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					T OYOTA T ECHNOLOGICAL I NSTITUTE                                              AT    C HICAGO

          New Student Guide

In an effort to help you prepare and get off to a good start in Chicago, we have put together this guide to
address any topics/questions that might come up on or before your arrival at TTIC. Most of the information
contained consists of addresses or useful websites. Please consult with TTIC Student Services if you have
specific questions about TTIC policies and procedures. Also, please let Student Services know if there is a
question you have that has not been covered in this guide. Welcome to TTIC, and good luck in settling in!

TTI-C Student Services Contacts:
              Chrissy Novak        (773) 834-2216
              Liv Leader       (773) 834-2567
                                   TABLE of CONTENTS

I. Housing---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3
       1. Chicago Neighborhoods
       2. Hyde Park
       3.Hunting for Housing
       4. University of Chicago Housing Services
       5. Apartment Companies & Buildings in Hyde Park
       6. International House- for students
       7. Utilities (Chicago)

II. Transportation---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10
        1. Your own car/ Parking
        2. Buses U of C & CTA- where to find schedules
        3. Taking the CTA downtown- by bus
        4. CTA & Metra- where to find maps and schedules
        5. Taxis in the Hyde Park area
        6. Bicycles in the City
        7. Traveling outside Chicago

III. Shopping in Hyde Park----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 14
        1. Grocery Stores
        2. Drug Stores
        3. Office Supply Stores
        4. Bookstores

IV. Banking in Hyde Park------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 14

V. Health----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15
       1. Medical Insurance
       2. Medical Services
       3. Immunizations

VI. Sports and Recreation in Hyde Park---------------------------------------------------------------- 16
       1. University of Chicago Athletic Center
       2. Hyde Park/ Lakefront

VII. What’s the Climate? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 17

VIII. Your Work Environment at TTIC ------------------------------------------------------------------- 18

IX. Other Chicago and U of C Resources ------------------------------------------------------------- 19
 Student Checklist------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 20

                         I. Housing

                         Whether you are looking to live near TTIC (on the University of Chicago campus) in the Hyde
                         Park neighborhood, or would like to situate your home outside Hyde Park, there are a number
                         of resources you can use to find housing in Chicago. Here are some of those resources, as
                         well as a brief introduction to the various neighborhoods in Chicago.

1. Chicago Neighborhoods
Chicago's ethnic vitality is evident in its 77 community areas which were delineated in the 1920s by Chicago faculty (who
invented urban sociology) to identify areas with a distinct history and community awareness. For descriptions and maps
of the neighborhoods, go to A few of the
neighborhoods within a short distance from Hyde Park include: China Town, South Loop, Near West Side, and Old
 Please keep in mind that commuter traffic in Chicago is the 2nd worst in America.

2. Hyde Park
Right on Lake Michigan, seven miles south of downtown, Hyde Park/ South Kenwood neighborhood is home to 43,000
people, including the residential home of Barrack Obama, the President of the United States, and his family. More than
60% of the University of Chicago’s faculty and a great majority of its students call this neighborhood “home”. Many new
homes have been built in recent years to meet the demand of those wishing to move here. Hyde Park has a history of
social activism, political leadership, and community life; it is also the site of museums and architectural landmarks.

Hyde Park neighborhood-
in relation to Chicago (in its entirety)

                          The Streets of Hyde Park
                            (around campus)


TTIC is located at 6045 S. Kenwood Ave. (Intersection of 61st St. and Kenwood Ave.)

3. Hunting for Housing

Here are some recommended websites for apartment searches/house hunting which are private search organizations,
and operate inside Chicago. ** means highly recommended by locals!****** ** **

The Housing Information Service of South East Chicago Commission (1511 East 53 Street, 773-324-6926) is another
place that provides housing information for the Hyde Park area.
The Hyde Park Herald also has listings of apartments and homes for sale or rent:

4. University of Chicago Housing Services

The University of Chicago has a Housing Services Office which helps students of the U of C as well as its affiliates,
(TTIC,) to rent in the University community.

    Apartment Rentals:
           ♦ Rental of University owned and managed neighborhood apartments
           ♦ General information about the local rental market.

