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					                                    Abstract    Presentation
             Session/Time           Number          Type                                  Abstract Title

Session #1

Friday, October 15, 2010 2:30-4pm
Group A                                        Orals
                                                               A Story of Three Trials: Patient Centered Counseling to Reduce
                                           8                   Health Disparities

                                                               Improving Patient-Centered Care for Primary Care Patients with
                                          51                   Hypertension
                                                               Dear Doctor: A tool to enhance patient-centered care and
                                          84                   communication
                                                               Negotiating Face in the Management of Cognitive Impairment: The
                                          94                   MD-PT-CG Triad

Group B                                        Orals
                                                               Communication excellence: Research synthesis on stress reduction
                                         114                   in healthcare

                                          87                   Medical practitioner's perspectives on guilt as a motivational tool

                                         117                   Building Bridges in Mental Health Care Using Appreciative Inquiry
Group C                                        Orals

                                                               Parents' knowledge and views of cancer-related fertility effects
                                          72                   and fertility preservation options for their daughters

                                          52                   Communication in Hematological Malignancy Consultations
                                          48                   After the Diagnosis: News Disclosures in Cancer Care
                                                               Reducing Medical Errors and Malpractice Risk Through Better
Group D                                   99 Workshop          Communication

Group E                                  101 Workshop          Informed Shared-Decision Making: A Risk Management Tool

Group F                                  142 Workshop          U.S. American Ski Patrol Meets the Swiss Bergwacht
                                                               Writing the Physician’s Tale: Sharing Stories and Publishing Your
Group G                                  138 Workshop          Narratives
Group H

Poster Session
Friday, October 15, 2010 4-6pm
                                                               A Delphi Study to Establish Content for Disclosing Sickle Cell Carrier
                                         119                   Status
                                          60                   Learning to communicate in multi-disciplinary teams

                                                               A method to assess the use of organizing behaviors in physicians’
                                          95                   conversation

                                                               Disease Ideas & Perceived Disease Severity in Patients With
                                          21                   Chronic Hepatitis C
                                                 Patients’ satisfaction with the quality of the nurse care in Health
                                    67           Centres
                                   120           Public Health Priorities in Popular Media
                                                 Improving Communication between Hospital-Based and Primary
                                   18            Care Physicians
                                   26            Go Wish (TM): Desires at End of Life
                                                 Curriculum resource for interview skills. Evaluation of a web-
                                   65            based program

                                                 Weight-Related Advice and its association with improvement in
                                   53            weight loss

                                                 How Do Non-Physician Clinicians Respond to Cancer Patient's
                                   93            Expressed Emotions?
                                                 Physician Communication Behaviors and Trust among Black and
                                   56            White Patients
                                                 The Value of Reflective Journaling as a Communication Tool for
                                   54            Medical Students

                                   85            Human Context in Health Care
                                                 An Educational Innovation Teaching Group Decision Making To
                                   141           Healthcare Providers
                                                 Introducing Multidisciplinary Communication Skills Via Simulation
                                   89            Scenarios
                                                 Theoretical Model of Effortful Decision Making & Enactment:
                                   69            Opportunity to Empower Patients
                                                 Interactive Medical Spanish Curriculum for Medical Students in
                                   59            Clinical Settings

Session #2
Saturday, October 16, 2010 9:30-
Group A                                  Orals
                                   70            How are you feeling? And the Cooperative Principle
                                                 Tailored Education and Coaching to Reduce Cancer Pain: A
                                    7            Randomized Trial
                                                 Communication With Caregivers: A Survey of Internists and
                                    3            Oncologists

Group B                                  Orals

                                   25            A Communication Course for Intensive care fellows
                                                 Relational Culture in Academic Medicine: A Five-School Faculty
                                   41            Survey
                                                 Bringing Conversation Analysis into the Medical Education
                                   109           Curriculum
Group C                                  Orals
                                                 Patient Education Improves Discharge Outcomes in Ventilated
                                    6            Children
                                                 A Statewide Communication Quality Assurance Program after
                                   130           Newborn Screening
                                                           Improving Timeliness and Quality: Discharge Summaries Dictated
                                      137                  by Internal Medicine Residents

Group D                                     Orals
                                                           Comparison of message equivalent print versus web breast cancer
                                       71                  information
                                                           The Role of Cancer Information Services-an International
                                      102                  Perspective
                                                           Health Literacy on Wheels: Interactional Health Literacy for Older
                                      115                  Adults
Group E                                     Orals
                                                           Prescription Medication Information Pharmacy Patrons Want from
                                      107                  a Pharmacist
                                                           The Association of Chronic Disease, Self-Management and Shared
                                       27                  Decision-Making

                                       96                  Physician patient-centeredness and patient decision-making

Group F                                     Orals
                                                           Mayo Clinic Strengthening the Cornerstone of Teamwork
                                       46                  Enterprise wide: Teamwork

                                                           Leading Collaborative Healthcare Teams: A Leadership
                                       77                  Development Program to Improve Emotional Intelligence
                                                           Communication Processes in Team Meetings at a Multidisciplinary
                                      134                  Cancer Center
Group G                                79 Interest Group   Balancing Work and Family
                                          Work in
                                          Progress         Spouse Participation in Encounters of Patients with Type II
Group H                                   Presentation     Diabetes and Patient Adherence
                                          Work in
                                          Progress         An Authoring Tool for Creation of Tailorable Health Learning
                                          Presentation     Materials

Session #3
Saturday, October 16, 2010 10:45am-
Group A                                     Orals
                                                           Attitudes Toward Patient-Centered Care: Can They be Facilitated
                                      112                  and Endure?
                                                           How patient-centered is patient-clinician communication in the
                                       61                  U.S.?

