Adjutant-General Lt-Gen Thein Sein addresses opening of Tatmadaw

					                                                                                                                                                     Established 1914

       Volume XIV, Number 217                                    15th Waning of Tazaungmon 1368 ME                                       Sunday, 19 November, 2006

                Four political objectives                           Four economic objectives                                      Four social objectives
             * Stability of the State, community peace   * Development of agriculture as the base and all-round             * Uplift of the morale and morality of
                                                           development of other sectors of the economy as well                the entire nation
               and tranquillity, prevalence of law and
                                                         * Proper evolution of the market-oriented economic                 * Uplift of national prestige and integ-
                                                           system                                                             rity and preservation and safeguard-
             * National reconsolidation
                                                         * Development of the economy inviting participation in               ing of cultural heritage and national
             * Emergence of a new enduring State
                                                           terms of technical know-how and investments from                   character
                                                           sources inside the country and abroad                            * Uplift of dynamism of patriotic spirit
             * Building of a new modern developed
                                                         * The initiative to shape the national economy must be kept        * Uplift of health, fitness and education
               nation in accord with the new State         in the hands of the State and the national peoples
               Constitution                                                                                                   standards of the entire nation

              Adjutant-General Lt-Gen Thein Sein
                 addresses opening of Tatmadaw
               (Army, Navy and Air Force) Soccer
             YANGON, 18 Nov — A ceremony to open            tary officers, officials of the Ministry of Defence,
       the 45th Defence Services Commander-in-              Tatmadawmen and family members, members of                                   INSIDE
       Chief’s Trophy Tatmadaw (Army, Navy and Air          social organizations and guests.                                  Flying capability is of utmost
       Force) Soccer Tournament for 2006 was held at              First, Adjutant-General Lt-Gen Thein Sein,
                                                                                                                         importance for a pilot. Each and
       Youth Training Centre, here, at 3 pm today, with     on behalf of the Commander-in-Chief of Defence
                                                                                                                         every pilot is required to be healthy
       an address by Adjutant-General Lt-Gen Thein          Services, delivered an opening address.
                                                                                                                         and fit in order that he can fly his
       Sein, on behalf of the Commander-in-Chief of               Next, soccer teams marched past the Adju-
       Defence Services.                                    tant-General.
                                                                                                                         aircraft efficiently. Moreover, they
             Also present on the occasion were Lt-Gen             After the opening ceremony, Central Com-               are to try their utmost to be able
       Myint Swe and Maj-Gen Myint Hlaing of the            mand and Eastern Command met in the debut, and               to assess the air power, air defence
       Ministry of Defence, Commander of Yangon             Central Command beat Eastern Command 5-3.                    and communication networks.
       Command Brig-Gen Hla Htay Win, senior mili-                                                         MNA           PAGE 2                          PERSPECTIVES

             Adjutant-General Lt-Gen Thein Sein, on behalf of the Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services, delivers a speech at the opening of the 45th
                   Defence Services Commander-in-Chief's Trophy Tatmadaw (Army, Navy and Air Force) Soccer Tournament for 2006. — MNA

              Emergence of the State Constitution is the duty of all citizens of Myanmar Naing-Ngan.

19-11-06NL                      1                                                                     29/7/18, 7:20 PM
      2 THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Sunday, 19 November, 2006

              PERSPECTIVES                                                                     People’s Desire
                   Sunday, 19 November, 2006                     *   Oppose those relying on external elements, acting as stooges, holding negative views
                                                                 *   Oppose those trying to jeopardize stability of the State and progress of the nation
        Defend airspace of the nation                            *   Oppose foreign nations interfering in internal affairs of the State
        through flying capability                                *   Crush all internal and external destructive elements as the common enemy
               The Tatmadaw and the people are mak-
        ing concerted efforts for the emergence of a                 Commander, minister inspect roads and bridges
        peaceful, modern and developed discipline-
        flourishing democratic nation.
                                                                        on Myitkyina-Sumprabum-Putao Road
               A strong, capable and modern Tatmadaw                    YANGON, 18 Nov — Chairman of Kachin State             Kyainkharam bailey bridge at mile post No 21/0 and
        is being built for the new nation to see that the        Peace and Development Council Commander of                   preparations for upgrading of the bridge.
                                                                 Northern Command Maj-Gen Ohn Myint and Min-                         The commander and the minister also viewed
        territory, territorial waters and airspace of the
                                                                 ister for Construction Maj-Gen Saw Tun together              the condition of the road section of Myitkyina-
        nation will be well protected.                           with officials of Public Works inspected construc-           Sumprabum Road and maintenance tasks for roads
               At a time when efforts are being made             tion of roads and bridges along Myitkyina-                   and bridges in the rainy season. The minister gave
        for building a strong and modern Tatmadaw                Sumprabum-Putao Road in a motorcade on 15 No-                instructions on measures to be taken to complete the
        the government has been constantly producing             vember. They inspected maintenance of                        construction tasks in time to officials. — MNA
        pilots capable of flying advanced aircraft and
        helicopters. The graduation parade of Pilot               Presentation on production of bio-diesel held
        Training Course No 68 of No 1 Pilot Training                    NAY PYI TAW, 18
        School at Flying Training Base took place at             Nov — Presentation on
        the parade grounds of the training base in               Production of Bio-diesel,
                                                                 jointly sponsored by the
        Shande, Meiktila, on 17 November.
                                                                 Ministry of Energy and
               Flying capability is of utmost importance         Fritz Werner Co, was
        for a pilot. Each and every pilot is required to         explained at the hall of
        be healthy and fit in order that he can fly his          the Ministry of Energy,
        aircraft efficiently. Moreover, they are to try          here, on 16 November
        their utmost to be able to assess the air power,         evening.
                                                                        Also present on the
        air defence and communication networks.
                                                                 occasion were Deputy
               The graduate pilots are to continue fly-          Minister for Energy Brig-
        ing the different types of aircraft and helicop-         Gen Than Htay, Deputy
        ters to which they are assigned duties. And              Minister for Rail Trans-
        based on knowledge from the course and learn-            portation Thura U
        ing the experience of veteran pilots they are to         Thaung Lwin, Deputy           Deputy Minister for Energy Brig-Gen Than Htay speaks ceremony to
                                                                 Minister for Industry-2
        try hard to become skilled ones.                                                          explain Presentation on Production of Biodiesel. — ENERGY
                                                                 Lt-Col Khin Maung
               This being so, the graduate pilots are to
                                                                 Kyaw, officials of the       ogy and the Ministry of         of Fritz Werner Co gave     the questions raised by
        continue defending the airspace of the nation            Ministry of Energy, the      Commerce.                       speeches. Prof Klaus        those present.
        as good pilots on whom the State can rely while          Ministry of Rail Trans-            At the ceremony,          Becker of Hohenheim                The Deputy Minis-
        striving to be endowed with the capability that          portation, the Ministry of   Deputy Minister Brig-           University of Germany       ter for Energy gave the
        a pilot should possess.                                  Industry-2, the Ministry     Gen Than Htay and Rep-          explained production of     concluding remarks.
                                                                 of Science and Technol-      resentative Mr B Bieger         bio-diesel and replied to                      MNA

                                                                     National Karatedo Championship commences
             Wellwishers invited to donate                              YANGON, 18 Nov — The National Karatedo                junior athletes demonstrated their skills.
              cash to sinking tubewells                          Championship, organized by Myanmar Karatedo Fed-
                                                                 eration, was opened at Aung San Gymnasium, here,
                                                                                                                                     Athletes took part in 16 women’s singles and
                                                                                                                              team Kata events, men’s singles and team Kata events,
             YANGON , 18 Nov —Development Affairs
                                                                 this morning.                                                women’s and men’s Kumite events. The final matches
         Committees under the Ministry of Progress of Border
                                                                        General Secretary of Myanma Olympic Com-              will be held tomorrow. — MNA
         Areas and National Races and Development Affairs
                                                                 mittee Director-General of Sports and Physical Edu-
         are carrying out tasks to supply sufficient drinking
                                                                 cation Department U Thaung Htaik gave an opening
         water to rural regions of States and Divisions where
         water is scare.
                                                                        After the opening ceremony, the director-gen-
             As tubewells are being sunk in the rural regions,
                                                                 eral accepted K 2.2 million donated for development
         wellwishers may contribute cash towards sinking
                                                                 of Karatedo sport in Myanmar by Managing Director
         tubewells—K 250,000 for a 2-inch-diameter and
                                                                 U Thet Khaing of Sports (a) One Nike Centre; K
         200-foot-deep tubewell, K 500,000 for a 2-inch-
                                                                 400,000 by Director Major Thant Zin (Retd) of Thukha
         diameter and 400-foot-deep tubewell, and K 500,000
                                                                 Gabar Co Ltd; K 300,000 by Managing Director U
         for a 4-inch-diameter nd 200-foot-deep tubewell.
                                                                 Zaw Min of Mingalar Co Ltd; K 300,000 by Managing
             Those wishing to donate cash to sinking
                                                                 Director U Min Zeyar Hlaing of Millennium Group; K
         tubewells may contact the Director-General, Tel:
                                                                 200,000 by Managing Director U Khin Htwe of Met-
         067-409026; the Deputy Director-General, Tel: 067-
                                                                 ropolitan Industry Co Ltd; and K 100,000 by Chief
         409362; the Deputy Director-General (Engineer),
                                                                 Editor U Maung Maung Myint Aye of Yaungbyan
         Tel: 01-291967; the Director (Finance), Tel: 067-
                                                                 Magazine. President of MKF Dr Win Zaw presented
         409407; the Director (Sagaing Division DAC), Tel:
                                                                 K 50,000 to Mingala Taungnyunt Basic Education
         071-22760; the Director (Magway Division DAC),
                                                                 High School No 3 and BEHS No 4 that contributed to           Director-General U Thaung Htaik accepts K 2.2
         Tel: 063-23164; and the Director (Mandalay
                                                                 the opening ceremony of the competition.                      million donated by Managing Director U Thet
         Division DAC), Tel: 02-54657. — MNA
                                                                        Next, Myanmar selected Karatedo players and            Khaing of Sports (a) One Nike Centre.—MKF

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                                                                                                      THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Sunday, 19 November, 2006 3