    Hyde Park Information:
           ♦ Transportation
           ♦ Schools
           ♦ Child Care

Donna Sinopoli: (773) 702-3420

5. Apartment Companies & Buildings in Hyde Park

Management/ Addrs                 Phone                Email/ Website
MAC Property Management           (773) 548-5077       E-mail:
4729 S. Ellis Ave                                      Web Site:
Blackstone Management             (773) 667-1568
5418 South Woodlawn Ave                                Website:
IRMCO Properties                  (773)248-8300        Website:
2300 N. Lincoln Park West                    
TLC Management Co.                (312) 553-9070       Website:
205 West Randolph St. Suite 640
DM Taylor Management              (773) 955-0618
5307 S Hyde Park Blvd
Specific Building/ Address        Phone                Email/ Website
Cornell 55                        (773) 548-5077       Email:
5493 S. Cornell                                        Web Site:
Woodlawn Court Apartments         (773) 548-5077       Email:
5218-5228 S. Woodlawn Ave                              Web Site:
Carolan Apartments                (773) 684-5400       Website:
5480 South Cornell Ave
Regents Park                      (773) 288-5050       E-mail:
5050 South Lake Shore Dr.                              Web Site:
Flamingo Apartments               (773) 752-3800       Website:
5500 South Shore Dr.
Hyde Park Tower                   (773) 536-5140
5140 S. Hyde Park Blvd
Poinsettia Apartments             (773) 363-7500
5528 S. Hyde Park Blvd
Madison Park Apartments           (773) 536-4300
1380 E. Hyde Park Blvd
Twin Towers                       (773) 684-2333       Website:
1649 E. 50th Street
East Park Towers                  (773) 548-5077       Email:
5242 S Hyde Park Blvd                                  Web Site:
Algonquin Apts.                   (773) 324-1213       Website:
1606 E. Hyde Park Blvd.

   A University of Chicago Apartment Hunting Guide:

                                               6. International House- for Students

                                               International House of Chicago is a program center and residence for 500
                                               advanced undergraduates, graduate students and interns from over fifty
                                               countries including the United States. International House’s 500 rooms
                                               are open for residence year-round. Most of these rooms are single
                                               occupancy rooms that include a twin size bed, a desk with a lamp and two
                                               chairs, bookshelves, a dresser and closet. Most rooms share a common
                                               bathroom on each floor. There are a limited number of double rooms,
                                               rooms with sinks, and bath suites (two independent rooms that share a
                                               common bathroom). All rooms have telephone and cable TV access, and
                                               were fully renovated in 2006. At about $800/month for a 9 month lease,
                                               this is one of the most affordable places in the entire city. Permanent
                                               residents must provide their own linens. Some students have found this to
                                               be a good place to spend their first year, make some friends, and learn
                                               about the neighborhood.       This building is very close to TTIC.

For more information contact the Residence Office:
(773) 753-2280

7. Utilities (Chicago)

Once you find a place to live, you will need to turn on the electricity, maybe a phone, water, gas, cable, satellite network.
Here are some of the services that are in Chicago. (You may need to check with your Housing Management to see what
utilities may be covered under your leasing contract.)

♦    Electricity
                  - ComEd Customer Care Center
                  1-800-Edison-1 (1-800-334-7661)

♦      Cable/ Internet/Phone
                  - Comcast Cable, Digital Cable, High Speed Internet,
                  Phone Service 1-800-COMCAST
                  - AT&T Wireless Internet, High-speed Internet, Phone
                  Service, Cable 1-800-244-4444

                                  ♦   Satellite Dish
                                      - Direct TV 1-888-777-2454
                                      - Dish Network 1-800-333-DISH

*** A note about cell phones/ mobile phones

Some cell phone companies may require that you be able to show proof of citizenship before they will sell you a cell
phone. Other companies may require a copy of your passport. Some may require contracts that have a 2 year minimum.
So please be very careful about requirements, contracts, and carriers. Most popular carriers all have good reception
service within the city. There are also pay-as-you-go services, where you buy the phone, and put pre-paid time on your
phone. There are many options if you are interested in cellular phone service.

II. Transportation
1. Your own car/parking
Parking in and around TTIC, the University of Chicago campus, and Chicago in general can be difficult. There are a few
community lots close to TTIC which are free of charge, generally used by commuters on a daily basis. Otherwise, there
is street parking which is relatively easy to find depending on the time of year. There is also a free parking lot located
east of TTIC’s offices on the corner of East 60 Street and Stony Island Avenue.

2. Buses - U of C campus -where to find schedules
Getting around campus by CTA bus:
(for route maps, details, running hours)

CTA #170 bus
Every 20 minutes.

CTA #171 bus
Every 10 minutes.

