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									Creation and Evolution:
Two opposing belief systems

• Contrary to popular opinion, evolution is not based on science, but atheism and humanism. • Not only is the authenticity of the Bible, but the credibility of Jesus Christ is at stake. Jesus warned us about following human traditions Mark 7:13. He quoted Genesis 25 times.

Evolution is inconsistent with natural laws and processes e.g.
- gravity

- thermodynamics - gas laws - genetics
They could not have evolved. If one step in a process is removed it does not work. e.g. Photosynthesis. God’s six day creation and Noah’s Flood best fits the evidence.

Science cannot prove or disprove either creation or evolution.
The reasons for these disparities are: Atheists and evolutionists start with these assumptions: • God does not exist • the Bible is untrue/not His word. Scientists do not generally take into account the difference in conditions before and after the Flood.

Man’s pride, rebellion and desire for power and knowledge caused The Fall .

Evolution is a belief system based on atheism: denial of God’s existence and His word in the Bible.

The Age Issue The old earth/billions of years theory was deliberately invented by French atheists and humanists in the mid 1700’s. The 3 Darwins, Erasmus, Malthus & Huxley were anti-Bible, anti-Christian. They knew if they could get people to believe in an old earth and evolution they would doubt God’s word.
In the 1850’s there was even controversy about how many million years old the earth is: 1 or 25.

What is the age of the earth according to the Bible?

These calculations are based on the age spans mentioned in Genesis and the genealogies in Matthew 1 and Luke 3 and the concept of a generation being on average 50 years.

Creation Flood Abraham Exodus King David Exile Birth Christ I-------- -----I---------- ---I-------- -----I------ -------I--------- ----I---------- ---I-------- -----I----------- ---I------4000 3500 3000 2500 2000 1500 1000 500 0 AD


According to some Jewish follows: Creation The Flood The Tower of Babel Abraham The Exodus King David The Exile Destruction of the Temple

sources the dates are as

3761 B.C. 2300 B.C. 1996 B.C. 1950 B.C. 1290 B.C. 1000 B.C. 600-700 B.C. 70 A.D.

• There is scientific evidence to prove the age of the earth. Incorrect. • The Geological Column: - the assumption that the sequence of rock strata represents historical periods showing the earth to be millions of years old. The column has actually been constructed from rock layers from many different places in the world. It assumes the Flood was only local rather than universal.

Rock Strata

The sequence of rock layers have been used to construct what is known as the Geological Column. This has been put together from rock strata all around the world. There is no evidence that this is continuous.

The Geological Column

C 14 is a radioactive isotope of carbon with a half life of 5,730 years . Therefore it cannot be used to date very old fossils. Carbon dating is based on several assumptions: 1. The earth is billions of years old. 2. The Flood did not occur. 3. The water canopy did not exist. 4. The amount of carbon 14 in the atmosphere has reached equilibrium 5. The rate of decay of carbon is constant. 6. There is no daughter material present. 7. There is no contamination. Even Dr Libby who invented the method admitted it is unreliable.

Radio-metric Dating e.g. Carbon 14 Dating

Age of the earth/universe

Creationist/Bible Universe means ’spoken word!’ 6,000years. Based on Matthew 1:117 and Luke 3:23-38. i.e. 77 generations (each on average 50 years). Jesus was born 4,000years after Adam, 2,000years ago. 6 days A day is literally 24 hours starting at dusk. Created by God’ word Formed underwater

Atheist/Evolution 12-20 billion years


Millions of years


Big Bang Molten mass Very slow: millions of years.

Fossilisation NB Carbon dating methods unreliable Human origin

Instant at the Flood. Quick.

Adam formed from the dust of the earth. Made in God’s image.

Descended from ape-like ancestor.

This process does not take millions of years!

There are 3 requirements for fossilization to take place: • Rapid burial • No oxygen • Remains undisturbed Fossils can be formed instantly. Wood can become fossilized in 40-60 years.

Mixing Links: have never been found!
There are no in-between species.

Archaeopteryx (half bird,half reptile) and Piltdown Man (half man half ape) were hoaxes!

Micro-evolution does occur.
This is change within a species.

Man has breed different varieties of dog through artificial selection.

Darwin’s finches are variations within a species.

These may arise through natural selection, which favours one type of beak over another- thus adaptations arise for eating different types of food, insects or seeds.

The Ape to Man timeline is pure speculation

No complete intermediate fossils between ape and man have been found, only odd bones of one or the other. Homo erectus and ‘Lucy’ are constructions.

Man was created in God’s image.
(Genesis 1:26)

Our existence is not merely an accident, but we are beautifully designed for a purpose : to know God.

We were created before the beginning of the earth

‘God embroidered (Hebrew) me in my mothers womb.. My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place.’ (Psalm 139:13-15) ‘I was appointed from eternity, from the beginning, before the world began’ (Proverbs 8:23)

Pre-Flood: there was a water canopy around the earth

The water canopy cut out harmful radiation and the pressure, temperature, oxygen and carbon dioxide levels were much higher. There was no rain before the Flood.

Post- Flood: conditions were much less favourable to life.

God gave Noah the sign of the rainbow: that there would never be another world wide flood.

Conditions compared to today

Pre-Flood Water canopy

Post Flood No water canopy Rain lower lower

lower Longer: average 912 years Better diet, greater resistance to disease, less cancer, greater athletic ability. Giants Many giant insects, mammals, plants and humans. Giant skeletons found in Eastern Turkey and Euphrates Valley 47’’ thigh bones (14-16’) 3.5’’ thumb bone (12’) Dinosaurs Many Mentioned 35 times Dragons even in Medieval times. in the Bible.

Temperature Oxygen in atmosphere Harmful radiation Human life span Health

Higher, more constant Higher: 50%

higher Shorter: 70-80 years Poorer, more disease and mutation.
Few Some Giants even after the Flood e.g. Goliath, King Og- 13’ bed

(Deut .3:11)
Few: poorly adapted to low oxygen levels. Behemoth & Leviathon

(Job 40:15, 41:1)

Pre- and Post- Flood :Human Lifespan

The dramatic fall from an average of 950 years to 100 and then 70 years through bible history can be attributed to: a gradual deterioration in conditions post-Flood . Pre-Flood: • the water canopy around the earth gave protection from harmful radiation. • Higher temperature, pressure, oxygen levels and better diet. • The human immune and digestive system were perfect.

Theistic evolution God causes or creates through the evolution process is a contradiction of terms, since evolution depends on chance not a creator. The Gap theory It argues that there are millions of years between the creation of the earth and Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve were created at the beginning not the end. also contradicts the Bible.

and female in the beginning.’ 2 Peter 3:8 - ‘with the Lord one day is as a thousand years .’ has been misinterpreted.

Jesus said in Matthew 19:4 ‘God made them male

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