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									Cameroon Journal of
Agricultural Science
Volume 1 Number 1: Pages 1-45 March 2004.                              ISSN 1813-3320

1    A. Djonnewa, Val T. Sapra, S. Foster and F. Eivazi: Genetic variation for seed protein
     and amino acid composition in selected sorghum crosses

6    F. Maïnam, E. Bergsma and J.A. Zinck: Evaluating the effect of agricultural practices for
     soil conservation on steep lands

11   F. Maïnam, E. Bergsma and J.A. Zinck: Development of erosion features on agricultural

16   S.E. Mbomi and R.T. Fomunyam: Efficiency of fencing and building types for sheep and
     goats in Cameroon

20   T. Tiki Manga, J. Quashie-Sam and B. Duguma: Effect of Leucaena
     leucocephala tree management on maize/cowpea performances in a ferric acrisol of
     Southern Ghana

26   F. Meffeja, T. Dongmo, N. Njifutie, R.T. Fomunyam, Djoukam, and J-M Fotso: Effects
     of protein and lysine levels on productivity and some blood parameters in weaned pig
     diets in a tropical environment

31   R. Njoukam and R. Peltier: Première éclaircie par méthodes simplifiées dans
     une plantation de Pinus kesiya Royle à l’Ouest-Cameroun

38   J. Tonye, L.A. Bayomock and J.M. Zoa: Development of oil palm-based agroforests at
     the Slash-and-Burn Agriculture project zone of Cameroon: agronomy and economics of
     the establishment phase

                  Published by

                  The Institute of Agricultural Research for Development
                  Yaounde, Cameroon
                Editorial office: IRAD BP 2123 Messa, Yaounde, Cameroon

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