CTA #172 bus
Every 10 to 15 minutes.

Evening bus services:
                        The University of Chicago operates six routes of evening bus service throughout the Hyde
                        Park–Kenwood neighborhood. Most buses operate on 30-minute schedules and depart from the
                        front of Regenstein Library and from the main Quad. Drivers will stop on signal to pick up and/or

                           discharge passengers along any of the established routes. For hours and maps, go to

                           Midway Shuttle (The Hospital’s Silver Bus):
                           This shuttle operates along the Midway Plaissance, west on 59th Street to Cottage Grove
                           and east on 60th Street to Stony Island, Monday—Friday (except University holidays). It runs
                           every 20 minutes from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. At all other times, it
                           operates only from Cottage Grove to Woodlawn. For more information, call 702-6257.

Late-night van service:
This on-call van service operates in the area bounded by 47th and 61st Streets from Stony Island to Cottage Grove
Avenue, and between 61st and 64th Streets from Stony Island to Evans Avenue. The service, available to students,
faculty, and staff, runs from 1:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights, and from 1:00 a.m. to 4:00
a.m. Monday through Thursday nights. Delays in pickups may occur since the vans operate on a “first call, first come"
basis. Call 702-2022 and give your precise address.

3. Taking the CTA downtown by bus

CTA #6 Jackson Park Express
A quick, cheap way to get downtown, the Jackson Park Express goes through east Hyde Park to 47 St. and then
follows Lake Shore Drive north to downtown, and hits stops on Michigan Ave. up to the river. It follows a similar route
back to Hyde Park, taking State St. south instead of Michigan Ave. A one-way ride takes approximately 25 minutes. The
#6 starts running early; the last bus back to Hyde Park leaves the Loop at 1:00 A.M.

CTA #X28 Stony Island Express
The #X28 follows the same route as #6 to downtown- runs north on Michigan Ave. but turns west onto Adams St., and
continues to Union Station, and then circles back. It returns south to Hyde Park via Michigan Ave. and Lake Shore Drive.
Important to note: The #X28 runs on weekdays only and ONLY during morning & evening rush hour. It starts running in
the early morning; the last bus to Hyde Park leaves the Loop at about 8:00 P.M. There is no service between about
10:00 A.M. and 2:00 P.M. Buses run every 10 minutes.

There are, of course, other buses and ways to get downtown, these are just a couple that are very easy, and can start
you off on the right track.

4. CTA & Metra - where to find maps and schedules

For transportation to downtown Chicago and the suburbs, you can access information about the CTA (Chicago Transit
Authority) as well as the Metra (Metropolitan Rail System.) To find schedules, plan routes, and learn about all bus and el
services: and For the CTA (Chicago’s main public transit system)
you can send them an e-mail via their website, and they will send all their maps to you- VERY convenient.

 These websites are very useful; you can order ChicagoCard fare cards on-line, a must-have for a Chicago citizen. If paying cash
on CTA buses and els (they only accept EXACT FARE,) it is $2.25+ per ride and there are no transfer tickets for cash payers. If you
buy the fare card- each ride is $2, and transfers are $.25. You get the card, and it will re-charge itself when you reach a certain
balance (for an amount that you decide.) Or monthly fee for unlimited rides is available. You can do it all on their website. *** Locals
recommend this.

                              5. Taxis in Hyde Park area

                              Taxis can be hailed from the street, but in Hyde Park, call in advance and arrange for a
                              cab to pick you up (allow about 20 minutes). Chicago taxis allow cash or credit card. In
                              Chicago, you pay the amount shown on the meter, plus any tolls or extra passengers.

                              For info on specific fares, cab company
                              information, and how costs are charged, visit:

6. Bicycles in the City and on Campus

Chicago is a place cyclists can enjoy. From downtown bicycle valet parking, to miles of lakeside bike paths, you can get
around this city by bike, and never even come in contact with a car. To find bike paths, register your bike with the
Chicago Police, or find other cyclists like yourself, go to To find out more about the University
of Chicago Bicycle sharing program (which TTIC students may participate in,) see:

7. Traveling outside Chicago

If you're flying in or out of Chicago, you'll likely use either Midway or O’Hare Airports. If you can, opt for Midway—it's
closer to Hyde Park and much smaller. Midway is about 30 minutes from Hyde Park. O’Hare is at least 45 minutes from
campus by car if there is no traffic at all. Because the airport is so large, leave extra time to get around.

