                                   2008
Die Evolution sektoraler Wirtschaftsverbände   Lang, Achim                        2006

Evolutionäre Algorithmen                       Weicker, Karsten                   2007
Evolutionäre Führung                           Alznauer, Michael                  2006
Evolutionary Algorithms for Solving Multi-     Coello Coello, Carlos A.;          2007
Objective Problems                             Lamont, Gary B.; Van
                                               Veldhuizen, David A.
Evolutionary Computation for Modeling and      Ashlock, Daniel                    2006

Evolutionary Computation in Combinatorial      Cotta, Carlos; van Hemert, Jano    2007

Evolutionary Computation in Combinatorial      Gottlieb, Jens; Raidl, Günther     2005
Optimization (vol. # 3448)                     R.

Evolutionary Computation in Combinatorial      Gottlieb, Jens; Raidl, Günther     2006
Optimization (vol. # 3906)                     R.

Evolutionary Computation in Data Mining        Ghosh, Ashish; Jain, Lakhmi C.     2005

Evolutionary Computation in Dynamic and        Yang, Shengxiang; Ong, Yew-        2007
Uncertain Environments                         Soon; Jin, Yaochu

Evolutionary Computation in Practice                                              2008

Evolutionary Computation, Machine Learning     Marchiori, Elena; Moore, Jason     2007
and Data Mining in Bioinformatics              H.; Rajapakse, Jagath C.

Evolutionary Computer Music                    Miranda, Eduardo Reck; Biles,      2007
Evolutionary Epistemology, Language and        Aerts, Diederik; Bendegem,         2006
Culture                                        Jean Paul van; Gontier, Nathalie

Evolutionary Intelligence                      Sumathi, S; Surekha, P;            2008
                                               Hamsapriya, T
Evolutionary Microeconomics                    Lesourne, Jacques; Orléan,         2006
                                               André; Walliser, Bernard
Evolutionary Multi-Criterion Optimization      Obayashi, Shigeru; Deb,            2007
                                               Kalyanmoy; Poloni, Carlo;
                                               Hiroyasu, Tomoyuki; Murata,
Evolutionary Multi-Criterion Optimization      Coello Coello, Carlos A.;          2005
                                               Hernández Aguirre, Arturo;
                                               Zitzler, Eckart
Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization        Abraham, Ajith; Goldberg,         2005
                                                Robert; Jain, Lakhmi C.

Evolutionary Scheduling                         Dahal, Keshav; Tan, Kay Chen;     2007
                                                Cowling, Peter I.
Evolutionary Synthesis of Pattern Recognition   Bhanu, Bir; Krawiec, Krzysztof;   2005
Systems                                         Lin, Yingqiang

Evolutionsbiologie                              Storch, Volker; Welsch, Ulrich;   2007
                                                Wink, Michael
Evolvable Hardware                              Higuchi, Tetsuya; Liu, Yong;      2006
                                                Yao, Xin
Evolvable Machines                              Mourelle, Luiza de Macedo;        2005
                                                Nedjah, Nadia
Evolvable Systems: From Biology to Hardware     Cosp, Jordi; Madrenas, Jordi;     2005
                                                Moreno, J. Manuel

Evolvable Systems: From Biology to Hardware     Kang, Lishan; Liu, Yong; Zeng,    2007

The Evolving Brain                              Vanderwolf, C. H.                 2007
Evolving Connectionist Systems                  Kasabov, Nikola                   2007

Evolving Methods for Macromolecular             Read, Randy J.; Sussman, Joel     2007
Crystallography                                 L.

E-Voting and Identity                           Alkassar, Ammar; Volkamer,        2007
Evozierte Potenziale                            Buettner, Ulrich W.; Dichgans,    2005
                                                Johannes; Hess, Christian W.;
                                                Stöhr, Manfred
E-World                                         Kuhlen, Francis                   2005
Excavations and Foundations in Soft Soils       Gebreselassie, Berhane;           2006
                                                Kempfert, Hans-Georg

Excel 2007                                      Dixon, Helen                      2007
Excel PivotTables Recipe Book                   Dalgleish, Debra                  2006

Exchange Traded Funds                           Hehn, Elisabeth                   2005
Excimer Laser Technology                        Basting, Dirk; Marowsky, Gerd     2005

Exercise-Induced Acute Renal Failure            Ishikawa, Isao                    2007

Exercises in Environmental Physics              Faraoni, Valerio                  2006

Existence and Regularity Properties of the      Veselić, Ivan                     2008
Integrated Density of States of Random
Schrödinger Operators

Existence: Semantics and Syntax                 Comorovski, Ileana; von           2007
                                                Heusinger, Klaus
Existenzgründung Schritt für Schritt          Plümer, Thomas                   2006

The Expanding Cell                            Verbelen, Jean-Pierre;           2007
                                              Vissenberg, Kris
Expanding Horizons in Bioethics               Galston, Arthur W.; Peppard,     2005
                                              Christiana Z.
Experiment and Natural Philosophy in          Boschiero, Luciano               2007
Seventeenth-Century Tuscany

Experimental Algorithms                       Demetrescu, Camil                2007
Experimental Algorithms                       Àlvarez, Carme; Serna, Maria     2006
Experimental Analysis of Nano and Engineering Gdoutos, E.E.                    2007
Materials and Structures

Experimental and Efficient Algorithms         Nikoletseas, Sotiris E.          2005

Experimental Aspects of Quantum Computing     Everitt, Henry O.                2005

Experimental Business Research                Rapoport, Amnon; Zwick, Rami     2005

Experimental Business Research                Rapoport, Amnon; Zwick, Rami     2005

Experimental Models of Multiple Sclerosis     Constantinescu, Cris S.; Lavi,   2005
Experimental Research in Evolutionary         Bartz-Beielstein, Thomas         2006

Experimental Robotics                                                          2008
Experimental Robotics IX                      Ang, Marcelo H. Jr; Khatib,      2006
Experimental Rock Deformation - The Brittle   Paterson, Mervyn S.; Wong,       2005
Field                                         Teng-fong

Experimental Unsaturated Soil Mechanics       Schanz, T.                       2007

Experimentalphysik 1                          Demtröder, Wolfgang              2006
Experimentalphysik 2                          Demtröder, Wolfgang              2006
Experimentalphysik 3                          Demtröder, Wolfgang              2005
Experimentalphysik 4                          Demtröder, Wolfgang              2005
Experimentierfeld Ostmitteleuropa?            Bluhm, Katharina                 2007

Experimenting with Dynamic Macromodels                                         2008

Expert .NET Delivery Using NAnt and           Holmes, Marc                     2005

Expert ASP.NET 2.0 Advanced Application       Barnaby, Tom; Selly, Dominic;    2006
Design                                        Troelsen, Andrew
Expert C# 2005 Business Objects                Lhotka, Rockford                  2006

Expert Visual C++                              Heege, Marcus                     2007
Expert F#                                                                        2008
Expert Network Time Protocol                   Rybaczyk, Peter                   2005

Expert Oracle                                  Kyte, Thomas                      2005
Expert Oracle Database 10g Administration      Alapati, Sam R.                   2005

Expert Oracle Database Architecture            Kyte, Thomas                      2005

Expert Oracle JDBC Programming                 Menon, R.M.                       2005

Expert Spring MVC and Web Flow                 Davison, Darren; Devijver,        2006
                                               Steven; Ladd, Seth; Yates,
Expert SQL Server 2005 Development             Machanic, Adam                    2007

Expert VB 2005 Business Objects                Lhotka, Rockford                  2006

Expertenkommissionen im politischen Prozess                                      2007

Explaining Executive Pay                       Hengartner, Lukas                 2006
Explicit Stability Conditions for Continuous   Gil', Michael I.                  2005

Explorations in Mathematical Physics           Koks, Don                         2006

Explorations of the Life-World                 Endress, Martin; Nasu, Hisashi;   2005
                                               Psathas, George
Exploratory Analysis of Spatial and Temporal   Andrienko, Natalia; Andrienko,    2006
Data                                           Gennady

Exploring Ancient Skies                        Kelley, David H.; Milone,         2005
                                               Eugene F.
Exploring C for Microcontrollers               Parab, Jivan S.; Shelake, Vinod   2007
                                               G.; Kamat, Rajanish K.; Naik,
                                               Gourish M.
Exploring the Cosmic Frontier                  Lobanov, Andrei; Zensus, J.A.;    2007
                                               Cesarsky, C.; Diamond, Ph.

Exploring Probability in School                Jones, Graham A.                  2005

Exploring the Secrets of the Aurora            Akasofu, Syun-Ichi                2007

Exploring the Vertebrate Central Cholinergic   Karczmar, Alexander               2007
Nervous System

Explosion-Resistant Buildings                  Bangash, M.Y.H.; Bangash, T.      2006

Explosively Driven Pulsed Power                Neuber, Andreas A.                2005
Expounding the Mathematical Seed. Vol. 2:       Keller, Agathe                    2006
The Supplements

Expounding the Mathematical Seed. Vol. 1:       Keller, Agathe                    2006
The Translation

Expressive Order                                Heise, David R.                   2007
The Extended Field of Operator Theory           Dritschel, Michael A.             2007

Extending Educational Change                    Hargreaves, Andy                  2005

Extending the Horizons                          Baker, Edward; Joseph, Anito;     2007
                                                Mehrotra, Anuj; Trick, Michael

Extending the Scalability of Linkage Learning   Chen, Ying-ping                   2006
Genetic Algorithms

Externe Referenzpreise                          Eschweiler, Maurice               2006
Externes Anwendungsmanagement                   Lonthoff, J÷rg                    2007

Extragalactic Astronomy and Cosmology           Schneider, Peter                  2006

Extrasolar Planets                              Benz, W.; Mayor, M.; Queloz,      2006
                                                D.; Udry, S.
Extreme Conflict and Tropical Forests           De Jong, Wil; Donovan,            2007
                                                Deanna; Abe, Ken-ichi
Extreme Events in Nature and Society            Albeverio, S.; Jentsch, V.;       2006
                                                Kantz, H.
Extreme Financial Risks                         Malevergne, Yannick; Sornette,    2006
Extreme Hydrological Events: New Concepts       Vasiliev, O.F.; Gelder,           2007
for Security                                    P.H.A.J.M.van; Plate, E.J.;
                                                Bolgov, M.V.
Extreme Man-Made and Natural Hazards in         Ibrahimbegovic, Adnan; Kozar,     2007
Dynamics of Structures                          Ivica

Extreme Nonlinear Optics                        Wegener, Martin                   2005

Extreme NXT                                     Gasperi, Michael; Hurbain,        2007
                                                Philippe; Hurbain, Isabelle
Extreme Programming and Agile Processes in      Baumeister, Hubert; Holcombe,     2005
Software Engineering (vol. # 3556)              Mike; Marchesi, Michele

Extreme Programming and Agile Processes in      Abrahamsson, Pekka;               2006
Software Engineering (vol. # 4044)              Marchesi, Michele; Succi,
Extreme Value Theory                            Ferreira, Ana; Haan, Laurens de   2006
Extreme Weather Events and Public Health        Bertollini, R.; Kirch, W.; Menne,   2005
Responses                                       B.

Extreme Wetterereignisse und ihre               Ritz, Christoph; Steininger, Karl   2005
wirtschaftlichen Folgen                         W.; Steinreiber, Christian

Extremes in Nature                              Salvadori, Gianfausto; De           2007
                                                Michele, Carlo; Kottegoda,
                                                Nathabandu T.; Rosso, Renzo
Extremum Problems for Eigenvalues of Elliptic   Henrot, Antoine                     2006

Extrusion in Ceramics                           Händle, Frank                       2007
Exzellentes Sponsoring                          Ahlert, Dieter; Woisetschläger,     2007
                                                David; Vogel, Verena

Eye Tracking Methodology: Theory and Practice Duchowski, Andrew T.                  2007

Fabbriche, sistemi, organizzazioni              Millán Gasca, Ana                   2006

Facades                                         Knaack, Ulrich; Klein, Tillman;     2007
                                                Bilow, Marcel; Auer, Thomas

Face Biometrics for Personal Identification     Hammoud, Riad I.; Abidi,            2007
                                                Besma R.; Abidi, Mongi A.
Facharztwissen Urologie                         Schmelz, H.U.; Sparwasser, C.;      2006
                                                Weidner, W.
Fachenglisch für Gesundheitsberufe              Schiller, S.                        2008

Fachkunde                                       Roeser, Karsten                     2006
Facial Rejuvenation                             Goldberg, David J.                  2007
Facility Management                             Braun, Hans-Peter; Pütter,          2007
Facility Management                             Nävy, Jens                          2006
Facing the Complexities of Women's Sexual       Maass, Vera Sonja                   2007

Factorization Method in Quantum Mechanics       Dong, Shi-Hai                       2007

Factorization of Matrix and Operator Functions: Bart, Harm; Gohberg, Israel;        2008
The State Space Method                          Kaashoek, Marinus A.; Ran,
                                                André C.M.
Fahrdynamik-Regelung                            Isermann, Rolf                      2006
Fahrerassistenzsysteme mit maschineller         Maurer, Markus; Stiller,            2005
Wahrnehmung                                     Christoph

Die fahrleistungsabhängige LKW-Maut             Einbock, Marcus                     2007

Fahrwerkhandbuch                                Heißing, Bernd; Ersoy, Metin        2007
Fahrzeuggetriebe                                 Bertsche, Bernd; Naunheimer,      2007
                                                 Harald; Lechner, Gisbert

Failed Stone                                     Loughran, Patrick                 2007
Faktoren des verlässlichen Handelns              Mistele, Peter                    2007

Fallrepetitorium Europarecht                     Lorz, Ralph Alexander             2006

Fallrepetitorium Völkerrecht                     Czarnecki, Ralph; Lenski, Edgar   2007

Fallsammlung zu Kriminologie,                    Laubenthal, Klaus                 2006
Jugendstrafrecht, Strafvollzug

Fallsammlung zum Arbeitsrecht                    Boemke, Burkhard                  2007

Fallsammlung zum Gesellschaftsrecht              Armbrüster, Christian             2007

Fallsammlung zum Sachenrecht                     Ahrens, Claus; Czeguhn,           2006
Fallsammlung zum Strafprozessrecht               Hellmann, Uwe                     2008

Fallsammlung zum Strafprozessrecht               Hellmann, Uwe                     2006

Fallsammlung zum Urheberrecht,                   Schmelz, Christoph                2005
Gewerblichen Rechtsschutz und Kartellrecht

Fallsammlung zum Verwaltungsrecht                Brinktrine, Ralf; Kastner,        2005
Fallstudien zum Produktionsmanagement            Bellmann, Klaus; Himpel, Frank    2006

Falltraining Osteoporose nach den DVO-           Peters, Klaus M.; Deuß, Ulrich    2007
Leitlinien 2006

Familienbildung mit benachteiligten Adressaten                                     2007

Familienpolitik und soziale Sicherung            Althammer, Jörg                   2005

Familienrecht für Steuerberater                  Meichsner, Burkhart; Arndt,       2007
Die Familienstrategie                            Baus, Kirsten                     2007
Familienunternehmen                              Hannes, Frank; Kuhn,              2008
                                                 Thorsten; Brückmann, Miriam
Familienunternehmen und                          Andreae, Caspar                   2007

The Family, Medical Decision-Making, and         Lee, Shui Chuen                   2007
Family-Oriented Primary Care                     Campbell, Thomas L.;              2005
                                                 Hepworth, Jeri; Lorenz, Alan;
                                                 McDaniel, Susan H.
The Far Side of the Moon                         Byrne, Charles J                  2008
Farbe - Kommunikation im Raum                    Meerwein, Gerhard; Rodeck,        2007
                                                 Bettina; Mahnke, Frank H.
Farbe im Digitalen Publizieren                   Simon, Klaus                      2008

Farewell to the Internal Clock                   Klein, Gunter; Becker, Peter      2007

Farmacognosia applicata                          Capasso, Francesco; Borrelli,     2007
                                                 Francesca; Longo, Rocco;
                                                 Capasso, Raffaele
Farming for Health                               Dijk, Majken van; Hassink, Jan    2006

Fas Signaling                                    Wajant, Harald                    2006
Faschismus                                       Saage, Richard                    2007
Fassaden                                         Knaack, Ulrich; Klein, Tillman;   2007
                                                 Bilow, Marcel; Auer, Thomas

Fast Motions in Biomechanics and Robotics        Diehl, Moritz; Mombaur, Katja     2006

Fast Simulation of Electro-Thermal MEMS          Bechtold, Tamara; Rudnyi,         2007
                                                 Evgenii B.; Korvink, Jan G.
Fast Software Encryption (vol. # 3557)           Gilbert, Henri; Handschuh,        2005
Fast Software Encryption                         Biryukov, Alex                    2007
Fast Software Encryption (vol. # 4047)           Robshaw, Matt                     2006
Fast Track to MDX                                Pasumansky, Mosha;                2006
                                                 Whitehorn, Mark; Zare, Robert
Fast, Efficient and Predictable Memory           Marwedel, Peter; Wehmeyer,        2006
Accesses                                         Lars

FastSLAM                                         Montemerlo, Michael; Thrun,       2007
The Fate of Persistent Organic Pollutants in the Mehmetli, Ebru; Koumanova,        2007
Environment                                      Bogdana

The Fate of Persistent Organic Pollutants in the Ilyina, Tatjana P.                2007
North Sea

Fathom 2                                      Biehler, Rolf; Hofmann, Tobias;      2006
                                              Maxara, Carmen; Prömmel,
Fault Diagnosis and Tolerance in Cryptography Breveglieri, Luca; Koren, Israel;    2006
                                              Naccache, David; Seifert, Jean-
Fault Diagnosis of Analog Integrated Circuits Barua, Alok; Kabisatpathy,           2005
                                              Prithviraj; Sinha, Satyabroto

Fault-Diagnosis Systems                          Isermann, Rolf                    2006
Fault-Tolerance Techniques for SRAM-Based       Carro, Luigi; Kastensmidt,        2006
FPGAs                                           Fernanda Lima; Reis, Ricardo

FBL Klein-Vogelbach Functional Kinetics: Die    Klein-Vogelbach, Susanne;         2007
Grundlagen                                      Suppé, Barbara

FBL Klein-Vogelbach Functional Kinetics:        Spirgi-Gantert, Irene; Suppé,     2006
Therapeutische Übungen                          Barbara

Feasibility and Infeasibility in Optimization   Chinneck, John W                  2008

Fecal Incontinence                              Ratto, Carlo; Doglietto,          2007
                                                Giovanni B.
Federation over the Web                         Jantke, Klaus P.; Lunzer, Aran;   2006
                                                Spyratos, Nicolas; Tanaka,
Feedforward Amplifiers for Wideband             Legarda, Jon                      2006
Communication Systems

Fehldiagnosen und Patientensicherheit           Kirch, Wilhelm                    2005

Die Fehlentscheidung                            Riesenhuber, Maximilian           2006
Fehlzeiten-Report 2004                          Badura, B.; Schellschmidt, H.;    2005
                                                Vetter, C.
Fehlzeiten-Report 2005                          Badura, B.; Schellschmidt, H.;    2006
                                                Vetter, C.
Fehlzeiten-Report 2006                          Badura, Bernhard;                 2007
                                                Schellschmidt, Henner; Vetter,
Feindbilder und VerstÄndigung                                                     2007

Felix Hausdorff - Gesammelte Werke Band 5       Bemelmans, Josef; Binder,         2006
                                                Christa; Chatterji, Srishti D.;
                                                Hildebrandt, Stefan; Purkert,
                                                Walter; Schmeidler, Felix;
                                                Scholz, Erhard
FEM                                             Klein, Bernd                      2007
The Female Pelvic Floor                         Petros, Peter                     2007
Female Urology                                  Goldman, Howard B.;               2008
                                                Vasavada, Sandip P.
Feminist Reflections on the History of          Alanen, Lilli; Witt, Charlotte    2005
Femtosecond Laser Pulses                        Rulliere, Claude                  2005

Femtosecond Laser Spectroscopy                  Hannaford, Peter                  2005

Femtosecond Optical Frequency Comb:             Cundiff, Steven T.; Ye, Jun       2005
Principle, Operation and Applications

Femtosekundenlaser                              Jesse, Klemens                    2005
Fenster                                      Pech, Anton; Pommer, Georg;       2005
                                             Zeininger, Johannes
The Fermi-Pasta-Ulam Problem                 Gallavotti, Giovanni              2008

The Fernow Watershed Acidification Study     Adams, Mary Beth; DeWalle,        2006
                                             David R.; Hom, John L.
Fernsehen digital                            Karstens, Eric                    2006
Ferro- and Antiferroelectricity              Dalal, Naresh; Bussmann-          2007
                                             Holder, Annette
Ferroelectric Thin Films                     Ishibashi, Yoshihiro; Okuyama,    2005
Fertigungstechnik                            Fritz, Alfred Herbert; Schulze,   2008
Fertigungstechnik                            Fritz, Alfred Herbert; Schulze,   2006
Fertigungsverfahren 2                        Klocke, Fritz; König, W.          2005
Fertigungsverfahren 3                        Klocke, Fritz; König, Wilfried    2007
Fertigungsverfahren 4                        Klocke, Fritz; König, Wilfried    2006
Festigkeitslehre                             Stark, Rudolf                     2006
Feynman Integral Calculus                    Smirnov, Vladimir A.              2006

Fiber-based Dispersion Compensation          Ramachandran, Siddharth           2007

Fibonacci’s De Practica Geometrie            Hughes, Barnabas                  2008

Fibrogenesis                                 Razzaque, Moshe S.                2005

Field and Service Robotics (vol. # 25)       Corke, Peter; Sukkarieh, Salah    2006

Field and Service Robotics (vol. # 24)       Asama, H.; Prassler, E.; Thrun,   2006
                                             S.; Tsubouchi, T.; Yuta, S.

Field Arithmetic                             Fried, Michael D.; Jarden,        2005
Field Emission in Vacuum Microelectronics    Fursey, George N.                 2005

A Field Guide to Algebra                     Chambert-Loir, Antoine            2005
Field Manual of Techniques in Invertebrate   Lacey, Lawrence A.; Kaya,         2008
Pathology                                    Harry K.

Field Models in Electricity and Magnetism                                      2008

Field Theory                                 Roman, Steven                     2006
Field-Based Coordination for Pervasive       Mamei, Marco; Zambonelli,         2006
Multiagent Systems                           Franco

Fields and Galois Theory                     Howie, John M.                    2006
Fieldwork for Design                         Randall, Dave; Harper,            2007
                                             Richard; Rouncefield, Mark
Fifth World Conference on Information Security Futcher, Lynn; Dodge, Ronald       2007

Fighting Terror Online                          Golumbic, Martin Charles          2008
Filtering Theory                                Saberi, Ali; Stoorvogel, Anton    2007
                                                A.; Sannuti, Peddapullaiah
Financial Compensation for Victims of           Faure, Michael; Hartlief, Ton     2006

Financial Cryptography                                                            2006
Financial Cryptography and Data Security        Dietrich, Sven; Dhamija,          2008
Financial Cryptography and Data Security (vol.  Patrick, Andrew S.; Yung, Moti    2005
# 3570)
Financial Cryptography and Data Security (vol. Di Crescenzo, Giovanni; Rubin,     2006
# 4107)                                         Avi
Financial Distress, Corporate Restructuring and Jostarndt, Philipp                2007
Firm Survival

Financial Market Imperfections and Corporate    Colombo, Emilio; Stanca, Luca     2006

Financial Modeling Under Non-Gaussian           Jondeau, Eric; Poon, Ser-         2007
Distributions                                   Huang; Rockinger, Michael

Financial Privacy                               Jentzsch, Nicola                  2007
Performance Funding for Universities            Herbst, Marcel                    2007

Finanzaufsicht in Deutschland und                                                 2008

Finanzielle Kennzahlen für Industrie- und       Stephan, Jörg                     2006

Finanzierung                                    Breuer, Wolfgang                  2008
Finanzierung durch Corporate Venture Capital    Neubecker, Jochen                 2006
und Venture Capital

Finanzierung für Sozialberufe                   Nicolini, Hans J                  2006

Finanzierung und Bilanzierung in der            Jacob, Dieter; Stuhr, Constanze   2006

Finanzierungslehre für Nonprofit-Organisationen Vilain, Michael                   2006

Finanzintermediation durch Banken und           Kaiser, Dirk                      2006

Finanz-Management                               Prätsch, Joachim; Schikorra,      2007
                                                Uwe; Ludwig, Eberhard
Finanzmarktsimulation mit                                                         2008

Finanzmarktstatistik                            Schmid, Friedrich; Trede, Mark    2006

Finanzmathematik                                Wüst, Kirsten                     2006
Finanzmathematik in der Bankpraxis              Heidorn, Thomas                   2006

Finanzpolitik                                   Schmölders, G.                    2007
Finanzstrategisch denken!                       Spreman, Klaus; Kötzle, Alfred;   2008
                                                Reding, Kurt; Eilenberger,
                                                Guido; Haghani, Sascha

Finanzwirtschaft der Bilanzbuchhalter           Wünsche, Manfred                  2007

Finanzwirtschaftliche Bewertung von             Klingelhöfer, Heinz Eckart        2006

Fine- and Coarse-Grain Reconfigurable           Vassiliadis, Stamatis; Soudris,   2008
Computing                                       Dimitrios

Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology                 Kocjan, Gabrijela                 2006

Fine-Tuning of RNA Functions by Modification    Grosjean, Henri                   2005
and Editing

FinFETs and Other Multi-Gate Transistors        Colinge, Jean-Pierre              2008

Finite Element Methods and Their Applications   Chen, Zhangxin                    2005

Finite Element Methods:                         Nguyen, Duc Thai                  2006
Finite Elemente                                 Braess, Dietrich                  2007
Finite Elemente in der Baustatik                                                  2008

Finite Elemente in der Strukturmechanik         Sarnes, Klaus-Dieter;             2006
                                                Wissmann, Johannes
Finite Mixture and Markov Switching Models      Frühwirth-Schnatter, Sylvia       2006

Finite Model Theory                             Ebbinghaus, Heinz-Dieter;         2006
                                                Flum, Jörg
Finite Model Theory and Its Applications        Grädel, Erich; Kolaitis, P.G.;    2007
                                                Libkin, L.; Marx, M.; Spencer,
                                                J.; Vardi, Moshe Y.; Venema,
                                                Y.; Weinstein, Scott

Finite Zeros in Discrete Time Control Systems   Tokarzewski, Jerzy                2006

Finite-Elemente-Methode                         Steinke, Peter                    2007
Finite-State Methods and Natural Language          Yli-Jyrä, Anssi; Karhumäki,       2006
Processing                                         Juhani; Karttunen, Lauri

Fire Properties of Polymer Composite Materials Mouritz, A. P.; Gibson, A. G.         2006

A First Course in Differential Equations           Logan, J. David                   2006

A First Course in Harmonic Analysis                Deitmar, Anton                    2005

A First Course in Modular Forms                    Diamond, Fred; Shurman, Jerry     2005

A First Course in Statistics for Signal Analysis   Woyczynski, Wojbor A.             2006

First Course on Fuzzy Theory and Applications      Lee, Kwang H.                     2005

First Floridians and Last Mastodons                Webb, S. David                    2006

Microbial Phosphate Solubilization                 Velazquez-Perez, E.;              2007
                                                   Rodriguez-Barrueco, C.

First Light in the Universe                        Loeb, A; Ferrara, A; Ellis, RS    2008

The First Men on the Moon                          Harland, David                    2007
Abnormal Psychology for First Responders           Dorfman, William I.; Walker,      2007
                                                   Lenore E.
First Steps: Developing BizTalk Applications       Loftin, Robert                    2007

Fiscal Equalization                                Martinez-Vazquez, Jorge;          2007
                                                   Searle, Bob
Fish Histology                                     McMillan, Donald B.               2007
The Fish Oocyte: from basic studies to             Babin, Patrick J.; Cerdà, Joan;   2007
biotechnological applications                      Lubzens, Esther
Fisica solare                                      Landi Degl'Innocenti, Egidio      2008
Fit in Organik                                     Hutterer, Rudi; Hensel,           2006
                                                   Friedrich; Elschenbroich,
                                                   Christoph; Hopf, Henning
Fit ins Alter                                      Bachl, Norbert; Schwarz,          2006
                                                   Werner; Zeibig, Johannes
Fitofarmacovigilanza                               Borrelli, F.; Capasso, F.;        2006
                                                   Castaldo, S.
Fitoterapia                                        Capasso, Francesco;               2006
                                                   Grandolini, Giuliano; Izzo,
                                                   Angelo A.
Fixed Point Theory for Decomposable Sets           Fryszkowski, Andrzej              2005

Flash 8 Essentials                                 Barnes-Hoggett, Paul; Downs,      2006
                                                   Stephen; Rhodes, Glen;
                                                   Swann, Craig; Voerman, Matt;
                                                   Yard, Todd
Flash Application Design Solutions             Bryant, Craig; Cheung, Ka Wai      2006

Flavours and Fragrances                        Berger, R.G.                       2007
Fleet Telematics                               Goel, Asvin                        2008
Flex Solutions                                 Casario, Marco                     2008
Flexibilisierung                                                                  2008
Flexibilität in Rahmenverträgen                Iliev, Nikolai                     2007

Flexibilität und Sicherheit                    Struck, Olaf                       2006

Flexible AC Transmission Systems: Modelling    Pal, Bikash; Rehtanz, Christian;   2006
and Control                                    Zhang, Xiao-Ping

Flexible and Efficient Information Handling    Bell, David; Hong, Jun             2006

Flexible Bürokratie                           Dose, Carsten                       2006
Flexible Databases Supporting Imprecision and Bordogna, Gloria; Psaila,           2006
Uncertainty                                   Giuseppe

Flexible Plankosten rechnung und Deckungs      Kilger, Wolfgang; Pampel,          2007
beitragsrechnung                               Jochen; Vikas, Kurt

Flexible Query Answering Systems               Andreasen, Troels;                 2006
                                               Christiansen, Henning; Legind
                                               Larsen, Henrik; Ortiz-Arroyo,
                                               Daniel; Pasi, Gabriella
Fließgewässer- und Auenentwicklung             Jürging, Peter; Patt, Heinz        2005

Fließpressen                                  Lange, K.; Kammerer, X.;            2007
                                              Pöhlandt, Y.; Schöck, Z.
FLOMANIA - A European Initiative on Flow      Aupoix, Bertrand; Bunge, Ulf;       2006
Physics Modelling                             Haase, Werner; Schwamborn,
Flood Risk Management in Europe               Begum, S.; Stive, Marcel J.F.;      2007
                                              Hall, Jim W.
Flood Risk Management: Hazards, Vulnerability Schanze, Jochen; Zeman,             2006
and Mitigation Measures                       Evzen; Marsalek, Jiri

Flow and Transport in Fractured Porous Media   Dietrich, Peter; Helmig, Rainer;   2005
                                               Hötzl, Heinz; Köngeter, Jürgen;
                                               Sauter, Martin; Teutsch, Georg

Flow Cytometry                                 Macey, Marion G.                   2007
The Flow Equation Approach to Many-Particle    Kehrein, Stefan                    2006

Flow Shop Lot Streaming Problems               Sarin, Subhash C.                  2007
Flower Breeding and Genetics                   Anderson, Neil O.                  2006

Flowering Plants. Eudicots                     Kubitzki, Klaus                    2007
Flowering Plants. Eudicots                      Kadereit, Joachim W.; Jeffrey,     2007
Flow and Transport Processes with Complex       Gayev, Yevgeny A.; Hunt,           2007
Obstructions                                    Julian C.R.

Flüchten oder Bleiben?                          Bartmann, Sylke                    2006
Fluctuation Theory for Lévy Processes           Doney, Ronald A.                   2007

Fluctuations, Information, Gravity and the      Carroll, R.W.                      2006
Quantum Potential

Flugmechanik der Hubschrauber                   Bittner, Walter                    2005

Fluid Mechanics                                 Spurk, Joseph H. ; Aksel, Nuri     2008

Fluid Mechanics                                 Krause, Egon                       2005
Fluid Mechanics of Flow Metering                Merzkirch, Wolfgang                2005

Fluid Transport in Nanoporous Materials         Conner, Wm. Curtis; Fraissard,     2006
Fluid Volume Monitoring with Glucose Dilution   Ishihara, Hironori; Giesecke,      2007
                                                Adolph H.
Fluid-Structure Interaction                     Bungartz, Hans-Joachim;            2006
                                                Schäfer, Michael
Fluorescence of Supermolecules, Polymers,       Berberan-Santos, M N               2008
and Nanosystems

Fluorescence Spectroscopy in Biology          Fidler, Vlastimil; Hof, Martin;      2005
                                              Hutterer, Rudolf
Fluoreszenzangiographie in der Augenheilkunde Dithmar, Stefan; Holz, Frank         2008
Flux Pinning in Superconductors               Matsushita, Teruo                    2007

Flux-Corrected Transport                        Kuzmin, D.; Löhner, R.; Turek,     2005
FM 2005: Formal Methods                         Fitzgerald, John; Hayes, Ian J.;   2005
                                                Tarlecki, Andrzej
FM 2006: Formal Methods                         Misra, Jayadev; Nipkow,            2006
                                                Tobias; Sekerinski, Emil
FOBA                                                                               2005
Focal Liver Lesions                             Bartolozzi, C.; Cioni, D.;         2005
                                                Lencioni, R.
Focusing Telescopes in Nuclear Astrophysics     Ballmoos, Peter von                2006

Föderalismus und Naturschutz                    Volkery, Axel                      2007

Fog and Boundary Layer Clouds                   Gultepe, Ismail                    2007

Der Fokus im HNO-Bereich: Fakt oder Fiktion? Biesinger, E.; Iro, H.                2006
Foliations and Geometric Structures            Bejancu, Aurel; Farran, Hani       2006
Folk Psychology Re-Assessed                    Ratcliffe, Matthew M.; Hutto, D.   2007

Food Biotechnology in Ethical Perspective      Thompson, Paul B.                  2007

Food Engineering: Integrated Approaches                                           2008

Food Materials Science                         Aguilera, José Miguel; Lillford,   2008
                                               Peter J
Food Physics                                   Figura, Ludger O.; Teixeira,       2007
                                               Arthur A.
Food Powders                                   Barbosa-Cánovas, Gustavo V.;       2005
                                               Juliano, Pablo; Ortega-Rivas,
                                               Enrique ; Yan, Hong
Food Safety                                    McElhatton, Anna; Marshall,        2007
                                               Richard J.
Foodborne Diseases                             Simjee, Shabbir                    2007
Foodborne Microbial Pathogens                  Bhunia, Arun K                     2008

Foodborne Parasites                            Ortega, Ynes R.                    2006
Food-Borne Parasitic Zoonoses                  Murrell, K Darwin; Fried,          2008
Foot and ankle in rheumatoid arthritis         Bouysset, Maurice; Tillmann,       2006
                                               Karl; Tourné, Yves
Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus                   Mahy, Brian WJ                     2005

Football Traumatology                          Volpi, Piero                       2006
Force Sensors for Microelectronic Packaging    Brand, O.; Mayer, M.;              2005
Applications                                   Schwizer, J.

Forced Migration and Mental Health             Ingleby, David                     2005

Forces, Growth and Form in Soft Condensed      Belushkin, A.V.; Skjeltorp, A.T.   2005
Matter: At the Interface between Physics and
Forecasting Innovations                        Hingley, Peter; Nicolas, Marc      2006
Forecasting Oracle Performance                 Shallahamer, Craig                 2007

Forefoot Reconstruction                        Barouk, Louis-Samuel               2005
Forensic Anthropology and Medicine             Schmitt, Aurore                    2006

Forensic Computing                             Sammes, Anthony J.;                2007
                                               Jenkinson, Brian
Forensic Document Examination                  Koppenhaver, Katherine M.          2007

Forensic Ethics and the Expert Witness         Candilis, Philip J.; Weinstock,    2007
                                               Robert; Martinez, Richard

Forensic Neuropathology and Associated         Auer, Roland N.; König, Hans       2006
Neurology                                      G.; Oehmichen, Manfred
Forensic Pathology of Trauma                    Shkrum, Michael J.; Ramsay,       2007
                                                David A.
Forensic Pathology Reviews                      Tsokos, Michael                   2006

Forensic Pathology Reviews                      Tsokos, Michael                   2005

Forensic Psychiatry                             Mason, Tom                        2006
Forest Diversity and Function                   Körner, C.; Scherer-Lorenzen,     2005
                                                M.; Schulze, E.-D.
Forest Diversity and Management                 Hawksworth, D.L.; Bull, A.T.      2006

Forest Ecosystems and Environments              Canadell, Josep; Kohyama,         2005
                                                Takashi; Ojima, Dennis S.;
                                                Pitelka, Louis F.
Forest Entomology in East Africa                Schabel, Hans G.                  2006

Forest Entomology in West Tropical Africa:      Wagner, Michael R.; Cobbinah,     2008
Forests Insects of Ghana                        Joseph R.; Bosu, Paul P.

Forest Environment of Continental River Basins Sawada, Haruo; Chappell,           2007
                                               Nick; LaFrankie, James V.;
                                               Shimizu, Akira; Araki, Makoto
Forest Inventory                               Kangas, Annika; Maltamo, Matti     2006

Forest Landscape Ecology                        Perera, Ajith H.; Buse, Lisa;     2006
                                                Crow, Thomas
Forest Mensuration                              Van Laar, Anthonie; Akça,         2007
Forest Policy Analysis                          Krott, Max                        2005
Forest Restoration in Landscapes                Dudley, Nigel; Mansourian,        2005
                                                Stephanie; Vallauri, Daniel
Forest Road Operations in the Tropics           Sessions, John                    2007

Forest Strategy                                 Gane, Michael                     2007
Forest Trees                                    Kole, Chittaranjan                2007
Forging New Frontiers: Fuzzy Pioneers I         Nikravesh, Masoud; Kacprzyk,      2007
                                                Janusz; Zadeh, Lotfi A.

