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					                                        2009 Registered Projects
School        Project number                        Project                                            Project Leader
Agriculture   SA/09/FRT/001    Univen               Developing integrated framework for management Mr.S.T.Mwihomeke
                                                    of Casuarina cunninghamiana (River She-Oak)
                                                    to prevent invasion threats in riparian habitats of
                                                    Limpopo Province, South Africa.

Agriculture   SA/09/SSC/001    Univen               An Assessment of Factors that Contribute to      Ms. M. Mulondo
                                                    Sustainability of Entrepreneurs in Small Scale
                                                    Clothing Enterprises in Selected Areas of Vhembe
Agriculture   SA/09/PPR/001    Univen               Agronomic Evaluation of Cassava in the Dry       Prof. J.B.O. Ogola
                                                    Environment of Limpopo and Mpumalanga.
Agriculture   SA/09/PPR/002    ACIAR                Development of emerging farmer crop-livestock      Prof J Odhiambo
                                                    systems in Northern RSA “as per the attached
                                                    statement journal.”
Agriculture   SA/09/PPR/003    NRF                  Green manure legumes for Soil fertility            Prof J. Odhiambo

Agriculture   SA/09/ANS/001    Univen               The Response of Ross 308 and Hubbard male          Mr. K. Benyi
                                                    broiler chicken to different stocking densities.

Agriculture   SA/09/FEC/001    Univen               Indigenous Food Cookery: The Modern Trends         Mrs. M.P. Masipa
                                                    (Manuscript – Recipe Book)

Agriculture   SA/09/CRD/001    Univen               Perceived benefits accruing to rural women         Prof. J. Francis
                                                    through post-1994 South African Government
                                                    empowerment initiatives: Case Study of Makhado
Agriculture   SA/09/CRD/002    Univen               Effectiveness of Financial Institutions in         Ms. B. Kilonzo
                                                    Supporting Asset Accumulation by Rural Poor in
                                                    Limpopo Province
Agriculture   SA/09/CRD/003    Univen               Achieving social inclusion and cohesion through    Ms. M. Jiri
                                                    inter-village and inter-ward competition for rural
                                                    development in Makhado Municipality
Agriculture          SA/09/CRD/004     Univen                   Strengthening implementation of antipoverty         Dr. M.J Mudau
                                                                strategies through public participation: Defining
                                                                poverty, vulnerability and food insecurity
Agriculture          SA/09/CRD/005     PSPPD                    The evaluation of the income generating projects    Dr. M.J Mudau
                                                                funded by the Limpopo provincial government .

Agriculture          SA/09/CRD/006     FANRPAN                  Potential of the Household Vulnerability Index   Prof J. Francis
                                                                (HVI) to Improve Relief and Development
                                                                Programme Design and Targeting in rural
                                                                Lesotho, Swaziland and Zimbabwe
Agriculture          SA/09/CRD/007     Coal of Africa/Pty Ltd   Assessing Environmental and Social Impact of the Prof J. Francis
                                                                Vele Colliery Project
Agriculture          SA/09/CRD/008     NRF/DST                  Strengthening University-Community Partnerships Prof J. Francis
                                                                for Collective Action Against Poverty and
                                                                Underdevelopment in Vhembe District

Education            SEDU/09/ECE/001   Univen                   Mathematical Self-concept and Subject               Dr. M.P. Mulaudzi
                                                                Achievement Tracking : A comparative Study of
                                                                High and Low Performance Schools in Limpopo,
                                                                South Africa
Education            SEDU/09/ACE/001   Univen                   Psychological Stress Coping Efficacy: A study of    Mr. C. Denhere
                                                                Pre-service Students on Teaching Practicum

Education            SEDU/09/ACE/002   ISSPP                    International Success Schools Principal Project     Prof. TS Phendla
Environmental Sci.   SES/09/GIS/001    Univen                   An assessment of the impacts of dams on             Mr. M.J. Mokgoebo
                                                                downstream river ecosystems of Limpopo
                                                                Province using remote sensing techniques.

Environmental Sci.   SES/09/MEG/001    Univen                   Toxic Metals and Cyanide at a Dysfunctional Mine Dr. F. Dacosta
                                                                and Its Impact on the Environment: A Case Study
                                                                from Malamulele, Limpopo Province.

