New Students Instructions Fall 2011 by qingyunliuliu


									            New Student Housing Application Instructions
                            Fall 2011
Step 1: Getting Started
You will need these things ready before you begin:
        1. Checkbook for an e-check or credit card (MasterCard, Discover, American Express). The
           university does not accept Visa.
        2. Your student GullNet user ID and password (your user ID is the first initial of your first and
           last name and the last 5 digits of your student ID number; ex. bw12345). If you cannot
           remember your password, use the “Forgot My Password” link and your new password will
           be emailed to you.
        3. The student ID number of the roommate(s) you are requesting to share a room.
        4. If interested, the name of Living Learning Community you would like to request to live in
           (see enclosed brochure – space is limited).
        5. The meal plan you would like to request (on-campus students must choose either the
           A, B or C meal plan). University Dining Services:
        6. Names of the residence halls you want to request:
                a) Manokin, Nanticoke, Pocomoke, St. Martin and Wicomico (co-ed suite style)
                b) Choptank, Chester and Severn (co-ed high rise style; single gender clusters)

             All Pop-Up Blockers must be turned off.
             System Requirements: Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher on a PC. This application
                 will not work on a Mac.

Step 2: Logging On
       Go to the Salisbury University GullNet Web site:
       1. Click the “log on” tab and enter your username and password.
       2. Once logged in, from the menu under self service, select Housing Application
       3. On the next page, select the “Add a New Housing Application” tab

Step 3: Payment Page
       1. Select the type of payment you would like to use: Electronic Check or Credit Card
       2. Electronic Check (ACH) - accept the terms and conditions by checking the box. Enter your e-
           mail address, bank name, routing number, account number and acknowledge the checking
           agreement. Click Submit.
       3. Credit card – We accept MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Accept the terms and
           conditions, enter your e-mail address, select your card type, enter your account number,
           expiration date and the name on the card. Click Submit.
       With both payment types it will show a payment confirmation page. Please PRINT this page as
       a receipt of your payment. Click finish to continue to the application.
Step 4: Application
You will now need to fill out the entire application.
       1. Choose the 3 halls you prefer. Note: This is only a preference and not a guarantee.
       2. Choose a meal plan.
       3. Select your roommate preference. If you would like to request to be in a triple room, fill in
           all roommate preferences, otherwise only fill in roommate preference #1.
           You will need their ID number (ex. 1234567). Note: This is only a preference and not a
           guarantee. Roommate request must be a mutual request by both students.
       4. Select your room type choice in order of most desirable to least desirable. Note: This is
           only a preference and not a guarantee.
       5. If there is a medical condition or disability that would influence your assignment, please
           indicate and describe if applicable so we can best fit your needs.
       6. Optional: Select a Living Learning Community option. This is not required but
           recommended for those students interested in living in themed housing. For a description
           of these communities, visit our Web site at
       7. Select your answer to the six roommate matching questions.
       8. If you selected a Living Learning Community in step 6, you may be asked to write a short
           response explaining why you want to be a member of this community. Check the
           agreement boxes acknowledging you understand the requirements of this community.
       9. Agree to the terms and conditions of the housing contract by checking the agreement boxes
           next to each term/condition. Electronically sign the contract by checking the electronic
           signature box and typing in the student signature and parent signature if you are under 18
           years of age. Upon typing your name, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the
           Residence Hall Contract and the Residence Hall Information Booklet. These publications are
           available on our Web site at
       10. Click Submit Completed Application.

Step 5: Confirmation
       The final page will thank you for your application. This means you have completed the
       application process and our office has received the application and housing deposit.

Housing assignments will be mailed to your home address in mid-July.

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