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					                                         Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                                            Tel. 1      Email 1                         Descriptions
                                                                                            We grow fresh blueberries and produce blueberry
                                                                                            syrup, savoury and spicey sauces (game & fish), salad
                                                                                            dressings (low & non sugar), and delicious blueberry
"Blue" Wood Cottage Berry Farm              01948 710525        dark chocolate spread.
A B Tools                                   01630 672 748                                   Quality Tools and Trailer Parts.
                                                                                            Images Painted in Tea & Ochre by acclaimed African
A Brush With Africa                         07956 604 898      Wild Life Artist Simon Stevenson.
A J Walley (Agricultural Merchant)          01625 861361                                    Agricultural Merchant
                                                                                            Organic Free Range Eggs. Cheshire Potatoes,
Abbey Leys Organic Farm                     01925 753 465                                   Farmhouse Cakes, Pies Preserves & Honey
                                                                                            Manufacturers of Quality affordable Horseboxes.
                                                                                            Coachbuilt Equine Transport hand-made to order. A full
                                                                                            refurbishment, upgrade and repair service is also
ABI Horse Boxes Ltd                         0161 925 0200                                   available.
                                                                                            Educational Wooden Puzzles & Toys for children
Active Education                            01805 603 349   including Wentworth Wooden Jigsaws for adults.
                                                                                            Adjustmatic Beds the Originator and Market Leader of
                                                                                            Adjustable Beds, with over 20 Years specialised
                                                                                            Manufacturing experience offer the Best Choice for
Adjustamatic Beds Ltd                       01293 787 005    comfort and Reliability
African Shade
                                                                                            Promotion through literature Home, Travel and Car
                                                                                            Insurance, Gas & Electricity, Prepaid Funeral Plan,
                                                                                            Holidays,Weekly Lottery
Age Concern Enterprises                     07795 570 440                                   and Aid Call.
                                                                                            Antiques. Exquisite - Jade Carvings-Costume
Agency Antiques                             01785 840368               Jewellery-Tiaras-Collectables
Agricultural & Horticultural Dev Board      02476 478 600
                                                                                            Display boards with advice for farmers, including
                                                                                            Churches Together In Cheshire, Farm Crisais Network
Agricultural Chaplains                      01270 522576                                    and Christian Farmers Together.
                                                                                            Exhibitor of John Deere Ltd tractors and machinery and
Agricultural Machinery Ltd                  01270 624141          other main manufacturers

                                   Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                                     Tel. 1       Email 1                            Descriptions
Ahmeds Leathers Ltd                   07971001825               Handbags, purses, wallets and belts
Aintree Holsteins Ltd                 07771 516605
Aintree Racecourse                    0151 522 2922
                                                                                         Pressure Washers - Steam Cleaners and cleaning
Alan Richards Cleaning Equipment      01200 422161            Equipment
                                                                                         Portrait Paintings (Commissions) I am an artist,
                                                                                         painting pets, people, etc. From photographs and I will
Alan Thompson                         01745 890 817             also be demonstrating my painting at the show.
Alison Grant                          07932 947 225
All Aspects                           07875 357 158
All Together Now                      0151 230 0307
Allguard Legal Services               0777 388 7621
                                                                                           Full range of Saddlery & Country Wear at very
Alsager & Sandbach Saddlery           01270 872095                                         competative prices

Alsager Company Of Archers            07768 617 337     Have a go Experience of Archery.
Aqua Life                             01625 875333                                         Pond Plants/Pond Landscape
                                                                                           The Company will be using an exhibition stand and
                                                                                           brouchures to promote their product and service. They
                                                                                           are a roof restroation company, who specialise in
                                                                                           preventing roof maturence (Coating and Treatting
Aquarius Roof Coatings                07975729694                                          Roofs).
Aquarius Roof Coatings                07975729694

                                                                                           Industrial Pressure Washers, Electric / Petrol / Diesle
                                                                                           Power, Water Burns, Vacum Cleaners, Scrubber
Aquaspray Ltd                         01925 444464                                         Dryers, Water Recycling Units and re-newavle Energy.
                                                                                           Home-Tek Cleaning Products, Gyro Car "Groomit" Pet
                                                                                           Grooming Brush, Power Hose Nozzle, auto lift iron
Arkay Sales                           0141 644 0222                    mulberry silk duvets.
Arnold Clark C/O Tro Gorup Ltd        01603 785 700
Art Synthesis                         07922 006970                                         I sell images of flowers.

                             Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                                Tel. 1       Email 1                               Descriptions

Arthritis Care                  01924 882 155          Arthritis Care for support, publications and information.
Ashbrook Equine Hospital        01565 723 030
Asian Arts                      07971 344168                  Sterling Silver Jewellery
                                                                                      Log Cabins / Garden Houses for use as
                                                                                      summerhouses, home offices, storage etc. Made in
Astwood Log Cabins              01565 723 272              Cheshire by a family run company.
                                                                                      Selling high quality massage products, ideal for any
                                                                                      one who has arthritis, siatica, lower back problems,
At One Holistic Therapy         0161 865 6488 poor circulation. Receive a free massage with us.

                                                                                       Signature analysis, Childrens novelties/games/Junior
Autograph                       01205 352 955                  Cross Bows/Austrailian/Amercian Clothing
                                                                                       As the UK's largest breakdown cover provider, the AA
                                                                                       fixes more cars by the roadside than anyone else.
Automobile Association          08705 44 88 66              JOIN TODAY.
Avalone                          07961 11 601
                                                                                       Spider catcher (Gift Box Pair) An enviromentally
Avantech Distribution Ltd       0870 80 33 501                                         friendly way to catch and release spiders.
                                                                                       Fair Trade Crafts and Gifts:- Recycled Aluminium
                                                                                       Enamelled Homewares and ornaments; Enamelled
                                                                                       Silver and Shell Costume Jewellery; Fabric Bags and
Aztec Arts                      01457 899 778                Purses.
Bamboozle Products              01352 752 137            Bamboo Gazebo & Garden Furniture
                                                                                       Handbags, Scarves, Purses, Small amount of
                                                                                       Jewellerty, Fancy Goods (gifts) inc Picture Frames,
Barbarella                      01530 451 215         Pictures, Decrotive Boxes and Home Made Gifts.
Barchester Healthcare           07717 692 275
Barclays Bank Trust Co Ltd      01606 31 33 65         Barclays wealth strust and estate services
                                                                                       Your local suppliers, delivering quality assured ready
Bardon Concrete                 07713 074 913            mix concrete, at the right price.
Barlows Henbury Ltd             01625 422 489                                          Tractors and Farm Machinery

                                Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                                   Tel. 1      Email 1                               Descriptions

                                                                                       Providing litrature on the Trans Pennine Trail, Walking,
                                                                                       cycling and Horse riding (In Parts) route from Southport
Barnsley Metropolitan Council      01226 772 574                                       ot Hornsea, Inc spurs to Leeds,Chesterfield and York.
                                                                                       A G Barr Plc, the Soft Drinks Manufacturer, will be
                                                                                       exhibiting and offering free tastes of its Barrs Originals
                                          range; in four refreshingly British Flabours, its pop like
Barr's Originals                   01937 589 777   k                                   it used to be!
                                                                                       Horse Trailers, Platforms, Trailers, General Purpose
                                                                                       and Livestock Trailers, ranging from 500kg to 3500kg
Bateson Trailers Ltd               0161 426 0500        gross.
                                                                                       Bay Malton Angling Club - Get Hooked on Fishing.
Bay Malton A.C                     01270 820812              Promoting Junior Angling Participation.
Baymalton A C                      07702 514 626                                       Angling Club
                                                                                       the Areas Leading Specialists in the Range of Sunflex
                                                                                       Folding Sliding Doors, Along with a Large range of
                                                                                       UPVC, Timber and Aluminium Conservatories windows
Baytree Conservatories             01244 880 770                                       & Doors
                                                                                       Holidays and Honyemoons to our own eight fantastic
                                                                                       totels in mauritius and the sainte anne resort and spa in
Beachcomber Tours                  01254 689132                   the seychelles.
                                                                                       Quality Handbags, Leather & Fashion. Plus other
Beau Bazaar                        07980 607 709       fashion accessories, purses, scarves ect.
                                                                                       Promotion of solo round the world cycling expedition in
Because It Is There                01565 872 055   kevin@becauseit is there            aid of charity
                                                                                       Promotion of our paint products available nationally
Bedec Products Ltd                 01279 876657                    through agricultural suppliers and stockists.
                                                                                       Belle photo provides unique photographic art and a
                                                                                       wide range of greetings cards for all occasions. 10% of
                                                                                       profits goes to two charities: Hart & Raleigh
Belle Photo Limited                07788 923 328               International.
Bengal Dynasty Restuarant          01606 351 597
Bennett Landscapes                 0161 612 8919

                                  Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                                     Tel. 1      Email 1                             Descriptions
                                                                                         Handmade Farmhouse Cheeses, Individually Waxed
Bexton Cheese                        07719 275 127                                       and in Various Flavours.
Bhlr Ltd / Jacuzzi Uk                01273 563 382                                       Jacuzzi UK, The uk's leading jucuzzi company
                                                                                         Bioflow magnotherapy products for humans, animals
Bioflow Independent Distributor      01928 787 866             and the home
                                                                                         Certified organic & natural skincare collection,
                                                                                         containing the unique ingredient "Dictameliai" and
Bioselect (Plumson Limited)          0845 026 0182                                       infusion of extra virgin olive oil & the herb dicamo
                                                                                         Embroidered babyware & handmade Baby & toddler
                                                                                         Goods together with handmade special occasion
                                                                                         artwoork. Baby goods Made to customer order for
Bizzydots & Jicjacs                  01388 606 266              weddings, Christenings etc
                                                                                         Education Re Conservation Display of HM Customs &
                                                                                         Excise confiscates (eg Ivory, Skins etc) Creepy
                                                                                         Crawley handling (subject to weather) promotion of Zoo
Blackpool Zoo & Dinosaur Safari      01253 830 801                                       as a day out.
Blair Drilling Ltd                   01625 878 411   Water well engineers, Bore Holes, pumps
Blithfield Willowcraft                     
Blue Cross Animal Charity            07725 004655
Blue Sky Claims                      07595220304
Blue Sky Resorts Ltd                 07540 000 359
                                                                                         Small Holder Bagged feeds/ Manufactures of animal
BOCM Pauls Ltd                       01782 568001                                        Feed.
Border Plant Sales                   01477 500 305

                                                                                         The regions premier organic fruit and vegbox
                                                                                         distribution scheme with a focus on truly local produce.
                                                                                         Alongside free delivery, we offer growing experience,
                                                                                         flexibility- no committment, no strings and a fantastic
Boxfresh Organics                    01952 770006          selection of extras all sourced from local
Bps Access Solutions Ltd             0870 011 8321        Ladders Platforms and Towers
                                                                                         Display Ring for Alpaca Demonstrators in country
British Alpaca Society               01352 720 382                                       Activities Area

                                  Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                                     Tel. 1      Email 1                       Descriptions

                                                                                   To further and promote the art of carving realistic birds.
                                                                                   To encourage others to take up this absorbing hobby
British Decoy Wildfowl Carving                                                     by joining our association. To Demonstrate the art and
Association                          0161 483 7116                                 exhibit carved birds of different species.
                                                                                   Offering information, Books & Guidance on anything
                                                                                   you need to know about riding. Caring for horse and
                                                                                   working in the indutry. Special Show Discount on
British Horse Society (THE)          0161 980 7483            memberdhip offering all the usual benefits

                                                                                   Exhibition and Promotion of Normande Cattle including
                                                                                   Live Animal on Display - Demonstration dual purpose
                                                                                   attirbutes of these Cattle with information on Milk,
British Normande Cattle Society      01603 720 432                                 Cheese, Beef and Maternal Ability
                                                                                   Framed Limited Edition Prints. Dogs, Horses, Country
                                                                                   Scenes, Trickett, Cawston, Hemming, Munnings, Paul
Brookes Framing                      0121 378 2066      Doyle, Gifts from £4
Brothers At Arms                     07961 169 158     Hunting & Military Clothing Footwear & Accessories
                                                                                   Bespoke Furniture in Oak,Cherry and Mahogany.
                                                                                   Sofas Charis. Lloyd Loom Furniture. Accessories, Gifts,
                                                                                   Pictures and greeting cards. Home Visit Service
Bryn Hall At The Mill                01978 710317         Available
                                                                                   All type of Dog, Cat, Small Animal Accessories, Food,
Burgess Pets                         01625 669 690    Beds, Coats, All types of Health & Hygiene
                                                                                   We will be promoting and selling Buzzcake. Buzzcake
                                                                                   is a recycled and non-toxic insect reppelent for
Buzzcake                             07824557526   everyday use.
                                                                                   Does your dog roll in Fox Poop? then Byofresh him!
                                                                                   Shampoos, Sprays and Wipes for Smelly Dogs. Also
Byofresh                             0871 237 4090                                 Products for Cats and Small Animals.

                                                                                   C & O Wines, Importers of exclusive, Handcrafted
C & O Wines Ltd                      0161 976 3696            wines from some of the worlds greatest wine makers.

                                       Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                                         Tel. 1       Email 1                            Descriptions
C F Gardening Tools                       07779307631
                                                                                             Camelwood are sellers of outstanding eco-friendly
                                                                                             furniture for the home, patio and garden, Along with an
                                                                                             intriguing range of ethical homeware and gifts. Our
                                                                                             website, displays most of our main
Camel Wood Co UK                          07711 305 850                                      range.
                                                                                             Children and family photographic portraits modern &
Capture Portraits                         01625 809977               contemporary
                                                                                             High Quality Range Cookers from Lacanche,
                                                                                             Euerhot,Esse, Redfyre and Moore. Expert advice on
Carvers Cooker Centre                     01902 577 060             Range Cookers from Experienced peoplewho know.
Cattle Information Service                07810 128 640                                      Milk Recording

                                                                                             High net worth insurance provider, offering flexible
                                                                                             tailored policies at highly competitive premiums whilst
Caunce O'Hara & Co Ltd                    0161 833 5036                                      providing the highest level of customer service.
Cavendish Studios Ltd                     01978 761 857                                      Photographic Portratiure
                                                                                             Mens aftershave and ladys fragrancies, Sunglasses
Celebrity Perfumes                        07528 647 082   and reading glasses.
                                                                                             Hand produced Liqueurs and Spirit Drinks made to
Celtic Spirit Co Ltd                      01873 735 770           century old family recipes
Central & Eastern Cheshire Pct (Nhs)      01606 275 357
Central & Eastern Cheshire Pct (Nhs)      01606 275 357
Ceramic Experience                        07958913631
ChaCha Chilli                             01942 672 882                                      Selling Bottle Chilli Sauces from Australia
Chambers Fletcher LLP                     01606 780 400                                      Solicitors
                                                                                             Exclusive fine wines by the case. Nationwide delivery
                                                                                             service. Come and join us for a free tasting, ordering is
Charles Mitchell Wines Ltd                0161 775 1626                  easy.
                                                                                             We supply and provide Finance Lease arrangements
                                                                                             for various Horseboxes and Trailers and Cars. Check
                                                                                             our our stand see how affordable it is to own a brand
Chase The Fox Box                         01772 866 219                new box!!