Environmental Sci.   SES/09/MEG/002    Univen/Xstrata SA        Integrated Predictive Regional Potential Mapping    Prof. J.S. Ogola
                                                                and Geo-environmental Model.
Environmental Sci.   SES/09/MEG/003     May & Stanley Smith trust   Investigation of the origin, pathways and potential Prof. J.S. Ogola
                                                                    impacts of heavy metals around Polokwane and
                                                                    Ebenezer dam, Limpopo Province, SA

Environmental Sci.   SES/09/WHR/001     DWA                         Bulk Water Supply Systems Operations:                 Prof J. Odiyo
                                                                    Evaluation and Monitoring Support

Environmental Sci.   SES/09/WHR/002     WRC                         Measurement of the Bulk Flow and Transport            Prof. J. Odiyo
                                                                    Characteristics of Selected Fractured Rock
                                                                    Aquifer Systems in South Africa
Environmental Sci.   SES/09/WHR/003     WRC                         Groundwater-surface water interactions along the Prof. J. Odiyo
                                                                    Luvuvhu river
Health Science       SHS/09/PDC/001     Univen                      Intervention strategy to support women who       Mrs. L.H Nemathaga
                                                                    experience sexual assault in the Vhembe Region
                                                                    of Limpopo Province.

Health Science       SHS/09/PDC/002     Univen                      Development of mental health programme to             Ms. M. Maluleke
                                                                    support students towards academic performance

Health Science       SA/09/PDC /003     Univen                      Knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and practices           Dr. L. Netshikweta
                                                                    towards HIV/AIDS among male persons

Health Science       SHS/09/NUT/001     Univen                      Impact of nutrition education programme on            Ms. L. Mushaphi
                                                                    nutritional status of children age 3 to 5 years and
                                                                    nutritional practices and knowledge of their care-
                                                                    givers in rural of Limpopo Province, South Africa

Health Science       SHS/09/PSYPH/001   Univen                      Vicarious Traumasation and coping strategies          Mrs. M.A. Gumani
                                                                    among SAPS members in the Vhembe District,
                                                                    Limpopo Province
Health Science       SHS/09/PSYPH/002   Univen                                                                            Prof. T. Sodi
                                                                    Indigenous Healing Practices in Limpopo
Health Science       SHS/09/PSYPH/003   Univen                      Screening and Brief Intervention (SBI) of alcohol     Ms. T. Mashamba
                                                                    problems on University of Venda Community,
                                                                    South Africa: A randomized control trial.
Health Science        SMS/09/DMS/001     Univen   Development of Management Model For HIV and Ms. A.H. Mudzusi
                                                  AIDS in Rural South African Institutions of Higher
                                                  Education: A Case Study of the University of
                                                  Venda, Limpopo Province, South Africa

Health Science        SHS/09/CE/001      Univen   Water, Health, Environment and Develop               Prof. V.O.
                                                  (WHEAD) in Limpopo Province, South Africa: A         Netshandama
                                                  Community-Centered Collaborative Initiative of
                                                  the university of Venda and the University of

Human & Social Sci.   SHSS/09/DS/001     Univen   The influence of homeland policy and the             Mr. T. Mahosi
                                                  establishment of Vhavenda homeland on
                                                  Vhavenda traditional authority
Human & Social Sci.   SHSS/09/DS/002     Univen   Application of the Responsibility to Project Norm Mr. P. Dzimiri
                                                  on the International Community’s Response to the
                                                  Crisis in Zimbabwe and Darfur

Human & Social Sci.   SHSS/09/CALS/001   Univen    Press Representation of General and                 Mr. T. Chari
                                                  Presidential Elections in Zimbabwe 2000-2008

Law                   SL/09/PL/001       Univen   African Community based approaches to dispute        Ms. A. Lansink
                                                  resolution in domestic violence

Management Sci.       SMS/09/PAD/001     Univen   Challenges Facing the Formulation and                Mr. R.S. Nembudani
                                                  Implementation of the Integrated Development
                                                  Plan (IDP) In the Vhembe District Municipality.
Management Sci.       SMS/09/ACC/001     Univen   An Investigation into the effect of the Tax System   Mr. F. Mache
                                                  on Cash Flows of SMMEs. A case Study of
                                                  Limpopo Province

Management Sci.       SMS/09/BIS/001     Univen   An Investigation into the Factors Affecting the use Mr. M.V. Gwetu
                                                  of the WWW by Private Health Institutions. A
                                                  Case Study of Limpopo Province

