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                                                JACOBS is creating the world of tomorrow as one of the
                                                largest providers of architecture, engineering, construction,
                                                and other professional technical services. Jacobs Technology,
                                                a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jacobs Engineering, is a
                                                worldwide leader in providing advanced engineering and
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                                                HISPANIC TODAY

NATIONAL HISPANIC                                             Charlotte, N.C., with research and development and

ENTREPRENEURS’ ORGANIZATION                                   call centers in Latin America. In 2006, Mr. Giometti
                                                              founded Viva Carolina, a multimedia Latino network
LAUNCHED TO EMPOWER HISPANIC                                  in the Carolinas with focus in Education, Business
ENTREPRENEURS                                                 and Healthcare, that was acquired in 2008 by
Juan Pablo Giometti, president and CEO of NHEO,               The Latin Focus LLC. Viva Carolina was the first
Inc., has announced the launch of National Hispanic           community Hispanic newspaper in eastern North
Entrepreneurs’ Organization (www.nheo.org), a                 Carolina.
nonprofit organization created to empower Hispanic
entrepreneurs who are underrepresented in America.            Giometti has held several managerial positions for
                                                              Fortune 500 companies, including NACCO Materials
As the premier business organization serving                  Handling Group, Inc. (NMHG), IBM, Pepsi Bottling
Hispanic entrepreneurs, NHEO’s mission is to close            Group and Motorola in the United States and Latin
the minority gap that Hispanics face in the business          America, where he worked in business development
world and foster entrepreneurship among Hispanics             and marketing roles for multimillion dollar projects.
through mentoring, networking and education. The
organization acts as an information hub for new and
                                                              NEW REPORT DETAILS MOST
existing Hispanic business owners and offers timely
access to business and community resources at the
                                                              COMMON AND FASTEST-GROWING
local, regional and national level. NHEO also helps           OCCUPATIONS
stimulate economic growth by providing high quality,          Perhaps more than ever, workplace skills are key to
prescreened information in the English and Spanish            finding and retaining employment. If you’re considering
languages.                                                    a new occupation in the new year and want to explore
                                                              some possibilities, check out the new “Occupational
“I am excited that NHEO is up and ready for                   Opportunities” report issued by ACT, Inc. The eight-
business,” said Giometti, president and CEO of the            page report is available online, for free (click here).
organization. “Our overall objective is to increase the
chances of success of Hispanic entrepreneurs by               Three charts in the report present projected annual
providing them needed business wisdom, resulting              openings, recommended skill levels, and average
in increased revenue as well as job growth within the         annual salaries associated with some of the nation’s
country.“                                                     most common occupations. The information is based
                                                              on ACT research, along with data extracted from the
Juan Pablo Giometti is also Managing Director of              Occupational Information Network developed by the
The Latin Focus LLC, a full-service Hispanic media            U.S. Department of Labor and data published by the
and marketing consulting firm headquartered in                U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

                                                   HISPANIC TODAY

THE OCCUPATION CHARTS ARE DIVIDED INTO                        states Martin Scaglione, ACT Workforce Division
THREE SECTIONS:                                               president & COO. “We will continue to see steady
The Now section provides data for 45 occupations              growth in occupations that demand the knowledge
commonly available to high school graduates. These            and skills needed to master complex tasks and
positions frequently serve as gateways to higher-level        responsibilities. Opportunities abound for those who
jobs and careers.                                             prepare to meet these new challenges.”

The Next section provides data for 55 occupations             In order of Annual Openings, the top five
requiring additional training usually acquired on the         opportunities for each category according to the
job or via educational programs offered by community          number of projected annual openings include:
colleges or other providers.                                  NOW:
                                                              Retail salespersons (719,636)
The Later section lists 50 occupations requiring              Customer service representatives (577,955)
postsecondary educational credentials and may call            Office clerks, general (474,658)
for professional experience.                                  Home health aides (393,920)
                                                              Janitors and cleaners (except maids and
For each occupation listed in the Now, Next and               housekeeping cleaners) (390,328)
Later sections, three columns list the recommended            NEXT:
WorkKeys® assessment scores an individual should              Bookkeeping, accounting, clerks (303,213)
have to be successful in that occupation. The three           Executive secretaries and assts. (270,183)
WorkKeys assessments used for this chart are                  Carpenters (173,807)
Reading for Information, Applied Mathematics, and             Sales reps (171,904)
Locating Information. ACT research shows that                 Automotive service techs (131,007)
these three skills are important to 85 percent of the         LATER:
nearly 17,000 jobs that have been analyzed since the          Registered nurses (639,815)
WorkKeys system was launched about twenty years               Postsecondary teachers (420,031)
ago.                                                          Accountants and auditors (249,672)
                                                              Elementary school teachers (243,257)
These assessments support the National Career                 Computer systems analysts (151,659)
Readiness Certificate offered by ACT – a portable
credential issued to verify that individuals possess          In order of U.S. Median Wage, the top five median
the essential skills associated with the listed               annual (gross) earnings for each category
occupations. Employers across the nation may                  include:
validate the presence of core employability skills that       NOW:
are closely related to job performance and success.           Power-line installers and repairers    ($52,570)
“The U.S. economy is in a period of transformation,”          Police and sheriff’s patrol officers   ($49,630)