                                      Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                                         Tel. 1      Email 1                            Descriptions
                                                                                            Selection of Movie & Sports Personalities Prints-signed
                                                                                            & unsigned. Canvas's framed prints & pictures,
Cherish The Moment                       01625 612174                                       Keepsake cards & sentiments boxes.
                                                                                            A range of coffee beans & ground coffees. Coffee
Cherizena Coffee Beans                   01664 820 111               related accessories & gifts
                                                                                            Award Winning Jams, Preserves, Chutneys, Flavoured
Cherry Tree                              01492 650 123         Cheddar Cheeses and Biscuits

                                                                                            Unique gifts, locally sourced arts and crafts, umbrellas
Cherry Tree Gallery                      01565 650 667                                      build a braclet (Charm braclets) 30ft toys & Cards
                                                                                            Mental Health Learning Disability & Drug Alcohol
                                                                                            Services. Eating disorder service, Promoting
                                                                                            information on services-Engagement-Volunteering
Cheshire & Wirral Partnership N H S      01244 364404                                       Opportunities & News Letters
Cheshire Bee Keepers                     01606 330 796                      Display of Beekeeping and Honey.
                                                                                            Promotion of the Cheshire Endowment throught raffle,
Cheshire Community Action                01244 323 602    banners, leaflets and promotional materials
Cheshire County Tarmac Ltd               01244 379 400
Cheshire Design Centre                   01260 290 044                Wood burning stoves and accessories

                                                                                            Cheshire East is bringing Love Food Hate Waste to
                                                                                            this years show. Celebrity chefs Richard Fox and Nigel
                                                                                            Brown will host cookery demonstrations, showing how
                                                                                            to cook delicious dishes from leftover food saving you
Cheshire East Council                    01270 686 646     money. There will also be Fun - Packed game
                                                                                            Exhibition of the Roamny Caravan, telling the story of
                                                                                            Romany the revered George Bramwell Evans who
                                                                                            brought on the BBC's childrens hour in the 1930's. His
Cheshire East Romany Caravan             01270 759 483                                      stories about the Countryside & Wildlife.
Cheshire Farm Chips                      01928 722 622       Cheshire Farm Chips
Cheshire Farm Ice Cream                  07760 173 888                                      Real Dairy Ice Cream
                                                                                            Key Fire Safety and Road Safety advice will be given
Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service           01606 868 290   out in a fun and interactive way.

                                    Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                                        Tel. 1      Email 1                              Descriptions

Cheshire Forest Hunt Young Supporters   07761960036                                          Charitable Organisation
Cheshire Hawking Club                   07860 679 837
Cheshire Landscape Trust - Operations
Manager                                 01928 518 018              Cheshire Landscape Trust
Cheshire Lavender & Herb Nursery        07899 873 615
Cheshire Life Magazine                  01603 772 033                                        Cheshire Life - Cheshire's biggest County Magazine
                                                                                             Cheshire Links - Providing people with a say on health
Cheshire Link                            01606 45920                                         & Social care across cheshire
Cheshire Pianos                         01925 757 969                                        Piano tuning restoration removals and sales
Cheshire Police                         01244 612 874
                                                                                             Promote Cheshire Search & Rescue Team via
                                                                                             Leaflets, Selling Car Stickers and Collecting Donations.
                                                                                             Information on how to join.
Cheshire Search & Rescue Team           01925 491 712
Cheshire Special Constabulary           01244 614 026                                        Raising Awareness of Volunteer Police Service
                                                                                             Wood burning & multi-fuel stoves, coal, logs, sticks,
Cheshire Town & Country Fuels           01260 298098                   coal bunkers, fire accessories.
                                                                                             Timber framed buildings, bandsaw sales, play
                                                                                             equipment for schools (See
                                                                                             and of course professional tree management (see
                                                                                    and professional tree
Cheshire Tree Surgeons                  01565 621234                 maintenance (See
Cheshire West & Chester Council         01244 976 996                           Band Stand
                                                                                           Nothing for sale- Promotion of consortium of visitor
                                                        andrea.peattie@cheshirewestand     economy businesses (ie hotels and attractions) 1 x mini
Cheshire West & Chester Council         01606 867 531                     bus and one gazebo will form stand.

                                                                                             Soft toys, Promotional Material eg
                                                                                             Badges,Balloons,Cards, Tea Towels, Raffle Tickets,
Chester Childbirth Appeal               01244 350755                                         Vertical Display of Achievements & Photograph Display

                                      Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                                         Tel. 1      Email 1                       Descriptions
                                                                                       All types of trailers - Camping trailers to small car
Chester Towbar & Trailer Centre Ltd      01244 324 034    transporters accessories for the towing industry
                                                                                       Goat Meat. Goat Burgers, Goat Sausages. Goat Curry
Chestnut Meats                                                               
Chicubes                                 01782 513 431
                                                                                       Skewers of Fresh Strawberries and Marshmallows
                                                                                       dipped generously through our giant chocolate
Chocolate Fondue Company                01376 658 4669                                 fountains
Cholmondely Pageant Of Power            07829 772 432
                                                                                       The full range of new Citroen models including the new
                                                                                       Citroen C5 - the car which offers a dynamic driving
Citroen Uk                               0207 7380 007          experience and exemplary comfort.

                                                                                       All the new Citroen models will be on display and the
                                                                                       Citroen Robot Dancers will perform 6 times per day to
Citroen Uk                               0207 7380 007          the dance track 'Staying Alive' from the C4 TV Advert.
Claire House Childrens Hospice           0151 343 0883       Sale of Raffle Tickets 1st Prize SKODA FABIA
                                                                                       Pashminas in a variety of fabrics, Plain and Patterned.
                                                                                       Home and Personalised Accesories, Ornaments,
Classic Pashminas                                                                      Gifts,Costume Jewellery.
Classic Racing                           01782 722394        Sporting books and pictures
                                                                                       Heel Stoppers, Fashion item for ladies stilleto shoes.
Clean Heels                                       Stops that sinking feeling on grass.
                                                                                       Clean Burning Multi Fuel Stoves made in Shropshire
Clearview Stoves                         01948 663 954                                 UK
                                                                                       Promotion of our UK and European Resorts by way of
                                                                                       discounted holiday offers and UK Breaks and a free
                                                                                       prize draw to win a holiay to one of the resorts
Club La Costa                            020 8205 6111   including, Flights and Spending Money.
Colsan Instrument Services Ltd           01233 860 760          Cheese Boards and Knives
                                                                                       Military Style Clothing & Accessories, Workwear &
                                                                                       knitwear, full range of Childrens "Army" clothing. Large
Combat Clothing                          02920 850160                                  rage of headwear

                                   Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                                      Tel. 1      Email 1                           Descriptions
                                                                                        Our staff will be handing out latex balloons (Not helium
                                                                                        filled) and engaging in conversations with members of
                                                                                        the public, explaining who combined insurance are and
                                                                                        acquiring permission to meet at their homes to market
Combined Insurance                    0208 541 6209       our product.
Comfort Gear Ltd                      0151 722 7189          Fit Flop & Crocs Shoes and Accessories
                                                                                        We produce several different, original welsh cream,
                                                                                        praline welsh crean, black cherry liqueur, Aprico
                                                                                        Liqueur, Sloe Gin and our new Limoncello. All are sold
                                                                                        in 35cl and 10cl bottles. Boxsets are available
Condessa Welsh Liqueurs               01407 730 021              containing our luxury chocolate truffle and our 1
Congleton Garden Machinery            01260 278332           Full Range of Polaris Quads & Rangers
                                                                                        Connexions -Cheshire & Warrington offers advice,
                                                                                        guidance and support to all young people aged 13- 19
                                                      stephanie.heighton@connexions-    and upto 25 for Young people with learning difficulties
Connexions Cheshire & Warrington      01606 305216                             and disabilities
                                                                                        Authentic German Salami available to try before you
Continental Cottage Ltd               01925 210 305         buy. All good quality German meat.
                                                                                        High end non electrical kitchen equipment, utensils and
Cooks-Paradise Limited                0789 627 5009   accessories.

                                                                                        The co-operative funeralcare is the UK's leading
                                                                                        funeral director with over 800 funeral homes across the
                                                                                        country. Our professional and caring staff are on hand
                                                                                        24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide support, care
Co-Operative Funeral Care             0161 202 8111    and reassurance when it matters most. co
                                                                                        The latest magnetic & Copper Health care. Our own
Copper Council                        01246 454937                                      range of piccisso beads

                                                                                        Corks Out Ltd are wine merchants local to Cheshire.
                                                                                        We will be showing a selection of wines available from
                                                                                        our range and also promoting our wine mail order club
Corks Out Ltd                         01925 210 673        and internet site. Individual wines for individual tastes.

                                 Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                                   Tel. 1       Email 1                             Descriptions
Cornish Cheese Co Ltd               01579 363660       Cornish Blue Cheese Chutneys & Relish
Cornthwaites                        01704 822 343   k
                                                                                        Check to see if your qualify for Costco Membership, we
                                                                                        offer a wide range of nationally branded production at
Costco Wholesale                    0161 749 4384                                       low warehouse prices.
Cotswold Garden Co                  01386 700 753                          Top quality maintenance free garden furniture
                                                                                        Information and Promotional Leaflets Regarding Rural
Countryside Alliance                01824 704047                                        & Country Pursuits.
Couture Cupcakes                    07919922451                                         Cupcakes, home baking goodies
                                                                                        Holiday Home Parks (Walkes) Holiday homes for sale
Covewood Enterprises Ltd            01766 512 001                                       and for hire.
Cpi Supercar Club                   01782 713 100
                                                                                        Cholmondeley Pagent of Power - Stand to promote the
                                                                                        even 18th and 19th July. Offer to all Cheshrie Show
Cpop                                01829 720 730            visitors of 10% off ticket price.
Cpop                                01829 720 730
                                                                                        Inspired embroidered clothing, we can personalise any
                                                                                        item with your dog or handlers names, soft shell
                                                                                        jackets, fleeces, polo shirts, t-shirts, caps, bags, body
Crazydogs                           07769 685 060   pawsand       warmers.
                                                                                        Mosaic Art -- Natural Stone (Travertine) and ceramic
Creative Tiling Ltd                 0151 608 0702            tile art, Mosaic Mirrors.
                                                                                        Oak Framed Buildings to Include Home Offices,
Crown Oak Northern Ltd              07738 377 377        Garages, Garen Rooms, Dog Kennels etc.
                                                                                        Crown Pavilions manufacture handcrafted wooden
                                                                                        gazebos, synonymous with quality, prestige and
Crown Pavilions                     01491 612 820                                       alsthetic beauty.
                                                                                        Top quality comtemporary & classic designs of
                                                                                        luxurious garden furniture, bargain prices from a
                                                                                        friendly & knowledgable company with prompt
Crownhill Garden Furniture Ltd      01992 892939            deliveries.

                                   Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                                      Tel. 1      Email 1                           Descriptions
                                                                                        Cruise in sell luxury 4 and 5 star cruises at affordable
                                                                                        prices and provide personal advice for first time and
Cruise In Limited                     01264 350 750            dedicated cruisers.

Crystal Windows & Conservatories      01625 858 800
Cumbrian Maid                         01768 890 538      Frozen Yogurt & Yogurt Smoothies
Curry Sauce Co.                       08713 103 440
                                                                                        Cyclo-ssage market exclusive top quality German
                                                                                        manufactured massage systems. The pro-Equine, Pro-
                                                                                        Personal and pro Canine massage systems
                                                                                        incorporate cycloidal massage in unique easy to use
Cyclo Ssage Ltd                       01443 815 496              portable systems.
                                                                                        Sale of property and holiday rental mainly Cypress but
Cypress Property Move                 07968 320 506                                     around the med also.
                                                                                        Supplies of a wide range of equestrian products and
                                                                                        riding wear, stockists of Stubben, Shires, Loveson,
D & J Saddlery                        01286 880198            Equilibrium, Equitheme and many more.
D.G.H Promotions                      01782 868 189                                     Revive multi surface cleaner ideal for all cookware
Dairy Co (AHDB)                       07976 609 791
Daneside Country Park                 01260 274 582
David Warren Promotions               01638 741310        Mobile motion simulator drop tower
De Sousa Winres                       01925 756 473                                     Wines
Debbie & Andrews Sausages             07824 304 117                                     The Tasiest, Loviest, Most Perfect of Sausages
                                                                                        The Giant Wheel has its own 3 phase power supply
De-Koning, Jan                        01706 829 018                                     which is a silent running supply. 33mtr giant wheel
                                                                                        Finest Goats milk product - Cheese - milk- butter.
                                                                                        Toplife formula Pet Products - Goats pet milk - Dog -
                                                                                        Kittten -puppy milk & healthy & nutricides treat for your
Delamere Dairy                        01565 632 422          pet
                                                                                        Finest Goats Milk - Cheese Milk - Butter- Toplife
                                                                                        Formula Pet Product - Goats Milk pet Milks - Dog-Kitten
                                                                                        & Puppy Milk &
Delamere Dairy                        01565 632 422         Healthy & Nutricides treat for your pets.

                                       Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                                          Tel. 1      Email 1                             Descriptions
                                                                                              Healthy Hooves - The copper delivery system healthy
                                                                                              hooves is patented and EPA registered in the USA as a
                                                                                              low PH triple buffered formula that solubilses copper
                                                                                              sulphate for use in animal footbaths. Metalblak / gun
Delway / Pre-Treatment Solutions Ltd      0151 639 3201         care.
                                                                                              Manufacturers and suppliers of Alfalfa based fibre
Dengie Crops Ltd                          01621 841188                   feeds, Fibremixes, Supplements and licks.
                                                                                              Hospitality Marquee for members, Clients & Guests of
Denton Clark Co,Cla,Walker Smith Way      01244 409666           Denton Clark, CLA, & Walker Smith Way
                                                                                              We promote Bradford City and surrounding towns and
                                                                                              Information will be available on our cultural attractions,
                                                                                              family days out and short breaks. Special offers will be
Destination Bradford                      01274 431 847       available.
                                                                                              Devere Venue Wynchwood Park, conference, Training,
Devere Venue Wychwood                    01270 829 2000                                       Wedding and Golf Venue
                                                                                              Our Diabetes UK measure up roadshow will be used to
                                                                                              raise awareness of Diabetes. We will be handing out
                                                                                              information and offering visitors free Diabetes risk
                                                                                              assessments to assess their risk of developing type 2
Diabetes Uk                               0207 424 1167 Diabetes and indentify ways in which they c
Diamond Saddlery Limited                  01922 412 233         Saddlery & Riding equipment
                                                                                              Skewers of fresh fruit and marshmallows, dipped in
                                                                                              Belgian Chocolate. Chocolate for mini home fountains.
Dipping Delight                           07971 053966           Chocolate fountain rental service.
Dippy Daisy                               01295 750 993

                                                                                                We sell costume jewellery, Swarovski jewellery and a
                                                                                                large range of bespoke Jewellery, Gem Diamonte,
Divine Rocks                              07912 327 067                                         Gem Stones & large range of Ladies Reading Glasses.

                                     Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                                        Tel. 1      Email 1                         Descriptions
                                                                                        Dodson & Horrell source of herbal products and
                                                                                        supplements, plus the Chudleys range of dry dog and
                                                                                        pet food. Nutritional advice, stockist details and
                                                                                        information on our countryside range will all be
Dodson & Horrell                        01832 737300   available
Doe Wood Lodges                         01229 869 973        Lake District Holiday Lodge Park.