        Chinese, Vietnamese leaders agree                                                                                                   Tut\kun\N˙s\S tiu;®mHc\.Âk

             to further promote ties
          H ANOI , 17 Nov —                                                                           tion, and its support for
      Chinese and Vietnamese                                                                          Vietnam as the host of the
      top leaders agreed here                                                                         APEC (Asia-Pacific Eco-
      Thursday to comprehen-                                                                          nomic Cooperation) Eco-
      sively promote bilateral ties                                                                   nomic Leaders’ Meeting.
      while adhering to the                                                                                   Hu voiced his
      principles of long-term                                                                         satisfaction with the
      stability, future-orientation,                                                                  development of bilateral
      good neighbourly friend-                                                                        relations and cooperation,
      ship        and       overall                                                                   and Manh expressed the
      cooperation.                                                                                    Vietnamese side’s pleasure
          Hu Jintao, General                                                                          at the extensive and in-depth
      Secretary of the Central                                                                        development of bilateral
      Committee          of      the                                                                  cooperation in such fields           A few squares of dark chocolate a day could cut
                                       China's President Hu Jintao (L) speaks with Vietnam's                                               your risk of heart attack, said US scientists in a
      Communist Party of China         Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung (R) during their                as politics, economy, trade,
      (CPC) and Chinese                                                                               culture, education, youth              study on Thursday 16 Nov , 2006.—XINHUA
                                       meeting at the Government Office in Hanoi, on 17
      President, held talks here
      Thursday afternoon with
                                       Nov, 2006. Hu is attending the Asia-Pacific Economic
                                       Cooperation (APEC) summit in Vietnam.—INTERNET
                                                                                                      exchanges, science and
                                                                                                      technology. Hu stressed that
                                                                                                                                            British, Swedish climbers
      General Secretary of the
      Central Committee of the         countries, as well as major    will build the country into a
                                                                                                      the Chinese side places
                                                                                                      much importance on
                                                                                                                                            missing in Nepal avalanche
      Communist Party of               international and regional     modern             socialist    bilateral relations and will           KATHMANDU, 17 Nov—               The men were sleeping
      Vietnam (CPV) Nong Duc           issues of common concern.      industrialized one at an        work with the Vietnamese           Three foreign climbers and      at a camp on the 6,812-
      Manh and President                    Hu spoke highly of        early date.                     side to further promote their      their sherpa guides are         metre (22,349 feet) Ama
      Nguyen Minh Triet.               Vietnam’s achievements              Manh said Hu’s visit       relations.                         missing after being hit by      Dablam Mountain — 130
          They exchanged in-           made by the Vietnamese         demonstrates the Chinese             He made a four-point          an avalanche while trying       kilometres (80 miles) east
      depth views during the talks     people under the CPV’s         side’s great attention paid     proposal for the further           to scale a Himalayan peak       of the capital, Kathmandu
      on relations between the         leadership and said he hoped   to bilateral good neighbour-    development of bilateral           in eastern Nepal, an official   — on Monday at the time,
      two parties and the two          that the Vietnamese people     ly friendship and coopera-      relations.—MNA/Xinhua              said on Wednesday.              Lok Bahadur Khatri, a
                                                                                                                                                                         Tourism Ministry official,
                                                                      Disaster management officials say                                                                  told Reuters.
                                                                                                                                                                              "The avalanche hit the
                                                                                                                                                                         camp around midnight,"
                                                                         no tsunami threat to India                                                                      Khatri said, adding that a
                                                                          NEW DELHI, 17 Nov — There is no threat of tsunami hitting the Indian coast                     helicopter had been sent to
                                                                      following a massive earthquake in Japan this evening, disaster management                          the area near Mount Everest
                                                                      officials said.                                                                                    to look for the climbers.
                                                                          The US Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre issued a tsunami warning for Japan                       "The pilots said they could
                                                                      and Russia after a 8.1 magnitude earthquake struck the Kuril Islands near north                    only see something like
                                                                      Japan.                                                                                             shoes or clothes from the
                                                                          “There is no threat of tsunami hitting Indian coasts,” a disaster management                   air but found no trace of the
                                                                      official said.                                                                                     climbers." He identified
                                                                         A pair of small waves hit about 40 centimetres high hit the northernmost island                 the climbers as Briton
         Colombian pop singer Shakira performs during                                                                                                                    Duncan Williams, 32, and
          her concert in Barranquilla, on 15 Nov, 2006.               of Hokkaido Wednesday evening.
                                                                         The Japan Meteorological Agency had forecast waves upto two metres high in                      Swedes Daniel Carlsson,
          Shakira will give three concerts in Colombia                                                                                                                   27, and Mikael Forsberg,
          during her “Oral Fixation” tour.—INTERNET                   the aftermath of the earthquake.— MNA/PTI
                                                                                                                                                                         41.— MNA/Reuters

                At least nine killed in
                 N Carolina storm
              WASHINGTON, 17 Nov — At least           were on the scene, and dogs were
         nine people were killed Thursday after       searching for people who still might be
         a tornado ripped through a trailer park in   trapped in the rubble.
         a small town in the southeastern US              CNN Meteorologist Chad Myers said
         state of North Carolina, US media            it appeared the tornado touched down
         reported.                                    on the western side of Columbus County
              Several mobile homes were               sometime after 6 a.m. local time and
         demolished and others were torn off          "was on the ground for some time".
         their foundations by the high winds in           The same storm system tore through
         the town west of Wilmington, in the          other Southern states on Wednesday,
         southeast of the state, CNN reported,        slightly injuring two children when the
         quoting a local sheriff.                     building housing a skating rink in
             Several people were injured and crews    Montgomery, Alabama, collapsed, the
         were searching for people who had been       report said.
         reported missing, a spokeswoman for the          Thousands of homes and businesses This photo shows a home destroyed by the tornado in Riegelwood, NC , on 16
         Columbus County Emergency Services           were left without power in the storm, Nov, 2006.The tornado flipped cars, shredded trees and ripped mobile homes
         was quoted as saying.                        the Associate Press reported.           to pieces in this little riverside community early Thursday, killing at least mine
             As many as 200 emergency personnel                                  MNA/Xinhua                           people, authorities said. —INTERNET

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      4 THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Sunday, 19 November, 2006

             China, Japan to jointly study                                                                          sk\mOs∑m\;Aa;eKt\ek¥a\lWa;
                                                                                                                     Tut\kun\N˙s\S tiu;®mHc\.Âk
               history of bilateral ties
         HANOI, 17 Nov— China and Japan Thursday agreed to hold the first
      academic meeting on joint study of Sino-Japanese history by the end of this year.
         The announcement of the Asia-Pacific Eco- will create a committee
      was made when Chinese nomic           Cooperation composed of 10 scholars
      Foreign Minister Li (APEC) ministerial meet- to jointly study the
      Zhaoxing met with his ing.                            ancient, modern and
      Japanese counterpart         The two governments contemporary history of
      Taro Aso on the sidelines agreed that each country S i n o - J a p a n e s e r e l a -
                                                                The study, to be jointly
                                                            conducted by the Chinese
                                                            Academy of Social
                                                            Sciences and Japan’s
                                                            institute on international
                                                            affairs, is aimed at looking
                                                            at their history objectively
                                                            and enhancing mutual
                                                                 They also agreed to                   India's Prime Minister
                                                            carry out the study in line                Manmohan Singh (R)                     Malaysian PM stresses
                                                                                                       speaks with Russia’s
                                                            with the principles of
                                                            the Sino-Japanese Joint                    Foreign Minister                     importance of national unity
                                                                                                       Sergei Lavrov during                  K UALA L UMPUR, 17         and will cool heads. It should
                                                            Statement, the Sino-
                                                                                                       their meeting in New             Nov — Malaysian Prime           be done in a responsible
                                                            Japanese Treaty of Peace
                                                                                                       Delhi, on 17 Nov,                Minister and UMNO               manner ... Be aware that it is
                                                            and Friendship and the
                                                                                                       2006. Lavrov is on two-          President Abdullah Ahmad        easy to cause misunder-
                                                            Sino-Japanese Joint De-
                                                                                                       day official visit to            Badawi on Wednesday             standings and conflicts can
                                                                                                       India.—INTERNET                  stressed the importance of      easily spark,” Badawi said.
                                                                                                                                        national unity and remained          Badawi made the re-
                                                                      Philippine actresses perform during the                           people to deal with sensitive   marks in his presidential
                                                                      inauguration of the China Hainan Carnival in                      issues in a rational,           policy speech at the opening
                                                                      Haikou, capital of south China's Hainan Province,                 responsible        manner.      ceremony of the 2006
                                                                                 on 16 Nov, 2006. — XINHUA                              “Discussing sensitive topics    General Assembly of the
                                                                                                                                        should be done rationally       United Malays National
                                                                                                                                                                        Organization (UMNO) at the
        Indonesian mily says terrorists                                                                                                                                 Putra World Trade Centre
                                                                                                                                                                        here. The UMNO, the largest
         attempt to strike at Bush visit                                                                                                                                political party in Malaysia,
                                                                                                                                                                        dominates the ruling party
           JAKARTA, 17 Nov —                A large number of                                                                                                           coalition National Front
      Terrorists might launch          terrorist suspects under the                                                                                                     which has been ruling
      strikes during the visit of      coordination of Noerdin                                                                                                          Malaysia since the country’s
      US President Bush in             Moh. Top, the top leader of                                                                                                      independence in 1957.
      Indonesia on 20 November         the al-Qaeda linked militant                                                                                                         “The Barisan Nasional
      to send messages of hatred       network in Southeast Asia,                                                                                                       (National Front) govern-
      against the United States        the Jemaah Islamiyah, are                                                                                                        ment has always held to a
      for its policies in the Middle   still at large in Indonesia,                                                                                                     formula to deal with
      East and Iraq, according to      the police has said.                                                                                                             problems between us, in a
      military intelligence.                Expert has warned that                                                                                                      spirit of understanding and
          The military spokesman       terrorists in the country                                                                                                        moderation,” stressed
      Rear Admiral Moh                 always be prepared for                                                                                                           Badawi.— MNA/Xinhua
      Sunarto said here Thursday       attacks and wait for a            A visitor talks with an exhibitor during the
      that the military intelligence   favourable moment.             Shanghai Art Fair 2006 at the Shanghai Mart in
      has found indication of                         MNA/Xinhua      Shanghai, east China, on 16 Nov, 2006.—XINHUA
      threat from the terrorist
      groups during the Bush
      visit.                             France seizes four tons of cocaine
          “We have predicted and
      anticipated for the move,”
                                                   in Caribbean
                                             P ARIS , 17 Nov—         Martinique Prefecture said      overseas departments and
      he told a Press conference
                                        France said on Wednesday      in a statement.                 territories, welcomed the
      at a military office here.
                                        it had seized four tons of        “This work was finally      seizure. “This operation,
          The spokesman said that
                                        cocaine from a boat that      crowned with success on         carried out with success,
      the military, which hold the
                                        was intercepted last week     the morning of Wednesday,       demonstrates the effec-
      command of the security
                                        off the Caribbean island      15 November thanks to the       tiveness and the vigilance
      that also involved at least                                                                                                       A woman holds a postcard at the annual Secret
                                        of Martinique. The French     discovery of roughly four       of the naval surveillance
      18,000 police personnel,                                                                                                          exhibition at the Royal College of Art in London,
                                        Navy boarded and took         tons of cocaine hidden in its   system and the govern-
      has been preparing security                                                                                                       on 16 Nov, 2006. Over 900 artists, including
                                        over the Panama-              (the ship’s) structure,” the    ment's will to fight drug
      at a top level.                                                                                                                   Tracey Emin and Damien Hirst donated 2,600
                                        registered cargo ship on      statement said.                 trafficking,” he said in a
          But, he declined to give                                                                                                      postcards, which are signed on the back enabling
                                        Saturday as it headed              Francois Baroin, the       statement.
      further detail over the                                                                                                           bidders to purchase an art bargain for 35 pounds
                                        towards Spain, the            minister for France’s                        MNA/Reuters
      strength of the troops.                                                                                                                            ($66). —X INHUA

19-11-06NL                        4                                                                                  29/7/18, 7:20 PM
                                                                                            THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Sunday, 19 November, 2006 5

