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									        HBA Corporate Health
        in partnership with The
        Australian National University


Corporate Account Manager Klara Talevski
The world of Bupa

 „ Bupa International, local knowledge, global expertise
                                                           „ Providing quality private health insurance to Australians for
 „ Broad list of products to meet the needs of the wider
                                                           over 60 years
                                                           „ Approximately three million lives covered in Australia
 „ Offers to encourage healthy living
 „ Includes the brands MBF, HBA & Mutual Community
                                                           „ Over 4400 Corporate Clients
 „ Operates in over 200 countries
                                                           „ Only true global health fund
    Benefits of the ANU Staff Health Insurance Plan
•    Discounted Corporate Health Insurance compared to retail equivalent

•    Pay via Payroll deduction to receive an additional 10% taxable allowance on
     premiums, thanks to ANU !

•    All new HBA members receive One Month Free

•    All 2 month waiting periods waived. Claim straight away on some extras benefits

•    March Corporate Offer. A chance to win a trip to Hawaii.

•    Save even more through In2life Partner discounts
Benefits of Private Health Cover

 „     Cover for a range of in-patient hospital services *
 „     YOU choose the Doctor or Specialist you want
 „     Ability to have a private room in a private hospital*
 „     Ability to by-pass long public hospital waiting lists
 „     Cover for services where Medicare does not generally provide a benefit like dental, optical, physiotherapy and
       chiropractic services
 „     Access to a wide range of programs, tools and offers designed to improve your health and wellness

 *subject to level of cover chosen and availability conditions
Private Health Insurance Financial Incentives

 Federal Government Rebate
 •   The Rebate is designed to make Private Health Insurance more affordable by
     reducing the amount you pay for premiums by at least 30%.

 Additional Medicare Levy
 •   Take out any level of hospital cover with an excess of $500 or less per person
     you will avoid the additional 1% Medicare Levy
 •   This equates to a reduction of $770 or less p.a. for a single person earning over
     $77,000 p.a.

 Lifetime Health Cover Surcharge
 •   Take out hospital cover before the 1st July following your 31st birthday to avoid
     the additional 2% loading on your premiums that you will have to pay for every
     year you are over the age of 30, up to a maximum of 70%.
How do you join?
 „      Speak to one of our HBA or MBF sales consultants who will help you select the appropriate HBA Private Health Insurance

 „      You can call 1800 649 406 to speak to an HBA consultant

 „      Visit your local MBF Branch to discuss your needs and how to join or transfer
                              „ Belconnen
                              „ Civic
                              „ Woden

 „        Log onto your ANU intranet to read more about the ANU Staff Health plan.
 „        HR Section : salaries_and_conditions/anu_staff_benefits/anu_staff_health_insurance

                              Remember - HBA will honour any waiting periods already served for services
                     common to both levels of cover if you transfer within 2 months of leaving another health fund fund.
“Taking care of the lives in our hands, to help our customers live Longer.
                         Happier and Healthier lives.”

       Thank you…

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