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					                            UbD Lesson Plan Template
Teacher’s Name: Victoria Price                           Subject/Course: STEM

Lesson Title: Handling credit & managing debt            Grade Level: 9th grade

Approximate Time Frame: Week of October 5, 2009
Vocabulary: Bond and Credit

Stage 1 – Desired Results
Competency/Objectives: Student will learn what it means to be responsible for credit and debt wisely as a
part of financial planning to be able to accomplish financial goals.

Established Goals:
Understandings              there are strategies to use in handling credit and managing debt.
Students will understand

Essential Questions:            1. Why is proper credit use important?
                                2. Why is a good credit score important?
                                3. Can anyone get a credit card?
                                4. What is debt management?
                                5. What is financial planning?
Students will know…         that proper credit and debt management is essential for their financial well-being.

Students will be able to…   determine good/bad credit and utilize financial planning to manage debt.

Brief Summary of the Unit:

The teacher will discuss proper and improper use of credit and debt management.

Stage 2 – Assessment Evidence
Performance Task:               Students will work through selected lessons and online tutorials usin the NEFE High
                                School Financial Planning Program.

Performance Task Statement: Students will work independently and collaboratively to complete a financial
planning portfolio.
Students will understand…   the importance of good credit and managing debt.

Students will be able to do… a budget, analyze credit reports and complete a financial plan.

Here is where you will develop a scenario for the activity/project.
This section is for you to develop a guide for the students on what to do.
Goal(s):                    create a budget
(Scenario for                           learn how to use credit wisely
                                        read credit reports
                                        complete a financial plan

Role:                                   as an effective team member and individual to complete a task
(Student’s role)

Audience:                               teacher
(Who will see this
information? It can be the
teacher only.)
Situation:                              individually
(How – individually,                    as assigned “family”
partners, groups – the goal
will be accomplished.)
Performance:                            Students will complete website tutorials from NEFE and report on credit/debt
(What will the student do?)              management in groups.
                                        Students will work in groups to create a budget using unit 2 online tools.
                                        Students will set goals for an individual financial plan.

Standards:                              budget rubric-categorizing, graphing the data, and adjusting the budget
(The criteria for success and            scenario
how it will be assessed.)
                                        group participation-group discussions, on task behavior, helping others and

Key criteria to reflect                               rubric (budget rubric, group participation rubric, group work
Performance Tasks:                                     observation checklist)
Examples: Rubric, Checklist, etc.
Other Evidence Summarized                             work samples
(tests, essays, work sample(s),                       peer evaluation
etc.                                                  self evaluation

Stage 3: Learning Plan, Experiences, and Instruction:
UbD Lesson Plan
TEACHER:                                                  DATE:

CLASS: STEM                                               UNIT: 2 -4

LESSON TITLE: Good Debt, Bad Debt: Using Credit Wisely

Information from Stage 1: Desired Results
Unit & Competency                 Select strategies to use in handling credit and managing debt
Enduring Understanding(s):     Students will understand that there are strategies to use in handling credit
                              and managing debt.

Essential Question(s):                   1. Why is proper credit use important?
                                         2. Why is a good credit score important?
                                         3. Can anyone get a credit card?
                                         4. What is debt management?
                                         5. What is financial planning?

Learning Activities: Consider the WHERETO elements
                       The Teacher will…                                 The Student will…
W                      lead a discussion on effective budgeting          learn what credit is
Where are we going?         practices.                                   compare the advantages and
What is expected?                                                        disadvantages of using credit
                                                                         outline the process of applying for credit
H                           use a video showing how to avoid the         watch video clip and reflect on how it
How will we hook            credit card monster                          relates to budgeting.
(Introduce this to) the
E                           use video, lecture and workbook              gain a better understanding of creating a
How will we equip           activities.                                  budget.
students for expected
R                           review worksheets                            reflect on the differences between good
How will we rethink or                                                   credit and bad credit.
E                           prepare peer and self evaluation forms.      complete peer and self evaluation
How will students self-                                                  forms.
evaluate and reflect
their learning?
T                           use videos, group work, and lecture.         work with other students on different
How will we tailor                                                       levels.
learning to varied needs,
interests, and learning
O                           Use a video as an opening activity, then     complete the desired steps of the
How will we organize the    follow-up by introducing unit four in the    teacher’s activities.
sequence of learning?       workbook.
Information from Stage 2: Other Evidence
Sufficient and Revealing Evidence of Understanding: Briefly explain if and how it will be used.
Informal Check:                      question/answer session
                                     monitor progress while doing group work
Observation/Dialogue:                group work observation checklist


Academic Prompt:                       group discussion about video

Performance Task/Project:              complete unit four workbook activity


Special Needs:
Modifications:                                   Accommodations:
IEP as needed                                    work with students at different skill levels

Plans for after this lesson/competency is complete:
Completed workbook activities
Work samples

Resources Used: Websites, books, film clips, etc.
Type of Resource(s):                             Name of Resource(s):
Video clips                                      Avoiding the Credit Card Monster
Financial Planning Workbook                      NEFE High School Financial Planning Program


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