                                                 HISPANIC TODAY

Postal service mail carriers ($44,500)                       DESPITE ECONOMY, NEARLY TWO-
Brickmasons and blockmasons ($44,070)
Firefighters ($43,170)
                                                             THIRDS OF COMPANIES PLANNING
NEXT:                                                        YEAR-END BONUSES
Dental hygienists ($64,740)                                  As the economy struggles to crawl out of the worst
Flight attendants ($61,120)                                  recession in decades, many companies remain
Diagnostic medical sonographers ($59,860)                    focused on containing costs. However, one new
Real estate brokers ($58,860)                                survey shows that, despite continued worries about
Cost estimators ($54,920)                                    costs, 64 percent of employers are planning to hand
LATER:                                                       out holiday bonus checks this year. The survey
Physicians and surgeons ($153,640)                           of approximately 100 human resource executives
Chief executives ($151,370)                                  conducted in November by global outplacement
Airline pilots and flight engineers ($148,810)               consultancy Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.
Dentists, general ($137,630)                                 suggests that while companies are not quite ready to
Computer and IS managers ($108,070)                          accelerate hiring, they are cognizant of the potential
                                                             to lose high performing workers when the job market
“As you might guess,” stated Scaglione, “the                 begins to improve and job creation gains momentum.
occupations in the Next and Later sections requiring
postsecondary training and/or postsecondary                  The percentage of companies awarding holiday
education are the more highly compensated                    bonuses this year represents a marked improvement
positions, as well as the occupations requiring higher       over 2008, when 54 percent of companies planned to
WorkKeys assessment scores.”                                 give bonuses. Not only are more employers planning
                                                             to give bonuses this year, but some are planning to
For individuals unsure of what occupation might              give bigger checks. Eight percent of those polled said
be the most suitable for them, ACT offers an                 their companies were increasing the size of bonus
assessment called “Fit” designed to match individual         checks. Last year, none of the companies planning
interests and values to the work environment. This           bonuses were giving bigger ones.
tool assesses work-related interests and a broad
range of work-related values, such as Autonomy,              While the survey shows an overall increase in the
Physical Activity, Influencing Others, and Precision.        percentage of companies awarding bonuses, it also
For ease of use, information from both interests and         demonstrates the impact that the recession has had
values are combined into a single Fit Index. More            on many companies. Sixteen percent of respondents
information about this assessment is available at            said that, while they awarded bonuses in 2008, they
http://www.act.org/workkeys/assess/fit/index.                did not plan to do so this year. That is up from 13
html. For more information about ACT, visit www.             percent of companies that saw the cancellation of
act.org.                                                     bonuses from one year to the next.
                                                 HISPANIC TODAY

Another four percent of companies planned to give            left many workers disgruntled, frustrated and ready to
smaller bonuses than a year ago, which the same              move on as soon as the market improves. Year-end
percentage who said as much in the 2008 survey.              bonuses may not ensure the loyalty of all unhappy
“Companies are not quite ready to ramp up hiring,            workers, but they could help entice some to stay
but they are beginning to see the light at the end           aboard,” said Challenger.
of the tunnel. While most can probably justify
postponing bonuses another year, there are growing           While the human resource executives surveyed did
concerns that job market improvements in 2010                not provide details on the amount of bonus checks,
could bring an exodus of workers. Companies are              John Challenger said some companies may choose
also sending a message that we appreciate that               to be creative when it comes to year-end rewards.
this has been a tough year for everyone, and that
the workers’ part in ensuring continued survival is          “In some respects, it truly is the thought that
recognized,” said John A. Challenger, chief executive        counts. Employees want to be recognized for their
officer of Challenger, Gray & Christmas.                     contribution to the company. It doesn’t have to be
                                                             a Wall Street sized bonus check. Many workers
Many employers are indeed expecting a rapid surge            would be happy with a $100 gift certificate to a local
in turnover when the economy improves, according             restaurant or store. Many would probably be happy
to a survey by consultancy firm Deloitte. The survey         with a couple of extra days of paid vacation at the
found that nearly two-thirds of managers were highly         end of the year. Many are simply happy to have a job
or very highly concerned about losing high-potential         in this economy,” said Challenger.
talent in the year after the recession ended.
                                                             “Of course, those who are just happy to have a job
“In addition to layoffs, the recession forced many           are usually the first ones seeking greener pastures at
employers to decrease workers’ hours, institute pay          the first sign of improvement. Companies understand
cuts, force employees to take unpaid vacations and           this and it is why nearly two-thirds of them are finding
halt matching 401(k) contributions. While some of            a way to give bonuses this year,” he concluded. HT
these measures have saved jobs, they undoubtedly

             HISPANIC TODAY

Work Here. Fly Anywhere.

                              the journey begins here
                                  HISPANIC TODAY

  for the STARS
                                                   By Richard Chudy
                                                   Photos and additional material courtesty of NASA

 Hispanics have made their mark in a myriad of fields. Perhaps none more

 impressive than their involvement in space exploration. Ever since the first

 Hispanic traveled past the confines of gravity, the number of Hispanics that

 have joined the ranks of space travelers continues to grow.

                                             HISPANIC TODAY

The first Hispanic NASA astronaut was Dr. Franklin Chang-Diaz. His first foray
into space took place in 1986 but his career as an astronaut was not a
singular flight. In fact, Chang- Diaz flew a total of 7 space missions
from 1986 to 2002. All told, he logged over 1,600 hours in space
and an impressive 19 hours and 31 minutes of spacewalking.