                                                                                        Dogs Trust is working towards the day when all dogs
                                                                                        can enjoy a happy life, free from the threat of
                                                                                        Unnecessary destruction.
Dogs Trust                              01905 748 357     Dogs trust Merseyside rehoming centre 0151 480 0660
Dr Grow Good                            07960011505
                                                                                        Large selection of Handbags, Purses, Wallets,
                                                                                        Accessories, Belts & Chamois Leathers at unbeatable
Dragon Leather Goods                    01291 628 117   low prices
                                                                                        Practical Demonstration of Dry Stone Walling and
Dry Stone Walling Assc.Ches Branch      01606 79540          display of materials & literature
                                                                                        Waterproof/Breathable leather boots, ladies tweed and
Dubarry Of Ireland                      01494 883412        suede clothing and accessories
Dunbia                                  01200 415 000
                                                                                        Luxury Dairy Ice Cream made on the Farm by a Mother
Dunham Massey Farm Ice Cream            0161 9281230                                    & Daughter Partnership.
E D F Imports                           01531 822 566
                                                                                        Timber Sectional Building ie Loose Boxes, Field
E T C Sawmills Ltd                      01691 622441                                    Shelters, Agricultural Building
                                                                                        Stunningly Beautiful Umbrellas and Parasols from the
Ear & Rascal Umbrellas                  01452 387 006                                   UK & Europe - Sunshine on a rainy day.
                                                                                        Handmade Wicker Baskets, Dogs/Cats and various
Easy UK - International                 0161 797 6474           other Pet Beds & products
Eat Liquorious                          01629 810 307        Gourmet Liquorice
Eddisbury Fruit Farm                    01829 751 300                                   Cheshire Apple Juice. Cheshire Cider
Edinburgh Outdoor Clothing              01506 462 904                                   Good Quality Outdoor Clothing & Leisure wear

                                       Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                                          Tel. 1      Email 1                           Descriptions
                                                                                            Demonstrating artist selling own framed original
                                                                                            paintings of country and agricultural subjects. We also
                                                                                            sell handmade cards that mostly incorporate our own
Edward Ashley Artist                      01332 771817           art work
Edward Linton                             07740737378        Oak Furniture
                                                                                            English made country and outdoor clothing. Also a
                                                                                            range of hats and caps with a selection of sheepskin
Egan Sheepskin Products                   07967 313775              and leather products made in England
                                                                                            Handmade natural skin care products made with goats
                                                                                            milk and honey all made in Cheshire East. Available
Elegance Natural Skin Care                01948 666 001                                     mail order 01948 666550 and on line
                                                                                            Handmade Natural Skin Care Products containing
                                                                                            Goats Milk and Honey, Avocado etc. Available mail
Elegance Natural Skincare                 01948 666001                 order 01948 666550
                                                                                            The Largest selection of Magnotherapy Health
Elite Crafts Ltd                          0161 773 2428
                                                                                            Financial Services, mortgages life cover, critical
Elite Financial Planning Consultants      0845 257 1692                      illness, redundancy, savings, investments, wills, etc.
Elite Kitchens Design                     0161 929 1787   Fitted Kitchens, Bedroom and Bathrooms
                                                                                            Hand crafted solid Oak wine racks, variety of sizes and
Enchanted - Wood                          07969 237 335          shapes. Also handcrafted T-Light holders
                                                                                            Free impartial advice on Energy Efficiency, Renewable
                                                          gen.woodland@est-northwest-       technology, transport, waste and water reduction and
Energy Saving Trust Advice Centre         0151 637 3674                         the grants available.
                                                                                            Business Support for Agricultural - Food & Drink
Enrich/Rada/Enterprize Hub                01270 613 195                                     Businesses
                                                                                            Drainage Equipment and services Fuel tanks recycling
Envirocare Northwest                      01270 759755                                      services
Environment Agency 'Fisheries'            01925 543 536                                     Environment Agrency "Fisheries"
Environmental Crop Management Ltd         01565 777 444                                     Agricultural Chemicals and Related Products.

                            Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                               Tel. 1      Email 1                                Descriptions
                                                                                      Enza is the approved main agent for Mercedes-Benz
                                                                                      Trucks and Vans for the Northwest. Dealerships are
                                                                                      located in Trafford Park, Warrington and Stoke. The
                                                                                      group offers new and used vehicle sales, service and
Enza Mercedes Benz             01925 847 139            repair facilities as well as parts supply. As l
                                                                                      E-On Energy Products, Show customers a price
E-On                           01625 418 841         comparision of Gas & Eectricity prices on site.
Equestrian Escapes Ltd         01829 781123

                                                                                  Diti (Digital Inferred Thermal Imaging) is a non-
                                                                                  invasive diagnostic test of physiology. Diti is
                                                                                  recognised as a usefull tool in the early identification of
                                                                                  musculoskeletal and nerological injuries. At equiscan
Equisafety                     0151 605 0720                we specialise in lameness&hoof problems, s
                                                                                  Diti (Digital inferred Thermal Imagin) is a non-invasive
                                                                                  diagnostic test of physiology. Diti is recognised as a
                                                                                  usefull tool in the early identification of usculoskeletal &
                                               medicalthermalimaging@googlemail.c nerological injuries. At equiscan we specialise in
Equiscan                       0151 342 446    om                                 lameness & hoof problems, saddl
                                                                                  Horseboxes and Horse Trailers with Living
Equi-Trek Ltd                  01484 852 121                                      Accomodation.
                                                                                  Era Photographic Studios promotes Professional
                                                                                  Family Portrait Photography and shows our
Era Photography Studios        01625 536 526           contemporary range of products and services.
                                                                                  Wide range of top quality Dog Leads-Collars & All in
                                                                                  One sets.
                                                                                  These are made fromeither tope quality solid core
                                                                                  round leather, English Bridle Leather, Softline Flat
                                                                                  Leather or Kangaroo Leather.
                                                                                  They are all individually hand cut-dyed-woven or
Essenjay Leather Supplies      01736 740094       stitched.
                                                                                  Hair Extensions, accessories, Ladies Scarves and
Essenti-Elle                   01433 631505            evening purses

                             Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                                Tel. 1      Email 1                          Descriptions
                                                                                 Promoting our product range of Windows, Doors,
                                                                                 Conservatories, Garage Doors, Flat Roofs, Solar
                                                                                 Panels, Alarms, CCTV, Driveways, Roofline,
Everest Home Improvements       07961 312 881                Orangeries
Exclusive Entry Ltd             01625 614 882                                    Electric Gates, Wood and or Metal.
Executive Analysis Ltd          014916428585
                                                                                 Fresh Meat from our National Trust Hill Farm. Red
                                                                                 Devon Beef, Somerset Free Range Port, Exmoor
Exmoore Finest Meats            0163 862 502    Lamb, Home made Burgers & Suasages.
                                                                                 Exctreme Adventure is a high ropes course which
                                                                                 offers an adrenaline-filled three for kids and adults
                                                                                 alike. Try your hand at the wobbly bridge, swinging
                                                                                 logs, cargo net or the tightrope walk - All suspended
Extreme Adventure               01829 261 313     4m above the ground. Are you up for the Challe
F R Sharrocks                   01477 500700
                                                                                 Agricultural and horticultural tractors and machinery.
                                                                                 Kubota lain dealers for agricultural groundcare and
F R Sharrocks                   01477 500700                                     utility machinery.
                                                                                 FWAG give independant engvironmental &
F W A G Cheshire                01270 627938                                     conservation advice to farmers and landowners.

                                                                                 Designer Deckcharis/Cushions/Beanbags/Canvases.
Fagan - Bird Interiors Ltd      0161 431 5318                                    Interior Consultation
                                                                                 Fair Trade handmade wooden tyos, handcarved
                                                                                 wooden crafts (Puzzles, clips, games), handbags,
                                                                                 jewellery (Silver and Beads) message stones, crocherd
                                                                                 finger puppets, keyrings, felt purses. All goods are
Fair Trade Fayre                07702 701 378         registered fairtrade.

                                                                                 Restored antique furnitur and wares handmade crafts,
Families Connected              0161 905 3276   cards wedding stationary for the discerning purchaser.
                                                                                 Family Vouchers offers Free help for working Parents
Family Vouchers                 0161 850 6650                                    with their Childcare Costs

                                 Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                                    Tel. 1      Email 1                           Descriptions
                                                                                      Rotating sphere lounger, victorian style lighting and
Farmers Cottage Lamps Ltd           01675 464705   stainless steel water features
                                                                                      Specilaist Rare Breed Meats, Sausages and hand
                                                                                      made Game Pies direct from our farm in the trough of
Farmhouse Direct                    01347 889 354                                     Bowland
Farmyard Novelties                  07860 907 940                                     Farmyard Novelties, Farmyard Themed Merchandise
                                                                                      Tourism Infomation and leaflets about all the favourite
Favourite Days Out In Cheshire      07880521361                days out in Cheshire attactions.
                                                                                      Fergus the Tractor of the popular Childrens Story
                                                                                      Books and Author Steve Burnside will be on the site
Fergus & Friends                    07973 268 995                                     throughout the Show.
                                                                                      Knitting Weaving and Spinning Equipment. Hand
                                                                                      Woven Rugs
                                                                                      and bags. Hand Spun Hand Kniitted Items. Other
                                                                                      Woolen Goods
                                                                                      made on our own Equipment, Corn Dollies, Pottery
Fire And Fibre                      01691 870399          Turned Wooden Items
Firepits Uk                         01873 840 029
                                                                                      Wellbake non-stick silicone cookware and Kitchen
                                                                                      accessories, suitable for all ovens Aga, Microwave,
First Silicone                      0845 4020922       Diswasher & freezer.
                                                                                      Fisher German LLP : Chartered Surveyors
Fisher German / Mace & Jones        01565 757970      Mace & Jones : Solicitors
                                                                                      Table Lamps made from real Amber and Ambe
Forever Amber                       01892 617 377                                     Jewellery.
Forever Driveways
                                                                                      Pure Aloe & Bee Products, Natural Health & Nutrition
                                                                                      Products for Health & Wellbeing/for Family, Inc Pets &
                                                                                      Livestock. Peta approved, Kosher & islamic Ratings
Forever Living Products              7801702693                                       approval

                                Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                                   Tel. 1      Email 1                              Descriptions
                                                                                        Information Packs on Fostering, promotional items
                                                   carer-                               (pens, balloons, tote bages, post it pads, maze games,
Fostering Solutions                01204 522 667   logo bugs).
                                                                                        Beautiful Range of Hand Painted Mirrors. Every One is
                                                                                        Designed and Hand Painted by Jan Morris and Framed
Foxy Brushworks                    01905 457 163                                        by her Partner Irv.
                                                                                        Chartered Surveyors, Auctioneers, Valuers and Estate
Frank Marshall & Co                01565 621 624   Agents
Fry's Teak Furniture                7980298596
Fudge Face                         07912 029 209            Homemade Fudge
                                                                                        Moreacmbe Bay Potted Shrimps, Wild Game, Stuffed
                                                                                        Poultry & Game, Seafood Salads and Sandwiches,
Furness Fish Poultry & Game        015395 59544                                         Game Pies & Paella
                                                                                        A wide range of chairs and sofas by "Stressless" The
G F S World Of Furniture           01825 721 064          Innovators of Comfort.
                                                                                        Microfiber Sports Boxer Shorts for both men and
G M F Products                      7784021098            women.
Gallaghers Of Sandycroft           01244 534347
                                                                                     Wrought Iron Gates. Wooden Gate in Hardwood or
                                                   garageandgateautomation@hotmail.c Softwood. Electric gate arms and underground units.
Garage & Gate Automation           01782 510766                              Electric roller garage doors.
                                                                                     Arctic garden Lodge enables you to barbecue all year
Garden Exteriors                   01827 705215          through
Garden Furniture 4 All              774761813
                                                                                        Supplier of quality garden furniture in Aluminium and
                                                                                        Glass, Teak, Hardwood, Scandinavian Pine, Wicker,
                                                                                        BBQ's, Parasols, Cushions, Laura Ashley Garden
                                                                                        Furniture, Garden Party Accessories at great value
Garden Furniture Scotland          0845 837 9070                                        prices.
Garnett Farms Engineering Ltd      01565 722922                                         Range of Bedding Machines - As dispensers
Garnett Farms Engineering Ltd      01565 722922                                         Range of AG Dispensers - Buckets etc
                                                                                        Deli type foods and wines sourced direct from small
Gastro Nicks                       01744 751 972                                        producers in the UK and Europe

                                      Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                                         Tel. 1      Email 1                              Descriptions
                                                                                              Designer Childrenswear 0-8 yrs featuring styles from
                                                                                              Added Sugar, Toby Tiger, Bob & Blossom and
Gemini Joe                               0161 865 6657              Amplified Clothing amongst others.
                                                                                              Sterling Silver, Baltic Amber and Welsh Gold Jewellery.
                                                                                              Sterling Silver Jewellery varies from Plain & Gemset
Gemwaith Menai Jewellery                 01248 360 064           Pieces to exclusive enamelled range.
Girlguiding Cheshire                     07977 904 309
Glebedale Tractors                       01260 272061        TYM Tractors 23HP - 70HP Avant Loaders.
Global-Marcher Sound                     01978 722216                                         Radio Station
Glyndwr University                       01978 293 597
                                                                                             All blended Cheeses produced at our own Dairy in
                                                                                             Crewe. Belton Farmhouse Cheeses and Cheddars
                                                                                             from the West Counrty. Our own range of pickle &
Godfrey C Williams & Son                 01270 762817                                        Chutney, Blue Cheshire.
                                                                                             Granite Kitchen work tops. Natural and composite
                                                                                             stone fabrication, to include bathroom vanity tops,
Gon Granite & Marble Ltd                 01745 890 888                  shower trays and cladding, fire surrounds etc.
                                                                                             Handcrafted Nepalese Clothing & Gifts. Brightly
Gourangaoo                               07841 290 026            Coloured Knitwear.
                                                                                             We sell "Cookware" and specialise in "Le creuset" cast
                                                                                             iron and stoneware. We currently sell over the internt
Gr8 - Kitchenware                        01785 241 134       on ebay, check us our as GR8-Kitchenware.
                                                                                             Superior worktops that fit directly over existing
                                                                                             worktops. Fitted in just 1 day. No hassle, No mess, No
                                                                                             disruption. Lifetime guarantee. Luxury worktops in a
                                                                                             day. Heat resistant. Stain resistant. Impact resistant.
Granite Transformations                  01204 397 780 Scratch resistant.

