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					                                                 TL 2000 STING carbon              PRICE LIST valid from January 2011 until December 2011
                                                                          DESCRIPTION                                                               ITEM PRICE      EXTENDED PRICE

                   TL-2000 STING Carbon - basic version including standard accessories                                                                   57,877 €           57,877 €
                       x   Carbon fiber composite airframe with fixed landing gear, aircraft painted white

                           Powerplant and propeller
                       x   Engine ROTAX 912UL, 80HP, 4 Cylinders, liquid/air cooled, integrated reduction gear, dual ignition system,
                           throttle control, tubular steel engine mount, six rubber engine mounts, special carburettor brackets, special
                           carburettor drip pans, air filters, oil filter, oil and water coolers, oil thermostat, fireproof sleeves on fuel lines

                       x   Propeller 3-blade on-ground adjustable, carbon fiber blades with metal leading edge protection
                       x   Carbon fiber white propeller spinner

                           Flight instruments and indicators
                       x   Magnetic compass, airspeed indicator, altimeter, vertical speed indicator, slip/skid indicator, pitot system,
                           static system

                           Engine instruments
                       x   Engine RPM gauge, oil pressure and temperature gauges, CHT gauge, HOBBS hour meter and low voltage
                           warning LED

                           Flight controls
                       x   Pilot side differential toe hydraulic disk brakes, adjustable pedals for pilot and co-pilot, dual flight controls
                           and elevator trim
                       x   Engine controls - central quadrant with single throttle level, choke etc
                       x   Elevator trim control - with indicator

                           Electric system
                       x   12volt, 12amp battery, switches, 2 x 12volt sockets, circuit breaker switches on the overhead panel

                           Fuel system
                       x   77 liter fuel tank mounted in fuselage body, engine driven fuel pump, fuel sampling quick drain, fuel gauge,
                           fuel selector, gasculator

                       x   Comfortable sport seats with 4-point safety harnesses for the pilot and co-pilot , wall to wall carpeting,
                           canopy locking system, two rotating vent windows, front vent window controlled from cabin

                       x   Panoramic clear or tinted canopy with 3 locking points, large rear window
                       x   Large nose wheel and main wheels, 4.00-8, aerodynamic carbon fiber wheel covers
                       x   Tie down rings on both wings and rear of the fuselage, tow bar for manoeuvring on the ground

                           Manufacturer's support
                       x   Manufacturers warranty on aircraft and engine for 24 months or 100 flying hours, pilot operating and
                           maintenance manual, pilot log book, aircraft log book, illustrated spare part catalogue

                           Note: Some of the standard items listed above may be removed when fitting items like EFIS systems

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                                         The following options and upgrades include the item plus installation costs and accessories
                       ↓ Insert a "x" next to the options that you wish to add to your order
                                                                                           STING VERSIONS
                         TL 2000 Sting RG retractable undercarriage (main fuel tank capacity of 67 liters, small wheels 12-4)                      4,194 €
                         TL 2000 Sting S4 latest upgraded version with 2010 innovations                                                            5,000 €
                         TL 2000 Sting S3 and LSA model are at no extra charge                                                                         0€
                                                                           ENGINE UPGRADE OPTIONS AND ACCESSORIES
                         Upgrade to ROTAX 912 ULS (100 hp) includes slipper clutch                                                                 2,219 €
                         Upgrade to ROTAX 914 UL Turbo (115 hp)                                                                                    9,386 €
                         Auxiliary fuel pump with warning LED                                                                                        183 €
                         Carburettor heating (only available for 80hp 912 UL and 100hp 912 ULS)                                                      490 €
                                                                                   PROPELLER UPGRADE OPTIONS
                         3-Blade propeller in-flight adjustable                                                                                    3,302 €
                         3-Blade propeller in-flight adjustable with computer controlled constant speed unit                                       3,605 €
                                                                                       ENGINE INSTRUMENTS
                         Upgrade to GreenLine EMS (engine management system)                                                                         580 €
                         ROTAX engine hour meter                                                                                                     234 €
                         Exhaust gas temperature gauge (EGT)                                                                                         200 €
                         Fuel pressure gauge                                                                                                         238 €
                         Manifold pressure gauge                                                                                                     183 €
                         Voltmeter                                                                                                                   200 €
                                                                                        FLIGHT INSTRUMENTS
                         Turn and bank indicator (electric, 80 mm)                                                                                   367 €
                         Artificial horizon (vacuum, 80 mm)                                                                                        1,070 €
                         TRUTRAK ADI with backup battery (electric, 80 mm)                                                                         1,300 €
                         Gyro compass (electric, 80mm)                                                                                               916 €
                         Gyro compass (vacuum, 80 mm)                                                                                              1,070 €
                         Vacuum pump including drive                                                                                               1,191 €
                                                                                      RADIOS AND INTERCOMS
                         GARMIN SL40 Com including antenna                                                                                         1,822 €
                         GARMIN SL30 Nav/Com including antenna                                                                                     3,970 €
                         XCOM VHF Com including built in intercom and antenna                                                                      1,500 €
                         ICOM IC A 210 including antenna                                                                                           1,476 €
                         XCOM or Flightcom 403 VOX Intercom with Music Input                                                                         270 €
                         2 XCOM Headsets                                                                                                             300 €
                         GARMIN GTX327 (mode C) including antenna                                                                                  2,240 €
                         GARMIN GTX328 (mode S) including antenna                                                                                  2,850 €
                         Mode C encoder                                                                                                              265 €
                         ZAON PCAS (collision avoidance system)                                                                                      600 €
                         ELT Kannad 406AF                                                                                                            800 €
                         GARMIN GPS 695 (international base map & USA, Atlantic or Pacific database) with removable bracket                        3,122 €
                         GARMIN GPS 495 (international base map & USA, Atlantic or Pacific database) with removable bracket                        1,730 €
                         GARMIN GPS 496 (international base map & USA, Atlantic or Pacific database) with removable bracket                        2,016 €
                         AV Map EKP IV. with removable bracket                                                                                     2,464 €
                                                                                           GLASS COCKPIT
                                                  (upgrade prices, each EFIS price includes back up 2.25" flight instrument Winter altimeter, ASI)
                         upgrade DYNON SkyView D1000 (two 10´´ displays) Note: will only fit in Sting S4                                         12,300 €
                         upgrade DYNON SkyView D700 (two 7´´ displays)                                                                             9,200 €
                         upgrade DYNON SkyView D700 (one 7´´ display)                                                                              6,700 €
                         upgrade DYNON FlightDEK D180                                                                                              4,800 €
                         upgrade DYNON D100 EFIS                                                                                                   3,800 €
                         upgrade DYNON D120 EMS                                                                                                    3,000 €
                         DYNON HS34 HSI                                                                                                              720 €
                                                                                        AUTOPILOT SYSTEMS
                         TRUTRAK ADI pilot I single axis with GPS navigation                                                                       2,506 €
                         TRUTRAK ADI pilot II dual axis with GPS navigation                                                                        3,842 €
                         DYNON AUTOPILOT AP 74                                                                                                     3,842 €
                         Upgrade TRUTRAK EFIS with single axis AP with GPS navigation                                                              2,504 €
                         Upgrade TRUTRAK EFIS with dual axis AP with GPS navigation                                                                3,441 €
                         TRUTRAK EFIS                                                                                                              3,350 €