    Omega Airport Shuttle
        Phone: 773-483-6634
        Provides transportation to and from O’Hare and Midway. To O’Hare takes at least an hour. Call for schedules or
        to arrange a pick-up or drop-off that is not on the regular schedule. Get $1 off the fare with student ID. Prices:
        $25 to O’Hare, $15 to Midway

    Public transportation to airports
             To Midway: Take the #55 or #X55 Garfield CTA bus directly to Midway. (Get on @ 55 St.)
             Monday–Friday: 4:40 A.M.–11:45 P.M.
             Saturday–Sunday: 4:38 A.M.–12:00 A.M.
        ♦    To O'Hare: Take the #6 Jackson Park Express bus to the Blue Line train (Dearborn St.) and continue on
             north to the airport.

    Continental Airport Express vans
        Phone: 888-284-3826
        Provides airport transportation from the Loop to the airports. Make reservations in advance online.

        Door-to-door taxi service from campus to O'Hare (or vise-versa) will run you more than $40. A ride to Midway
        will cost about $20. (Tips not included; traffic dependant.)

                       ♦ Amtrak A national long distance railway
                       Address: Union Station (downtown) 225 South Canal St.
                       Phone: 312-558-1075
                       The Web site features schedules, online reservations, ticketing, and train status.
                       ♦ Metropolitan Rail (Metra) A commuter railway (Chicago city proper & suburbs)
                       Phone: 312-322-6777
                       The 495-mile Metra system serves hundreds
                       of stations in northern Illinois. The South
                       Shore line goes to the Indiana Dunes and
                       Michigan City.

Getting to the Union Station

   ♦   University shuttle bus
       The University shuttle bus runs to and from Union Station
       and Ogilvie Transportation Center (Northwestern Train
       Station) Monday through Friday during morning and evening
       rush hours. Tickets: $2.25 each way or a 42-ride pass for $85. Pick up tickets and schedules at the parking
       office across from the University of Chicago Children’s Hospital entrance (5839 South Maryland Avenue),
       702-4381. Tickets are not sold on the bus.
   ♦   CTA bus
       You can reach Union Station directly on the #X28 Stony Island Express (during rush times) or by taking the
       #173 Lakeview Express or the #6 Jackson Park Express to the Loop and connecting to a bus that will take
       you directly to the station, such as the #1 Indiana/Hyde Park bus or the #126 Jackson bus, which can be
       caught along Adams Street heading west.
   ♦   By foot
       You can reach Union Station by walking west on Adams or Jackson from Michigan Avenue, but be prepared
       for a good 20+minute walk (partially uphill.)

Long Distance Buses

   ♦   Greyhound Bus Lines
       630 West Harrison Street                           Midway Airport- just south west of the city
       312-408-9980 (Chicago terminal)
       800-231-2222 (general information)
   ♦   Mega Bus
       Canal Street just south of Union Station
       877-GO-2-MEGA (customer service &

                           III. Shopping in Hyde Park
                           This is a very short list of some shopping venues in Hyde Park. For a more extensive list
                           please refer to the Chicago Life Magazine.

1. Grocery stores
   Treasure Island              Village Foods                    Peapod
   1526 E. 55 St.               1521 E. Hyde Park Blvd.          Order online- home delivery (for $7-$10)

2. Drug Stores
   Walgreen’s                  CVS Pharmacy
   1554 E. 55 St.              1228 East 53rdSt.

3. Office supply stores

   Office Depot
   5420 S. Lake Park Ave.
   (Hyde Park Shopping Center)

4. Bookstores

   University of Chicago Bookstore
   970 East 58th Street

   57th Street Books
   1301 East 57th Street

   1501 East 57th Street

   Seminary Co-Op
   5757 S. University Ave.

                                                                Hyde Park Shopping Center (55th and Lake Park)

                                     IV. Banking in Hyde Park
                                        Hyde Park Bank         1311 E. 57 St.            752-4600
                                                               1311 E. 57 St.
                                        Harris Bank            1640 E. 55 St.            241-5100
                                        Bank Financial         5500 S. Lake Park Ave     684-1200
                                                               1354 E. 55th St           684-1125
                                        Chase                  1204 East 53rd Street     241-5110
                                        Bank of America        1439 East 53rd Street     667-0408

V. Health
1. Medical Insurance

The Institute strongly encourages all students to carry adequate medical insurance to cover, among other costs,
hospitalization and outpatient diagnostic and surgical procedures. Due to our small size, TTIC is unable to purchase
group insurance for our student body; therefore students are expected to purchase their own insurance policies.
Refer to your acceptance letter for financial assistance (if any) from TTIC to cover some or all of the cost of the
insurance premiums.