                                                                                              Real Dairy Ice made on the farm from Cow to Cone in
Great Budworth Real Dairy Ice Cream      01606 891211                                         18 delicious Flavours Sold on Cones, Tubs & Cartons.
                                                                                              Wildlife Products (Bird tables, nesting boxes, brid
Green - G.A.L.A                          01270 624 909              feeders, mammal shelters, bird seeds.
Greenoak Equipment Ltd                   01270 211 113

                                    Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                                       Tel. 1      Email 1                         Descriptions
Greenoak Equipment Ltd                 01270 211 113

                                                                                       GRWE is the leading independent Greyhound rescue
                                                                                       charity in England and Wales, dedicated to the rescue,
                                                                                       rehabilitation and rehoming of abused and abandoned
                                                                                       greyhounds and greyhound crosses. We will be raising
Greyhoused Rescue West Of England      07711 244 329              awareness of the greyhounds looking for homes
Guest House Furniture Ltd              01565 723 727   tom@guesthousefurniture
                                                                                       Sale of small appeals items & Guide Dog Tombola with
Guide Dogs For The Blind               0845 372 7361                                   Static Collection.
                                                                                       Real farmhouse cider and perry. All made from pear
                                                                                       fruit and and matured in oak vats. Both bottle and
Gwatkin Cider Co. Ltd                  01981 550258                                    draught.
H S Bourne                             01948 770 214                                   Handmade Cheshire Cheese & butter
                                                                                       Habitats and Hillforts, is a Landscape partnership
                                                                                       scheme focissing on the Iron Age Hillforts along
Habitats And Hillforts Landscape                                                       Cheshire's sandston ridge. The partnership is
Partnership                            01244 943195                                    supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.
Halfpenny Green Vineyards              01384 221122                 English wine.
                                                                                       Fashion handbags, Pashminas and Scarfs, Purses,
Handbag Bliss                          01284 728 697     Fashion Jewellery.
                                                                                       Colourful costume jewellery handmade in
                                                                                       Northumberland by deisgner Hayley Malcolm. Items
Handmade By Hayley                     07749 685101   from £8.00.
                                                                                       We supply and build timber framed property
Hanlo Ltd                              07815073311    throughtout the UK.
Harvey Hughes Ltd                      0161 927 7562
Haulfryn Group Ltd                     01753 836 235
                                                                                       Hand crafted collectable artist Teddy Bears and Teddy
Haven Bears                            01928 788313             Bear Cards, handbags and Accessories.
                                                                                       Design - Led contemporary Jewllery collection
Havoc                                  01629 812 140                                   incorporating Texured Brushed Hand Made Silver

                                Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                                   Tel. 1      Email 1                            Descriptions
                                                                                      Haygain haysteamers remove hardful fungal spores,
                                                                                      bacteria, dust mites from hay to clean healthy hay for
                                                                                      horses to improve their respiratory and overal condition
Haygain Hay Steamers               0333 200 5233            and performance.
                                                                                      Leisure Facilities, Swimming Pool, Sauna,Steam
                                                                                      Room, Jacuzzi, Newly Refurbished Gymnasium,
                                                                                      Leisure Bar & Tennis Courts. Special Offer for
Hayley Conference Centre           01477 536 775   Membership for Entrance to the Show.
Hayley's                           07765 097 606                                      Ladies Scarves, Bags & Bracelets
Haywards Timber Buildings          01691 650 106
Headwater Holidays                 01606 720099                 Worldwide Walking, Cycling and Canoeing Holidays.
Heart 103.4                        01978 722 216
Heart Of England Craftworkers       01905 21702
Heath Insurance Service Ltd        01565 654 751
Hedge Laying
Helicentre Liverpool Ltd           0151 488 0388
Help The Heros                     01606 554678
Henderson Garage Doors             01244 344 255

Herbalife                          01829 733 223        A premier nutrition and weight management company.
Hideout Leathergoods               02388 770735                Small sheepskin and leather goods
                                                                                      The highways agency is s government organisation -
                                                                                      The purpose of our presence at the show is to offer the
                                                                                      public journey planning advise and information on our
Highways Agency                    01565 652 967                                      role and responsiblitising.
                                                                                      Founded in 1974, Hi-Tec prides itself on Producing
                                                                                      Great Looking, High Quality Outdoor and Sports
Hi-Tec Sports Uk Ltd               01702 541 741     Footwear at affordable prices.

                                                                                      Uniquelu crafted handmade horseshoe creations.
                                                                                      Inspired by equestrian and environmental ethics,
                                                                                      Hoefijzer Creations turns used Horseshoes into elegant
Hoefijzer Creations                0151 334 6881          works of art for practical and ornamental uses.

                             Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                                Tel. 1      Email 1                          Descriptions
                                                                                 Hooftrimming ltd - Your one stop shop for Cattle Hoof
                                                                                 Trimming Services, Crushes, Accessories and
Hooftrimming Ltd                01829 781 476      Supplies.
Hope For Living                 0844 504 9066    Awareness Magazine
                                                                                 Range of equestrian clothing and products. Top brands
Hope Valley Saddlery            01433 670375    and many show offers.
Horsebox Hospital               01565 722 806
                                                                                 Premium domestic cleaning service covering
Houseworks                      0161 437 4190   Manchester and North Cheshire Area.
Howard Brothers Ltd             01335 370904                                     Hoawrd Bros Vintage Fun Fair, Merry Go Round.
Howard Worth                    01606 369002                                     Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers.
                                                                                 Delicious Fresh Fruit/Vegetables, Salad Goods and
Hughes Fresh Fruit Ltd          07900 694948      Local Strawberries
                                                                                 Delicious Local Strawberries, fresh fruit / Vegetables
Hughes Fresh Fruit Ltd          07900 694948      and Salad Goods
                                                                                 Delicious Local Strawberries, Fresh Fruit/Vegetables
Hughes Fresh Fruit Ltd          07900 694948      and Salad Goods
                                                                                 The Animal Sanctuary helps unwanted, Abandoned
                                                                                 and Stray Animals with a view to Re-Homing the Cats
                                                                                 & Small Furries. We also aim to educate people
Humane Education Society        01625 520 802                                    (Particularly Children) about Animal Welfare.
                                                                                 Compact mobile equipment including skid-steer
Huskisson Bobcat Ltd            0151 922 2761         loaders, excavators and dumpers for sale or rental.
                                                                                 Full range of trailers up to 3500kg gross weight to carry
                                                                                 livestock, horses, goods, cars etc. Leading trailer
Ifor Williams Trailers Ltd      01490 412527          manufacturer
                                                                                 "The Milk Experience" - Fresh, Local Milk. Making
                                                                                 Milkshakes and Hot Milk Drinks. Supporting the
Image Events-Milk Bars          0121 351 4854                                    farming and dairy industry for over 40 years.
                                                                                 Toys, Kites, Balls, we make large Bubbles for Kids and
Images                          01382 229 179          sell teh Bubbles for kids, Sun Hats & Bags

                              Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                                 Tel. 1      Email 1                             Descriptions
                                                                                     Imagine FM is South Manchester and Cheshire's
                                                                                     number one more music radio station on your dial at
Imagine Fm 104.9                 0161 609 1400           104.9FM and online at

In Home Legal Services           07713 510 815               Wills, Estate Planning and associated Legal Services
                                                                                     Wildlife and animal prints both mounted / framed
Into The Lens Ltd                07776 135 665             available along with commission booking.

                                                                                     Agricultural/Horse Original Acrylic and Oil Paintings by
Intoto                           01335 324 502              Wendy Darker. Prints & Greeting Cards of the Artwork
Intraining                       07794215410
J & K Lees                                                                           Sponge Cakes, Buns, Bakewell Tarts. Scones
J & S Lewis Ltd                  01942 682828                                        Agricultural Machinery
J H Jones Market Gardening       07980 412 758
J H Jones Market Gardening       07980 412 758
                                                                                     Poly roof products / Bio tec kingspan sewage treatment
                                                                                     plants / General building and maintances / Fensa and
J H S Property Restoration       0151 647 2282         soveriegn products.
J K Ashbrook Ltd                 01477 533 046             Plant Hire and Groundwork Company
                                                                                     Specialists retailers of Binoculars, Monoculars and
                                                                                     Telescopes and related accessories, with a
                                                                                     comprehensive range to examine. Main stockists for
                                                                                     optical hardware and olivon products. Personl
                                                                                     guidance in selection. Visit our stand today to try out
J M Optics Ltd                   01924 230933                our spe
                                                                                     Britains biggest range of basketware with Jute
Jack Straws Countrystore         01386 48974   hammock and swing chairs etc.
Jacky Freeman                    01625 250859            Pictures of the Towns and Villages of Cheshire
                                                                                     We sell bedding including fleece blankets, towels,
Jaja Imports                     07877506177                                         pillows, bed sheets etc.
                                                                                     Oriental Carpets & Rugs, wooden flooring and unsusal
James Rose Oriental Carpets      01925 757 379            Gifts

                             Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                                Tel. 1      Email 1                         Descriptions

                                                                                Jamie at home reflects Jamie Olivers relaxed approach
                                                                                to eating and entertaining and we sell through party
Jamie At Home                   01270 621 793   plan hand picked goods for the house and garden
                                                                                Freshly griddled Welshcakes; breads; loaf-cakes'
Jane's Handmade Bread           01244 300 761                                   vegetarian and vegan nut roasts.
                                                                                Ceramic Plaques solkd as Horse Numbers and Dog
                                                                                Signs, along with wooden surround / back. Also mugs
Janke, Mr Melvyn                01782 769 942            with dog faces printed on.
Jewson Ltd                      01260 281 189                                   Power Tools, Plant & Tool Hire, Building Materials
                                                                                Traditional Windsor Chairs, Custom made to order, For
                                                                                sale, Stools, 3 designs, various sizes, Antique toold,
                                                                                wood pieces. Demonstrating, making various parts of
                                                                                a Windsor Chair on a Bobbin-Bow-Lath. Talking /
Jim Steele Windsor Chairs       01926 813 577               Describing all tools used and the history of
                                                                                Commissions taken for finely detailed Portraits of
John Clarke Fine Arts Ltd       07200 448 214                                   Animals & Wildlife.
John Gill                       07836 271 818                                   Childrens Rides
                                                                                Johnsons Hairdressing of Stockton Heath Village &
                                                                                Town Centre.
                                                                                A salon experience that will exceed your expectations.
                                                                                Demonstrating Curling techniques and free hair advice.
Johnson Hairdressing            01925 630 246     Fantastic Offers.
                                                                                Johnsons Fitness - Suppliers of home and commercial
                                                                                fitness equipment (Treadmills, Cycles, Cross
Johnson Health Tech UK Ltd      07968 975 201         Trainers,Powers and Vibration Plates)
Jolly Jungle Ltd                01352 754 705
                                                                                To promote and sell out own 'Jollyes Lifestage' range
                                                                                of complete Dog, Cat and Samll Animail foods and
                                                                                various other pet accessories. We will also have a
                                                                                variety of spacial offers available to Cheshire Show
JollyesPetfood Superstores      01260 290 871        Visitors Only.

                         Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                            Tel. 1      Email 1                             Descriptions
                                                                                Cheshire Cheese Campaign selling delicious Cheshire
                                                                                Cheese. Come along and see our cheese making
                                                                                demonstration and have a Cheshire Cat printed on
Joseph Heler Ltd            01270 841500                                        your face!
                                                                                Beautifully vibrant and stylish clothing, footwear and
Joules                      01858 435 255             accessories for every occasion.
Joy Bradburn Flowers        01625 871213                 Silk Flower Arrangements
                                                                                Cold pressed extra virgin rapeseed oil, salad dressing,
Just Oil Ltd                01573 493 081                                       mayonnaises and infused oil.
                                                                                Vintage Leather Bags, Luggage & Jewellery. All our
                                                                                products are handcrafted and unique. Our range has
                                                                                something for everyone, we strive to ensure our
K C Bags                    0161 776 9923                     products are of high quality but still affordable.
K G Insulation              01606 861 718   uk                                FREE LOFT INSULATION
                                                                              Made from Driftwood and REclaimed Souces. Tissue
                                                                              Box's, Clocks, Plant Pots, Mirrors, Lanterns, Egg
Kalipado Products           0161 973 7303           Boxes, Wine Bottle Holders.
                                                                              Karting Hire / Rides for Children from ages 3 to 12
Karting Kidz                01606 352 175            years.
                                                                              Cheshire based retailer of Canoes and Kayaks
                                                                              Suppported By Pyranha, P & H Sea Kayaks and
Kayaks North West           01928 710 770                                     Venture
Ken Moat Confectionary      07900 914 277
                                                                                Traditional and Modern Confectionery Over 100 Jars of
                                                                                Old Fashioned Sweets, Sugar Free Included, Also
Ken Moat Confectionary      07900 914 277                                       Mineral Waters.
Kids Quad Hire              01524 844 484       Kids Quad Hire
King Nursery                                                                    Nursery
                                                                                Photographic Services, Pet Portraiture - Instant
Kingfisher Photography      01270 875 917               Photographs
                                                                                Kraiburg is europe's leading manufacturer of rubber
Kitt Kraiburg Ltd           01278 727 755                 matting for Dairy use.

                                      Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                                         Tel. 1       Email 1                            Descriptions

                                                                                             Wooden Giftware - Solitaire & Chinese Chequers,
                                                                                             Bootjacks and house numbers made from english
L A Roscoe & Daughters                   0161 794 9820          hardwood. Also a new slant on framed transport prints.

                                                                                             Labtec supply a range of speciality Animal health and
                                                                                             nutrition products, including Rodenficides insecticides
Labtec Ltd                               01270 214 004                                       and other specialists products for livestock keepers.
Ladygrove                                01604 766 605                                       Recycled giftwares and fashion accessories.
                                                                                             Bespoke handcrafted furniture and wooden goods,
Lakeland Cabinet Makers                  01768 482878   humidors, boxes, chess boards, coffee tables.
                                                                                             The Landy range of high pressure washers including
                                                                                             our famous Landy PTO Power Drain Jetters and
Lambert & Dyson Ltd                      01756 794 291                                       cleaners, Washers and Accessories and Spares

                                                                                             Land Registry is a government department responsible
                                                                                             for maintaining the land register for England & Wales.
Land Registry                            01732 740 370                                       Promoting voluntary registration of land.
                                                                                             Automotive - Defender, Freelander 2, Discovery 3,
                                                                                             Range Rover
Land Rover Dealer Marketing Service      0845 555 2 444
                                                                                             "Laptop Learning" - One to one tuition to get the best
                                                                                             from your computer. PC / Laptop training for all ages -
Laptop Learning                                           especially senior citizens.
                                                                                             Handmade & Costume Jewellery, Scarves, Handbags
lbdesigns Jewellery & Accessories        07810 375 292     and Belts
Leisure Force                            07795 166 103                                       Sunglasses and jewellery
Leonard Cheshire Disability              01270 792 341
                                                                                             Hand Made Indoor & Outdoor Furniture W British
Lesley Morgan Furniture                  01298 25733                                         Hardwoods
Leukaemia & Lymphona Research            01606 852738

                                Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                                   Tel. 1      Email 1                            Descriptions

                                                                                      Bioflow Magnotherapy products and associated
                                                                                      Ecoflow products, including skin and haircare products
Lifestyle Systems                  01709 366510                                       that are natural and good for you or the environment
Light Ray Silver Ltd               07968 127 207
Lime Tree Pantry Ltd               01623 867 963          Handrolled shortcrust savory and fruit pies.
                                                                                      Liquorice fondant filled loquorice and candy sticks, old
                                                                                      fashioned liquorice, liquorice root, Juice Sticks, sugar
Liquorice With A Twist             01329 842 214    free and salt liquorice.
                                                                                      Quality Jewellery - Antique and Modern - realistic
Little Gem                         01785 245433                                       prices
Little Kids Boutique               01606 331 470   Exciting range of designer baby & Childrenswear
                                                                                      Promotion of the Cheshire Game and Country Fair.

Living Heritage Country Fairs      01283 820 548    English Open Chainsaw Carving competition.
Lovely Bubbly Ltd                  0191 246 2460

                                                                                      Love UR House sells good Quality products at a very
                                                                                      reasonable price, These include
Loveurhouse Limited                01789 551 829                                      Garden,Home,Retro,Children,Gifts and Lots of Hearts
Lymn Bank Farm Cheese Co           07956 555 973                                      Smoked & Flavoured Cheeses + Smoked Garlic
                                                                                      M&P surveys equipment supply a complete range of
                                                                                      Leica Geosystem products from Lasers and levels to
M & P Survey Equipment Ltd         0151 357 1856                                      GPS and machine automation sysytems.
M J S Trading                      07970962657
Made of Honour                     07762 341 290                                      Wedding Dresses and other wedding services
                                                                                      Cheshire Biltong made from high quality cheshire beef
Mafeking Biltong Company           07704 33 9777                                      from Ken Webbs Cheadle Farm
                                                                                      Magnetic Jewellery. Magnetic Insoles. Magnetic Body
Magnetic Jewellery                 01204 450 577       Wraps.
                                                                                      Crafted magnetic health bracelets, made from steel
Magnothgrapy Uk                    01253 826 588             and copper.