Management Sci.       SMS/09/ECO/001     Univen   Non-payment of Municipality Services Charges :       Mr. N.L. Ramavhona
                                                  A Case Study of Thulamela Municipality
Mathematical &        SMNS/09/MBY/001    NRF      Opportunistic Infections in HIV/AIDS Patients in     Dr. A. Samie
Natural Sci.                                      the Limpopo Province”.
Mathematical &   SMNS/09/MBY/002    WRC                     Parasite and related interactions in water          Dr. A. Samie
Natural Sci.                                                resources and rural communities
Mathematical &   SMNS/09/ MBY/003   Univen                  Pathogen transmission pathways in rural and         Prof. N. Potgieter
Natural Sci.                                                semi urban households
Mathematical &                                              A Surveillance and burden of disease estimates      Prof. N. Potgieter
Natural Sci.                                                on diarrhea caused by E . coli and Shigella
                 SMNS/09/MBY/004    WRC
Mathematical &   SMNS/09/MBY/005    FNIH/Gates Foundation   Etiology, risk factor and interactions of Enteric Dr. P. Bessong
Natural Sci.                                                Infections and Malnutrition and the consequences
                                                            of child health and development
Mathematical &   SMNS/09/MBY/006    Biopad                  Bio-prospecting project at the University of Venda Dr. P. Bessong
Natural Sci.
Mathematical &   SMNS/09/ ZOO/001   Univen                  The Genetic Analysis of Different Tribal Groups in Ms. T.C. Nangammbi
Natural Sci.                                                the Limpopo Province: Towards Establishment of
                                                            Human Genetics Laboratory.
Mathematical &   SMNS/09/ ZOO/002   WRC                     Establishing the Fisheries Potential of the         Dr. P.S.O. Fouche
Natural Sci.                                                Nandoni Dam
Mathematical &   SMNS/09/ ZOO/003   Univen                  Insect Diversity and Conservation                   Dr. C. Schoeman
Natural Sci.
Mathematical &                                              Arachnid Conservation: Spider diversity in the      Dr. S.H Foord
Natural Sci.                                                Savanna Biome, patterns and processes
                 SMNS/09/ZOO/004    NRF
Mathematical &   SMNS/09/ZOO/005    WRC                     Invertebrate assemblages along an altitudinal       Dr. S.H Foord
Natural Sci.                                                transect in the Western Soutpansberg

Mathematical &   SMNS/09/ZOO/006    WRC                     Long-term response of Odonata to invasive alien     Dr. S.H Foord
Natural Sci.                                                removal in the Soutpansberg
Mathematical &   SMNS/09/CHE/001    NRF                     Computational study of phloroglucinols              Prof. L. Mammino
Natural Sci.
Mathematical &   SMNS/09/CHE/002    NRF                     Synthesis of Phloroglucinols analogues              Prof. I.D.I Ramaite
Natural Sci.
Mathematical &   SMNS/09/ STA/001   Univen                  Knowledge and Registration of Vital Statistics in   Dr. K.A. Kyei
Natural Sci.                                                Thulamela Municipality
Communication,   SHSS/09/CMIA/001   Univen               Diffusion of Health Information Systems: The       Ms. Tizora D.P
Marketing &                                              Healthcare Professional’s Perspective

                                             2008 Registered Projects
School           Project number                          Project                                            Project Leader
Agriculture      SA/08/PPR/001      Univen               Soil and Crop Response to Different Tillage        Prof. J.J.O.
                                                         Practices in Limpopo Province                      Odhiambo