Forging New Frontiers: Fuzzy Pioneers II        Nikravesh, Masoud; Kacprzyk,      2008
                                                Janusz; Zadeh, Lotfi A.

form adressbuch 2006                            Edition form,                     2005
form adressbuch 07                              Edition form,                     2007
Formal Approaches to Agent-Based Systems        Hinchey, Michael G.; Rash,        2005
                                                James L.; Rouff, Christopher
                                                A.; Truszkowski, Walter F.
Formal Approaches to Software Testing (vol. #   Grabowski, Jens; Nielsen, Brian   2005
Formal Approaches to Software Testing (vol. #   Grieskamp, Wolfgang; Weise,       2006
3997)                                           Carsten
Formal Approaches to Software Testing and      Havelund, Klaus; Núnez,          2006
Runtime Verification                           Manuel; Rosu, Grigore; Wolff,
Formal Aspects in Security and Trust           Dimitrakos, Theo; Martinelli,    2007
                                               Fabio; Ryan, Peter Y A;
                                               Schneider, Steve
Formal Aspects in Security and Trust (vol. #   Dimitrakos, Theo; Martinelli,    2005
173)                                           Fabio
Formal Aspects in Security and Trust (vol. #   Dimitrakos, Theo; Martinelli,    2006
3866)                                          Fabio; Ryan, Peter Y.A.;
                                               Schneider, Steve
Formal Concept Analysis                                                         2008
Formal Concept Analysis                        Kuznetsov, Sergei O.; Schmidt,   2007
Formal Concept Analysis (vol. # 3403)          Ganter, Bernhard                 2005
Formal Concept Analysis (vol. # 3874)          Missaoui, Rokia; Schmid, Jürg    2006

Formal Correctness of Security Protocols       Bella, Giampaolo                 2007

Formal Methods and Hybrid Real-Time Systems Jones, Cliff B.; Liu, Zhiming;      2007
                                            Woodcock, Jim

Formal Methods and Software Engineering        Butler, Michael; Hinchey,        2007
                                               Michael G; Larrondo-Petrie,
                                               María M
Formal Methods and Software Engineering        Banach, Richard; Lau, Kung-Kiu   2005
(vol. # 3785)
Formal Methods and Software Engineering        Liu, Zhiming; He, Jifeng         2006
(vol. # 4260)
Formal Methods and Stochastic Models for       Wolter, Katinka                  2007
Performance Evaluation

Formal Methods and Stochastic Models for       Horváth, András; Telek, Miklós   2006
Performance Evaluation

Formal Methods for Components and Objects      de Boer, Frank S.; Bonsangue,    2007
                                               Marcello M.; Graf, Susanne; de
                                               Roever, Willem-Paul

Formal Methods for Components and Objects      Bonsangue, Marcello M.; de       2005
(vol. # 3657)                                  Boer, Frank S.; de Roever,
                                               Willem-Paul; Graf, Susanne
Formal Methods for Components and Objects      Bonsangue, Marcello M.; de       2006
(vol. # 4111)                                  Boer, Frank S.; de Roever,
                                               Willem-Paul; Graf, Susanne
Formal Methods for Hardware Verification       Bernardo, Marco; Cimatti,        2006
Formal Methods for Mobile Computing            Bernardo, Marco; Bogliolo,       2005
Formal Methods for Open Object-Based           Bonsangue, Marcello M.;          2007
Distributed Systems                            Johnsen, Einar Broch
Formal Methods for Open Object-Based         Steffen, Martin; Zavattaro,       2005
Distributed Systems (vol. # 3535)            Gianluigi

Formal Methods for Open Object-Based         Gorrieri, Roberto; Wehrheim,      2006
Distributed Systems (vol. # 4037)            Heike

Formal Methods for Performance Evaluation    Bernardo, Marco; Hillston, Jane   2007

Formal Methods in Software and Systems       Kreowski, Hans-Jörg;              2005
Modeling                                     Montanari, Ugo; Orejas,
                                             Fernando; Rozenberg,
                                             Grzegorz; Taentzer, Gabriele
Formal Methods Applications and Technology   Brim, Lubos; Haverkort,           2007
                                             Boudewijn; Leucker, Martin;
                                             Pol, Jaco van de
Formal Modeling and Analysis of Timed        Raskin, Jean-Francois;            2007
Systems                                      Thiagarajan, P.S.

Formal Modeling and Analysis of Timed        Pettersson, Paul; Yi, Wang        2005
Systems (vol. # 3829)

Formal Modeling and Analysis of Timed        Asarin, Eugene; Bouyer,           2006
Systems (vol. # 4202)                        Patricia

Formal Modelling in Electronic Commerce      Kimbrough, Steven O.; Wu,         2005
Formal Models of Communicating Systems       Bollig, Benedikt                  2006

Formal Models of Operating System Kernels    Craig, Iain D.                    2007

Formal Ontology and Conceptual Realism       Cocchiarella, Nino B.             2007

Formal Refinement for Operating System       Craig, Iain D.                    2007

Formal Techniques for Computer Systems and   Bravetti, Mario; Kloul, Leila;    2005
Business Processes                           Zavattaro, Gianluigi

Formal Techniques for Networked and          Wang, Farn                        2005
Distributed Systems - FORTE 2005

Formal Techniques for Networked and          Najm, Elie; Pradat-Peyre, Jean-   2006
Distributed Systems - FORTE 2006             Francois; Donzeau-Gouge,
                                             Véronique Viguié

Formal Techniques for Networked and          Derrick, John; Vain, Jüri         2007
Distributed Systems – FORTE 2007
Formale Modellierung von Authentifizierung    Wölfl, Thomas                     2006
und Authorisierung infrastrukturen

Formalizing Medieval Logical Theories         Dutilh Novaes, Catarina           2007

Formation and Early Growth of Business Webs Steiner, Florian                    2005

The Formation Process of SME Networks         Haas, Marita; Vetschera, Rudolf   2007

Formationen der Stadt                         Jessen-Klingenberg, Detlef;       2006
                                              Wilhelm, Karin
Formeln und Aufgaben zur Technischen          Ehlers, W.; Gross, D.;            2005
Mechanik 1                                    Wriggers, P.

Formeln und Aufgaben zur Technischen          Gross, D.; Ehlers, W.;            2006
Mechanik 1                                    Wriggers, P.

Formeln und Aufgaben zur Technischen          Ehlers, W.; Gross, D.;            2005
Mechanik 2                                    Wriggers, P.

Formeln und Aufgaben zur Technischen          Gross, Dietmar; Ehlers,           2007
Mechanik 2                                    Wolfgang; Wriggers, Peter.

Formeln und Aufgaben zur Technischen          Gross, Dietmar; Ehlers,           2007
Mechanik 3                                    Wolfgang; Wriggers, Peter

Formeln und Aufgaben zur Technischen          Ehlers, Wolfgang; Gross,          2005
Mechanik 3                                    Dietmar; Wriggers, Peter

Formeln und Tabellen Bauphysik                Willems, Wolfgang M; Stricker,    2007
                                              Diana; Dinter, Simone; Schild,
Formeln und Tabellen Elektrotechnik           Böge, Wolfgang; Plaßmann,         2007
Formeln und Tabellen Maschinenbau             Böge, Alfred; Böge, Wolfgang;     2007
                                              Böge, Gert; Franke, Peter;
                                              Weißbach, Wolfgang

Formeln und Tabellen zur Technischen          Böge, Alfred; Schlemmer,          2006
Mechanik                                      Walter; Böge, Wolfgang; Böge,
Formelsammlung für das Vermessungswesen       Josef Gruber, Franz; Joeckel,     2007
Forming the Mind                              Lagerlund, Henrik                 2007
Form-Oriented Analysis                        Draheim, Dirk; Weber, Gerald      2005
Forschung für das Auto von Morgen             Schindler, Volker; Sievers,       2008
Forschungsleistung in der deutschsprachigen   Wolf, Joachim; Macharzina,        2006
Betriebswirtschaftslehre                      Klaus; Rohn, Anne
Forschungsmethoden und Evaluation                                                 2006

Fortbildung Osteologie 1                        König, Dietmar P.; Peters,        2006
                                                Klaus M.
Die Fortentwicklung der Wegzugsbesteuerung      Keller, Annekathrin               2006
nach º 6 AStG

Fortschritt in den Wirtschaftswissenschaften    Zelewski, Stephan; Akca,          2006

Fortschritte der praktischen Dermatologie und   Kaudewitz, P.; Plewig, G.;        2005
Venerologie 2004                                Sander, C.A.

Fossil Earthquakes: The Formation and           Lin, Aiming                       2008
Preservation of Pseudotachylytes

Foto + Text                                     Holzbrecher, Alfred; Oomen-       2006
                                                Welke, Ingelore; Schmolling,
Fotos sehen, verstehen, gestalten               Schuster, Martin                  2005

FotoWare Color Factory                          Pfeifer, Uwe                      2007
Foucault: Diskursanalyse der Politik            Kerchner, Brigitte; Schneider,    2006

Foucaults Machtanalytik und Soziale Arbeit                                        2007

Foundation 3ds Max 8 Architectural              Smith, Brian L.                   2006

Foundation ActionScript 3 Animation             Peters, Keith                     2007

Foundation ActionScript Animation               Peters, Keith                     2006

Foundation ActionScript for Flash 8             Besley, Kristian; Bhangal,        2006
                                                Sham; Powers, David
Foundation ASP for Dreamweaver 8                Elbaga, Omar; Turnbull, Rob       2006

Foundation Flash 8                              Besley, Kristian; Bhangal, Sham   2006

Foundation Flash 8 Video                        Chilcott, Jordan L.; Green, Tom   2006

Foundation Flash Applications for Mobile        Leggett, Richard; Janousek, ;     2007
Devices                                         De Boer,

Foundation PHP for Dreamweaver 8                Powers, David                     2006

Foundation PHP5 for Flash                       Powers, David                     2005
Foundation Web Design with Dreamweaver 8        Grannell, Craig                   2006

Foundation XML for Flash                        Jacobs, Sas                       2006

Foundations and Advances in Data Mining         Chu, Wesley; Lin, Tsau Young      2005

Foundations and Applications of MIS             Takahara, Yasuhiko; Liu,          2006
Foundations and Applications of Sensor          Hero, Alfred Olivier; Kastella,   2008
Management                                      Keith; Castanon, David;
                                                Cochran, Doug
Foundations and Novel Approaches in Data        Hu, Xiaohua; Liau, Churn-Jung;    2006
Mining                                          Lin, Tsau Young; Ohsuga,
Foundations for Local Governance                                                  2008

Foundations of 3D Graphics Programming          Chen, Jim X.; Wegman,             2006
                                                Edward J.
Foundations of Ajax                             Asleson, Ryan; Schutta,           2006
                                                Nathaniel T.
Foundations of AOP for J2EE Development         Pawlak, Renaud; Retaille, Jean-   2005
                                                Philippe; Seinturier, Lionel

Foundations of Atlas                            Moroney, Laurence                 2006
Foundations of Augmented Cognition              Schmorrow, Dylan D.; Reeves,      2007
                                                Leah M.
Foundations of Computer Security                Salomon, David                    2006

Foundations of Data Mining and Knowledge        Hu, Xiaohua; Liau, Churn-Jung;    2005
Discovery                                       Lin, Tsau Young; Ohsuga,
                                                Setsuo; Tsumoto, Shusaku

The Foundations of Europe                     Hörber, Thomas                      2006
Foundations of F#                             Pickering, Robert                   2007
Foundations of Fuzzy Logic and Soft Computing Melin, Patricia; Castillo, Oscar;   2007
                                              Aguilar, Luis T.; Kacprzyk,
                                              Janusz; Pedrycz, Witold

Foundations of Generic Optimization             Lowen, Robert; Verschoren,        2008
Foundations of Generic Optimization             Lowen, R.; Verschoren, A.         2005

Foundations of Genetic Algorithms               De Jong, Kenneth A.; Schmitt,     2005
                                                Lothar M.; Vose, Michael D.;
                                                Wright, Alden H.
Foundations of Genetic Algorithms               Stephens, Christopher R.;         2007
                                                Toussaint, Marc; Whitley,
                                                Darrell; Stadler, Peter F.
Foundations of Global Genetic Optimization      Schaefer, Robert                  2007

Foundations of GTK+ Development                 Krause, Andrew                    2007
Foundations of Hyperbolic Manifolds            Ratcliffe, John                    2006

Foundations of Information and Knowledge                                          2008

Foundations of Information and Knowledge       Dix, Jürgen; Hegner, Stephen J.    2006

Foundations of Intelligent Systems                                                2006

Foundations of Intelligent Systems (vol. # 3488) Hacid, Mohand-Said; Ras,         2005
                                                 Zbigniew W.; Tsumoto,
Foundations of Intelligent Systems (vol. # 4203) Esposito, Floriana; Ras,         2006
                                                 Zbigniew W.; Malerba, Donato;
                                                 Semeraro, Giovanni
Foundations of Java for ABAP Programmers         Rooney, Alistair                 2006

Foundations of Learning Classifier Systems     Bull, Larry; Kovacs, Tim           2005

Foundations of Microsoft® Expression Web       Wise, Cheryl D.                    2007

Foundations of Object-Oriented Programming     Gross, Christian                   2006
Using .NET 2.0 Patterns

Foundations of Qt Development                  Thelin, Johan                      2007

Foundations of Security                         Daswani, Neil; Kesavan, Anita;    2007
                                                Kern, Christoph
Foundations of Security Analysis and Design III Aldini, Alessandro; Gorrieri,     2005
                                                Roberto; Martinelli, Fabio
Foundations of Security Analysis and Design IV Aldini, Alessandro; Gorrieri,      2007
Foundations of Software Science and             Seidl, Helmut                     2007
Computational Structures

Foundations of Software Science and            Sassone, Vladimiro                 2005
Computational Structures (vol. # 3441)

Foundations of Software Science and            Aceto, Luca; Ingólfsdóttir, Anna   2006
Computational Structures (vol. # 3921)

Foundations of Sport-Related Brain Injuries    Sebastianelli, Wayne;              2006
                                               Slobounov, Semyon
Foundations of SQL Server 2005 Business        Langit, Lynn                       2007
Foundations of Systematics and Biogeography     Williams, David M; Ebach,         2008
                                                Malte C

Founders at Work                                Livingston, Jessica               2007
The Four Pillars of Geometry                    Stillwell, John                   2005
The Fourfold Way in Real Analysis               Unterberger, André                2006

Fourier Series in Control Theory                Komornik, Vilmos; Loreti, Paola   2005

Fourier Transformation for Pedestrians          Butz, Tilman                      2006

Fourier Transforms of Invariant Functions on    Letellier, Emmanuel               2005
Finite Reductive Lie Algebras

Fourth IFIP International Conference on         Navarro, Gonzalo; Bertossi,       2006
Theoretical Computer Science - TCS 2006         Leopoldo; Kohayakawa,

FPGA Implementations of Neural Networks         Omondi, Amos R.; Rajapakse,       2006
                                                Jagath C.
Fractal Behaviour of the Earth System           Dimri, V.P.                       2005

Fractal Geometry, Complex Dimensions and        Frankenhuijsen, Machiel Van;      2006
Zeta Functions                                  Lapidus, Michel L.

Fractals in Biology and Medicine                Losa, Gabriele A.; Merlini,       2005
                                                Danilo; Nonnenmacher, Theo
                                                F.; Weibel, Ewald R.
Fractals in Engineering                         Lévy-Véhel, Jacques; Lutton,      2005
Fracture and Failure of Natural Building Stones Kourkoulis, Stavros K.            2006

Fracture Classifications in Clinical Practice   Mostofi, Seyed Behrooz            2006

Fracture Mechanics                              Gross, Dietmar; Seelig, Thomas    2006

Fracture Mechanics (vol. # 123)                 Gdoutos, E.E.                     2005
Fracture Mechanics                              Bui, H.D.                         2006
Fracture of Nano and Engineering Materials      Gdoutos, E. E.                    2006
and Structures

Fractures du genou                              Fontaine, Christian;              2005
                                                Vannineuse, Alain
Fragen und Antworten zu Werkstoffe              Hornbogen, Erhard; Jost,          2005
Fragile Families and the Marriage Agenda        Kowaleski-Jones, Lori;            2006
                                                Wolfinger, Nicholas H.
Fragmentation in Semi-Arid and Arid             Galvin, Kathleen A.; Reid,        2008
Landscapes                                      Robin S.; Behnke, Jr., Roy H.;
                                                Hobbs, N. Thompson
Fragmentation of Rings and Shells              Grady, Dennis                    2006

Fragmented Intimacy                            Adams, Peter J                   2008
The Frailty Model                              Duchateau, Luc; Janssen, Paul    2008

Frank Gehry MARTa Herford                      MARTa Freunde und Förderer,      2005

Französische Kulturpolitik in Deutschland 1945- Plum, Jacqueline                2007

Die französische Nationalversammlung und die Stanat, Markus                     2006
Europäische Union

Free Boundary Problems                         Figueiredo, Isabel Narra;        2007
                                               Rodrigues, José Francisco;
                                               Santos, Lisa
Free Convection Film Flows and Heat Transfer   Shang, Deyi                      2006

Free Energy and Self-Interacting Particles     Suzuki, Takashi                  2005

Free Energy Calculations                       Chipot, Christophe; Pohorille,   2007
Free Energy Calculations                       Chipot, Christophe; Pohorille,   2007
Free Surface Flows under Compensated           Dreyer, Michael E.               2007
Gravity Conditions

Free-Convective Heat Transfer                  Khramtsov, Pavel P.;             2005
                                               Martynenko, Oleg G.
Free-Radical-Induced DNA Damage and Its        Sonntag, Clemens von             2006

Freiraum und Naturschutz                       Baier, Hermann; Erdmann,         2006
                                               Frithjof; Holz, Rainer;
                                               Waterstraat, Arno
Freizeitimmobilien und Stadtentwicklung in     Gamm, Stephanie                  2006

Fremdkontrolle als Dienstleistung für          Brettel, Tanja                   2006

Fresh Dialogue Five                                                             2005
Frick/Knöll Baukonstructionslehre 1            Neumann, Dietrich;               2006
                                               Weinbrenner, Ulrich; Rongen,
                                               Ludwig; Hestermann, Ulf
Friedens- und Konfliktforschung                Imbusch, Peter; Zoll, Ralf       2006

Friedensstiftende Religionen?                  Brocker, Manfred; Hildebrandt,   2008
Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900)                Backhaus, Jürgen Georg;          2006
                                               Drechsler, Wolfgang
Fringe 2005                                     Osten, Wolfgang                   2006
Frobenius Splitting Methods in Geometry and     Brion, Michel ; Kumar, Shrawan    2005
Representation Theory

From Adolescence to Adulthood in the Vietnam Owens, Timothy J.                    2005

From Animals to Animats 9                       Nolfi, Stefano; Baldassare,       2006
                                                Gianluca; Calabretta, Raffaele;
                                                Hallam, John; Marocco,
                                                Davide; Miglino, Orazio; Meyer,
                                                Jean-Arcady; Parisi, Domenico

From Biological Control to Invasion: the                                          2008
Ladybird <Emphasis Type="Italic">Harmonia
axyridis</Emphasis> as a Model Species

From Brows to Trust                             Pelachaud, Catherine; Ruttkay,    2005
From Cells to Proteins: Imaging Nature across   Barsanti, Laura; Evangelista,     2005
Dimensions                                      Valtere; Gualtieri, Paolo;
                                                Passarelli, Vincenzo
From Computer Literacy to Informatics           Mittermeir, Roland T.             2005

From Customer Retention to a Holistic                                             2008
Stakeholder Management System

From Data and Information Analysis to           Borgelt, Christian; Gaul,         2006
Knowledge Engineering                           Wolfgang; Kruse, Rudolf;
                                                Nürnberger, Andreas;
                                                Spiliopoulou, Myra
From Disaster Response to Risk Management       Botterill, Linda C.; Wilhite,     2005
                                                Donald A.

From Dust To Stars                              Schulz, Norbert                   2005
From Energetics to Ecosystems: the Dynamics     Rooney, Neil; McCann, Kevin       2007
and Structure of Ecological Systems             S.; Noakes, David L.G.

From Enterprise Architecture to IT Governance Niemann, Klaus D                    2006

From Geometry to Quantum Mechanics              Maeda, Yoshiaki; Michor,          2007
                                                Peter; Ochiai, Takushiro;
                                                Yoshioka, Akira
From Gestalt Theory to Image Analysis           Desolneux, Agnés; Moisan,         2008
                                                Lionel; Morel, Jean-Michel
From Hahn-Banach to Monotonicity                                                 2008

From Hyperbolic Systems to Kinetic Theory                                        2008

From Innate Immunity to Immunological           Pulendran, B.; Ahmed, R.         2006

From Integrated Publication and Information     Hemmje, Matthias; Niederee,      2005
Systems to Information and Knowledge            Claudia; Risse, Thomas

From Melanocytes to Malignant Melanoma          Hearing, Vincent J.; Leong,      2006
                                                Stanley P. L.
From Microphysics to Macrophysics               Balian, Roger                    2007

From Microphysics to Macrophysics               Balian, Roger                    2007

From Model-Driven Design to Resource            Kleinjohann, Bernd;              2006
Management for Distributed Embedded             Kleinjohann, Lisa; Machado,
Systems                                         Ricardo J.; Pereira, Carlos;
                                                Thiagarajan, P.S.

From Nano to Space                              Breitner, Michael H; Denk,       2008
                                                Georg; Rentrop, Peter
From Nucleons to Nucleus                        Suhonen, Jukka                   2007

From P2P to Web Services and Grids              Taylor, Ian J.                   2005

From Parity Violation to Hadronic Structure and Kox, Serge; Lhuillier, David;    2005
more                                            Maas, Frank; Wiele, Jacques
                                                van de
From Principles of Learning to Strategies for   Kett, Allyson L.; Perencevich,   2005
Instruction                                     Kathy C.; Seidel, Robert J.

From Principles of Learning to Strategies for   Seidel, Robert; Kett, Allyson    2007
Instruction-with Workbook Companion

From Product Description to Cost: A Practical   Foussier, Pierre Marie Maurice   2006

From Product Description to Cost: A Practical   Foussier, Pierre Marie Maurice   2006

From Research to Manuscript                     Katz, Michael J.                 2006
Atlas of electroanatomic mapping in           De Ponti, Roberto                  2007
supraventricular arrhythmias
From Specification to Embedded Systems        Rammig, Franz J.; Rettberg,        2005
Application                                   Achim; Zanella, Mauro C.

From Stochastic Calculus to Mathematical      Kabanov, Yu.; Lipster, R.;         2006
Finance                                       Stoyanov, J.

From Strategy to Execution                                                       2008

From Suns to Life                             Gargaud, Muriel; Claeys,           2006
                                              Phillipe; Lopez-Garcia,
                                              Purification; Montmerle,
                                              Thierry; Reisse, Jacques;
                                              Pascal, Robert
From the Act of Judging to the Sentence       Wolenski, Jan                      2005

From Vectors to Tensors                       Castillo, Enrique; Ruíz-Tolosa,    2005
                                              Juan R.
From Walras to Pareto                         Backhaus, Juergen; Maks, J.A.      2006
From Web to Social Web: Discovering and       Berendt, Bettina; Hotho,           2007
Deploying User and Content Profiles           Andreas; Mladenic, Dunja;
                                              Semeraro, Giovanni

From X-ray Binaries to Quasars: Black Holes   Fender, Robert P.; Ho, Luis C.;    2005
on All Mass Scales                            Maccarone, Thomas J.

The Frontal Sinus                             Draf, Wolfgang; Kountakis,         2005
                                              Stilianos; Senior, Brent
Frontalhirn                                   Förstl, Hans                       2005
Frontiers in Algorithmics                     Preparata, Franco P.; Fang,        2007
Frontiers in Biochip Technology               Cheng, Jing; Xing, Wan-Li          2006

Frontiers in Chemical Sensors                 Moreno-Bondi, Maria Cruz;          2005
                                              Orellana, Guillermo
Frontiers in Computing Technologies for       Shimizu, Yoshiaki; Zhang,          2007
Manufacturing Applications                    Zhong; Batres, Rafael

Frontiers in Magnetic Materials               Narlikar, Anant V.                 2005

Frontiers in Number Theory, Physics, and      Cartier, Pierre; Julia, Bernard;   2006
Geometry I                                    Moussa, Pierre; Vanhove,
Frontiers in Number Theory, Physics, and      Cartier, Pierre; Julia, Bernard;   2007
Geometry II                                   Moussa, Pierre; Vanhove,
Frontiers in Planar Lightwave Circuit         Ctyroky, Jiri; Janz, Siegfried;    2006
Technology                                    Tanev, Stoyan
Frontiers in Research of the Renin-Angiotensin   Leung, Po Sing                   2008
System on Human Disease

Frontiers in Statistical Quality Control 8       Lenz, Hans-Joachim; Wilrich,     2006
Frontiers in Superconducting Materials           Narlikar, Anant V.               2005

Surface Nanophotonics                            Andrews, David L.; Gaburro,      2007
Frontiers in Water Resource Economics            Berga, Dolors; Goetz, Renan-     2006
Frontiers of Combining Systems                   Gramlich, Bernhard               2005

Frontiers of Combining Systems                   Konev, Boris; Wolter, Frank      2007

Frontiers of Computational Science             Kaneda, Yukio; Kawamura,           2007
                                               Hiroshi; Sasai, Masaki
Frontiers of Cosmology                         Blanchard, Alain; Signore,         2005
Frontiers of Ferroelectricity                  Lang, Sydney B.; Chan, Helen       2007
Frontiers of Fundamental Physics               de Angelis, A.; Honsell, F.;       2005
                                               Sidharth, B.G.
Frontiers of Geographic Information Technology Rana, Sanjay; Sharma, Jayant       2006

Frontiers of Globalization Research              Rossi, Ino                       2007

Frontiers of High Performance Computing and      Min, Geyong; Di Martino,         2006
Networking – ISPA 2006 Workshops                 Beniamino; Yang, Laurence T.;
                                                 Guo, Minyi; Ruenger, Gudula

Frontiers of High Performance Computing and      Thulasiraman, Parimala; He,      2007
Networking ISPA 2007 Workshops                   Xubin; Xu, Tony Li; Denko,
                                                 Mieso K.; Thulasiram, Ruppa
                                                 K.; Yang, Laurence T.
Frontiers of Multifunctional Integrated          Buzaneva, Eugenia V.; Scharff,   2005
Nanosystems                                      Peter

Frontiers of Numerical Analysis                  Blowey, James; Craig, Alan       2005

Frontiers of Optical Spectroscopy         Di Bartolo, Baldassare; Forte,          2005
Frontiers of WWW Research and Development Kitsuregawa, Masaru; Li,                2006
-- APWeb 2006                             Jianzhong; Shen, Heng Tao;
                                          Zhang, Yanchun; Zhou,
Frontline and Factory                           Macleod, Roy; Johnson, Jeffrey   2006

Fruit Manufacturing                             Lozano, Jorge E.                 2006
Fruits and Nuts                                 Kole, Chittaranjan               2007
FSTTCS 2004: Foundations of Software            Lodaya, Kamal; Mahajan,          2005
Technology and Theoretical Computer Science     Meena

FSTTCS 2005: Foundations of Software        Ramanujam, R.; Sen, Sandeep          2005
Technology and Theoretical Computer Science

FSTTCS 2006: Foundations of Software        Arun-Kumar, S.; Garg, Naveen         2006
Technology and Theoretical Computer Science

FSTTCS 2007: Foundations of Software        Arvind, V; Prasad, Sanjiva           2007
Technology and Theoretical Computer Science

Fuchsian Reduction                              Kichenassamy, Satyanad           2007
Fuel Cell Electronics Packaging                 Kuang, Ken; Ealser, Keith        2007

Fuel Cell Technologies: State And Perspectives Sammes, Nigel; Smirnova,          2005
                                                Alevtina; Vasylyev, Oleksandr
Fuel Cell Technology                            Sammes, Nigel                    2006
Fuel Cells                                      Srinivasan, Supramaniam          2006
Fuel Oxygenates                                 Barceló, Damia                   2007
Füge- und Oberflächentechnologien für Textilien Gries, Thomas; Klopp, Kai        2007

Führen                                          Pinnow, Daniel F                 2007
Führen mit Humor                                Schwarz, Gerhard                 2007
Führen Regierungen tatsächlich?                                                  2008

Führen von IT-Service-Unternehmen               Hradilak, Kay P                  2007

Führer durch die Krisenpolitik                  Machlup, Fritz                   2007

Führung auf Distanz                             Herrmann, Dorothea;              2006
                                                Rohrberg, Andrea; Hüneke,
Führung in Politik und Wirtschaft                                                2008
Führung Interaktion und Identität             Lührmann, Thomas                  2006

Führungsinformationen für das                 Wolf, Petra                       2007

Führungswissen für Bau- und                   Diederichs, Claus J.              2005
Immobilienfachleute 1

Fulfillment im Electronic Commerce            Köcher, Martin-Matthias           2006

Full of Life                                  German MAB National               2005
Full-Chip Nanometer Routing Techniques        Ho, Tsung-Yi; Chang, Yao-         2007
                                              Wen; Chen, Sao-Jie
Fully-Depleted SOI CMOS Circuits and          Douseki, Takakuni;                2006
Technology for Ultralow-Power Applications    Matsuzawa, Akira; Sakurai,
Fun with Algorithms                           Crescenzi, Pierluigi; Prencipe,   2007
                                              Giuseppe; Pucci, Geppino

Function Algebras on Finite Sets              Lau, Dietlinde                    2006

Functional Analysis and Evolution Equations   Amann, Herbert; Arendt,           2008
                                              Wolfgang; Hieber, Matthias;
                                              Nagel, Rainer; Neubrander,
                                              Frank; Nicaise, Serge
Functional and Logic Programming              Hagiya, Masami; Wadler, Philip    2006

Functional Approach to Nonlinear Models of    Marinoschi, Gabriela              2006
Water Flow in Soils

Functional Approach to Optimal Experimental   Melas, Viatcheslav B.             2006

The Functional Calculus for Sectorial Operators Haase, Markus                   2006

Functional Data Analysis                      Ramsay, J.; Silverman, B. W.      2005
Functional Equations and How to Solve Them    Small, Christopher G.             2007

Functional Equations and How to Solve Them    Small, Christopher G.             2007

Functional Fractional Calculus for System     Das, Shantanu                     2008
Identification and Controls

Functional Hemodynamic Monitoring             Payen, Didier; Pinsky, Michael    2005
Functional Identities                         Bresar, Matej; Chebotar,          2007
                                              Mikhail A.; Martindale 3rd,
                                              Wallace S.
Functional Imaging and Modeling of the Heart    Frangi, Alejandro F.;             2005
                                                Hernandez, Monica; Radeva,
                                                Petia I.; Santos, Andres
Functional Imaging and Modeling of the Heart    Sachse, Frank B.; Seemann,        2007
Functional Materials and Biomaterials                                             2007

Functional Molecular Nanostructures             Schlüter, A. Dieter               2005

Functional MRI                                  Faro, Scott H.; Mohamed,          2006
                                                Feroze B.
Functional Neuroanatomy of Pain                 Popratiloff, A.; Schmitt, O.;     2006
                                                Usunoff, K.G.; Wree, A.
Functional Properties of Nanostructured         Kassing, Rainer; Kulisch,         2006
Materials                                       Wilhelm; Petkov, Plamen;
                                                Popov, Cyril
Functional Structures in Networks               Muth, Thomas G.                   2005

Functional Ultrastructure                       Pavelka, Margit; Roth, Jürgen     2005
Functional Verification of Programmable         Dutt, Nikil D.; Mishra, Prabhat   2005
Embedded Architectures

Fonctions d'une variable réelle                 Bourbaki, N.                      2007

Functions of a-Bounded Type in the Half-Plane   Jerbashian, Armen M.              2005

Fundamental Approaches to Software              Dwyer, Matthew B.; Lopes,         2007
Engineering                                     Antonia

Fundamental Approaches to Software              Cerioli, Maura                    2005
Engineering (vol. # 3442)

Fundamental Approaches to Software              Baresi, Luciano; Heckel, Reiko    2006
Engineering (vol. # 3922)

Fundamental Astronomy                           Karttunen, Hannu; Kröger,         2007
                                                Pekka; Oja, Heikki; Poutanen,
                                                Markku; Donner, Karl Johan

Fundamental Change                              Fullan, Michael                   2005
Fundamental Networking in Java                  Pitt, Esmond                      2006

Fundamental Questions in Astrophysics:          Gómez de Castro, Ana I.;          2006
Guidelines for Future UV Observatories          Wamsteker, Willem

Fundamental Trends in City Development          Maciocco, Giovanni G.G.           2008

Fundamentals in Nuclear Physics                 Basdevant, Jean-Louis; Rich,      2005
                                                James; Spiro, Michael
Fundamentals of Airplane Flight Mechanics    Hull, David                          2007

Fundamentals of Algebraic Graph              Ehrig, H.; Ehrig, K.; Prange, U.;    2006
Transformation                               Taentzer, G.

Fundamentals of Biomechanics                 Knudson, Duane                       2007

Fundamentals of Cancer Prevention            Alberts, David S.; Hess, Lisa M.     2005

Fundamentals of Cavitation                  Franc, Jean-Pierre; Michel,           2005
Fundamentals of Clinical Research           Bacchieri, Antonella; Della           2007
                                            Cioppa, Giovanni
Fundamentals of Computation Theory          Liskiewicz, Maciej; Reischuk,         2005
Fundamentals of Computation Theory          Csuhaj-Varjú, Erzsébet; Ésik,         2007
Fundamentals of Data Mining in Genomics and Dubitzky, Werner; Granzow,            2007
Proteomics                                  Martin; Berrar, Daniel P.

Fundamentals of Electrical Drives            Veltman, André; Pulle, Duco          2007
                                             W.J.; de Doncker, Rik W.
Fundamentals of Food Process Engineering     Toledo, Romeo T.                     2007

Fundamentals of Forensic Practice            Rogers, Richard; Shuman,             2005
                                             Daniel W.
Fundamentals of Friction and Wear on the     Gnecco, Enrico; Meyer, Ernst         2007
Fundamentals of Geriatric Medicine           Soriano, Rainier Patrick;            2007
                                             Cassel, Christine K.; Leipzig,
                                             Rosanne; Fernandez, Helen
Fundamentals of Magnetism                    Getzlaff, Mathias                    2008

Fundamentals of Multibody Dynamics           Amirouche, Farid                     2006

Fundamentals of Nanoscale Film Analysis      Alford, Terry L; Feldman, L.C.;      2007
                                             Mayer, James W.
Fundamentals of Nuclear Medicine Dosimetry                                        2008

Fundamentals of Powder Diffraction and       Pecharsky, Vitalij; Zavalij, Peter   2005
Structural Characterization of Materials

Fundamentals of Protein NMR Spectroscopy     Hitchens, T. Kevin; Rule,            2006
                                             Gordon S.

Fundamentals of Protein Structure and Function Buxbaum, Engelbert                 2007
Fundamentals of Quantum Optics and                Lambropoulos, Peter;              2007
Quantum Information                               Petrosyan, David

Fundamentals of Radiation Materials Science       Was, Gary S.                      2007

Fundamentals of Relational Database               Sumathi, S.; Esakkirajan, S.      2007
Management Systems

Fundamentals of Renal Pathology                   Fogo, Agnes; Bruijn, Jan A.;      2007
                                                  Cohen, Arthur H.; Colvin,
                                                  Robert B.; Jennette, J. Charles

Fundamentals of Robotic Mechanical Systems        Angeles, Jorge                    2007

Fundamentals of Semiconductors                    Cardona, Manuel; Yu, Peter Y.     2005

Fundamentals of Solid State Engineering           Razeghi, Manijeh                  2006

Fundamentals of Space Biology                     Clément, Gilles; Slenzka, K.      2006

Fundamentals of Space Medicine                    Clément, Gilles                   2005

Fundamentals of Statistics with Fuzzy Data        Nguyen, Hung T.; Wu, Berlin       2006

Fundamentals of Structural Mechanics              Hjelmstad, Keith D.               2005

Fundamentals of Switching Theory and Logic        Astola, Jaakko T.; Stankovic,     2006
Design                                            Radomir S.

