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					HEAnet Dark Fibre Update

          Workshop on
Customer Empowered Fibre Networks

      Prague, May 16th, 2004
           Eoin Kenny
Brief Overview
   Timescale of fibre work to date
   Dublin metro network
   Regional metro network
   National fibre network
   International/cross border fibre projects
   Out sourcing
   Provisioning tool
   New possibilities with fibre!
A bit of History
Year 1 2003 – 2004
       First steps – ask clients for requirements
       Talking to international peers
       Defining requirements
   Year 2 2004 – 2005
       Test links
       Select technology (tender)
       Test services
   Year 3 2005 +
       Extend network
       Launch service for clients
       Out source the management of layer 1 and 2
       New possibilities – Research/Technical/Tools
2003 First HEAnet Fibre
 HEAnet’s first metro fibre pair was in
  New York! 20th of November 2003.
 12Km in Manhattan from NYSERnet
  connecting 32AoA with 60 Hudson St
 Annual Lease – $3.1/€2.4 per metre
 Will end Nov 2005
2004 First Irish Fibre Lit
   25th of March 2004 First HEAnet Irish fibre pair
    lit at 2.5Gbit/s from DCU to Inflow (HEAnet PoP).
    Now upgraded to 10Gbit/s.
   10 more point to point fibre links added since.
   HEAnet’s first 10GE link delivered 2nd of
    November 2004, 4 more added since.
   Equipment currently used
       10GE directly onto fibre no WDM
       nx1GE directly onto fibre using CWDM add/drop muxes.
Fibre Map Dublin - 6 providers
Survey of Dublin fibre
Current Dublin Metro

                       Cisco 7606
Dublin Facts
   146 Km of fibre
   Average price per metre €1.22 per year
    including VAT – average is falling as
    more fibre is leased.
   5 year lease agreements
   Currently in “pre-operations”
   Mix of production/non-production traffic
   Currently providing 5 P2P GE links over
    our fibre network for clients and 6 GE
    point to point links for our own IP
    Regional Metro
 E-net awarded tender to operate the
  Government regional Metro networks in – June
 E-net contract is for 15 years. A private
 Phase 1 – 27 towns (ending completion)
 Phase 2 – 89 towns
 Very complicated method of calculating price.
  Based on % of the metro used and also on the
  number of Metro networks – ridiculous model!
 Pricing example:
       70% of metro – no discount for additional metros. Vat
       5 year lease €3.15 per year
Galway MAN fibre
National Fibre network
              LetterKenny   Derry


   Galway                             Dublin


National fibre pricing
   HEAnet has received a pair of fibres on the
    ESBT National network via an agreement with
    the Government. Due to the network receving
    public funding.
   Contract signed
   8 Year agreement
   HEAnet only pays 2% of commercial price per
    year for maintenance – approx €60k per annum
   Commercial price €2.54 per metre per year –
    annual lease
   20 Year IRU €13.5 per metre once off
National Fibre
   Fibre length 1300Km
   Not yet in production
   Contract for DWDM equipment finished
    awaiting signing – very soon
   Installation/Commissioning of equipmrnt
    this July/August
   Lighting one 10Gbit/s wavelength
   Scalable to 32x10Gbit/s – designed for
    4x10Gbit/s wavelengths
Cross border fibre
 An EU Interreg project is currenlty
  working on a cross border project
  between Letterkenny(Republic of Ireland)
  and Derry(Northern Ireland), to provide
  dark fibre between the 2 towns. HEAnet
  and local councils working togther.
  Expected completion September 2005.
 HEAnet may also avail of fibre from
  Dublin to Belfast. Fibre is available
Submarine fibre
 Tender to be announced shortly by
  Dante for dark fibre out of Ireland as part
  of GN2.
 3 Telcos have privatley said they are
  willing to discuss providing submarine
  fibre to HEAnet/GEANT2
 Will have to wait and see……….
Fibre topolgy 05/06
Multilayered Network
Out-sourcing L1/L2
   All fibres are leased with a support contract.
   Layer 2 – Ethernet/MPLS network currently
    managed by HEAnet.
   Tender started 2 weeks ago, looking for a
    company to manage our fibre contracts and to
    manage the layer 2 Ethernet/CWDM equipment.
   Out sourcing company will provide:
       P2P links to HEAnet IP Noc.
       FLEXIBILITY/Proper partner
       ability to listen to HEAnet
       provide national service (4+4, 24*365)
       Extend and build the network
Service/User provisioning
 Control plane, UCLP/CLI
 Working with i2Cat/Cisco on UCLP for
  Cisco equipment using MPLS and Vlan
 Grnet IP VPN tool modified by HEAnet to
  configure MPLS Layer 2 P2P circuits
 Grnet tool allows EWS (Ethernet wire
  service) and ERS (Ethernet relay service)
  circuit provisioning
Grnet config tool
Creating Circuits
Viewing configs
               2005 – Plan

   Extend the Dublin Metro network
   Commission 3 regional networks, Galway,
    Limerick and Cork
   Commission the National backbone
   Cross border - Commission the Letterkenny to
    Derry link
   Submarine fibre – possibly GN2 will avail of
    international fibre
New possibilities - 2005
   Provided first Wavelength to researchers
    between 2 Universities to enable tunable laser
   Tested 10GE Xenpak (1550nm) with CWDM
    mux/demux and 2.5Gbit/s wavelength at 1570nm
   Enabling the possibility of further optical
    research with OXC and UCLP and new control
   Possible international (submarine) fibre –
    connectivity to other fibre networks/testbeds

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