       Security robot developed                                                                                                                        Police solve
         by Chinese scientists                                                                                                                         “grey train
         TIANJIN, 17 Nov— Chinese scientists have developed                                                                                             robbery”
      a robot that can help ensure security in public places.                                                                                           LONDON, 17 Nov 18 —
         The robot, the first of its centimetres high, and weighs                                                                                    Two elderly women
      kind developed in China, 55 kilogrammes.                                                                                                       whose pictures were
      is expected to go on sale        It can move independently                                                                                     plastered           across
      within two or three months. on cement pavements and                                                                                            newspapers recently after
         Jointly developed by the climb slopes with a 15 to 20                                                                                       they were caught on
      Civil Aviation University gradient, according to experts                                                                                       camera stealing a bag at a
      of China and Tianjin from the Civil Aviation                                                                                                   railway station have
      YAAN Technology Elec- University of China. The                                                                                                 handed themselves in.
      tronics Co Ltd, the robot robot can move freely on                                                                                                Police said the women
      can patrol residential fixed or specially designed                                                                                             admitted the offence and
      zones, airports, ware- routes. Equipped with Pan-                                                                                              have received an official
      houses, department stores Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) and wide-                                                                                            caution in a case variously
                                                                     A 5000-ton building is pulled by jacks to its new location in Xiamen, east
      and other public places.       angle cameras, it uses                                                                                          dubbed the "Grey Train
                                                                    China's Fujian Province,on 16 Nov, 2006. The building was moved a total
            The two-wheel ultrasonic equipment to                                                                                                    Robbery" and "Gran
                                                                    of 61 meters (200 feet) from its original position, including a rotation of 45
      differential drive robot, avoid obstacles and transmits                                                                                        Larceny".
                                                                                    degrees, China Daily reported.—INTERNET
      looking like a small car, is information on suspect sights                                                                                        The women contacted
                                                                                                                                                     police after the case
      90 centimetres long, 55 and noises, such as fires, to a
      centimetres wide and 75 controller. — MNA/Xinhua
                                                                       Wildlife law adds to woes of India’s tigers                                   received blanket media
                                                               NEW DEHI, 17 Nov— A new Indian wildlife law offers too much protection                coverage under headlines
                                                            to people living in forests and threatens to further undermine efforts to save           such as "Nans on the Run",
                                                            an endangered population of tigers, conservationists said on Wednesday.                  "Artful Codgers" and "Old
                                                                The Wildlife (Pro- myth,” said a petition filed lihood, development and              Blags".
                                                            tection) Amendment Act on Monday by the Mambai other interests of the people                          MNA/Reuters
                                                            2006 came into force in Natural History Society, living in tiger-bearing
                                                            September and aims to the Wildlife Protection forests or a tiger reserve”,                Two killed in
                                                            save the big cats, whose Society of India, the could mark a new low in
                                                            numbers have fallen Conservation Action Trust efforts to save rare wildlife.              US shooting
                                                            alarmingly be-cause of and the Wildlife Trust.           “This act would mean               incident
                                                            poaching.                  “Conflict between the two the end of forests as we
                                                                                                                                                         WASHINGTON, 17 Nov
                                                                But activists have is the reality, a reality know them. If you look at
                                                                                                                                                     18 — Two persons were
                                                            called on India's Supreme which is reflected in the the map, you will see that
                                                                                                                                                     killed and three others
                                                            Court to scrap parts of ascending graph of the the only forests left in this
                                                                                                                                                     were injured overnight in
                                                            the law they say might number of fatalities on country are the tiger
                                                                                                                                                     a shooting spree in Detroit,
                                                            have the opposite effect. either side.”               reserves,” Maneka Gandhi,
                                                                                                                                                     Michigan, and police were
      A legged robot is able to teach itself to walk by         “Coexistence of hu-      They say the law, which former       environment
                                                                                                                                                     searching for the gunman
      continuously modeling its own body using internal     mans with large carni- insists authorities ensure minister, told Reuters.
                                                                                                                                                     on Thursday morning, US
      simulations in this image released on 16 Nov, 2006. vorous wild animals is a “the agricultural, live-                   MNA/Reuters
                                                                                                                                                     media reported.
      The same on-board algorithm also allows the robot to                                                                                               Police were searching
      diagnose structural damage, such as the separation of                                                                                          for the gunman who
      a leg, and to recover from such damage by teaching                                                                                             seemingly shot at random
           itself to walk using a different gait.—XINHUA                                                                                             on Detroit's westside, in
        Joint petrol operations cut                                                                                                                  an area consisting of three
                                                                                                                                                     to four blocks in about 10
       crime rate in Malacca Strait                                                                                                                  minutes. The suspect fled
                                                                                                                                                     after the shooting.
         JAKARTA, 17 Nov— Indonesian Navy Chief of Staff
      Admiral Slamet Soebijanto has said the crime rate in
      the Malacca Strait had been cut significantly following                                                                                        Competitors in the Red
      the coordinated joint petrol operations by Malaysia,                                                                                            Bull Air Race World
      Singapore and Indonesia (Malsindo) since July 2002.                                                                                            Series fly in formation
          “The joint security towards the end of 2006.                                                                                                  over part of the
      maintenance by the three       With the success, he said,                                                                                       Western Australian
      littoral countries has the international community                                                                                             coast near Perth on 16
      succeeded to reduce the would not hesitate in                                                                                                   Nov, 2006.—XINHUA
      crime rate in the strait. recognizing the effective-
      Vessels of countries using ness of cooperation of the
      the waterway such as the three littoral countries —
                                                                         Canada relaxes rules for foreign workers
      United States and Japan Malaysia, Singapore and                  OTTAWA, 17 Nov— Canada will make it easier for employers in the booming western provinces of
      have also hailed the Indonesia.                               Alberta and British Columbia to hire temporary foreign workers in 170 different fields, Ottawa
      success,” Antara news           “Therefore there is no        announced on Wednesday.
      agency Thursday quoted need for other military                   The government said admitted just over 99,000 reducing overall costs and engineers,         financial
      the Navy chief as saying powers to be present in the          it would ease the rules on foreign workers on make it two to four weeks auditors, astronomers,
      here.                        waterway because security        giving jobs to employees temporary permits to fill faster for employers to hire ministers of religion,
         He said that there were maintenance in one of the          from overseas because jobs because there were no temporary foreign wor- jewellers, doctors, veteri-
      30 robbery and piracy world's busiest shipping                firms in the two provinces Canadians or permanent kers,” Human Resources narians, plumbers, build-
      cases in the strait in 2004. lanes is the duty of the three   were “truly having a hard residents available. Most Minister Diane Finley said ers, archivists, funeral
      The number of these cases littoral states,” Slamet            time finding enough were skilled professionals. in a statement.                 directors, truck drivers,
      had been reduced to 15 in Soebijanto said on Wed-             workers”.                    “These new initiatives  The jobs include mining, bakers, cleaners and leather
      2005 and to only two nesday. —MNA/Xinhua                         Last year Canada will assist employers by chemical and petroleum cutters.—MNA/Reuters

19-11-06NL                     5                                                                            29/7/18, 7:20 PM
      6 THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Sunday, 19 November, 2006

                More action needed in fight against
                     bird flu in Asia-Pacific
            HANOI,17 Nov — An APEC ministerial meeting on Thursday called for further
         action in fight against bird flu as there is still potential threat of H5N1 virus to
         mutate into a pandemic strain in the Asia-Pacific Region as well as the world.
            At the 18th Ministerial from outbreak.                   gency response capacities.
         Meeting of the Asian-               They       renewed         In the past year, the
         Pacific Economic Co- their commitment to APEC members have
         operation (APEC), the transparent communication collectively and indivi-
         ministers and repre- of out-break and the sharing dually worked hard to
         sentatives noted in a of samples for research to control the spread of the
         statement that “the potential improve preparedness.         bird flu virus and progress
         for the highly pathogenic       The member economies has been achieved.
         avian influenza/H5N1 agreed to continue However, World Health
         virus to mutate into a to collaborate with In- Organization officials said
         pandemic strain remains a ternational Partnership that avian influenza
         continued threat to the on Avian and Pandemic remains the No 1 danger                       Troops stand at attention before being reviewed by French President Jacques
         APEC region and the Influenza and to maintain for global public health.                       Chirac and Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero on his
         world.” Therefore, they cooperation with spe-                             MNA/Xinhua        arrival for a Franco-Spanish summit in Girona, on 16 Nov, 2006.—INTERNET
         stressed the continuing cialized international                                                                                                       Finish premier
         need for vigilance and organizations for global
         action to prevent the disease preparedness and emer-                                                                                                 to visit Poland
                                                                                                                                                              in Russia row
               EU, Russia to negotiate deal                                                                                                                       BRUSSELS, 18 Nov —
                                                                                                                                                             Finnish Prime Minister
               on trade, energy at summit                                                                                                                    Matti Vanhanen, whose
                 HELSINKI, 17 Nov—          the current EU rotating                                                                                          country holds the European
             Finland will host the EU-      presidency, and the Russian                                                                                      Union's presidency, will
             Russia summit next week,       delegation, by President                                                                                         visit Warsaw on Friday for
             expected to launch nego-       Vladimir Putin.                                                                                                  talks with Poland on a
             tiations for a new EU-             The EU will also be                                                                                          deadlock threatening to
             Russia framework agree-        represented by President of                                                                                      prevent the launch of talks
             ment, which will cover         the European Commission,                                                                                         on a strategic partnership
             wide-ranging trade and         Jose Manuel Barroso, and                                                                                         agreement, a Finnish
             energy policy issues,          EU Foreign Policy Chief,                                                                                         diplomat said.
             according to a Wednesday       Javier Solana.                                                                                                        Warsaw is blocking
             Press release from the            Key international issues                                                                                      consensus in the 25-nation
             Finnish Government.            such as Iran, the Middle       Gunther von Hagens stands behind a sculpture during the opening of his workshop   EU on a negotiating
                 The summit, set for        East, the Western Balkans       in the eastern German town of Guben on 16 Nov, 2006. Von Hagensis a German       mandate for a new
             24 November in the capital     and the Democratic Peo-        anatomist known for his ‘Body Worlds’ exhibition, which features authentic        agreement due to be
             Helsinki, will also focus on   ple’s Republic of Korea will   specimens of humans and animals preserved thanks to a technique called            initiated at an EU-Russia
             cooperation between the        also be discussed during the   plastination, is showing his patented technique in the workshop.—INTERNET         summit in Helsinki on
             European Union (EU) and        meeting.                                                                                                         November 24 in protest
             Russia in areas such as           The EU-Russia summit
                                                                           WHO launches drive against fake drugs                                             against a Russian ban on
             energy, environment,           will be paralleled with   GENEVA, 17 Nov — The World Health Organization urged governments on                    imports of meat and some
             culture, justice and home      a separate high-level Wednesday to crack down on the 30-billion-US-dollar market in fake drugs                   other foods from Poland.
             affairs.                       Northern Dimension    which make up 30 per cent of the market in some poorer countries.                                       MNA/Reuters
                The EU delegations will     meeting, which involves the
                                                                      “Counterfeit medicines believed the illegal trade       Health and police
             be led by Finnish Prime        EU, Russia, Norway and... can harm patients by worldwide was worth authorities across the globe                   Chile says natural gas
             Minister Matti Vanhanen,       Iceland.              failing to treat serious more than 30 billion US say criminal gangs have                        supplies from
             whose country is holding                     MNA/Xinhua
                                                                  conditions, can provoke dollars a year or between moved into the business as a
                                                                  drug resistance, and in 5 and 8 per cent of the lucrative money-spinner.                     Argentina cut after
                                                                  some cases kill,” WHO annual market for WHO and Interpol have
                                                                  said in a statement.          medicines. In richer already mounted an                               strike
                                                                       WHO launched a emerging economies, “Operation Jupiter” in                                SANTIAGO, 17 Nov —
                                                                  programme, backed by counterfeit drugs made up Southeast Asia against                      The Argentine Govern-
                                                                  health bodies and police, 10 per cent of the market the trade. Dr. Harvey Bale,            ment has cut natural
                                                                  that aims to promote and in many of the director-general of the                            gas supplies to Chile
                                                                  greater legal oversight of independent republics of International Federation               following mass strikes
                                                                  the sale of drug products the former Soviet Union of Pharmaceutical Manu-                  which have paralyzed
                                                                  and convince governments the figure went as high as facturers’ Asso-ciations               companies in the country,
                                                                  to treat the fake drug trade 20 per cent.               (IFPMA)toldthefirstmeeting         Chile’s National Energy
                                                                  as a serious crime and           Fakes also account for in Bonn of the IMPACT              Commission (CNE) said
                                                                  punish it severely.           50 per cent of those taskforce that “the problem is          on Wednesday.
                                                                      “The latest estimates ... medecines sold on the growing everywhere”.                     Workers occupied gas
                                                                  show that more than 30 Internet by illegal operators,      IMPACT links WHO                wells in the Argentine
                                                                  per cent of medicines in as opposed to legal phar- with some 20 international              region of Neuquen, Rio
                                                                  some areas of Latin maceutical companies that partners including Interpol,                 Negro, Chubut and
             Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima (C) poses for America, southeast Asia offer drugs at reduced prices the European Commission                Santa Cruz to protest
             photographers backstage during the preparations and sub-Saharan Africa are but demand medical and the World Customs                             what they called “irre-
             for the Victoria’s Secret fashion show in Hollywood, counterfeit,” it said.        prescriptions     before Organization.                       gularly applied” profit
                   California on 16 Nov, 2006.—INTERNET               In August, WHO said it fulfilling Internet orders.             MNA/Reuters             taxes.— MNA/Xinhua