Fundamentals of the New Artificial Intelligence   Munakata, Toshinori               2007

Fundamentals of the Physics of Solids             Sólyom, Jenö                      2007

Fundamentals of Virtual Colonoscopy               Dachman, Abraham H.               2005

Funds, Flows and Time                             Mir-Artigues, Pere; González-     2007
                                                  Calvet, Josep
Fünf Minuten Mathematik                           1 $aBehrends, Ehrhard             2006

Fungal Genomics                                   Brown, A.J.P.                     2006
Fungal Immunology:                                Fidel, Jr., Paul L.; Huffnagle,   2005
                                                  Gary B.
Funktionalanalysis                                Werner, Dirk                      2005
Funktionalanalysis                                Werner, Dirk                      2007
Funktionale Programmierung                        Hofstedt, Petra; Pepper, Peter    2006

Funktionelle Bewegungslehre:                      Spirgi-Gantert, Irene; Suppé,     2005
Behandlungstechniken                              Barbara
Funktionelle MRT in Psychiatrie und Neurologie Schneider, Frank; Fink, Gereon    2007

Funktionelle Ultrastruktur                      Pavelka, Margit; Roth, Jürgen    2005

Funktionentheorie 1                             Busam, Rolf; Freitag, Eberhard   2006

Funktionentheorie 2                             Remmert, Reinhold;               2007
                                                Schumacher, Georg
Funktionentheorie in der Ebene und im Raum      Gürlebeck, Klaus; Habetha,       2006
                                                Klaus; Sprössig, Wolfgang
Funktionsdiagnostik in der Gastroenterologie    Stein, Jürgen; Wehrmann, Till    2006

Funktionskrankheiten des Bewegungssystems       Koch-Remmele, Claudia;           2007
nach Brügger                                    Kreutzer, Roland

Funktionsstörungen und funktionelle Störungen Biesinger, E.; Iro, Heinrich       2005

Funology                                        Blythe, M.A.; Monk, A.F.;        2005
                                                Overbeeke, K.; Wright, P.C.
Für ein neues Transplantationsgesetz            Gutmann, Thomas                  2006

Fußball - Fernsehen - Politik                   Holtz-Bacha, Christina           2006

Fußchirurgie                                    Sommer, Christian                2006
Fußgängerschutz                                 Kühn, Matthias; Fröming,         2007
                                                Robert; Schindler, Volker
Future Generation Grids                         Getov, Vladimir; Laforenza,      2006
                                                Domenico; Reinefeld, Alexander

Future Interaction Design                       Isomäki, H.; Pirhonen, A.;       2005
                                                Roast, C.; Saariluoma, P.
The Future of Arid Lands — Revisited            Hutchinson, Charles F.;          2008
                                                Herrmann, Stefanie M.
The Future of Life and the Future of our        Burdyuzha, Vladimir              2006
The Future of Sustainability                    Keiner, Marco                    2006
The Future of Telecommunications Industries     Picot, Arnold                    2006

The Future of the Universe                     Meadows, A.J.                     2007
Future Satellite Gravimetry and Earth Dynamics Flury, Jakob; Rummel, Reiner      2005

Future Spacecraft Propulsion Systems            Bruno, Claudio; Czysz, Paul A.   2006

The Fuzzification of Systems                    Seising, Rudolf                  2007
Fuzzy and Rough Techniques in Medical           Rakus-Andersson, Elisabeth       2007
Diagnosis and Medication
Fuzzy Applications in Industrial Engineering    Kahraman, Cengiz                    2006

Fuzzy Chaotic Systems                           Li, Zhong                           2006
Fuzzy Choice Functions                          Georgescu, Irina                    2007
Fuzzy Control                                   Klawonn, Frank; Kruse, Rudolf;      2006
                                                Michels, Kai; Nürnberger,
Fuzzy Control and Filter Design for Uncertain   Assawinchaichote, Wudhichai;        2006
Fuzzy Systems                                   Nguang, Sing Kiong; Shi, Peng

Fuzzy Control of Queuing Systems                Kouikoglou, Vassilis S.; Phillis,   2005
                                                Yannis A.; Zhang, Runtong

Fuzzy Database Modeling of Imprecise and        Ma, Zongmin                         2006
Uncertain Engineering Information

Fuzzy Database Modeling with XML                Ma, Zongmin                         2005

Fuzzy Equational Logic                          Belohlávek, Radim; Vychodil,        2005
Fuzzy Group Theory                              Bhutani, Kiran R.; Mordeson,        2005
                                                John N.; Rosenfeld, A.
Fuzzy Information and Engineering               Cao, Bing-Yuan                      2007

Fuzzy Logic                                     Wang, Paul P.; Ruan, Da;            2007
                                                Kerre, Etienne E.
Fuzzy Logic and Applications (vol. # 2955)      Di Gesù, Vito; Masulli,             2006
                                                Francesco; Petrosino, Alfredo
Fuzzy Logic and Applications (vol. # 3849)      Bloch, Isabelle; Petrosino,         2006
                                                Alfredo; Tettamanzi, Andrea
Fuzzy Logic Applications in Engineering Science Harris, J.                          2006

Fuzzy Logic in Financial Analysis               Gil-Lafuente, Anna Maria            2005

Fuzzy Logic, Identification and Predictive      Espinosa, Jairo; Vandewalle,        2005
Control                                         Joos; Wertz, Vincent

Fuzzy Mathematical Programming and Fuzzy        Bector, C.R.; Chandra, Suresh       2005
Matrix Games

Fuzzy Modeling and Fuzzy Control                Zhang, Huaguang; Liu, Derong        2006

Fuzzy Modeling with Spatial Information for     Cobb, Maria A.; Petry,              2005
Geographic Problems                             Frederick E.; Robinson, Vincent
Fuzzy Models and Algorithms for Pattern         Bezdek, James C.; Keller,           2005
Recognition and Image Processing                James; Krisnapuram, Raghu;
                                                Pal, Nikhil R.
Fuzzy Probabilities                             Buckley, James J.                   2005
Fuzzy Probability and Statistics                Buckley, James J.                   2006

Fuzzy Quantifiers                               Glöckner, Ingo                      2006
Fuzzy Set Approach to Multidimensional          Lemmi, Achille; Betti, Gianni       2006
Poverty Measurement

Fuzzy Sets and Their Extensions:                Bustince, Humberto; Herrera,        2008
Representation, Aggregation and Models          Francisco; Montero, Javier

Fuzzy Systems and Knowledge Discovery (vol.     Jin, Yaochu; Wang, Lipo             2005
# 3614)
Fuzzy Systems and Knowledge Discovery (vol.     Jin, Yaochu; Wang, Lipo             2005
# 3613)
Fuzzy Systems and Knowledge Discovery (vol.     Wang, Lipo; Jiao, Licheng; Shi,     2006
# 4223)                                         Guanming; Lu, Xue; Liu, Jing

Fuzzy Systems Engineering                       Macedo Mourelle, Luiza de;          2005
                                                Nedjah, Nadia
Fuzzy-Neuro Approach to Agent Applications      Lee, Raymond S.T.                   2006

The GABA Receptors                              Enna, S.J.; Möhler, Hanns           2007
Gaither's Dictionary of Scientific Quotations   Gaither, Carl C.; Cavazos-          2008
                                                Gaither, Alma E.
Galaxies and How to Observe Them                Steinicke, Wolfgang; Jakiel,        2007
Galaxies in Turmoil                             Kitchin, Chris                      2007
Galaxy Formation                                Longair, Malcolm S                  2008
Galaxy Formation and Evolution                  Spinrad, Hyron                      2005

Galerkin Finite Element Methods for Parabolic   Thomée, Vidar                       2006

Galileo Galilei - When the World Stood Still    Naess, Atle                         2005

Galling Arthropods and Their Associates         Ohgushi, T.; Ozaki, K.; Price,      2006
                                                P.W.; Yukawa, J.
Gallium Nitride Processing for Electronics,     Abernathy, Cammy R.;                2006
Sensors and Spintronics                         Pearton, Stephen J.; Ren, Fan

Galois Theory                                   Weintraub, Steven H.                2006
Gambling Problems in Youth                      Derevensky, Jeffrey L.; Gupta,      2005
The Game Maker's Apprentice                     Habgood, Jacob; Overmars,           2006
Game Theory                                     Webb, James N.                      2007
Game Theory and Mutual Misunderstanding         Kaneko, Mamoru                      2005

Gaming, Simulations and Society                 Arai, K.; Kato, F.; Shiratori, R.   2005

Gamma                                           Havil, Julian                       2007
The Ganges Water Diversion: Environmental     Mirza, M. Monirul Qader            2005
Effects and Implications

Ganzheitliches Risikomanagement in            Strohmeier, Georg                  2007

Ganzheitliches Tourismus-Marketing            Bär, Sören                         2006

Ganztagsschule als Forschungsfeld                                                2007

Gap Junctions in Development and Disease      Winterhager, Elke                  2005

Gas Adsorption Equilibria                     Keller, Jürgen; Staudt, Reiner     2005

Gas Cyclones and Swirl Tubes                  Hoffmann, Alex C; Stein, Louis     2008
Gas Transport in Porous Media                 Ho, Clifford K.; Webb, Stephen     2006
Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease               Granderath, Frank Alexander;       2006
                                              Kamolz, Thomas; Pointner,
Gastrointestinal Cancer                       Ajani, Jaffer A.; Curley, Steven   2005
                                              A.; Janjan, Nora A.; Lynch,
                                              Patrick M.
Gastrointestinaltrakt                         Jensen-Jarolim, Erika              2006
Gathering Hopewell                            Carr, Christopher; Case, D.        2005
Gebührenrecht für Steuerberater                                                  2008

Die Geburtshilfe                              Schneider, H.; Husslein, P.;       2006
                                              Schneider, K.T.M.
Geburtshilfe Basics                           Strauss, A.                        2006
Gedeckte Instrumente zur Refinanzierung von                                      2008

Gedichte                                      Bach, Jacob                        2006
Gedichte                                      Bach, Jacob                        2006
Gefährlichkeitsprognosen                      Seifert, D.                        2007

Gegenstandstheorie und Theorie der            Chrudzimski, Arkadiusz             2007
Intentionalität bei Alexius Meinong

Das Geheimnis des Kiver                       Kubizek, Leonhard                  2006
Das Geheimnis des kürzesten Weges             Brandenberg, Rene;                 2005
                                              Gritzmann, Peter
Gehirn und Geschlecht                         Lautenbacher, Stefan;              2007
                                              Güntürkün, Onur; Hausmann,
Geist!                                        Rust, Holger                       2007
Geistiges Eigentum in konkurrierenden       Niemann, Ingo                     2008
völkerrechtlichen Vertragsordnungen

Geistiges Eigentum: Schutzrecht oder                                          2008

Gelassen und sicher im Stress               Kaluza, Gert                      2007

Geld und Gesellschaft                       Kellermann, Paul                  2006
Geld- und Kreditwesen im Spiegel der        Aichhorn, Ulrike                  2005

Geld, Kredit und Banken                     Gischer, Horst; Herz, Bernhard;   2005
                                            Menkhoff, Lukas
Geldanlage und Steuer 2007                  Lindmayer, Karl H; Dietz, Hans-   2006
Geldanlage und Steuer 2008                                                    2008

Geldwäsche                                  Schneider, Friedrich; Riegler,    2006
                                            Wolfgang; Dreer, Elisabeth
Gemeinnützige Organisationen im                                               2007
gesellschaftlichen Wandel

Gender Designs IT                           Zorn, Isabel; Schelhowe, Heidi;   2007
                                            Maass, Susanne; Rommes,
                                            Els; Schirmer, Carola

Gender in Motion                            Bankosegger, Karoline;            2007
                                            Forster, Edgar J
Gender Mainstreaming                                                          2008
Genders in the Life Course                  Pinnelli, Antonella; Racioppi,    2007
                                            Filomena; Rettaroli, Rosella
Gene Expression and Regulation              Ma, Jun                           2006

Gene Expression Programming                 Ferreira, Cândida                 2006

Gene Therapy and Gene Delivery Systems      Schaffer, David V.; Zhou,         2005
Gene Therapy for Cancer                     Hunt, Kelly K.; Vorburger,        2007
                                            Stephan A.; Swisher, Stephen
Gene Therapy of Autoimmune Disease          Prud'homme, Gérald J.             2005

General Concepts in Integrated Pest and     Ciancio, A.; Mukerji, K.G.        2007
Disease Management

General Equilibrium and Welfare Economics   Moore, James C.                   2007

General Principles of Tumor Immunotherapy   Kaufman, Howard L.; Wolchok,      2008
                                            Jedd D.
General Relativity                             Woodhouse, N.M.J.                 2007
General Relativity                             Khriplovich, I.B.                 2005
General ultrasound in the critically ill       Lichtenstein, Daniel A.           2005

Generalized Bounds for Convex Multistage       Kuhn, Daniel                      2005
Stochastic Programs

Generalized Collocations Methods               Bellomo, Nicola; Lods,            2008
                                               Bertrand; Revelli, Roberto;
                                               Ridolfi, Luca
Generalized Convexity and Related Topics       Konnov, Igor V.; Luc, Dinh The;   2006
                                               Rubinov, Alexander M.
Generalized Convexity, Generalized             Eberhard, Andrew;                 2005
Monotonicity and Applications                  Hadjisavvas, Nicolas; Luc, Dinh

Generalized Plasticity                         Yu, Mao-Hong                      2006
Generation 50 plus                             Folkes, Erika; Gatterer, Gerald   2006

Generationenmanagement in Unternehmen                                            2008

Generative and Transformational Techniques     Lämmel, Ralf; Saraiva, João;      2006
in Software Engineering                        Visser, Joost

Generative Programming and Component           Glück, Robert; Lowry, Michael     2005

The Generic Chaining                           Talagrand, Michel                 2005
Generic Management                             Baumgartner, Rupert J;            2006
                                               Strohmeier, Georg; Zielowski,
                                               Christian; Klügl, Franz;
                                               Biedermann, Hubert;
                                               Schneeberger, Thomas
Genes on the Menu                              de Vries, Gert; Pechan, Paul      2005
Genes, Development, and Cancer                 Lipshitz, Howard D.               2008

Die Genese einer Union der 27                                                    2008

The Genesis of General Relativity               Janssen, Michel; Norton, John    2007
                                                D.; Renn, Jürgen; Sauer,
                                                Tilman; Stachel, John
Genetic Basis for Respiratory Control Disorders Gaultier, Claude                 2008

Genetic Control of Neuronal Migrations in      Meyer, Gundela                    2007
Human Cortical Development

Genetic Democracy                              Räikkä, Juha; Launis, Veikko      2008
Genetic Engineering                            Setlow, Jane K.                   2007
Genetic Engineering                            Setlow, Jane K.                   2006
Genetic Engineering of Mesenchymal Stem         Nolta, Jan A.                       2006

Genetic Programming                             Ebner, Marc; O'Neill, Michael;      2007
                                                Ekárt, Anikó; Vanneschi,
                                                Leonardo; Esparcia-Alcázar,
                                                Anna Isabel
Genetic Programming (vol. # 3447)               Collet, Pierre; Keijzer, Maarten;   2005
                                                Tettamanzi, Andrea;
                                                Tomassini, Marco; van Hemert,
Genetic Programming (vol. # 3905)               Collet, Pierre; Ebner, Marc;        2006
                                                Ekárt, Anikó; Gustafson,
                                                Steven; Tomassini, Marco
Genetic Programming IV                          Keane, Martin A.; Koza, John        2005
                                                R.; Lanza, Guido; Mydlowec,
                                                William; Streeter, Matthew J.;
                                                Yu, Jessen
Genetic Programming Theory and Practice II      O'Reilly, Una-May; Riolo, Rick;     2005
                                                Worzel, Bill; Yu, Tina
Genetic Programming Theory and Practice III     Riolo, Rick; Worzel, Bill; Yu,      2006
Genetic Programming Theory and Practice IV      Riolo, Rick; Soule, Terence;        2007
                                                Worzel, Bill
Genetic Programming Theory and Practice V       Riolo, Rick; Soule, Terence;        2008
                                                Worzel, Bill
Genetic Systems Programming                     Abraham, Ajith; Mourelle, Luiza     2006
                                                de Macedo; Nedjah, Nadia

Genetics and Regulation of Nitrogen Fixation in Gallon, John R.; Klipp, Werner;     2005
Free-Living Bacteria                            Masepohl, Bernd; Newton,
                                                William E.
Genetics of Adaptation                          Mauricio, Rodney                    2005
The Genetics of Male Infertility                Carrell, Douglas T.                 2007

Genetik                                         Graw, Jochen                        2006
Genitourinary Pain and Inflamation                                                  2008

Genome Exploitation                             Gustafson, J. Perry;                2005
                                                Shoemaker, Randy; Snape,
                                                John W.
Genome Instability in Cancer Development        Nigg, Erich A.                      2005

Genome Integrity                          Lankenau, Dirk-Henner                     2007
Genome Mapping and Genomics in Arthropods Hunter, Wayne; Kole,                      2008
Genomes and Genomics of Nitrogen-fixing   Newton, William E.; Palacios,             2005
Organisms                                 Rafael

Genomic Disorders                               Lupski, James R.; Stankiewicz,      2006
                                                Pawel T.
Genomics in Endocrinology                     Handwerger, Stuart; Aronow,        2008
Genomics of Disease                                                              2008
Genomics of Tropical Crop Plants              Moore, Paul H; Ming, Ray           2008

Genomics-Assisted Crop Improvement            Varshney, Rajeev; Tuberosa,        2007
Genomics-Assisted Crop Improvement            Varshney, Rajeev; Tuberosa,        2007
Genotype - Proteotype - Phenotype             Christen, Yves; Cummings, J.;      2005
Relationships in Neurodegenerative Diseases   Hardy, J.; Poncet, M.

Gentechnik bei Pflanzen                       Kempken, Frank; Kempken,           2006
Gentests im Unternehmen                       Pohl-Eckerstorfer, Ingrid          2006

The Genus Yersinia                            Perry, Robert D.; Fetherston,      2007
                                              Jacqueline D.
The Geobiology and Ecology of Metasequoia     LePage, Ben A.; Williams,          2005
                                              Christopher J.; Yang, Hong
Geodetic Deformation Monitoring: From         Sanso, Fernando; Gil, Antonio      2006
Geophysical to Engineering Roles              J.

Geodynamics of the Lithosphere                Stüwe, Kurt                        2007

Geographic Hypermedia                         Stefanakis, Emmanuel;              2006
                                              Peterson, Michael P.;
                                              Armenakis, Costas; Delis,
Geographic Information Metadata for Spatial   Muro-Medrano, Pedro R. ;           2005
Data Infrastructures                          Nogueras-Iso, Javier; Zarazaga-
                                              Soria, F. Javier
Geographic Information Science                Raubal, Martin; Miller, Harvey     2006
                                              J.; Frank, Andrew U.; Goochild,
                                              Michael F.
Geographic Uncertainty in Environmental       Morris, Ashley; Kokhan, Svitlana   2007

Geographical Education in a Changing World    Lidstone, John; Williams,          2006
The Geography of Small Firm Innovation        Black, Grant                       2005

Geoinformatik                                 Lange, Norbert de                  2006
Geoinformatik                                 Bartelme, Norbert                  2005
Geo-information for Disaster Management       Fendel, Elfriede M.; Oosterom,     2005
                                              Peter van; Zlatanova, Siyka

Geological Approaches to Coral Reef Ecology   Aronson, Richard B.                2007
Geological Atlas of Africa                        Schlüter, Thomas                    2006

Geology and Ecosystems                            Marker, Brian; Ridgway, John;       2006
                                                  Rogachevskaya, Liliya;
                                                  Vartanyan, Genrikh; Zektser,
                                                  Igor S.
Geology and Habitability of Terrestrial Planets   Fishbaugh, Kathryn E.; Des          2007
                                                  Marais, David J.; Korablev,
                                                  Oleg; Lognonné, Phillipe;
                                                  Raulin, François
Geomagnetics for Aeronautical Safety              Delipetrov, Todor; Rasson,          2006
                                                  Jean L.
Geomatics Solutions for Disaster Management       Li, Jonathan; Zlatanova, Sisi;      2007
                                                  Fabbri, Andrea
Geometric Algebra for Computer Graphics                                               2008

Geometric and Topological Methods for             Ocampo, Hernan; Paycha,             2005
Quantum Field Theory                              Sylvie; Vargas, Andrés

A Geometric Approach to Differential Forms        Bachman, David                      2006

Geometric Aspects of Functional Analysis          Milman, V.D.; Schechtman, G.        2007

Geometric Data Analysis                           Le Roux, Brigitte; Rouanet,         2005
Geometric Function Theory                         Krantz, Steven G.                   2006

Geometric Fundamentals of Robotics                Selig, J.M.                         2005

Geometric Group Theory                      Arzhantseva, Goulnara N.;                 2007
                                            Bartholdi, Laurent; Burillo,
                                            José; Ventura, Enric
Geometric Mechanics on Riemannian Manifolds Calin, Ovidiu; Chang, Der-Chen            2005

Geometric Methods in Algebra and Number           Bogomolov, Fedor; Tschinkel,        2005
Theory                                            Yuri

Geometric Modeling and Algebraic Geometry         Jüttler, Bert; Piene, Ragni         2008

Geometric Modelling, Numerical Simulation,        Hasle, Geir; Lie, Knut-Andreas;     2007
and Optimization:                                 Quak, Ewald

Geometric Numerical Integration                   Hairer, Ernst; Lubich, Christian;   2006
                                                  Wanner, Gerhard
Geometric Problems on Maxima and Minima           Andreescu, Titu; Mushkarov,         2006
                                                  Oleg; Stoyanov, Luchezar
Geometric Properties for Incomplete Data          Klette, Reinhard; Kozera,           2006
                                                  Ryszard; Noakes, Lyle;
                                                  Weickert, Joachim
Geometric Qp Functions                            Xiao, Jie                           2006
Geometric Topology: Localization, Periodicity   Ranicki, Andrew                  2005
and Galois Symmetry

Geometrical Dynamics of Complex Systems         Ivancevic, Vladimir G.;          2006
                                                Ivancevic, Tijana T.
Geometrical Geodesy                             Hooijberg, Maarten               2008
Geometrie                                       Knörrer, Horst                   2006
The Analysis Situs                              De Risi, Vincenzo                2007

Geometry and Topology in Hamiltonian            Pettini, Marco                   2007
Dynamics and Statistical Mechanics

Geometry for Computer Graphics                  Vince, John                      2005

Geometry of Müntz Spaces and Related            Gurariy, Vladimir I.; Lusky,     2005
Questions                                       Wolfgang

Geometry of Principal Sheaves                   Vassiliou, Efstathios            2005

The Geometry of Syzygies                      Eisenbud, David                    2005
The Geometry of the Word Problem for Finitely Brady, Noel; Short, Hamish;        2007
Generated Groups                              Riley, Tim

Geophysics of the Canary Islands                Acosta, Juan; Clift, Peter       2005

Geospace Electromagnetic Waves and              LaBelle, James W. ;              2006
Radiation                                       Treumann, Rudolf A.

GeoSpatial Semantics                            Fonseca, Frederico; Levashkin,   2007
                                                Sergei; Rodríguez, M Andrea

GeoSpatial Semantics                            Cruz, Isabel F.; Egenhofer,      2005
                                                Max J.; Levashkin, Sergei;
                                                Rodriguez, M. Andrea
Geo-Spatial Technologies in Urban               Jensen, R.R.; Gatrell, J.D.;     2007
Environments                                    McLean, D.

Geo-Spatial Technologies in Urban               Gatrell, Jay D.; Jensen, Ryan    2005
Environments                                    R.; McLean, Daniel

Geostatistics Banff 2004                        Deutsch, Clayton V.;             2005
                                                Leuangthong, Oy
Geostatistics for Environmental Applications    Demougeot-Renard, Hélène;        2005
                                                Froidevaux, Roland; Renard,
Geotechnik - Bodenmechanik und Grundbau         Kolymbas, Dimitrios              2007
Gerechtigkeit als Zufall                        Steinhauer, Fabian               2007
Geriatrische Kardiologie                        Wehr, M.H.                       2005
German Buyouts Adopting a Buy and Build                                          2008
German Mergers & Acquisitions in the USA         Wübben, Bernd                      2007

Gerne Frau!                                      Hoffbauer, Gabi                    2005
Gerthsen Physik                                  Meschede, Dieter                   2006
Das gesamte examensrelevante Zivilrecht          Plate, Jürgen                      2005

Das gesamte examensrelevante Zivilrecht          Plate, Jürgen                      2006

Gesamtlehrbuch Pflegemanagement                  Kerres, Andrea; Seeberger,         2005
Geschäftsprozessanalyse                          Staud, Josef L.                    2006

Der Geschäftsbericht                             Keller, Rudi                       2006
Geschäftserfolg in China                         Holtbrügge, Dirk; Puck, Jonas      2005
Geschäftserfolge in Indien                       Waldkirch, Karl                    2006

Geschäftsprozesse                                Rosenkranz, Friedrich              2006
Geschäftsprozesse realisieren                    Fischer, Herbert; Fleischmann,     2006
                                                 Albert; Obermeier, Stefan

Gescheiterte Kanzlerkandidaten                   Forkmann, Daniela; Richter,        2007
Geschichte der Medizin                           Eckart, Wolfgang U.                2005
Geschichte der Unfallchirurgie                                                      2007

Geschichte der Volkswirtschaftslehre             Salin, Edgar                       2007

Geschichte des Bildungswesens                    Fend, Helmut                       2006

Geschlecht Nebensache?                           Zander, Margherita; Hartwig,       2006
                                                 Luise; Jansen, Irma
Geschlechterdifferenz und Schulleistung                                             2007

Geschlechterdifferenzen -                                                           2008

Geschlechterforschung und                        Ebeling, Smilla; Schmitz, Sigrid   2006
Geschlechterverhältnisse und                     Klein, Uta                         2006
Gleichstellungspolitik in der Europäischen Union

Geschlechtsbezogene Pädagogik an                 Jantz, Olaf; Brandes, Susanne      2006

Gesellschaftssteuerung und gesellschaftliche     Wiesenthal, Helmut                 2006
Gesprächsführung und Beratung                Büttner, Claudia; Quindel, Ralf   2005

Gesprächspsychotherapie                      Biermann-Ratjen, Eva-Maria;       2006
                                             Eckert, Jochen; Höger, Diether

Die Gestaltung der Budgetierung              Zyder, Michael                    2007

Die Gestaltung der Budgetkontrolle           Künkele, Julia                    2007

Gestaltung des Outsourcings von              Hauptmann, Sebastian              2007

Gestaltung von Anreizsystemen und            Roiger, Manuela B                 2007

Gestaltung von Vertriebsstrukturen im                                          2008

Gestärkt aus der Krise                       Blatz, Michael; Haghani,          2006
                                             Sascha; Kraus, Karl-J.
Gesture in Human-Computer Interaction and    Courty, Nicolas; Gibet, Sylvie;   2006
Simulation                                   Kamp, Jean-Francois

Gesund und fit in der zweiten Lebenshälfte   Ennker, Jürgen; Pietrowski,       2006
Gesundheit                                   Herfarth, Christian               2007
Gesundheitliche Ungleichheit                 Richter, Matthias; Hurrelmann,    2006
Gesundheitsökonomik                          Fleßa, Steffen                    2007
Gesundheitsökonomik                          Fleßa, Steffen                    2005
Gesundheitsökonomik                          Breyer, Friedrich; Kifmann,       2005
                                             Mathias; Zweifel, Peter
Gesundheitsökonomische Evaluationen          Schöffski, Oliver; Schulenburg,   2007
                                             J.-Matthias v.d.
Gesundheitsorientierte Unternehmensführung   Böhnisch, Wolf R; Stummer,        2006
                                             Harald; Krennmair, Norbert
Gesundheitspolitik und Politikberatung       Brede, Falko                      2006

Gesundheitspsychologie                       Renneberg, Babette;               2006
                                             Hammelstein, Phillipp
Gesundheitstelematik                         Haas, Peter                       2006
Gesundheitsvorsorge bei Kindern              Kriwy, Peter                      2007

Gettering Defects in Semiconductors          Perevostchikov, V.A.; Skoupov,    2005
Getting Started with MuPAD                   Majewski, Miroslaw                2005

Gewerbliche Schutzrechte im                                                    2008
Gewerkschaften und Spitzenverbände der            Kreft, Jesco                      2006
Wirtschaft als bildungspolitische Akteure

Gewinngarant Einkauf                                                                2008
Gewinnkonzeptionen und Erfolgsdarstellung         Antonakopoulos, Nadine            2008
nach IFRS

Gewinnkonzeptionen und Erfolgsdarstellung                                           2008
nach IFRS

Gew÷hnliche Differentialgleichungen               Wirsching, Gⁿnther J              2006

Gewöhnliche Differentialgleichungen               Forst, Wilhelm; Hoffmann,         2005
Giant Metallic Deposits                           Laznicka, Peter                   2006
Gips und synthetischer Stützverband               Schleikis, Adolf                  2007

GIS for Health and the Environment                Lai, Poh C.; Mak, Ann S.H.        2007

Giving Death a Helping Hand                                                         2008

Glas als Tragwerk                                 Wurm, Jan                         2007
Glass Structures                                  Wurm, Jan                         2007
Glaucoma                                          Grehn, Franz; Stamper, Robert     2006

Glaukom 2004                                      Krieglstein, G.K.                 2005
Glaukom 2005                                      Krieglstein, Günter K.            2006
Glaukom 2006                                      Krieglstein, Günter K.            2007
Glaukom 2007                                      Krieglstein, G K                  2008
Glisson's sheath pedicle transection method for   Takasaki, Ken                     2007
hepatic resection

Global Archaeological Theory                      Funari, Pedro Paulo; Stovel,      2005
                                                  Emily; Zarankin, Andrés
Global Archaeological Theory                      Funari, Pedro; Stovel, Emily;     2005
                                                  Zarankin, Andres
Global Aspects of Complex Geometry                Catanese, Fabrizio; Esnault,      2006
                                                  Hélène; Huckleberry, Alan T.;
                                                  Hulek, Klaus; Peternell, Thomas

Global Change and Integrated Coastal              Harvey, Nick                      2006

Global Change and Mountain Regions:               Bugmann, Harald K. M.; Huber,     2005
                                                  Uli M.; Reasoner, Mel A.
Global Change and the Earth System                Jäger, J.; Matson, P.; Moore III,   2005
                                                  B.; Oldfield, F.; Richardson, K.;
                                                  Sanderson, A.; Schellnhuber,
                                                  H.J.; Steffen, W.; Turner II,
                                                  B.L.; Tyson, P.; Wasson, R.J.

Global Computing                                  Priami, Corrado; Quaglia, Paola     2005

Global Conflict Resolution Through Positioning    Moghaddam, Fathali M; Lee,          2008
Analysis                                          Naomi; Harré, Rom

Global Mobile Satellite Communications            Ilcev, Stojce D.                    2005

Global Optimization (vol. # 84)                 Liberti, Leo; Maculan, Nelson         2006
Global Optimization (vol. # 85)                 Pintér, János D.                      2006
Global Optimization and Constraint Satisfaction Jermann, Christophe;                  2005
                                                Neumaier, Arnold; Sam, Djamila

Global Perspectives on Health Promotion           McQueen, David; Jones,              2007
Effectiveness                                     Catherine

Global Price Fixing                               Connor, John M.                     2007
Global Product                                    Stark, John                         2007
Handbook of Global Production                     Abele, Eberhard; Meyer,             2008
                                                  Tobias; Näher, Ulrich; Strube,
                                                  Gernot; Sykes, Richard
Global RFID                                       Schuster, Edmund W.; Allen,         2007
                                                  Stuart J.; Brock, David L.
Global Smoothness and Shape Preserving            Gal, Sorin G.                       2005
Interpolation by Classical Operators

Global Sourcing im Handel                         Merkel, Helmut; Breuer, Peter;      2008
                                                  Eltze, Christoph; Kerner, Jürgen

Global Specification and Validation of            Nicolescu, Gabriela; Jerraya,       2007
Embedded Systems                                  Ahmed

Global Warming - Myth or Reality?                 Leroux, Marcel                      2005

Globale Produktionsstrategien in der              Kinkel, Steffen; Zanker,            2007
Automobilzulieferindustrie                        Christoph

Globalisation, Poverty and Conflict               Spoor, Max                          2005

Globalisierter Rechtsextremismus?                 Greven, Thomas; Grumke,             2006
Globalisierung als strategisches Erfolgskonzept                                       2008
Globalisierung in der Medizin                Arbeitsgemeinschaft                2005
                                             Rechtsanwälte im Medizinrecht
Globalisierung und Ethik                     Herrmann, Harald; Voigt, Kai-      2005
Globalization and Culture at Work            Carr, Stuart C.                    2005

Globalization and Environmental Challenges                                      2008

Globalization and Health                     Bennett, Belinda; Tomossy,         2006
                                             George F.
Globalization and Regional Economic Modeling Cooper, Russel; Donaghy,           2007
                                             Kieran; Hewings, Geoffrey

Globalisation and Sustainable Development    Krapivin, Vladimir F.; Varotsos,   2007
                                             Costas A.

Globalization and Urban Development          Bae, Chang-Hee C.;                 2005
                                             Richardson, Harry W.
Glück, Logik und Bluff                       Bewersdorff, Jörg                  2007
Glucose Sensing                              Geddes, Chris D. ; Lakowicz,       2006
                                             Joseph R.
The Glutamate Receptors                                                         2008
Glutamate Receptors in Peripheral Tissue     Gill, Santokh; Pulido, Olga        2005

Glycerophospholipids in brain                Farooqui, Akhlaq; Horrocks,        2007
Glycobiology and Medicine                    Axford, John S.                    2005

Glycopeptides and Glycoproteins              Wittmann, Valentin                 2007

Der GmbH-Geschäftsführer                     Jula, Rocco                        2006
GmbH-Recht                                   Stache, Ulrich                     2006
The God Beyond Belief                        Trakakis, Nick                     2007
Goguen Categories                            Winter, Michael                    2007
Going Private in Deutschland                 Eisele, Florian                    2006

Going Public in Deutschland                  Rummer, Marco                      2006

Das Going-Concern-Prinzip in der             Adam, Silke                        2007

Ecology, Behavior, and Conservation of the   Barrett, Gary W.; Feldhamer,       2008
Golden Mouse                                 George A.
Good Laboratory Practice                     Seiler, Jürg P.                    2005
Goodwillbilanzierung und                        Lopatta, Kerstin                    2006
Informationsvermittlung nach internationalen

G.W. Leibniz. The Art of Controversies          Dascal, Marcelo                     2006

Gouvernementalität und                          Weber, Susanne; Maurer,             2006
Erziehungswissenschaft                          Susanne
Governance and Performance of Education         Soguel, Nils C; Jaccard, Pierre     2007

Governance as a Trialogue                       Roux, Dirk J.; Claassen,            2007
                                                Marius; Hattingh, Johanna;
                                                Strydom, Wilma F.

Governance in der politischen Ökonomie          Benz, Arthur; Schimank, Uwe;        2006
                                                Simonis, Georg; Lütz, Susanne

The Governance of British Higher Education      Tapper, Ted                         2007

Governance of Communication Networks            Preissl, Brigitte; Müller, Jürgen   2006

Governance räumlicher Wettbewerbseinheiten      Raich, Frieda                       2006

Governing Europe under a Constitution           Blanke, Herm.-Josef;                2006
                                                Mangiameli, Stelio
Governing Knowledge                             Bleiklie, Ivar; Henkel, Mary        2005
Government and Research                         Hanney, Steve; Henkel, Mary;        2006
                                                Kogan, Maurice
GPCRs: From Deorphanization to Lead             Bourne, Henry R.; Horuk,            2007
Structure Identification                        Richard; Kuhnke, Joachim;
                                                Michel, Hartmut
GPS                                             Xu, Guochang                        2007
GPU-Based Interactive Visualization             Weiskopf, Daniel                    2007
Graded Ferroelectrics, Transpacitors and        Alpay, S. Pamir; Mantese,           2005
Transponents                                    Joseph V.