His first mission, STS 61-C (January 12-
18, 1986), was launched from the Kennedy                  Dr. Franklin
Space Center, Florida, on the Space Shuttle               Chang-Diaz
Columbia. STS 61-C was a 6-day flight during
which Dr. Chang- Diaz participated in the
deployment of the SATCOM KU satellite,
conducted experiments in astrophysics, and
operated the materials processing laboratory
MSL-2. Following 96 orbits of the Earth,
Columbia and her crew made a
successful night landing at
Edwards Air Force Base,
California. Mission duration
was 146 hours, 3 minutes,
51 seconds. Subsequent
missions all had
their moments,
including milestone
trips to establish
and upgrade the
International Space
Station and Russian
Space Station Mir.

His passion for space
exploration was inspiration for
many other Hispanics who looked to the stars
with dreams of becoming an astronaut. In an
interview conducted towards the latter part of
his career in January of 2003, Dr. Chang- Diaz
relayed these words. “Space is just wonderful,”
he said. “It’s a place I long to be now. When I
get there, it’s like being home every time. I have
the sensation of more familiarity.”
                                                 HISPANIC TODAY
His journey to becoming an astronaut proves                      Chang-Diaz graduated from a Costa Rica high
that hard work, dedication and a deep-seated                     school in 1967. He worked as a bank teller for
desire to follow one’s dreams can payoff big.                    nine months and saved $50. His father got him
Few NASA astronauts have chalked up more                         a one-way ticket to Hartford, Conn., where he
than a decade in space, but Franklin Chang-Diaz                  would live with relatives.
says he’s been touring the cosmos for nearly
half a century. His first spacecraft? An oversized               “The first thing I had to do was learn English, so
cardboard box, fueled by the vivid imagination of                I enrolled myself in public high school,” he said.
a small boy who already knew what he wanted to                   “Then I planned to find a way to get a scholarship
do with his life and would meet every challenge                  to go to a university.” He got that scholarship,
to make it happen.                                               and earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical
                                                                 engineering from the University of Connecticut in
A self-described “normal kid” growing up in                      1973. In 1977, he earned a doctorate in applied
Costa Rica in the 1950s, Chang-Diaz had an                       physics from the Massachusetts Institute of
early interest in science and physics, building                  Technology in Cambridge, Mass.
and launching his own rockets through the rain
gutters of his grandparent’s house. His parents                  Fast-forward to August of 2009 and you’ll find
fostered his enthusiasm, but offered some wise                   the newest of roughly a dozen Hispanics who
counsel as well. “You can’t just be an explorer                  have made the grade and attained the position
who goes along and looks for things,” his mother                 of NASA astronaut – Jose Hernandez. He,
told him. “You have to study and be a scientist,                 like many that have completed training as an
so you can tell what you’re really finding.”                     astronaut, came from humble beginnings. He
Inspiration also came from Chang-Diaz’s father                   was a young boy when he and his family, migrant
who always told him to believe in himself. “My                   farm workers, began working the California
dad was my hero,” he said. “He instilled in me a                 Circuit – the name given to the grapevine of
very strong sense of self- assurance.”                           farms that provided seasonal work for pickers
                                                                 and farm workers. Frequent moves throughout
When a NASA official visited Costa Rica to talk                  his childhood made getting an education difficult,
to high school students about space exploration,                 but regardless, Hernandez earned a first rate
Chang-Diaz made a decision that would alter his                  education. He obtained a master’s degree in
life. “I sat in the front row, listening to this guy talk        electrical engineering from UC Santa Barbara.
about rockets and rocket propulsion,” he recalls.
“He had copies of a booklet, ‘So You Want To Be                  But the impetus to reach for the stars came
a Rocket Scientist,’ by Werner von Braun, it told                much earlier in life. It was while he was in high
you how to become a rocket scientist and work                    school in Stockton, California that Hernandez
for NASA. That’s what I wanted to do,” he said.                  caught wind of something that captured his
                                                                 attention and stoked a new passion. He heard
He immediately wrote to von Braun. NASA’s                        that fellow Hispanic, Franklin Chang-Diaz was
reply commended him on his interest, but                         recruited by the Astronaut Corps – and the
stressed careers in NASA were reserved for U.S.                  thought of becoming an astronaut became his
citizens. “That’s when I formulated my plan to                   new dream.
come to the United States,” he said.

                                                  HISPANIC TODAY

  Astronaut Jose Hernandez, STS-128 mission specialist, attired in a training version of his shuttle launch and entry
  suit, awaits the start of a training session in the Space Vehicle Mock-up Facility at NASA’s Johnson Space Center.

“I was hoeing a row of sugar beets in a field near Stockton, Calif., and I heard on my transistor radio
that Franklin Chang-Diaz had been selected for the Astronaut Corps,” says Hernandez, who was a
senior in high school at the time. “I was already interested in science and engineering,” Hernandez
remembers, “but that was the moment I said, ‘I want to fly in space.’

After graduating high school in Stockton, Hernandez enrolled at the University of the Pacific in
Stockton, where he earned a degree in electrical engineering and was awarded a full scholarship
to the graduate program at the University of California in Santa Barbara, where he continued his
engineering studies. In 1987 he accepted a full-time job with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory,
where he had worked as a co-op in college.

