; TECHNICAL DATA SHEET PRODUCT Tork Universal Hand Towel Basic 1
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TECHNICAL DATA SHEET PRODUCT Tork Universal Hand Towel Basic 1


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PRODUCT: Tork Universal Hand Towel Basic 1 Ply Zigzag Fold
Our Ref: M290135

One towel at a time: reduced consumption and increased hygiene
Good basic functional properties
An economic, value-for-money option

Consumer Unit Specifications
Pcs/Con: 200
Gross weight/con: 0.5375 kg
Net weight/con: 0.53046 kg
Packaging: Banderole
EAN Con: 7310791047935

Transport unit specifications
Packaging trp: Carton
Con/Trp: 20
Length, trp: 596 mm
Width, trp: 406 mm
Height, trp: 262 mm
Volume, trp: 0.0634 m3
Gross weight, trp: 11.296 kg
Net weight/trp: 10.609 kg

Tork Universal Hand Towel Green Zigzag Fold
1 ply
Article # 290135
System H3-System
Ply 1
Color Green
Print No
Unfolded length 23.0 cm
Unfolded width 24.8 cm
Folded length 11.5 cm
Old product name
Tork Classic
Ean trp: 7310791047942
Pcs Trp: 4000
Trp Pallet: 20
Recycled fibres

Recycled fibres
Recovered paper can be produced both from collected newsprint, magazines and office waste. The paper is
washed with water and treated with chemicals under high temperature and then filtered. Different fibres
demand different processes and this determines the end product properties, and makes the fibre type
(recovered or virgin) less important. The environmental benefits and economic feasibility of recovered paper
as a raw material source depend on its availability, transport distance and the quality of the collected material.

Bleaching of fibres
Bleaching is a cleaning process of the fibres and the aim is to achieve a bright pulp, but also to get a certain
purity of the fibre in order to achieve the demands for hygiene products and in some cases to meet the
requirements for food safety. There are different methods used today for bleaching; ECF (elementary chlorine
free (where chlorine dioxide is used, and TCF (totally chlorine free) where ozone, oxygen and hydrogen
peroxide is used.

The chemicals used in the process as well as the functional chemicals are assessed from an environmental,
occupational health and safety and product safety point of view.

The used functional chemicals are:
Wet strength agent
Dry strength agent
Dye=if coloured
Fixing agents
Fluorescent whitening agent
Glue=if used
The process chemicals are:
Protection agent
Yankee coating
Dispersing agents and surfactants
pH and charge control
Retention aids
Broke treatment chemicals
Drainage aid
Fulfillment of Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive (94/62/EC): Yes
Environmental label = Ecolabel

Date of issue 2007-11-06
Revision date 2009-07-23

This product is mainly used for personal hygiene and can be collected together with household waste.

DS494.TDS                                                                                    23rd July 2009

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