Agriculture      SA/08/PPR/002      Univen               Evaluation of Pigeon pea [Cajanus cajan (L)         Dr. E.T. Gwata
                                                         Millsp.] for Adaptation to the Dryland
                                                         Environments of Limpopo and Mpumalanga in
                                                         South Africa.
Agriculture      SA/08/FEC/001      Univen               The development, standardization and                Ms. M.T. Malaza
                                                         acceptability of the traditional Tsonga-Shangaan
                                                         dishes (Xigugu and Xiendla hi vomu) for large
                                                         scale food production.
                 SEDU/08/CESM/001 Univen                 International Successful School Principal’s Project Prof. T. Tshivhase-
                 SEDU/08/ECE/001    Univen               A comparative case study of Institutional          Mr. T. Runhare
                                                         Responsiveness to Mainstreaming of Pregnant
                                                         and Parenting Learners in Formal Education
                 SEDU/08/CSEM/001 Univen                 Validating and profiling indigenous knowledge      Prof. E.L.M Bayona
                                                         systems for sustainable development: The case
Education                                                of Limpopo Province.
                 SL/08/PIL/001      Univen               Constitutional Perspectives on the Judicial        Adv. C.J. Choma
                                                         Enforcement of Socio-economic Rights: South
Law                                                      African Case Study
Human & Social Sci.   SHSS/08/MER/001    Univen   A Comparative Study of the origin, classification,   Dr. M.A. Makgopa
                                                  and the Social significance of Totems among the
                                                  indigenous groups of South Africa speaking the
                                                  following languages: Northern Sotho, Tshivenda
                                                  and Xitsonga

Human & Social Sci.   SHSS/08/ENG/001    Univen   Indigenous African Dress and Identity with Special Ms. P.E. Ramaite
                                                  Reference to Vhavenda, Vatsonga and Basotho
                                                  ba Leboa in Limpopo Province: A Feminist
                                                  Perspective in the changing South Africa.

Human & Social Sci.   SHSS/08/ENG/002    Univen   A question of authority: Black South African         Ms. R.S. Ngubane
                                                  women’s autobiographies.

                      SHS/08/PH/001      MRC      Students’ Perceived prevalence, determinants &       Prof. H.A. Akinsola
                                                  preventive strategies for interpersonal violent
                                                  behavior in Schools within Vhembe District
Health Science
                      SHS/08/PDC/001     Univen   Psychosocial and Environmental factors related Ms. N.H. Shilubane
                                                  to suicide, suicide attempts and suicide ideation
                                                  among secondary school learners in South Africa
Health Science
                      SHS/08/PDC/002     Univen   Implementation and evaluation of sexual health       Prof. T.X. Maluleke
                                                  intervention programme among young people in
                                                  the rural areas of the Vhembe District of the
                                                  Limpopo Province, South Africa.
Health Science
                      SHS/08/NUT/001     Univen   Determination of eating patterns, cultural           Mr. N.S. Mabapa
                                                  perspectives household food security, physical
                                                  activity and health risk in Limpopo
Health Science
                      SHS/08/NUT/002     Univen   The impact of BFHI on breastfeeding practices in Prof. X.G.
                                                  Limpopo                                          Mbhenyane
Health Science
                      SHS/08/PSYCH/001   Univen   Evaluation of Faith Healing HIV and AIDS             Ms. T. Mashamba
                                                  Training Manual in Thulamela Municipality.
Health Science
Health Science        SHS/08/PSYCH/002   Univen   A discourse analysis of the performance of           Mrs. M.S. Makatu
                                                  bereavement rituals in a Tshivenda speaking
                                                  community: African Christian and Traditional
                                                  African Women’s perceptions
Environmental Sci.   SES/08/HWR/001    Univen                     Monitoring of Algal Toxins in Luvuvhu River          Dr. J.R. Gumbo
                                                                  Catchment: Implications for Human Health.

Environmental Sci.   SES/08/ERM/001    Univen                     Comparative Small Mammal Biodiversity in             Baxter R.M
                                                                  different Limpopo Habitats
Environmental Sci.   SES/08/ERM/002    Univen                     The transition to organic fruit cropping agro        Mr. J.N. Steyn
                                                                  ecosystems: a case study of the conversion
                                                                  process in Macadamia orchards
Environmental Sci.   SES/08/ERM/003    Univen                     Characterization of Heavy Metal and                  Dr. M. Tekere
                                                                  Petrochemical Contaminated sites