Gradient Flows                                  Ambrosio, Luigi; Gigli, Nicola;     2005
                                                Savaré, Giuseppe
Gradients in a Tropical Mountain Ecosystem of                                       2008

Graduate Attributes, Learning and Employability Hager, Paul; Holland, Susan         2006

Grammar for Teachers                                                                2008
The Grammar of Graphics                         Wilkinson, Leland                   2005
Grammatical Inference: Algorithms and          Sakaibara, Yasibumi;              2006
Applications                                   Kobayashi, Satoshi; Sato,
                                               Kengo; Nishino, Tetsuro;
                                               Tomita, Etsuji
Grammatical Picture Generation                 Drewes, Frank                     2006

The Grand Challenge for the Future             Kaufmann, Stefan H.E.;            2005
                                               Lambert, Paul-Henri
Granite genesis: in-situ melting and crustal   Chen, Guo-Neng; Grapes,           2007
evolution                                      Rodney

Granular Computing: At the Junction of Rough   Bello, Rafael; Pedrycz, Witold;   2008
Sets and Fuzzy Sets                            Kacprzyk, Janusz; Falcón,
Graph Drawing                                                                    2008
Graph Drawing                                  Kaufmann, Michael; Wagner,        2007
Graph Drawing (vol. # 3383)                    Pach, János                       2005
Graph Drawing (vol. # 3843)                    Healy, Patrick; Nikolov, Nikola   2006
Graph Theory                                   Bondy, J A; Murty, U S R          2008
Graph Theory and Combinatorial Optimization    Avis, David; Hertz, Alain;        2005
                                               Marcotte, Odile

Graph Theory in Paris                          Bondy, Adrian; Fonlupt, Jean;     2007
                                               Fouquet, Jean-Luc; Fournier,
                                               Jean-Claude; Ramírez
                                               Alfonsín, Jorge L.
Graph Theory, Combinatorics and Algorithms     Golumbic, Martin Charles;         2005
                                               Hartman, Irith Ben-Arroyo

Graph Transformations                          Corradini, Andrea; Ehrig,         2006
                                               Hartmut; Montanari, Ugo;
                                               Ribeiro, Leila; Rozenberg,
Graph-Based Representations in Pattern         Brun, Luc; Vento, Mario           2005

Graph-Based Representations in Pattern         Escolano, Francisco; Vento,       2007
Recognition                                    Mario

Graphics of Large Datasets                     Hofmann, Heike; Theus,            2006
                                               Martin; Unwin, Antony
Graphics Recognition. TenYears Review and      Liu, Wenyin; Lladós, Josep        2006
Future Perspectives

Graphs, Networks and Algorithms                Jungnickel, Dieter                2008

Graphs, Networks and Algorithms                Jungnickel, Dieter                2005
A Graph-Theoretic Approach to Enterprise     Bunke, Horst; Dickinson, Peter      2007
Network Dynamics                             J.; Kraetzl, Miro; Wallis, Walter
Graph-Theoretic Concepts in Computer Science Brandstädt, Andreas                 2007

Graph-Theoretic Concepts in Computer Science Hromkovic, Juraj; Nagl,             2005
                                             Manfred; Westfechtel, Bernhard

Graph-Theoretic Concepts in Computer            Kratsch, Dieter                  2005
Science (vol. # 3787)

Graph-Theoretic Concepts in Computer            Fomin, Fedor V.                  2006
Science (vol. # 4271)

Graßmann                                        Petsche, Hans-Joachim            2006
Der Graue Kapitalmarkt                          Werner, Thomas; Burghardt,       2006
Gravitation and Experiment                      Damour, Thibault; Duplantier,    2007
                                                Bertrand; Rivasseau, Vincent
Gravitational Lensing: Strong, Weak and Micro   Jetzer, Philippe; Meylan,        2006
                                                Georges; North, Pierre
Gravity, Black Holes, and the Very Early        Chow, Tai L                      2008

Gravity, Geoid and Space Missions               Bastos, Luisa; Fernandes,        2005
                                                Joana; Jekeli, Christopher
Green Function Theory of Chemisorption          Davison, Sydney G.; Sulston,     2006
                                                Kenneth W.
Green Gene Technology                           Fiechter, Armin; Sautter,        2007
The Green House                                 Hawthorne, Christopher; Stang,   2005
Greenhouse Gas Emissions - Fluxes and           Garneau, Michelle; Roehm,        2005
Processes                                       Charlotte; Tremblay, A.;
                                                Varfalvy, Louis
Greening the Industrial Facility                Graedel, Thomas E.; Howard-      2005
                                                Grenville, Jennifer A.
Greening the Supply Chain                       Sarkis, Joseph                   2006

Green's Functions in Quantum Physics            Economou, Eleftherios N.         2006

Die Grenzen der Kunst                                                            2007
Grenzen der Marktlogik                          Rychner, Marianne                2006
Grenzen der Versicherbarkeit von                Nguyen, Tristan                  2007

Die Grenzen der Wirtschaftspolitik              Morgenstern, Oskar               2007
Grenzen der Zulässigkeit von Wahltarifen und                                    2008
Zusatzversicherungen in der gesetzlichen

Grenzen des Eigennutzens                       Kirst, Andreas                   2007

Grenzschicht-Theorie                           Gersten, K.; Schlichting, H.     2006
Grenzsicherungspolitik                         Eigmüller, Monika                2007
Grenzüberschreitende                           Osiecka, Agnieszka               2006

Grey Information                               Lin, Yi; Liu, Sifeng             2006
Grid and Cooperative Computing - GCC 2005      Fox, Geoffrey C.; Zhuge, Hai     2005

Grid Computing                                 Barth, Thomas; Schüll, Anke      2006
Grid Computing                                 Prodan, Radu; Fahringer,         2007
Grid Computing in Life Science                 Konagaya, Akihiko                2005

Grid Computing Security                        Chakrabarti, Anirban             2007
Grid Computing: Software Environments and      Cunha, Jose C.; Rana, Omer F.    2006

Grid Economics and Business Models             Veit, Daniel J.; Altmann, Jörn   2007

Grid-Based Problem Solving Environments        Gaffney, Patrick W.; Pool,       2007
                                               James C.T.
Grippers in Motion                             Schunk, Henrik; Steinmann,       2005
                                               Ralf; Wolf, Andreas
Der Große Reuter                               Reuter, Peter                    2005
Der Große Reuter. Springer                     Reuter, Peter                    2005
Universalwörterbuch Medizin, Pharmakologie
und Zahnmedizin. Englisch-Deutsch

Die großen Zeppeline                           Kleinheins, Peter; Meighörner,   2005
Großstädte zwischen Hierarchie, Wettbewerb     Prigge, Rolf; Schwarzer,         2006
und Kooperation                                Thomas

The Grothendieck Festschrift                   Cartier, Pierre; Illusie, Luc;   2007
                                               Katz, Nicholas M.; Laumon,
                                               Gérard; Manin, Yuri I.; Ribet,
                                               Kenneth A.
Groundwater                                    Thangarajan, M.                  2007
Groundwater and Ecosystems                     Baba, Alper; Gunduz, Orhan;      2006
                                               Howard, Ken W.F.
Groundwater Geochemistry                       Nordstrom, Darrell K.            2005

Groundwater Geophysics                         Kirsch, Reinhard                 2006
3D-Groundwater Modeling with PMWIN           Chiang, Wen-Hsing                 2005

Groundwater Recharge from Run-off,           Seiler, K.-P.; Gat, J.R.          2007
Infiltration and Percolation

Group 13 Chemistry I                                                           2006
Group 13 Chemistry III                                                         2006
Group B Coxsackieviruses                                                       2008

Group Coordination and Cooperative Control   Gravdahl, J.T.; Nijmeijer, H.;    2006
                                             Pettersen, K.Y.
Group Rights as Human Rights                 Torbisco Casals, Neus             2006

Group Theory                                 Dresselhaus, Mildred S.;          2008
                                             Dresselhaus, Gene; Jorio, Ado

Groupes et algèbres de Lie                   Bourbaki, N.                      2007

Groupes et algèbres de Lie                   Bourbaki, N.                      2007

Groupes et algèbres de Lie                   Bourbaki, N.                      2007

Grouping Multidimensional Data               Kogan, Jacob; Nicholas,           2006
                                             Charles; Teboulle, Marc
Groups of Galaxies in the Nearby Universe    Saviane, I.; Ivanov, V.D.;        2007
                                             Borissova, J.
Groupware: Design, Implementation, and Use   Haake, Joerg M.; Ochoa,           2007
                                             Sergio F.; Cechich, Alejandra
Groupware: Design, Implementation, and Use   Fuks, Hugo; Lukosch, Stephan;     2005
(vol. # 3706)                                Salgado, Ana Carolina

Groupware: Design, Implementation, and Use   Dimitriadis, Yannis A.; Zigurs,   2006
(vol. # 4154)                                Ilze; Gómez-Sánchez, Eduardo

Growing Black Holes: Accretion in a          Merloni, Andrea ; Nayakshin,      2005
Cosmological Context                         Sergei; Sunyaev, Rashid A.

Growing Food                                 Winch, Tony                       2006
Growing Modular                              Carson, Charles; Kratochvíl,      2005
Growing Plantation Forests                   West, Phil                        2006

Growth Dynamics of Conifer Tree Rings        Hughes, M.K.; Shashkin, A.V.;     2006
                                             Vaganov, E.A.
The Growth Hormone                           Chowen, Julie A.; Varela-Nieto,   2005
Growth, Differentiation and Sexuality        Fischer, R.; Kües, U.             2006
Growth, Trade and Economic Institutions         Bös, Dieter; Corneo, Giacomo;    2005
                                                Hjerppe, Reino; Honkatukia,
                                                Juha J.; Jensen, Bjarne Sloth;
                                                Palokangas, Tapio Kalervo

Gründe für Desinvestitionen                     Stiller, Patrick                 2007

Grundfragen der Medienwirtschaft                Hess, Thomas; Schumann,          2006
Grundkurs Codierung                             Dankmeier, Wilfried              2006
Grundkurs Datenbankentwicklung                  Kleuker, Stephan                 2006

Grundkurs Geschäftsprozess-Management           Gadatsch, Andreas                2008

Grundkurs Leistungselektronik                                                    2008

Grundkurs Mathematik in den                     Braunß, Hans-Andreas; Junek,     2007
Biowissenschaften                               Heinz; Krainer, Thomas

Grundkurs Microsoft Dynamics AX                 Luszczak, Andreas                2007

Grundkurs Mobile Kommunikationssysteme          Sauter, Martin                   2006

Grundkurs Mobile Kommunikationssysteme                                           2008

Grundkurs Programmieren mit Delphi              Matthäus, Wolf-Gert              2006

Grundkurs Programmieren mit Visual Basic        Kämper, Sabine                   2006

Grundkurs Relationale Datenbanken               Steiner, René                    2006

Grundkurs SAP R/3®                              Maassen, André; Schoenen,        2006
                                                Markus; Frick, Detlev;
                                                Gadatsch, Andreas
Grundkurs Software-Entwicklung mit C++          May, Dietrich                    2006

Grundkurs Spracherkennung                       Euler, Stephen                   2006

Grundkurs Statistik in den Sozialwissenschaften Müller-Benedict, Volker          2006

Grundkurs Theoretische Physik 1                 Nolting, Wolfgang                2006

Grundkurs Theoretische Physik 2                 Nolting, Wolfgang                2006

Grundkurs Theoretische Physik 3                 Nolting, Wolfgang                2007
Grundkurs Theoretische Physik 4               Nolting, Wolfgang               2005

Grundkurs Theoretische Physik 5               Nolting, Wolfgang               2006

Grundkurs Theoretische Physik 6               Nolting, Wolfgang               2007

Grundkurs Theoretische Physik 6               Nolting, Wolfgang               2005

Grundkurs Theoretische Physik 7               Nolting, Wolfgang               2005

Grundkurs Wirtschaftsmathematik                                               2006

Grundlagen der Baubetriebslehre 1             Berner, Fritz; Kochend÷rfer,    2007
                                              Bernd; Schach, Rainer
Grundlagen der Baubetriebslehre 2                                             2008

Grundlagen der Betriebswirtschaftslehre       Domschke, Wolfgang; Scholl,     2005
Grundlagen der Betriebswirtschaftslehre für   Müller, David                   2006

Grundlagen der digitalen Signalverarbeitung   Wendemuth, Andreas              2005

Die Grundlagen der Fernsehtechnik             Mahler, Gerhard                 2005

Grundlagen der Finanzwissenschaft             Graf, Gerhard                   2005

Grundlagen der Immobilienwirtschaft           Brauer, Kerry-U                 2006

Grundlagen der klassischen TRIZ               Orloff, Michael A.              2005

Grundlagen der klassischen TRIZ               Orloff, Michael A.              2006

Grundlagen der Mikrobiologie                  Cypionka, Heribert              2006

Grundlagen der Mikroökonomik                  Schott, Hartmut; Wied-          2005
                                              Nebbeling, Susanne
Grundlagen der Organisation                   Laux, Helmut; Liermann, Felix   2005

Grundlagen der organischen Chemie             Hädener, Alfons; Kaufmann,      2006
Grundlagen der Statistik                      Holland, Heinrich;              2006
                                              Scharnbacher, Kurt
Grundlagen der statistischen Datenanalyse     Behnke, Joachim; Behnke,        2006

Grundlagen der Steuerlehre                    Beeck, Volker                   2007

Grundlagen der Strahlungsphysik und des                                       2007
Grundlagen der Strömungsmechanik             Durst, Franz                     2006

Grundlagen der Unternehmensführung           Hungenberg, Harald; Wulf,        2007
Grundlagen der Unternehmensführung           Hungenberg, Harald; Wulf,        2006
Grundlagen der Verwaltungswissenschaft       Snellen, Ignance                 2006

Grundlagen der Wahrscheinlichkeitsrechnung                                    2008
und Statistik

Grundlagen der Wahrscheinlichkeitsrechnung   Cramer, Erhard; Kamps, Udo;      2007
und Statistik                                Steland, Ansgar

Grundlagen der Wirtschaftsinformatik         Fink, Andreas; Schneidereit,     2005
                                             Gabriele; Voß, Stefan
Grundlagen der Wirtschaftspolitik            Welfens, Paul J J                2008

Grundlagen der Wirtschaftspolitik            Welfens, Paul J.J.               2005

Grundlagen des CRM                           Hippner, Hajo; Wilde, Klaus D    2006
Grundlagen des Operations Research           Werners, Brigitte                2006

Grundlagen und Modelle des Information       Thome, Günter; Sollbach,         2007
Lifecycle Management                         Wolfgang

Grundlegende Algorithmen mit Java            Logofătu, Doina                  2008

Grundrechte                                  Epping, Volker                   2007
Grundrechte                                  Epping, Volker                   2005
Die Grundrechte der Europäischen Union       Winkler, Roland                  2006

Grundriss der Psychotherapieethik            Hutterer-Krisch, Renate          2007

Grundriss des Unterbringungsrechts           Kopetzki, Christian              2005

Grundstücke vererben und verschenken         Haar, Horst; Sievert, Gerhard;   2007
                                             Kollak, Yvonne
Gründungen                                   Pech, Anton; Würger, Erich       2005
Gründungsausbildung in Netzwerken            Wagner, Kerstin                  2006

Grundwissen Sozialisation                    Zimmermann, Peter                2006

Grundzüge des Rechts der Massenmedien        Holoubek, Michael; Kassai,       2006
                                             Klaus; Traimer, Matthias

Grundzüge der Finanzwissenschaft             Wigger, Berthold U.              2006

Grundzüge der Gentechnik                     Regenass-Klotz, Mechthild        2005

Grundzüge der Strömungslehre                 Zierep, Jürgen; Bühler, Karl     2008
Grundzüge der Wirtschaftsinformatik           Bodendorf, Freimut; Hess,        2005
                                              Thomas; König, Wolfgang;
                                              Mertens, Peter; Picot, Arnold;
                                              Schumann, Matthias
Grundzüge des Telekommunikationsrechts        Damjanovic, Dragana;             2006
                                              Holoubek, Michael; Lehofer,
                                              Hans Peter
Grundzusammenhänge der Elektrotechnik         Kindler, Herbert; Haim, Klaus-   2006
Gruppi                                        Machì, Antonio                   2007
Guanxi and Business Strategy                  Langenberg, Eike A.              2007

Guerrilla Capacity Planning                   Gunther, Neil J.                 2007

Guide to Advanced Empirical Software          Shull, Forrest; Sjøberg, Dag I   2008
Engineering                                   K; Singer, Janice

Guide to Assembly Language Programming in     Dandamudi, Sivarama P.           2005

Guide to Biomolecular Simulations             Becker, Oren M.; Karplus,        2006
Guide to Effective Grant Writing              Yang, Otto O.                    2005

A Guide to Lead-free Solders                  Evans, John W.                   2007

A Guide to Methods in the Biomedical Sciences Corley, Ronald B.                2005

Guide to Observing Deep-Sky Objects           Farinacci, Jeff A                2008

Guide to RISC Processors                      Dandamudi, Sivarama P.           2005

Guide to Wireless Network Security            Vacca, John R.                   2006

Artery Guidebook                              Bothmann, Frank; Kerndlmaier,    2006
                                              Rudolf; Koffeman, Albert I. ;
                                              Mandel, Klaus; Wallbank, Sarah

Gut-Associated Lymphoid Tissues               Honjo, T.; Melchers, F.          2006

Gutgläubiger Mobiliarerwerb                   Karner, Ernst                    2006

Gynäkologie und Geburtshilfe                  Diedrich, Klaus; Holzgreve,      2007
                                              Wolfgang; Jonat, Walter;
                                              Schultze-Mosgau, Askan;
                                              Schneider, K.T.M.; Weiss,
                                              Jürgen M.
Das Zweite - kompakt                          Schaps, Klaus-Peter; Kessler,    2007
                                              Oliver; Fetzner, Ulrich

Die Gynäkologie                               Costa, Serban D.; Kaufmann,      2006
                                              Manfred; Scharl, Anton
Gynecologic Cancer                              Eifel, Patricia J.; Gershenson,    2006
                                                David M.; Kavanagh, John J.;
                                                Silva, Elvio G.

Hacia el Futuro                                 Ibarrarán, Maria Eugenia;          2006
                                                Boyd, Roy
Hadron Collider Physics 2005                    Campanelli, Mario; Clark, Allan;   2006
                                                Wu, Xin
Haemostasis in Spine Surgery                    Aebi, Max; Gunzburg, Robert;       2005
                                                Szpalski, Marek; Weiskopf,
                                                Richard B.
Haftung und Entschädigung nach                  Altfuldisch, Rainer                2007
Tankerunfällen auf See

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Handbook of Biomedical Image Analysis          Laxminarayan, Swamy; Suri,          2005
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and Devices

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Claims                                         Izabela Z.

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Research                                      Laura Beth

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Children and Adolescents                      C; Elkin, T David

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Generalized Monotonicity                      Sándor; Schaible, Siegfried

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Handbook of High -Temperature                 Schrieffer, J. Robert             2007

Handbook of Homework Assignments in           Kazantzis, Nikolaos; L'Abate,     2007
Psychotherapy                                 Luciano

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Children, Adolescents, and Families          Ric G.

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Stress and Coping                            C. J.

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The Handbook of Nanomedicine                                                  2008

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Control Systems                              Levine, William S.

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Neurobiology                                 Sylvester

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Brain energetics from genes to metabolites to   Gibson, Gary; Dienel, Gerry        2007

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Resources                                       Carlos; Bjørndal, Trond;
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Disease                                         Lisa; Wright, Kenneth W.

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Amblyopia                                      Lisa; Wright, Kenneth W.

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Analysis                                       Langhoff, N.; Wedell, R.; Wolff,
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Technology Research                            Henk F.; Schmoch, Ulrich

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Handbook of X-Ray Data                          Zschornack, Günter H.             2007
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Systems                                         Schmidt, Günter

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Handbook on Decision Support Systems 2          Burstein, Frada; Holsapple,       2008
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Handbook on Hyperbaric Medicine                 Mathieu, Daniel                   2006

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Optimization                                    Leonidas; Williams, H.Paul
Handbook on Optimal Growth 1                    Dana, Rose-Anne; Mitra,           2006
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Handbook on Quality and Standardisation in E-   Ehlers, Ulf-Daniel; Pawlowski,    2006
Learning                                        Jan Martin

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                                                Pesch, Erwin; Schmidt, Günter;
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Handbook to the Construction and Use of         Paulson, Gregory S.               2005
Insect Collection and Rearing Devices

Handbook of the Sociology of Racial and Ethnic Vera, Hernan; Feagin, Joe R.       2007

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Automatisierungstechnik im Automobil          Grünhaupt, Ulrich

Handbuch der Mess- und                        Gevatter, Hans-Jürgen;           2006
Automatisierungstechnik in der Produktion     Grünhaupt, Ulrich

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Handbuch der Psychopharmakotherapie           Holsboer, D. Florian; Gründer,   2008
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Handbuch des Fernabsatzrechts                 Hahn, Harald J. Th.; Wilmer,     2005
Handbuch des internationalen und              Hök, Götz-Sebastian              2005
ausländischen Baurechts

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                                             Holoubek, Michael; Kassai,
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Handbuch diagnostische Radiologie            Feuerbach, S.                       2007

Handbuch diagnostische Radiologie            Freyschmidt, Jürgen                 2005

Handbuch diagnostische Radiologie            Freyschmidt, Jürgen                 2005

Handbuch diagnostische Radiologie            Freyschmidt, Jürgen                 2005

Handbuch Dieselmotoren                       Mollenhauer, Klaus; Tschöke,        2007
Handbuch Eisenbahninfrastruktur              Fendrich, Lothar                    2007

Handbuch E-Money, E-Payment & M-Payment      Lammer, Thomas                      2006

Handbuch Energierecht                        Raschauer, Bernhard                 2006
Handbuch erziehungswissenschaftliche         Krüger, Heinz-Hermann;              2006
Biographieforschung                          Marotzki, Winfried

Handbuch Europäische Rechtsetzung            Härtel, Ines                        2006

Handbuch Europarecht                         Frenz, Walter                       2007
Handbuch Europarecht                         Frenz, Walter                       2006
Handbuch Europa in NRW                       Alemann, Ulrich; Münch,             2006
Handbuch Facility Management für             Hellerforth, Michaela               2006

Handbuch für Technisches Produktdesign       Kalweit, Andreas; Paul,             2006
                                             Christof; Peters, Sascha;
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Handbuch Intensivmedizin des Neurozentrums   Kiening, K.L.; Haux, D.; Steiner,   2006
am Universitätsklinikum Heidelberg           T.; Berger, C.; Wittmann, F.;
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                                             W.; Unterberg, A.W.

Handbuch IT in der Verwaltung                Wind, Martin; Kröger, Detlef        2006

Handbuch Kinder und häusliche Gewalt         Kavemann, Barbara; Kreyssig,        2007
Handbuch Kraftfahrzeugelektronik                                                 2006

Handbuch Kundenzufriedenheit                 Künzel, Hansjörg                    2005

Handbuch Marketing-Controlling               Zerres, Michael P.; Zerres,         2006
Handbuch Medienmanagement                    Scholz, Christian                   2006
Handbuch Mitarbeiterbefragung             Domsch, Michel E.; Ladwig,         2006
                                          Désirée H.
Handbuch Moderne Unternehmensfinanzierung Figgener, Stefanus; Grunow,        2006
                                          Hans-Werner G.

Handbuch naturnahe Begrⁿnung von Rohb÷den Kirmer, Anita; Tischew, Sabine     2006

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Handbuch Produktmanagement                  Albers, Sönke; Herrmann,         2007
Handbuch Projektmanagement                                                   2008

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                                            Alphons; Schneider, Emil;
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Handbuch Qualität                           Geiger, Walter; Kotte, Willi     2008
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                                            Christiane; Waskowiak, Astrid
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Handbuch Robotik                            Haun, Matthias                   2007
Handbuch Umformtechnik                      Doege, Eckart; Behrens, Bernd-   2007
Handbuch Unternehmensrestrukturierung                                        2006

Handbuch Verkehrspolitik                                                     2007

Handbuch Verkehrsunfallrekonstruktion                                        2007

Handbuch zum Testen von Web-Applikationen   Franz, Klaus                     2007

Handbuch zur deutschen Außenpolitik         Schmidt, Siegmar; Hellmann,      2007
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Handbuch zur Erkundung des Untergrundes     Knödel, Klaus; Krummel,          2005
von Deponien und Altlasten                  Heinrich; Lange, Gerhard

Handbuch zur Flugunfalluntersuchung         Schuberdt, Christian-Heinz       2005

Handel an Regelenergie- und Spotmärkten     Swider, Derk Jan                 2006

Handelscontrolling                          Becker, Jörg; Winkelmann, Axel   2006

Handelsmarketing                            Ahlert, Dieter; Kenning, Peter   2007
Handelsrecht                                Oetker, Hartmut                  2005
Handelsrecht                                   Meyer, Justus                     2007
Handelsrecht                                   Oetker, Hartmut                   2007
Handelsrecht - Schnell erfasst                                                   2006

Handhelds in Medicine                          Ebell, Mark H.; Reynolds, Peter   2005
                                               L.; Strayer, Scott M.
Handover in DVB-H                                                                2008
The Hands-On Guide for Science                 Lindberg Christensen, Lars        2007
Handwörterbuch zur Verwaltungsreform           Voigt, Rüdiger; Walkenhaus,       2006
Hans Christian Oersted and the Romantic        Brain, R.M; Knudsen, O.           2007
Quest for Unity

Haploids in Crop Improvement II                Kasha, K.J.; Keller, W.A.;        2005
                                               Palmer, C.E.
Haptic and Audio Interaction Design            Oakley, Ian; Brewster, Stephen    2007

Haptic and Audio Interaction Design            Brewster, Stephen; McGookin,      2006
Hard Disk Drive Servo Systems                  Chen, Ben M.; Lee, Tong H.;       2006
                                               Peng, Kemao;
Hardening Linux                                Turnbull, James                   2005
Hardening Windows                              Hassell, Jonathan                 2006
Hardware and Software, Verification and        Bin, Eyal; Ziv, Avi; Ur, Shmuel   2007
Hardware and Software, Verification and        Bin, Eyal; Ur, Shmuel;            2006
Testing                                        Wolfsthal, Yaron
Hardware and Software: Verification and                                          2008
Hardware Verification with C++                 Ekendahl, Robert; Mintz, Mike     2006

Hardware Verification with SystemVerilog       Mintz, Mike; Ekendahl, Robert     2007

Harmful Cyanobacteria                          Huisman, Jef; Matthijs, Hans      2005
                                               C.P.; Visser, Petra M.
Harmonic Analysis and Applications             Heil, Christopher                 2006

Harmonic Analysis and Rational Approximation Fournier, J.-D.; Grimm, J.;         2006
                                             Leblond, J.; Partington, J.R.
Harmonisierung des externen und internen     Mⁿller, Martin                      2006

Hartree-Fock-Slater Method for Materials       Adachi, H.; Kawai, J.;            2006
Science                                        Mukoyama, T.

Hartz plus                                     Gerhardt, Klaus-Uwe               2006
Harvesting Operations in the Tropics           Sessions, John                    2007

The Hatfield SCT Lunar Atlas                   Cook, Jeremy                      2005
Häufige Hautkrankheiten im Kindesalter         Abeck, D.; Cremer, H.               2006

Häufige urologische Erkrankungen im            Steffens, J.; Siemer, S.            2008

Die Haut und ihre Anhangsgebilde               Deutschmann, Gerhard                2005

Hazardous Chemicals in Products and            Ahrens, Andreas; Braun,             2006
Processes                                      Angelika; Gleich, Arnim von;
                                               Heitmann, Kerstin; Lißner,
HCI and Usability for Medicine and Health Care Holzinger, Andreas                  2007

HCI related papers of Interacción 2004         Lorés-Vidal, Jesús; Navarro-        2006
                                               Prieto, Raquel
HDPE Geomembranes in Geotechnics               Müller, Werner W.                   2007

Head and Neck Cancer Imaging                   Hermans, Robert                     2006

Headache and Chronic Pain Syndromes            Marcus, Dawn A.                     2007

Health and Modernity                           McQueen, David; Kickbusch,          2007
Health Care Benchmarking and Performance       Ozcan, Yasar A                      2008

Health Communication                           Thomas, Richard K.                  2006
Health Issues Confronting Minority Men Who     Loue, Sana                          2008
Have Sex with Men

The Health of Aging Hispanics                  Angel, Jacqueline L. ; Whitfield,   2007
                                               Keith E.
The Health of Sexual Minorities                Meyer, Ilan H.; Northridge,         2007
                                               Mary E.
Health Research in Developing Countries        Becher, Heiko; Kouyaté, Bocar       2005

Health Services Marketing                      Thomas, Richard K                   2008

Health Technology Assessments by the           Schlander, Michael                  2007
National Institute for Health and Clinical

Healthy Longevity in China                                                         2008
Hearing – From Sensory Processing to            Kollmeier, Birger; Klump,         2007
Perception                                      Georg; Hohmann, Volker;
                                                Langemann, Ulrike;
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                                                Uppenkamp, Stefan; Verhey,
Hearing and Sound Communication in              Narins, P.M.; Feng, Albert S.;    2006
Amphibians                                      Fay, Richard R.; Popper, Arthur
Hearing Visions and Seeing Voices               Glas, Gerrit; Spero, Moshe        2007
                                                Halevi; Verhagen, Peter J.; Van
                                                Praag, Herman M.
The Heart of Cohomology                         Kato, Goro                        2006
Heat and Mass Transfer                          Baehr, Hans D.; Stephan, Karl     2006

Heat Conduction                                 Wang, Liqiu; Zhou, Xuesheng;      2008
                                                Wei, Xiaohao
Heat Convection                                 Jiji, Latif M.                    2006
Heat Shock Proteins in Cancer                   Calderwood, Stuart K;             2007
                                                Sherman, Michael Y; Ciocca,
                                                Daniel R
Heat Shock Proteins: Potent Mediators of        Asea, Alexzander A.A.; De         2007
Inflammation and Immunity                       Maio, Antonio

Heating versus Cooling in Galaxies and          Böhringer, Hans; Pratt, Gabriel   2007
Clusters of Galaxies                            W. ; Finoguenov, Alexis;
                                                Schuecker, Peter
Heaven Upon Earth                               Jue, Jeffrey K.                   2006
Heavy-Tail Phenomena                            Resnick, Sidney I.                2007
Hebbian Learning and Negative Feedback          Fyfe, Colin                       2005

Hebräisches und Aramäisches                     Donner, H.                        2007
Handwörterbuch über das Alte Testament

Hebräisches und Aramäisches                     Donner, H.                        2005
Handwörterbuch über das Alte Testament

Hebrew Scholasticism in the Fifteenth Century   Zonta, Mauro                      2006

Hedgefonds                                      Hornberg, Klaus Wilhelm           2006
Hedgefonds für Einsteiger                       Fano-Leszczynski, Ursula          2005

Hedgehog-Gli Signaling in Human Disease         Ruiz i Altalba, Ariel             2006

Hegel's Idea of the Good Life                   Goldstein, Joshua D.              2006

Die "Heilige Ordnung" der Männer                                                  2007
Heil-Lasten                                     Frimmel, Fritz H.; Müller,        2006
                                                Margit B.
Heilpflanzenkunde für Tierärzte                 Di Carlo, Assunta; Frater-        2005
                                                Schröder, Marijke; Gachnian-
                                                Mirtscheva, Rosa; Reichling,
                                                Jürgen; Saller, Reinhard;
                                                Widmaier, Wolfgang
Heimhilfe                                       Jedelsky, Elisabeth               2006
Heinz Werner and Developmental Science          Valsiner, Jaan                    2005

Heizung und Kühlung                              Jens, Klaus; Pech, Anton         2005
The Heliosphere through the Solar Activity Cycle Balogh, André; Suess, Steven     2008
                                                 T; Lanzerotti, Louis J
34th Hemophilia Symposium Hamburg 2003           Scharrer, I.; Schramm, W.        2005

35th Hemophilia Symposium Hamburg 2004          Scharrer, Inge; Schramm,          2006
36th Hemophilia Symposium Hamburg 2005          Scharrer, Inge; Schramm,          2007
Hepatitis C Virus Disease                       Jirillo, Emilio                   2008

Hepatitis Delta Virus                           Handa, Hiroshi ; Yamaguchi,       2006
Hepatitis Delta Virus (vol. # 307)              Casey, J.L.                       2006
Hepatocellular Cancer                           Carr, Brian I                     2005
Hepatology, Principles and Practice             Kuntz, Erwin; Kuntz, Hans-        2006
Herausforderung Bevölkerung                     Ehmer, Josef; Ferdinand,          2007
                                                Ursula; Reulecke, Jürgen
Herausforderung Kundenbindung                   Rennhak, Carsten                  2006

Herausforderungen einer zukunftsorientierten    Gramlich, Dieter; Träger,         2007
Unternehmenspolitik                             Manfred

Herausforderungen im                            Rissbacher, Clemens               2007

Herausforderungen in der Wirtschaftsinformatik Karagiannis, Dimitris; Rieger,     2006

Herbal Products                                 Tracy, Timothy S.; Kingston,      2007
                                                Richard L.
Herbert Reineckers Gesamtwerk                   Helbig, Volker                    2007

The Hereditary Basis of Rheumatic Diseases      Holmdahl, Rikard                  2006

Hereditary Peripheral Neuropathies              Kuhlenbäumer, G.; Ringelstein,    2005
                                                E. B.; Stögbauer, F.; Young, P.
Herkunftsbedingte Disparitäten im              Baumert, Jürgen; Stanat, Petra;   2006
Bildungswesen: Differenzielle                  Watermann, Rainer
Bildungsprozesse und Probleme der

Hermann Cohen's Critical Idealism              Munk, Reinier W.                  2005

Hernienchirurgie                               Buhr, H.J.; Ritz, J.-P.           2006
The Herschel Objects, and How to Observe       Mullaney, James                   2007
Die Herstellung einer öffentlichen Hegemonie   Gerhards, Jürgen; Schäfer,        2006
                                               Mike Steffen
Herz Kreislauf kompakt                         Kaltenbach, M.; Vallbracht, C.    2006
HerzAkutMedizin                                Baumann, G.; Zerkowski, H.-R.     2006

Das Herzkatheterlabor                          Winkhardt, M.                     2005
Herzklappenchirurgie                           Bauer, Kerstin; Ennker, Jürgen    2005

Herzschrittmacher und Defibrillatoren          Bauer, Kerstin; Ennker, Jürgen    2005

Heterocycles from Carbohydrate Precursors      El Ashry, El Sayed H.             2007

Heterocycles from Transition Metal Catalysis   Kotschy, András; Timári, Géza     2005

Heterocyclic Antitumor Antibiotics             Lee, Moses                        2006

Heterogeneous Enantioselective Hydrogenation Klabunovskii, Evgenii; Smith,       2006
                                             Gerard V.; Zsigmond, Ágnes

Heterologe Insemination — Die rechtliche       Rütz, Eva Maria K                 2008
Stellung des Samenspenders

Hexagonal Image Processing                     Middleton, Lee; Sivaswamy,        2005
HFI                                            Maier, K.; Vianden, R.            2005
Hidden Markov Models in Finance                Mamon, Rogemar S.; Elliott,       2007
                                               Robert J.
Hidradenitis Suppurativa                       Jemec, Gregor B.E.; Revuz,        2006
                                               Jean; Leyden, James J.
Hierarchical Bayesian Optimization Algorithm   Pelikan, Martin                   2005

Hiérarchie de modèles en optique quantique     Bidégaray-Fesquet, Brigitte       2006

Hierarchy in Natural and Social Sciences       Pumain, Denise                    2006

High Availability and Disaster Recovery        Schmidt, Klaus                    2006
High Dielectric Constant Materials              Gilmer, D.C.; Huff, H.R.           2005

High Dilution Effects: Physical and Biochemical Sukul, Nirmal C.; Sukul, Anirban   2005

High Energy Density Laboratory Astrophysics     Lebedev, Sergey V.                 2007

High Energy Density Laboratory Astrophysics     Kyrala, George A.                  2005

High Energy Density Materials                   Klapötke, T. M.                    2007

High Energy Polarized Proton Beams; A           Hoffstaetter, Georg Heinz          2006
Modern View

The High Energy Solar Corona: Waves,            Klein, Karl-Ludwig; MacKinnon,     2007
Eruptions, Particles                            Alexander L.

High Field Brain MRI                            Salvolini, U.; Scarabino, T.       2006
High Frequency Financial Econometrics           Bauwens, Luc; Pohlmeier,           2008
                                                Winfried; Veredas, David
High Noon in the Automotive Industry            Becker, Helmut                     2006

High Order Difference Methods for Time          Gustafsson, Bertil                 2008
Dependent PDE

High Performance Computational Science and      Doncescu, Andrei; Leng, Tau;       2005
Engineering                                     Ng, Michael K.; Yang, Laurence
High Performance Computing                                                         2006

High Performance Computing - HiPC 2004          Bougé, Luc; Prasanna, Viktor K.    2005

High Performance Computing – HiPC 2005          Bader, David A.; Parashar,         2005
                                                Manish; Prasanna, Viktor K.;
                                                Sridhar, V.
High Performance Computing - HiPC 2006          Robert, Yves L.; Parashar,         2006
                                                Manish; Badrinath,
                                                Ramamurthy; Prasanna, Viktor
High Performance Computing ¿ HiPC 2007                                             2007

High Performance Computing and                  Perrott, Ronald; Chapman,          2007
Communications                                  Barbara; Subhlok, Jaspal;
                                                Fernandes de Mello, Rodrigo;
                                                Yang, Laurence T.
High Performance Computing and                  Di Martino, Beniamino;             2005
Communications (vol. # 3726)                    Dongarra, Jack; Rana, Omer
                                                F.; Yang, Laurence T.
High Performance Computing and                  Gerndt, Michael; Kranzlmüller,     2006
Communications (vol. # 4208)                    Dieter
High Performance Computing for              Daydé, Michel; Dongarra, Jack;     2005
Computational Science - VECPAR 2004         Hernández, Vincente; Palma,
                                            José M.L.M.

High Performance Computing for              Daydé, Michel; Palma, José         2007
Computational Science - VECPAR 2006         M.L.M.; Couthino, Álvaro
                                            L.G.A.; Pacitti, Esther; Correia
                                            Lopes, João
High Performance Computing in Science and   Jäger, Willi; Nagel, Wolfgang      2006
Engineering ' 05                            E.; Resch, Michael

High Performance Computing in Science and   Nagel, Wolfgang E.; Jäger,         2007
Engineering ' 06                            Willi; Resch, Michael

High Performance Computing in Science and   Nagel, Wolfgang E; Kröner,         2008
Engineering `07                             Dietmar; Resch, Michael

High Performance Computing in Science and   Bode, Arndt; Durst, Franz          2005
Engineering, Garching 2004

High Performance Computing in Science and   Bode, Arndt; Durst, Franz;         2005
Engineering, Munich 2004                    Hanke, Werner; Wagner,

High Performance Computing on Vector        Benkert, Katharina ; Bez,          2006
Systems                                     Wolfgang; Bönisch, Thomas ;
                                            Furui, Toshiyuki; Resch,
                                            Michael; Seo, Yoshiki
High Performance Computing on Vector        Resch, Michael; Bönisch,           2007
Systems 2006                                Thomas ; Tiyyagura, Sunil;
                                            Furui, Toshiyuki; Seo, Yoshiki ;
                                            Bez, Wolfgang
High Performance Computing on Vector        Resch, Michael; Lammers,           2008
Systems 2007                                Peter; Roller, Sabine; Galle,
                                            Martin; Furui, Toshiyuki; Bez,
High Performance Computing in Science and   Jäger, Willi; Krause, Egon;        2005
Engineering ' 04                            Resch, Michael

High Performance Embedded Architectures                                        2008
and Compilers

High Performance Embedded Architectures     De Bosschere, Koen; Kaeli,         2007
and Compilers                               David; Stenström, Per;
                                            Whalley, David; Ungerer, Theo

High Performance Embedded Architectures     Conte, Tom; Hwu, Wen-mei           2005
and Compilers                               W.; Navarro, Nacho; Ungerer,
                                            Theo; Valero, Mateo
High Power Diode Lasers                      Poprawe, Reinhart; Loosen,       2007
                                             Peter; Bachmann, Friedrich
High Resolution Infrared Spectroscopy in     Käufl, Hans Ulrich; Moorwood,    2005
Astronomy                                    Alan F.M.; Siebenmorgen, Ralf

High Resolution Morphodynamics and           FitzGerald, Duncan M.; Knight,   2005
Sedimentary Evolution of Estuaries           Jasper

High Resolution Numerical Modelling of the   Hamilton, Kevin; Ohfuchi,        2008
Atmosphere and Ocean                         Wataru

High Tc Superconductors and Related          Bussmann-Holder, Annette;        2007
Transition Metal Oxides                      Keller, Hugo

High Thermal Conductivity Materials          Goela, Jitendra; Shinde,         2006
                                             Subhash L.
High Time Resolution Astrophysics            Phelan, Don; Ryan, Oliver;       2008
                                             Shearer, Andrew
High-Dimensional Chaotic and Attractor       Ivancevic, Vladimir G.;          2007
Systems                                      Ivancevic, Tijana T.