While at Lawrence Livermore, Hernandez worked on signal and image processing applications in
radar imaging, computed tomography, and acoustic imaging. Later in his career, Hernandez worked
on developing quantitative x-ray film imaging analysis techniques for the x-ray laser program.
Hernandez applied these techniques in the medical physics arena and co-developed the first full-
field digital mammography imaging system. This system has proven useful for detecting breast
cancer at an earlier stage than present film/screen mammography techniques. Hernandez has won
recognition awards for his work on this project. He has also worked in the international arena where
he represented Lawrence Livermore and the U.S. Department of Energy on Russian nuclear non-
proliferation issues.
                                   HISPANIC TODAY

NASA astronaut John “Danny” Olivas, STS-128
mission specialist, participates in the mission’s
second session of extravehicular activity (EVA)
as construction and maintenance continue on the
International Space Station.

                                                    (PRNewsFoto/MGM MIRAGE)

                                                  HISPANIC TODAY

  Seated are Commander Rick Sturckow (right) and Pilot Kevin Ford. From the left (standing) are mission
  specialists José Hernández, John “Danny” Olivas, Nicole Stott, European Space Agency’s Christer Fuglesang and
  Patrick Forrester. Stott is scheduled to join Expedition 20 as flight engineer after launching to the International
  Space Station on STS-128.

During the astronaut application process,                      Hernandez applied a total of 12 times and after
Hernandez had to meet with a review board.                     a long 12 year pursuit, he was finally recruited
That’s where he came face-to-face with his                     at the age of forty-one. “It’s okay to dream the
original inspiration: Franklin Chang-Diaz.                     impossible because if you work hard enough,
                                                               get a good education… you can actually obtain
“It was a strange place to find myself, being                  the impossible and make it possible.” says
evaluated by the person who gave me the                        Hernandez.
motivation to get there in the first place,”
Hernandez says. “But I found that we actually                  On Aug. 25, the 47-year-old engineer’s
had common experiences -- a similar upbringing,                impossible dream culminated with the launch of
the same language issues. That built up my                     Space Shuttle Discovery. The seven-member
confidence. Any barriers that existed, he had                  Discovery crew included another Hispanic,
already hurdled them.”                                         Danny Olivas, a graduate of the University of
                                                               Texas at El Paso. It was the first NASA shuttle
But it was not easy to get into the program. In                crew to include two Hispanic astronauts.
fact, although he obtained a college scholarship
and earned a master’s degree in electrical and                 When asked about how he feels about being
computer engineering, getting into the Astronaut               an example to others, especially the Hispanic
Corps would take much time and effort. All told,               community at large, Hernandez offered these
                                                 HISPANIC TODAY
words. Well, I think it’s a good story to tell. I            helping students achieve their educational goals.
just look at it the way I received it when I was             An annual Space Conference is designed to
a senior in high school and read about Franklin              inspire youth to pursue occupations in the math
Chang’s story, of how it empowered me to say, “If            and science fields. The foundation also looks
he did it, why can’t I do it?” And so, that’s the way        to connect with the community to establish a
I feel about my story saying that it’s a feel good           network of resources to help children.
story but it’s not a story to tell because, “Hey,
                                                             On September 28, 2007, the foundation hosted
look at me. I’m an astronaut. Look how good I
                                                             its first annual Space Conference with over 500
am.” It’s more of a story to tell so that folks can
                                                             eighth graders from throughout San Joaquin
say, “Hey, if he was able to do it, why can’t I do
                                                             County in attendance. This signature event
it?” So that’s what I’m hoping to do is to empower
                                                             provided students practical and advanced hands-
especially the Latino community, the Latino
                                                             on experience thought knowledge and concepts
students, empower them to say, “Hey, Jose did it,
                                                             from the fields of science, and engineering. And,
why can’t I do it?” And so that’s how I feel about
                                                             of course, Jose was on hand to experience the
                                                             participants’ learning and excitement, as well
                                                             as to enlighten them about his educational and
Jose Hernandez doesn’t stop at mere words
                                                             professional experiences.
to inspire others to reach for the stars. In
December of 2005 he formed the Jose                          In June 2008, the foundation awarded its first
Hernandez Reaching for the Stars Foundation.                                           (PRNewsFoto/MGM MIRAGE)
                                                             scholarship to a deserving, local, college-bound
In creating this foundation, he aims to ensure               student. The recipient was Alejandra Aguilar
the opportunities for children to pursue their               who is attending the University of the Pacific
educational and professional goals regardless                and intends on studying engineering. For more
of perceived obstacles. The efforts and goals                information about the foundation, or to make a
of the foundation are designed to carry forward              contribution to their scholarship fund, visit http://
Jose’s aim of giving back to his community. By               www.astrojh.com/foundation.html. HT
awarding scholarships, the foundation focuses on

      Space shuttle Discovery touches down at Edwards AFB in Califorinia’s Mojave Desert as mission STS
      128 completes a successful mission. Two final shutlle missions will mark the end of the program.