                     SMNS/08/MBY/001   Univen                     The prevalence of Eschericia coli 0157:H7 in     Prof. N. Potgieter
Mathematical &                                                    water, humans and animals in a rural environment
Natural Sci.
                     SMNS/08/MBY/002   WRC                        The impact of Water Quality, Sanitation and          Prof. N. Potgieter
Mathematical &                                                    Hygiene on PLWHA around Bulawayo,
Natural Sci.                                                      Metropolitan Province in Zimbabwe
                     SMNS/08/MBY/003   Univen                     Investigating putative HIV type 2 in South Africa,   Dr. P. Bessong
Mathematical &                                                    and mutational analysis of HIV integrase gene
Natural Sci.                                                      from primary isolates
Mathematical &       SMNS/08/MBY/004   Center for Global Health   Water and Health in Limpopo Province                 Dr. P.O. Bessong
Natural Sci.                           University of Virginia
                     SMNS/08/CHE/001   NRF & BMBF                 Isolation and structure elucidation of bioactive     Prof. T. van Ree
Mathematical &                                                    substances from South African endophytic fungi.
Natural Sci.
Mathematical &       SMNS/08/CHE/002   NRF                        Organic additives for lithium ion cells              Prof. T. van Ree
Natural Sci.
Mathematical &       SMNS/08/CHE/003   NRF                        Computational study of phloroglucinols               Prof. L. Mammino
Natural Sci.
                     SMNS/08/ZOO/001   WRC                        How fast can you climb a mountain? Climate           Dr. S.H. Foord
Mathematical &                                                    change, biotic communities and a centre of
Natural Sci.                                                      endemism.
Mnagement Sci.       SMS/08/THM/001    Univen                     An Instrument to Measure Service Satisfaction in     Prof. J.P. Spencer
                                                                  Hospitality Establishments
Mnagement Sci.   SMS/08/BMAN/002   Univen               Challenges facing women in leadership positions     Ms. T.C. Mutele
                                                        in the Vhembe District municipality, Limpopo
                                                        Province, Republic of South Africa.

                                            2007 Registered Projects
School           Project number                         Project                                             Project Leader
Agriculture      SA/07/PPR/001     Univen               Evaluating yield performance of Different Jute      Mrs. M.P Mabapa
                                                        Mallow (Corchorus olitorius L.) Varieties in
                                                        Vhembe District
Agriculture      SMNS/07/PHY/001   NRF                  Modeling dye-sensitized manocrystalline solar       Mr. N.E. Maluta
                                                        cells (DSCs)

Mathematical &   SMNS/07/MBY/001   NRF                  Prevalence of virulent Escherichia coli bacterial   Dr. N. Potgieter
Natural Sci.                                            strains in environmental and clinical samples
Mathematical &   SMNS/07/MBY/002   NRF                  Drug resistance in HIV-1 Subtype C                  Dr. P. Bessong
Natural Sci.
Mathematical &   SMNS/07/MBY/003   NRF                  Cryptosporidiosis in Venda Communities              Dr. P. Bessong
Natural Sci.
Mathematical &   SMNS/07/MBY/004   DoH                  Human immunodeficiency virus drug resistance in Dr. P. O Bessong
Natural Sci.                                            Limpopo Province, South Africa
                 SMNS/07/CHE/005   Univen               Initiator and chairperson of the project “Chemical Prof. L. Mammino
Mathematical &                                          issues in biomass burning in Sub-Saharan Africa”
Natural Sci.                                            sponsored by IUPAC

                                            2006 Registered Projects
School           Project number                         Project                                             Project Leader
                 SA/06/PPR/001     Univen               Distribution and Prevalence of edible and Non-      E.C Kunjeku
                                                        edible wild mushrooms in Vhembe District.
                 SA/06/PPR/002     Univen               Role of chickpea in smallholder cropping systems Prof. JBO Ogola
                 SA/06/ARE/001     Univen               Research in Cost effective cropping and On-farm     Dr. P.F. Kapila
Agriculture                                             Processing Technologies
                 SA/06/HWR/001     Univen               Management of water, salt and nutrients using the Mr. M.K. Marete
                                                        writing from detectors in furrow irrigation systems
                                                        for resource poor farmers
                     SA/06/CRD/001     Kellog Foundation   Amplifying Community Voices in Makhado              Prof J. Francis
Agriculture                                                Municipality
Environmental Sci.   SES/06/URP/001    Univen              Urban Environments and the needs of          Mr. O.M. Nyamayaro
                                                           Entrepreneur Women: Lessons for urban Design
                                                           and Local Authority Practice in the Limpopo
                                                           Province, RSA.
Environmental Sci.   SES/06/ERM/001    Univen              Assessing the potential of microbial cultures and   Mr. J.N Steyn
                                                           inoculants as means of supplementing soil
                                                           microflora in Agroecological systems
Law                  SL/06/PIL/001     Univen              Social Economic Rights from the perspective of      Adv. H. Choma
                                                           places of detention

