Chapter 2 Ancient Egypt Test

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					                         Chapter 2 Ancient Egypt Test
Directions: Matching Match each item in Column A with its description in Column B.
Write the correct letters in the blanks.
   Column A                                     Column B

   A. cataracts                      ______ 1. represented loyal wife and mother

   B. Isis                           ______ 2. capital of Egypt during the Middle Kingdom
   C. savannas                       ______ 3. built the Great Pyramid at Giza
   D. Memphis                        ______ 4. added during the New Kingdom
   E. Khufu
                                     ______ 5. wild rapids formed by boulders and narrow cliffs
   F. Upper Egypt
                                     ______ 6. western Asian people who conquered Egypt
   G. Kemet
                                     ______ 7. Egyptian name for Egypt, means "the Black Lands"
   H. Ramses II
                                     ______ 8. capital of Egypt during the Old Kingdom
   I. Hyksos
                                     ______ 9. greatest of the New Kingdom pharaohs
   J. Thebes
                                     ______ 10. grasslands south of Egypt

Directions: Multiple Choice In the blank at the left, write the letter of the choice that
best completes the statement or answers the question.

______ 11. A line of rulers that passes power from father to son is a
        A. delta.                                       C. dynasty.
        B. scimitar.                                    D. reign.

______ 12. The Egyptian invention to prevent the pharaoh's body from decomposing was
        A. mummy.                                     C. pyramids.
        B. surveying.                                 D. embalming.

______ 13. The place where Egyptian families spent time together was their
        A. rooftops.                                  C. plazas.
        B. pyramids.                                  D. temples.

______ 14. The chief god of the Egyptians was
        A. Bel.                                           C. Osiris.
        B. Re.                                            D. Tutankhamen.

______ 15. The Kushites moved their capital to Meroë to be close to
        A. the Egyptians.                             C. Kerma.
        B. iron ore deposits.                         D. Napata.

______ 16. Who tried to give the Egyptians a new religion?
        A. Amenhotep                                   C. Thebes
        B. Ramses II                                   D. Osiris

______ 17. Which of these was a result of the Nile River's flooding?
        A. development of papermaking                  C. development of surveying
        B. fertile soil                                D. both B and C

______ 18. Today we call it Sudan. The ancient Egyptians called it
        A. Giza.                                      C. Ethiopia.
        B. Memphis.                                   D. Nubia.

______ 19. The woman pharaoh who concentrated on building the Egyptian economy was
        A. Nefertari.                              C. Ahmose.
        B. Hatshepsut.                             D. Isis.

______ 20. Egyptians traded for
        A. iron weapons and tools.                     C. incense.
        B. ivory and gold.                             D. all of the above

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