19-11-06NL                          6                                                                            29/7/18, 7:20 PM
                                                                                           THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Sunday, 19 November, 2006 7

                                                                                               Anti-Bush protests flare in
                                                                                                 Indonesia before visit
                                                                                                JAKARTA, 18 Nov — Anti-Bush protests flared in parts of Indonesia on
                                                                                            Friday ahead of a visit by the US President as the government told
                                                                                            demonstrators to keep their actions civil.
                                                                                                 George W Bush partner in anti-terrorism goes to Bogor and there is
                                                                                            meets President Susilo efforts in the region.       no demonstration, that
                                                                                            Bambang Yudhyono on             Groups ranging from would be weird,” foreign
                                                                                            Monday in Bogor, 50 radical Muslims to anti- affairs spokesman Desra
                                                                                            kilometres (30 miles) globalization campaigners Percaya said in a weekly
                                                                                            south of Jakarta.           have rallied in several briefing on Friday.
                                                                                                 Carrying banners cities criticizing Bush,             He added that
                                                                                            saying “Go to hell, George Yudhoyono and US Yudhoyono would raise
                                                                                            Bush” and “Bush, terrorist policies on the Middle the issue of achieving an
                                                                                            king”, more than 500 East. While frequent and independent Palestinian
                                                                                            students yelled slogans widespread,            most state.
                                                                                            near the Bogor talks demonstrations have been             Public opinion in
                                                                                            venue.                      small, seldom exceeding Indonesia, the world’s
                                                                                                Health and education 100.                       most populous Muslim
             Indonesian protest against an upcoming visit to Indonesia by US                issues top the agenda.            The Indonesian nation, overwhelmingly
             President George W Bush. on Saturday, 18 Nov, 2006, in Bogor,                  Bush is also likely to urge Government has told favours the Palestinians
                                 Indonesia. —INTERNET                                       Indonesia to remain a key demonstrators to behave in their disputes with
                                                                                                                        but says protests are Israel, with which Jakarta
       Report says Ford delays to                                                                                       inevitable.             has no diplomatic ties.
                                                                                                                             “If President Bush            MNA/Reuters
         launch edge crossover
           WASHINGTON, 18 Nov— Ford Motor Co informed                                                                           Madrid to mount major
      its dealers that it has decided to delay the sales launch
      of its Ford Edge crossover vehicle, a crucial new model
                                                                                                                                Picasso exhibit in 2008
      in its lineup, by a couple of weeks until December to                                                                       GIRONA (Spain), 18             The exhibition will
      ensure that strict quality standards are met, The Wall                                                                 Nov — Spain plans to put      bring together 400 works
      Street Journal reported on Thursday.                                                                                   on one of the biggest         by the Malaga-born artist,
          “We had the dealer council today,” Joseph Hinrichs,                                                                exhibitions of works by       Spanish Prime Minister
      Ford manufacturing chief, was quoted as saying on                                                                      Pablo Picasso in 2008 after   Jose Luis Rodriguez
      Wednesday. “I know that most of them expected to                                                                       reaching a deal to borrow     Zapatero said on Thursday
      have the Edge in November... now it will be December.”         Singer Boy George (C) walks on the catwalk              hundreds of pieces from       after a bilateral meeting
           He said the Dearborn, Michigan auto maker has             after a fashion show for his label B-Rude in            Paris’ famed Picasso          with France. The exhibition
      decided to “take a couple extra weeks of precaution” in            Madrid on 16 Nov, 2006.—INTERNET                    Museum.                       will be housed at the Reina
      preparing for the launch.                                                                                                                            Sofia Museum in Madrid,
          Ford has said the Edge and its Lincoln MKX luxury
      counterpart are crucial components in the company’s             China pledges to facilitate trade,                                                   home to Picasso’s haunting
                                                                                                                                                           depiction       of     war
      product portfolio, according to the report.
          The vehicles are needed to help sustain retail market          investment liberalization                                                         “Guernica”. Picasso lived
                                                                                                                                                           much of his life exiled in
      share and help the company compete in the growing                HANOI, 18 Nov— China is committed to providing an open, transparent and
                                                                                                                                                           Paris while Spain was under
      segment of crossover vehicles, which are based on a car       highly efficient environment for business people to facilitate trade and investment
      chassis but designed like sport-utility vehicles, said the                                                                                           the Leadership of Francisco
                                                                    liberalization, China’s top commercial official said here on Thursday.
      report.                                                                                                                                              Franco. He died in France
                                                                        “Up to date, over 40 card” system in 2004, he cooperation                among
           The report said the market has soured on Ford’s                                                                                                 in 1973, two years before
                                                                    per cent of the technical said, adding that the APEC members should
      flagship stable of SUVs, including the Explorer, and          regulations in China have country’s         Customs focus on substantial               Franco died and moves
      the company is looking to accelerate the introduction         adopted international procedures have also been results, which call for                began to restore democracy
      of innovative cars that better meet growing trends.           standards, compared with greatly simplified.              enhanced collective          in his homeland.
                                                 MNA/Xinhua         only 12 per cent in 1978,”     Bo said that economic action. — MNA/Xinhua                           MNA/Reuters
                                                                    said Chinese Minister of
        Bond film smashes box office                                Commerce Bo Xilai at the
             record in Britain                                      just-concluded mini-
                                                                    sterial meeting of the
           LOS ANGELES, 18 Nov — The new James Bond
                                                                    Asia-Pacific Cooperation
      movie shook up the British box office during its first
      day of release on Thursday, earning more than any
                                                                         On facilitating the
      other film in the spy franchise, distributor Columbia
                                                                    movement of business
      Pictures said.
                                                                    people, he said that China
          “Casino Royale”, which marks the 007 debut of
                                                                    had issued more than
      Daniel Craig, sold 1.7 million pounds (3.2 million US
                                                                    6,700 APEC business
      dollars’) worth of tickets, a 54-per-cent increase over
                                                                    travelling cards since the
      comparable sales for the previous Bond film and first-
                                                                    system was introduced in
      day record-holder, 2002’s “Die Another Day”.
                                                                    November 2003.
          In all, two-thirds of all movie tickets sold in Britain
                                                                        And more than 3,000
      were for “Casino Royale”, the Sony Corp-owned studio
                                                                    foreigners in the country
                                                                    has been granted the
          The film opens in the United States and Canada on
                                                                    status of permanent
      Friday. Of the 27 international territories where “Casino
                                                                    residence since China          The newly-born baby chimpanzee lies in a nursing box at the Wild
      Royale” is debuting this weekend, Britain and Russia
                                                                    adopted its own “green                  Animal Zoo in Hefei,on 16 Nov, 2006. —XINHUA
      are the largest. — MNA/Reuters

19-11-06NL                      7                                                                         29/7/18, 7:20 PM
      8 THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Sunday, 19 November, 2006

                                                                                                                              Lt-Gen Kyaw Win inspects
             Minister inspects livestock activities                                                                           progress of agriculture and
                    in Shan State (North)                                                                                     construction…
                                  Road, Lashio, Shan State                                  The minister and the                   (from page 16)           measuring 168 feet by 38
             NAY PYI TAW, 18                                    the minister and the
                                  (North) on 13 November.                                   deputy      commander                    At      Kengtung       feet was completed by 50
       Nov—CEC Member of                                        deputy       commander
                                      They were conducted                                   inspected research physic         Degree College, Lt-Gen        per cent.
       the Union Solidarity and                                 fulfilled the require-
                                  round the farm by                                         nut nurseries and bio-            Kyaw Win met with                    At     Kengtung-
       Development Asso-                                        ments.
                                  General Manager Dr                                        diesel plant and the              students and gave             Tongtah section of
       ciation Minister for                                         They inspected the
                                  Than Shwe and farm                                        poultry      farm      in         instructions. He also met     Kengtung-Mongpyin-
       Livestock and Fisheries                                  4,000-acre        rubber
                                  manager Dr Swe Lwin.                                      Chemyitpin Village in             with faculty members at       Tarkaw Road, Superin-
       Brig-Gen Maung Maung                                     plantation of Sein Wut
                                      The minister and the                                  Nawnghkio.                        the hall. Deputy Principal    tending Engineer U
       Thein and Deputy                                         Hmon Co of Lunge
                                  deputy commander went                                         On 14 November, the           U Chit Swe reported on        Thaung Htay of Shan
       Commander of North-                                      Arman Rubber Farming
                                  to the briefing hall of the                               minister and party                academic matters.             State (East) reported to
       East Command Brig-Gen                                    Enterprise, the sugarcane
                                  5,000-acre highland                                       inspected cultivation of                 Lt-Gen Kyaw Win        Lt-Gen Kyaw Win on
       Hla Myint inspected the                                  plantation of Bala
                                  reclamation project of the                                durian, mango and                 inspected construction of     arrangements           for
       pig farm of the                                          Minhtin Co and the
                                  USDA.                                                     papaya of Patheingyi              the two-storey lecture        construction of the
       Livestock, Feedstuff and                                 physic nut mill and
                                       Officials of Bala                                    Township USDA in                  hall of the degree college.   retaining wall for
       Dairy Products Enter-                                    physic nut plantation.
                                  Minhtin Co reported on                                    Aungye Village.                          Construction of        prevention of land-
       prise in Napha Village                                      They visited the Thiri
                                  production of corn and                                                        MNA           two-storey building           slides.
       near Lashio-Mongyaw                                      Mangala Mansu Pagoda.
                                                                                                                                                                   Lt-Gen Kyaw Win
                                                                                                                                                            inspected maintenance of
               Sky Lion Trading Co Ltd open                                                   ASEAN Radio Quiz held                                         the road section and
                                                                                                YANGON, 18 Nov—The ASEAN Radio Quiz for                     bridges, and gave
            YANGON, 18 Nov        Myint, the chairman of        Indoor Stadium (1) in       October took place at the Myanma Radio and                      instructions on con-
      — The opening of Sky        Tianshi Group, the            Thingangyun Township,       Television on 3 November.
                                                                                                                                                            struction of the retaining
      Lion Trading Co Ltd         Asian-Pacific Regional        with greetings extended         Ma Aye Thiri Kyaw of Yankin Township, Yangon
                                                                                                                                                            walls, expansion of the
      took place at Sakura        chairman, the general                                     Division, won the first prize, Maung Aung Kyaw
                                                                by General Manager of                                                                       tarred road, dredging of
      Tower at 339 Sule                                                                     Kyaw of Heinda Township, Taninthayi Division, the
                                  managers for Myanmar          the branch (Myanmar) of                                                                     drains at the respective
                                                                                            second prize, Ma Loi Yai Tun of Taikkyi Township,
      Pagoda Road, Kyauktada      and Vietnam and the           Tianshi Group Li Tie                                                                        places and completion of
                                                                                            Yangon Division, the third prize, and Maung Chit
      Township, here, this        director of the Tianshi       Gang. The Asian-Pacific                                                                     the reinforced concrete
                                                                                            Phyo Wai of Kamaryut Township, Yangon Division,
      afternoon, attended by      Group and guests.             Regional     Chairman       the consolation prize.                                          bridge project on the road
      officials, departmental           In the evening, a       extended greetings and          Anyone regardless of age and educational                    on schedule with the set
      heads, Chairman of Sky      get-together ceremony of      the chairman of Tianshi     qualification can participate in it, and enthusiasts are        standard.
      Lion Trading Co Ltd U       the company was held at       Group addressed the         to contact MRTV, Pyay Road, Yangon.—MNA                                              MNA
      Sai Maung Maung             the Thuwunna National         ceremony. — MNA
                                                                                                                              Minister for Electric Power
                                                                                                                              No 2 receives foreign guests
                                                                                                                                    NAY PYI TAW, 18 Nov — Minister for Electric
                                                                                                                              Power No 2 Maj-Gen Khin Maung Myint received
                                                                                                                              Director Mr Stuart Griffiths and party of John Brown
                                                                                                                              Company of the United Arab Emirates at his office,
                                                                                                                              here, on 15 November morning.
                                                                                                                                    The minister also received Regional Vice-
                                                                                                                              President Mr Maurice J Dres of France-based Areva
                                                                                                                              T & D Pte Ltd at his office on the same morning.
                                                                                                                                    Also present at the calls were Director-General
                                                                                                                              Dr Thein Tun of Electric Power Department,
             Chairman of Tianshi Group Mr Li Jinyuan speaking at the family get-together of Sky Lion                          Managing Director U Tin Aung of Electric Power
                                           Trading Co Ltd.—MNA                                                                Supply Enterprise and officials. — MNA

