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					                                                           LESSON PLAN
                                                (Rhonda Westerhaus observed this lesson.)
LP#: 4        Date: 11/10/05         Teacher: Lorrie Lanterman                    Grade: 5th

Civics-           The student uses a working knowledge and understanding of governmental systems of Kansas and the United States and other nations
Government:       with an emphasis on the United States Constitution, the necessity for the rule of law, the civic values of the American people, and the
                  rights, privileges, and responsibilities of becoming active participants in our representative democracy.
Geography:        The student uses a working knowledge and understanding of the spatial organization of Earth’s surface and relationships between
                  peoples and places and physical and human environments in order to explain the interactions that occur in Kansas, the United States,
                  and in our world.
Economics:        The student uses a working knowledge and understanding of major economic concepts, issues, and systems, applying decision-making
                  skills as a consumer, producer, saver, investor, and citizen of Kansas and the United States living in an interdependent world.
History           The student uses a working knowledge and understanding of significant individuals, groups, ideas, events, eras, and
Standard:         developments in the history of Kansas, the United States, and the world, utilizing essential analytical and research skills.

GOAL: Students will demonstrate basic knowledge of economics, trade, and interdependence between countries.

STATE           BENCHMARK                   INDICATOR          OBJECTIVE          ACTIVITIES/TIME                            ASSESS-           MODIFI-
STANDARD                                                                                                                     MENTS             CATIONS
Economics:      Benchmark 1: The            (K) recognizes     Students will      Introduction:                              Anticipation/
                student understands how     barriers to        connect prior      Do you produce the supplies to meet        Response
                limited resources require   trade among        background         your own basic needs (food, clothing,      Graphic
                choices.                    people across      knowledge to the   shelter, etc)? (No, dependent on family    Organizer
                                                               concepts of        and government)
                                            nations (e.g.,
                                                               supply,            Do your parents? (No)                      2 min.
                Benchmark 3: The            quotas, tariffs,
                                                               demand,            How do they supply you with what
                student analyzes how        boycotts,          consumers,         you need? (Buy it)
                different incentives,       geography).        producers,         Have a friend look at the tag inside the
                economic systems and                           imports and        back of your shirt. Where was that shirt
                their institutions, and                        exports.           made? (Country)
                local, national, and                                              How did it get to the store where you
                international                                                     bought it? (Imported)
                interdependence affect                                            Why do countries buy products from
                people.                                                           other countries? (Consumers demand
                                                                                  products/ interdependence)
                                                                                  Is there anything that may interrupt
                                                                                  trade between countries? (Weather,
                                                                                  taxes, war, etc…)
                                                                                  10 min.
Economics:   Benchmark 1: The            (A) defines        Students will         Discuss Vocabulary:                            Concept Web
             student understands how     supply as the      demonstrate           Goods – products to be bought or used
             limited resources require   quantity of        knowledge of          Services – a person who provides help          Students will
             choices.                    resources,         vocabulary            or works for another person                    provide
                                                            related to            Import – to buy goods from other               examples of
                                         goods, or
                                                            economics and         countries                                      goods/services
             Benchmark 2: The            services that
                                                            be able to use        Export – to send goods to other                that are
             student understands how     sellers offer at                         countries for sale or use.                     imported and
                                                            vocabulary in
             the market economy          various prices     discussion.           Consumer – a person who buys and               exported.
             works in the United         at a particular                          uses goods/services
             States.                     time and                                 Producer – a person who makes or               5 min.
                                         demand as the                            offers for sale goods/services
                                         number of                                Supply – products for sale or use
                                         consumers                                Demand – the consumers’ wants/needs
                                         willing and                              for products
                                         able to                                  Interdependence – one country depends
                                         purchase a                               on another to provide the goods and
                                                                                  services they want/need.
                                         good or
                                                                                  5 min.
                                         service at a
                                         given price.
Economics    Benchmark 1: The            (A) gives          Students will         Activity:                                      Students will         Students can
             student understands how     examples of        create a “World         1.     Give each student 3 x 5 card with a   register “trade       have a peer
and                                                         Trade Web” to           country printed on it. (To save time,        partners” with        mentor if
             limited resources require   economic
                                                            understand the          print an import and/or export from/to        teacher. Teacher      necessary in
             choices.                    interdependen      interdependence         that country….if students have time, you     will check validity   order to
Geography                                ce at either the   of countries of the     can have them research the country they      of trade partners.    complete
                                         local, state,      world.                  were assigned to find the imports and                              this activity.
                                         regional, or                               exports for themselves.)                     Observation of
                                         national level.                            2.     Trade Market – Ask students to        activity and
                                                                                    find 2 other countries to trade with; 1      student
                                         (e.g., Western
                                                                                    import, 1 export. Have students register     participation.
                                         settlers                                   their trade partners and goods with the
                                         depended on                                teacher.                                     Every student
                                         Easterners for                             3.     Finally, have students stand in a     should be holding
                                         textiles;                                  circle. Using a skein of yarn, have          part of the string
                                         Easterners                                 students toss the ball of yarn (each         when activity is
                                                                                    students holds on to the yarn before they    completed.
                                         depended on
                                                                                    toss it to the next person) to a country
                                         Westerners for                             they export to. Keep going until each
                                         furs and                                   student has rec’d string for their import
                                         hides).                                    and their export.
                                                                                    4.     Explain that this “world web”
                                                                                    shows the interdependence of the
                                                                                    countries of the world as well as the
                                                                                    effects of supply and demand.
                                                                                20 min.
                                                            Students will       Closure:                                     Anticipation/
                                                            look at the         Revisit the Anticipation/Response            Response
                                                            answers they        Organizer and have students read the         Graphic
                                                            chose in            statement again. Did they change any of      Organizer
                                                            Anticipation        their answers?
                                                                                2 min.
                                                            and decide if
                                                            they are correct.
                                                                                Mapping Imports/Exports                      For FUN