Health Insurance Carriers
For those students who do not currently hold a health insurance policy that will adequately cover medical expenses while
in Chicago, following is information on sources through which students can purchase an insurance policy. Students may
choose to purchase insurance through any one of these sources, or enroll in a different policy of their own choosing,
provided the policy they choose provides adequate coverage. Please contact the Human Resources Coordinator
(Carole Flemming - with any questions.

    ♦ U.S. Citizens/Permanent Residents:
            •   Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois. Contact Brian Pearson at (847)733-0919 and identify yourself as a
                student at TTI-C, or go to, and access Quotes for Individuals.
            •   There are many other insurance companies to choose from that offer student/individual policies, and can
                be accessed on-line, including Fortis, American Family, Celtic, Humana.

    ♦ International Students:
            •   Global Underwriters,
            •   Petersen International Underwriters,
            •   AIG Insurance
            •   International Student Organization (ISO):
            •   Compass Benefits:
            •   BETINS:
            •   Rust International:
            •   Cultural Insurance Services International:

                            2. Medical Services Provided through TTIC/ University of Chicago

                            As a student at TTIC, you can enjoy the benefits of the special relationship between our
                            institute and the University of Chicago. TTIC students can take advantage of the U of C
                            Student Health and Wellness benefits. Included in the Health and Wellness fees (the fees
                            are paid for by TTIC) are services such as:

    •   Health and Medical Visits with Student Care Center Physician, Nurse, Nutrition Service Rep, Travel Clinic,
        Womancare Rep,
    •   Allergy Injection visits
    •   Annual Pap smear
    •   Confidential HIV screening
    •   Rapid strep tests
    •   Flu shots
    •   Condoms
    •   Smoking cessation health counseling

Other services such as hospitalization, pharmacy prescriptions, lab tests and others are not covered by the Student
Health and Wellness fee and are the responsibility of you or your health insurance carrier to pay. Please refer to the
following links for more details.

    •   Student Care Center (SCC): primary medical care & health education outreach.
    •   Student Counseling & Resource Service (SCRS): mental health care & academic skills counseling.

3. Immunizations

The State of Illinois requires all students to provide proof of immunity from German measles, measles (two shots
required), mumps, and tetanus/diphtheria (three shots required for foreign students). A student’s subsequent registration
will be restricted if they have not completed the requirement by the sixth week of the quarter.

NOTE- Every fall, the University Student Care Center designates a day for free immunization shots. This may
      be an option if you do not have all the shots you need by your day of arrival in Chicago.

                            VI. Sports/Recreation in
                            Hyde Park

1. University of Chicago Athletic Center
As a student of TTIC, you are eligible to utilize the Gerald Ratner Athletic Center and Henry Crown Field House on the
University of Chicago Campus. All you have to do is show your TTIC and U of C I.D. card when joining the center. You
can find out more information about the center at:

2. Hyde Park/ Lakefront

Hyde Park is part of an urban campus, but there's still plenty to do if you like the outdoors. Nearby are Stagg Field, the
Midway Plaissance, Washington and Jackson Parks, and the adjacent shores of Lake Michigan. The Lake Front Path
provides a venue for walking, jogging, biking, and roller-blading just a short distance from campus. You can follow the
paths right into the downtown, Navy Pier, and North Shore. Within a few hours of campus are more spots for hiking,
biking, canoeing, rock climbing, sledding, snowshoeing, skiing, and more.

                             VII. What’s The Climate?

                             Chicago is right in the Midwest of America, and so there are four very distinct seasons.
                             These seasons affect the way we dress, travel, and live. Being right on Lake Michigan
                             (which is in fact, a sea, NOT a lake) very much effects the weather, wind and precipitation
                             inside Hyde Park.

Summer- (June to early September) Summer in Chicago is prone to thunderstorms, and those are usually confined to
short-lived hit-or-miss storms rather than a prolonged rainfall. In a normal summer, temperatures can be expected to
exceed 90°F (33°C) for a few weeks. Contrary to what one might think, summer is actually the rainiest season in
Chicago. This means HUMID and hot!