                                                                                                    *      qma;eta\m¥a; VHiNOic\;lui≥ eS;s∑m\;ekac\;et∑ ePa\Tut\sui≥"
                                                                                                    *      ®pv\q¨tui≥r´>k¥n\;maer; tuic\;rc\;eS;®Pc.\ esac\.eR˙ak\ep;"
                                                                                                    *      tuic\;rc\;qma;eta\m¥a;v^laKM v^V∑t\mOkui Ae®KKM'
                                                                                                           ts\m¥io;qa;luM;k¥n\;maer; wuic\;wn\;Aa;Tut\eSac\r∑k\ep;"

              2006 KuN˙s\' Nuiwc\Bal (25-26)rk\en≥                                             2006 KuN˙s\' Nuiwc\Bal (25-26)rk\en≥                                  rn\kun\‘mi>

19-11-06NL                    8                                                                            29/7/18, 7:20 PM
                                                                                         THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Sunday, 19 November, 2006 9

              Presentation on production of bio-diesel
                                                                                                                                                             Prof Mr Klaus
                                                                                                                                                        Becker and officials
                                                                                                                                                        replied to the queries
                                                                                                                                                        raised by the attendees.
                                                                                                                                                              At the ceremony,
                                                                                                                                                        the attendees observed
                                                                                                                                                        600-litre Bio-diesel Pilot
                                                                                                                                                        Plantmachine, and raw
                                                                                                                                                        materials and chemicals
                                                                                                                                                        used for production of
                                                                                                                                                        bio-diesel such as
                                                                                                                                                        methanol,         sodium
                                                                                                                                                        hydroxide - Na OH,
                                                                                                                                                        distilled water, jatropha
             Deputy Director-General U Than Aye of Regional Industrial Coordination and Inspection Department speaks at the                             oil, and jatropha nuts and
                                            presentation on production of bio-diesel.—MNA                                                               seeds.
           YANGON, 18 Nov—         morning.                  MAN           Ferrostaal
      Under the arrangements          Deputy Director-       Industrieanlagen BmbH
      of the Myanma Industrial     General of the Regional   (Yangon          branch)
      Development Com-             Industrial Coordination   extended greetings.
      mittee, MAN Ferrostaal       and Inspection Depart-        Prof Mr Klaus
                                                             Becker of University of
                                               Prof          Hohenheim,          Jatro
                                             Mr Klaus        Solutions GmbH of
                                             Becker of       Germany presented use
                                             University      of jatropha oil. He said
                                                             that Myanmar will be
                                               Jatro         successful in producing
                                             Solutions       bio-diesel if the large-
                                              GmbH,          scale cultivation of
                                             Germany         jatropha curcas (physic
                                              gives a        nut) in Myanmar is
                                            briefing on      combined             with
                                            production       application of the             Bio-diesel Pilot Plant to be used in production of bio-diesel.—MNA
                                              of bio-        findings from the
                                              diesel.        research he conducted in
                                                             Africa and India in four       Academic programmes supervised
      Industrieanlagen BmbH        ment under the Ministry   years.
      (Yangon branch) and          of Industry-1 U Than          General Manager U
                                                                                                      in Yangon
      Shwe Than Lwin Co            Aye delivered an          Moe Zaw of Shwe Than
                                                                                              YANGON, 18 Nov—              ensuring sufficiency of      course and Master of
      production of bio-diesel     introductory speech on    Lwin Co explained
                                                                                         Minister for Education            pedagogical aids, use of     Development Studies
      was presented at the         production and use of     machines and production                                       libraries, greening of
                                                                                         Dr Chan Nyein had a                                            course.
      Traders Hotel on Sule        bio-diesel.               process of the machines     meeting with rectors, pro-        educational institutions,         The minister visited
      Pagoda Road, here this           Mr Bernd Bieger of    for bio-diesel plants.      rectors, professor deans          and assessing departments    the University for
                                                                                         at     Yangon         East        and teachers.                Foreign       Languages
                                                                                         University this morning.              He visited the           (Yangon). He inspected
                                                                                              Rector Dr U Win              intensive courses for        No 3 Basic Education
                                                                                         reported on day courses,          Geography            and     Middle School and No 3
                                                                                         holding examinations of           Economics subjects at the    Basic Education Primary
                                                                                         Universities of Distance          university           and     School       in    Bahan
                                                                                         Education, use of                 encouraged the students.     Township, No 5 Basic
                                                                                         language labs and                     He met with the          Education High School,
                                                                                         computer training centres         principals and teachers at   No 7 BEPS and No 2
                                                                                         for academic purposes,            the             National     BEHS in Mayangon
                                                                                         research, and rule-               Management College,          Township. During his
                                                                                         enforcement steps for             and at Yangon Institute      inspection tour, the
                                                                                         uplift of morale of the           of Economics. He             minister assessed the
                                                                                         students.                         encouraged the students      skills of the students and
                                                                                              The minister gave            of Executive Master of       encouraged them.
                                                                                         instructions on raising the       Public Administration                             MNA
                                                                                         standard        of     the
                                                                                         universities, use of
             Raw materials and chemicals such as methanol, sodium hydroxide-
             NaOH, distilled water and jatropha oil to be used in production of
                                                                                         language       lab     and
                                                                                         computer training centres,
                                                                                         research, enforcement of
                                                                                                                                 Don’t smoke
                                     bio-diesel.—MNA                                     rules and regulations,

19-11-06NL                     9                                                                        29/7/18, 7:20 PM
      10 THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Sunday, 19 November, 2006

               Journey through Caring Society and                                                 HIV/AIDS and STD educative
                  Cultural Heritage of ASEAN
            Y ANGON , 18 Nov       programme under the        Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda and
                                                                                                     talks given to inmates
      — Under the ASEAN            supervision of Ministry    Shwedagon Pagoda.
      Campus Journalists/          of Information.                  ASEAN Campus
      Leaders       Exchange             On their tour,       Journalists/Leaders
      Programme Phase II of        Myanmar scholars gave      Exchange Programme
      ASEAN Cultural and           lectures on Getting To     Phase II is a programme
      Information Committee,       Know        Myanmar,       for journalists and
      a 20-member student          Cultural Diversity of      leaders of colleges and
      delegation group of          ASEAN and Forming a        universities in ASEAN
      colleges and universities    Caring Society with        countries to make study
      in ASEAN countries           Cultural Heritage. They    tour in the region
      together with Project        visited University of      alternately. Under the
      Coordinator         Mrs      Culture, MRTV, Union       Phase I, they visited the
      Preekamol and Lecturer       National Races Village,    Philippines, Vietnam and
      Dr      Rosechongporn        Archaeological site of     Cambodia in 2005. They
      visited Myanmar from 12      Kambawzathadi Palace       visited Thailand, Laos
      to    17    November.        in Bago, Hninzigone        and Myanmar in 2006
      Myanmar Radio and            Home for The Aged,         under Phase II.                     Educative talks on HIV/AIDS in progress at Taunglaylon
      Television organized the     Gems          Museum,                          MNA                  Agricultural Farm of Taunggyi Prison.—MNA
                                                                                                  YANGON, 18 Nov             talks on HIV/AIDS and      prisoners attended the
                                                                                            — A 7-member HIV/                STD      diseases     at   educative talks. Later, Dr
                                                                                            STD unit led by Dr Nyan          Taunglaylon Agricultural   Nyan Tun and party
                                                                                            Tun of Shan State Health         Farm of Taunggyi Prison    provided medical checks
                                                                                            Department on 26                 in Taunggyi.               to them.
                                                                                            October held educative                 A total of 165                           MNA

                                                                                              The 14th respects-
                                                                                             paying ceremony of
                                                                                              the old students of
                                                                                                  No 2 Basic
                                                                                               Education High
                                                                                             School in Tamway
                                                                                                was held at the
              The opening ceremony of ASEAN Campus Journalists/Leaders
                                                                                                 school on 14
                    Exchange Programme, Phase ll in progress.—MNA
                                                                                             November. The old
                                                                                            students present gifts
              New refrigerator of Daewoo                                                    to the old teachers of
                      introduced                                                                the school.—H

            YANGON, 18 Nov — OK Myanmar Co Ltd
      introduced new models of Daewoo refrigerator at
      Crystal Jade Hall on the 10th floor of Excel Treasure
      Tower in Bahan Township this evening.
            Managing Director U Kyaw Kyaw Hlaing of
      OK Myanmar Co Ltd extended greetings and member
      of the Board of Directors U Zaw Weik explained

                                                                     U Zaw Weik of OK Myanmar Co Ltd briefs those present on new models of Daewoo
                                                              distribution of the Daewoo electronics and warranty            nation. Everyone can contact Head Office, No (163),
                                                              for the products. The company will present lucky               Bo Aung Kyaw Street, Ph: 392986, 392987, 377627,
                                                              draws worth K 23.4 million to the customers.                   392977, Daewoo Showroom, No (201-203), Pansodan
                                                                     Engineers of the company explained quality and          Street, Ph: 241077, 387644 and OK Myanmar Sale and
                                                              capacity of the refrigerator. Daewoo brand refrigerators       Service Centre, No ( 4/28), Yan Aung (1), Pyinmana,
             New models of Daewoo Refrigerator of OK          and air-conditioners and Sanyo brand air-conditioners          Ph; 067-22953.
                    Myanmar Co Ltd.—MNA                       are available at electronic showrooms in the entire                                                          MNA

19-11-06NL                    10                                                                          29/7/18, 7:20 PM
                                                                                                 THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Sunday, 19 November, 2006 11