Mathematical &       SMNS/06/ZOO/001   Univen              Identification of core area boundaries for a   Prof. van der Waal
Natural Sci.                                               proposed Soutpansberg Biosphere Reserve in the
                                                           tribal land area of North Eastern Limpopo
Mathematical &       SMNS/06/ZOO/002   CSIR                A baseline survey of the instream biota, water      Dr. P.S.O. Fouche’
Natural Sci.                                               quality, riverine vegetation and geomorphology
                                                           and EcoAtatus determination of the Shingwedzi
                                                           River and its tribularies
Mathematical &       SMNS/06/ZOO/003   WRC                 Distribution and impact of the Nile Tilapia         Prof. van der Waal
Natural Sci.                                               (Oreochromis niloticus) and its hybrids in the
                                                           Limpopo Province.

Mathematical &                                             Anti-HIV inhibitory properties of a plant-derived   Dr. P. Bessong
Natural Sci.                                               compound
                     SMNS/06/MBY/001   Biopad
Mathematical &                                             Drug resistance in HIV-1 subtype C: Phenotyping Dr. P. Bessong
Natural Sci.                                               polymorphisms inn the protease gene
                     SMNS/06/MBY/002   ISID
Mathematical &                                             HIV genetic diversity and correlates of immune      Dr. P. Bessong
Natural Sci.                                               protection
                     SMNS/06/MBY/003   SAAVI
Mathematical &                                             The prevalence of interspecies transmission of      Prof. N. Potgieter
Natural Sci.                                               rotaviruses in impoverished rural communities
                                                           from the Limpopo Province, South Africa
                     SMNS/06/MBY/004   Univen
Human & Social Sci.                                           Lives, Legacies and Legends: Life and times of        Dr. R.R. Molapo
                                                              Peter Mokaba, 1959-2002
                      SHSS/06/DS/001     Univen
Human & Social Sci.                                           Indigenous knowledge systems as resources for         Dr. Th. M.J Leeuw
                                                              sustainable development
                      SHSS/06/DS/002     Univen
Human & Social Sci.                                           Formulating a philosophy of poverty of the poor       Dr. H.M. Hofmeyr
                                                              through dialogues with the poor.
                      SHSS/06/DS/003     Univen
Human & Social Sci.                                           Linguistic Academic Support: University of Venda Dr. P. Kaburise
                                                              and other Historically Disadvantaged Institutions
                      SHSS/06/ENG/001    Univen
Human & Social Sci.                                           Use of ICTs for Academic Purposes by students         Ms. T. Nodoba
                                                              at Univen
                      SHSS/06/ENG/002    Univen
Human & Social Sci.                                           The Indigenous Art of Rainmaking Among the            Dr. L.J. Rafapa
                                                              Mamaala clan in the Mokopane Area of Limpopo.