                                      Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                                         Tel. 1      Email 1                             Descriptions
                                                                                             To promote UPVC products, windows, doors,
Malbern Windows                          0161 336 6705   conservatories, porches.
                                                                                             Agricultural Tractors and Implements and Groundscare
Malpas Tractors Ltd                      01978 664400   Equipment
Manchester & Cheshire Home for Lost
Dogs                                     01925 269 500

                                                                                             Information and advice about using and living close to
                                                                                             Manchester Airport from the Community Relations
Manchester Airport Plc                   0161 489 8705   team. There will also be fun activities for the Kids.
                                                                                             Flava-it (MRC) Ltd) A selection of MRC/Fava-it
Manchester Rusk Co Ltd                   0161 945 3579                 marinades and coaters.
                                                                                             Mandy will be demonstrating willow basket making and
                                                                                             displaying her baskets for sale. Ruth Pybus will be
Mandy Coates Basketmaker                 01745 833 742                                       demonstrating oak swill basket making.
Mangoletsi (Holdings) Ltd                01565 722 899                 New Alfa Romeo Car Sales

                                                                                             Rare Breed Gloucester Old Spot Hog Roast,
                                                                                             Homemade apple sauce. Organic sage and onion
                                                                                             stuffing from the shropshire space company, Roberts
                                                                                             Bread Rolls. Untill 11am daild. Rare breed gloucester
Manna Foods                              07525 779 442               old spot homemade back in roberts bread roll.
                                                                                             Handmade welsh cheese, goats, cows & ewe - Organic
                                                                                             spciality cheese - Cut and wrapped on stall -
Marmahs Traditionaly Local Cheeses       07533267063                                         Representing cheeses from Wales.

                                                                                             Family owned Manufacturer of high quality feeds for all
                                                                                             farm livestock, also supplying blends, straight feeding
Massey Bros (Feeds) Ltd                  01477 533312                                        stuffs, Grass Seed, Fertilizer & Silage Additives.
Maton Products Limited                   07923 279 144           Littl Juey strimmer heads and line reloads
Maxx Leisure Ltd                         01253 395626         4 in 1 Bungee Trampoline
Med Food Uk Ltd                          07966 472275                  Olives, Dried Fruit, Nuts, Turkish Delight & Baklava.
Mercedes-Benz Manchester Central                      Mercedes - Benz and Smart vehicles on display.

                                     Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                                        Tel. 1      Email 1                           Descriptions
                                                                                          Decorated Eggs, ranging from Quail to Ostrich.
Meredith, Jill                          01743 356 098          Reminiscent of the Faberge Style.
                                                                                          Orego-Stim avian complete liquid - A natural
Meriden Animal Health Ltd                                                                 supplement for domestic poultry and cage birds.
                                                                                          Original equestrian and dog paintings for sale and
Michael J Paskin (Equestrian Art)       01746 710105                                      commissions taken

                                                                                          Promotion of Portrait Photography services & photo
Michael Turner Photography              0161 428 6749                                     Fine Art Prints for sale (Travel,Landscape & Pictorial)
Mid Cheshire Bridleways                 01829 760348                                      Promoting & Maintaining bridleways in Cheshire.
                                                                                          Mid Cheshire College, Hartford Northwich. Information
                                                                                          available on all courses offered also biscuits
                                                                                          decorating, balloons, face painting, Nail treatments.
Mid Cheshire College                    01606 720558                                      Make-over demonstrations.
                                                                                          Current world blind land speed record holder, Mike
Mike Newmans At The Speed Of Sight      07971 161 621                                     Newman and his 200MPH car and race team.
Mobile Mill & Mix                       01260 277057            Mobile Milling of animal Feed
                                                                                          Stylish and Unique Lamps, Mirrors, Sconces and other
Mockbeggar Wharf                        0151 625 2389           Artefacts Hand Crafted from Natural Driftwood.
Monks Heath Motors                      01625 861544             Subaru, Isuzu and special motor vehicles
                                                                                          Providing information on Moore Nature Reserve. A free
Moore Nature Reserve                    01925 444 689                                     public access nature reserve in North Cheshire
                                                                                          With a reputation for producing the world's finest range
                                                                                          of breakfast cereals; choose the best, choose
Mornflake                               01270 213 261    Mornflake
Morris Corfield & Co Ltd                01952 881 000
Morris's Black Puddings                 01625 260767        Hot Black Puddings, Cold Black & White Puddings
                                                                                          Fence Post Plinth whcih will hold hanging baskets and
Mr A Marshal                            0161 764 8467                                     flower pots
                                                                                          Mrs Kirkhams Unpasturised, Handmade Lancashire
Mrs Kirkhams Cheeses                    01772 865335                                      Cheese.

                                  Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                                     Tel. 1      Email 1                              Descriptions

Mrs Primbles Cakes                   01256 393 460             Mrs Primble Wheat & Gluten Free Cakes and Biscuits
                                                                                        Gumbie boots, colourfull and light plus ewe boot (simlar
                                                                                        to uggs). Flamboyant hats and accessories, plus new
Mrs Thomason                         07811 444 108              this year leather outdoor boots.
                                                                                        Visit the Muller Stand and enjoy all the natural
                                                                                        goodness of great-tasting yogurt and fruit from the
Muller                               0207 034 2021               Muller range.
                                            Baby Cloths, Baby Gifts, Cards and Accessories, Baby
Munchkins (Everything Baby) Ltd      01829 730 133   k                                  Equipment
Murray Smith                         01606 868 570                                      Chartered Accountants
                                                                                        Promoting MOSI, entertaining visitors with science
                                                                                        busking and activities, Costumed characters will
Museum Of Science & Industry          016106177               interact with visitors.
                                                                                        Hardwearing Samsung Tough Phones, Blackberry,
                                                                                        Phone Accessories. Free Phone charging piont,
                                                                                        Orange business and consumer pay monthly
M-Viron (Staffs) Limited                                                                connections. Orange Pay N Go Sims.
                                                                                        Beautiful Cupcakes, in a vsriety of flavours and styles,
My Little Cupcakes                   07828 197 684     ideal for all occasions.
                                                                                        My pet stop, pet boarding and care center offers
                                                                                        boarding for dogs, cats, small animals and birds. We
                                                                                        also offer day care services for dogs and cat and
My Pet Stop                          0161 337 2300   carol.anderson@mps-centres-com     hydrotherapy, training and grooming.
                                                     gemmakippen@nrgassociates.go-      Quality Pet Accessories, Collars, Leads, Treats, Toys,
N R G Associates (Uk) Ltd            01270 874434    plus.n                             Beds & Training Aids.
                                                                                        N V Z & Compliance Advice, Facts & Basis Qualified,
N V Z Advisers                       07798 904 083                                      Agronomy & Environmental Services
                                                                                        Supplier of Sawdust & Shavings to Farms & Equine
N W Resources                        01978 851 238                                      Stables
                                                                                        Indian leather & Cotton Bags, Jewellery, Wooden
                                                                                        Ornaments, Cotton Tops, Leather Sandles, Purses, All
Nameste India                        0208 687 6638          good quality and reasonable prices

                                    Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                                       Tel. 1      Email 1                              Descriptions
                                                                                            Nantwich Log Burning Stove Centre - Offering wood
                                                                                            Burning and Multi Fuel Stoves as a Main Dealer for
Nantwich Log Burning Stove Centre      01270 528 538 Morso, Stovax, Arada, Riva, Dovre and Yeoman
                                                                                            Information regarding blood donation, plus free
National Blood Service                 01978 366 209           giveaways(Pens Post its, fuzzy bears Keyrings etc
National Farmers Union                 01695 554900             Hospitality Marquee
                                                                                            The National Gamekeeper Organisation promotes and
National Gamekeepers Organisation      01388 665 899        protects gamekeeping.
                                                                                            National Grid Grantors Club Facility Offering
National Grid                          01869 238 550 Tea/Coffee & Food to Invited Guests.
                                                                                            Land Management Advisory Service (LMAS) Helps
                                                                                            Farmers and Land Mangers to improve their
                                                       Communications.nw@naturalengland. management for the benefit of wildlife, Landscape,
Natural England                        01270 754353                               Public access and other environmental Purposes.
                                                                                            Home Made Cream and Butter Fudge Roasted and
Naturally Nuttily                      0161 3666 710            Glazed Nuts
                                                                                            A partnership of highly trained 7 experienced medical
                                                                                            herbalists located here in the North West. We work
                                                                                            collaboratively to make the best herbal health care
                                                                                            service possible for you. We will also be selling a
Natures Answers                        07985 200 805                     limited range of Natural cosmestics.
Neil Barrett Photography               0161 905 3336    Promotion of Family portrait studio.
New Energy Solutions Ltd               0151 513 2611                                        Renewable Energy Solar Systems
                                                                                            1/32 scale farmyards - Brushwood Selection 1/16 &
                                                                                            1/32 Britaio / Skill Tractors and Implements. Site ride
                                                                                            farm vehicles - Pedal and electric. Purpose of stand is
Niddrie's Toys, Cycles & Prams         01606 832 343                     to promote rather than sell.
                                                                                            High Quality Stone (Semi Precious) set Sterling Silver
Nigel Mycock                           01298 214599                                         Jewellery
                                                                                            Nikki Hart is responsible for the Funky Cons' which are
                                                                                            sure to put a smile on anyone's face. With a variety of
Nikki Hart                             07738 123 406                                        formats now

                                   Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                                      Tel. 1      Email 1                              Descriptions
                                                                                           Sound Proofing, Security Driveway Posts, Fire
Noise Killer & Centinel Security      0161 652 7080                                        Blankets, Document Protection Wallets
Nonna Teresa                          07966 280 530
                                                                                           Meet Members of the Ramblers Assoication. See what
North & Mid Cheshrie Ramblers                                                              they do to keep the foot paths of the UK open. See the
Association                           01925 766 889            walks we lead amd Maybe join us.
                                                                                           Suppling Food and Drink to Cheshire Farmers, whose
North East Cheshire Drag Hunt         01200 445 432                                        land we Hunt over free of charge
                                                                                           Specialist soft drinks and beer produced with local
North Wales Brewery                   01745 832 966                                        water
                                                                                           Solar Thermal Systems - Solar PV systems - Air source
Northern Gas Heating Ltd              01902 393 302          heat pumps
                                                                                           We install Solar Panels that generate electricity and
Northern Solar                         7944887795            heat hot water.
                                                                                           Supreme quality yorkshire beef, available in our
                                                                                           speciality steak pies, baked fresh on site, or in our
Nova Scotia Farm Produce              0113 289 3890                  delicious "Dishes to dine for" beef ready meals.
Npower C/O Promarco                   01384 565646                  Energy saving - Gas and Electricity
                                                                                           NWF Agricultural is a leading supplier of ruminant feed.
                                                                                           Also Distributes Seeds, Silage additives, Milk
NWF Agriculture Ltd                   01829 262294                                         replacers, Straights and other products.
O T I S Ltd                           01691 658 777          Oil Storage Tanks, Water Tanks, Fuel Stations.
Oakleaf Reproduction Ltd              01535 663 274
                                                                                           Oakley Timber Stables, suppliers of quality timber
Oakley Timber Stables                 01477 537446                                         stables
Oakmere Motor Group                   01606 45525
                                                                                        A range of garden & gardening related products,
                                                                                        including plants, garden arches, garden tools, bbq's,
Oasis Gardening                       0794 806 5764 fire pit, garden lights, brid feeding equipment.
Old Hall Confectionery                01630 620654             Farmhouse Toffee & Fudge

                                    Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                                       Tel. 1      Email 1                            Descriptions
                                                                                          Garden Buildings - Sheds, Summerhouses, Dog
                                                                                          Kennels, Offices, Custom made Buildings, Workshops,
                                                                                          Garages, Playhouses - All made direct in our
Olympian Sheds Ltd                     01270 759 774                                      Sandbach Factory.
                                                                                          Painball shooting gallery, Large tent / with targets at
On The Edge Events Paintball Site      01706 360 671        one end. Players get 10 shots for £1.

                                                                                          From the tree for you! Our colourful range of jewellery
                                                                                          is made by and bought directly from producers in
                                                                                          colombia, South America. All jewellery is handmade in
                                                                                          natural materials such as tagua (also known as
One World Crafts - Jewellery           0151 512 5292      vegetable ivory) and totumo (seeds), fique (pla
                                                                                          Oobichoobi a brand new body con mini thats short and
                                                                                          sweet with lacy leggins, Patterned tights and lovely
                                                                                          summer brown legs.
                                                                                          Zipless, Reversible and great for layering fluid fashion
Oobichoobi                             07825 955 001                                      for you.
                                                                                          Leaflets describing the Fostering task, how to apply
                                                                                          process. Support available to Foster Carers.
                                                                                          Giveaways - pencils, Bugs, Mascots. Social workers
Orange Grove Fostercare                01244 661 564   anndunning@the   will man the stand to provide information.
                                                                                          A full selection of Britains,Siku,Bruder and universal
                                                                                          Hobbies scale model Tractors and other Associated
Orchard Crown Ltd (Toyland)            01772 728 191                                      products.
Orea For Ladies Who Shop               0141 639 9685                Ladies Jewellery, Handbags, & Accessories
                                                                                          Oscar Pet Foods - Nutritional advice for pets. Pet Food
Oscar Pet Foods                        0161 969 1177                                      and accessories on sale,
                                                                                          Baltic amber/silver jewellery and glassware see
Oskaramber                             01422 372 009                            
Our Little Bears                       01785 813 460
Outdoor Heaven                                        Hot Tubs / Above Ground Pools
Outdoor Screens Ltd                    07879 771 822                Manufacture Wheeliebin and recycle storage boxes

                                   Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                                      Tel. 1      Email 1                             Descriptions

P A Promotions ( Mrs A Beeston)       01565 723043          Air Ball shooters game and American Baseball game
                                                                                        P H Winterton & Son is a family run business
                                                                                        producing top quality dust extracted shavings and pure
                                             sawdust. Also manufacturers of wood chip arena
P H Winterton & Son                   01538 703870    k                                 surface.

                                                                                         New Holland, Construction Machinery Mini and Midi
P. Casey (Plant Sales) Ltd            01706 640 256            Excavators, 5 Ton Wheele Loaders Ski Steer Shovel.
                                                                                         A Plate Garter, Grates Garlic Ginger, Nut Meg and
                                                                                         chocolate. Come and see a quick demonstration. this
Pamper Yourself                       07930 331 959 product is a must have for all foodies.
Pam's Willows                         01570 481 299         Pams Pillows

                                                                                          The Paradox Guncleaner, quickest way to clean your
                                                                                          shot gun using a special man-made fibre, cleans
Paradox Guncleaner                    01244 378 435                                       shotgun barrels with no danger of scratching the barrel.
                                                                                          Parcfarm Caravan Park is Set in the Scenic
                                                                                          Denbighashire Countryside. Our Caravan Owners
                                                                                          enjoy full use of our facilities, including use of our
                                                                                          Indoor Swimming heated Pool, Licensed clubhouse
                                                                                          and Childrens Play Area. Seasonal Touring pitches
Parc Farm Caravan Park                01824 780666            also availabl
Pasharamai                            01964 625 887
                                                                                          Ladies designer clothing and accessories inc,
Passion Trading Boutique              07887795998                                         sunglasses, hats, belts, bags and scarfs.
Paul Anthony Studios                  01829 740 712                 Featuring Location, Studio based pastle portraits.
                                                                                          Demonstrations of sausage and easy cheese making
Peacock Creative/The Good Life        0161 655 4428                                       plus equipment.
                                                                                          We are a Northern Footpath protection society,
                                                                                          countrys oldest 114 years old, will be offering half
Peak & Northern Footpath Society      01925 76 2472                                       priced membership.