             China’s biggest travel service to go                                                        UN chief stresses richness of diversity
                       public in 2007                                                                      U NITED N ATIONS, 18 Nov — UN
                                                                                                     Secretary-General Kofi Annan
                                                                                                                                                           He called on people to strive to
                                                                                                                                                     uphold the principles of tolerance,
           BEIJING, 18 Nov —         middle of next year and          and major sceneries.
                                                                                                     stressed on Thursday the richness of            pluralism, mutual respect and peaceful
      China International Travel     go public at the year end,             The China United         diversity.                                      coexistence, to be ready to correct
      Service (CITS), China’s        Shanghai Securities News         Travel Co Ltd, controlled             In a message marking the                 stereotypes and distorted images, and
      biggest travel agency, plans   quoted Yao as saying.            by the CITS, has been listed   observance of the International Day for         to speak         up for victims of
      to go public by the end of           Currently the CITS         as A-shares on the             Tolerance on 16 November, Annan                 discrimination.
      2007, Yao Yuecan, president    is restructuring 50 of its       Shanghai bourse in 2000,       pointed out that recent years have                     “On this International Day of
      of the CITS, said here on      local branches, most of          which recorded a net profit    witnessed a sharp rise in intolerance,          Tolerance, let us therefore reaffirm the
      Thursday.                      which have fairly good           of 16.92 million yuan (2.17    extremism and violence across the world.        notion that diversity — in thought, in
            The CITS will be         financial conditions and         million US dollars) in the          “This disturbing trend is fuelled, in      belief, and in action — is a precious gift,
      transformed into a share-      are located at provincial        third quarter of this year.    part, by a growing tendency to articulate       not a threat, and let us seek to build more
      holding company in the         capital cities, coastal cities                MNA/Xinhua        differences in terms of identity rather         tolerant communities steeped in this
                                                                                                     than in terms of opinions or interests,” he     essential ideal,” he conclude.
                                                                                                     said.                                                                        MNA/Xinhua

                                                                                                      Few sequels give holiday movies
                                                                                                               a fresh feel
                                                                                                          LOS ANGELES, 17 Nov          all the way to the bank.      film are some pesky
                                                                                                     — Hollywood’s holiday                    Since September,       animated       penguins
                                                                                                     movie season kicks into           ticket sales are up 4.5 per   dancing on the Antarctic
                                                                                                     gear on Friday with a fresh       cent at 1.35 billion US       ice in “Happy Feet”.
                                                                                                     spin on the old James             dollars, compared to 1.29            One week later
                                                                                                     Bond films, followed by           billion US dollars last       comes superstar Denzel
                                                                                                     six weeks of releases that        year, according to tracker    Washington in action
                                                                                                     surprisingly lack many            Exhibitor Relations Co        adventure “Deja Vu,”
                                                                                                     high-profile sequels like         Inc.                          followed by five weeks of
                                                                                                     the “Harry Potter” films.               The holiday season      stars like Leonardo
                                                                                                           ’Tis the season to be       begins with super spy         DiCaprio, Cate Blanchett
                                                                                                     jolly in Hollywood, and if        Bond returning in “Casino     and Will Smith in “Blood
         Kyrgyz Taigan dogs chase a wolf during a hunting festival near the                          this year’s group of movie        Royale,” but British actor    Diamond,” “The Good
            village of Bokonbayevo at the lake Issyk-Kulya, some 300 km                              hopefuls hold up as               Daniel Craig replaces         German” and “The Pursuit
       (186 miles) from Bishkek, on 16 Nov, 2006. The country’s best hunters                         expected at box offices,          Pierce Brosnan as 007.        of Happyness.”
          with dogs and eagles took part in the national festival.—INTERNET                          producers will be laughing        Debuting alongside that                  MNA/Reuters

19-11-06NL                      11                                                                                  29/7/18, 7:20 PM
      12 THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Sunday, 19 November, 2006

              CLAIMS DAY NOTICE
             MV XIANG FA VOY NO (6057)
           Consignees of cargo carried on MV XIANG FA
      VOY NO (6057) are hereby notified that the vessel
      will be arriving on 19.11.2006 and cargo will be
      discharged into the premises of A.W.P.T where it will
      lie at the consignee’s risk and expenses and subject to
      the byelaws and conditions of the Port of Yangon.
           Damaged cargo will be surveyed daily from 8 am
      to 11:20 am and 12 noon to 4 pm up to Claims Day now
      declared as the third day after final discharge of cargo
      from the vessel.
           No claims against this vessel will be admitted after
      the Claims Day.

                     MYANMA PORT AUTHORITY
                 AGENT FOR: M/S CHINA SHIPPING
                    (MALAYSIA) AGENCY SDN BHD
      Phone No: 256908/378316/376797
                                                                   APEC Counter-Terrorism Task Force to
         Take an aspirin with that
           flame-broiled burger
                                                                        focus on aviation security
          NEW YORK, 17 Nov —You might want to cook                    HANOI, 17 Nov — The       with potential urgent             impact on border             Rapid Responses Points
      the holiday turkey in the oven instead of on the grill,     APEC             Counter-     aviation security threats.        operation.                   of Contact Network that
      according to results of a study released this week          Terrorism Task Force          It has agreed to form a               To consolidate the       can be called into
      that found that women who favour flame-broiled              (CTTF) will focus its         business resumption point         network, the CTTF has        immediate action to
      foods may be at much higher risk for developing             work on ensuring aviation     of contact network with           developed with the APEC      response a terrorist attack
      breast cancer than women who do not.                        security next year, aiming    an aim to ensure rapid            Task       Force     for     or other disasters such as
          Can’t give up that flame-broiled taste? Then it         to minimize terrorism         communication in the case         Emergency Preparedness       a disease pandemic.
      might be wise to take an aspirin with your char-broiled     risks, according to a Press   of terrorist attack with an       an APEC Emergency and                    MNA/Xinhua
      meal, as the findings also suggest that aspirin may         release issued here on
      negate the potentially harmful effects of flame-broiled
                                                                  Thursday by the task
                                                                  force. The 2007 CTTF
                                                                                                   China sets up alliance to combat
          “Cooking meat at high temperatures in direct heat
      over an open flame can lead to the production of
                                                                  work programme will
                                                                  include new initiatives
                                                                                                       chronic lung diseases
      cancer-causing chemicals known as heterocyclic              such as the Aviation             BEIJING, 17 Nov — An alliance of Chinese doctors and lung specialists has
      amines, or HCAs,” Dr Kala Visvanathan from Johns            Security Quality Controls     been set up to fight chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a deadly
      Hopkins University, explained at a cancer prevention        to mitigate the terrorist     illness, ahead of the fifth “World COPD Day” on 16 November.
      conference sponsored by the American Association            threat to the international       The Guangzhou-                   The COPD is a group       zation, COPD and HIV/
      for Cancer Research.                                        civil aviation network.       based alliance, started by        of    chronic       lung     AIDS rank fourth in the
          By studying the eating patterns of 312 women with           The CTTF will also        the Chinese Medical               diseases. As the disease     list of deadly world
      breast cancer and 316 women who were cancer free,           establish an aviation         Associa-tion (CMA) and            worsens, breathing           diseases after car-
      Visvanathan’s team found that breast cancer was             security point of contact     the German Boehringer             becomes more difficult,      diopathy,      cerebro-
      increased a significant 74 per cent in women who ate        network to improve            Ingelheim Group, brings           making it hard to carry      vascular diseases and
      flame-broiled foods more than twice per month               communications and            together respiratory              out daily activities. A      acute lung infection.
      compared with women who never ate flame-broiled             identify gaps in aviation     specialists from across           COPD exacerbation can        Zhong Nanshan, director
      foods.—MNA/Reuters                                          security networks to cope     the country. It aims to           be mild to life-             of the CMA and one
                                                                                                raise public awareness,           threatening.                 of the organizers of
                                                                                                share clinical experience            Although COPD can         the alliance, said
                                                                                                and                advise         be controlled, it cannot     COPD poses a serious
                                                                                                policymakers about                be cured, experts said.      challenge to the medical
                                                                                                issues such as smoking                According to the         field.
                                                                                                and air pollution.                World Heath Organi-                    MNA/Xinhua

                                                                                                George Clooney—“People” “Sexiest Man” again
                                                                                                    LOS ANGELES, 17 Nov — Coming off a        twice,” Clooney joked in an interview with
                                                                                                pivotal year in which he earned three         People. “He’s enjoyed that mantle. I’d say,
                                                                                                Academy Award nominations and clinched        ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ to him, and he’d go,
                                                                                                an Oscar for his performance in “Syriana”,    ‘Two-time.’ So that’s been taken away.”
                                                                                                actor George Clooney was again named          campaign to help people in Darfur, obviously
                                                                                                People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive”         he’s great looking — we just thought he was
                                                                                                on Wednesday.                                 the total package this year,” she told Reuters.
                                                                                                    The accolade marks the second time             Sanz added that Clooney’s status as one
                                                                                                                                              of the world’s most eligible bachelors helped.
                                                                                                Clooney, 45, has topped the magazine’s
                                                                                                                                              “It’s a little more fun when the sexiest man
                                                                                                annual list of Hollywood beefcake, having     alive is available,” she said.
        People touch the trunk of a Ceiba tree while walking around it three times,             been so honoured in 1997. His close friend         Clooney headed to California from his
       hoping to get three wishes granted from Havana’s patron saint San Cristobal              and co-star Brad Pitt is the only other       native Kentucky in the early 1980s to work
           in Havana on 16 Nov, 2006. Inhabitants of Havana celebrate, every                    celebrity twice dubbed People’s “sexist       as a chauffeur for his aunt, singer Rosemary
       November 16, the anniversary of the first mass and first town council of San             man”. “This one’s going to be hard for        Clooney, before making his own way in
        Cristobal de la Havana since the foundation of the city in 1519.—INTERNET               Brad since he’s been ‘Sexiest Man Alive’      show business. — MNA/Reuters

19-11-06NL                     12                                                                              29/7/18, 7:20 PM
                                                                                     THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Sunday, 19 November, 2006 13

                   pvaer;®Pc\. eKt\m^P∑M>‘Pi;tui;tk\eqa Nuic\cMeta\”k^; tv\eSak\AM.

             Plastic surgery reality show                                                       Michael Jackson performs in
               sparks debate in China                                                               comeback…of sorts
          BEIJING, 17 Nov— After the barnstorming success of Super Girls, the Chinese          LONDON, 17 Nov— Pop superstar Michael Jackson made a musical
       version of the poplular US TV show “American Idol”, another US show — “I comeback of sorts on Wednesday, singing the chorus line of his charity single
       Want a Famous Face” — has arrived in living rooms across the land and is “We Are The World” before the sound cut out as he reached for the high notes.
       generating even more controversy.                                                       The 48-year-old, uncomfortable at times as humbled by this award,”
           Screened by MTV a cosmetic sur-geon in a          fear that, even though it is performing live for the he was surrounded by said Jackson, who wore a
       China at 10 p.m. every G u a n g z h o u - b a s e d popular with viewers, the first time since he was young members of the black sequin jacket and
                                                                                          acquitted of child gospel chorus on stage matching shirt.
       evening from September hospital.Nin’s remarks show will drive away
                                                                                          molestation charges in with him.                        “It was my dream that
       25, the show describes were echoed by Cai potential customers.
                                                                           MNA/Xinhua     June, 2005, looked            Before his patchy ‘Thriller’ would be the
       cosmetic surgery that may Fangming, head of the
                                  Shuguang Hospital in                                                            performance, the deposed biggest-selling album
       involve anything from
                                                                                                                  King of Pop did receive an ever... and God has
       cutting human skin to Guangzhou, who re-
                                                                                                                  award and thanked fans answered my prayers.”
       grinding bones.            commended stricter viewer
                                                                                                                  and his family, singling            Whether       the
          Candidates for the guidelines.                                                                          out his three children who performance helps him on
       surgery are on a quest for, one of the
                                                                                                                  have been staying with him the road to professional
       beautiful celebrity-like major news websites in                                                            during his stopover in recovery remains to be
       faces but achieving that China, reported cam-                                                              London.                     seen. Jackson has said he
       goal can be painful and eramen fainting while                                                                    The World Music planned to move to Europe
       the reality show is shooting scenes in the                                                                 Award’s Diamond Award in a bid to resurrect his
       proving            highly operating theatre.                                                               goes to acts who have sold musical career and
       controversial.                MTV China has already                                                        more than 100 million indicated he will release a
          “Cosmetic surgery,      blurred images on the                                                           records. Jackson’s lifetime new album in 2007.
       like any kind of surgery, screen and issued Hu Jintao (C), Chinese President, Nong Duc Manh tally is believed to be                          The World Music
       includes bloody scenes warnings about bloody (R), general secretary of the Central Committee of the around 750 million, Awards are based on
       that can frighten medical scenes during the show. It Communist Party of Vietnam, and Vietnamese President making him the most artists’ sales as opposed
       students and even sur- has also avoided peak Nguyen Minh Triet attend the opening ceremony of a successful entertainer of to votes from the public or
       geons, let alone ord-inary viewing time for children. website for China-Vietnam economic and trade all time.                           a panel of judges.
       viewers,” said Nin Fumin,     Other cosmetic surgeons cooperation, in Hanoi,on 16 Nov, 2006.—Xinhua               “I am greatly                    MNA/Reuters

