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					Press Kit
Exceptional cellular care for masculine skin
                                 La Colline was born in the heart of a fascinating region: the protected valley of the Rhone River in
La Colline:                      Valais Canton, in Switzerland. The brand was first created in Sion, a town nestled between two
The Origins of the Brand         hills ("collines" in French) that stand as a symbol of immutable strength. It was in this
                                 environment of rare purity, shielded from pollution, that the Frenchman Hugues Guyon and his
                                 team of Swiss scientists decided to establish a cosmetics laboratory in 1997. Today La Colline is a
                                 premium skincare brand that combines technical expertise with products of the highest quality,
                                 much like the Swiss watchmaking industry. This technical prowess is matched by the perfection of
                                 professional treatments inspired by the most sophisticated traditional Asian methods — a cross-
                                 cultural approach that makes La Colline a truly unique skincare brand. Dependable and effective,
                                 it is available in more than 25 countries throughout the world.

Innovation 2010
            The excellence of La Colline skincare especially for men

                                 Under constant stress due to the natural aging process, not to mention harmful external factors,
An XY skin                       the face skin needs specific care to preserve its youthful appearance. Men's skin, which is thicker
with XXL needs                   and oilier than women's, weakened by daily shaving and more deeply marked by wrinkles
                                 (although they tend to form later in life), requires effective, well-adapted formulas to counter the
                                 principle signs of cutaneous aging: loss of radiance and elasticity, slower cellular regeneration and
                                 decreased hydration.

                                 Recognized for their technological prowess in the fields of cellular oxygenation and renewal, La
Now men can enjoy the            Colline Cellular Research Laboratories have reinterpreted their famous CMA® (Cell Metabolism
benefits of Swiss technology     Activation) Complex, the cornerstone of all of the brand's products, in an innovative masculine
                                 version called CMA® Men Technology.

                                   CMA® Complex to dynamize cellular regeneration
                                 + a Multi-Mineral Chrono-Energizing Agent to boost the skin's vitality and radiance
                                 + an Extract of Artemisia, an organically grown Swiss plant to combat oxidative stress
                                 = CMA® Men Technology

                                 The textures of the CELLULAR FOR MEN line were developed with men's skin in mind.
                                 Specific agents have been incorporated to optimize the effectiveness of the active ingredients. All
                                 the formulas are easily absorbed by the epidermis, because men tend to appreciate light, fresh
                                 textures. The fragrance, inspired by an “eau de cologne”, is classic, elegant and eminently refined.
Technical sophistication, excellence in the formulas, Swiss expertise
in cellular metabolism: Cellular For Men, the new men's anti-aging
line by La Colline, offers four innovative and complementary
products developed specifically to help men recover impeccable,
youthful-looking skin, brimming with energy.

To prepare the skin: Cellular Cleansing and Exfoliating Gel
With its dual exfoliating action, mechanical and biological, this 2-
in-1 gel eliminates all traces of impurities, excess sebum and dead
cutaneaous cells. The skin is perfectly purified, detoxified and
For an instant radiance booster: Cellular Total Eye Care
This gel helps combat signs of fatigue and loss of tone in this
especially fragile zone of the face. Under-eye bags, dark circles and
wrinkles are effectively smoothed away to restore the eyes' youthful
To protect and revitalize: Cellular Revitalizing Care
This multifunctional emulsion with a mat finish, is the ideal anti-
wrinkle care for masculine skin.. It acts as an instant energizer for
even the most lacklustre skin, wielding a triple action on
dehydration, signs of fatigue and wrinkles and fine lines. The result
is firmer, younger-looking skin.
For a personalized skincare treatment:
Cellular Energizing Collagen Eye Mask
This high-performance programme combines collagen technology
with Cellular Total Eye Care to exert a spectacular instant effect on
wrinkles and fine lines. The skin around the eyes is re-energized
and revitalized.
   Cellular Cleansing and Exfoliating

Because simply cleansing the skin is not enough to guarantee an optimum level of cellular metabolism, the La Colline Laboratories have created a 2-in-1
gel whose exfoliating action works in perfect synergy with its cleansing action. Accumulation of dead skin cells is regulated and the natural process of
epidermal regeneration is stimulated. Conceived especially to satisfy the demands of today’s lifestyle that is in constant search of a “gain of time”, this
fresh formula is adapted to the specific needs of men's skin, purifying and detoxifying it while replenishing its oxygen reserves.

A single application for double effectiveness
Impurities, dead cells and excess sebum are eliminated by a thorough exfoliation that combines
two modes of action to restore a radiant, even complexion:
    + A mechanical action with fine polishing microparticles,
    + A biological action with a keratolytic active ingredient that effectively unblocks the pores.
CMA® Men Technology boosts oxygenation of the tissues, leaving the skin ideally prepared to
benefit from the subsequent care products.

A clean, clear face with a soft feel
A pleasure to apply and massage, easy to rinse off, this cleansing gel imparts a fresh sensation
with no tautness or “dried-out” feel. The skin is perfectly prepared, clean, clear and supple, as
though regenerated from within.
Apply Cellular Cleansing and Exfoliating Gel morning and/or night to damp skin in gentle
circular motion. A dab of gel is enough to cleanse the entire face and neck. Rinses off with
lukewarm water. It helps optimize the absorption and effectiveness of Cellular Revitalizing Care.