LITERATURE/MATERIALS: 3 x 5 cards; marker; yarn; blackboard; overheads; world map; graphic organizers

TECHNOLOGY (plug in or battery): overhead projector


   SERVICES that can be imported/exported

      Travel: Goods and services purchased by international visitors to the United States and U.S. citizens who are traveling abroad (food, lodging,
       recreation, gifts). (29% of exports, 31% of imports)
      Passenger fares: The transportation expenditures of people from the United States traveling abroad and individuals from other countries traveling to
       the United States (primarily airfare). (8% of exports, 11% of imports)
      Transportation: The transportation costs for goods moved by ocean, air, pipeline, and railway to and from the United States (10% of exports, 19% of
      Royalties and license fees: Fees for patents, copyrights, and trademarks. (13% of exports, 7% of imports)
      Other: Government, defense and private services.
            Anticipation / Response Graphic Organizer

Response Before                                                       Response After
    Lesson                                                               Lesson

                  People provide a service when they do
                  something voluntarily or work for another person.

                  “Goods” are things we buy or use.

                  “Demand” is a rude or forceful request.

                  “Services” cannot be imported and exported.

                  The U.S. and other countries do not need to
                  trade with each other.

                  Nothing interferes with trade between nations.
         Concept Web

Goods/Services Imported/Exported
   Country From:           Exports:       Country To:
USA                Corn               England
England            Sugar beets        Malaysia
Malaysia           Rubber             France
France             Wine               South Africa
South Africa       Diamonds           Canada
Canada             Flax               Brazil
Brazil             Coffee             West Germany
West Germany       Coal               Italy
Italy              Shoes – Leather    Australia
Australia          Bauxite            China
China              Pork bellies       Mexico
Mexico             Pineapples         Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia       Petroleum          Japan
Japan              Televisions        Ireland
Denmark            Furniture          Ireland
Ireland            Lace               Spain
Spain              Olive Oil          Panama
Panama             Hats               Poland
Poland             Oats               India
India              Rope               New Zealand
New Zealand        Lamb               Turkey
Turkey             Cigars             Afghanistan
Afghanistan        Clothing           Mongolia
Mongolia           Copper             Korea
Korea              Sports shoes       Haiti
Haiti              Jewelry            Portugal
Portugal           Sardines           Czechoslovakia
Czechoslovakia     Bauxite            Burma
Burma              Peanuts            Egypt
Egypt              Pottery            USA