                                     Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                                        Tel. 1      Email 1                           Descriptions
                                                                                          Country Clothing for All Ages, Sweatshirts, Fleeces, T-
Peartree Clothing                       01829 733467    Shirts and Humourous Equestrian tops.
                                                                                          One stall selling Nuts, Chocolates, Olives and Greek
                                                                                          Sweets A Second stall selling Paella - noodle and
Pecans                                   2089086980                                       garlic prawns
Penwac (North West Aberdeen Angus)      01663 767877                                      Promote Aberdeen Angus Cattle
                                                                                          Full range of Wooden Garden Furniture, pressue
                                                                                          treated & sustainable. Ergonomic excellence
                                                                                          accreditation by FIRA. Solidly constructed & low
Pepe Garden Furniture                   01386833211                                       maintenance. UK family firm.
                                                                                          Complete Pest control Services in
                                                                                          Agricultural,Commericial and Residential situations.
                                                                                          Specialising in Mole Catching
Pestforce (Cheshire)                    01606 553 322
                                                                                          Livestock Marketing Company, Supplying Calves,
                                                                                          Reared Calves, Store Cattle to the Beef Industry
Peter Jones Livestock Ltd               01829 730580                                      (Conventional and Organic Stock)
Petite Prints                           01925 604 818   Silver Finger Print Jewellery & gifts
Pets Corner Frmyard Favourites          01302 773014
                                                                                          Phantom offer Tractor,Car and Motorhome engine
                                                                                          remapping systems. Tracking for all types of vehicles
                                                                                          inc caravans and trailers to prevent theft. Tyre
                                                                                          protection systems, all covered by our national fitting
Phantom Ltd                             07766933222                                       service and warrantys.

                                                                                          Phoenix Trading Cards, Gift Wrap & Tags, Invitations &
Phoenix Trading Ltd                     01270 882 507         Thank You, Note Cards and other items of stationery.
                                                                                          Sampling of High Quality Wines - Sparkling Wines/
                                                                                          Fortified Wines - Orders Taken and Delivered to the
Pieroth Ltd                             01925 850215       Home
Pine Lodge Sweets                       01704 880 712                                     Hand made fudge, truffles and toffee
                                                                                          Hand painted furniture, accessories for home and
Pintado                                 01829 262 522                garden.

                                     Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                                        Tel. 1      Email 1                             Descriptions

Point of Ayr Holiday Park               01745 853 385 Point of Ayr Holiday Park
                                                                                            Hand made, hand decorated Polish stoneware pottery.
                                                                                            French Savon de Marseille hand made soaps. Aprons,
Polkadot Lane                                              Bunting, Bags & Toys.
Port of Lancaster Smokehouse            01524 751 493
Posh Pets                               07969 826 026            Luxury products for dogs and cats
                                                                                            Retractable Sun Awnins. Remote control Garage
Premier Home Solutions                  01952 602 666                                       Doors, Roof Terrace Systems
Prestige Wheels Ltd                     07973303979
Prince Albert Angling Society           01477 533 999,            Angling Club (Coarse and game fishing)
                                                                                            Professional Design Service. Full coclour Litho Printing
                                                                                            & Copying, Cad & Plan Prints Digital Colour & B/W
                                                                                            Printing & Copying. Posters,Banners,Exhibitions,T Shirt
Prism Design & Print                                         Printing.
Pro-Crete                               01782 629 433
Proto-Col                               01772 619 551            Skincare & Cosmetics, Nutritional Supplements
                                                                                            Membership Services and information Regarding Free
                                                                                            Masonry as part of the Community and it's support of
Provincial Grand Lodge Of Cheshire      0161 980 6090             local & Natinal Charities.
Pudsey Pickles                          0113 255 1959                                       Pudsey Chutneys & Sauces Jams
                                                                                            A range of dogs toys, Harnesses, Collars, Leads,
                                                                                            Books,DVD's, CD etc. Also a range of dog games to
Puppy School                            07709 636 556                                       play with prizes, tombola, raffle.
                                                                                            Hand crafted soaps, aromatherapy and holistic
Pure Indulgence                         01706 623364                                        products. Bath bombs, body products, gifts etc.
                                                                                            Homemade Muffins using only Natural Ingredients
Pure Muffins                            01270 780 397                                       Locally Sourced.
Purple Bay (Uk) Ltd                     0208 665 0339
Q Hotels                                01928 730706

                                        Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                                           Tel. 1      Email 1                            Descriptions
                                                                                              Queen of Accessories prides itself on selling fashion
                                                                                              jewellery that is both tasteful and affordable. You can
                                                  get further details by visiting us on www.queen-of-
Queen Of Accessories                                       m                        
                                                                                              Hand-Made Welsh stick chairs made from hardwood
                                                                                              cut from sustainably managed woodland on the Welsh
Querx                                      01691 718 760                                      Borders
                                                                                              Bioflow, Ecoflow & Brodpod Magnotherapy products for
R & T Barnett                              01948 860519    richard@barnett 20 People, Animals and the Environment
                                                                                              25ft Trailer Containing wood burning stoves which will
R N Williams & Sons Ltd                    01745 582 254          b lit on the day.
                                                                                              Main Dealers for tractors and machinery from Massey
                                                                                              Ferguson, Fendt, Challenger, Merlo, Pottinger, Vicon,
                                                                                              JF, Galfre, Conor, BVL, McConnel, Teagle, McHale, Hi-
                                                                                              Spec, Opico, Fosters, Twose, Bailey, West, Yamaha
R V W Pugh Ltd                             01477 500033                                       and many more!
                                                                                              Ferrari racing simulators suitable for the private and
Racing Challenge                           01270 889 732     corporate market.
                                                                                              Design/Supply/Install of Alternative energy sources
                                                                                              such as Solar water heating, Solar P.V, Wind Turbines
                                                                                              Water Turbines, Ground/Air source Heat Pumps for
Raine Or Shine Alternative Energy Ltd      07877 053 612           demonstration/Educational Purpose.
                                                                                              Sculptures of various sizes made from metal. Mainly
                                                                                              fish and birds, hand beaten and welded and braxed,
                                                                                              work can be viewed on my webside
Rasmussen, Mr Nick                         01934 710 762

                                                                                                range of organic baby clothes disigned and printed by
                                                                                                myself. My website is,
Read My Rhyme                              01704 880 830    Please go on site to see my full range.
                                                                                                Installers of quality imprinted concrete paving for
Readypave                                  01948 710 851                   Drives, Paths and Patios.

                                    Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                                       Tel. 1      Email 1                     Descriptions
                                                                                   Professional Equestrian Photography. Photographs
Real Time Imaging                      01760 444170                                available on site and at
                                                                                   Country Clothing with City Style'
                                                                                   Range comprises of High quality tweed and leather
                                                                                   garments, cashmere, shirts and accessories and dur
Really Wild Clothing Company           01491 672 900            leather spanish boots.
                                                                                   Recognised as one of the UK's leading land based
                                                                                   further & Higher education colleges, reasheath is
                                                                                   situated in a beautiful rural setting onyl one mile from
Reaseheath College                     01270 613206                                the town centre of nantwich.
                                                                                   Services: The Enterprise Delivery Hub provides
                                                                                   businesses in the Northwest with acces to skills,
                                                                                   technology, facilities and recources to encourage
                                                                                   business to grow and diversify and increase their
                                                                                   productivity. We also offer a range of RDPE funding
Reaseheath Enterprise Deliver Hub      01270 625 131                               and e
                                                                                   Invesment properties & Holidayhomes, carefully hand-
Regency Worldwide                                                                  picked from around the world.
                                                                                   Eternal Aloe skin care cream, Renapur Leather Care
Renapur Ltd                            01903 893 990       Products.
                                                                                   Renewable Energy - Supplie and installers of ground /
Retherm Ltd                            01782 659 594         Air source heat pumps and underfloor heating.
                                                                                   Demonstration of various products such as "Paint
                                                                                   Runner" borner "V Slicer", "Kitchen Devil" Knives, "Fun
Riches, Steve                          01636 701 104         Blox" and precious petzz.
Risley Moss Stickmakers Group          01244 677293                                Demonstrations in the Art of Stickmaking.

                                                                                   Visitors to Stockley Farm will experience a hands on
                                                                                   day full of activities. Tractor Rides to the farm, feeding
Riverford On Stockley Farm             07980 746 633   baby animals and enjoying the play facilities.
                                                                                   Award-Winning afordable Organic Veg, Freshley
Riverford On Stockley Farm             07980 746 633   picked on our Farm and delivered FREE to you door.
Riverside Organics                      01606 46258

                                        Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                                           Tel. 1      Email 1                           Descriptions
Road Maintenace Services                   01925 752 165
Robert Meek Signs                          01789 266322                                      Cast metal signs, slate signs and post boxes
                                                                                             Roberts Bakery uses the finest ingredients to bake
                                                                                             fresh bread, rolls and bakery treats. Based in
                                                                                             Northwich the bakery, with its iconic cooling towers is
Roberts Bakery Ltd                         01606 818 006                                     still run by the Roberts family.
                                                                                             Roofsure, Sprayfoam Roofing System, Roofing
                                                                                             Stabilization and Insulation to Req Goverment
Roofsure Ltd                               0800 597 2828             Standards.
                                                                                             Homemade Pork Pies & Savouries made using
                                                                                             Saddleback Pork & the finest local ingredients. Our
                                                                                             range includes apporx 20 interesting flavours from Pork
Rose Cottage Foods                         01377 257 700           & Black Pudding, Caramalised Onions etc.
                                                                                             Artisan cider producer - 2009 Welsh Champion,
                                                                                             Runner up Champion for real ale National cider
                                                                                             champion. 3rd Royal Bath & West 2nd Three counties.
Rosie's Triple D Cider                     01978 790 222                                     Also wicked wasp cider
Rostons Limited                            01829 773 000                                     Agricultural Services
                                                                                             Home baked cakes, Tray Bakes, Puddings, Biscuits,
Route Ginger (Sales) LLP                   0161 973 7031                                     Sweets Cordial & Preserves
                                                                                             Portrait Artist specialising in Human & Animal portature
Roy Chedgzoy Portrait Artist               0151 632 1262   in Oils.
Royal Aeropole Countrywear                 0121 507 0910                                     Wax Jackets, Fleece Jackets, Hats and Raincoats
Royal Air Force (Careers)                  01978 266033            Royal Air Force Careers Advice & Guidance
                                                                                             We Publicise the work of the Royal British Legion for
                                                                                             the Ex-Service Community.And Membership of the
Royal British Legion                       01925 570 002                                     British legion
Royal Institute Of British Architects      0151 703 0107
                                                                                             We will be promoting the work of our charity; our
                                                                                             reserves, campaigns, education schemes etc. We will
                                                                                             have a small section selling wildlife related products
Royal Society Protection Of Birds          0151 336 6251           such as birdfood and nestboxes etc

                              Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                                 Tel. 1      Email 1                          Descriptions

                                                                                  Royles Jaguar and prestige cars, we well both new and
                                                                                  used Jaguar and other prestige brands. We also
Royels Group Plc                 01625 546 200   service and provide parts and accessories as well.
Runcorn C B Centre               01928 560 064
Ryan Jepson Cheese               01422 245 549               A wide range of traditional and Specialist Cheeses.
S & A Silver                     0115 937 3696                                    Silver Jewellery
                                                                                  Sterling Silver Jewellery with various semi-precious
S C Gifts/ S C Cosmetics         07843 627 145                                    gemstones & photo engraved stainless steel gifts
                                                                                  Saddle Exchange Ltd, sole suppliers of "The Native
                                                                                  Pony Saddle Company", "Comfort Saddles" and "The
                                                                                  Reactorpanel Saddle Company" products through our
Saddle Exchange                  01934 626 876          national network of saddle fitters.
                                                                                  Provides a Full Range of Fuul&Part Time Business
                                                                                  Related Programmes from Access & Foundation
                                                                                  through to Masters and Professional Level. Other
                                                                                  Courses include Master Classes, Short Courses and
                                                                                  Student Placements in the Subject and Employment
Salford Business School          0161 295 2350           Areas of Banki
                                                                                  Promotion of Sandcastle Waterpark as a visitor
Sandcastle Waterpark             01253 340708       destination.
                                                                                  Sand Art Pictures, Co=hoose a Picture from our self
                                                                                  adhesive cards, sprinkle with diffrent coloured sand ro
Sandwhiz                         01782 791 153                                    create your own card to take home
Sant Luxuries Ltd                07944 789 509                                    Footwear, handbags and Belt
Sarah Wharfe                     07525 822 237                                    Hand Painted Shabby Chic Furniture & Accessories
                                                                                  Fire and security systems - Burglar alarms, CCTV,
Sas Fire & Security Systems      0161 432 6845                                    Monitoring systems, Personal Alarm Systems.
                                                                                  Manufacturer of high quality Mineral Supplements for
Scotmin Nutrition Ltd            01292 280909                                     Dairy,Beef & Sheep

                               Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                                  Tel. 1      Email 1                            Descriptions

                                                                                     Childrens Clothes Aimed at Youngsters 0 - 10 Years
                                                                                     T Shirts with tractor,Fairy and Pony Appliques,
                                                                                     Practical, Comfortable and adorable. Mail order also
Seesaw Childrens Clothes Ltd      01233 500000            Available.
                                                                                     Bred for efficiency and Durability. The long lasting
                                                                                     semex cow works everywhere.. delivering the power of
Semex Uk                          01292 671 525                                      balanced breeding and desirable profitability
                                                                                     Julie Rolls Animal Communicator as featured on BBC1
Serene Spirit                     0161 622 1101                                      Countryfile- Radio Manchester - and Key 103
                                                                                     Small unique company specialising in the traditional
                                                                                     production of quality meat products. gluten free
                                                                                     sausage, dry cured bacon and meats. Salami, Black
Shaw Meats Ltd                    016973 44328             puddings and some game products.
                                                                                     Home made pies, Savouries, Cakes & Associated
Shirleys Homemade Pies            01253 790 874                                      Products.
Showtime Inflatables              01724 359538                                       Childrens Inflatable Play Centres.
                                                                                     Commercial radio statoin for Cheshire in association
Signal Radio                      01782 441300   with colliers cheddar
Signature Garden Living           01430 449 440                                      New Revolving Glass Summer House
Silk F M                          01625 268 000                                      Radio Station Broadcasting. Based in Macclesfield
                                                                                     Sausages,Dry Cured Bacon, Wild Boar, Rare Breed
Sillfield Farm Products Ltd       01539 567 609           Outdoor Pork
Silver Blades Ice Rink            07875611174     Ni ites to be sold, leaflets to be handed out.
                                                                                     A unique collection of handmade 925 silver jewllery of
                                                                                     the highest quality adn craftsmanship - vibrant,
Silver Experience                 0161 927 0884       Glamorous and collectable
                                                                                     Lake District Holiday Homes, Both Static Caravans &
Silver Ridge Park                 01539 563 198                                      Lodges. Caravan to be Displayed on Plot
Silver Roc                        01249 813444            Handmade Sterling Silver Jewellery.
                                                                                     Hand Made Silver Chainmaille Jewellery. Silver Links
Silverfields                      01543 277 369                                      Demonstration of making Jewellery

                                     Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                                        Tel. 1      Email 1                          Descriptions
                                                                                         Handmade Chocolates, Chocolate Bars, Chocolate
                                                                                         Lollies, Gift Boxes and other novelty Chocolate
Simply Cocoa                            0161 9040 582                                    products.
                                                                                         Extensive range of holistic therapies including
                                                                                         reflexology, advanced massage, pregnacy massage,
                                                                                         Hot Stones & mongolion Koyashai massage in tranquil
Simply Relaxing                         01606 862 282                                    salon.