                                                  HISPANIC TODAY

Scan the front page of any newspaper in                        occupations 17 are healthcare related. While
the US and chances are good that you’ll                        many of those positions are directly related to
                                                               the increase in the number of retirees and senior
find a headline dealing with the Healthcare
                                                               citizens in need of specialized healthcare, the
reform. Check out MSN, Yahoo or any major                      greatest number of new positions that are likely to
news website and you’re in for more of the                     be created in the next 3 years is in the healthcare
                                                               IT field. That’s right…. Information technology as
same. Healthcare reform has taken center
                                                               it relates to healthcare is the new “it” career.
stage and for all intents and purposes, the
likelihood that new legislation will come out                  Part of President Obama’s sweeping healthcare
                                                               reform deals with cost-cutting by way of digitizing
of Washington with far-reaching implications
                                                               medical records and record keeping, a move that
has never been more likely.                                    will streamline the way medical professionals
                                                               access patient records as well as reducing
Even without healthcare reform, the healthcare                 the expense of creating and maintaining those
industry is set to realize tremendous need for                 records. Estimates vary but experts anticipate
new hires. The demand for trained personnel                    anywhere from 50,000 to 100,000, or more, new
is already great and will only increase as baby                IT careers will be created by healthcare reform
boomers reach retirement age. According to                     measures. Those positions are already coming to
a US Department of Labor study completed in                    fruition with demand expected to remain high well
December of 2009, of the 30 fastest growing                    into 2013.

President Barack Obama delivers a health care address to a joint session of Congress at the U.S. Capitol in Washington,
D.C., September 9, 2009. September 10, 2009. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)


                                            HISPANIC TODAY

With $22-50 billion in federal stimulus incentives
available by way of the American Recovery and
Reinvestment Act, deploying e-medical records
and other clinical systems is not just something
that the healthcare industry is considering,
it’s something they must do to meet federal
requirements. It’s this very need that is pushing
the expansion of IT teams in hospitals, insurance
companies and government agencies dealing
with or overseeing healthcare modernization.

According to Robert Half Technology, a recent
survey of 244 healthcare CIO’s found that hiring
plans for the immediate future include recruiting
personnel who have the following IT skills.
• Network administration                                   David Blumenthal, M.D., National Coordinator for
• Desktop support                                          Health Information Technology
• Windows administration
• Wireless network management
• Database management                                      “Critical to achieving the goal of the Heath
• Telecommunications support
                                                            Information Technology for Economic and
• Web development/design
  (image courtesy of: MGM MIRAGE)
• Virtualization                                          Clinical Health (HITECH) Act and supporting
• Business intelligence/reporting services                meaningful use of health IT is the availability
• ERP implementation
                                                            of a skilled workforce that understands the

Demand for IT pros in healthcare is real and                unique technology and management needs
the Department of Health and Human Services                          within a clinical setting.”
(HHS) is taking steps to increase the number
                                                                           Dr. David Blumenthal
of qualified applicants. In late November, HHS
announced plans to provide $80 million in
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act grants             According to Blumenthal, the community college
for community college programs and curricula              program will establish intensive, non-degree
to strengthen the nation’s health information             training that can be completed in six months
technology (IT) workforce. The recipients will            or less by individuals with some background in
develop intensive non-degree training programs            either healthcare or IT. Participating colleges
and materials to quickly prepare people with              will coordinate their efforts through five regional
some background in health care or IT to help              consortia. Graduates will fill a variety of roles
health care practices deploy and support IT               that both assist healthcare practices during the
systems. Participating colleges will coordinate           critical process of deploying IT systems and
their efforts through five regional consortia.            support these practices on an ongoing basis.
                                             HISPANIC TODAY
The curriculum development program will make
high-quality educational materials available to the
community colleges so these training programs
can be established quickly to meet workforce
needs, Blumenthal said.
                                                              A WORLD OF
Any U.S. non-profit institution of higher learning
                                                              We are the world’s largest ASME
currently engaged in providing healthcare IT                  Authorized Inspection Agency. Although
                                                              we are best known for our services as an
training that is interested in drafting curriculum
                                                              AIA, we’ve leveraged experience gained
or establishing a consortium that includes                    over more than 136 years of operation to
                                                              become an industry leader in a variety of
community colleges may apply for the grants.
                                                              engineering services fields.

For those seeking to break into this growing field,           Job opportunities are currently available
there are two distinct ways to land a position                at HSB Global Standards. Please visit
                                                              our website for more information on
in healthcare IT – a move from the clinical side              current openings.
into IT, or, a move from a traditional IT career
with no healthcare experience. According                      www.hsbglobalstandards.com
to some industry experts, moving from the
                                                                     An Equal Opportunity Employer
clinical side is easier and more common.
Why? Clinicians already possess many skills
that make them more desirable candidates for
transitioning. Physicians, nurses and allied health
professionals such as respiratory therapists,
physical therapists and laboratory personnel
come equipped with a thorough understanding
of the clinical process as well as an in-depth
understanding of medical terminology.