125 ml tube - Recommended retail price €55
   Cellular Total Eye

Lacking in collagen and elastin, the eye contour zone is naturally vulnerable to the premature appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. With time, its
support fibres are altered, resulting in slackening and sagging under the eyes. This area being especially fine and fragile, the slightest disruption in the
circulation becomes more visible. The hollow of the lower lid changes colour, leading to the appearance of "dark circles". The lymphatic system also
becomes less efficient, and the resulting accumulation of toxins causes the swelling commonly known as "bags under the eyes". Quick to show the signs
of fatigue, excess or overindulgence, the eye contour needs specific care to keep the skin looking smooth and restore its youthful radiance. La Colline
Laboratories have developed a high-tech gel that exerts a targeted action against puffy bags, dark circles and wrinkles.

                                                                                                                                                               (1) Test conducted under dermatological supervision on 30 volunteers for 28 days. (2) Test conducted
                                                                                                                                                                 on 19 volunteers for 28 days. Actual measurement of skin improvement by chromametric analysis.
A radiance booster for the eyes
In addition to the action of CMA® Men Technology on cellular renewal, this intensive formula is
enriched with three powerful, complementary active ingredients:
    + The Revital’Eye Complex, an optimized concentrate of organic silicon, vitamin B3 and an
      ash bark extract with clinically proven effectiveness against puffy bags and dark circles
      under the eyes:
                  • Volume of under-eye bags reduced by 11.4% (1)
                  • Colouration of dark circles reduced by 32% (2)
    + Witch hazel water, known for its stimulating effect on microcirculation,
    + A patented tripeptide with a recognized capacity to boost collagen synthesis, thus
       solidifying and densifying the support tissues of the eye area.

For the pleasure of the eyes
Even with its rich formulation, the texture of Cellular Total Eye Care is surprisingly light.
Immediately upon application, it imparts a sensation of freshness with no residual oily feel.
Under-eye bags “deflated” and decongested, dark circles reduced, wrinkles and signs of fatigue
smoothed away: the eyes seem younger-looking!

Apply morning and night using the fingertips, proceeding from the inner corner outwards. For
optimal effectiveness, light tapping movements are recommended to stimulate the micro-
circulation. Best if used before Cellular Revitalizing Care.

15 ml airless pump bottle - Recommended retail price €115
   Cellular Revitalizing

Men's skin is naturally more age-resistant than women's, but with the time, it ultimately shows the signs of fatigue. A man's wrinkles may appear later;
but once they do, they are deeper and more visible. Multifunctional action, a high concentration of active ingredients and a “zero shine” effect are the
most prominent features of this blockbuster time-defying emulsion. A cocktail of ultra-effective moisturizing*, energizing and anti-wrinkle agents make
Cellular Revitalizing Care a high-performance preserver of youthful-looking skin, delivering visible results day after day.

Ultra-effective anti-aging care
The capacity of the innovative CMA® Men Technology to reactivate cellular renewal is
combined with:

                                                                                                                                                              (4) Self-evaluation test conducted on 11 men for 28 days, percentage of positive responses.
    + A patented tripeptide with proven effectiveness(3) on the production of collagen fibres and,

                                                                                                                                                           * Hydration of the outer layers of the epidermis. (3) Test conducted on 44 volunteers for 3
      consequently, the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines by as much as 27.8%,
    + Vitamins B5 and E to help skin recover after shaving, restoring its softness and radiance,
    + A blend of essential trace elements for an energizing action.
In an instant, the skin feels suppler and firmer, with its tone restored. The visible signs of aging
are reduced and wrinkles are noticeably smoothed.

The men who tried it were convinced (4)
   • Better skin tone: 82%
   • Fewer wrinkles and fine lines: 82%
   • Revitalized skin: 91%

A leading-edge texture
This fine, light emulsion imparts an immediate sensation of freshness. Its ethereal texture leaves
a mat finish, making it a pleasure to use at all times.
Apply Cellular Revitalizing Care morning and night to clean, dry skin. The equivalent of two or
three pump doses is enough for the entire face and neck.

50 ml airless pump bottle - Recommended retail price €125
   Cellular Energizing Collagen Eye

For men who care about preserving the youthfulness of their eyes, the La Colline Laboratories offer the sophisticated technology of pure collagen in a
high-performance cure that combines Cellular Total Eye Care with five collagen masks. A specific treatment with immediate spectacular effects, this
premium anti-wrinkle programme intensively energizes and revitalizes the delicate eye contour area.

The first skincare for men based on collagen technology
Formulated according to the strictest scientific standards, the biomatrix of this collagen mask
forms a three-dimensional fibre network similar to that of human skin. Its perfect affinity with
the skin cells allows it to permeate the tissues of the eye contour zone thoroughly and rapidly.
This mask wields a triple action:
    + It accumulates water, giving it the capacity to moisturize* skin intensely,
    + It boosts the cutaneous regeneration process,
    + It delivers collagen peptides identical to those in the skin, which act as biological
       messengers to improve firmness and elasticity.

A pleasurable, luxurious ritual
From the very first application, the eye contour area recovers its fresh, radiant look. Wrinkles
are reduced, as though plumped from within. Revitalized, the skin looks fuller and denser.

Cellular Energizing Collagen Eye Mask is to be used once per week for five consecutive weeks
for optimal effectiveness, or from time to time, before a special occasion or whenever the eye
area shows signs of fatigue.
Open the envelope and remove the mask. Apply the non-woven gelled side so that it completely
covers the eyes and temples. Be sure to maintain perfect contact between the mask and the skin.
Leave on for 30 minutes. Remove the mask and apply Cellular Total Eye Care as a post-

                                                                                                                                                         * Hydration of the outer layers of the
treatment booster, tapping gently with the fingertips.

Kit containing 5 masks packed in individual aluminium sachets plus a 7 ml applicator tube of
Cellular Total Eye Care. Recommended retail price €195
La Colline – Stand E39 – Yellow Village

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