High-Dynamic-Range (HDR) Vision              Hoefflinger, Bernd               2007

High-Energy Spectroscopic Astrophysics       Güdel, Manuel; Walter, Roland    2005

High-Energy-Density Physics                  Drake, R. Paul                   2006

Higher Education and Graduate Employment in Schomburg, Harald; Teichler,      2006
Europe                                      Ulrich

Higher Education: Handbook of Theory and     Smart, John C                    2007

Higher Education: Handbook of Theory and     Smart, John C                    2005
Research (vol. # 20)

Higher Education: Handbook of Theory and     Smart, J.C.                      2005

Higher Education: Handbook of Theory and     Smart, John C.                   2006
Research (vol. # 21)

High-Frequency Oscillator Design for         Tang, Johan; Kasperkovitz,       2005
Integrated Transceivers                      Dieter; Roermund, Arthur

High-Frequency Seafloor Acoustics            Jackson, Darrell; Richardson,    2007
High-Grade Gliomas                             Barnett, Gene H.                     2007
High-Latitude Bioerosion: The Kosterfjord      Wisshak, Max                         2006

High-Level Modeling and Synthesis of Analog    Martens, Ewout S J; Gielen,          2008
Integrated Systems                             Georges G E

Highlights of Spanish Astrophysics IV          Figueras, Francesca; Girart,         2007
                                               Josep Miquel; Hernanz,
                                               Margarita; Jordi, Carme
High-Linearity CMOS RF Front-End Circuits      Ding, Yongwang; Harjani,             2005
Highly Sensitive Optical Receivers             Schneider, K.; Zimmermann, H.        2006

High-Performance Computing                                                          2008

High-Performance Energy-Efficient              Krishnamurthy, Ram K.;               2006
Microprocessor Design                          Oklobdzija, Vojin G.

High-performance Packet Switching              Elhanany, Itamar; Hamdi,             2007
Architectures                                  Mounir

High-Pressure Shock Compression of Solids      Chhabildas, L.C.; Davison, Lee;      2005
VIII                                           Horie, Y.

High-Resolution If-To-Baseband - Adc For Car                                        2008

High-Resolution Methods for Incompressible     Drikakis, Dimitris; Rider, William   2005
and Low-Speed Flows

High-Speed Photodiodes in Standard CMOS        Annema, Anne-Johan; Nauta,           2006
Technology                                     Bram; Radovanovic, Sasa

High-Velocity Clouds                           de Boer, Klaas; Schwarz,             2005
                                               Ulrich; van Woerden, Hugo;
                                               Wakker, Bart
Highway and Urban Environment                  Morrison, Gregory M.; Rauch,         2007
Hilbert-Huang Transform Analysis Of            Rao, A Ramachandra; Hsu, En-         2008
Hydrological And Environmental Time Series     Ching

H-infinity Control and Estimation of State-    Gershon, Eli; Shaked, Uri;           2005
multiplicative Linear Systems                  Yaesh, Isaac
H-infinity Control for Nonlinear Descriptor    Chang, Fan-Ren; Wang, He-        2006
Systems                                        Sheng; Yung, Chee-Fai

Hip Sonography                               Graf, R.                           2006
Hipparcos, the New Reduction of the Raw Data van Leeuwen, Floor                 2007

Hirschsprung's Disease and Allied Disorders    Holschneider, Alexander          2008
                                               Matthias; Puri, Prem
Histologie                                     Gratzl, Manfred                  2005
The Histone Code and Beyond                    Berger, S.L.; Haendler, B.;      2006
                                               Nakanishi, O.
Histopathology Reporting                       Allen, Derek C.                  2006
Historische Diskursanalysen                    Eder, Franz X                    2006

A History of Abstract Algebra                  Kleiner, Israel                  2007

The History of Allelopathy                     Willis, R.                       2008
The History of Approximation Theory            Steffens, Karl-Georg             2006

A History of Atmospheric CO2 and Its Effects   Cerling, Thure E.; Dearing,      2005
on Plants, Animals, and Ecosystems             M.Denise; Ehleringer, James R.

History of Banach Spaces and Linear Operators Pietsch, Albrecht                 2007

A History of Chinese Mathematics               Martzloff, Jean-Claude           2006

History of Computing and Education 2 (HCE2)    Impagliazzo, John                2006

A History of Limb Amputation                   Kirkup, John                     2007

History of Mathematics                         Smoryński, Craig                 2008
History of Nordic Computing                    Bubenko, Janis; Impagliazzo,     2005
                                               John; Solvberg, Arne
History of Plastic Surgery                     Santoni-Rugiu, Paolo; Sykes,     2007
History of Science, History of Text            Chemla, Karine                   2005

History of Semiconductor Engineering           Lojek, Bo                        2007

History of the European Association for        Lennert, Karl                    2006

Geschichte des Husserl-Archivs Leuven History Husserl-Archiv Leuven,            2007
of the Husserl-Archives Leuven
A History of Thermodynamics                   Müller, Ingo                      2007

Histotechnik                                   Lang, Gudrun                     2006
HIV and AIDS                                   Kartikeyan, S.; Bharmal, R.N.;     2007
                                               Tiwari, R.P.; Bisen, P.S.

HIV, resurgent infections and population       Caraël, Michel; Glynn, Judith R.   2007
change in Africa

Hochbaukosten — Flächen — Rauminhalte          Fröhlich, Peter J                  2007

Hochschul-PR in Deutschland                    Bühler, Heike; Schuster,           2007
                                               Carmen; Naderer, Gabriele;
                                               Koch, Robertine
Hochspannungstechnik                           Küchler, Andreas                   2005
Hochwasser-Katastrophenmanagement              Adam, Verena                       2006

Hoher Blutdruck                                Gotzen, Reinhard; Lohmann,         2005
                                               Friedrich W.
Höhere Mathematik für Ingenieure               Burg, Klemens; Haf, Herbert;       2007
                                               Wille, Friedrich
Höhere Mathematik för Ingenieure               Burg, Klemens; Haf, Herbert;       2006
                                               Wille, Friedrich; Meister,
Holistisches Sanierungs- und Wertmanagement                                       2008

Holocaust Survivors and Immigrants             Harel, Zev; Kahana, Boaz;          2005
                                               Kahana, Eva
Complex and Hypercomplex Analysis              Gürlebeck, Klaus; Sprößig,         2008
                                               Wolfgang; Habetha, Klaus

Holomorphic Morse Inequalities and Bergman     Ma, Xiaonan; Marinescu,            2007
Kernels                                        George

Holonic and Multi-Agent Systems for            Brennan, Robert W.; Marik,         2005
Manufacturing                                  Vladimir; Pechoucek, Michal

Holonic and Multi-Agent Systems for            Marik, Vladimir; Vyatkin,          2007
Manufacturing                                  Valeriy; Colombo, Armando
Holzbau 2                                      Werner, Gerhard; Zimmer,           2005
Home Education in Deutschland                                                     2008

Home Informatics and Telematics: ICT for The   Venkatesh, Alladi; Gonzalves,      2007
Next Billion                                   Timothy; Monk, Andrew;
                                               Buckner, Kathy
Home Long-Term Oxygen Treatment in Italy       Dal Negro, R.W.; Goldberg, A.I.    2005

Home-Oriented Informatics and Telematics       Sloane, Andy                       2005
Homing Endonucleases and Inteins            Belfort, Marlene; Derbyshire,     2005
                                            Victoria; Stoddard, Barry L.;
                                            Wood, David W.
Hominin Environments in the East African    Bobe, René; Alemseged,            2007
Pliocene                                    Zeresenay; Behrensmeyer,
                                            Anna K.

Homo Sociologicus                           Dahrendorf, Ralf                  2006
Homocysteine Related Vitamins and           Bolander-Gouaille, Christina;     2007
Neuropsychiatric Disorders                  Bottiglieri, Téodoro
Homotopy Methods in Topological Fixed and   Jezierski, Jerzy; Marzantowicz,   2006
Periodic Points Theory                      Waclaw

Honeypots for Windows                       Grimes, Roger A.                  2005
Honorarkürzungen, Arzneimittelregresse,     Bahner, Beate                     2006

Hop Integrity in the Internet               Gouda, Mohamed G.; Huang,         2006
Horizontale Kooperationen im Supply Chain   Friedl, Jⁿrgen                    2006

Hormonal Carcinogenesis IV                  Li, Jonathan J.; Li, Sara A.;     2005
                                            Llombart-Bosch, Antonio
Hormonal Control of Cell Cycle              Melmed, Shlomo; Chanson,          2008
                                            Phillipe; Christen, Yves;
                                            Rochefort, Henri
Hormone und Hormonsystem                    Kleine, Bernhard; Rossmanith,     2007
Hormones and the Brain                      Christen, Y.; Gaillard, R.-C.;    2005
                                            Kordon, C.
Hot Cracking Phenomena in Welds             Böllinghaus, Thomas; Herold,      2005
Hot House                                   Strom, Robert G.                  2007
Hot Topics in Infection and Immunity in     Finn, Adam; Pollard, Andrew J.    2005
Children II

Hot Topics in Infection and Immunity in     Finn, Adam; Pollard, Andrew J.    2006
Children III

Hot Topics in Infection and Immunity in     Finn, Adam; Pollard, Andrew J     2008
Children IV

Housing Contemporary Ireland                Norris, Michelle; Redmond,        2007
How Apollo Flew to the Moon                 Woods, W. David                   2008

How does MRI work?                          Koechli, Victor D.; Marincek,     2006
                                            Borut; Weishaupt, Dominik
How does the Galaxy Work?                     Alfaro, Emilio J.; Franco, José;   2005
                                              Pérez, Enrique
How Ficta Follow Fiction                      Voltolini, Alberto                 2006
How to Code .NET                              Gross, Christian                   2007
How to Examine the Nervous System             Ross, Robert T.                    2006

How to Improve the Results of Peripheral      Millesi, Hanno;                    2007
Nerve Surgery                                 Schmidhammer, Robert

How to Photograph the Moon and Planets with   Buick, Tony                        2006
Your Digital Camera

How to Think about Meaning                    Saka, Paul                         2007

Hox Gene Expression                           Papageorgiou, Spyros               2007
Hub&Spoke-Netzwerke in der Logistik           Wagner, Bernd                      2006

Hubble                                        Fosbury, Robert A.; Lindberg       2006
                                              Christensen, Lars
Hüftchirurgie in der Praxis                   Gächter, Andre; Kappeler, Urs;     2005
                                              Meyer, Rainer-Peter
Hüfte                                         Heisel, J.; Imhoff, A.B.;          2005
                                              Jerosch, J.
Hughes Syndrome                               Khamashta, M. A.                   2006
Human Antibody Therapeutics                   Dessain, Scott K.                  2008

Human Capital Management                      Gontard, Maximilian; Kruppke,      2006
                                              Helmut; Otto, Manfred

Embryonic Stem Cells                          Masters, John R.; Palsson,         2007
                                              Bernhard O.; Thomson, James
The Human Central Nervous System              Nieuwenhuys, Rudolf; Voogd,        2008
                                              Jan; Huijzen, Christiaan van
Human Creation Between Reality and Illusion   Tymieniecka, A-T.                  2005

Human Ecology                                 Schutkowski, H.                    2006
Human Exploitation and Biodiversity           Hawksworth, David L.; Bull,        2006
Conservation                                  Alan T.
Human Factors and Voice Interactive Systems   Gardner-Bonneau, Daryle;           2008
                                              Blanchard, Harry E.

The Human Foot                                Klenerman, Leslie; Wood,           2006
The Human Hippocampus                         Duvernoy, Henri M.                 2005
Human Interaction with Machines               Hommel, G.; Huanye, Sheng          2006

Human Interactive Proofs                      Baird, Henry S.; Lopresti,         2005
                                              Daniel P.
Human Interface and the Management of            Smith, Michael J.; Salvendy,        2007
Information. Interacting in Information          Gavriel

Human Interface and the Management of         Smith, Michael J.; Salvendy,           2007
Information. Methods, Techniques and Tools in Gavriel
Information Design

Human Longevity, Individual Life Duration, and   Robine, Jean-Marie; Crimmins,       2006
the Growth of the Oldest-Old Population          Eileen M.; Horiuchi, Shiro;
                                                 Zeng, Yi

Human Missions to Mars                       Rapp, Donald                            2007
Human Mitochondrial DNA and the Evolution of Bandelt, Hans-Jürgen;                   2006
Homo sapiens                                 Macaulay, Vincent; Richards,
Human Motion                                 Rosenhahn, B.; Klette, R.;              2008
                                             Metaxas, D.
Human Motion – Understanding, Modeling,      Elgammal, Ahmed; Klette,                2007
Capture and Animation                        Reinhard; Rosenhahn, Bodo

The Human Nervous System                         Noback, Charles R; Ruggiero,        2005
                                                 David A; Strominger, Norman
                                                 L; Demarest, Robert J

Human Nucleotide Expansion Disorders             Fry, Michael; Usdin, Karen          2006

Human Origins and Environmental                  Ishida, Hidemi; Nakatsukasa,        2006
Backgrounds                                      Masato; Ogihara, Naomichi;
                                                 Pickford, Martin; Tuttle, Russell

Human Reliability and Error in Transportation    Dhillon, B.S.                       2007

Human Resource Management in Consulting          Domsch, Michel E.; Hristozova,      2006
Firms                                            Elena

Human Rights and the Moral Responsibilities of Campbell, Tom; Miller, Seumas         2005
Corporate and Public Sector Organisations

Human Vision and The Night Sky                   Borgia, Michael                     2006

Human Work Interaction Design: Designing for     Clemmensen, Torkil; Campos,         2006
Human Work                                       Pedro; Orngreen, Rikke; Mark
                                                 Pejtersen, Annelise; Wong,
Human–Computer Interaction                       Lew, Michael; Sebe, Nicu;           2007
                                                 Huang, Thomas S; Bakker,
                                                 Erwin M
Human-Centered Software Engineering -         Desmarais, Michel C.;            2005
Integrating Usability in the Software         Gulliksen, Jan; Seffah, Ahmed
Development Lifecycle

Human-Centered Visualization Environments     Kerren, Andreas; Ebert, Achim;   2007
                                              Meyer, Jörg

Human-Computer Interaction – INTERACT         Costabile, Maria Francesca;      2005
2005                                          Paternò, Fabio

Human-Computer Interaction – INTERACT        Baranauskas, Cecília;             2007
2007                                         Palanque, Philippe; Abascal,
                                             Julio; Barbosa, Simone Diniz
Human-Computer Interaction – INTERACT        Baranauskas, Cecília;             2007
2007                                         Palanque, Philippe; Abascal,
                                             Julio; Junqueira Barbosa,
                                             Simone D.
Human-Computer Interaction. HCI Applications Jacko, Julie A.                   2007
and Services

Human-Computer Interaction. HCI Intelligent   Jacko, Julie A.                  2007
Multimodal Interaction Environments

Human-Computer Interaction. Interaction       Jacko, Julie A.                  2007
Design and Usability

Human-Computer Interaction. Interaction       Jacko, Julie A.                  2007
Platforms and Techniques

Humaner Strafvollzug                          Grünberger, Josef                2007
Humangenetik                                  Buselmaier, Werner;              2007
                                              Tariverdian, Gholamali
Humangenetik für Biologen                     Buselmaier, Werner;              2006
                                              Tariverdian, Gholamali
Humaniora: Medizin - Recht - Geschichte       Katzenmeier, Christian; Kern,    2006
                                              Bernd-Rüdiger; Schroeder,
                                              Klaus-Peter; Wadle, Elmar
Human-Like Biomechanics                       Ivancevic, Vladimir G.;          2006
                                              Ivancevic, Tijana T.
Humanökologie                                 Nentwig, Wolfgang                2005
Humans-with-Media and the Reorganization of   Borba, Marcelo C.; Villarreal,   2005
Mathematical Thinking                         Monica E.

Husserl’s Logical Investigations in the New   Lau, Kwok-Ying; Drummond,        2007
Century: Western and Chinese Perspectives     John J.
Hütte - Das Ingenieurwesen                      Czichos, Horst; Hennecke,           2008
Hyberbolic Conservation Laws in Continuum       Dafermos, Constantine M.            2005

Hybrid Estimation of Complex Systems            Hofbaur, Michael W.                 2005

Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithms                  Grosan, Crina; Abraham, Ajith;      2007
                                                Ishibuchi, Hisao
Hybrid Intelligent Systems                      Castillo, Oscar; Melin, Patricia;   2007
                                                Kacprzyk, Janusz; Pedrycz,
Hybrid Intelligent Systems for Pattern          Castillo, Oscar; Melin, Patricia    2005
Recognition Using Soft Computing

Hybrid Metaheuristics                           Bartz-Beielstein, Thomas;           2007
                                                Blesa, Maria J.; Blum,
                                                Christian; Naujoks, Boris; Roli,
                                                Andrea; Rudolph, Günther;
                                                Sampels, Michael
Hybrid Metaheuristics (vol. # 3636)             Blesa Aguilera, María José;         2005
                                                Blum, Christian; Roli, Andrea;
                                                Sampels, Michael
Hybrid Metaheuristics (vol. # 4030)             Almeida, Francisco; Blesa           2006
                                                Aguilera, María J.; Blum,
                                                Christian; Moreno Vega, José
                                                Marcos; Pérez, Melquíades;
                                                Roli, Andrea; Sampels, MIchael

Hybrid Systems: Computation and Control         Buttazzo, Giorgio                   2007

Hybrid Systems: Computation and Control (vol.   Morari, Manfred; Rossi,             2005
# 3414)                                         Francesca; Thiele, Lothar
Hybrid Systems: Computation and Control (vol.   Hespanha, Joao; Tiwari, Ashish      2006
# 3927)
Hydraulik                                       Will, Dieter; Gebhardt, Norbert;    2007
                                                Ströhl, Hubert
Hydraulik und Pneumatik                         Watter, Holger                      2007

Hydroboration and Organic Synthesis             Dhillon, Ranjit S.                  2007

Hydrodynamic Lubrication                        Hori, Yukio                         2006

Hydrodynamics of Explosion                      Kedrinskii, Valery K.               2005

Hydrodynamik und Strukturbildung                Bestehorn, Michael                  2006

Hydrogen Bonded Polymers                        Binder, Wolfgang                    2007

Hydrogen Bonding - New Insights                 Grabowski, Slawomir                 2006
Hydrogen Materials Science and Chemistry of    Baranowski, B.; Schur, Dmitry     2005
Carbon Nanomaterials                           V.; Shpak, Anatoliy P.;
                                               Skorokhod, Valeriy V.;
                                               Veziroglu, T. Nejat;
                                               Zaginaichenko, Svetlana Yu.
Hydrogen Materials Science and Chemistry of    Veziroglu, T. Nejat;              2007
Carbon Nanomaterials                           Zaginaichenko, Svetlana Yu.;
                                               Schur, Dmitry V.; Baranowski,
                                               Bogdan; Shpak, Anatoliy P.;
                                               Skorokhod, Valeriy V.; Kale,
Hydrogenosomes and Mitosomes:                                                    2008
Mitochondria of Anaerobic Eukaryotes

Hydrogeochemische Stoffflussmodelle            Berk, Wolfgang van; Hansen,       2006
Hydrogeophysics                                Hubbard, Susan S.; Rubin,         2005
The Alsea Watershed                            Stednick, John D.                 2008

Hydrologie und Wasserwirtschaft                Maniak, Ulrich                    2005

Hydrology and Water Resources of India         Jain, Sharad K.; Agarwal,         2007
                                               Pushpendra K.; Singh, Vijay P.

Hydromagnetic Waves in the Magnetosphere       Alperovich, Leonid S.; Fedorov,   2008
and the Ionosphere                             Evgeny N.

Hydropneumatische Federungssysteme             Bauer, W.                         2008

Hydropower Economics                           Førsund, Finn R                   2008
Hydro-Umformung                                Neugebauer, Reimund               2007
Hyperbolic Geometry                            Anderson, James W                 2005
Hyperbolic Problems and Regularity Questions   Padula, Mariarosaria;             2007
                                               Zanghirati, Luisa
Hyperbolic Problems: Theory, Numerics,                                           2008

Hyperbolic Systems of Balance Laws             Bressan, Alberto; Serre, Denis;   2007
                                               Williams, Mark; Zumbrun, Kevin

Hyperspectral Data Compression                 Motta, Giovanni; Rizzo,           2006
                                               Francesco; Storer, James A.
Hypertension in the Elderly                    Prisant, L Michael                2005

Hypocretins                                    Lecea, Luis de; Sutcliffe, J.     2005
Hypoelliptic Estimates and Spectral Theory for Helffer, Bernard; Nier, Francis         2005
Fokker-Planck Operators and Witten Laplacians

Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome                      Anderson, Robert H.;              2005
                                                     Hutchinson, Suzie; Pozzi, Marco

Hypoxia and Exercise                                 Roach, Robert ; Wagner, Peter     2007
                                                     D.; Hackett, Peter
Hypoxia And The Circulation                                                            2008

I numeri nel cuore                                                                     2008
IAS 32 / IAS 39 und steuerliche                      Jensen-Nissen, Lars               2007

ICAME 2005                                           Lippens, P.-E.; Jumas, J.-C.;     2007
                                                     Génin, J.-M.
ICD-10 literarisch                                                                     2006
Ice, Rock, and Beauty                        Brodie, David                             2008
Iceland Geodynamics                          Sigmundsson, Freysteinn                   2006
Ideals and Reality                           Ischebeck, Friedrich; Rao, Ravi           2005
Ideals, Varieties, and Algorithms            Cox, David A.; Little, John;              2007
                                             O'Shea, Donal
Ideengenerierung mit Konsumenten im Internet Soll, Jan Henrik                          2006

Der Ideenwettbewerb als Methode der aktiven          Walcher, Dominik                  2007

Idempotent Matrices over Complex Group               Emmanouil, Ioannis                2006

Identification and Control                           Sánchez-Peña, Ricardo S.;         2007
                                                     Quevedo Casín, Joseba; Puig
                                                     Cayuela, Vicenç
Identification of Nonlinear Systems Using            Janczak, A.                       2005
Neural Networks and Polynomial Models

Die Identifikation kultureller Erfolgsfaktoren bei   Mⁿller, Martina                   2007
grenzⁿberschreitenden Fusionen

Identifikationssysteme und Automatisierung           Hompel, Michael; Büchter,         2008
                                                     Hubert; Franzke, Ulrich
Identifying, Assessing, and Treating Autism at       Brock, Stephen E.; Hansen,        2006
School                                               Robin L.; Jimerson, Shane R.
Identifying, Assessing, and Treating Conduct    Hughes, Tammy L; Crothers,       2008
Disorder at School                              Laura M; Jimerson, Shane R

Die Identität Tirols in Europa                  Pernthaler, Peter                2007
Identitäten in Europa — Europäische Identität   Krienke, Markus; Belafi,         2007
Identities at Work                              Brown, Alan; Kirpal, Simone;     2007
                                                Rauner, Felix
If...Then                                                                        2005
IFAE 2006                                       Montagna, Guido; Nicrosini,      2007
                                                Oreste; Vercesi, Valerio
Ifo Survey Data in Business Cycle and           Sturm, Jan-Egbert;               2005
Monetary Policy Analysis                        Wollmershäuser, Timo

IFRS in mittelständischen Unternehmen           Ull, Thomas                      2006

Il cielo sopra Roma                             Buonanno, Roberto                2008
Il fuoco di Sant’Antonio                        Gelmetti, Carlo                  2007
Il Parlagioco                                   Mattioli, Marina; Piccardi,      2005
                                                Laura; Pizzamiglio, Maria Rosa

Ileo meccanico dell¿intestino tenue             Di Mizio, Roberto; Scaglione,    2007
Illinois Institute of Technology                Schulze, Franz                   2005

Human Health and Ecological Risk                Rifkin, Erik; Bouwer, Edward     2007
Assessment and Risk Factors
The Illusion of Linearity                       De Bock, Dirk; Van Dooren,       2007
                                                Wim; Janssens, Dirk;
                                                Verschaffel, Lieven
Illustrated C# 2005                             Solis, Dan                       2007
Im Gehäuse der Zugehörigkeit                    Bienfait, Agathe                 2006

Im Schatten der Globalisierung                  Dörre, Klaus; Röttger, Bernd     2006

Image Analysis                                  Kaarna, Arto; Kalviainen,        2005
                                                Heikki; Parkkinen, Jussi
Image Analysis                                  Ersboll, Bjarne K.; Pedersen,    2007
                                                Kim S.
Image Analysis and Processing – ICIAP 2005      Roli, Fabio; Vitulano, Sergio    2005

Image Analysis and Recognition                  Kamel, Mohamed; Campilho,        2007
Image Analysis and Recognition (vol. # 3656)    Campilho, Aurélio; Kamel,        2005
Image Analysis and Recognition (vol. # 4141)    Campilho, Aurélio; Kamel,        2006
Image Analysis and Recognition (vol. # 4142)    Campilho, Aurélio; Kamel,        2006
Image Analysis, Sediments and                  Francus, Pierre                2005

Image and Video Encryption                     Pommer, Andreas; Uhl,          2005
Image and Video Retrieval (vol. # 3568)        Bakker, Erwin M.; Chaisorn,    2005
                                               Lekha; Chua, Tat-Seng; Leow,
                                               Wee-Kheng; Lew, Michael S.;
                                               Ma, Wei-Ying
Image and Video Retrieval (vol. # 4071)        Naphade, Milind; Rui, Yong;    2006
                                               Smith, John; Sundaram, Hari
Image processing based on partial differential Tai, Xue-Cheng; Lie, Knut-     2007
equations                                      Andreas; Chan, Tony F. ;
                                               Osher, Stanley
Image Processing in Radiology                  Neri, Emanuele; Caramella,     2008
                                               Davide; Bartolozzi, Carlo
Image Processing Using Pulse-Coupled Neural Kinser, J.M.; Lindblad, T.        2005

Image-Guided IMRT                              Bortfeld, Thomas; De Neve,     2006
                                               Wilfried; Schmidt-Ullrich,
                                               Rupert; Wazer, David E.
Images, Representations and Heritage           Russell, Ian                   2006

Imagewirkungen von Eventmarketing              Drengner, Jan                  2006

Imagination and Rigor                          Termini, Settimo               2006
Imaging Beyond the Pinhole Camera              Daniilidis, Kostas; Klette,    2006
Imaging Cellular and Molecular Biological      Shorte, Spencer L.;            2007
Functions                                      Frischknecht, Friedrich

Imaging for Detection and Identification       Byrnes, Jim                    2007

Imaging in Drug Discovery and Early Clinical   Rudin, Markus                  2005

Imaging in Pediatric Skeletal Trauma           Johnson, Karl J.; Bache, Ed    2008

Imaging in Transplantation                     Bankier, A.                    2008

Imaging in Treatment Planning for Sinonasal    Maroldi, R.; Nicolai, P.       2005

Imaging of Carotid Artery Stenosis             Schaller, Bernhard             2007

Imaging of Kidney Cancer                       Guermazi, Ali                  2006

Imaging of Occupational and Environmental      De Vuyst, P.; Gevenois, P.A.   2006
Disorders of the Chest
Imaging of Orbital and Visual Pathway          Müller-Forell, Wibke S.          2006

Imaging of Orthopedic Sports Injuries          Vanhoenacker, Filip M.; Maas,    2007
                                               Mario; Gielen, Jan L.
Imaging of Parasitic Diseases                  Haddad, Maurice; Tamraz,         2008
                                               Jean; Abd El Bagi, Mohammed

Imaging of Soft Tissue Tumors                  De Schepper, A.M.                2006

Imaging of the Sternocostoclavicular Region    Jurik, Anne Grethe               2007

Imaging of the Hip & Bony Pelvis               Davies, A. M.; Johnson, K.;      2006
                                               Whitehouse, R.W.
Imaging of the Shoulder                        Davies, A. M.; Hodler, J.        2006
Imaging planetario: Guida all’uso della webcam Mobberley, Martin                2008

Imitation von Auslandsmarkteintritten          Krenn, Susanne                   2006

Immanent Realism                             Albertazzi, Liliana                2006
Immediate Early Genes in Sensory Processing, Pinaud, Raphael; Tremere,          2006
Cognitive Performance and Neurological       Liisa A.

Immer schön (erfolg)reich bleiben!             Rankel, Roger; Weiß, Christian   2006

Immigration Policy and the Labor Market      Zimmermann, Klaus F.; Bonin,       2007
                                             Holger; Fahr, René; Hinte,
Immobilien-Benchmarking                      Reisbeck, Tilman; Schöne,          2006
                                             Lars Bernhard
Immobilienfinanzierung und Verbraucherschutz Hertel, Christian; Edelmann,       2007
Immobilienmanagement im Lebenszyklus         Valldorf, Jürgen                   2006

Immobilien-Portfoliomanagement für die         Seilheimer, Stephan              2007
öffentliche Hand

Immobilisation of DNA on Chips I               Wittmann, Christine              2005

Immobilisation of DNA on Chips II              Wittmann, Christine              2005

Immunbiologie                                                                   2008
Immune Mechanisms in Inflammatory Bowel        Blumberg, Richard; Neurath,      2006
Disease                                        Markus F.

Immune Regulation and Immunotherapy in         Zhang, Jingwu                    2007
Autoimmune Disease
The Immune Synapse as a Novel Target for         Graca, Luis                       2008
Immune-Mediated Diseases                         Shurin, Michael R.; Smolkin,      2007
                                                 Yuri S.
Immunobiology of Natural Killer Cell Receptors   Colonna, Marco; Vivier, Eric      2006

Immunogenetics of Autoimmune Disease             Brassat, David; Oksenberg,        2006
                                                 Jorge R.
Immunogenicity of Biopharmaceuticals                                               2008

Immunoinformatics                                Schönbach, Christian;             2008
                                                 Ranganathan, Shoba; Brusic,
Immunology and Immunopathogenesis of             Langhorne, Jean                   2005

Immunology of Fungal Infections                  Brown, Gordon D.; Netea,          2007
                                                 Mihai G.
Immunology of Pregnancy                          Mor, Gil                          2006

Immunotherapy in 2020                            Radbruch, A.; Volk, H.-D.;        2007
                                                 Asadullah, K.; Doecke, W.-D.
The IMO Compendium                               Djukic, Dusan; Jankovic,          2006
                                                 Vladimir Z.; Matic, Ivan;
                                                 Petrovic, Nikola
The Impact of Automatic Store Replenishment      Angerer, Alfred                   2006
on Retail

The Impact of Environmental Variability on       Vasseur, D.A.; McCann, K.S.       2007
Ecological Systems

The Impact of FDI on Economic Growth             Neuhaus, Marco                    2006

Impact of Institutions on Lending                Enkhzaya, Chuluunbaatar           2006

Impact of the Environment on Human Migration Alekseev, Andrey Yu.; Scott, E.       2005
in Eurasia                                   M.; Zaitseva, Ganna

Impact Tectonics                                 Henkel, Herbert; Koeberl,         2005
Impacts and Risk Assessment of Technology        Shoniregun, Charles A.            2005
for Internet Security

Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator Stored    Jordaens, Luc J.; Theuns,         2007
ECGs                                             Dominic A.M.J.

Implementation and Application of Automata       Holub, Jan; Ţ?árek, Jan           2007

Implementation and Application of Automata       Farré, Jacques; Litovsky, Igor;   2006
(vol. # 3845)                                    Schmitz, Sylvain
Implementation and Application of Automata     Domaratzki, Michael; Okhotin,      2005
(vol. # 3317)                                  Alexander; Salomaa, Kai; Yu,
Implementation and Application of Automata     Ibarra, Oscar H.; Yen, Hsu-        2006
(vol. # 4094)                                  Chun
Implementation and Application of Functional   Grelck, Clemens; Huch, Frank;      2005
Languages (vol. # 3474)                        Michaelson, Greg; Trinder, Phil

Implementation and Application of Functional   Horváth, Zoltán; Zsók, Viktória;   2007
Languages                                      Butterfield, Andrew

Implementation and Application of Functional   Butterfield, Andrew; Grelck,       2006
Languages (vol. # 4015)                        Clemens; Huch, Frank

Implementation of Functional Languages         Michaelson, Greg; Pena,            2005
                                               Ricardo; Trinder, Phil
Implementierung von Controllinginstrumenten    Parvis-Trevisany, Natalie          2006

Implementierung von                            Perl, Elke                         2006

Implementing an Electronic Health Record       Bieber, Eric J.; Richards,         2005
System                                         Frank; Walker, James M.

Implementing Distributed Systems with Java     Aleksy, Markus; Korthaus,          2005
and CORBA                                      Axel; Schader, Martin

Implementing Environmental Management          Bennett, Martin; Bouma, Jan        2005
Accounting: Status and Challenges              Jaap; Rikhardsson, Pall M.;
                                               Schaltegger, Stefan

Implementing Integrated Water Resources        Wouters, Patricia; Dukhovny,       2007
Management in Central Asia                     Victor; Allan, Andrew

Implementing Models in Quantitative Finance:   Fusai, Gianluca; Roncoroni,        2008
Methods and Cases                              Andrea

Implementing Strategic Environmental           Albrecht, Eike; Joao, Elsa;        2005
Assessment                                     Schmidt, Michael

Impossible Bodies, Impossible Selves:          Youdell, Deborah                   2006
Exclusions and Student Subjectivities

Improvement in the Quality of Delivery of      Benysek, Grzegorz                  2007
Electrical Energy using Power Electronics
Improvement of Crop Plants for Industrial End   Ranalli, P.                       2007

Improvements in System Safety                   Redmill, Felix; Anderson, Tom     2008

Improving Healthcare                            Hyman, David                      2005
Improving Oral Health for the Elderly                                             2008

Impulse Breakdown of Liquids                    Ushakov, Vasily Y.                2007

Impulse für eine europäische Harmonisierung     Hilty, Reto; Geiger, Christophe   2007
des Urheberrechts/Perspectives
d’harmonisation du droit d’auteur en Europe

In Memoriam Paul-André Meyer - Séminaire de Émery, Michel; Yor, Marc              2006
Probabilités XXXIX

In Search of an Integrative Vision for          Basden, Andrew; Strijbos, Sytse   2006

In Search of Dark Matter                        Freeman, Ken; McNamara,           2006
In Silico Immunology                            Flower, Darren R.; Timmis, Jon    2007

In situ NMR Methods in Catalysis                Bargon, Joachim; Kuhn, Lars T.    2007

In Sync with Adolescence                        Andershed, Anna-Karin             2005

In the Pursuit of Winning                       Zangeneh, Masood;                 2008
                                                Blaszczynski, Alex; Turner,
                                                Nigel E
In Vitro Culture of Mycorrhizas                 Declerck, Stéphane; Fortin, J.    2005
                                                André; Strullu, Désiré-Georges

In Vivo Imaging of Cancer Therapy               Shields, Anthony F.               2007

In vivo Models of HIV Disease and Control    Bendinelli, Mauro; Friedman,         2006
                                             Herman; Specter, Steven
In Vivo Models of Inflammation               Stevenson, Christopher S.;           2006
                                             Marshall, Lisa A.; Morgan,
                                             Douglas W.
In Vivo Models of Inflammation               Stevenson, Christopher S.;           2006
                                             Marshall, Lisa A.; Morgan,
                                             Douglas W.
Inbetriebnahme verfahrenstechnischer Anlagen Weber, Klaus H.                      2006
Inborn Metabolic Diseases                      Fernandes, J.; Saudubray, J.-     2006
                                               M.; Berghe, G. van den; Walter,
Inclusion and Psychological Intervention in    Quicke, John                      2008

The Inclusion of Other Women                   Botton, Lena de; Puigvert,        2005
                                               Lídia; Sánchez-Aroca, Montse
Inclusions in Prokaryotes                      Shively, Jessup M.                2006

Income Elasticity and Economic Development     Haque, M. Ohidul                  2005

Incomingtourismus                              Bochert, Ralf                     2006
Inconsistency Tolerance                        Bertossi, Leopoldo; Hunter,       2005
                                               Anthony; Schaub, Torsten
Increasing Climate Variability and Change      Motha, Raymond P. ; Salinger,     2005
                                               James; Sivakumar, Mannava
Indefinite Linear Algebra and Applications     Gohberg, Israel; Lancaster,       2005
                                               Peter; Rodman, Leiba
Independent Component Analysis and Blind       Erdogmus, Deniz; Haykin,          2006
Signal Separation                              Simon; Principe, Jose C.;
                                               Rosca, Justinian
Independent Component Analysis and Signal      Davies, Mike E.; James,           2007
Separation                                     Christopher C.; Abdallah,
                                               Samer A.; Plumbley, Mark D.
Index and Stability in Bimatrix Games          Schemde, H. Arndt von             2005

Indian Medicinal Plants                        Khare, C.P.                       2007
Indicator Systems for Sustainable Innovation   Horbach, Jens                     2005

Indicators of Children's Well-Being            Ben-Arieh, Asher; Goerge,         2006
                                               Robert M.
Indigenous and Cultural Psychology             Hwang, Kwang-Kuo; Kim,            2006
                                               Uichol; Yang, Kuo-Shu
Individual Financial Planning for Retirement                                     2008

Individualisierte Produkte - Komplexität       Lindemann, Udo; Reichwald,        2006
beherrschen in Entwicklung und Produktion      Ralf; Zäh, Michael F.