Winter– (December to February) The average Chicago
winter produces 37.0 inches (949 mm) of snow.
Extended periods of temperatures below 32°F (0°C) are
not uncommon in January and February. And with those
winds off the lake, temperatures may be bitterly cold at
times. Prepare yourself by bringing a warm winter coat,
gloves, hat, and a scarf. Winter 2007 brought us over a
week of -14°F (-26°C) temperatures.

Spring and Fall- (March- May and mid-September to
November) These seasons are mild, produce many
sunny days and comfortable temperatures. Light layers
of clothing are usually appropriate for the weather.

                       VIII. Your Work Environment
                       at TTIC
Each student at TTIC will get their own workspace within the
institute, located on the University of Chicago campus. Each
student workstation will include:

    ♦   A large desk
    ♦   Comfortable chair w/ casters
    ♦   Shelving
    ♦   Telephone
    ♦   Access to a laser printer, scanner and fax
    ♦   Laptop Computer
    ♦   File cabinet

Students have 24 hour access to the building, which is a
convenient way for you to work on your own schedule, at your own pace. And as of spring 2009- students have
designated student study rooms- for more private working space.

Academic Timeline for your First Year

                                                      2011 AUTUMN QUARTER
                                                      Orientation                    Mon Sep 19
                                                      Registration                   Wed Sep 21
                                                      Quarter Begins                 Mon Sep 26
                                                      Thanksgiving                   Thu-Fri, Nov 24-25
                                                      Quarter Ends                   Sat Dec 10

                                                      2012 WINTER QUARTER
                                                      Quarter Begins                 Tue Jan 03
                                                      Martin Luther King, Jr. Day    Mon Jan 16
                                                      College Break                  Fri Feb 10
                                                      Quarter Ends                   Sat Mar 17

                                                      2012 SPRING QUARTER
                                                      Quarter Begins                 Mon Mar 26
                                                      Memorial Day                   Mon May 28
                                                      Quarter Ends                   Sat Jun 9

                                                      2012 SUMMER QUARTER
                                                      Quarter begins                 Mon Jun 18
                                                      Independence Day               Wed Jul 04
                                                      Quarter Ends                   Sat Aug 25

                            IX. Other Chicago and UofC
                            Resources For You
Should you have specific questions after you check the websites, please contact Carole Flemming at or Chrissy Novak at

   1. Libraries
        Once you are a registered student at TTI-C, which will be taken care of at your initial orientation,
        students have full privileges to the University of Chicago library system. More information will be given
        to you at orientation.

   2. Office of International Affairs
        A good site for resources on visas, ESL, and general topics on life in Chicago:

   3.    ESL Information
        The International House at the University of Chicago offers a variety of programs for those who are
        interested in English as a Second Language instruction:

   4. Chicago Life Magazine
        Information about life on the University of Chicago campus as well as greater Chicago.:

   5. Metromix or Yelp
        Information about entertainment, dining, services and events around Chicago. or

   6. Campus Safety Awareness Notification
        Safety Awareness Alerts are issued to inform members of the University community about
        crimes or crime patterns. The alerts are intended to help individuals make prudent safety decisions and
        remain aware of more general safety issues.
        The University of Chicago Safe Urban Living Guide:

                                      Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago
                                                 Student Services
                                                  June 2011 Ed.

                          TTIC STUDENT CHECKLIST

❒ Secure your housing (A note about housing for your first year:
    If you decide you want housing close to TTIC, the Institute
    recommends housing within the confines of the map listed on
    p.5 of this booklet. It’s a large but safe area, good as a starting-
    point as you get to know the city.)

❒ Immunization records

❒ Student Visa secured (if needed)

❒ Send a final transcript from your school if you have just graduated

❒ Research, decide on, and purchase a Health Insurance (in part or fully reimbursable by TTIC.)
    * see Student Health Insurance section in this packet.

❒ Fill out a change of address form at the US Post Office to have your mail sent to your new
  Chicago address. (Can do this on-line at

❒ Set up utilities at your new place of residence. Pay close attention to dates and times when
  scheduling, (Electric, cable, phone, internet, etc.) * Refer to Utilities section of this packet.

❒ Secure parking at your new place of residence (if necessary)

❒ Obtain a Social Security number if you do not have one (info on this can be provided when you
  arrive at TTIC)

If you have accepted, throughout the summer, TTIC Student Services will be sending you updates about
institute events, forms we may need from you before Fall enrollment, and requests for information. We will be in
touch, and hope you will contact us if you have any questions along the way. We look forward to your arrival!


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