                                                                                         Stockport is celebrating 750 years of its market charter.
                                                                                         Lots of information about what to do in stockport and a
Simply Stockport                        0161 474 4480   chance to taste the new stockport cheshire cheese.
                                                                                         Simply fresh strawberries and cream and frsh
Simply Strawberries                     07975 528 816       strawberry tarts.
                                                                                         Hill's Science Plan Petfood. Hokamix, Dogs Collars /
Skan Petcare Ltd                        0800 917 9675                  Leads / Accessories and memorabilia.

                                                                                         Sky Satellite Services, Advising customers of the
                                                                                         various different TV packages that are available to
Sky Satellite Srvs C/O Bo Concepts      0161 850 1400                                    subscibe to and displaying their products and services.
                                                                                         Smoky Jo's - Food Smoking Courses. One & Two day
                                                                                         courses that are fun, informative & very tasty. Learn to
                                                                                         smoke their own food at Home. small number of
Smoky Jo's                              01931 716 638                                    smokers for sale
                                                                                         Silk filled duvets, pillows, blanket, silk bed linen, silk
                                                                                         dressing gowns, bamboo fibre towels, bed linen, silk
Snow Blossom - Luxury Silk Bedding      0161 905 2666           table runners.
Snowdonia Cheese Company Ltd            01745 360 246     Selection of Premium Quality Cheeses
                                                                                         Dogwear - Jackets, leads, collars. Ponywear - Fleece
                                                                                         rugs, hoods, boots etc. Designer tweed & moleskin
                                                                                         hats, Gilets and skirts for ladies. All handcrafted by
Snug-A-Ware                             01726 891505                                     myself.
Social Season Hatters                   01531 636 675               Hats for all occasions and weather conditions.
Sof Sof Ltd                             07859057835            Hand made hair accessories

                               Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                                  Tel. 1      Email 1                              Descriptions
                                                                                       Delivering Energy Conservation Solutions to domestic
                                                                                       and commercial sectors, Via use of solar systems to
                                                                                       enable reduction of energy bill and reduce carbon
Solar King Uk                     01257 451 148      footprint.
Solar Logic Ltd                         
                                                                                     Sterling Silver Jewellery to include Amber and semi
                                                  Mckillen@longviewhouse.freeserve.c precious stones. Quality fashion jewellery & jewellery
Solitaire Jewellery Ltd           01452 739028    o                                  accessories
Solsave Ltd                       07899 757766                                       Solar Energy Systems

                                                                                       Suppliers of workwear, Pre, Printed and Embroidered
Solutions Work Wear Ltd           01625 429 423        Logo's, Safety Clothing and Safety Boots/Shoes.
                                                                                       Featuring and exhibition of very old farming implements
                                                                                       intended to generate interest in biblical farming
                                                                                       methods. Childrens activities, such as face painting,
Sowing The Seed By Northwest                                                           crafts etc, and general information about
Christadelphians                  07795 276 199           christadelphians in the north west.

                                                                                       We design and make our our jewellery to produce a
                                                                                       stunning yet affordable collection. We feel it peronifies
                                                                                       uniqueness and individuality.We sell everthing
Sparkle                           01260 298514         Fun/Contempory/ Galmorous Show Stoppers.

Spectra Distributors Ltd          07841 249 087 High quality sports and country eyewear.
                                                                                      Wooden Gifts Personalised While you wait. Stools
                                                                                      Desks, Keepsake Boxes, Door Plaques, Key Rings and
Spinney Cottage Crafts            01543 374989  Book Marks.
                                                                                      Spreadwise Slurry Systems Manufacture and Sales.
Spreadwise                        01270 623 566                                       Bauer Main Agent.
St James Place                    01625 250 763

                                           Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                                              Tel. 1      Email 1                        Descriptions
                                                                                             St John Ambulance is the Nations Leading First Aid
                                                                                             Charity and Provides: First Aid & Health & Safety
                                                                                             Courses for Businesses - Community First Aid -
                                                                                             Training for School children and Adults - First Aid
                                                                                             Cover at Public Events - Emergency response Service.
St Johns Ambulance                            01244 383 407                                  08
                                                                                             St Luke's (Cheshire) Hospice annual car raffle tickets,
                                                                                             brand new
                                                              aimie_wosnop@stlukes-          Car to be displayed on showground.
St Luke's (Cheshire) Hospice                  01606 555 685                  Chairty organisation,
St Marys Church Astbury                       01260 280067    Tombola
St Valentines Liquorice Co                    01788 537255             Gourmet Liquorice as nature intended

                                                                                             Hand engraving on bone china cups and a range of
Steves Engraving                              07850 726 353   fancy pet discs, Dog Collars, Leads and harnesses etc.
                                                                                             Dog collars Harnessess and Leads. hand engraving on
Steve's Engraving                             01443 400002                                   Bone China Mugs and Fancy Pet Discs.
Stockdale, Mr Tom                             07883 339 617

Stockdales of Sale Altrincham & District      0161 973 2296                                  Charity
                                                                                             Traditional Blacksmith. All work made in Shropshire.
                                                                                             Large Range of; Hook,Coat Rack, Hinges, Door
                                                                                             Furniture, Window Furniture, Towel Rail, Chandeliers,
Stokes of England                                                                            Curtain Poles
                                                                                             Reclaimed Building Materials and Natural
Stoneheaven                                   0151 648 6486              Stone/Stonemasonry

                                                                                             Stratstone - Quality with style Prestige Motor Dealers,
Stratstone                                    01332 524 300                                  Land Rover, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Saab, Ferrari
                                                                                             Stratstone is the UK's leading luxury automotive
                                                                                             retailer. Please visit for all your
Stratstone                                                                                   automotive needs.

                              Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                                 Tel. 1      Email 1                              Descriptions
                                                                                      Stratstone is the UK's leading luxury automotive
                                                                                      retailker including for more information on Porsche or
                                                                                      any of our luxury retailers please contact
Stratstone Of Mayfair            020 7514 0400

                                                                                      Hand Made Fair Trade Crafts from Thailand - Silk
                                                                                      Shawls & Scarves, Silk Handbags, Kalaga Tapestry,
                                                                                      Wooden Carvings (Elephants,Dogs,Indian Heads etc)
                                                                                      Wood Composit Dragons, Stone Jewellery,Wooden
Suai Thai Crafts                 0169 774 707                                         Motorbikes & Classic Cars, Harleys, Candles.
                                                                                      Biomechanical pastural assessments and provider of
                                                                                      custom orthotic insoles to alleviate muscular and joint
Sub - 4 Ltd                      01782 261 644                                        pain.
                                                                                      Design & supply of instant Garden-Gazebos/ industrial
                                                                                      pop-up Shelters for Traders/Exhibitors and steel tube
                                                                                      framed Marquees. Full accessories inc-sideall kits-
Sun Leisure Ltd                  01928 727449                Trollys-Lighting-Chairs & Flooring.
                                                                                      Crocs footwear - All well known styles plus the very
Sunproof Limited                 01460 258 040                latest models from the legendary footwear brand.
                                                                                      Commercial Vehicle Body Builder, Sale of Glass
Supertrucks Ltd                  01744 253 48                                         carrying vehicles and low-loading Luton Box Vans.
                                                                                      Enviromentally safe wood treatments for:- Stables /
                                                                                      Animal Houses and Garden Furniture. Metal Paints for
                                                                                      Garden Railings, Vintage machinery and metal
Supplyshed.Biz Limited           01948 664 071             structure.

                                                                                     We surface coat or resurface tarmac, asphalt and
                                                                                     concrete drives/carparks/paths and so on with bonded
                                                                                     natural stone aggregate giving an attractive, durable,
                                        no maintenance surface. Fas, conseffective
Surface Coating Systems Ltd      01606 554475    uk                                  alternative. No dig out or old surface required.

                                Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                                   Tel. 1      Email 1                              Descriptions
                                                                                        Homemade Traditional Crumbly Fudge made with Real
                                                                                        Butter & Farm Fresh Cream, Peanut Brittle, Coconut
                                                                                        Ice Handmade Truffles, Twistles. Candy filled cables
Susans Farmhouse Fudge             01772 877 468                                        plus Seasonal Special's. All gluten free.
T T Pumps Ltd                      01630 647 200           Supply & Installation of Pumping Products
T W G (Northwich)                   01606 44624                New Vehicles & 4 x 4's
                                                                                        Equine retail - Clothing, footwear, horse rugs, leather
Tales Equine                       01260 222 880               ware, tack shop.
                                                                                        High quality Ladieswear & Accessories at Affordable
Tara Clothing Ltd                  01746 710 995                                        Prices
                                                                                        Handmade Fruit Pies/Treacle Tarts Fruit Pies, Biscuits.
                                                                                        Plus no added sugar Tea Loaves & Scones. Plus other
Taste Of The Moorlands             01298 687 416                                        baked goodies
                                                                                        Exclusive Solid Teak Gazebos including bespoke
Teak House Ltd                     01925 625 690                                        design services.
                                                                                        Bear Bean Bags, Hands Free Kits, Headphones, F M
                                                                                        Transmitters, Slat & Pepper Sets, Chinese Sky
Technology Direct Ltd              08000 855 877                    Lanterns
Technology Direct Ltd              01494 481 158
Terra Nova School                  01477 571 261
                                                                                        Cast aluminium garden furniture and garden
Terrasa Ltd                        01925 604 746              ornaments
The 1 Stoppetshop                  01162 322 068       Pet, beds, collars, leads and toys

The Book People - Book Events      0845 602 3202 Books @ up to 75% off high street prices.
                                                                                       Mobile catapult range/junior crossbow range/Paintball
The Catapult Association           01206 252 043                Range and sales of related products
                                                                                       A fine selection of handmade Cheesecakes, using only
                                                                                       the finest ingredients to ensure the finest quality.
                                                                                       Flavours include, tangy lemon, strawberry, triple choc,
The Cheesecake Co                  01295 713 930          missisippi, coffee to name a few.

                                      Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                                         Tel. 1      Email 1                             Descriptions
                                                                                             Childrens Charity helping local, Terminally ill,
                                                                                             Chronically sick, Disabled and disadvantaged children
                                                                                             in the North West. Offering restpite care. Baloons and
The Children's Adventure Farm Trust      01565 830053 promotional merchandise.
                                                                                             Fruit Flavoured Wine. 70cl Bottles. Strawberry &
The Colourful Drinks Co                                                                      Cream, Rhubarb & Custard. gift Packs
                                                                                             Traditional and Speciality Pork Pies, Pasties and
                                                                                             Sausage rolls, Sold with our own Range of Delicious
The Crusty Pie Company                   01274 673664               Chutney.

                                                                                              We provide essential services for people who have
                                                                                              learning disabilities, complex epilepsy and other
                                                                                              neurological conditions. We are the largest specialist
                                                                                              centre in the county and the only on to take people of
The David Lewis Centre                   01565 640 009                                        all ages from 7 upwards. Support this local
                                                                                              The Donkey Sanctuary dedicated to care and welfare
                                                                                              of donkeys worldwide EST its sister charity aims to
                                                                                              bring enjoyment to children with special needs through
The Donkey Sanctuary                     01395 578222     donkey therapy
The Earth Collection                     01274 876 797                                        Quality clothing
The Front Of House Organisation          0161 928 2233
                                                                                              Single Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oils. Stunning
The Gift Of Oil                          01204 559555       Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

The Good Bag Co                          0161 446 1135               Fabulous jute shopping bags, Our bags aer "Good"!!!

The Gourmet Deli Company                 07800 551230                 Mediterranean Delicatessen with Continental Bakery.
                                                                                              The Grange Junior & Senior School incorporating the
The Grange School                        01606 74007                                          Grange Theatre.
                                                                                              Stoves Vast Range of Multifuel Wood Burning Fires,
The Greener Company                      07824 388 355                                        Cookware,

                                           Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                                              Tel. 1      Email 1                             Descriptions
                                                                                                  Eco Friendly, Green & Natural Products including
                                                                                                  Energy Saving Products, Gifts & Gadgets, Skincare,
                                                                                                  Mens & Ladies Accessories, Household & Produces for
The Greenstop                                 07931 702 909                                       Pets.
                                                                                                  Service Promoted - Applied equine podiatry, the
                                                                                                  proffessional study, care and treatment of the horses
                                                                                                  feet in a holistic and natural manner without the use of
The Institute of Applied Equine Podiatry       01606 755 86          horsehoes.
The Lancashire Magazine Ltd                   07918 661 180                                       The Lancashire Magazine
                                                                                                  The Little Book of Cheshire free lifestyle book of
                                                                                                  Cheshire. Pick up a free copy plus the Little Book of
The Little Book of Cheshire                   01925 438 169               Cheshire Weddings
The Mediterranean Deli Co                     07794 252 791 Mediterranean Deli with continental Bakery
                                                                                                  Public information: about the Mervian Regiment - Your
                                                                                                  local intantry regiment. There are local soldiers from
                                                                                                  Cheshire deployed in Afganistan now. Will also bring
                                                                                                  inflatable assault course or climbing walls as an
The Mercian Regiment                           1902303813        attraction.
                                                                                                  Traditional Craft Bakery producing high quality cakes
                                                                                                  using the finest ingredients. Products include sponges,
The Mixing Bowl Ltd                           01538 266 061                                       fruit cakes, muffins and flapjacks
                                                                                                  Mother & Baby facilities - Lost Children. We heat Jars
The Mothers Union (Chester Diocese            01565 750 101           of baby Food supplied by Parents.
                                                                                                  Gel fires: Terrazzo Pots which burn and
                                                                                                  environmentally friendly odourless, smokeless &
                                                                                                  fumeless Gel for both indoor and outdoor use,
The Naked Flame                               07983 474 866                                       providing real flames in an instant.
                                                                                                  Membership of the National Trust, a leading
                                                                                                  conservation Charity, giving free entry to over 300
                                                                                                  houses and gardens, offered at a special promotional
                                                                                                  rate of 12 months for the price of 9. Also find out more
The National Trust                            0161 925 4344 about the work of the National Trust.