Individualisierung und Datenschutz             Schwenke, Matthias Christoph      2006

Individuelle Selbstführung in Projektteams     Haberstroh, Martin                2007

Individuen und ihre sozialen Beziehungen       Hennig, Marina                    2006

Individuum und Organisation                    Lang, Rainhart; Schmidt, Annett   2007
Indoktrination und Erziehung                                                    2007

Induction, Algorithmic Learning Theory, and    Friend, Michèle; Goethe,         2007
Philosophy                                     Norma B.; Harizanov, Valentina
Inductive Dependency Parsing                   Nivre, Joakim                    2006

Inductive Logic Programming                                                     2008

Inductive Logic Programming                    Muggleton, Stephen; Otero,       2007
                                               Ramon; Tamaddoni-Nezhad,
Inductive Logic Programming                    Kramer, Stefan; Pfahringer,      2005
Induktive Statistik                                                             2008
Induktive Statistik                            Toutenburg, Helge                2005
Industrial Applications of Semantic Web        Bramer, Max; Terziyan, Vagan     2005

Industrial Archaeology                         Casella, Eleanor C.; Symonds,    2005
Industrial Competitiveness                     Halevi, Gideon                   2006

Industrial Enzymes                             Polaina, Julio; MacCabe,         2007
                                               Andrew P.
Industrial Robots Programming                  Pires, J. Norberto               2007

Industrialisierung in der Abwicklungs- und     Krotsch, Steffen                 2006
Transformationsfunktion von Banken

Industrialisierung von Banken                  Riese, Cornelius                 2006

Industrielle Kostenrechnung                    Plinke, Wulff; Rese, Mario       2006

Industrielle Verhandlungen                     Geiger, Ingmar                   2008

Industrielles Management                       Voigt, Kai-Ingo                  2008

Inelastic Analysis of Solids and Structures    Bathe, Klaus-Jürgen; Kojic,      2005
Inelastic Light Scattering of Semiconductor    Schüller, Christian              2006

Inevitable Aging?                              Baudisch, Annette                2008
Die infantilen Zerebralparesen                 Döderlein, Leonhard              2007
Local Treatment of Infections in Orthopedic    Meani, Enzo; Romanò, Carlo;      2007
Surgery                                        Crosby, Lynn; Hofmann,
Infection Control in the Intensive Care Unit   Cal, M.A. de la; Saene, H.K.F.   2005
                                               van; Silvestri, L.
Infections à papillomavirus                     Monsonego, Joseph                 2006

Infectious Diseases and Substance Abuse         Bendinelli, Mauro; Friedman,      2005
                                                Herman; Klein, Thomas W.
Infectious Diseases from Nature: Mechanisms     Calisher, C.H.; Peters, C.J.      2005
of Viral Emergence and Persistence

Infektiologie des Gastrointestinaltraktes       Caspary, Wolfgang F.; Kist,       2006
                                                Manfred; Stein, Jürgen
Inference Control in Statistical Databases                                        2006

Inference for Change Point and Post Change      Wu, Yanhong                       2005
Means After a CUSUM Test

Inference in Hidden Markov Models               Cappé, Olivier; Moulines, Eric;   2005
                                                Ryden, Tobias
The Inferior Colliculus                         Schreiner, Christoph E. ;         2005
                                                Winer, Jeffery A.
Infinite Dimensional Algebras and Quantum       Kulish, Petr P.; Manojlovic,      2005
Integrable Systems                              Nenad; Samtleben, Henning

Infinite Dimensional Analysis                   Aliprantis, Charalambos D.;       2006
                                                Border, Kim C.
Infinite Groups: Geometric, Combinatorial and   Bartholdi, Laurent; Ceccherini-   2005
Dynamical Aspects                               Silberstein, Tullio; Smirnova-
                                                Nagnibeda, Tatiana; Zuk,
Infinite Matrices and their Finite Sections     Lindner, Marko                    2006

Inflammation in the Pathogenesis of Chronic     Harris, Randall E.                2007

Inflammatory Arthritis in Clinical Practice     Scott, David L; Kingsley,         2007
Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Familial         Delaini, Gian G.                  2006
Adenomatous Polyposis

Inflammatory Bowel Disease                      Karp, Loren C.; Shanahan,         2005
                                                Fergus; Targan, Stephan R.

Inflationary Cosmology                          Lemoine, Martin; Martin,          2008
                                                Jerome; Peter, Patrick
Influence and Power                             Zimmerling, Ruth                  2005
The Influence of Genetics on Contemporary       Fagot-Largeault, Anne;            2007
Thinking                                        Rahman, Shahid; Torres, Juan
Education and Equity: International             Teese, Richard; Lamb,             2007
Perspectives on Theory and Policy               Stephen; Duru-Bellat, Marie
Informatics in Control, Automation and        Filipe, Joaquim; Ferrier, Jean-    2007
Robotics II                                   Louis; Cetto, Juan A.; Carvalho,
Informatics Education - The Bridge between    Mittermeir, Roland                 2006
Using and Understanding Computers

Informatics for the Clinical Laboratory: A    1 $aCowan, Daniel F                2005
Practical Guide

Informatics in Control, Automation and        Araújo, Helder; Braz, José;        2006
Robotics I                                    Encarnação, Bruno; Vieira,
Informatik                                    Kastner, Wolfgang; Schildt,        2005
                                              Gerhardt Helge
Informatik                                    Freytag, Johann-Christoph;         2006
                                              Reisig, Wolfgang
Informatik für Ingenieure und                 Rießinger, Thomas                  2006

Informatik für Ingenieure und                 Küveler, Gerd; Schwoch,            2007
Naturwissenschaftler 2                        Dietrich

Informatik kompakt                            Klingspor, Volker; Morik,          2006
Informatikunterricht planen und durchführen   Hartmann, Werner; Näf,             2006
                                              Michael; Reichert, Raimond
Information Access through Search Engines     Agosti, Maristella                 2008
and Digital Libraries

Information and Communication Technologies    Tatnall, Arthur; Weert, Tom J.     2005
and Real-Life Learning                        van

Information and Communication Technologies    Frew, Andrew J.                    2005
in Tourism 2005

Information and Communication Technologies    Sigala, Marianna; Mich, Luisa;     2007
in Tourism 2007                               Murphy, Jamie

Information and Communication Technologies                                       2008
in Tourism 2008

Information and Communication Technologies    Hitz, Martin; Murphy, Jamie;       2006
in Tourism 2006                               Sigala, Marianna
Information and Communications Security         Qing, Sihan; Imai, Hideki;        2008
                                                Wang, Guilin

Information and Communications Security (vol.   Lopez, Javier; Mao, Wenbo;        2005
# 3783)                                         Qing, Sihan; Wang, Guilin

Information and Communications Security (vol.   Ning, Peng; Qing, Sihan; Li,      2006
# 4307)                                         Ninghui

Information and Complexity in Statistical       Rissanen, Jorma                   2007

Information and Its Role in Nature              Roederer, Juan G.                 2005

Information and Knowledge                       Primiero, Giuseppe                2008

Information and Management Systems for          Abdelkafi, Nizar; Blecker,        2005
Product Customization                           Thorsten; Friedrich, Gerhard;
                                                Kaluza, Bernd; Kreutler, Gerold

Information and Self-Organization               Haken, Hermann                    2006

Information Assurance                           Blyth, Andrew; Kovacich,          2006
                                                Gerald L.
Information Context: Nature, Impact, and Role   Crestani, Fabio; Ruthven, Ian     2005

Information Criteria and Statistical Modeling   Konishi, Sadanori; Kitagawa,      2008
Information Extraction: Algorithms and          Moens, Marie-Francine             2006
Prospects in a Retrieval Context

Information Fusion and Geographic Information Popovich, Vasily; Schrenk,          2007
Systems                                       Manfred; Korolenko, Kyrill

Information Hiding                              Furon, Teddy; Bas, Patrick;       2008
                                                Cayre, François; Doërr,
Information Hiding                              Fridrich, Jessica                 2005
Information Hiding                              Camenisch, Jan; Collberg,         2007
                                                Christian; Johnson, Neil F.;
                                                Sallee, Phil
Information Hiding (vol. # 3727)                Barni, Mauro; Herrera             2005
                                                Joancomartí, Jordi;
                                                Katzenbeisser, Stefan; Pérez-
                                                González, Fernando
Information Lifecycle Management                Sollbach, Wolfgang; Thome,        2008
Information Mirages an experimentellen          Kugler, Patrick L                 2006

Information Networking                          Kim, Cheeha                       2005
Information Networking Advances in Data          Chong, Ilyoung; Kawahara,         2006
Communications and Wireless Networks             Kenji

Information Processing and Security Systems      Pejas, Jerzy; Saeed, Khalid       2005

Information Processing in Medical Imaging        Christensen, Gary E.; Sonka,      2005
Information Processing in Medical Imaging        Karssemeijer, Nico; Lelieveldt,   2007
Information Processing with Evolutionary         d'Anjou, Alicia; Duro, Richard;   2005
Algorithms                                       Grana, Manuel; Wang, Paul P.

Information Retrieval for Music and Motion       Müller, Meinard                   2007

Information Retrieval Technology (vol. # 3689)   Lee, Gary Geunbae; Meng,          2005
                                                 Helen; Myaeng, Sung Hyon;
                                                 Yamada, Akio
Information Retrieval Technology (vol. # 3411) Myaeng, Sung Hyon; Wong,            2005
                                                 Kam-Fai; Zhang, Hong-Jiang;
                                                 Zhou, Ming
Information Retrieval Technology (vol. # 4182) Ng, Hwee Tou; Leong, Mun-           2006
                                                 Kew; Kan, Min-Yen; Ji,
Information Retrieval und Künstliche Intelligenz Jarosch, Helmut                   2007

Information Security                             Garay, Juan; Lenstra, Arjen K.;   2007
                                                 Mambo, Masahiro; Peralta,
Information Security (vol. # 3650)               Bao, Feng; Deng, Robert H.;       2005
                                                 Lopez, Javier; Zhou, Jianying
Information Security (vol. # 4176)               Katsikas, Sokratis K.; Lopez,     2006
                                                 Javier; Backes, Michael;
                                                 Gritzalis, Stefanos; Preneel,
Information Security and Cryptology (vol. #      Feng, Dengguo; Lin, Dongdai;      2005
3822)                                            Yung, Moti
Information Security and Cryptology (vol. #      Lipmaa, Helger; Yung, Moti;       2006
4318)                                            Lin, Donghai
Information Security and Cryptology - ICISC      Chee, Seongtaek; Park,            2005
2004                                             Choonsik
Information Security and Cryptology - ICISC      Kim, Seungjoo; Won, Dongho        2006
Information Security and Cryptology - ICISC      Nam, Kil-Hyun; Rhee,              2007
2007                                             Gwangsoo
Information Security and Cryptology – ICISC      Rhee, Min Surp; Lee,              2006
2006                                             Byoungcheon

Information Security and Privacy                                                   2006
Information Security and Privacy (vol. # 3574)    Boyd, Colin; González Nieto,      2005
                                                  Juan M.
Information Security and Privacy                  Pieprzyk, Josef; Ghodosi,         2007
                                                  Hossein; Dawson, Ed
Information Security and Privacy (vol. # 4058)    Batten, Lynn; Safavi-Naini,       2006
Information Security Applications                                                   2008

Information Security Applications                 Lee, Jae-Kwang; Yi, Okyeon;       2007
                                                  Yung, Moti
Information Security Applications (vol. # 3325)   Lim, Chae Hoon; Yung, Moti        2005

Information Security Applications (vol. # 3786)   Kwon, Taekyoung; Song,            2006
Information Security, Practice and Experience     Dawson, Ed; Wong, Duncan S.       2007

Information Security Practice and Experience      Bao, Feng; Deng, Robert H.;       2005
(vol. # 3439)                                     Pang, HweeHwa; Zhou,
Information Security Practice and Experience      Chen, Kefei; Deng, Robert; Lai,   2006
(vol. # 3903)                                     Xuejia; Zhou, Jianying
Information Security Theory and Practices.        Sauveron, Damien;                 2007
Smart Cards, Mobile and Ubiquitous                Markantonakis, Konstantinos;
Computing Systems                                 Bilas, Angelos; Quisquater,

Information Sharing on the Semantic Web       Harmelen, Frank van;                  2005
                                              Stuckenschmidt, Heiner
The Information Society in an Enlarged Europe De Meyer, Arnoud; Dutta,              2006
                                              Soumitra; Jain, Amit; Richter,
The Information Society: Emerging Landscapes Duquenoy, Penny; Kimppa, Kai;          2006
                                              Zielinski, Chris
The Information Society: Innovation,          Goujon, Philippe; Lavelle,            2007
Legitimacy, Ethics and Democracy              Sylvain; Duquenoy, Penny;
                                              Kimppa, Kai; Laurent,

Information Systems Action Research               Kock, Ned                         2007

Information Systems Development                   Caplinskas, Albertas;             2005
                                                  Vasilecas, Olegas; Wojtkowski,
                                                  Gregory; Wojtkowski, Wita;
                                                  Wrycza, Stanislaw; Zupancic,
Information Systems Outsourcing                                                     2006

Information Systems Reengineering and             Fong, Joseph                      2006

Information Systems Security                      McDaniel, Patrick; Gupta,         2007
                                                  Shyam K
Information Systems Security (vol. # 3803)     Jajodia, Sushil; Mazumdar,         2005
Information Systems Security (vol. # 4332)     Bagchi, Aditya; Atluri,            2006
Information Technologies in Environmental      Marx Gómez, Jorge;                 2007
Engineering                                    Sonnenschein, Michael; Müller,
                                               Martin; Welsch, Heinz;
                                               Rautenstrauch, Claus
Information Technology and Educational         Osorio, Javier; Tatnall, Arthur;   2005
Management in the Knowledge Society            Visscher, Adrie

Information Technology and Lawyers             Lodder, Arno R.; Oskamp, Anja      2006

Information Technology Auditing                Pathak, Jagdish                    2005

Information Technology for Balanced            Shen, Weiming                      2006
Manufacturing Systems

Information Technology in Languages for         Arnó Macià, Elisabet; Rueda       2006
Specific Purposes                               Ramos, Carmen; Soler
                                                Cervera, Antonia
Information Technology Solutions for Healthcare Duplaga, Mariusz; Ingram,         2006
                                                David; Zielinski, Krzysztof
Information Transfer and Combinatorics          Ahlswede, Rudolf; Bäumer,         2006
                                                Lars; Cai, Ning; Aydinian,
                                                Harout; Blinovsky, Volodya;
                                                Deppe, Christian; Mashurian,
Information und Gesellschaft                                                      2008

Information und Kommunikation                  Hufschmid, Markus                  2007

Information Visualization                      Chen, Chaomei                      2006
Information, Interaction, and Agency           van der Hoek, Wiebe                2005

Informationeller Anlegerschutz                 Reifschneider, Christina           2007

Informationelles Vertrauen für die                                                2008

Informationsgüterhandel mit Hilfe autonomer    Pickerodt, Sebastian               2006

Informationsmanagement                         Krcmar, Helmut                     2005

Informationsmanagement auf elektronischen      Schütt, Michaela                   2006

Informationsmanagement für NPO's, NGO's et     Meier, Andreas                     2006
Informationssysteme für Mass Customization        Dietrich, Andreas J              2007

Informationsübertragung                           Lindner, Jürgen                  2005
Informationsverarbeitung und -verteilung          Weigle, Jörn                     2007
virtualisierter Organisationen

Informationswirtschaft                            Spitta, Thorsten                 2006
Informed Traders as Liquidity Providers           Hachmeister, Alexandra           2007

Informing Digital Futures                         Damodaran, Leela; Olphert,       2006
Infotainmentsysteme im Kraftfahrzeug              Meroth, Ansgar; Tolg, Boris      2008

Infrared Ellipsometry on Semiconductor Layer      Schubert, Mathias                2005

Infrastructure for Agents, Multi-Agent Systems,                                    2006
and Scalable Multi-Agent Systems

Infrastruktur und Services — Das Ende einer       Picot, Arnold; Freyberg, Axel    2007

Infusionstherapie und Diätetik in der Pädiatrie   Jochum, Frank                    2005

In-Game Advertising — Werbung in                  Thomas, Wolfgang;                2007
Computerspielen                                   Stammermann, Ludger

Der Ingenieur als GmbH-Geschäftsführer            Raguß, Gerd ; Sattler, Andreas   2005

Der Ingenieur und seine Designer                  Reese, Jens                      2005

Ingenieurgeochemie                                Förstner, Ulrich; Grathwohl,     2007
Ingenieurgeologie                                 Genske, Dieter D.                2006
Inglese per radiologi                             Ribes, Ramòn; Ros, Pablo R.      2008
Inhibitors of Protein Kinases and Protein         Cohen, Patricia T.W.; Pinna,     2005
Phosphates                                        Lorenzo A.

Inhibitory Regulation of Excitatory               Darlison, Mark G                 2008

The Inhuman Condition                             Visker, Rudi                     2005
The Initial Mass Function 50 Years Later          Corbelli, Edvige; Palla,         2005
                                                  Francesco; Zinnecker, Hans
Injectable Fillers in Aesthetic Medicine          De Maio, Mauricio; Rzany,        2006
Innate and Adaptive Immunity in the Tumor         Yefenof, Eitan                   2008
Innate Immunity of Plants, Animals, and          Heine, Holger                      2008

Innengerichtetes identitätsbasiertes             Zeplin, Sabrina                    2006

Inner Speech - L2                                Guerrero, Maria C.M. de            2005
Das Zweite - kompakt                             Schaps, Klaus-Peter; Kessler,      2007
                                                 Oliver; Fetzner, Ulrich

Innere Medizin                                   Piper, Wolfgang                    2007
The Innermost Kernel                             Gieser, Suzanne                    2005
Innervation of the Mammalian Esophagus           Berthoud, H.-R.; Neuhuber,         2006
                                                 W.L.; Raab, M.; Wörl, J.
Innovation and Firm Performance                  Peters, Bettina                    2008

Innovation and Technology in Korea               Mahlich, Jörg; Pascha, Werner      2007

Innovation Cell                                  Weissflog, Uwe; Wördenweber,       2005
The Innovation Game                              Le Corre, Armelle; Mischke,        2005
Innovation in Life Cycle Engineering and         Brissaud, Daniel; Tichkiewitch,    2006
Sustainable Development                          Serge; Zwolinski, Peggy

Innovation in Strategic Philanthropy             Anheier, Helmut K.; Simmons,       2007
                                                 Adele; Winder, David

Innovation Policy in a Knowledge-Based           Llerena, Patrick; Matt, Mireille   2005

Innovation, Industrial Dynamics and Structural   Cantner, Uwe; Malerba, Franco      2007

Innovation, Market Archetypes and Outcome        Sarkar, Soumodip                   2007

Innovation, Networks, and Knowledge Spillovers Fischer, Manfred M.                  2006

Innovationen an der Schnittstelle zwischen       Carell, Angela; Herrmann,          2007
technischer Dienstleistung und Kunden 1          Thomas; Kleinbeck, Uwe

Innovationen durch IT                            Dietrich, Lothar; Schirra,         2006
Innovationen durch Umweltmanagement              Ankele, Kathrin; Hoffmann,         2005
                                                 Esther; Nill, Jan; Rennings,
                                                 Klaus; Ziegler, Andreas
Innovationen für eine nachhaltige Entwicklung    Pfriem, Reinhard; Müller,          2006
                                                 Martin; Paech, Niko; Seuring,
                                                 Stefan; Antes, Ralf;
                                                 Siebenhüner, Bernd; Fichter,
Innovationen für eine nachhaltige                Bäumer, Arno; Brauer, Ansgar;      2006
Wasserwirtschaft                                 Clausen, Hartmut; Drouet,
                                                 Dominique; Engel, Dirk;
                                                 Hafkesbrink, Joachim;
                                                 Körkemeyer, Karsten;
                                                 Nisipeanu, Peter; Rothgang,
                                                 Michael; Schroll, Markus;
                                                 Tauchmann, Harald; Thomzik,
Innovationen im sektoralen Marketing             Holzmüller, Hartmut H.; Schuh,     2005
Innovationen in der Drogenhilfe                  Schay, Peter                       2006

Innovations and Advanced Techniques in           Sobh, Tarek                        2007
Computer and Information Sciences and

Innovations in 3D Geoinformation Science         Abdul-Rahman, Alias; Coors,        2006
                                                 Volker; Zlatanova, Sisi
Innovations in Applied Artificial Intelligence   Esposito, Floriana                 2005

Innovations in Classification, Data Science, and Baier, Daniel; Wernecke, Klaus-    2005
Information Systems                              Dieter

Innovations in Design & Decision Support         Leeuwen, van, Jos P.;              2006
Systems in Architecture and Urban Planning       Timmermans, Harry J.P.

Innovations in E-learning, Instruction           Iskander, Magued                   2007
Technology, Assessment and Engineering

Innovations in Fuzzy Clustering                  Sato-Ilic, Mika; Jain, Lakhmi C.   2006

Innovations in Hybrid Intelligent Systems        Corchado, Emilio; Corchado,        2008
                                                 Juan M; Abraham, Ajith
Innovations in Intelligent Machines - 1          Chahl, Javaan Singh; Jain,         2007
                                                 Lakhmi C.; Mizutani, Akiko;
                                                 Sato-Ilic, Mika
Innovations in Machine Learning                  Holmes, Dawn E.; Jain, Lakhmi      2006
Innovations in Macroeconomics                    Welfens, Paul J.J.                 2007
Innovations in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery    Eisenmann-Klein, Marita;           2008
                                                Neuhann-Lorenz, Constanze
Innovations in Rehabilitation Sciences          Baptiste, Sue; Solomon, Patricia   2005

Innovations in Robot Mobility and Control       Jain, Lakhmi C.; Konar, Amit;      2005
                                                Patnaik, Srikanta; Resconi,
                                                Germano; Tzafestas, Spyros G.

Innovations Towards Sustainability              Lehmann-Waffenschmidt,             2007
Innovationsbewertung                                                               2007
Innovationsexperimente                          Möller, Matthias                   2007
Innovationsfähigkeit und nachhaltiger           Sammerl, Nadine                    2006

Innovationskulturen für den Aufbruch zu Neuem Kriegesmann, Bernd; Kerka,           2007
Innovationsmanagement                         Engel, Kai; Nippa, Michael           2007
Die Innovationsmaschine                       Wentz, Rolf-Christian                2008
Innovative Algorithms and Techniques in       Sobh, Tarek; Elleithy, Khaled;       2007
Automation, Industrial Electronics and        Mahmood, Ausif; Karim,
Telecommunications.                           Mohamed

Innovative Approaches for Learning and          Nejdl, Wolfgang; Tochtermann,      2006
Knowledge Sharing                               Klaus

Innovative Comparative Methods for Policy       Grimm, Heike; Rihoux, Benoit       2006

Innovative Concepts for Autonomic and Agent-    Hinchey, Michael G.; Rago,         2006
Based Systems                                   Patricia; Rash, James L.;
                                                Rouff, Christopher A.; Sterritt,
                                                Roy; Truszkowski, Walt
Innovative Internet Community Systems (vol. #   Böhme, Thomas; Larios              2006
3473)                                           Rosillo, Victor M.; Unger,
                                                Herwig; Unger, Helena
Innovative Internet Community Systems (vol. #   Böhme, Thomas; Bui, Alain;         2006
3908)                                           Bui, Marc; Unger, Herwig
Innovative Internet Computing Systems                                              2006

Innovative Kooperationsnetzwerke                Wojda, Franz; Barth, Alfred        2006

Innovative Superhard Materials and              Lee, Jay; Novikov, Nikolay         2005
Sustainable Coatings for Advanced

Innovative Wirtschaftskommunikation             Boenigk, Michael; Krieger,         2006
                                                David; Hug, Christoph; Belliger,
Innovatives Dienstleistungsmarketing in         Kleinaltenkamp, Michael             2006
Theorie und Praxis

Inorganic and Organometallic Macromolecules     Abd-El-Aziz, Alaa S; Zeldin,        2008
                                                Martel; Pittman, Charles U;
                                                Carraher, Charles E
Inorganic and Organometallic Polymers           Chandrasekhar, Vadapalli            2005

Inorganic Polymeric Nanocomposites and                                              2005

The Inorganic Radiochemistry of Heavy                                               2008

Inorganic Reactions in Water                    Rich, Ronald                        2008

Inorganic Scintillators for Detector Systems    Annenkov, Alexander; Gektin,        2006
                                                Alexander; Korzhik, Mikhail;
                                                Lecoq, Paul; Pedrini, Christian

Insecticides Design Using Advanced              Ishaaya, Isaac; Nauen, Ralf;        2007
Technologies                                    Horowitz, Rami A.

Insects as Natural Enemies                      Jervis, Mark A.                     2005

Inside Relational Databases with Examples in    Whitehorn, Mark; Marklyn, Bill      2007

The Inside Text                                 Harper, R.; Palen, L.; Taylor, A.   2005

Insights into Receptor Function and New Drug    Christen, Y.; Conn, Michael;        2006
Development Targets                             Kordon, C.

Insolvenzrecht - schnell erfasst                Fenger, Hermann                     2005

Insourcing, Outsourcing, Offshoring             Specht, Dieter                      2007

Instability in Models Connected with Fluid Flows Bardos, Claude; Fursikov,          2008
I                                                Andrei

Instability in Models Connected with Fluid Flows Bardos, Claude; Fursikov,          2008
II                                               Andrei

Institutional Context of Education Systems in   Daly, P.; Gray, J.M.; Hofman,       2005
Europe                                          R.H.; Hofman, W.H.A.

Institutional Dynamics in Environmental         Arts, Bas; Leroy, Pieter            2006

Institutioneller Wandel durch Lernprozesse      Csigó, Monika                       2006
Institutions, Equilibria and Efficiency       Schultz, Christian; Vind, Karl    2006

Institutions, Sustainability, and Natural     Berry, R. Albert; Kant, Shashi    2005

Instrumente einer erfolgreichen               Gregori, Christoph                2006

Insurance Intermediation                      Eckardt, Martina                  2007
Inszenierter Antisemitismus                   Frindte, Wolfgang                 2006

Integer Programming and Combinatorial                                           2006

Integer Programming and Combinatorial         Fischetti, Matteo; Williamson,    2007
Optimization                                  David P.

Integer Programming and Combinatorial         Jünger, Michael; Kaibel, Volker   2005

Integral Closure                              Vasconcelos, Wolmer               2005
Integral Methods in Science and Engineering   Constanda, C; Potapenko, S        2008

Integral Methods in Science and Engineering   Constanda, C.; Nashed, Z.;        2006
                                              Rollins, D.
Integrales Logistikmanagement                 Schönsleben, Paul                 2007

Integralgeometrie für Stereologie und         Voss, Klaus                       2007

Integrated Assessment of Water Resources      Craswell, Eric; Bonell, Mike;     2007
and Global Change                             Bossio, Deborah; Demuth,
                                              Siegfried; Van de Giesen, Nick

Integrated Chemical Microsensor Systems in    Hierlemann, Andreas               2005
CMOS Technology

Integrated Circuit and System Design. Power   Paliouras, Vassilis; Verkest,     2005
and Timing Modeling, Optimization and         Diederik; Vounckx, Johan
Simulation (vol. # 3728)

Integrated Circuit and System Design. Power   Azemard, Nadine; Svensson,        2007
and Timing Modeling, Optimization and         Lars

Integrated Circuit and System Design. Power   Vounckx, Johan; Azemard,          2006
and Timing Modeling, Optimization and         Nadine; Maurine, Philippe
Simulation (vol. # 4148)
Integrated Circuit Packaging, Assembly and     Greig, William J.                2007

Integrated Circuit Test Engineering            Grout, Ian A.                    2006

Integrated Cytology of Cerebrospinal Fluid                                      2008

Integrated Formal Methods                      Davies, Jim; Gibbons, Jeremy     2007

Integrated Formal Methods                                                       2006

Integrated Formal Methods                      Romijn, Judi M.T.; Smith,        2005
                                               Graeme P.; van de Pol, Jaco C.

Integrated Information Management              Brenner, Walter; Pilgram, Uwe;   2006
                                               Zarnekow, Rüdiger
Integrated Management and Biocontrol of        Ciancio, A.; Mukerji, K.G.       2007
Vegetable and Grain Crops Nematodes

Integrated Methods for Optimization            Hooker, John N.                  2007

Integrated Reaction and Separation Operations Górak, Andrzej; Schmidt-          2006
                                              Traub, Henner
Integrated Research in GRID Computing         Gorlatch, Sergei; Danelutto,      2007
Integrated Ring Resonators                    Rabus, D.G.                       2007

Integrated Risk and Vulnerability Management   Gheorghe, Adrian V.              2005
Assisted by Decision Support Systems

Integrated River Basin Management through      Kemper, Karin E.; Blomquist,     2007
Decentralization                               William; Dinar, Ariel

Integrated System-Level Modeling of Network-   Kogel, Tim; Leupers, Rainer;     2006
on-Chip enabled Multi-Processor Platforms      Meyr, Heinrich

Integrated Urban Water Resources               Hlavinek, Petr; Kukharchyk,      2006
Management                                     Tamara; Mahrikova, Ivana;
                                               Marsalek, Jiri
Integrated Water Management                    Meire, P.; Coenen, M.;           2007
                                               Lombardo, C.; Robba, M.;
                                               Sacile, R.
Integrated Water Resources Management and      Lipchin, Clive; Pallant, Eric;   2007
Security in the Middle East                    Saranga, Danielle; Amster,
Integrating Human Aspects in Production          Jagdev, Harinder S.; Stock,       2005
Management                                       Patricia; Zülch, Gert

Integration                                      Meadows, Gary G.                  2005
Intégration                                      Bourbaki, N.                      2007
Intégration                                      Bourbaki, N.                      2007
Intégration                                      Bourbaki, N.                      2007
Intégration                                      Bourbaki, N.                      2007
Integration and Innovation Orient to E-Society   Wang, Weijun; Li, Yanhui;         2008
Volume 1                                         Duan, Zhao; Yan, Li; Li,
                                                 Hongxiu; Yang, Xiaoxi
Integration and Innovation Orient to E-Society   Wang, Weijun; Li, Yanhui;         2008
Volume 2                                         Duan, Zhao; Yan, Li; Li,
                                                 Hongxiu; Yang, Xiaoxi
Integration der Unsicherheitsaspekte in die      Jasvoin, Leonid                   2006

Integration in Asia and Europe                   Chirathivat, Suthiphand;          2006
                                                 Knipping, Franz; Ryan, Cillian;
                                                 Welfens, Paul J.J.
Integration in Respiratory Control               Poulin, Marc J; Wilson, Richard   2008
Integration of AI and OR Techniques in           Van Hentenryck, Pascal;           2007
Constraint Programming for Combinatorial         Wolsey, Laurence
Optimization Problems

Integration of AI and OR Techniques in           Barták, Roman; Milano, Michela    2005
Constraint Programming for Combinatorial
Optimization Problems (vol. # 3524)

Integration of AI and OR Techniques in           Beck, J. Christopher; Smith,      2006
Constraint Programming for Combinatorial         Barbara
Optimization Problems (vol. # 3990)

Integration of Fuzzy Logic and Chaos Theory      Chen, Guanrong; Halang,           2006
                                                 Wolfgang A.; Li, Zhong
Integration of Information for Environmental     Coskun, H. Gonca; Cigizoglu,      2008
Security                                         H. Kerem; Maktav, M. Derya

The Integration of Phonetic Knowledge in         Barry, William J.; Dommelen,      2005
Speech Technology                                Wim A. van

Integration, Growth, and Cohesion in an          Bradley, John; Petrakos,          2005
Enlarged European Union                          George; Traistaru, Iulia

Integrationskompetenz von Kunden bei             Mⁿller, Melanie                   2007
individuellen Leistungen
Integrationsmanagement                        Schelp, Joachim; Winter,           2006
Integrationsprozesse von Kindern in           Sauer, Karin Elinor                2007
multikulturellen Gesellschaften

Alternative/Complementary/Integrative Cancer                                     2008
Integrative Pain Medicine                                                        2008
Integrative Sozialtheorie? Esser — Luhmann — Greshoff, Rainer; Schimank,         2006
Weber                                        Uwe

Integrative Suchtarbeit                       Petzold, Hilarion; Schay, Peter;   2006
                                              Scheiblich, Wolfgang
Integrative Suchttherapie                     Petzold, Hilarion; Schay, Peter;   2007
                                              Ebert, Wolfgang
Integrative Supervision, Meta-Consulting,                                        2007

Integratives Medienmanagement                 Eggers, Bernd                      2006

Integrativ-Prozessuales Marketing             Mattmüller, Roland                 2006

Integrierte Corporate Governance              Hilb, Martin                       2006

Integrierte Corporate Governance              Hilb, Martin                       2005

Integrierte Informationsarchitektur           Arndt, Henrik                      2006

Integrierte Informationslogistik                                                 2008

Integrierte Informationsverarbeitung 1        Mertens, Peter                     2007

Integrierte Kommunikation in den              Bruhn, Manfred                     2006
deutschsprachigen Ländern

Integrierte Kommunikation in mehrstufigen     Lasotta, Kristina                  2007

Integrierte Lean Balanced Scorecard           Gerberich, Claus W; Teuber,        2006
                                              Julia; Schäfer, Thomas
Integrierte Materialwirtschaft und Logistik   Wannenwetsch, Helmut               2007

Integrierte Produkt- und Prozessgestaltung    Eversheim, Walter; Schuh,          2005
Integrierte Psychotherapie                    Barolin, Gerhard S.                2006
Integrierte Schadenanalyse                      Schmitt-Thomas, Karlheinz G.     2005

Integriertes Informationsmanagement             Brenner, Walter; Pilgram, Uwe;   2005
                                                Zarnekow, Rüdiger

Integriertes Qualitäts- und Umweltmanagement Ahsen, Anette                       2006

Intellectual Property Management                Jennewein, Klaus                 2005

Intellectual Property Management in R&D         Bader, Martin A.                 2006

Intellektuelle Grenzgänge                       Wissing, Hubert                  2006

Intelligence and Security Informatics           Yang, Christopher C.; Zeng,      2007
                                                Daniel; Chau, Michael; Chang,
                                                Kuiyu; Yang, Qing; Cheng,
                                                Xueqi; Wang, Jue; Wang, Fei-
                                                Yue; Chen, Hsinchun

Intelligence and Security Informatics (vol. #   Chen, Hsinchun; Kantor, Paul;    2005
3495)                                           Merkle, Ralph; Muresan,
                                                Gheorghe; Roberts, Fred;
                                                Wang, Frei-Yue; Zeng, Daniel

Intelligence and Security Informatics (vol. #   Chang, Kuiyu; Chau, Michael;     2006
3917)                                           Chen, Hsinchun; Wang,
                                                Feiyue; Yang, Christopher C.;
                                                Zeng, Daniel
Intelligence and Security Informatics (vol. #   Chen, Hsinchun; Mehrotra,        2006
3975)                                           Sharad; Zeng, Daniel D.
Intelligence and Security Informatics for       Chen, Hsinchun                   2006
International Security

Intelligence and Security Informatics:          Zeng, Daniel; Gotham, Ivan;      2007
Biosurveillance                                 Komatsu, Ken; Lynch, Cecil;
                                                Thurmond, Mark; Madigan,
                                                David; Lober, Bill; Kvach,
                                                James; Chen, Hsinchun
Intelligence in Communication Systems           Glitho, Roch; Karmouch,          2005
                                                Ahmed; Pierre, Samuel
Intelligent Agents and Multi-Agent Systems      Barley, Michael Wayne;           2005
                                                Kasabov, Nik
Intelligent Algorithms in Ambient and           Aarts, Emile; Korst, Jan;        2006
Biomedical Computing                            Verhaegh, Wim

Intelligent Computing                           Huang, De-Shuang; Irwin,         2006
                                                George William; Li, Kang
Intelligent Computing Everywhere                Schuster, Alfons                 2007
Intelligent Computing in Engineering and         Smith, Ian F.C.                    2006

Intelligent Computing in Signal Processing and   Huang, De-Shuang; Irwin,           2006
Pattern Recognition                              George William; Li, Kang

Intelligent Control and Automation               Huang, De-Shuang; Irwin,           2006
                                                 George William; Li, Kang
Intelligent Data Engineering and Automated       Gallagher, Marcus; Hogan,          2005
Learning - IDEAL 2005                            James; Maire, Frederic

Intelligent Data Engineering and Automated       Corchado, Emilio; Yin, Hujun;      2006
Learning - IDEAL 2006                            Botti, Vicente; Fyfe, Colin

Intelligent Data Engineering and Automated       Yin, Hujun; Tino, Peter; Byrne,    2007
Learning - IDEAL 2007                            Will; Yao, Xin; Corchado, Emilio

Intelligent Data Mining                          Chen, Guoqing; Kerre, Etienne      2005
                                                 E.; Ruan, Da; Wets, Geert

Intelligent Decision Making: An AI-Based                                            2008

Intelligent Decision-making Support Systems      Forgionne, Guisseppi A.;           2006
                                                 Gupta, Jatinder N.D.; Mora,
Intelligent Document Retrieval                   Kruschwitz, Udo                    2005

Intelligent Educational Machines                 Nedjah, Nadia; Mourelle, Luiza     2007
                                                 de Macedo; Borges, Mario
                                                 Neto; de Almeida, Nival Nunes

The Intelligent Enterprise                       Thannhuber, Markus J.              2005
Intelligent Information Processing and Web       Klopotek, Mieczyslaw A.;           2006
Mining                                           Trojanowski, Krzysztof;
                                                 Wierzchon, Slawomir T.
Intelligent Information Processing and Web       Klopotek, Mieczyslaw A.;           2005
Mining                                           Trojanowski, Krzysztof;
                                                 Wierzchon, Slawomir T.
Intelligent Information Processing II            He, Qing; Shi, Zhongzhi            2005

Intelligent Information Processing III           Shi, Zhongzhi; Shimohara, K.;      2007
                                                 Feng, D.
Intelligent Information Technology               Das, Gautam; Gulati, V.P.          2005

Intelligent Leadership                           Burger, John M.; Webber,           2007
                                                 Charles F.; Klinck, Patricia
Intelligent Life in the Universe                 Ulmschneider, Peter                2006
Intelligent Media Technology for                 Bolc, Leonard; Michalewicz,        2005
Communicative Intelligence                       Zbigniew; Nishida, Toyoaki

Intelligent Mobile Robot Navigation              Cuesta, Federico; Ollero, Aníbal   2005

Intelligent Multimedia Data Hiding               Pan, Jeng-Shyang; Huang,           2007
                                                 Hsiang-Cheh; Jain, Lakhmi C.;
                                                 Fang, Wai-Chi
Intelligent Multimedia Processing with Soft      Tan, Yap-Peng; Wang, Lipo;         2005
Computing                                        Yap, Kim H.