While there are positions in healthcare
information management that do not require a
college degree, the majority of healthcare IT
careers will require a bachelor’s degree with
a focus on either IT or healthcare. Master’s
degrees with specific focus on either healthcare
or IT are especially sought after. Clinicians
seeking to make the transition should keep the
clinical licensing and certifications active as well
as maintaining continuing education. These are
definite plusses when searching for IT positions.
The same goes for IT professionals. Professional
or technical certifications and alliances will only
make your resume standout from the crowd. HT


                                                 HISPANIC TODAY

Four Northrop Grumman Corporation employees
were honored at the Hispanic Engineer National
Achievement Awards Conference for their technical
achievements and leadership. Rosa Sandoval and
Ana-Luisa Ramirez both received the Luminary
award, Teresa Segura was awarded the Most
Promising award and Emilio Sovero received the
Outstanding Technical Achievement award.
                                                                  Ana-Luisa Ramirez, tlead systems engineer for
                                                                  the Imagery Intelligence group for Northrop
Sandoval and Ramirez were named HENAAC                            Grumman’s Electronic Systems sector in
Luminary awardees, which recognized them for their                Baltimore, received HENAAC’s Luminary
                                                                  award for her leadership, collaboration and
leadership, collaboration and initiative in programs
                                                                  initiative in programs and research within her
and research within their respective organizations.               organization.

“The celebration of these Hispanic achievers helps
provide our community and our youth with mentors
and leaders who can motivate individuals to attain
success in these fields,” said Frank Flores, vice
president of engineering for Northrop Grumman
Aerospace Systems sector. “At our sector, we
recognize the advances of our Hispanic employees in
many ways, including Adelante, an internal Hispanic
networking group. It is their recognition and stories
that help mold the engineers and scientists of

As a subsystems design engineer for the N-UCAS
program at Northrop Grumman’s Aerospace System
sector in El Segundo, Calif., Sandoval prepares                   Rosa Sandoval, a subsystems design engineer
and releases component procurement packages                       for the N-UCAS program at Northrop
                                                                  Grumman’s Aerospace System sector in El
for the electrical power generation and distribution              Segundo, Calif., received HENAAC’s Luminary
equipment. Furthermore, she is responsible for                    award for her leadership, collaboration and
management of supplier performance including testing              initiative in programs and research within her
and data submittals.
                                                   HISPANIC TODAY
Ramirez, the lead systems engineer for the Imagery
Intelligence group for Northrop Grumman’s Electronic
Systems sector in Baltimore, is involved in the overall
design of military products that directly impact the
nation’s security. She provides input to several
military programs, presents technical subjects to
clients, writes technical requirements and oversees
program tasks.

Segura was awarded the Most Promising, Advanced
Degree award for her technical contributions and
achievements. She is a staff scientist of Civil
Systems Business Development for Northrop
Grumman’s Aerospace Systems sector in Redondo
Beach, Calif. She leads concept design and
development studies for spacecraft missions related
                                                                    Teresa Segura, a staff scientist of Civil
to Mars, Jupiter, asteroids, comets, the Earth,                     Systems Business Development for Northrop
and the Moon. In particular, she develops science                   Grumman’s Aerospace Systems sector
                                                                    in Redondo Beach, Calif., was awarded
investigation goals, sizes the scientific instrument                HENAAC’s Most Promising award for her
payloads for each mission, and makes decisions                      technical contributions and achievements.
on primary subsystem designs such as propulsion,
communications, and avionics.

Sovero received the Outstanding Technical
Achievement award for his significant contribution
to science, engineering or technology by having
designed, developed, managed or assisted in
the development of a product, service, system or
intellectual property. Sovero, chief scientist in the
mixed signal and power center at Northrop Grumman
Advanced Systems and the program manager of the
DARPA A-to-I Receiver Development program at the
company’s Aerospace Systems sector in Manhattan
Beach, Calif., is involved in several projects as well
as writing proposals for new contracts.

Northrop Grumman Corporation is a leading global                    Emilio Sovero received the Outstanding
                                                                    Technical Achievement award for his
security company whose 120,000 employees
                                                                    significant contribution to science, engineering
provide innovative systems, products, and solutions                 or technology by having designed, developed,
in aerospace, electronics, information systems,                     managed or assisted in the development of
                                                                    a product, service, system or intellectual
shipbuilding and technical services to government                   property.
and commercial customers worldwide. HT


                                               HISPANIC TODAY

                                                            The celebrated USHCC annual awards are
                                                            focused on extraordinary and visionary Hispanic
                                                            chambers, as well as business leaders and corporate
                                                            advocates like Tony Jimenez who have contributed
                                                            to and demonstrated exemplary excellence and
                                                            leadership in business. The awards pay tribute to
                                                            the unparalleled achievements and innovations that
                                                            have significantly empowered the U.S. Hispanic
                                                            community, the nation’s largest and fastest growing
                                                            minority group. The business advocacy award
                                                            specifically represents significant contributions
                                                            made to the local Hispanic community and Hispanic
                                                            business, and support of Hispanic Chambers.

                                                            “Some of the best known business people in
                                                            America are considered for this prestigious award,
                                                            and I am honored that the U.S. Hispanic Chamber
        MicroTech President & CEO Tony Jimenez              of Commerce has recognized our efforts,” Jimenez
                                                            said. “It is important to note that this recognition
CORPORATE BUSINESS ADVOCATE OF                              is not just about me; it’s a testament and well-