                                    Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                                        Tel. 1      Email 1                              Descriptions
                                                                                             One Stop Shop Holiday Shop - The ultimate beach
                                                                                             dress, beach bags, a colourful array of summer maxi
The One Stop Holiday Shop                7802720967      dress, tops and skirts.
The Original Klm Ltd                     7944393642
                                                                                             Hand Made Welsh Oggies. Welsh Beef. Leeks. Potato
                                                                                             Onion & Gravy. 'A Meal in One' Jumbo Sausage rolls.
The Original Welsh Oggie Co             01295 713930         Traditional Welsh Cakes

                                                                                             Luxury Spas & Hot Tubs, Swimming Pools, Saunas,
                                                                                             Log Cabins, Jaques Indoor & Outdoor Games, Outdoor
The Outdoor Living Centre Ltd           01270 898216         Art, Spa & Pool Chemicals and Accessories.

                                                                                          The Priory Hospital Altrincham is an independent
                                                                                          Hospital Specialising in the Treatment of Mental Health
                                                                                          Porblems including Genral Psychiatry, Addiction,
The Priory Hospital Altrincham          0161 904 0050        Eating Disorders & Adolescent Psychiatry.
                                                                                          www.the Puddings &
                                                                                          Desserts - Steamed Puddings - Cheese Cakes - Trifles
The Pudding Compartment                 01745 832441    info@the - Summer Puddings - Fruit Pies etc.
                                                                                          Yorkshire Punch - non alcoholice herbal punch made
                                                                                          with 14 herbs served warm to relax or cold to refresh
The Punch Brew Co                       01744 600981           as nature intended
                                                                                          Handmade Cards, Keyrings and Firdge Magnets,
                                                                                          Handmade items including Aprons, Tea Towels, Dog
The Rescue Trust Of North West Golden                                                     Coats, Cushions, various items all related to Golden
Retriever Club                                              Retrievers.
                                                                                          Finest quality free range Gloucester Old Spot Pork
                                                                                          Sausages & Bacon, also Beef. cooked sausage
The Ribble Valley Meat Co Ltd           01254 878 449                                     Sandwiches and Beef Burgers.
The Saddlery Chester                     7736185556
                                                                                              Malt Whiskey Liqueurs made in Perthshire, Scotland.
                                                                                              Complimentary tastings and a range of products &
The Scottish Liqueur Centre Ltd         01738 787 044 Merchandise to Buy.

                                 Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                                    Tel. 1      Email 1                               Descriptions

The Silk Pagoda                     07920 260 058                                         Ladies ready made Garments in Silk, Linen and Cotton
The Thrifty Shopper Ltd             01925 357 480
The Toolbox                         01538 385944                                          Hand and Garden tools, pet accessories
The Toolbox                         01538 385944                                          Horticultural/Agricultural Tools & Accessories
                                                                                          Farmer growing old fashioned scented cut Roses,
                                                                                          Herbs and flowers which we sell as flower boquets
The Traditional Flower Company      01889 502 210           offering nationwide delivery.
                                                                                          Veterinary Services for Companion animals, Equine
                                                                                          and Farm. Incorporating animal health products via
The Willows Veterinary Group        01606 723200                                          Beeston Animal Health.

                                                                                          Wildlife Soft Toys all true to life displayed as the zoo.
The Zoo Wildlife Plush Toys         01302 745 318                                         Something ofr all ages and themed merchandise.
                                                                                          Provision of Cash facility, bureau de change and
Thomas Cook                         07801 417 214   maggie.townsend@thomascook            retailer banking service.
Thompson, Mr Alan                   01745 890 817                Portrait Paintings and painting demontration
Timber Garden Supplies              01270 761 482              Hardwood Garden Furniture and Accessories.
Timberbuild                         01942 718482                                          Timber dog kennels runs and stables
                                                                                          Handmade wooden gifts and gardenware, including
                                                                                          barometers in English hardwoods, Owls carved in
                                                                                          logss,Green men, Desk Calenders, pedigree Dog
                                                                                          Plaques (60 Breeds). Real Sandlewood Puzzle Balls.
Timber-Treasures                    0117 949 6238   david@timber-treasures                Visit
                                                                                          Yoghurt (Natural and in Strawberry, Black Cherry &
                                                                                          Raspberry. Brie cheese - both made with Guernsey
Tiresford Guernsey Gold             01829 734080                                          Cow Milk.
                                                                                          Childrens Fashionable Clothes, Baby Fashionable
                                                                                          Sets, Baby Gift Boxes, Childrens Brightly coloured
Toddlers 2 Kids                     01606 48649                                           fleece coats Hats & Scarves.
                                                                                          Binoculars. Telescopes, Camping and Travelling
                                                                                          accessories, multi-tools, torch lamp compass clack,
Tongyuan (Uk) Ltd                   01322 334195                     rucksacks etc

                                         Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                                            Tel. 1      Email 1                       Descriptions
Tony Martin                                 01492 879 056              Toys & Gadgets mainly battery operated toys.
Top Class Conservatories                    0161 929 5337                                 Conservatories, Windows and Doors
Top Secret Branded Furniture                01606 351777       Furniture
                                                                                          Equestrian and Outdoor Clothing - To include:- Toggi
                                                                                          Clothing and footwear and Team GBR, Jack Murphy
                                                                                          Country clothing, Equtech and rockfish riders. Also our
Top to Tail Equestrian                                       own new range of "Crazy Goat Clothing".
Top Trap Shooting                           01565 872 396                                 Clay Pigeon Shooting
Total People Ltd                            01606 734000
                                                                                          Victorian Hand made Fashion Hat Clips. Attended the
Total Things                                 7852751435          show last year with our old name 2K Trading.
Total Wear                                  0151 604 0415

Tottie - Matchmakers International Ltd      01274 711 009      Ladies and childrens equestrian related Leisure Wear
Traders Club Uk                             01260 271 627                                 Solar Lighting
Traders Club Uk                             01260 271 627
                                                                                          Trans Pennine Trail is a National Route for Walkers
                                                                                          Cyclists & Horse Riders across the North of England -
                                                                                          Southport to Hornsea is the Coast to Coast route at
                                                                                          215 miles. Also Spurs to Leeds, Chesterfield and York
Trans Pennine Trail                         01226 772 574                                 totalling over 350 miles.
Tre Ysgawen Hall Country House Hotel        01248 750750
                                                                                          Superb range of footwear for all outdoor pursuits,
Tredders Footwear                           01933 357068           Gents and Ladies
                                                                                          Sale of Husqvana Chainsaws & Arboricultural
                                                                                          Products. Hire & Sale of Wood Chippers, Stone
Treescape Arb                               01925 740 995   treescapeches&   Grinders & Forestry Products

                                                                                          Trion Z is a dual therapy bracelet, combining the
                                                                                          positive effects and health benefits of magnets and
                                                                                          ionisation. Orthosole is a fully customisable orthaotic
Trion Z And Orthosole                       01925 755 941     insole, with detachable arch and metatarsal supports.

                           Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                              Tel. 1       Email 1                         Descriptions
                                                                               Visit the Volvo stand supported by Rybrook Warrington
                                                                               to experience the all new XC60 luxury SUV and the
                                                                               economic DRIVe models offering outstanding fuel

                                                                               Rybrook Warrington,
                                                                               37 Winwick Road,
                                                                               WA2 7DH
                                                                               01925 635552
Tro / Rybrook,Warrington      01603 779 915      w
                                                                               Bonded Aggregate Heritage Driveways, Paths &
Turn 2 Stone House            08450 450669   Patios.
                                                                               The original Turtle Mats. Cotton washable mats for all
Turtle Mat Co                 01285 850 900           floors, classic colours and exciting new designs.

                                                                               Embroidery on site for all Equine needs, saddle cloths,
Tynllwyn Tack Shop            01492 580224            Jackets, Rugs ect. with many equestrian clothing.
U K Glm                       01942 254 867        Hungary - Europes Hidden Jewel.
Ultimate Fudge Outlet         01606 83 60 15                                   Homemade Fudges
                                                                               We sell a wide range of outdoor & country clothing,
Unique Trading                0121 523 8120                                    hats, picnic rugs etc
                                                                               Hints & information to help customers become more
                                                                               water efficient at home and in the garden. we will also
                                                                               have free save-a-flushes, leaflets, seeds and water
United Utilies                01925 429 298           saving crystals to give away
                                                                               Up-Woodly mobile produce a variety of useful and
                                                                               decorative designs for the home. Items ar personalised
                                                                               - including name plaques, Peg Hooks,Types of Boxes
Up-Woodly-Mobile              0161 483 8879                                    & Book Ends.

                                 Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                                    Tel. 1      Email 1                              Descriptions
                                                                                         The utility warehouse provides homes and small
                                                                                         businesses with home phone, mobile phones,
                                                                                         broadband, gas & electricity take 20-30% off your utility
Utility Warehouse                   01928 710 134                   bill by shopping
Utility Warehouse Discount          07966 156 535
Vamasaki                            01606 331 336                                        Indian Cuisine
                                                                                         Country Store for composter, wormeries, plants, bird
                                                                                         food, earthworms and aviary feeds online at
Vermisell Ltd                       01829 740 193       
                                                                                         Low Priced vet medicines for dogs, cats and horses,
Vet-Medic Pharmacy                  0115 9307788                   free veterinary advice.
                                                                                         Taste Portuguese wines: Bored of chardonnay? Tired
                                                                                         of shiraz? Then come and discover the diversity of
                                                                                         portuguese wines. Amazing flavours, unusual grape
Vini Portugal, Wine Sorted Ltd      01491 839965               varieties
                                                                                         We have been attending the Cheshire Show for the last
                                                                                         18 years selling shrubs, roses, hanging baskets and
Walkers Of Hoofield                 01829 781576                                         planters at a sensible price.
                                                                                         Warner Leisure Hotels promotion of Alvaston Hall
                                                                                         Cheshire & Bodelwyddan Castle North Wales. Short
Warner Leisure Hotels               01270 624 341    break holidays exclusively for adults
                                                                                         Porvides Low Cost Angling opportunities for all ages
Warrington Anglers Association      01928 716 238                                        and physical/Mental capabilities.
Warrington Vehicle Centre Ltd       01925 413 266   .uk                                 Isuzu Rodeo Pickup 4WD, Isuzu Commercial Vehicles.
                                                                                        Retailers of Quality Outdoor & Country clothing at
                                                                                        sensible Prices. Specialists in Regatta and
Warwickshire Clothing               0121 777 3986       Craghoppers.
                                                                                        Waterboy is an Exciting New Product to the Equine
                                                                                        Market. A Stand alone rechargeable shower for your
                                                                                        Horse which fits neatly into the Back of Horse Trailers
Waterboy Uk                         01422 846 110                                       or Trucks
Weatheroadk Farm Shop               01253 836 386                                       Ostrich, Veal, Venison, Associated Products.

                                     Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                                        Tel. 1      Email 1                        Descriptions
                                                                                       State of Art Technology providing lifeline, Telecare and
                                                                                       Telehealth equipment to assist with independent living
                                                                                       of older and vunerable people. These services are
                                                                                       supported by a 24 hour emergency and monitoring
Weaver Vale Housing Trust-Careline      01606 813 481                                  service at Weaver Vale Careline.
                                                                                       Specialists in a large collection of leather and fashion
                                                                                       handbags, complimented by a variety of small
                                                                                       leathergoods, leather belts, back packs and travel
Welch & Company Bags Of Class           0121 353 6704        bags.
                                                                                       We source local welsh lamb and welsh beef from mid
                                                                                       wales farms to supply retail packs to local stores, also
                                                                                       supply hotel and restaurantes and websites
Welsh Meat On Line                      01938 556 890
Welsh Pony & Cob Society                01970 617501          Welsh Pony & Cob Scoiety

                                                                                       Fishing Tackle with the Emphasis on the Game Angler
West Wales Tackle                       01267 243 900                                  Also Demonstrating the making of Making Fly Cs
                                                                                       Western Holstein Club Promoting Dairy Cattle
Western Holstein Club                   01939 290 252       Bredders in Cheshire and Surrounding Areas.
WFS Ltd                                 01270 211 113
                                                                                       We offer a free sample of teeth whitening gel and we
White Again                              7547907898             sell the kits as a course of treatments to take home.
White Again                             07770 373 736   holly@Trigwell.Net             Teeth Whitening - Home Kits
White Horse Country Wear                01367 820431          Outdoor leisure clothing and quality headwear
Whiteshaws D I Y                        01606 331 519                                  Garden Furniture Garden Products DIY Materials

Wildtrak                                07799 62429               Goods to be sold, shooting, fishing and pet products.

                                                                                       Willbox provides a national container and cabin hire
                                                                                       and sales service. We offer new and Used units as
                                                                                       well as a made to measure service to meet individual
                                                                                       customer requirements exactly with over 25 years
Willbox Ltd                             0151 203 0044        experience we have a reputation for the highest s

                                   Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                                      Tel. 1      Email 1                            Descriptions
                                                                                         Brown Brothers wines a 5th generation family owned
                                                                                         wine company, established in 1889. Located in
                                                                                         Northeast Victoria, Australia producing wine from 5
Wine Sorted/Brown Brothers Wines      01491 838 498                climatically different growing regions.
Wirral Attractions Partnership        0151 691 8269         Promotional material on Wirral Attractions
                                                                                         Manufacturers & Suppliers of Timber sectional
Withington Hill Ltd                   01663 747742     buildings, Equestrian & Garden
                                                                                         Wolsey are an internationally renowned yet thoroughly
                                                                                         british brand, established for over 250 years with a
Wolsey Limited                        01162 744150               reputation for stylish casual wear.
                                                                                         We will be promoting cheese for the British Cheese
Womens Farming Union                  01270 811261                                       Board, and also selling T-Shirts
Wood Like To Play                     01785 813 460     Handmade educational Jigsaw puzzles
                                                                                         A full range of 12 bottled Beers for off sales only. All
                                                                                         beers made with Mineral Water sourced from the heart
Woodlands Brewing Co                  01270 41511    of Cheshire

                                                                                         Unique Individual, one-off, hand made pieces of
                                                                                         custion art, mixing textures, vast rage of fabrics and
Wooly Monkeys                         07912 389 780          embellishments - many ingredients recycled / vintage.
Wow Creations Ltd                     07542963810                                        Wrought Railings & Gates.
                                                                                         Try our Crystal Nail Files which prevent nails from
                                                                                         Splitting and have everlasting surface.We also retail
Wow Trade Ltd                         07801 259 899               unique and original white blouses.

Wow Water Experience                  01655 289 354
                                                                                         Yakult original 65ml
Yakult Ltd                            0208 842 7635                                      Yakult Light 65ml
                                                                                         Ladies, gentlemens and childrens country equestrian
                                                                                         and leisure clothing, hats, footwear and accessories,
                                                                                         folding stools and chairs, picnic and camping goods
Yorkshire Clothing Company            01377 272278                                       and gifts

                                    Tradestand Exhibitors - Cheshire County Show 2010
Name                                       Tel. 1      Email 1                               Descriptions
                                                                                             We sell hand carved natural stone furniture and
                                                                                             provide a whole rane of stone solutinos ranging from
                                                                                             conservation work throught o new builds and home
Yorkshire Masonry Specialist           01535 656 357             improvements.
Yorkshire Pet Bedding                  01535 692277                                          Pet bedding and accessories. Animal related gifts.

                                                                                             Taylors Of Harrogate are famous for their traditional
                                              Yorkshire Tea, Fresh Ground Coffees and Delicious
Yorkshire Tea                          01423 814 000   k                                     Cakes and Biscuits. Visit our stand for a free sample.
                                                                                             Suppliers and Installers of Vertical Axis Wind Turbines
Your Energy Choice/Windeco (West)                            to the Agricultural Industry
                                                                                             Delicious Frozen Yoghurt made fresh for you with
Yummy Yogurts                          01538 752 001              exotic fruits.


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