Intelligent Organizations                        Schwaninger, Markus                2006
Intelligent Paradigms for Assistive and          Ichalkaranje, A.; Ichalkaranje,    2006
Preventive Healthcare                            N.; Jain, L.C.

Intelligent Paradigms for Healthcare Enterprises Ichalkaranje, Ajita; Jain,         2005
                                                 Lakhmi C.; Jain, Ashlesha;
                                                 Silverman, Barry G.
Intelligent Systems and Signal Processing in     Ukil, Abhisek                      2007
Power Engineering

Intelligent Techniques for Web Personalization   Anand, Sarabjot Singh;             2005
                                                 Mobasher, Bamshad
Intelligent Technologies for Interactive         Maybury, Mark; Stock, Oliviero;    2005
Entertainment                                    Wahlster, Wolfgang

Intelligent Tutoring Systems                     Ashlay, Kevin; Chan, Tak-Wai;      2006
                                                 Ikeda, Mitsuru
Intelligent Virtual Agents                       Pelachaud, Catherine; Martin,      2007
                                                 Jean-Claude; André, Elisabeth;
                                                 Chollet, Gérard; Karpouzis,
                                                 Kostas; Pelé, Danielle

Intelligent Virtual Agents (vol. # 3661)         Aylett, Ruth; Ballin, Daniel;      2005
                                                 Gratch, Jonathan; Olivier,
                                                 Patrick; Panayiotopoulos,
                                                 Themis; Rist, Thomas
Intelligent Virtual Agents (vol. # 4133)         Aylett, Ruth; Ballin, Daniel;      2006
                                                 Gratch, Jonathan; Olivier,
                                                 Patrick; Young, Michael
Intense Electron and Ion Beams                   Molokovsky, Sergey I.;             2005
                                                 Sushkov, Aleksandr D.
Intensive and Critical Care Medicine             Gullo, Antonio; Lumb, Philip D.    2005

Intensive Care Medicine                          Vincent, Jean-Louis                2007
Intensive Care Medicine                          Vincent, Jean-Louis                2006
Intensive Care Medicine                          Vincent, J.-L.                     2007
Intensive Care Medicine in 10 Years              Fink, M.P.; Sibbald, W.J.;         2006
                                                 Suter, P.M.
Die Intensivmedizin                              Burchardi, Hilmar; Schölmerich,    2008
                                                 Jürgen; Larsen, Reinhard;
                                                 Kuhlen, Ralf; Jauch, Karl-Walter

Intensivmedizin Fragen und Antworten             Kehl, Franz; Böhrer, Hubert        2006

Intensivmedizin und Management bei               Gabel, D.; Mauer, D.               2006
Organspende und Transplantation

Intentional Acts and Institutional Facts         Tsohatzidis, Savas L.              2007

Interacting Particle Systems                     Liggett, Thomas M.                 2005

Interacting Stochastic Systems                   Deuschel, Jean-Dominique;          2005
                                                 Greven, Andreas
Interactions Between Neurons and Glia in         Malva, Joao; Rego, Ana Cristina    2007
Aging and Disease

Interactions                                     Hendricks, Vincent F.;             2006
                                                 Jørgensen, Klaus Frovin;
                                                 Lützen, Jesper; Pedersen, Stig
Energy Loss of Charged Particles in              Nersisyan, Hrachya; Toepffer,      2007
Magnetized Plasmas                               Christian; Zwicknagel, Günter

Interactive and Dynamic Graphics for Data        Cook, Dianne; Swayne,              2008
Analysis                                         Deborah F.
Interactive Computation                          Goldin, Dina; Smolka, Scott A.;    2006
                                                 Wegner, Peter
Interactive Curve Modeling                       Sarfraz, Muhammad                  2008

An Interactive Multimedia Introduction to Signal Karrenberg, Ulrich                 2007

Interactive Systems. Design Specification, and   Gilroy, Stephen W.; Harrison,      2006
Verification                                     Michael D.

Interactive Systems Design, Specification, and   Doherty, Gavin; Blandford, Ann     2007

Interactive Technologies and Sociotechnical      Zha, Hongbin; Pan, Zhigeng;        2006
Systems                                          Thwaites, Hal; Addison, Alonzo
                                                 C.; Forte, Maurizio
Interactive TV: a Shared Experience              Cesar, Pablo; Chorianopoulos,      2007
                                                 Konstantinos; Jensen, Jens F.

Interactive Video                                Hammoud, Riad                      2006
Interaktionen zwischen Anbietern und            Hoffmann, Antje                    2006
Nachfragern bei der Vermarktung und
Beschaffung innovativer Dienstleistungen

Interaktive Markenführung                       Binckebanck, Lars                  2006

Interaktive Wertschöpfung                       Reichwald, Ralf; Piller, Frank     2006

Interaktives Video im Internet mit Flash        Plag, Florian; Riempp, Roland      2007

Interconnect Noise Optimization in Nanometer    Bayoumi, Magdy A.; Elgamel,        2006
Technologies                                    Mohamed A.

Interconnect-Centric Design for Advanced SoC    Isoaho, J.; Jantsch, A.; Nurmi,    2005
and NoC                                         Jari; Tenhunen, H.

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Learning                                        Maria Pilar

Intercultural Language Use and Language         Alcón Soler, Eva; Safont Jordà,    2007
Learning                                        Maria Pilar

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Epidemic Modelling: The Case of Black Death     Ricardo A.; Serre, Marc L.;
                                                Wang, Lin-Lin; Yu, Hwa-Lung

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Interdisziplinäre Leitlinie Management der      Schneider, M.; Lelgemann, M.;      2007
frühen rheumatoiden Arthritis                   Abholz, H.-H.; Caratti, R.;
                                                Flügge, C.; Jäniche, H.; Kunz,
                                                R.; Krüger, K.; Rehart, S.;
                                                Specker, C.
Interdisziplinäre Perspektiven der              Lohmar, Dieter; Fonfara, Dirk      2006

Inter-Domain Management                         Bandara, Arosha K.; Burgess,       2007
Interessengruppen und                           Tietz-Weber, Susanne               2006
Interest Rate Models - Theory and Practice      Brigo, Damiano; Mercurio,          2006
Interest Rate Models: an Infinite Dimensional   Carmona, René A.; Tehranchi,       2006
Stochastic Analysis Perspective                 Michael R.
Interfacial Convection in Multilayer Systems     Legros, J. C.; Nepomnyashchy,      2006
                                                 A.; Simanovskii, I.

Interfacial Nanochemistry                        Sawada, Tsugo; Teramae,            2005
                                                 Norio; Watarai, Hitoshi
Interfacial Transport Phenomena                  Slattery, John C.; Sagis,          2007
                                                 Leonard; Oh, Eun-Suok
Interfacing with C++                             Bentley, Kim; Katupitiya,          2006
Interferon: The 50th Anniversary                 Pitha, Paula M.                    2007

Interior Point Methods for Linear Optimization   Roos, Cornelis; Terlaky,           2005
                                                 Tamas; Vial, Jean-Philippe
Interkulturelle Erziehung und Bildung                                               2008

Interkulturelle Kompetenz deutscher              Wittkop, Thomas                    2006
Expatriates in China

Interkulturelle Managementkompetenz              Bergemann, Britta; Bergemann,      2005
Interkulturelles Marketing-Management            Emrich, Christin                   2007

Interkulturelles Personalmanagement bei          Husen, Wilma Klaasen-van           2007
Professional Service Firms

Interkulturelles Training                        Derboven, Wibke; Kumbruck,         2005
Intermediate Dynamics                            Howland, R.A.                      2006
Intermediate Filaments                           Paramio, Jesus                     2006
Intermediate Physics for Medicine and Biology    Hobbie, Russell K.; Roth, Brad     2007

Intermediation und Digitalisierung               Walter, Benedikt                   2007

Intermolecular Forces and Clusters I             Wales, D.                          2005

Intermolecular Forces and Clusters II            Wales, D.                          2005

Inter-Municipal Cooperation in Europe            Hulst, Rudie; van Montfort,        2007
Internal Audit Handbook                          Kagermann, Henning; Küting,        2008
                                                 Karlheinz; Kinney, William;
                                                 Weber, Claus-Peter
Internal Branding                                Schmidt, Holger J                  2008
Internal fixation of femoral neck fractures      Manninger, Jenó; Bosch,            2007
                                                 Ulrich; Cserháti, Peter; Fekete,
                                                 Károly; Kazár, György

Internal Friction in Metallic Materials          Blanter, M.S.; Golovin, I.S.;      2007
                                                 Neuhäuser, H.; Sinning, H.-R.
Internal Research & Development Markets          Kasper, Eric                       2006
International Advertising and Communication    Diehl, Sandra; Terlutter, Ralf    2006

International Bibliography of Sikh Studies     Chilana, Rajwant Singh            2005

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Occupational and Environmental Respiratory     Yukinori; Parker, John E.

International Clinical Sociology               Fritz, Jan Marie                  2008

International Community Psychology             Reich, Stephanie                  2007

International Company Taxation in the Era of   Schäfer, Anne                     2006
Information and Communication Technologies

International Competitiveness in Africa        Razafimahefa, Ivohasina           2007
                                               Fizara; Hamori, Shigeyuki

13th International Conference on Electrical    Scharfetter, Hermann; Merwa,      2007
Bioimpedance and the 8th Conference on         Robert
Electrical Impedance Tomography

The 4th International Conference on Exotic     Gross, Carl J.; Nazarewicz,       2005
Nuclei and Atomic Masses                       Witold; Rykaczewski, Krzysztof
The 2nd International Conference on Nuclear    Fülöp, Zsolt; Gyürky, György;     2006
Physics in Astrophysics                        Somorjai, Endre

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                                               Rinas, Diane
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International Handbook of English Language     Cummins, Jim; Davison, Chris      2007

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International Handbook of Juvenile Justice     Junger-Tas, Josine; Decker,       2006
                                               Scott H.
International Handbook of Research in Arts     Bresler, Liora                    2007
International Handbook of School Effectiveness Townsend, Tony                      2007
and Improvement

International Handbook of Student Experience     Thiessen, D.; Cook-Sather,        2007
in Elementary and Secondary School               Alison

International Handbook of the Religious,         de Souza, Marian;                 2006
Spiritual and Moral Dimensions in Education      Engebretson, Kathleen; Durka,
                                                 Gloria; Jackson, Robert;
                                                 McGrady, Andrew
International Handbook of Virtual Learning       Hunsinger, Jeremy; Nolan,         2006
Environments                                     Jason; Trifonas, Peter; Weiss,
International Handbook on Globalisation,         Zajda, Joseph                     2005
Education and Policy Research

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Challenges                                       Epping, Volker

International Law Today: New Challenges and      König, Doris; Röben, Volker;      2008
the Need for Reform?                             Matz-Lück, Nele; Stoll, Peter-
International Migration, Social Demotion, and    Pajo, Erind                       2008
Imagined Advancement

International Perspectives on Maps and the       Peterson, Michael P.              2008

International Perspectives on Natural Disasters: DeChano, Lisa M.; Lidstone,       2006
Occurrence, Mitigation, and Consequences         John; Stoltman, Joseph P.

International Perspectives on teachers and      Grollmann, Philipp; Rauner,        2007
lecturers in Technical and Vocational Education Felix

International Prosecution of Human Rights        Kaleck, Wolfgang; Ratner,         2007
Crimes                                           Michael ; Singelnstein, Tobias;
                                                 Weiss, Peter
International Steam Tables                       Wagner, Wolfgang;                 2008
                                                 Kretzschmar, Hans-Joachim
International Symposium on Fundamentals of       Arbab, Farhad; Sirjani, Marjan    2007
Software Engineering

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Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop   Leonhardt, Steffen; Falck,        2007
on Wearable an Implantable Body Sensor          Thomas; Mähönen, Petri
Networks (BSN 2007)

Internationale Haftungsregeln für schädliche    Förster, Susanne                  2007
Folgewirkungen gentechnisch veränderter

Internationale Innovationsdynamik,              Jungmittag, Andre                 2006
Spezialisierung und Wirtschaftswachstum in
der EU

Internationale Migration hoch qualifizierter    Pethe, Heike                      2006

Internationale Politik studieren                List, Martin                      2006

Internationale Politische Ökonomie                                                2007

Internationale Realoptionen                     Fisch, Jan Hendrik                2006

Internationale Rechnungslegung und              Funk, Wilfried; Rossmanith,       2008
Internationales Controlling                     Jonas

Internationale Wettbewerbsstrategien            Berndt, Ralph                     2007

Internationaler E-Commerce                      Fassott, Georg                    2007

Internationales Management im Umbruch                                             2007

Internationales Marketing-Management            Berndt, Ralph; Fantapie           2005
                                                Altobelli, Claudia; Sander,
Internationales Steuerrecht                                                       2008

Internationales Vertriebsmanagement für         Schmitz, Christian                2006

Internationales Wissensmanagement               Gehle, Michael                    2006

Internationalisation and Globalisation in       Atweh, Bill; Calabrese Barton,    2007
Mathematics and Science Education               Angela; Borba, Marcelo;
                                                Gough, Noel; Keitel, Christine;
                                                Vistro-Yu, Catherine; Vithal,
Internationalisierung im deutschen               Bogner, Thomas; Brunner,           2007
Lebensmittelhandel                               Nicole

Internationalisierung im deutschen Mittelstand   Habedank, Christian                2006

Der Internationalisierungsprozess von            Simon, Markus Christian            2007
Internationalization and Economic Policy         Graham, Edward M. ; Oding,         2005
Reforms in Transition Countries                  Nina; Welfens, Paul J.J.

Internationalizing Higher Education              Hellsten, Meeri; Ninnes, Peter     2005

Interne Corporate Governance                     Zöllner, Christine                 2007

Interne Kundenorientierung des                   Spillecke, Dennis                  2006

Interne Unternehmensrechnung                                                        2008

Interne Unternehmensrechnung                     Ewert, Ralf; Wagenhofer, Alfred    2005

Die internen Gesetze im Vertrieb                 Voigt, Hans-Jürgen                 2006

Internet - Bildung - Gemeinschaft                                                   2008

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Internet-Auktionen                               Gurmann, Stefan                    2005
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Internetbasiertes Supply Chain Management        Wecker, Roman                      2006

Internet-Security aus Software-Sicht             Kriha, Walter; Schmitz, Roland     2008

Internetwirtschaft 2010                          Beckert, Bernd; Joisten,           2005
                                                 Martina; Jungmittag, Andre;
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Interoperability of Enterprise Software and      Boudjlida, Nacer; Bourrières,      2006
Applications                                     Jean-Paul; Konstantas, Dimitri;
                                                 Léonard, Michel
Interorganisational Standards                   Löwer, Ulrich M.                  2006

Interphases and Mesophases in Polymer           Allegra, Giuseppe                 2005
Crystallization I

Interphases and Mesophases in Polymer           Allegra, Giuseppe                 2005
Crystallization II

Interphases and Mesophases in Polymer           Allegra, Giuseppe                 2005
Crystallization III

Interplanetary Mission Analysis and Design      Kemble, Stephen                   2006

Interpolation, Schur Functions and Moment       Alpay, Daniel; Gohberg, Israel    2006

Interpretation, Law and the Construction of     Wagner, Anne; Werner,             2007
Meaning                                         Wouter; Cao, Deborah

Interregionale Wissensspillovers in der         Scherngell, Thomas                2007
europäischen High-Tech Industrie

Intersections de deux quadriques et pinceaux    Wittenberg, Olivier               2007
de courbes de genre 1

The Interstellar Medium                         Lequeux, James                    2005
Interstitial Fibrosis in Heart Failure          Villarreal, Francisco             2005

Intersubjective Temporality                     Rodemeyer, Lanei M.               2006

Interval / Probabilistic Uncertainty and Non-                                     2008
Classical Logics

Intervening in the Brain                        Boer, Gerard; Fegert, Jörg;       2007
                                                Hartmann, Dirk; Merkel,
                                                Reinhard; Nuttin, Bart; Rosahl,
Intervention, Terrorism, and Torture            Lee, Steven P.                    2007

Interventional Management of Urological         Baba, Shiro; Ono, Yoshinari       2006

Interventional Radiology in Pain Treatment      Kastler, Bruno                    2007

Interventions for Persisting Ductus Arteriosus in Koehne, P.; Obladen, M.         2005
the Preterm Infant

Interview und dokumentarische Methode           Nohl, Arnd-Michael                2006
Intestinal Microorganisms of Termites and        König, Helmut; Varma, Ajit       2006
Other Invertebrates

Intracellular Mechanisms for Neuritogenesis      de Curtis, Ivan                  2007

Intracranial Pressure and Brain Monitoring XII   Avezaat, C.J.J.; Chan, M.T.V.;   2005
                                                 Czosnyka, M.; Goh, K.Y.C.;
                                                 Hutchinson, P.J.A.; Katayama,
                                                 Yoichi; Lam, J.M.K.; Marmarou,
                                                 A.; Ng, S.C.P.; Pickard, J.D.;
                                                 Poon, W.S.

Intracranial Vascular Malformations and          Forsting, M.                     2006

Intralogistik                                    Arnold, Dieter                   2006
Intramembrane-Cleaving Proteases (I-CLiPs)       Hooper, Nigel M.; Lendeckel,     2007
Intramurale Medizin – Gesundheitsfürsorge        Hillenkamp, Thomas; Tag,         2005
zwischen Heilauftrag und Strafvollzug            Brigitte

Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring     Møller, Aage R.                  2006

Intraoperatives Durchleuchten in Unfallchirurgie Beck, Hans                       2006
und Orthopädie

Intraperitoneal Cancer Therapy                   Helm, C. William; Edwards,       2007
Intraseasonal Variability in the Atmosphere-     Lau, William K.-M.; Waliser,     2005
Ocean Climate System                             Duane

Intraspecific Genetic Diversity                  Altukhov, Yuri P.                2006

Intrinsic Molecular Mobility and Toughness of    Kausch, Hans-Henning             2005
Polymers I

Intrinsic Molecular Mobility and Toughness of    Kausch, H.-H.                    2005
Polymers II

Introducing Biological Rhythms                   Koukkari, Willard L.; Sothern,   2006
                                                 Robert B.
Introducing Competition into the Piped Water     Meister, Urs                     2006

Introducing Molecular Electronics                Cuniberti, Gianaurelio; Fagas,   2005
                                                 Giorgos; Richter, Klaus
Introduction à la résolution des systèmes         Elkadi, Mohamed; Mourrain,       2007
polynomiaux                                       Bernard

Introduction à SCILAB                             Chancelier, J.-P.; Delebecque,   2007
                                                  F.; Gomez, C.; Goursat, M.;
                                                  Nikoukhah, R.; Steer, S.

Introduction aux méthodes numériques              Jedrzejewski, Franck             2005

Introduction pratique aux bases de données        Meier, Andreas                   2006

Introduction to Advanced System-on-Chip Test      Larsson, Erik                    2005
Design and Optimization

Introduction to Agricultural Engineering          Field, Harry L.; Solie, John     2007

Introduction to Applied Mathematics for           Parkhurst, David F.              2006
Environmental Science

Introduction to Assembly Language                 Dandamudi, Sivarama P.           2005

An Introduction to Bayesian Analysis              Delampady, Mohan; Ghosh,         2006
                                                  Jayanta K.; Samanta, Tapas
Introduction to Bayesian Scientific Computing     Calvetti, D.; Somersalo, E.      2007

Introduction to Bayesian Statistics               Koch, Karl-Rudolf                2007

Introduction to Biosemiotics                      Barbieri, Marcello               2007

Introduction to C++ Programming and Graphics Pozrikidis, C.                        2007

Introduction to Calculus and Classical Analysis   Hijab, Omar                      2007

An Introduction To Chemoinformatics               Leach, Andrew R.; Gillet,        2007
                                                  Valerie J.
Introduction to Classical Geometries              Ramirez Galarza, Ana Irene;      2007
                                                  Seade, José
Introduction to Complex Analysis in Several       Scheidemann, Volker              2005

Introduction to Computational Biology             Haubold, Bernhard; Wiehe,        2006
Introduction to Computational Micromechanics      Wriggers, Peter; Zohdi, T.I.     2005
Introduction to Computational Optimization         Voß, Stefan; Woodruff, David L.   2006
Models for Production Planning in a Supply

Introduction to Computer Graphics                                                    2008

Introduction to Contact Mechanics                  Fischer-Cripps, Anthony C.        2007

An Introduction to Continuous-Time Stochastic      Bakstein, David; Capasso,         2005
Processes                                          Vincenzo

An Introduction to Copulas                         Nelsen, Roger B.                  2006
Introduction to Cryptography                       Delfs, Hans; Knebl, Helmut        2007

Introduction to Data Envelopment Analysis and      Cooper, William W.; Seiford,      2006
Its Uses                                           Lawrence M.; Tone, Kaoru

Introduction to Data Mining and its Applications   Sumathi, S.; Sivanandam, S.N.     2006

Introduction to Discrete Event Systems             Cassandras, Christos G.;          2007
                                                   Lafortune, Stephane
Introduction to Empirical Processes and            Kosorok, Michael R                2008
Semiparametric Inference

Introduction to Engineering Statistics and Six     Allen, Theodore T.                2006

Introduction to Focused Ion Beams                  Giannuzzi, Lucille A.; Stevie,    2005
                                                   Fred A.
Introduction to Fuzzy Logic using MATLAB           Sivanandam, S.N.; Sumathi, S.;    2007
                                                   Deepa, S. N.
Introduction to Genetic Algorithms                 Sivanandam, S.N.; Deepa, S. N.    2008

Introduction to Ion Beam Biotechnology             Yu, Zengliang                     2006

An Introduction to Knowledge Engineering           Kendal, Simon; Creen, Malcolm     2007

Introduction to Lie Algebras                       Erdmann, Karin; Wildon, Mark      2006
An Introduction to Manifolds                       Tu, Loring W.                     2008
Introduction to Mathematical Methods in            Isaev, Alexander                  2006

Introduction to Mathematical Systems Theory        Heij, Christiaan; Ran, André      2007
                                                   C.M.; Schagen, F. van

Introduction to Modern Number Theory               Manin, Yu.I.; Panchishkin,        2005
                                                   Alexei A.
Introduction to Modern Time Series Analysis      Kirchgässner, Gebhard;             2007
                                                 Wolters, Jürgen
Introduction to Numerical Methods in             Holmes, Mark H.                    2007
Differential Equations

Introduction to Nursing Informatics              Ball, Marion J.; Edwards,          2006
                                                 Margaret J.A.; Hannah, Kathryn
Introduction to Operating System Design and      Kifer, Michael; Smolka, Scott      2007

Introduction to Optics                           Chartier, Germain                  2005
Introduction to Partial Differential Equations   Tveito, Aslak; Winther, Ragnar     2005

Introduction to Plane Algebraic Curves           Kunz, Ernst                        2005

Introduction to Planetary Science                Faure, Gunter; Mensing,            2007
                                                 Teresa, M.
Introduction to Probability with Statistical     Schay, Geza                        2007

Introduction to Programming with Fortran         Chivers, Ian; Sleightholme,        2006

Introduction to Reconfigurable Computing         Bobda, Christophe                  2008

Introduction to Relativistic Continuum           Ferrarese, Giorgio; Bini, Donato   2008

Introduction to Reliable Distributed           Guerraoui, Rachid; Rodrigues,        2006
Programming                                    Luís
An Introduction to Riemann Surfaces, Algebraic Schlichenmaier, Martin               2007
Curves and Moduli Spaces

An Introduction to Scientific Computing          Danaila, Ionut; Joly, Pascal;      2007
                                                 Kaber, Sidi Mahmoud; Postel,
Introduction to Scientific Visualization         Wright, Helen                      2007

An Introduction to Sequential Dynamical          Mortveit, Henning S.; Reidys,      2008
Systems                                          Christian M.

Introduction to Singularities and Deformations   Greuel, Gert-Martin; Lossen,       2007
                                                 C.; Shustin, Eugenii I.

An Introduction to Sobolev Spaces and            Tartar, Luc                        2007
Interpolation Spaces
Introduction to Soliton Theory: Applications to   Donescu, Stefania; Munteanu,       2005
Mechanics                                         Ligia

Introduction to Stochastic Calculus for Finance   Sondermann, Dieter                 2006

Introduction to Stochastic Integration            Kuo, Hui-Hsiung                    2006

Introduction to Sustainability                    Munier, Nolberto                   2005

Introduction to Symplectic Dirac Operators        Habermann, Katharina;              2006
                                                  Habermann, Lutz

Introduction to the concepts of modern physics    Becchi, Carlo M.; D'Elia,          2007

Introduction to the Classical Theory of Particles Kosyakov, Boris                    2007
and Fields

An Introduction to the Mathematical Theory of     Lurie, Konstantin A.               2007
Dynamic Materials

An Introduction to the Mathematics of Money       Lovelock, David; Mendel,           2007
                                                  Marilou; Wright, Arthur L.
Introduction to the Theory of Cooperative         Peleg, Bezalel; Sudhölter, Peter   2007

An Introduction to the Theory of Point            Daley, D.J.; Vere-Jones, David     2008
Processes, Volume II

Introduction to Variance Estimation               Wolter, Kirk                       2007

Introduction to Wave Scattering, Localization     Sheng, P.                          2006
and Mesoscopic Phenomena

Introduction to Wine Laboratory Practices and     Jacobson, Jean L.                  2006

Introductory Lectures on Fluctuations of Lévy     Kyprianou, Andreas                 2006
Processes with Applications

Introduzione al Calcolo Scientifico               Quarteroni, A.; Saleri, F.         2006

Introduzione alla Medicina Molecolare             Ross, Dennis W.                    2005

Introduzione alla Teoria della elasticitα         Colombo, Luciano; Giordano,        2007
Intrusion and Malware Detection and             Julisch, Klaus; Kruegel,          2005
Vulnerability Assessment                        Christopher

Intrusion Detection and Correlation             Kruegel, Christopher; Valeur,     2005
                                                Fredrik; Vigna, Giovanni
Missbrauchserkennung in IT-Systemen             Meier, Michael                    2007

Intuition and the Axiomatic Method              Carson, Emily; Huber, Renate      2006

Intuitive Human Interfaces for Organizing and   Grieser, Gunter; Tanaka,          2005
Accessing Intellectual Assets                   Yuzuru

Intuitive Probability and Random Processes      Kay, Steven                       2006
using MATLAB®

Invariant Manifolds for Physical and Chemical   Gorban, Alexander N.; Karlin,     2005
Kinetics                                        Iliya V.

Invariant Probabilities of Markov-Feller        Zaharopol, Radu                   2005
Operators and Their Supports

Invasive Bladder Cancer                         Bassi, Pierfrancesco; Pagano,     2007
Invasive Forest Insects, Introduced Forest      Paine, Timothy D.                 2006
Trees, and Altered Ecosystems

Invasive Plants: Ecological and Agricultural    Inderjit, S.                      2005

Inventive Thinking through TRIZ                 Orloff, Michael A.                2006

Inventory and Supply Chain Management with      Sethi, Suresh P.; Yan, Houmin;    2005
Forecast Updates                                Zhang, Hanqin

Inventory Control                               Axsäter, Sven                     2006
Inverse Problems                                Ramm, Alexander G.                2005
Inverse Problems for Partial Differential       Isakov, V.                        2006

Inverse Problems in Electric Circuits and       Korovkin, N.V.; Chechurin,        2007
Electromagnetics                                V.L.; Hayakawa, M.

Inverse Problems in Vibration                   Gladwell, Graham M.L.             2005

Investigative Electrocardiography in            Rautaharju, Pentti; Rautaharju,   2007
Epidemiological Studies and Clinical Trials     Farida
Investing in e-Health                          Gustafson, David H.; Brennan,   2007
                                               Patricia Flatley; Hawkins,
                                               Robert P.
Investition I                                  Breuer, Wolfgang                2007
Investition und Finanzierung                   Becker, Hans Paul               2007

Investition und Planung im Einzelhandel        Bahn, Christopher               2006

Investitionen                                  Trautmann, Siegfried            2007
Investitionen                                  Trautmann, Siegfried            2006
Investitionskontrolle                          Linder, Stefan                  2006
Investitionsrechnung                           Götze, Uwe                      2006
Investment Appraisal                           Götze, Uwe; Northcott, Deryl;   2008
                                               Schuster, Peter
Investment Management and Mismanagement        Anderson, Seth                  2006

Investor Relations beim Börsengang             Huchzermeier, Malte             2006

The Invisible Hand                             Suntum, Ulrich van              2005
The Invisible Universe                         Verschuur, Gerrit               2007
The Invisible Universe: Dark Matter and Dark   Papantonopoulos, L.             2007
An Invitation to Quantum Cohomology            Kock, Joachim; Vainsencher,     2007
Ion Implantation and Synthesis of Materials    Mayer, J.W.; Nastasi, M.        2006

Ionic Soft Matter: Modern Trends in Theory and Henderson, Douglas; Holovko,    2005
Applications                                   Myroslav; Trokhymchuk, Andrij

Ionospheric Precursors of Earthquakes          Boyarchuk, Kirill; Pulinets,    2005
IP Network-based Multi-agent Systems for       Buse, David P.; Wu, Qing-Hua    2007
Industrial Automation

IP Networking over Next-Generation Satellite   Fan, Linghang; Cruickshank,     2008
Systems                                        Haitham; Sun, Zhili

IP Operations and Management                   Medhi, Deep; Nogueira, José     2007
                                               Marcos; Pfeifer, Tom; Wu, S
IPv6 in Practice                               Stockebrand, Benedikt           2007
IQ Calibration Techniques for CMOS Radio       Chen, Sao-Jie; Hsieh, Yong-     2006
Tranceivers                                    Hsiang

Iridescences                                   Berthier, Serge                 2007
Iron Nutrition in Plants and Rhizospheric      Abadia, J.; Barton, L.L.        2006

Irreversible Decisions under Uncertainty       Boyarchenko, Svetlana;          2007
                                               Levendorskii, Sergei
Irreversible Phenomena in Ignitions,              Terao, Kunio                       2007
Combustion and Detonation Waves
Irritant Dermatitis                               Chew, Ai-Lean; Maibach,            2006
                                                  Howard I.
Irritierte Ordnung. Moderne Politik               Priddat, Birger                    2006

Is it Safe to Eat?                                Shaw, Ian                          2005
Islamic Bioethics: Problems and Perspectives      Atighetchi, Dariusch               2007

Islamic Philosophy and Occidental                 Tymieniecka, A.-T.                 2006
Phenomenology on the Perennial Issue of
Microcosm and Macrocosm

Island Universes                                  de Jong, R.                        2007
ISO Science Legacy                                Cesarsky, Catherine J.;            2005
                                                  Salama, Alberto
Isodual Theory of Antimatter                      Santilli, Ruggero Maria            2006

Isolated Neutron Stars: from the Surface to the   Zane, Silvia; Turolla, Roberto;    2007
Interior                                          Page, Dany

Isomonodromic Deformations and Frobenius          Sabbah, Claude                     2008

Isomorphisms Between H¹ Spaces                    Müller, Paul F.X.                  2005

Isotopes in Palaeoenvironmental Research          Leng, Melanie J.                   2006

Isotopes in the Water Cycle                       Aggarwal, Pradeep K.;              2005
                                                  Froehlich, Klaus F.O.; Gat, Joel
Israel and the Palestinian Refugees               Benvenisti, Eyal; Gans, Chaim;     2007
                                                  Hanafi, Sari
ISSE 2006 — Securing Electronic Busines           Paulus, Sachar; Reimer,            2006
Processes                                         Helmut; Pohlmann, Norbert

ISSE/SECURE 2007 Securing Electronic              Pohlmann, Norbert; Schneider,      2007
Business Processes                                Wolfgang; Reimer, Helmut

Issues in Bioinvasion Science                     Capdevila-Argüelles, Laura;        2005
                                                  Zilletti, Bernardo
Issues in Multi-Agent Systems                     Moreno, Antonio; Pavón, Juan       2008

Issues in Theoretical Diversity                   Miller, Kristie Lyn                2006

Issues of Decapod Crustacean Biology              Thessalou-Legaki, Maria            2006

„Das ist o.B.d.A. trivial!―                       Beutelspacher, Albrecht            2006
IT                                              Kircher, Herbert                    2007
Der IT Business Case                            Brugger, Ralph                      2005
IT für Unternehmensgründer                      Deutsch, Markus; Schipmann,         2007
                                                Volker; Grotemeyer, Hans-
IT im Facility Management erfolgreich einsetzen May, Michael                        2006

IT in der Finanzbranche                          Moormann, Jürgen; Schmidt,         2007
Italian Institutional Reforms: A Public Choice   Padovano, Fabio; Ricciuti,         2008
Perspective                                      Roberto

Italian Mathematics Between the Two World        Guerraggio, Angelo; Nastasi,       2006
Wars                                             Pietro

IT-Alignment                                  Masak, Dieter                         2006
Iterated Function Systems for Real-Time Image Nikiel, Slawomir                      2007

Iterating Infusion                               Anthony, Greg                      2005
Iterative Approximation of Fixed Points          Berinde, Vasile                    2007

Iterative Learning Control                       Ahn, Hyo-Sung; Moore, Kevin        2007
                                                 L.; Chen, YangQuan
IT-Governance in der Praxis                      Göldner, Axel; Rüter, Andreas;     2006
                                                 Schröder, Jürgen
ITIL                                             Köhler, Peter T.                   2005
ITIL                                             Köhler, Peter T.                   2007
ITIL kompakt und verständlich                    Olbrich, Alfred                    2006

ITIL Security Management realisieren             Brunnstein, Jochen                 2006

IT-Management mit ITIL® V3                       Buchsein, Ralf; Machmeier,         2007
                                                 Volker; Günther, Holger; Victor,
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IT-Offshoring                                    Amberg, Michael; Wiener,           2006
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Handbuch IT-Risikomanagement                     Ahrendts, Fabian; Marton, Anita    2008

IT-Risiko-Management mit System                  Königs, Hans-Peter                 2006

It's Not About the Technology                    Karamchedu, Raj                    2005

IT-Sicherheit in vertikalen F&E-Kooperationen    Heitmann, Marcus                   2007
der Automobilindustrie
IT-Sicherheit kompakt und verständlich       Witt, Bernhard C                   2006

IT-Sicherheit mit System                     Müller, Klaus-Rainer               2008
IT-Sicherheitsmanagement                     Brands, Gilbert                    2005

IT-Sicherheitsmanagement nach ISO 27001      Kersten, Heinrich; Schröder,       2008
und Grundschutz                              Klaus-Werner; Reuter, Jürgen

IT-Systeme in der Medizin                    Bärwolff, Hartmut; Victor,         2006
                                             Frank; Hüsken, Volker
IUTAM Symposium on Chaotic Dynamics and      Rega, G.; Vestroni, F.             2005
Control of Systems and Processes in

IUTAM Symposium on Computational             Balachandar, S.; Prosperetti, A.   2006
Approaches to Multiphase Flow

IUTAM Symposium on Computational Methods Wriggers, Peter; Nackenhorst,          2007
in Contact Mechanics                     Udo

IUTAM Symposium on Computational Physics     Kaneda, Yukio                      2008
and New Perspectives in Turbulence

Iutam Symposium on Dynamics and Control of   Hu, H.Y.; Kreuzer, E.              2007
Nonlinear Systems with Uncertainty

IUTAM Symposium on Elastohydrodynamics       Evans, H.P.; Snidle, R.W.          2006
and Micro-elastohydrodynamics

IUTAM Symposium on Elementary Vortices       Kida, Shigeo                       2006
and Coherent Structures: Significance in
Turbulence Dynamics

IUTAM Symposium on Hamiltonian Dynamics,     Borisov, Alexey V; Sokolovskiy,    2008
Vortex Structures, Turbulence                Mikhail A; Kozlov, Valery V;
                                             Mamaev, Ivan S

IUTAM Symposium on Impact Biomechanics:      Gilchrist, M. D.                   2005
From Fundamental Insights to Applications

IUTAM Symposium on Laminar-Turbulent         Kerswell, R. R.; Mullin, Tom       2005
Transition and Finite Amplitude Solutions
IUTAM Symposium on Mechanical Behavior         Bai, Y.L.; Zheng, Q.S.; Wei,      2007
and Micro-Mechanics of Nanostructured          Y.G.