                                                            deserved acknowledgement of all the hard work and
                                                            commitment of Team MicroTech.
                                                            MicroTech was recently named America’s #1
MicroTech President & CEO Tony Jimenez was                  Fastest-Growing Hispanic-Owned Business by
named the National “Corporate Business Advocate             Hispanic Business; the #1 ranking on the Washington
of the Year” at the United States Hispanic Chamber          Technology Top 25 8(a) List, recognizing the most
of Commerce (USHCC) Annual Awards Gala, held                successful 8(a) businesses in the government
in conjunction with the organization’s 30th National        marketplace; along with a second consecutive year
Convention and Business Expo in Denver. Jimenez             on the prestigious Inc. 500, moving up 109 spots
was previously a Corporate Business Advocate of             from last year to #174. Jimenez has also received
the Year regional winner and was selected for the           other awards this year, including the “Hispanic
national honor during the September 19th “Hispanic          Entrepreneur of the Year.”
Excellence in Leadership and Business” awards
event, with USHCC Chairman David Lizarraga                  The USHCC convention was the largest gathering of
presenting the crystal trophy.                              Hispanic business owners in the nation. The USHCC
                                                  HISPANIC TODAY

serves as the umbrella organization for 200 local           MicroTech’s 130% annual compounded revenue
Hispanic chambers in the United States, Puerto              growth rate since being founded in 2004 pushed
Rico, Canada, Mexico, Bolivia and Uruguay, and              the company to the top of the list, along with an
represents 3 million Hispanic-owned businesses that         astounding 2693% revenue increase during the five-
generate nearly $400 billion annually. This year’s          year period.
convention promoted best practices on creating
wealth, accessing procurement opportunities, and            Away from MicroTech, Tomás Esterrich is also a
securing and sustaining long-term growth.                   founding member and the current Vice President of
The national winners were selected from nominations         the Association of University of Puerto Rico Alumni
submitted by numerous local and statewide Hispanic          and Friends Abroad (UPRAA). In this role, Esterrich
chambers of commerce from across the country.               leads the convergence of UPRAA members in the
The selection panel included a wide variety of              D.C. -area and supports charitable and scholarship
professionals that included representatives from            programs for Latino youth entering the University
Fortune 500 companies and national non-profit               of Puerto Rico educational system. His educational
organizations.                                              and leadership development efforts have proven
                                                            instrumental in helping young people understand

MICROTECH’S TÓMAS ESTERRICH                                 the power of technology for 21st Century jobs and
                                                            empowering them to go after and secure those
HONORED AS CHIEF FINANCIAL                                  positions.
Latinos in Information Sciences and Technology              “We are proud to recognize Tómas Esterrich with
Association announced that it would be presenting           our Chief Financial Officer of the Year award,” says
Tómas Esterrich, Chief Financial Officer of the             Jose Marquez, President and CEO of LISTA. “His
Virginia-based technology firm, MicroTech with              passion for the advancement of Hispanic community
the 2009 LISTA Chief Financial Officer of the Year          and business acumen is a great example of what
Award. Mr. Esterrich earned the honor for his long-         makes Micro Tech’s so successful in the technology
standing commitment to the advancement of the               field. Tómas is why LISTA came into existence. To
Latino community and his philanthropic support              recognize outstanding members of our community
of youth programs and initiatives in Puerto Rico,           who go above and beyond their day to day.”
Washington, D.C. and Virginia.
                                                            “I’m deeply honored with this recognition,” said
As CFO of Microtech, Esterrich has played a critical        Tomas Esterrich. “The LISTA Award is truly unique
role in spearheading the company’s business and             in that it comes from the industry and provides a
financial strategy, helping propel MicroTech to the         benchmark for my efforts towards my community
No. 1 Fastest-Growing Hispanic-Owned Business               and my career —both of which have been hallmarks
in the Nation, according to HispanicBusiness.com.           throughout my life”

                                                HISPANIC TODAY

                                                             Prior to joining NREL, he was the chief technology
                                                             officer with CH2M HILL Companies, and before that,
                                                             an executive with Sandia National Laboratories.
                                                             He started his career at the AT&T Bell Telephone

                                                             “HACR commends State Farm Insurance Companies
                                                             for their continued commitment to Hispanic inclusion
                                                             at the highest levels,” stated Carlos F. Orta, president
                                                             & CEO, HACR. “Dr. Arvizu’s appointment is a
                                                             clear indication that State Farm understands the
                                                             importance of the Hispanic Consumer Market and
                                                             the Hispanic community to its continued success and

                                                             Arvizu serves on a number of boards, panels and
                                                             advisory committees, including: the American
                                                             Council on Renewable Energy Advisory Board,
                                                             the Harvard Kennedy School’s Energy Research,
                  Dan Arvizu, Ph.D.                          Development and Deployment Policy Project
                                                             Advisory Committee, the World Economic Forum’s
ARVIZU ELECTED TO BOARD OF                                   Global Agenda Council on Alternative Energies,
DIRECTORS AT STATE FARM                                      the Singapore Clean Energy International Advisory
Dan Arvizu, Ph.D., Director of the U.S. Department of        Panel, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate
Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory has            Change Working Group III, the Hispanic Engineer
been elected to the Board of Directors of State Farm         National Achievement Award Corp., and the
Mutual Automobile Insurance Co.                              Colorado Renewable Energy Authority Board of
Dr. Arvizu headed NREL, the Energy Department’s
primary laboratory for energy efficiency and                 His education includes a Bachelor of Science degree
renewable energy research and development located            from New Mexico State University, a Master of
in Golden, Co, for four years. He is president of the        Science and a Ph.D. from Stanford University — all
Alliance for Sustainable Energy, which operates              in mechanical engineering. Dr. Arvizu succeeds Jerry
NREL for the Department of Energy and is the                 Porras, Professor Emeritus at Stanford University’s
Executive Vice President of the Midwest Research             Graduate School of Business. Porras is retiring from
Institute.                                                   the board, which he joined in 1998.