                                                           Faculty Development Program to Improve Resident Learning of
                                       57                  PatientCentered Care
                                                           Patient-Centered Communication and Physicians’ Use of Electronic
                                       73                  Medical Records

Group B                                     Orals
                                                           Teaching medical students to communicate with patients living
                                       92                  with disabilities
                                                           Cross cultural communication for faculty and trainees in
                                      132                  multispecialty clinic
                                                  Risk, Bias, Morality and Paternalism in Residents’ Decisions About
                                    4             Sildenafil
                                                  Measuring physician cultural competence: results from a national
                                   97             survey
Group C                                  Orals

                                   110            Talking About Medication in Psychiatric Case Management
                                                  Implementing a Patient-Friendly Daily Hospital Medication
                                    2             Schedule
                                                  Provider-Patient Conversations Regarding the Use of Multiple
                                   55             Healthcare Systems
                                                  Shared Decision Making as an Advanced Communication Skill for
Group D                            146 Workshop   Medical Students
Group E                            104 Workshop   Improving Shared Decision Making in Primary Care
                                                  Improving Communication in Interventional Radiology through
Group F                            125 Workshop   Appreciative Inquiry
                                                  Medical Students as Preceptors in a Communication Skills
Group G                            23 Workshop    Curriculum
                                                  Teaching communication skills in real time: The role of
Group H                            24 Workshop    interventions

Session #5
Saturday, October 16, 2010 2:45-
Group A                                  Orals
                                                  Development of TalkMed, a tailored website to stimulate patient
                                   22             medication talk
                                                  Speech inelligibility and cognition: Are inpatients impaired by
                                   76             noise?
                                                  New Prescriptions:How Well Do Patients Remember Information
                                   122            Given by Physicians?
                                                  Evidence-based and Ready to Use Doctor-Patient Communication
Group B                            106 Workshop   Didactic Curriculum

Group C                            44 Workshop    Effective Assessment of Medication Adherence: Teaching Trainees

Group D                            37 Workshop    An Evidence-Based Method for Patient-Centered Interviewing
                                                  Teaching the Art of Medicine: Instructors Showing Their Own
Group E                            124 Workshop   Patient Visits
                                                  Personality type and concept maps as tools to navigate the
Group F                            123 Workshop   medical encounter
Group G                             81 Workshop   Using Empathy In Clinical Practice: Let’s practice!
                                                  Responses to a challenging narrative: A potentially powerful
Group H                            128 Workshop   educational tool

Session # 6
Saturday, October 16, 2010 4:30-
Group A                                  Orals
                                                       Formal Longitudinal Communication Curriculum in a Family
                                 131                   Medicine Residency
                                                       Tracking of Medical Students Empathy Skills with a Curriculum
                                 39                    Change

Group B                                Orals
                                 50                    The Competing Discourses of Care at the End of Life
                                                       Communicating Adverse Patient Events in Surgery: The CAPES
                                 126                   Study

                                                       Communicating About Hypertension: The Role of Explanatory
                                 127                   Models & Daily Lived Experiences
Group C                                Orals
                                                       Surgical Standard Operating Procedure - From Concept to Reality.
                                 140                   The Mayo Clinic Florida Experience
                                                       Never been better: A survey of physicians on medicine for human
                                 113                   enhancement
                                                       Improving Neonatal Resuscitation Through Better Team
                                 100                   Communication

Group D                                Orals
                                                       Triangulation of methods and perspectives enhances health
                                 129                   communication research
                                                       Feasibility of Computer-Mediated In-Hospital Smoking Cessation
                                 103                   Counseling
Group E                                Orals
                                                       Association of Patient-Centered Communication Measures with
                                 86                    Patient Satisfaction
                                                       Physician interracial anxiety, communication, and satisfaction with
                                 98                    HIV care
                                                       Embarrassment in Health Care: Intersections and Implications for
                                 47                    Communication

Group F
Group G
                                       Work in
Group H                                Presentations

Session #7
Sunday, October 17, 2010 9:45-
Group A                                Orals
                                                       Family Medicine Residents’ Views on professionals attitudes and
                                 42                    values.
                                                       Teaching Communication Skills – Are we still closing out our
                                 116                   patients?
                                                       Medical education on complementary and alternative medicine:
                                 139                   facts and visions

                                 91                    The Three-Dimensional Skeleton of a Clinical Interview

Group B                                Orals
                              88            Improving Clinician Attitudes toward Patients: The Impact of Film

                                            Physician use of MI techniques and patient satisfaction and
                              147           autonomy support

                                            Real-time housestaff performance evaluation: An innovative “mini-
                              64            cex” program

Group C                       45 Workshop   Enhancing Residents’ Education with Post-Discharge Home Visits
                                            An Individualized Evidence-Based Approach to Medically
Group D                       43 Workshop   Unexplained Symptoms
                                            Communication in Trouble: Patients with "PERSONALITY
Group E                       82 Workshop   DISORDERS" in your practice

Group F
Group G
Group H

*Please note: this schedule
is subject to change
                           Abstract Author (s)                                      Name

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