                      SHSS/06/ENG/003    Univen
Human & Social Sci.                                           Factors contributing to High attrition rates of       Ms. B. Dube
                                                              students at the University of Venda.
                      SHSS/06/CALS/001   Univen
Human & Social Sci.                                           Impact of Psychological Contract Violation on  Mr. M.P. Rachidi
                                                              Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction
                                                              with Employee Engagement and Psychological
                      SHSS/06/HRLR/001   Univen               Empowerment as Moderators
Human & Social Sci.                                           Youth skills challenges poverty entrepreneurship      Ms. K. Morwe
                                                              and rethinking gender in the Limpopo province
                      SHSS/06/CGYS/001   Univen               South Africa
Management Sci.       SMS/06/PDA/001                          Social capital as a Mechanism for Economic            Dr. N.J. Vermaak
                                                              Development: a Case Study of the Vhembe
Health Science        SHS/06/PDC/001                          A model to facilitate the integration of indigenous   Ms. J.E. Bereda
                                                              Health Systems in the Community health nursing
                                                              Science Curriculum
Environmental Sci.    SES/05/ERM/001                          The Utility of Spiders Diversity as a Surrogate       Dr. E.M. Stam
                                                              Measure of General Biodiversity.
                                                  2005 Registered Projects
School           Project number              Project                                            Project Leader
                                             Evaluation of agroforestry systems in smallholder Prof. R.E. Ole-
                                             forms in Limpopo Province.                        Meiludie
Agriculture      SA/05/FRT/001      Univen
                                             Evaluation of the potential of raising Casuarina   Mr. S.T. Mwihomeke
                                             cunninghamiana seedlings from stem cuttings
Agriculture      SA/05/FRT/002      Univen
                                             Characterization of the University of Venda        Mr. JJ. Mzezewa
Agriculture      SA/05/SSC/001      Univen   Ecotope
                                             Enhancing precipitation use efficiency for         Mr. JJ. Mzezewa
                                             increased crop production in the semi-arid
                                             Limpopo Province
Agriculture      SA/05/SSC/002      IFS
                                             In-field water harvesting and intercropping        Mr. JJ. Mzezewa
Agriculture      SA/05/SSC/003      NRF
                                             Effects of limited time-feeding during the starter Dr. O. Acheompong
                                             and grower periods on the growth performance of Boateng
Agriculture      SA/05/ANS/001      Univen   broiler chickens.
                                             Effects of skip-a-day feeding on the growth        Dr. K. Benyi
                                             performer chickens
Agriculture      SA/05/ANS/002      ARC
                                             Epidemiological studies on the prevalence of sub- Prof. M.O. Makinde
Agriculture      SA/05/ANS/003      Univen   clinical diseases in abattoir carcasses
                                             Potentials of Guar beans for feed, food and        Dr. K.O. Falade
                                             industrial applications
Agriculture      SA/05/FST/001      Univen
                                             Processing and Preservation of Tropical and Sub- Dr. K.O. Falade
                                             tropical fruits, Vegetables and Root crops
Agriculture      SA/05/FST/002      Univen
                                             An analysis of the Limpopo Provincial              Dr. M.J. Mudau
                                             government’s strategies on poverty alleviation:
                                             Views of Policy implementers and beneficiaries
Agriculture      SA/05/CRD/001      Univen
Health Science   SHS/05/PSYCH/001   Univen   Evaluation of Faith Healing HIV and AIDS training Ms. T. Mashamba
                                             Manual in Thulamela Municipality of Limpopo
                                             Province in South Africa
Health Science   SHS/05/PDC/001    Univen   Knowledge and attitudes of secondary school girls Mrs. D.U Ramathuba
                                            towards contraception in Thulamela Municipality
                                            in Vhembe District, Limpopo Province.

Health Science   SHS/05/PDC/002    Univen   The Experiences of victims of Gender. Based          Dr. M. Maselesele
                                            violence in Limpopo Province

Health Science   SHS/05/PDC/003    Univen   The impact of mine work on families in Musina:       Prof. V.O.
                                            Changes since 1994                                   Netshandama

Health Science   SHS/05/NUT/001    MRC      Concurrent Vitamin A and Iodine deficiency:          Prof. XG Mbhenyane
                                            Effects on thyroid function and determination of
                                            the safety and efficiency of Vitamin A
Health Science   SHS/05/NUT/002    Univen   Impact of a Nutrition education Programme on the Ms. L.F Mushaphi
                                            Nutritional status of children aged 3-5 years and
                                            the Nutritional practices and knowledge of their
                                            care givers in rural of Limpopo province, South
Health Science   SHS/05/NUT/003    Univen   An Intervention Strategy to Reduce the               Prof. X.G.
                                            Prevalence of Iodine Deficiency in Vuwani and        Mbhenyane
                                            Mutale Subdistrict, Vhembe, Limpopo Province

Mathematical &   SMNS/05/MBY/001   Univen   Unravelling the effects and intricate relationship Prof. C.L. Obi
Natural Sci.                                involving HIV/AIDS, water quality and diarrhea as
                                            adjuncts in stemming the scourges of HIV.AIDS
                                            and Water Borne diseases in rural and peri-urban
                                            areas in Limpopo Province.
Mathematical &   SMNS/05/PHY/002   Univen   Analysis of real financial costs (both visible and   Prof. I.N. Kariuki
Natural Sci.                                hidden) of HIV/AIDS) A case study of Limpopo

Mathematical &   SMNS/05/CHE/003   NRF      Isolation structure elucidation and synthesis of     Prof. van Ree
Natural Sci.                                compounds from Venda traditional medicinal
Management Sci.   SMS/05/AAUD/002   An investigation to the main causes of inefficient   Mr. D.C. Maanda
                                    electricity and water billing services delivery in
                                    municipal councils in Vhembe District, Limpopo
                                    Province, South Africa.

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