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Orange County, CA (June 29, 2009)

                      SuperLites Fastest Driver Wins Round 5 of the Lucas Oil Offroad Racing Series

Rockstar hart and Huntington Premiere Motorsports Group driver Chad Leising, brought the team their second consecutive
SuperLite victory. This is a huge victory for the season as it thins the Championship point’s margin between John Harrah and
Chad Leising. Currently Harrah is ahead of Chad by a small lead.

The Rockstar Hart and Huntington PMG Team welcomed Lucas Oil as the title sponsor of Chad’s #17 SuperLite. For everyone
involved with the program, it was important to put our best foot forward during the Lake Elsinore event and present Lucas Oil
with positive results right on and off the track.

After an awesome first place qualifying session during Friday afternoon, Leising now held the fastest lap time of the SuperLite
division going into Round 5 Racing. Starting from fourth position after the inversion, Chad would have to make moves
throughout the 10 lap event to gain the lead position. On the opening lap, the young gun Joey Granatelli gets a little sideways
and bangs into two other trucks as they were all going into Turn 1 three wide. Chad immediately capitalized and cruised up to
2nd position. The officials opt to restart the race because of the sloppy start. The field was restacked and the green flag waiving
the SuperLites powered through the muddy track fighting for position. Chad comes out hauling in 3 rd after getting around
Granatelli once more. Keeping all the momentum he can muster Chad gains speed and makes a spectacular pass for 2 nd over
the huge backstretch table top. The action on the track was heating up and the body panels were peeling off several trucks due
to the wheel to wheel brutality and contact between competitors. At some point Chad’s lost nearly all of his driver side skins.

 The competition yellow was flagged to stack the SuperLites and prepare for an all out sprint to the finish. During the down time,
the announcers from Totally Off Road Radio who were doing live commentating had nothing but positive comments about
Chad, his consistent driving style and impressive career to date. The heat was intense but the fans seemed to be enjoying the
days hot action.

With the green flag out, the spotters strongly encouraging each of their drivers, and loud whine of the Mazda Rotary spinning,
The SuperLites powered through the Lake Elsinore Track which featured huge table tops, a rhythm section, 6 turns, and deep
bowls making for a fast fun course. Chad chased John Harrah through the track during restart preparing to move in and steal
the lead. Harrah spins his #13 SuperLite out in the last turn before the front straight away and Leising cruises into the lead.
Chad immediately opens a huge gap over the second place. Harrah shows impressive resilience and closes the gap on the
back stretch bringing the action side by side. Both drivers exchanged the lead back and forth bringing the filled to near capacity
grandstands on their feet in anticipation. The white flag comes out with Chad in control of the race and running strong. The
checkered flag drops with Chad flying through the front tabletop and earning an impressive 1 st place victory.

Before the champagne celebration back in the PMG Pits, Chad was interviewed by the SPEED Production Team and then
headed to the podium to thank Ryan Busnardo of Rockstar Hart and Huntington Premiere Motorsports Group and all the
sponsors of the #17 Lucas Oil SuperLite including Forest Lucas, Bob Patison, and Tony Vanillo for all their hard work and
dedication that has gone into the development of the Lucas Oil Off Road Series.

What makes this win even more impressive is during the start the alternator failed. This mechanical issue created a much more
complicated scenario leaving Leising and a guest co-driver to fumble with the cars electronics the entire time on the course.
Leising’s Crew Chief Craig Stevens determined the remaining battery power would be reserved for oil coolers, MSD box, and
radio only. To preserve as much juice as possible they cut the power to the electrical fans for the radiator, cut the parker
pumpers that provide fresh air, and switched off power steering down on the straight aways. It was concluded later there was
likely only enough battery left for another lap as the voltage creeped below nine volts.

The SuperLite FPO Spec Trucks all retain identical power plants creating an even playing field. Chad proved throughout the
weekend that he is the most consistent and fastest driver in his division by flying his #17 Lucas Oil SuperLite at speeds just
under 50 MPH and lap times that were consistently getting faster. Starting out with a 1:15.5 from Friday’s practice, and a
qualifying lap time of 1:15.2, Chad was able to improve his time scoring a 1:12.9 during Sunday’s event. Only John Harrah
placed a faster time than Chad with a 1:12.2, also during Sunday.

Chad would like to give a special thanks to Rockstar Hart and Huntington Premier Motorsports group, Lucas Oil, Stevens
Motorsports and Ryan Busnardo, for all of their support with bringing in another the great win! We’d like to thank General Tire
for all of their support; their company and personnel really stood up and made a positive influence in the races today.

“You’re only as good as your last race. Tomorrow is a new day we are going right back at it for the win!” -#17 Chad Leising
For more information on the Rockstar Hart and Huntington PMG Racings is the product of numerous individuals and support of
strong companies brought together to create this offroad racing powerhouse. The brands like Rockstar Energy, Hart &
Huntington, Lucas Oil, Geico Powersports, Liquid Graphics,, Simpson, Chronic Tacos, and General
Tire will ensure a number of achievements & results throughout the 2009 season. Additional support from KMC Wheels, JSTAR
Motors, National Concrete Cutting, Century Collusion Center, NRGX, Screen Works, Corona Millworks Racing, Blurred Motion,
Bully Dog Technologies, compounds the sustainability of Premiere Motorsports Group.

Premiere Motorsports Group please contact:
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