             World Toilet Expo kicks off in Thailand                                        Scientists identify key mutations
               BANGKOK,17 Nov— Thailand, hosting the World Toilet Expo and Forum
       2006, plans to adopt proactive strategies to help public toilets throughout the
       country to meet international hygienic standards, Thai News Agency reported
                                                                                                     in bird flu virus
       Thursday.                                                                                HONG KONG,17 Nov—Scientists have discovered two spots on the H5N1
           Thai Public Health surveys on 6,149 public 2006 in joined efforts             bird flu virus which would need to mutate for the virus to infect people more
      Minister Mongkol Na toilets in 12 provinces in devoted by the government           easily.
      Songkhla presided over the March 2006, 5,993 public and private sectors.                  H5N1 is largely a           cause        a    human     Science at the University
      ceremony opening the toilets or 97 per cent did not Thailand has set a target to   disease in animals                 pandemic.                   ofTokyo.
      World Toilet Expo and meet the international increase the figure to 60 per
                                                                                         because it has surface                  “The bottom line is        Using 21 samples of
      Forum 2006 on Thursday. hygienic standards, the cent in 2007 through public
      The event, scheduled from minister said, adding that relations campaigns, the      proteins which bind                that the changes (on the    the H5N1 virus taken
      16 to 18 November in but the percentage has risen minister said.                   more easily to “re-                two spots) can be used as   from human victims in
      Bangkok, Thailand, is to 20 per cent in November                     MNA/Xinhua    ceptors” lining respi-             molecular markers to        Indonesia and Vietnam,
      aimed to promote the                                                               ratory tracts of birds,            identify the potential of   the team of scientists
      development of public                                                              rather than receptors in           the viruses that may grow   found that three of them
      toilets based on three                                                             humans.                            well in humans,” said       bound especially easily to
      guiding principles —                                                                     Experts fear H5N1            Yoshihiro Kawaoka of        human receptors.
      health, accessibility and                                                          will infect more humans            the Institute of Medical               MNA/ Reuters
      safety. It will help agencies                                                      and trigger a pandemic
      related         to     toilet                                                      killing millions of people
      development learn about                                                                                                Illusionist
                                                                                         if the virus mutates to
      the latest trends and
      innovations in the hygiene                                                         attach easily to human              David Blaine
      and toilet-related ind-                                                            receptors.                          is hoisted by
      ustries.                                                                                 In the latest issue of
          About 1,000 participants                                                       Nature, scientists in               crane 40 feet
      including academics, repre-                                                        Japan, Britain and the              (12 metres)
      sent-atives of businesses,                                                         United States said they
                                                                                                                             above     the
      government agencies and                                                            had discovered two
      non-governmental or-                                                               specific spots on the               ground while
      ganizations from Thailand                                                          genes of H5N1 which                 demonstrating
      and other cou-ntries were     Nicholas Negroponte, Professor and Chairman          appeared to determine if
      attending the event, held in     Emeritus of the Massachusetts Institute of                                            his     latest
                                                                                         the virus attached more
      conjunction with World                                                                                                 stunt in New
                                     Technology, shows a model of the $100 laptop        easily to bird or human
      Toilet Day 19 November,
                                    computer he developed for the One Laptop per         receptors.                          York on 17
      designated by the World
      Health Organization to         Child (OLPC) nonprofit group, which will be               This discovery will
                                    distributed to children in impoverished nations,                                           Nov, 2006.
      promote sanitary toilets                                                           help scientists decide if
      worldwide.                    during a briefing at the United Nations in New       any strain of the H5N1                INTERNET
           According to random             York, on 16 Nov, 2006. —INTERNET              has the potential to

19-11-06NL                   13                                                                          29/7/18, 7:20 PM
      14 THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Sunday, 19 November, 2006

                                                                  Bochum rally to beat Frankfurt 4-3 in thriller
              SPORTS                                            BERLIN, 18 Nov— VfL Bochum recovered from 2-0 down to beat 10-man Eintracht Frankfurt 4-3 in
                                                             a thrilling match that gave the hosts only their second win in seven home games.
                                                                 The victory took          But the home side came of Eintracht's goal.        just after the break thanks
                                                             Bochum out of the rel- storming back through             Marcel Maltritz equal- to a splendid individual
                                                             egation zone with 12 Zvjezdan Misimovic's ized in the 33rd and Heiko effort by Gekas with
                                                             points from 13 matches 29th minute penalty after Butscher put Bochum in his fifth goal of the sea-
                                                             as they climbed two Frankfurt's Alexander front three minutes later son before Ioannis
                                                             places to 15th. Frankfurt Vasoski was sent off for to send those loyal Amanatidis pulled one
                                                             stayed 10th in the 18-team the third time this season Bochum fans who had back for Frankfurt in the
                                                             standings on 16 points.    after bringing down stayed into a frenzy.             56th minute.
                                                                 Frankfurt's Albert Theofanis Gekas in front           Bochum made it 4-2                  MNA/Reuters
                                                             Streit scored with a free
                                                             kick after 45 seconds and
                                                             doubled their lead four
                                                                                              Lara edges ahead in Hong Kong
        Russia's Ekaterina Gamova (R) holds the trophy       minutes later by tapping      HONG KONG,18 Nov — Spain's Jose Manuel Lara fired a second round four-
      with her teammates during the awarding ceremony in a cross from Alexander under-par 66 to open a one-shot lead at the Hong Kong Open on Friday, while
       for the Women’s Volleyball World Championships Meier. Many Bochum defending champion Colin Montgomerie moved into contention for a repeat
       in Osaka, western Japan, on 16 Nov, 2006. Russia fans, fearing another triumph.
         defeated Brazil 3-2 in the final to claim the title home rout, jeered or          Lara was the co-over- to claw himself back into Andrew Buckle and Juvic
                        on 16 Nov.—XINHUA                    headed for the exits.      night leader and while contention with a four- Pagunsan of the Philip-
                                                                                        most of the front-runners under 66, after a frustrat- pines.
             Nadal outlasts Davydenko to set up                                         conceded ground to the ing opening round at the           Zhang played an in-
                                                                                        chasing pack, the Span- 2 million US dollars co- spired round that included
                    semi against Federer                                                iard carded five birdies to sanctioned European and an eagle and seven bird-
         SHANGHAI,18 Nov — Spain's Rafael Nadal won a Masters Cup round robin remain top of the Asian Tour event.                             ies. Zhang's compatriot
      shootout with Russian Nikolay Davydenko 5-7, 6-4, 6-4 on Friday to set up a leaderboard at the halfway           China's leading player Liang Wen-chong failed
      semifinal against world number one Roger Federer.                                 stage with a 10-under-par Zhang Lian-wei delighted to build on his solid open-
         The world number two pulled out of last year's plays Spain's Tommy 130 total.                              the home support with a ing round and stumbled to
      took an injury time-out in event with injury, reached Robredo later on Friday,       However, with a dozen seven-under-par 63 to sit a two-over 72 that leaves
      the deciding set but out- the last four despite losing has already won the group players lying within four just two shots off the pace him seven behind the
      lasted the world number to James Blake in his open- and will meet Argentine shots of the lead, includ- along with Australian leader.—MNA/Reuters
      three in a fascinating two- ing match. Last year's David Nalbandian in Sat- ing Frenchman Gregory
      and-three-quarter hour semifinalist Davydenko urday's other semifinal. Bourdy at nine under, Lara
      duel punctuated with long goes home with a 1-2 Robredo is already out of said he was not taking any-
      rallies and fine winners.    record in the Gold Group. contention after two de- thing for granted.
          Debutant Nadal, who         American Blake, who feats.— MNA/Reuters              Montgomerie managed

             CROSSWORD PUZZLE                                 Nathan Green maintains two
                                                              shot lead at Australian Open
                                                                SYDNEY,18 Nov— Nathan Green shot a one-under-
                                                             par 71 to maintain a two-shot lead at the Australian
                                                             Open after Friday's second round.
                                                                Green failed to match his spectacular opening round
                                                             of 67 but still finished the day at six-under par to remain
                                                             two clear of fellow Australian Richard Green. Stuart              Australia's Geoff Ogilvy (R) and his caddy Alistair
                                                             Appleby and Gavin Coles were tied for third a further              "Squirrel" Matheson take shelter under an um-
                                                             three shots back at one-under, one ahead of a bunch of            brella during a rain squall in the first round of the
                                                             seven players at even par, including US Open cham-                 Australian Golf Championship in Sydney on 16
                                                             pion Geoff Ogilvy and PGA Tour championship win-                                Nov, 2006.—INTERNET
                                                             ner Adam Scott.
                                                                Five-time champion Greg Norman holed a 10-metre                Pongsaklek beats Myekeni
                                                             birdie putt on the final hole to make the cut in possibly
                                                             his final appearance at the tournament.— MNA/Reuters                 for record defence
                                                                                                                                  NAKHON RATCHASIMA (Thailand),18 Nov— Thai-
      ACROSS                        DOWN
                                                                  Cannavaro named                                              land's Pongsaklek Wongjongkam made a record 16th
                                                                                                                               straight defence of his WBC light-flyweight title on
       1 Middle
       4 Ascertain weight
                                     1 Large tie
                                    2 Atomic centre
                                                                European player of year                                        Friday with a points victory over South African
                                                                MADRID, 18 Nov— Italy captain Fabio Cannavaro                  Monelisi "showtime" Myekeni.
      8 Race meeting                 3 Sane
                                                             has been named European Footballer of the Year by                    Fighting in his home city for the first time, the Thai
      9 Betting advisor             4 Clean with cloth
                                                             France Football magazine, Real Madrid president                   was made to work hard for his win, with Myekeni
      10 Small flower                5 Bury
      11 Encourage                                           Ramon Calderon said on Friday.                                    frustrating him by ducking and dodging most of his
                                    6 Pay heed
      12 Flat-nosed dog                                         "The joy at Cannavaro winning the Ballon d'Or has              punches.
                                     7 Precipitous
      14 Continent                                           been overshadowed by the sad news of the death of                    The Thai southpaw survived a late onslaught by the
                                    13 Grisly
      15 Thoroughfare                                        Ferenc Puskas today," Calderon told reporters on Fri-             lively challenger to win a unanimous decision, draw-
                                    16 Amaze
      18 Constellation                                       day. The 33-year-old centre-back, who captained Italy             ing scores of 119-108, 117-111, 118-110 from the
                                    17 Go on journey
      21 Long garment               19 Overweight            to victory at the World Cup in Germany, joined Real               Mexican, Italian and South Korean judges.
      23 Made the sound of a        20 Stick fast            from Juventus along with Brazilian midfielder Emerson                Pongsaklek was as relieved as he was ecstatic, and
         sheep                      22 Bread maker           in July.                                                          said he was concerned the world number one would be
      25 Norsemen                   24 Poker stake              France Football will not officially announce who               a threat to his five-year reign as champion.
      26 Rudimentary seed                                    has won the award, which is based on a vote by                       "It was a tough fight, but I'm very happy to fight and
      27 Big                                                 European soccer journalists, until 27 November.                   win in my home province," he told Reuters.
      28 Interfere                                                                                   MNA/Reuters                                                          MNA/Reuters