                                               HISPANIC TODAY

                                                            STL Engineers. “George’s experience, recognized
                                                            leadership skills, and national corporate resources
                                                            will assist us in establishing a strategic blueprint
                                                            to drive entrepreneurial programs for Latina
                                                            entrepreneurs and Latina youth.”

                                                            A mainstay of the Foundation’s program is the
                                                            Anna Maria Arias Memorial Business Fund, the
                                                            most respected and coveted business development
                                                            awards program for Latina business owners in the
                                                            United States. The fund celebrates the spirit of
                                                            entrepreneurship that was Anna’s vision and that
                                                            today serves to fuel the phenomenal growth of the
                                                            Latina Business sector.

                                                            Robert Bard, President and CEO of LATINA Style,
                  George Herrera                            Inc., stated, “I am very pleased that George has
                                                            agreed to help us in moving forward Anna’s legacy,
HERRERA NAMED CEO OF THE ANNA                               and our goal of empowering Latinas in the United
MARIAS FOUNDATION                                           States. We are committed to providing the necessary
George Herrera, Founder of the Herrera-Cristina             educational, entrepreneurial, and financial resources
Group, Ltd, and former President and CEO of the             to assist in elevating Latinas into the economic
United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce,                 mainstream of business activity in this country.”
has been named the CEO of the Anna Maria Arias
Foundation. The Foundation has been established             Mr. Herrera is a nationally recognized leader in the
to continue the legacy of Anna Maria Arias, the late        business community. He is a member of the Board
founder and editor of LATINA Style Magazine. Anna’s         of Directors of Wyndham Worldwide Corporation,
drive and mission to empower Hispanic women is              one of the world’s largest hospitality companies; a
one of the true legacies in the Hispanic community.         member of the Diversity Action Council at the Burger
                                                            King Corporation; and is also the creator of Hispanics
“We are so pleased and excited to have someone              Today, a nationally syndicated television show that
of George’s stature and national prominence to              highlights the positive contributions that Hispanics
carry the mantle of Anna’s mission of empowering            are making in the United States. In 2002, Mr. Herrera
the Latina community in the United States,” stated          was named as a “Fellow”, Wharton Society of
Arcilia Acosta, Chairwoman of the Foundation,               Fellows, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.
and President & CEO of CARCON Industries/
                                                  HISPANIC TODAY

                                                                and U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet
                                                                Napolitano, among others.

                                                                Washingtonian magazine compiled this list to
                                                                recognize women leaders in Washington from the
                                                                public, private, and nonprofit sectors. Candidates
                                                                were asked to fill out a survey about their work, home
                                                                lives, and preparation for their careers including
                                                                education and previous jobs. They were asked to
                                                                give advice to young women starting out in their
                                                                careers and to women who are balancing work and
                                                                family life.

                                                                Murguía has devoted her career to public service.
                                                                She began her career in Washington, DC as
                                                                legislative counsel to former Kansas Congressman
                                                                Jim Slattery. She then worked in the White House
                  CEO Janet Murguía                             from 1994 to 2000, ultimately serving as deputy

JANET MURGUÍA NAMED ONE OF                                      assistant to President Clinton, providing strategic and
                                                                legislative advice to the president on key issues. In
“WASHINGTONIAN’S 100 MOST                                       2001, Murguía joined the University of Kansas (KU)
POWERFUL WOMEN”                                                 as executive vice chancellor for university relations.
NCLR (National Council of La Raza) is pleased                   She grew up in Kansas City, Kansas and received
to announce that the October 2009 issue of                      degrees in journalism, Spanish, and law from KU.
Washingtonian magazine names NCLR President
and CEO Janet Murguía as one of “Washington’s                   As NCLR President and CEO, Murguía has worked
100 Most Powerful Women.” She made the list                     to harness the power of the nation’s nearly 47 million
with Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor and                  Hispanics and strengthen the partnership between
U.S. Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis. Murguía, who               NCLR and its network of nearly 300 community-
has served for five years as President and CEO of               based Affiliates, which annually serves millions of
NCLR, the largest national Hispanic civil rights and            people in 41 states, the District of Columbia, and
advocacy organization in the United States, is being            Puerto Rico. She has also sought to strengthen
featured on this list for a second time, the first being        the Latino voice on issues affecting the Hispanic
in 2006. Other honorees include First Lady Michelle             community, including education, health care,
Obama, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, District              immigration, civil rights, the economy, and the rise of
of Columbia Schools Superintendent Michelle Rhee,               hate rhetoric and hate crimes targeting Latinos. HT
                              HISPANIC TODAY

Acushnet                      29

Allsteel                      3

American Pacific              3

Arbitron                      25

Benjamin Moore                21

Bristol Myers Squibb          3

California Highway Patrol     23

CareerBuilder                 36

City of Hollywood             10

Covance                       26

CR Bard                       15

E & J Gallo                   25

Golden Coral                  10

HSB Global                    25

Jacobs Technologies           3

L.A. County Fire Department   30

Ransome Cat                   29

Rehrig Pacific                2

Sky West                      11

Thermo Fisher Scientific      37

VHB                           3



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