IUTAM Symposium on Mechanics and               Yang, W.                          2006
Reliability of Actuating Materials

IUTAM Symposium on Multiscale Modelling of Sadowski, Tomasz                      2006
Damage and Fracture Processes in Composite

IUTAM Symposium on Multiscale Problems in      Eberhard, Peter                   2007
Multibody System Contacts

IUTAM Symposium on One Hundred Years of        Meier, G.E.A; Sreenivasan, K.R.   2006
Boundary Layer Research

IUTAM Symposium on Physicochemical and         Cowin, Stephen C.; Huyghe,        2005
Electromechanical Interactions in Porous Media J.M.; Raats, Peter A.C.

IUTAM Symposium on Size Effects on Material    Sun, Q. P.; Tong, P.              2006
and Structural Behavior at Micron- and Nano-

IUTAM Symposium on Topological Design          Bendsoe, Martin Philip; Olhoff,   2006
Optimization of Structures, Machines and       Niels; Sigmund, Ole

IUTAM Symposium on Vibration Control of        Günthner, W.; Ulbrich, H.         2005
Nonlinear Mechanisms and Structures

IV Latin American Congress on Biomedical       Müller-Karger, Carmen; Wong,      2008
Engineering 2007, Bioengineering Solutions for Sara; Cruz, Alexandra
Latin America Health

IWNMS 2004                                     Lieb, K.-P.; Somayajulu, D.R.S.   2005

Jacob Mincer                                   Grossbard, Shoshana               2006
Jacopo da Firenze’s Tractatus Algorismi and     Høyrup, Jens                       2007
Early Italian Abbacus Culture

Jahrbuch Entrepreneurship 2004                  Achleitner, Ann-Kristin; Klandt,   2005
                                                Heinz; Koch, Lambert T.; Voigt,
Jahrbuch Entrepreneurship 2005                  Achleitner, Ann-Kristin; Klandt,   2006
                                                Heinz; Koch, Lambert T.; Voigt,
Jahrbuch für Handlungs- und                     Bräuninger, Thomas; Behnke,        2006
Entscheidungstheorie                            Joachim

Jahrbuch für Soziologie-geschichte                                                 2007

Jahrbuch Jugendforschung                        Ittel, Angela; Merkens, Hans;      2006
                                                Zinnecker, Jürgen; Stecher,
Jahrbuch Medien-Pädagogik 6                     Sesink, Werner; Kerres,            2007
                                                Michael; Moser, Heinz
10 Jahre EU-Mitgliedschaft Österreichs          Hummer, Waldemar; Obwexer,         2006
5000 Jahre Geometrie                            Schreiber, P.; Scriba, C.J.        2005
6000 Jahre Mathematik                                                              2008
200 Jahre Psychiatrie an der Universität Leipzig Angermeyer, Matthias C.;          2005
                                                 Steinberg, Holger
Jahresabschluss nach Handelsrecht,               Heno, Rudolf                      2006
Steuerrecht und internationalen Standards

Jahresabschlussprüfung in Form eines Joint      Severus, Julia                     2008

Jähzorn                                         Itten, Theodor                     2007
Jamming, Yielding, and Irreversible             Miguel, M.Carmen; Rubi, J.M.       2006
Deformation in Condensed Matter

Das Janusgesicht des Ghettos und andere         Wacquant, Loïc                     2006

Der japanische Markt                            Bellmann, Klaus; Haak, René        2007
Japans Zukunftsindustrien                       Moerke, Andreas; Walke, Anja       2007

Java 6 Platform Revealed                        Zukowski, John                     2006

Java als erste Programmiersprache               Heinisch, Cornelia; Goll,          2007
                                                Joachim; Mⁿller-Hofmann,
Java for Bioinformatics and Biomedical          Bal, Harshawardhan; Hujol,         2007
Applications                                    Johnny
Java Methods for Financial Engineering           Barker, Philip                     2007

Java unter Lotus Domino                          Ekert, Thomas                      2006
Java-Grundkurs für Wirtschaftsinformatiker       Deck, Klaus-Georg; Neuendorf,      2007
Java-Intensivkurs                                Block, Marco                       2007
JDBC Metadata, MySQL, and Oracle Recipes         Parsian, Mahmoud                   2006

JDBC Recipes                                     Parsian, Mahmoud                   2005
JDF                                              Grell, Martin; Kühn, Wolfgang      2005
Jenseits der Expertenkultur                                                         2007

Jenseits der Nanowelt                            Dosch, Hans G.                     2005
Jets from Young Stars                            Ferreira, J.; Dougados, C.;        2007
                                                 Whelan, E.
Jets from Young Stars                            Bacciotti, Francesca; Testi,       2008
                                                 Leonardo; Whelan, Emma
Job Scheduling Strategies for Parallel           Frachtenberg, Eitan;               2007
Processing                                       Schwiegelshohn, Uwe

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Processing (vol. # 3277)                         Schwiegelshohn, Uwe

Job Scheduling Strategies for Parallel           Feitelson, Dror; Frachtenberg,     2005
Processing (vol. # 3834)                         Eitan; Rudolph, Larry;
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John Dee: Interdisciplinary Studies in English   Clucas, Stephen                    2006
Renaissance Thought

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                                                 King, Roger B.; McLeod,
                                                 Dennis; Orlowska, Maria E.;
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Journal on Data Semantics IV                     Spaccapietra, Stefano              2005

Journal on Data Semantics V                      Atzeni, Paolo; Catarci, Tiziana;   2006
                                                 Chu, Wesley W.; Spaccapietra,
                                                 Stefano; Sycara, Katia P.

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Journal on Data Semantics VII                    Spaccapietra, Stefano              2006

Journal on Data Semantics X                                                         2008
Journal on Data Semantics IX                     Spaccapietra, Stefano; Atzeni,    2007
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Journalismus und Medien als Organisationen       Altmeppen, Klaus-Dieter           2006

Journeys to a Graveyard                      Offord, Derek                         2005
The Joy of Science                           Lockshin, Richard A.                  2008
Jugend und Jugendkulturen im 21. Jahrhundert Ferchhoff, Wilfried                   2007

Jugend und Politik: „Voll normal!―               Roller, Edeltraud;                2006
                                                 Brettschneider, Frank; Deth,
                                                 Jan W
Jugendhilfe Zwischen Qualität und                Messmer, Heinz                    2007

Jugendkultur und Politisierung                   Pfaff, Nicolle                    2006

Der jugendliche Einstein und Aarau               Hunziker, Herbert                 2005

Jugendmedizin                                    Stier, B.; Weissenrieder, N.      2006
Jugendstrafrecht                                 Baier, Helmut; Laubenthal,        2006
Julie Snow Architects                                                              2005
Jupiter and How to Observe It                    McAnally, John                    2008

Jurisdiction of the Coastal State over Foreign   Yang, Haijiang                    2006
Merchant Ships in Internal Waters and the
Territorial Sea

Jurisdiktionskonflikte in Mehrebenensystemen                                       2008
Just-in-Time Scheduling                          Jozefowska, Joanna              2007

Die Küche                                        Spechtenhauser, Klaus           2006
The Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Anthropology,                                   2008
Human Heredity, and Eugenics, 1927¿1945

Kalkulation und Preisbildung in                  Girmscheid, Gerhard; Motzko,    2007
Bauunternehmen                                   Christoph

Kanban-Controlled Manufacturing Systems          Krieg, Georg                    2005

Kapazitierte stochastisch-dynamische Facility-   Maßmann, Matthias               2006

Der Kapitalisierungszinssatz bei der             Metz, Volker                    2007

Kapitalmarkt, Unternehmensfinanzierung und       Kürsten, Wolfgang; Nietert,     2006
rationale Entscheidungen                         Bernhard

Kapitalmarktorientierte Sicherheitsäquivalente                                   2006

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Handbuch diagnostische Radiologie                Hahn, D.                        2007

Karl Schuhmann, Selected papers on               Leijenhorst, Cees;              2005
phenomenology                                    Steenbakkers, Piet

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                                                 Susanne; Kaczmarczyk,
Karriereplanung für Juristen                     Rottmann, Verena S.             2005

Karriereverläufe von Frauen und Männern in       Borutta, Manfred; Giesler,      2006
der Altenpflege                                  Christiane

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                                                 Schäfer, Guido
Käuferverhalten                                  Foscht, Thomas; Swoboda,        2007
Kaufmännisches Rechnen                           Hischer, Johannes; Tiedtke,     2007
                                                 Jürgen; Warncke, Horst
Kausalmodellierung mit Partial Least Squares                                     2007
Keine Angst vor Mathe                          Poguntke, Werner                  2006
Keine Panik vor Mechanik!                      Romberg, Oliver; Hinrichs,        2006
Keine Panik vor Thermodynamik!                 Labuhn, Dirk; Romberg, Oliver     2008

Keine Panik vor Thermodynamik!                 Labuhn, Dirk; Romberg, Oliver     2006

Keller                                         Kolbitsch, Andreas; Pech, Anton   2006

Ken Smith Landscape Architect                                                    2006

Kengo Kuma                                     Bognar, Botond                    2005
Kennzahlen für die Personalentwicklung         Schneyder, Wolfram                2007

Keramik                                        Salmang, Hermann; Scholze,        2007
Kernel Based Algorithms for Mining Huge Data   Huang, Te-Ming; Kecman,           2006
Sets                                           Vojislav; Kopriva, Ivica

Kernphysik                                     Bethge, Klaus; Walter, Gertrud;   2008
                                               Wiedemann, Bernhard

Key Account Management erfolgreich planen      Biesel, Hartmut H                 2007
und umsetzen

Key Account Management in Business-to-         Wengler, Stefan                   2006
Business Markets

Key Aspects of German Business Law             Buecker, Bernard John;            2006
                                               Tremml, Bernd; Wendler,
Key Clinical Trials in Erectile Dysfunction    Carson, Culley C.                 2007

Keynesianische Makroökonomik                   Flaschel, Peter; Proano,          2008
                                               Christian; Groh, Gangolf
KI 2005: Advances in Artificial Intelligence   Furbach, Ulrich                   2005

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                                               Michael; Schill, Kerstin
KI 2007: Advances in Artificial Intelligence   Hertzberg, Joachim; Beetz,        2007
                                               Michael; Englert, Roman
Kieferorthopädische Apparaturen                Grohmann, Ulrike                  2005

Killer Cell Dynamics                           Wodarz, Dominik                   2007
Killer Lymphocytes                             Berke, Gideon; Clark, William     2005
Kinder und Jugendliche mit Diabetes            Hürter, Peter; Lange, Karin       2005

Kinderheilkunde und Jugendmedizin              Koletzko, Berthold                2007

Kinder und Politik                                                               2007
Kinder, Kindheiten, Konstruktionen              Andresen, Sabine; Diehm,         2006
Der Kindergarten als Bildungsinstitution                                         2007

Kindergeld                                      Jahn, Ralph                      2007
Kindernotfälle im Rettungsdienst                Flake, Frank; Scheinichen,       2007
Kindernotfälle im Rettungsdienst                Flake, Frank; Scheinichen,       2005
Kinderorthopädie in der Praxis                  Hefti, Fritz                     2006

Kinderreiche Familien                           Eggen, Bernd; Rupp, Marina       2006
Kindertraumatologie                             Marzi, Ingo                      2006
Kinderunfälle                                   Schlag, Bernhard; Richter,       2006
                                                Susann; Zwipp, Hans;
                                                Roesner, Dietmar
Kinderwelten und institutionelle Arrangements                                    2006

Kinderwunschsprechstunde                        Ludwig, M.                       2007

Kinderwunschsprechstunde                        Ludwig, Michael                  2005

Kindliches Rheuma                               Huemer, Christian; Kaulfersch,   2008
Kindling 6                                      Corcoran, Michael E.; Moshé,     2005
                                                Solomon L.
Kinematics and Dynamics of Multibody                                             2008
Systems with Imperfect Joints

Kinetics of Catalytic Reactions                 Vannice, M. Albert               2005

Kinetics of Water-Rock Interaction              Brantley, Susan L; Kubicki,      2008
                                                James D; White, Art F
Kinship and Demographic Behavior in the Past                                     2008

Das kirchliche Vermögen, seine Verwaltung       Pree, Helmuth; Primetshofer,     2007
und Vertretung                                  Bruno

Kisha-Club-System und Informationsfreiheit      Engesser, Sven                   2007

Klassen, Schichten, Mobilität                                                    2008

Klassenrat als interaktive Praxis               Boer, Heike                      2006

Klassifikation maligner Tumoren der weiblichen Baltzer, J.; Löning, T.;          2005
Genitalorgane                                  Riethdorf, L.; Sinn, H.P.;
                                               Wagner, G.
Klassifikation maligner Tumoren des          Neuhaus, P.; Wittekind, C.;          2007
Gastrointestinaltrakts II                    Klimpfinger, M.; Hermanek, P.;
                                             Büchler, M.
Klassiker der Pädagogik                      Dollinger, Bernd                     2006
Klassiker der Verbändeforschung              Sebaldt, Martin; Straßner,           2006
Klausurentraining Allgemeine BWL/ VWL für    Werner, Hans Andreas                 2008

Klausurtraining Bauphysik                    Lübbe, Eva                           2007

Kleben                                       Habenicht, Gerd                      2006
Kleben — erfolgreich und fehlerfrei          Habenicht, Gerd                      2006

Kleine Arzneimittellehre für Fachberufe im   Plötz, Hermann                       2007

Kleine Kulturgeschichte der Haut             Jung, Ernst G.                       2007

Eine kleine Nachtphysik                      Rößler, Wolfgang                     2007
Klimawandel und Küste                        Schirmer, Michael; Schuchardt,       2005
Klinische Endokrinologie für Frauenärzte     Leidenberger, Freimut;               2005
                                             Ortmann, Olaf; Strowitzki,
Klinische Ethik                              Hick, Christian                      2007
Klinische Kardiologie                        Erdmann, Erland                      2006
Klinische Kinderkardiologie                  Schumacher, Gebhard; Hess,           2008
                                             John; Bühlmeyer, Konrad

Klinische Neuroendokrinologie                Werder, Klaus von                    2005

Klinische Neurologie                         Berlit, Peter                        2006
Klinische Neuropsychologie                   Fertl, Elisabeth; Kryspin-Exner,     2006
                                             Ilse; Lehrner, Johann;
                                             Pusswald, Gisela; Strubreither,
Die klinische Prüfung in der Medizin         Deutsch, Erwin; Schreiber,           2005
                                             Hans-Ludwig; Spickhoff,
                                             Andreas; Taupitz, Jochen
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                                             Imhoff, Andreas B.
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Knochenkrankheiten                           Adler, Claus-Peter                   2005
Knowing Art                                  Kieran, Matthew; McIver Lopes,       2006
Knowing, Knowledge and Beliefs                    Khine, Myint Swe                   2008

Knowledge Acquisition in Practice                 Milton, N.R.                       2007

The Knowledge Ahead Approach to Risk          Pope, Robin; Leitner,                  2007
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Knowledge and Information Visualization       Keller, Tanja; Tergan, Sigmar-         2005
Knowledge and Reality                         Crisp, Thomas M.; Davidson,            2006
                                              Matthew; Vander Laan, David
Knowledge and Skill Chains in Engineering and Arai, Eiji; Goossenaerts, Jan;         2005
Manufacturing                                 Kimura, Fumihiko; Shirase,
Knowledge Discovery and Emergent              Tuyls, Karl; Westra, Ronald;           2007
Complexity in Bioinformatics                  Saeys, Yvan; Nowé, Ann

Knowledge Discovery from Legal Databases          Stranieri, Andrew; Zeleznikow,     2005
Knowledge Discovery from XML Documents            Nayak, Richi; Zaki, Mohammed       2006
Knowledge Discovery in Databases: PKDD            Brazdil, Pavel; Camacho, Rui;      2005
2005                                              Gama, João; Jorge, Alípio;
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2006                                              Tobias; Spiliopoulou, Myra

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2007                                              Jacek; Lopez de Mantaras,
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Knowledge Discovery in Inductive Databases        Dţeroski, Sašo; Struyf, Jan        2007

Knowledge Discovery in Inductive Databases        Goethals, Bart; Siebes, Arno       2005
(vol. # 3377)
Knowledge Discovery in Inductive Databases        Bonchi, Francesco; Boulicaut,      2006
(vol. # 3933)                                     Jean-Francois
Knowledge Discovery in Life Science Literature    Berrar, Daniel; Bremer, Eric G.;   2006
                                                  Dubitzky, Werner; Hakenberg,
                                                  Jörg; Han, Eui-Hong Sam

Knowledge Enterprise: Intelligent Strategies in   Fang, Minglun; Kovacs, George      2006
Product Design, Manufacturing, and                L.; Wang, Kesheng; Wozny,
Management                                        Michael

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                                                  Jeroen; Schröder, Hans-Horst;
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Knowledge Management                           Davis, Joseph; Subrahmanian,     2005
                                               Eswaran; Westerberg, Art

Knowledge Management and Management            Baets, Walter R.J.               2005

Knowledge Management for Educational           Tatnall, Arthur; Okamoto,        2007
Innovation                                     Toshio; Visscher, Adrie

Knowledge Management for Health Care                                            2008

Knowledge Mining                               Sirmakessis, Spiros              2005
Knowledge Networks for Business Growth         Back, Andrea; Enkel, Ellen;      2007
                                               Krogh, Georg von
Knowledge Representation and the Semantics     Helbig, Hermann                  2006
of Natural Language

Knowledge Representation Techniques            Doherty, Patrick; Lukaszewicz,   2006
                                               Witold; Skowron, Andrzej;
                                               Szalas, Andrzej

Knowledge Science, Engineering and             Zhang, Zili; Siekmann, Jörg      2007

Knowledge Science, Engineering and             Lang, Jérôme; Lin, Fangzhen;     2006
Management                                     Wang, Ju

Knowledge Sharing in the Integrated Enterprise Bernus, Peter; Fox, Mark         2005

Knowledge-Based Intelligent Information and    Apolloni, Bruno; Howlett,        2007
Engineering Systems                            Robert J.; Jain, Lakhmi C.

Knowledge-Based Intelligent Information and    Apolloni, Bruno; Howlett,        2007
Engineering Systems                            Robert J.; Jain, Lakhmi C.

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Engineering Systems                            Robert J.; Jain, Lakhmi C.

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Engineering Systems (vol. # 3681)              Lakhmi C.; Khosla, Rajiv

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Engineering Systems (vol. # 3684)              Lakhmi C.; Khosla, Rajiv
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Engineering Systems (vol. # 3682)               Lakhmi C.; Khosla, Rajiv

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Engineering Systems (vol. # 3683)               Lakhmi C.; Khosla, Rajiv

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Engineering Systems (vol. # 4253)               Robert J.; Jain, Lakhmi C.

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Knowledge and Data Management in GRIDs          Talia, Domenico; Bilas,          2007
                                                Angelos; Dikaiakos, Marios D.

Kognitive Verhaltenstherapie bei Hypochondrie   Bleichhardt, Gaby; Weck,         2007
und Krankheitsangst                             Florian

Köhler/Rögnitz Maschinenteile 1                 Künne, Bernd                     2007

Köhler's Invention                              Eichmann, Klaus                  2005
Kolmogorov's Heritage in Mathematics            Charpentier, Eric; Nikolski,     2007
Kombinatorische Optimierung erleben             Hußmann, Stephan; Lutz-          2007
                                                Westphal, Brigitte
Kommentar ATV DIN 18350 und 18299               Franz, Rainer; Weißert,          2006
                                                Markus; Schwarz, Eugen
Kommentar zum Arzneimittelgesetz (AMG)          Deutsch, Erwin; Lippert, Hans-   2007

Kommentar zum Außerstreitgesetz                 Rechberger, Walter H.            2006

Kommentar zum Bundesvergabegesetz 2002          Aicher, Josef; Fruhmann,         2005
                                                Michael; Schramm, Johannes;
                                                Thienel, Rudolf
Kommentar zum Gleichbehandlungsgesetz           Rebhahn, Robert                  2005

Kommentar zum SMG                               Hinterhofer, Hubert; Rosbaud,    2006
Kommentar zum UVP-G                            Ennöckl, Daniel; Raschauer,     2006
Kommentar zur Musterberufsordnung der          Lippert, Hans-Dieter; Ratzel,   2006
deutschen Ärzte (MBO)                          Rudolf

Kommentar zur ZPO                           Rechberger, Walter H.              2006
Kommerzialisierung des menschlichen Körpers Taupitz, Jochen                    2007

Kommunale Daseinsvorsorge                      Segalla, Patrick                2006

Kommunale Konkordanz- und                                                      2008

Kommunalpolitik in Deutschland                                                 2007

Kommunalpolitik und Kommunalverwaltung         Bogumil, Jörg; Holtkamp, Lars   2006

Kommunikation - Erfolgsfaktor in der Medizin   Kutscher, Patric P.; Seßler,    2007

Kommunikation in Verteilten Systemen (KiVS)    Braun, Torsten; Carle, Georg;   2007
2007                                           Stiller, Burkhard

Kommunikation in Verteilten Systemen (KiVS)    Gotzhein, Reinhard; Müller,     2005
2005                                           Paul; Schmitt, Jens B.

Kommunikation von Unternehmertum               Schönenberger, Helmut           2006

Komorbidität Psychose und Sucht                Gouzoulis-Mayfrank,             2007
Kompaktwissen Gefäßchirurgie                   Luther, Bernd                   2007

Kompendium der Geburtshilfe für Hebammen       Steck, Thomas; Hertel,          2008
                                               Edeltraut; Morgenstern,
                                               Christel; Pachmann, Heike
Kompendium der Informationstechnologie         Brause, Rüdiger                 2005

Kompendium der Innovationsforschung            Blättel-Mink, Birgit            2006

Kompendium der Mediengestaltung für Digital-   Böhringer, Joachim; Bühler,     2006
und Printmedien                                Peter; Schlaich, Patrick

Kompendium der Pharmakologie                   Beubler, Eckhard                2007

Kompendium der Pharmakologie                   Beubler, Eckhard                2006

Kompendium der Psychiatrischen                 Benkert, Otto; Hippius, Hanns   2005
Kompendium der visuellen Information und    Alexander, Kerstin              2007

Kompendium der Web-Programmierung           Walter, Thomas                  2008

Kompendium der Immunologie                  Ferencik, Miroslav; Herold,     2006
                                            Manfred; Matha, Vladimir;
                                            Rovensky, Jozef
Kompendium Informationsdesign               Weber, Wibke                    2008

Kompendium Medieninformatik                 Schmitz, Roland                 2007

Kompendium Medieninformatik                 Schmitz, Roland; Kiefer,        2006
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Kompendium Öffentliches Wirtschaftsrecht    Schmidt, Reiner; Vollmöller,    2007

Kompendium pädiatrische Diabetologie        Hürter, Peter; Kordonouri,      2007
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Kompendium Physikalische Medizin und        Fialka-Moser, Veronika          2005

Kompendium Praktische Psychiatrie           Rothenhäusler, Hans-Bernd;      2007
                                            Täschner, Karl-Ludwig
Kompendium der Psychiatrischen              Benkert, Otto; Hippius, Hanns   2007

Das Erste                                   Priewe, Jesko; Tümmers,         2007
Kompetenz und Kompetenzerfassung            Kaufhold, Marisa                2006

Kompetenzen der Bildung für nachhaltige                                     2008

Kompetenzen für Supply Chain Manager        Rudolph, Thomas; Drenth,        2007
                                            Randy; Meise, Niklas
Kompetenzorientierte Laufbahnberatung       Lang-von Wins, Thomas;          2006
                                            Triebel, Claas
Kompetenzorientiertes Management            Buhmann, Michael                2006
multinationaler Unternehmen

Komplexität in Organisationen               Bandte, Henning                 2007

Komplikationen gibt es nicht - oder doch?   Winter, Thomas                  2007

Komplikationen in der Urologie 2            Langen, P.-H.; Steffens, J.     2005

Konflikt                                    Pfetsch, Frank R.               2005
Konflikt als Motor europäischer Öffentlichkeit   Berkel, Barbara                    2006

Konfliktarbeit                                   Herrmann, Franz                    2006
Konflikte innerhalb von                          Jehle, Nadja                       2007

Konflikte und Synergien in multikulturellen                                         2008

Konglomeratsabschlag und                         Funke, Andreas                     2006

Konnektivität, Netzwerk und Fluss                Hepp, Andreas; Moores,             2006
                                                 Shaun; Winter, Carsten; Krotz,
Konstruieren mit Faser-Kunststoff-Verbunden      Schürmann, Helmut                  2007

Konstruieren mit Faser-Kunststoff-Verbunden      Schürmann, Helmut                  2005

Konstruieren sicherheitsgerechter Produkte       Neudörfer, Alfred                  2005

Konstruieren von Pkw-Karosserien                 Grabner, Jörg; Nothhaft,           2006
Die Konstruktion des Alters                      Saake, Irmhild                     2006
Konstruktionselemente des Maschinenbaus 1        Albers, Albert; Feldhusen, Jörg;   2008
                                                 Leidich, Erhard; Sauer, Bernd;
                                                 Steinhilper, Waldemar; Sauer,
                                                 Bernd; Deters, Ludger; Linke,
                                                 Heinz; Wallaschek, Jörg; Poll,

Konstruktionselemente des Maschinenbaus 1        Sauer, B.; Steinhilper, W.         2005

Konstruktionselemente des Maschinenbaus 2                                           2008

Konstruktionselemente des Maschinenbaus 2        Sauer, Bernd; Steinhilper,         2006
Pahl                                             Pahl, Gerhard; Beitz, Wolfgang;    2007
                                                 Feldhusen, Jörg ; Grote, K.-H.

Konsum, Dividenden und Aktienmarkt               Seiler, Yvonne                     2006

Konsumentenverhalten in ereignisinduzierten      Weißgerber, Anja                   2007

Kontrolle des Sponsorings                        Marwitz, Christian                 2006
Kontrolle von Beteiligungen als Aufgabe des     Eckey, Markus                      2006

Konvergenz von internem und externem            Schaier, Sven                      2007

Konzept zur Entwicklung integrierter Beratung   Handler, Gregor                    2007

Konzepte der statistischen Signalverarbeitung   Köhler, Bert-Uwe                   2005

Konzepte für das Service Engineering            Herrmann, Thomas; Kleinbeck,       2005
                                                Uwe; Krcmar, Helmut

Konzepte siliziumbasierter MOS-Bauelemente      Schulze, Jörg                      2005

Konzepte und Methoden von                       Mardorf, Silke                     2006

Konzeption und Einführung von MES -             Kletti, Jürgen                     2007

Konzernabschlüsse                               Colbe, Walther Busse;              2006
                                                Ordelheide, Dieter; Gebhardt,
                                                Günther; Pellens, Bernhard
Konzernsteuerrecht                              Herkenroth, Klaus; Wiedenfels,     2008
                                                Matthias; Pache, Sven; Hein,
                                                Oliver; Labermeier, Alexander;
                                                Striegel, Andreas

Unfallursachenforschung                         Seifert, Julia; Ekkernkamp, Axel   2006

Kooperation und Konkurrenz                      Schreyögg, Georg; Sydow, Jörg      2007

Kooperation von Controllerbereich und           Birl, Holger                       2007

Kooperation von Controllerbereich und           Knollmann, Ramon                   2007

Kooperationsfähigkeiten im Marketing            Schögel, Marcus                    2006

Kooperative Kreativität                         Sonnenburg, Stephan                2007
Kooperative Umweltpolitik und nachhaltige       Koch, Lars; Monßen, Melanie        2006
Kooperatives Customer Relationship                Geib, Malte                      2006

Koordination in Advanced Planning and             Betge, David                     2006

Koordination von Innovationsprojekten             Lühring, Norbert                 2006

Koordination von Marketing und Vertrieb           Haase, Kerstin                   2006

Koordinationsinstrumente in virtuellen            Borchardt, Andreas               2006

Korruption im öffentlichen Raum                   Nell, Verena; Schwitzgebel,      2006
                                                  Gottfried; Vollet, Matthias
Kosten- und Erlösrechnung                         Lingnau, Volker; Schmitz, Hans   2005

Kosten- und Erlösrechnung                         Hoitsch, Hans-Jörg; Lingnau,     2007
Kostengünstig Entwickeln und Konstruieren         Ehrlenspiel, Klaus; Kiewert,     2007
                                                  Alfons; Lindemann, Udo

Kostengünstig Entwickeln und Konstruieren         Ehrlenspiel, Klaus; Lindemann,   2005

Kraft-Wärme-Kopplung                          Schaumann, Gunter; Schmitz,          2005
                                              Karl W.
Kraftwerkstechnik                             Strauß, Karl                         2006
Kramers-Kronig Relations in Optical Materials Lucarini, Valerio; Peiponen, Kai-    2005
Research                                      Erik; Saarinen, Jarkko J.;
                                              Vartiainen, Erik M.
Krankenhausmärkte zwischen Regulierung und Bruckenberger, Ernst; Klaue,            2006
Wettbewerb                                    Siegfried; Schwintowski, Hans-
Kreativ managen                               Winkelhofer, Georg                   2006
Kreditderivate und Kreditrisikomodelle        Martin, Marcus R W; Reitz,           2006
                                              Stefan; Wehn, Carsten S
Kreditprüfung bei Bauunternehmen              Stuhr, Constanze                     2007

Kreditrisikohandel, Basel II und interne Märkte   Klement, Jochen                  2007
in Banken

Kreditrisikomessung                               Bluhm, Christian; Fahrmeir,      2006
                                                  Ludwig; Henking, Andreas
Kreditrisikotransfer                              Rudolph, Bernd; Hofmann,         2007
                                                  Bernd; Schaber, Albert;
                                                  Schäfer, Klaus
Kreuzzug gegen Fette                                                               2008
Der Krieg als autopoietisches System              Matuszek, Krzysztof C            2007

Kriminalitätsvorstellungen in der Kindheit                                         2008
Kriminologie im 21. Jahrhundert                  Liebl, Karlhans                   2007

Krise und Zukunft des Sozialstaates              Butterwegge, Christoph            2006

Krisen vermeiden in IT Projekten                 Marti, Alexander; Schneider,      2006
Krisengeschöpfe                                  Pilz, Dirk                        2007
Krisen-PR im Internet                            Köhler, Tanja                     2006
Kristian Birkeland                               Burke, William J.; Egeland, Alv   2005

Kriterien zur Ressourcensteuerung an                                               2008

Kryptologie                                      Beutelspacher, Albrecht           2007
3rd Kuala Lumpur International Conference on     Ibrahim, F.; Abu Osman, N.A.;     2007
Biomedical Engineering 2006                      Usman, J.; Kadri, N.A.

Kühlwasserbehandlung                             Aquaprox,                         2007
Kultur des Eigentums                             Schwäbisch Hall-Stiftung,         2006
Die Kultur und ihre Narrative                    Müller-Funk, Wolfgang             2007
Kultur. Theorien der Gegenwart                   Moebius, Stephan; Quadflieg,      2006
Kulturbetriebslehre                              Zembylas, Tasos                   2006
Kulturelle Einstellungen leitender Mitarbeiter   Glogner, Patrick                  2006
kommunaler Kulturverwaltungen

Kulturmanagement und Unternehmenserfolg          Sun, Hai                          2006

Kulturökonomik                                   Gottschalk, Ingrid                2006
Kulturpolitik                                    Fuchs, Max                        2007
Kulturstandards im deutsch-franz÷sischen         Jahn, Judith                      2006

Der Kunde als Innovationspartner                 Reichwald, Ralf; Engelmann,       2007
                                                 Marc; Meyer, Anton; Walcher,
Kundenberatung                                                                     2006
Kundenbeziehungsmanagement für interne IT-       Dous, Malte                       2007

Kundenbindung durch spezifische Investitionen Linke, Ralf                          2006

Kundenbindung im                                 Nießing, Jörg                     2006

Kundenbindung in vertikalen Kontrakt-            Bodensteiner, Klaus               2006
Kundenbindungsmanagement und                 Lehr, Daniela                    2006

Kundenbindungsstrategien für Business-to-    Bagusat, Ariane                  2006

Kundenintegration in den                     Büttgen, Marion                  2007

Kundenloyalität durch Kundenvorteile         Conze, Oliver                    2007

Kundenorientierte Kommunikation              Seidel, Alina                    2007

Kundenorientierte Unternehmensführung        Hinterhuber, Hans H; Matzler,    2006
Kundenorientierung bei hochgradigen          Steinhoff, Fee                   2006

Kundenorientierung im Kulturbetrieb          Hausmann, Andrea; Helm,          2006
Kunden-werben-Kunden-Kampagnen               Nießing, Daniel                  2007

Kundenwert                                   Günter, Bernd; Helm, Sabrina     2006
Kundenwert aus Kundensicht                   Wachter, Nadine                  2006

Kundenwert aus Sicht von                     Friederichs-Schmidt, Silke       2006

Kundenwertbasierte Effizienzmessung          Schneider, Nadine C              2007

Kundenwertorientierte Unternehmenssteuerung Lissautzki, Marius                2008

Kundenzufriedenheit und Kundenbindung im     Festge, Fabian                   2006

Kunderbindung und Kunderwert                 Vogel, Verena; Olesch, Günter;   2007
                                             Ahlert, Dieter; Creusen, Utho;
                                             Ehrmann, Thomas

Die Kunst der Gestalttherapie                Amendt-Lyon, Nancy;              2006
                                             Spagnuolo Lobb, Margherita
Die Kunst zu überzeugen                      Thiele, Albert                   2006
Kunstmuseen und iher Besucher                Kohl, Manuela                    2006

Kunststoffe                                                                   2008
Kunststoffe für den Bautenschutz und die     Dimmig-Osburg, Andrea;           2006
Betoninstandsetzung                          Gieler, Rolf P.

Die Kunststoffe und ihre Eigenschaften       Elsner, Peter; Eyerer, Peter;    2005
                                             Hirth, Thomas
Kurt Gödel                                        Sigmund, Karl; Mühlberger,         2006
                                                  Kurt; Dawson, John
Kurt Naef - Der Spielzeugmacher                   Büren, Charles von                 2006

Kurzes Lehrbuch der Physik                        Klages, Gerhard; Stuart,           2006
                                                  Herbert A.
Kurzkommentar zum ABGB                            Koziol, Helmut; Bydlinski,         2007
                                                  Peter; Bollenberger, Raimund
Kurzkommentar zum ABGB                            Bollenberger, Raimund;             2005
                                                  Bydlinski, Peter; Koziol, Helmut

KYPHO - Training                                  Zeiske, Jürgen                     2007
La colografia virtuale con TC multistrato (CTC)   Caprotti, Andrea                   2005

La correspondance d'Henri Poincaré: sciences      Walter, Scott; Coret, André;       2007
physiques                                         Bolmont, Etienne

La disprassia in età evolutiva: criteri di        Sabbadini, Letizia                 2005
valutazione ed intervento

La gonarthrose                                    Bonnin, Michel; Chambat,           2006
La loi de la gravitation universelle Newton,      Schroeder, Prosper                 2007
Euler et Laplace

La lombalgie en 2007: aspects pratiques           Goussard, Jean-Claude;             2007
                                                  Bendaya, Samy
La marche de l'infirme moteur cérébral enfant     Bernard, Jean-Claude               2005
et adulte

La musica del Big Bang                            Balbi, Amedeo                      2007
La protesi di ginocchio di primo impianto         De Nicola, Ugo; Pace, Nicola       2005

La réanimation neurochirurgicale                  Bruder, Nicolas; Ravussin,         2007
                                                  Patrick; Bissonnette, Bruno
La riabilitazione dei disturbi cognitivi nella    Nocentini, Ugo; Di Vincenzo,       2007
sclerosi multipla                                 Sarah

La scuola dellÆatopia                             Gelmetti, Carlo                    2007
Lab-on-Chips for Cellomics                        Andersson, Helene; van den         2005
                                                  Berg, Albert
Practical Handbook of Laboratory Hemostasis       Bennett, Sterling T.; Lehman,      2007
for Pathologists                                  Christopher M.; Rodgers,
                                                  George M.
Labormedizin                                      Halwachs-Baumann, Gabriele         2006
LabVIEW based Advanced Instrumentation            Sumathi, S.; Surekha, P.           2007
LACAME 2004                                    Baggio-Saitovitch, E.; Cabral    2005
                                               Prieto, A.; Gancedo, J.R.;
                                               Mercader, R.C.
The Lace Expansion and its Applications        Picard, Jean                     2006

The Lacrimal System: Diagnosis, Management     Cohen, Adam J.; Mercandetti,     2006
& Surgery                                      Michael; Brazzo, Brian G.

Lagerungstechniken im Operationsbereich        Aschemann, Dirk; Krettek,        2005
Lagomorph Biology                              Hackländer, Klaus; Alves,        2008
                                               Paulo Celio; Ferrand, Nuno
Lagoons and Coastal Wetlands in the Global     Viaroli, P.,; Lasserre, P.;      2007
Change Context: Impact and Management          Campostrini, P.

Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Methods for         Bullo, Francesco; Fujimoto,      2007
Nonlinear Control 2006                         Kenji

Lagrangian Probability Distributions           Consul, Prem C.; Famoye, Felix   2006

Lagrangian Transport in Geophysical Jets and   Samelson, R.M.; Wiggins, S.      2006

Lake Verevi, Estonia - A Highly Stratified     Kõiv, Toomas; Ott, Ingmar        2005
Hypertrophic Lake

Lake Victoria                                  Awange, Joseph L.; Ong'ang'a,    2006
Lamto                                          Abbadie, Luc; Gignoux,           2006
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Land Use and Soil Resources                    Braimoh, Ademola K.; Vlek,       2008
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Landespolitik in Deutschland                   Schneider, Herbert; Wehling,     2006
Landscape Amenities                            Van Huylenbroeck, Guido;