19-11-06NL                     14                                                                           29/7/18, 7:20 PM
                                                                                                 THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Sunday, 19 November, 2006 15

             Foreigner arrested in Canada for spying
              OTTAWA, 18 Nov — Canada said on Thursday it had arrested a foreign man who it branded a
      threat to national security and who one national newspaper identified as a possible Russian spy.
             The man, who had been living under a false used to deal with what are considered to be major
      name, was detained at Montreal Airport on Tuesday threats to security.
      after two federal Cabinet ministers signed a national                     “The government’s most important duty is to
      security certificate deeming him to be a danger.                 ensure the security of all Canadians. A security
            Ottawa rarely issues such certificates, which are certificate has been issued ... against a foreign national.
                                                                       He is now in custody in Montreal,” said Melissa
                                                                       Leclerc, a spokeswoman for Public Safety Minister
                                                                       Stockwell Day.
                                                                                A copy of the certificate provided to Reuters
                                                                       showed Ottawa believed the man had been “engaging
                                                                       in an act of espionage or an act of subversion”, was a
                                                                       danger to Canada’s security and “belonged to an
                                                                       organization that there are reasonable grounds to
                                                                       believe engages” in spying.
                                                                              The National Post newspaper quoted officials as
                                                                       saying the case had all the hallmarks of an operation
                                                                       by Russia’s foreign intelligence agency. The security
                                                                       certificate said he had been using the false name Paul
        Russia’s players toss the team’s head coach William Hampel.
       Giovanni Caprara (C) of Italy after their win                           A spokesman at the Russian Embassy declined
                                                                       to comment.                                                                           WEATHER
           at the FIVB women’s Volleyball World
                                                                               The case now passes to Canada’s federal court,
          Championship at the final match against                      which has a week to review the evidence the                                    Saturday, 18 November, 2006
        Brazil in Osaka, western Japan, on 16 Nov, government used when it issued the security certificate.                                       Summary of observations recorded at 09:30
                           2006.—INTERNET                                                                                  MNA/Reuters hours MST: During the past 24 hours, weather has
                                                                                                                                           been generally fair in the whole country. Night tem-
                                   11:25 am                            5:00 pm                                                             peratures were (3°C) to (4°C) below normal in Shan
                                    3. Round up of the 5. Song of National                                                                 and Chin States, upper Sagaing and Yangon Divi-
                                       week’s international                Race                                                            sions, (3°C) to (4°C) above normal in Mon State,
                                       news                                                                                                Mandalay, Bago and Taninthayi Divisions and about
                                                                       5:15 pm
                                   11:35 am                                                                                                normal in the remaining areas. The significant night
                                    4. Yan Can Cook                     6. lk\Sc\.km\;Aem∑
        Sunday, 19 November                                                                                                                temperature was Haka (3°C).
                                   11:50 am                            5:20 pm
           View on today                                                                                                                          Maximum temperature on 17-11-2006 was
                                    5. Myanmar movie:                   7. Sing and enjoy                       Sunday, 19 November
                                                                                                                                           100°F. Minimum temperature on 18-11-2006 was
       7:00 am                         {kÁn\eta\N˙c\. kuiBek¥a\}       6:00 pm                                       Tune in today
                                                                                                                                           75°F. Relative humidity at 09:30 hours MST on
        1. Recitation          of                   \
                                       (ekalipg¥c\enwc\;'               8. Evening news                        8:30 am Brief news          18-11-2006 was 79%. Total sunshine hours on
           Parittas by Mis-            ek¥a\eS∑' eza\wm\;'                                                     8:35 am Music:
                                                                       6:30 pm                                                             17-11-2006 was (7.8) hours approx.
           sionary Sayadaw             tc\tc\V' sMra;tc\)
                                                      iu     ˙                                                         -Get back
                                                                        9. Weather report                      8:40 am Perspectives               Rainfalls on 18-11-2006 were (Nil) at
           U Ottamathara               (dåRikta-pn\;K¥^s;mu;)
                                              u \               iu i
                                                                       6:35 pm                                 8:45 am Music:              Mingaladon, Kaba-Aye and Central Yangon. Total
       7:25 am                     2:15 pm                                                                             -Anyway you
        2. To be healthy            6. Ak‘pic\p∑´                      10. q^riegha                                    want me             rainfalls since 1-1-2006 were (98.46) inches at
           exercise                2:25 pm                             7:00 pm                                 8:50 am National news / Mingaladon and (111.61) inches at Kaba-Aye and
                                                                                                                       Slogan              (116.69) inches at Central Yangon. Maximum wind
       7:30 am                      7. Araeta\erel˙ac\tmM              11. Discovery                           9:00 am Music:
        3. Morning news            2:35 pm                             7:10 pm                                         -Feel for your love speed at Yangon (Kaba-Aye) was (6) mph from
       7:40 am                               u \
                                    8. {mNiceqaARO:}     M
                                                                       12. Niuc\cM Ka;zat\lm\;t∑´              9:05 am International       North at 15:30 hours MST on 17-11-2006.
                                       (ht\kk\' zc\r´Tk\'                                                              news                       Bay inference: Weather is partly cloudy in the
        4. Nice and sweet song                                             {ehman\eSac\;r´>                    9:10 am Cultural images of
       7:55 am                         Kucqc\;Âkv\) (dåRukta-
                                         i \                       i \                                                                     Southwest Bay and generally fair in the Andaman
                                                                           en>rk\m¥a;} (Apiuc\;-26)                    Myanmar
                                       eAwm\;emac\l˙m¥oi;)                                                     9:20 am Music:
        5. yU\ek¥;lima  μ                                                                                                                  Sea and elsewhere in the Bay of Bengal.
                                   2:45 pm                             8:00 pm                                         -I’m gonna getcha
           (38) Pa mgçla                                                                                                                          Forecast valid until evening of the
                                    9.International news               13. News                                        good
       8:05 am                                                                                                 1:30 pm News / Slogan       19-11-2006: Weather will be partly cloudy in the
                                   4:00 pm                             14. International news
        6. At^;‘pic\p∑´                                                                                        1:40pm Children’s delight Kachin, Rakhine, Shan and Kayah States, Yangon and
                                    1. Martial song                    15. Weather report                              -Story for children
       8:15 am                                                                                                                             Taninthayi Divisions and generally fair in the remain-
                                   4:15 pm                                                                             “The old man &
        7. wm\puMerel˙ac\tmM                                           16. Niuc\cM Ka;zat\lm\;t∑´                      500 monkeys”        ing areas.
                                    2. Songs to uphold
       8:20 am                                                             {emt†apn\;tuic\}                            -Songs          for        State of the Sea: Seas will be slight in
                                       National Spirit
        8. ASiu‘pic\p∑´                                                    (Apic;-38)(zat\qm;puc;)
                                                                                  u \                  i \ i \         children
                                   4:30 pm                                                                     9:00 pm Weekly news
                                                                                                                                           Myanmar waters.
       8:30 am                      3. English for everyday            17. mc\;k∑n;Sraeta\Bra;”k^;
                                                                                      \              u                 review                     Outlook for subsequent two days: Generally
        9. International news          use                                 U^ ; wis it † q araBiw M q f        9:10 pm Article             fair in the whole country.
       8:45 am                                                                                                 9:20 pm Music/latest hits/
                                   4:45 pm                                 Arp\ Sy\m¥k\N˙a emt†a                                                  Forecast for Nay Pyi Taw and neighbouring
       10. Say it in English                                                                                           Let’s improve
                                    4.Aew;qc\tk˚qlpvaer;   iu \
                                                                           Bawna p∑a;m¥a; Kc\;                         English through     areas for 19-11-2006: Partly cloudy.
       11:00 am                        Rup\ mc\qMÂka; qc\Kn\;sa                                                        songs                      Forecast for Yangon and neighbouring
        1. Martial song                -dutyN˙s\ (Datuebd'
                                               i                                                                       -Day after day
                                                                       18. The next day’s                              -A little bit more  areas for 19-11-2006: Generally fair.
       11:15 am                        qt†ebdAT¨;‘pm¥a;)
                                                 bdAT¨ ‘pm¥a;)
                                                                                                               9:45 pm News / Slogan              Forecast for Mandalay and neighbouring
        2. Musical programme           (Datuebd)  bd)                      programme
                                                                                                               10:00 pm PEL                areas for 19-11-2006: Generally fair.
        *R 489     Published by the News and Periodicals Enterprise, Ministry of Information, Union of Myanmar. Edited and printed at The New Light of Myanmar Press,
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19-11-06NL                       15                                                                                  29/7/18, 7:21 PM
      15th Waning of Tazaungmon 1368 ME                                                                                                               Sunday, 19 November, 2006

                Graduation dinner of Pilot
                Training Course No 68 held
              NAY PYI TAW, 18
       Nov — The graduation
       dinner of Pilot Training
       Course No 68 of No 1
       Pilot Training School of
       the Flying Training Base
       was held at the flying
       training base in Shande,
       Meikhtila, yesterday
              It was attended by
       members of the State
       Peace and Development
       Council Lt-Gen Ye Myint
       of the Ministry of Defence
       and Chief of Armed
       Forces Training Lt-Gen
       Aung Htwe, Commander-
       in-Chief (Navy) Vice-
       Admiral Soe Thein,
       (Air) Lt-Gen Myat Hein,
       Chairman of Mandalay
       Division Peace and
       Development Council
       Commander of Central
       Command Maj-Gen Khin
       Zaw, senior military          Tin, the Air Base           Meikhtila        Station,     Gen Myat Hein and senior          Commander-in-Chief (Air) Lt-Gen Myat Hein
       officers of the Ministry of   commander, squadron         departmental officials and    military officers cordially       attends the dinner to mark the graduation of
       Defence, Commander of         leader, the commandant,     parents and relatives of      greeted the graduate
       the Flying Training Base                                                                                                  Pilot Training Course No 68 of No 1 Pilot
                                     military officers of        graduate pilots.              pilots.
       Brig-Gen Khin Maung           battalions and units of           After the dinner, Lt-                        MNA                 Training School.—MNA

         Lt-Gen Kyaw Win inspects progress of agriculture and
               construction tasks in Kengtung Township
              NAY PYI TAW, 18 Nov — Member of the State          growing of rubber and physic nut plants.                        Kengtung Township are to serve the interest of their
       Peace and Development Council Lt-Gen Kyaw Win of                 Under the arrangement of Shan State (East)               region and the State, while the Government is striving
       the Ministry of Defence, accompanied by Chairman of       PDC, Triangle Region Command had cultivated 55,000              for development of the national economy. Local
       Shan State (East) PDC Commander of Triangle Region        acres of rubber. Next year, Shan State (East) is making         authorities and departmental heads are to provide
       Command Maj-Gen Min Aung Hlaing, inspected                arrangements to grow 100,000 acres of rubber.                   necessary assistance to the growing of quality strain
       thriving rubber and physic nut plantations of the local          In Kengtung, Lt-Gen Kyaw Win met with                    crops for ensuring food sufficiency in the region, while
       military unit in Kengtung yesterday.                      entrepreneurs, agriculturists and breeders. In his              engaging in extended cultivation of physic nut plants.
              Col Myint Ko Ko of the local station reported on   address, Lt-Gen Kyaw Win said that entrepreneurs of                                  (See page 8)

                Lt-Gen Kyaw Win of the Ministry of Defence inspects the construction of two-storey building of Kengtung Degree College.—MNA

19-11-06NL                      16                                                                            29/7/18, 7:21 PM

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