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                                                                                         CABIN OPTIONS
                        Upgrade to sliding windows                                                                                                      295 €
                        Cabin heat                                                                                                                      290 €
                        Large luggage compartments (not available with RG)                                                                              372 €
                        Small luggage compartment (available with RG)                                                                                   163 €
                        Cloth cover for canopy                                                                                                          173 €
                                                                                OTHER OPTIONS AND ACCESSORIES
                        Strobe light under the fuselage                                                                                                 234 €
                        Strobe LED lights, LED position lights and LED landing light on wings                                                         1,690 €
                        Retractable undercarriage (RG, main fuel tank capacity of 67 liters, small wheels 12-4)                                       4,194 €
                        Long range wing tanks (40 liters additional fuel capacity)                                                                    1,568 €
                        Full airframe recovery parachute system (ULM) 450kgs                                                                          2,395 €
                        Full airframe recovery parachute system (LSA) 600kgs                                                                          3,393 €
                        Vinyl graphics design                                                                                                           458 €
                        Co-pilot side differential toe brake system                                                                                     402 €
                        Parking brake                                                                                                                   100 €
                        Ignition key                                                                                                                    110 €
                        Electric flaps                                                                                                                1,273 €
                        Aero towing equipment                                                                                                         2,887 €
                        Loading costs per aircraft                                                                                                      450 €
                        Shipping Estimate

                                                                                                                                    TOTAL PRICE IN EURO                57,877 €

                  Please select the following specification
                                                          Pilot's seat position  Pilot Left Seat                 Pilot Right Seat
                                                          Units in              ft/min and knots                Km/h and m/sec
                                                          Compass hemisphere location Hemisphere                Southern Hemisphere

                                                          Canopy option         Blue canopy                     Tinted canopy

                  Please print 3 copies for signature by dealer and customer (1 for customer, 1 for dealer and 1 for TL-Ultralight)
                  I understand that any changes to the order can only be accepted with the approval of the manufacturer                     Order Revision No.   Original Issue
                  Customer Details:

                  I have read, accepted and signed this order as being correct (signature of customer):

                  Signature:                                                                                                                            Date:
                  For and on behalf of dealer for TL-Ultralight (signature of dealer):

                  Signature:                                                                                             Michael Coates                 Date:

                                                                                                                      INITIAL DEPOSIT (30%)                            17,363 €
                                                                                                        BALANCE PAYABLE BEFORE SHIPPING                                40,514 €
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                        TL-Ultralight s.r.o.
                        Airport, building 84
                        503 41 Hradec Kralove
                        Czech Republic
                        VAT: 25949659

                        tel: +420 495 218 910
                        fax: +420 495 213 378

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